Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 15, 1957 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1957
Page 5
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laturflay -Evening, June 15, VIST. DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS .,„„.„ < A " t.l«tlnB3 Central Uayllgiit Time) WWAQ WBBM (780) WLS WSAL (1230) SATURDAY EVENING «:00 News C:15 Monitor 1:30 News 6:45 Monitor Sports News Bellalrs Bollalrs Music News Myster State Hospital Sports Sport Thrills Sen. Justice 7:00 News News News J : '» " onltor ' Maury MaeH) Barn Danes 7:30 Weather Farron Barn .Dane. 7:4o Monitor Farron Barn Danes Garden Garden Bandstand T7SA Bandstand USA 8:00 News 8:lo Monitor 8:30 Neu-.s 8:45 Monitor Workshop Workshop Cloakroom Cloakroom Earn Uance l?ar Dance Hayloft Par Hayloft Par Part>NewH-Sports PartyBandstand KSA ty Bandstand USA ty 'Bandstand USA 9:00 News »:J5 Pulpit 9:30 Chan 9:45 Chan News Barn Dance Renfrn Valley Have you Heard .Barn Danca Jtenfi-o Valley Ear on Chicago Meet Folks Ilonfro Valley Kar on Chicago Meet Folks Renfrn Valloy 10.00 Daddy-O 10:15 Datldy-O 10:30 News 10:45 Mtfnltor Nowa Pacred Not* Town Crier . Weitzel Barn Dance Barn Dance Barn Dance Barn Dance News Night Watch Nlffht Watch NlB'ht Watch SUNDAY MORNING TV Programs (CDT) SATUKDAX EVENING 8:00 N'tfwa News Roundup Slblf Class 8:15 An of Living Chans. Times Blbls Clajj 8:.1<) EJarnhouse Church ol Air Church 8:45 Barnhouse Church of Air Church 8:00 News Newa Newi »:!» Pulpit Learning Eruvn Church S:JO Prophecy Josh li.-arly Brown Church 9:45 Prophecy .In.- 1 - Brady. Br"wp Church 10:UO News Josh Brady Tabernacle 1U:15 Ch'B Times Josh Lirady Tabernacle 10:30 News Pet Tune Tabernacle I0:4a New World Josh brady Tabernucle 11:00 Monitor News Progress 11:16 Monitor josh Brady Strings 11:30 Eternal LightJosh Brarty Winirs ol Sone 11:45 Eternal LlRhtSmith vvitiffa of Son* Music In Air Music in Air Music in Air Music in Air News Music in Air Music in Air Music In Air Nows Music In Air Music In Air Church Church Church Church Travel Talk SUNDAY .AFTERNOON 12:00 News Best In Music Nows 12.15 Monitor Best in Music Fr^nk * H3rneBt 12:30 Lutheran Best In Music Soul CHnlo 12:45 Lutheran Best In Music Soul Clinic 1:00 News THA WlnifS-Hoallne 1:15 Monitor TUA HeitllnR. Wlnga 1:30 Catholic Hr. News Truth Herald 1:45 Catholic Hr. M.-tl Rellalra Truth Herald 2:00 News Mai Uellalrs Jladlo Class 2:15 Monitor - Mai Rellalrs Radio Class 2:30 Monitor Mai P.ellalr Vision 2:45 Monitor Mai liellalrs Vision 3:00 News Mai Bellalru Kevival Hour iS:15 MoMtor M*l Be] hi Irs Kovlval Hour 3:30 Vour Money Mai Bellalrs .Revival Hour 3:45 Monitor Mai Bellalrs Rfvlvol Hour 4:00 News News LIKIU Lilo 4:15 Monitor Bellalra I.;V>IT Life 4:30 News Bcllairs Unshackleit 4:45 Monitor Bellalra Unshackled 6:00 News Nnwa Theater 6:15 Consldlne Mai Bellalra Thuattr S:sn News vjunsmoke HUM of Decision 6:45 Meet Press Gunsmnke Hour of Decision News Forward M'ch L,ombardo Lomhardo Playball Playbull flusehall Baseball Baseball nasebaH J-ln fie hall Hascball Baseball Baseball Baseball IJRKebaH .Baseball Baseball Baseliall Scoreboard News Headlines Hill man Kportf SUNDAY EVENING 6:00 News Jack Benny Vespers 6:15 Monitor Jack Benny Vespcra 6:30 Newa Mai Bellalrs Moody 8:15 Monitor Mnl Bellalrs Moody 7:00 News rs'ewa Prophecy 7:i5 Monitor Mai Rellalrs Prophecy 7:30 Newa *• 'ler I*U(h. Venperu 7:45 Monitor Sports I,uih. Vapors 8:00 News Nuwd News R:I5 Monitor Mnl hsollalra Sounding Brd 8:30 News Sport* Church ol God 5:4o Monitor Mai Bellalrn Church of God it:00 City Dunk Suspen.se Quiet Hour 0:15 City Dfs«k Sunpcn.so Quiet Hour C:30 Dec)«lon l^ico Nation K-JVIV..I Tlm» »:45 Declwlon Knee Nation • Hfvival Time 10:00 Newa News-Sports Now» 10:1.1 Welk Melody Mill Gotmal 10:.10 Welk Music Son^s 30:4,1 Mourn Music Ron«-» By People liy People SiM'firiurle S'u-fsniido Decision Decision JJrottierhood Urotherliood News Sport* Concert Concert Concert Concert Methodist IIou Ijaymen ChriHtlan 3cL BlhU Now. Ave Maria Avo Maria MONDAY MORNING 8:00 Drier N^-wa £fr<mkfam Club 8:15 Chlcu. '"willnpj.m Conway Breakfast Club 8:80 Chlca CallInBGr,id Coast .Hroakfitst Club 8:45 Barrv Newn Brady Briwkrnar Club 0:00 News Artnur Godfrey Alv True Ktory • 8:35 Bandstand Arthui Godfrey Mi Truf Story 9:30 BandHtand Arthur Godfrey Nn\v« 9:45 BandHtand Arthur Godfrey Girl Marrle.1 10:00 News ATti.n Godfrey Whimpering 'Sta. 30:15 Bandstand Arrhu Godfrey Jack Paar 10:30 BandHtand KloJau-Jn,sb NOIM 10:45 Bandstand Mo • Miller Marth • Crann News Rl^o-Shin* Ads KLie-Shlne Jll.so-Siilne JllHft-Shine N e w H Melodies Worn. World Worn. World Queen Queen 6:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 6:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 7:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 8:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 8:30—Channel 8 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel s 9:30—Channel 6 Channel 4 Channel 8 10:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 10:15—Channel 8 10:30—Channel 6 10:45—Channel 8 Stories Oakley . Sheehan People Funny Buccaneers Billy Graham LaRosa Gleason Galaxy Susanna Welk SRO Playhouse Jubilee G&bel •Gunsmoke •Adventure Lone Wolf TEA Frontier Dr. Showcase Movies Lab Show Hoedown Late Show Gl's Lawyers Rap Administration SUNDAY AFTERNOON 3,2:00—Channel Channel Channel 12:30—Channel Channel 1:00—Channel Channel 1:30—Channel 2:00—Channel Channel 2:15—Channel 2:30—Channel Channel Channel 3:00—Channel Channel 3:30—Channel Channel 4:00 Channel Channel 5:00—Channel Channel Channel 5:15—Channel 5:30—Channel Channel Channel Life Heckle-Jeckle Industry Roberts Wild Bill Matinee Sunday Fix Vista Shipmates Cartoons News Zoo Parade Big Picture First Show Twisted Cross Face Nation News 1 Medical Hor. See It Now Eddie Arnold .1 Am Law Patti Page Dr. Hudson Weather Roy Rogers Dr. Christian You Are There WASHINGTON (UP)—Attorneys for Army Specialist William S. Girard accused the Eisenhower administration Friday of. attempting a Soviet-type "grab for power" in its decision to let the Japanese try Girard for killing a Chinese woman. In a memorandum to Federal Judge Joseph C. McGarraghy, the attorneys also said the administration's handling of the case differed only in technique from Adolph Hitler's assumption of "absolute political, power" in Nazi Germany. Whereas Hitler usurped power in an abrupt move in 1933, they said, "the power here grabbed is George Koenig, Gilead, Expires At-Rochester PERU, Ind. —' George Koenig, 84, of Gilead, a retired farmer, died at 3:15 a.m. Friday at Woodlawn hospital, Rochester. Born in Ohio on April 24, 1873, to William and Lena Koenig, he was married there in 1894 to Rachel Newman, Wiho died in 1921. He moved to Gilead from Kewanna 18 years ago. • . Survivors are two sons, Roy of Logansport and Floyd of Macy; five daughters, Mrs. Ella Hoffman, Gilead; Mrs. Martin Lea- cenby, Flora; Mrs. Harold Finder, Kewanna, rural route; Mrs. Irvin Vawter, South Bend; and Mrs. Earl Satterfield, Baltimore; 23 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.* Rites will be held a I 2 p.m. Sun day at the Pleasant Hill church. Rev, Jack Pavey in charge, and burial will be in the Kewanna IOOF cemetery. Friends may call at the Sheetz mortuary Akron. 11:15 Holtmitn 11:80 Holtimin 1 1:45 Duche.sn Backstage Wire Mar:ha Crane Holrn Trent Market? Gal Sunday Weather Tlociird shop Carrol! Co Car .-till C.o. MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 News Nora Drake 12:l[i Merryfleia Ma Perkins 12:30 Merryrield Mows 32-46 Merryfiold Uoail ot l,lfn .Noon time Now* Newn Market: Co. Extnnalon Dlnncrhnll Farm Corner Dlnncrbell TTarm Cor nor 1:00 NOWH JliiciilncHS Marketn 1'lay Hall 1:16 Confes.ilon* 2nd Mrs Burton Happiness I'lay Bull 1:30 Worn. In H»e. Strike It Rich N«WH Jiaaeball 1:45 Dr. Gentry /entertainment Qiii:<'ri Hanoball 2:00 News 2:1» Matinee 2:30 HIM Top 2:45 Pep STounK House Party HouHe Party, Dr. Malono I.ncky Ladies News -lat:k Paar ' Hasi'bnll iMa.Hcball J'iii.scliall 3:00 NOWH 8:15 Goodwin 3:30 Cloodwln 3:45 Goodwin Woman Views Jim Con way Cold count Tako A liroak NOWB J.nmhardo 1111.1 IB Jiunolmll JIUHelin.il J3axolm.il 4:00 News 4:16 Jim Mills 4:30 Sports 4:45 Jim Alllln I'uii. Gibson J'aul Gibson Paul Gibson Nowa Polka Party Ne WM »i.-I Rtllwlll Off Record News Teen Tunea Peon Tuned 6:00 Newn MiiKllzlu* E:U Wed HpwardNews 6:30 Wed Howard Kport» 6:45 Newa Mown IV I, Jhlslu .\' e w s Tuno Time Wan:. Ads U RThoro NOTICI-; TO 1IIIHIKIIS Notice |H hnr'.'hy Hoard <>t Truiit«i-.i JlnM]iIt<il, IjntoinH]>ort, liHll.nm, •will r«<:(ilv« MCiili-d jiroposiils for th« rurntshlriK of coal In Uif hospital for thn Iwdvi! (13) month jKirl'ul ho^lnnliiK' th« Ixl rlfiy <»i' .MiKu«t, 1!)&7, rtn<! fiidiiiK thi' 31 si day of July. 19T,S. llittallorl spi.iM- ficiitluns for this cu;il aro on fill! In till! office of. the Adnilnl.itriUiH- of thi! hospital. I'ropDsals will lu> rer-olvnd ji L *hu firrlco <>: the Ailnilh!»lnit'<r 1111- tll 11:00 A. M. (C.S.T.l-nn Ihu nth (lay ot July, lil.'n. IT'fposals rc-- ci-lvtvi after thl» hour wil: lie jM'turnod iinopeiied. Troposals shall hu jiniperly fxt-ctitcd on formB pri'scrlbcd hy tin' Indiana Stiito l:oan! of Ac- <-<iuntM and xhall be iu'cuiniianliKl !iy a performance Ijontl In I hi; •iniriunt "f f.'inO.OO. No prnpriMa! nhall lin wit iHlrn \vn fur a port'Ml of thirty (.'1(O davs wlth'Hit tin; <''>n".-iit of th" HfuM-d "f 'Cril.iliM-s •which shall reso.rvr the :-!uht Ui r'-.;';ft any or all bids without r(;a.- tiiui. Haled this 13l.li day of June. 1917. HOWARD Tl. .1ONKS AdmlulHtrator MISS BLOOD QUOTA PERU, Ind. — Miami county fell 20 pints shotr of ils 127-pint quota Friday at the regular visit of. the Red Cross Bloodmobile unit, which set up headquarters at the Elks club. A total of 133 persons kept appointments, but 26 were rejected to cut collections to 107 pints. NO'I'ICM TO llllimOIIS Noll,..,. It, huriiiiy Blvun ilmi. llu, Iliiiin! nf Trustees of Mcmorlnl H'lHpliul, I.oLjanspor!., Indiana, will I'lM't'lvd Nualml bids on f.urtaln laundry tuiulpninnt whluh Is owned by the hosi'lta] and IH hereby offiiri-d for sale. Untallpd spcclfl- Cfilions reKftrfMrrK Idis '-(fllipmen (. and |he ti'i'tus oC the s:i.li4 nre nn fill! hi tin- offli-o ol 1 th,, Adnilnln- iriilor in' i ho himpllnl. rr(,pi,sji Is will be roci'lved nt Ilio office of i l(c Adnilulsi.|.al.or nnlll M:lHi A. M. (C.S.T.) on the !>th illiy of .Inly, I!P67. I'miuisalH i-tMM'lvcd lufHT this hour will lie re! limed nnoiieni'd. I'iLtt:d tills KU.li day of June, iar,7. HOWARD R. .TONI13 Adml nisi rattir SUNDA-j; 6:00—Channel 4 Channel fi Channel 8 6:15—Channel 4 6:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel s 7:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 8:00—Channel 4 Channel fi Channel 8 8:30—Channel 8 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 9:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:1.5—Channel ft 10:30—Channel 4 Channel 5 10:43—Channel B 11:00—Channel B 11:15—Channel 4 EVENING You Asked Cowboys Lassie Thealer Film Circus Boy Benny Steve Allen Sullivan Ted Mack Playhouse GE Theater Hitchcock Wallace Loretta Young $(14,000 Behind Badge Cochise My Line? Dolcctive Theater News Soldiers 1U Playhouse Premiere Red Top ] News Levy Fines On Four In Local J.P. Court Three motorists and a trucker were fined in the local justice of the peace court Friday night. William Paxon, 19, Wal'.on, arrested Wednesday by Walton Town Marshal Harold Slusher for reckless driving, was fined $1 and costs. Lester Woolen, XI, of 421 Cliff Drive, arrested Monday by PSCi officer Cpl. R. M. Deetcr, was fined $25 and costs for having no PSCt lettering. Paul BarCeil, 41, Klkhart, was fined $1 and cosls and Harry Hart man. 42, Ft.' Wayne, was fined $5 and costs, both for improper passing. Slate Trooper Larry Wag enknecht arrested Barfell on May 30 and 1-Iartman on May 21. MONDAY AFTERNOON 00—Channel Channel 15—Channel Channel 30—Channel Channel 00—Channel 30—Channel Channel Channel 00—Channel Channel Channel 30—Channel 00—Channel Channel 15—Channel 30—Channel Channel :4S—Channel :00—Channel Channel 15—Channel 30—Channel Channel 45—Channel 00—Channel Channel 15—Channel Markets News-Weather Farm News Farm-Home Club GO World Turns Miss Brooks 1U Tenn. Ernie House Party Film Mntince Payoff: Crosby: Bright Day Queen Storm Movictimc Edge Of Nigl-.t Romances • Movie. Chapel Doorj Cartoons Stu lirwin Cartoons Churchman Mickey Mouse . Early Show: Chuckwagon Slate Three Drivers For Speeding In City Three drivers were arrested for speeding Friday by city police, who set up the electric timer on North Third street. Allen Roy McKaif,', 65, of roule 1, city, posted $24.75 forfeit bond to cover a fine of $10 and costs follo'wing ills arrest. He was clocked at 45 miles ar. hour in the 30- milc-an-liour zone. The oLher two drivers slated, both charged with going 42. were Marguerite. Anderson, 49, of route I, city, and Clarence D. Wir.gard, 23, of route I, Bunker Hill. VHF.Channel! 0 May Shift to Lafayette WASHINGTON (UP)—The Federal Communications Commission tentatively decided Thursday to shift VHT Channel 10 from Terre Haute, Tnd., to Lafayette, Ind., and rejected a petition to reconsider its shift of VHF Channel 7 from Evansville, Ind., to Louisville, Ky. Lafayette Broadcasting Co., Inc., which operates UHF s'.a'.ion WFAM-TV at Lafayette, '.old the commission it wants to shill operations to Channel 10. by the more subtle Soviet tech. qique- of •'little by little'." Give Support to Pica "The end result is the same— absolute dictatorship unless the judicial power intervenes now before it is too late," they added. The attorneys filed the memorandum in support of their plea that McGarraghy order the Army to return the soldier to the United States—a move that would take him out of Japanese jurisdiction. McGarraghy was expected to issue his decision next week. A nationwide outburst of protests has. greeted the administration's decision to surrender Girard to the Japanese for trial on man-, slaughter charges. He is accused of s'.aying Mrs. Naka Sakai while she was scavenging for metal on a firing range. President Eisenhower, who personally approved the decision, and his aides gave a special briefing on the case to a group of Republican congressmen'who attended his White House breakfast Friday mogiing. Two Republican lawmakers who previously were dubious about the decision said afterwards the protests would be stilled if all the facts about the case were made public. Bribery Union Leader Faces Attempt Charge Federal Judge Rules Teatn- crs Vice-President Must Go On Trial Monday WASHINGTON (UP)— Federal Judge Burnita S. Matthews ruled Friday a'; a turbulent court session that Teamsters Vice President James R. Hoffa must go on trial Monday on conspiracy-bribery charges. Hoffa's attorney, Edward Bennett Williams, had asked that We trial be postponed until he 'was through representing racketeer Frank Costcllo before Federal Judge Francis X, McGohey in Three Hurt Slightly In Cass Auto Crash A car driven by Maurice E. Willing, 19 o£ route 6, was nearly demolished and Willing and two neph- iews riding with him were injured 'slightly in a wreck at 7 p.m. Friday three miles northwest ol the city on old highway 1 24. Willing- was driving north and went off on the right side of the road, going over a 10-foot creek embankment and coming to a stop with the grille of the 1951 model car only inches from t'lie creek water. He told Deputy Sheriff Lionel Davis he was crowded off the road by an oncoming car. The mishap occurred in front of the Lowell Lytle residence on route 6. Willing suffered a bump on his knee, while one of his nephews suffered a bloody nose and the oth-'. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Flvf &NE$ True Life Adventures ROCK ROSES RlVEK M C3AVES THIS PECiDS OP TEXAS DESERT ROSES TH'-T ARE IMMUNE TO WITHER AMP BUiSHT. THESE FlNK-T^ETAU'El? BEAUTIES ARE ciOMRDSET? OF A MIKOEKAL-SEUNITE •-C7EPOSITEP BV I7RIF>P!N<3 WATER. 6-15 BARITE ROSE \S FOUNP INJ THE SOUTH £ENTKA-U UNITEU STATES. . Deny Report Of Sterility WASHINGTON (UP) —The !t l ™ received er sustained a black eye in the t no complaints so far from ex-Gls mishap. New York. Costello seeks a new! trial on income tax charges. But Assistant U.S. Ally. Edward P. Troxell accused Williams of acting in "bad faith" and "playing one court against another." He charged that Williams, arranged the Costel'.o hearing, which began Thursday, without advising (he Now York District Court that he had another case here beginning June 17. j charging they were made sterile by a mysterious blinding light during World War II. A spokesman made (he slate- ment in response to inquiries about Maurice F. Donnelly, 84, died at! a copyrighted report in the New 2:45 p.m. Friday at the home of York Daily News that the Army Maurice F. Donnelly Dies At Burnettsville his son, David, at Burnettsville, was asked with whom he had resided for the charges. investigate such past three years. The report said uncounted num- A former Pennsylvania railroad bers of GIs were believed to have yard conductor at Chicago, he re-, been made sterile or genetically ired in 1!)45. He was a member defective when exposed to power- Hoffa is accused ot attempting nf l!le Sl Christian Catholic church fu! "light rays" during a top see- to bribe John Cye Cheasty, an em- ploye of the Senate Rackets Committee, to give him secret documents on the committee's investigation of the Teamsters Union and its president, Dave Beck. Meantime, federal trial dates were set for (J-.ree other Teamster union officials accused ot contempt of Congress. Another Teamster official, Vice President Frank W. Brewsler, already is on trial here on similar charges. French Infantrymen Kill Fifteen Rebels ALGIERS (0P)—French infantrymen killed 13 rebels in a fire- figiit outside Oran Friday. Officials said one of the slain ebels was Si Mansour, underground chief of the St. Lucien area southeast of Oran, The French, claimed a total of 111 rebels killed during the last in Cricago. Born March 23, 1(!73, at Cincinnati, he was the son of Anthony and Catherine (Walsh) Donnelly. Survivors are three sons, David of Burnettsville, Richard of Chicago and George of Spring Valley Campbell, daughter, Cincinnati; Mrs. Rut!' 17 grandchildren and five great-grandcliil dren. The body will be taken Saturday to the Cooney mortuary, Chicago and rites wiil be held in the St Christina church with burial in Holy Sepulcher cemetery. Former Peru Resident Succumbs In Florida PERU, Ind. — E. E. Ler.festy, 8(1, former Peri: resident, died at midnight Thursday at his St. Petersburg, F!a., home. Survivors are his wife, Ludc'.la; 24 hours.' Officials reported 38, a .son, Dee, Ft. Laudordalu, F!a.; rebels killed in three separate en-! and three grandchildren. Two sons gagemonts Thursday, 58 in a clash and a daughter are deceased, n the mountains about GO miles' Boni and reared in Grant ooun- southwest of Oran. French losses ty, he came here after his mar- were not reported. riage and left about three years ago. He owned the Lcnfesly Apartments here. The body will be brought here Two Autos Collide At Second, Market Cars driven by Mrs. Mary Rupc. 44, of 830 Biddle street, and Mrs. Betty Thompson, 21, of route (i, city, were damaged in a collision at 2:15 p.m. Friday at Second and [Last Market streets. Mrs. Rupe was driving north on Second ,and Mrs. Thompson was leaded'south. The Thompson' car lit the left rear end of the Rupc vehicle when Mrs. Thompson start- d to turn left onto Market. for rites and burial. SENTENCE SUSPENDED KOKOMO (UP)—Paul M. Lebo, Kokomo, was given a suspended four-year prison sentence Thursday in connection with embezzlement of $100 from a Kokomo drug store where he had worked 30 years. Lobo was placed on probation for two months by Judge Merlon Stanley in Howard Circuit i Court. Senate Rejects Foreign Aid Cuts 'LIGHTNING HITS LINE Cliy firemen were called In the northwest corner of tlio Muehl- hauscn Spring plant No. ] at fi:4!> p.m. when lightning struck a primary power line. Electricity to the plant was cut off by tiie lightning, but a city light department crew quickly repaired the line. Firemen stood by until the crew arrived. WASHINGTON (UP)—The Senate's Democratic and Republican loaders joined forces Friday to batter down a series of attempts to cut or water down President Eisenhower's foreign aid program. The Senate drove toward a final vote on its $3,637,000,000 foreign aid authorization bill with Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson (Tex.) and GOP Leader William F. Knowland (Calif.) fighting off efforts to cut military aid and "defense support" funds. In a key test, the Senate rejected Gl-26 an amendment by Sen. Allen J. Ellender (D-Laa.) which would have slashed 500 million dol- lars from the $1,800,000,000 recommended for military assistance to this nation's allies. On an earlier lest, the Senate defeated 49-46 an amendment by iSen. Russell B. Long (D-La.) to I cut "defense support"—or indirect | military aid—from 800 million dol- ,:ars to 710 million dollars. A long amnedment to eliminate a second year of authority for the defense support program was rejccled 55-34. Although approval of the foreign aid bill without major changes appeared likely, there were indications the program faced some reductions when aclual appropria- tions arc considered later. The present bill only "authorizes" the program. In what was considered a major victory for Eisenhower, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee trimmed only 227 million dollars from his original $3,864,000,000 request before it sent the measure to the Senate. The $1,800,000,000 for military aid was the major item in the bill. Besides the 800 million dollars for defense support, the measure included $151,1)00,000 in "Point Four" technical assistance and 250 million dollars for a program of special grants to be made at the President's discretion. ret World War II nii.ssio.-i. The News said the lights were mounted on American tanks to blind Uie enemy hi Germany. The Daily News said ex-Maj. Marshall While of Chicago, a former company commander involved in Ihe operation, sent a telegram to Army Secretary Wilber M. Brucker requesting a thorough investigation. The paper said the- case of a Connecticut man was brought to i the Pentagon's attention. It said he twice filed complaints with the Pentagon's attention. It said he twice filed complaints with the Veterans Administration seekir.g compensation for sc-rvice-inducftd sterility but was rejected. The Daily News said "a score of other cases" from the same Army outfit have been uncovered so far and n questionnaire i.s being circulated among other former company members to determine whether they were similarly affected. The Army said, however, (hat so far "no complaints of this type linve been officially brought to Ihe altention of the Army." A spokesman said any such charges will he investigated when and if they are received. The spokesman said it is possible White's wire to Brucker is somewhere in the Pentagon message center being routed through channels. Name Special Judge For Murder Trial RICHMOND, Ind. (UP) — Randolph Circuit Judge John W. Macy Thursday was appointed .special judge to try Miss E'.hel Mae Wise, 31, Ccnterville, for the first-degree murder of Roy Hirsli- burg, 64, Richmond. Hirshlr.irg, a nationally prominent photographer, was shot to death in from of his studio here the night of March 25. Macy will hear a plea in abale- mcnl concerning the selection oE a second grand jury (o hoar the ease. The first grand jury was thrown out on a ruling it was improperly sealed. David W. Dennis, defense- attorney, also claims the second jury was not properly sealed. .•VOTICI: TO xo^v-iiicsfiiKvVs'"' .Ml. 3.T.4.", TJIK STATK UK J.MMA.VA) C,\.SS I'OPNTV V^' I',\SS CMK'l'lT 1-oriJT ill-' I.V- DJAN^. APKII, TKUM l't.,7 jm,j,iK .in \vi:,snx \ H. i:v- KliKTT IIWK.N WILSON, |_V.\J. J'l.AINT KOI! A :)[VOJ(C1-J. l.rK IT KNOWN. |),,, t „„ ,],!., 2(llh il.-iv of ii.-tuhn r In Hii- yiMr HOGS ON VOYAGE HARTFORD CITY (UP)—Onehundred head of hogs and sheep, including 15 pedigreed Duroc hogs, are enroute to Ecuador to improve herds in the South American country. The breeding .stock wa.s purchased by the Church of the Brethren for use in Ecuador. confidential CASH LOANS quickly! i:i.Mi, lln> ul.nve . hy hi-i- Atlnriii-yn 111,.,! |ii 111,- ,if- fl.-i- i,r 111" i.'lurlt of ihi- C:iss <•!:•- i-iiil Ciiurl lu-r fmnnlitim /iRHinst. tho (l<-ftMi(iiini In Hi,, aluwt; ,.,,. tltli^j i-;tiisr, junl oil .Ii:iii> 7. ;:i;.T, .-in urrii1;iv!t "t ,-i i'iiin]ii-n>iil ]i"r- ;<nn -h.il ih,. (l<-ri>iiiliini h.-ivin- iiru-r nnini',1 is ntil a rrsl<l>>m of UK- stinu nf liiilliinu, to-wlt: rr.si- lll'IH-,' UnlilHIWM. .•iiilil ili>rrni1;inl Is thPrcfor lioro- liy noilfli-il ,,f the rilinu- an, I p,-n,l- i'ii,-y nf nn !il i-umiilnfnt. iiBiiir.sl '•.Ini, :tit,l thill iinl<'sK li^ :i;ip,-;irH HP., I ;UISWIT.-< or (ItMniirn lli,-r,-Ui, Hi thff filillllR of .sal.l r iltl.u,* ilL IllO Court lloll.vo |;i th,* filv (if l.n- l-.i n.Kju.rt, in C'uss c-i»unty, In tlm Hlllli. of :nilliin:i, on the 4tli ilny or S<.'pt('i"l)''r. lll'iT, up,! niiid l^om- plnlni inul (In- Tiiiit.l,M-K iiinl lhhu;« tluM-c'ln ,-iillt!ilni-l nn,! :illi'i;cil. will he lii-iiril iili'l d'iU'rmliHMl hi lij,-j »1}.4MI,-,'. WITNKSH ilici r],.,.| t nn ,| si-nl of s:il,l (.-ollrt, llil K Jlh duy ut .Inn,-, '.'.I!,". (SEA!,) 1IANNA Altorn rli fiu.,1 CiriMill Court SMALL lor 1'lnliulff. S-H-2J he'll hug you like Open Wednesday Afternoon 226 S. Third St., Logansport 2855 June 16 "Free Gift Wrapping" EARN Unlimited Amounts — in Multiples of $1,000 THRIFT CERTIFICATES L^ EARN GUARANTEED INTEREST Highest Rare of Interest that can be paid by any Bank in the State of Indiana. 1902 GUARANTEED INTEREST THE FARMERS & MERCHANTS STATE BANK, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation — Member Federal Reserve System — == 1957 — 55 YEARS OF UNINTERRUPTED SERVICE TO THIS COMMUNITY —

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