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The Wall Street Journal from New York, New York · Page 7

New York, New York
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Tuesday, December 9, 1902
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; f TIAI I'lO AND HATE3. 4 I '.' WESTERN LINES TRAFFIC ' k Chicago,- Aggregate trafiic of western rallroada last week, was large, although perliapa no equal to the volume of business being bandied a month ago. .The movement of live stock U leas and merchandise. .rifik lias fallen away somewhat oa account of lack of colj and seasonable weather neeesary to, sell fcoods being carried for the aeatoo. None of the rail, road hat any idle eara however, for all are ahort, those in the northwest suffering chiefly on account tf the heavy shinmenta of crain in that atction. A Initial blockade exista at St. Taul where the Great Northern has been unable to take delivery of freight from Ita conneetiona. The company i said to be very ahort of motive power and there is no way of re lieving the condition. . u ; - . ii , ' MOVEMENT OF CRAIN. i. Chicago. The grain movement keepi large, as shown in the primary movement Receipt at those points last week were 6,654400 buahela a decrease of . 3,446,000 bushels, compared with the former week, and 39000 buahels less than the aame week last . year. Thh) b the movement from the farm, and while lest is significant of car shortage.' The ahlp-; meats from elevators was better, reaching 3,902100 bushels for the week, a gain of 1,512,000 bushels over the previous week, but a loss of 594,000 bushels, compared with the aame week last, year. The deliveries of com at same points were large, being 3449,000 Xushels, 291,000 bushels less than the former week, but a gain of 322,000 bushel over tne corresponding riod last year. Shipments were busheli, n increase, of 210,000 bushels over the previous . Hveek, and 185,000 bushels more than the same week last year. ' Deliveries of grain here at Chicago were increased lor the week, the total brought in by all roads reaching 4,118,000 bushels, a gain of 359,000 buhels over the previous week, but were 450,000 bu"" e,s the same week last year, and 800,000 bushels under the corresponding week of 1900. The decrease was .xhiefly in wheat and corn. . Oafs increased nearly 500,000 bushels. , Railroads bringing in the grain changed their positions considerably, as compared with the former week. The Burlington took the lead, having 18 per cent of the total, a gain of 3 per cent. The St. Paul was next in line, with 16 per cent, a loss of 4 per cent In,e latter instance the car' shortage is emphasized. The Northwestern had 14 per cent, a gain of I per cent; Hhe Illinois Central, to per cent, a decrease of 5 per xent; the Rock Island, 9 per cent, an increase of 3 per cent The Alton and Chicago & East Illinois hd '6 per cent each. The former was unchanged and the latter gained 3 per cent. The Wabash had 5 per cent and the Wabash 4. per cent, a loss of 2 per cent. ,v MOVEMENT OF FLOUR. Chicago. Deliveries of flour here last week were I3385 bbls, as compared with 119,762 bbls the week . before, and 286,816 bbhr the same week last year. For the first time in many weeks the Northwestern led the . . movement, having" for its share 29,000 bbls, a gain of more than 10,000 bbls over the previous week. The ; St. Paul was next, with 23,800 bbls, an increase of 2400 bbls. The Southwestern movement also was v proved, the Rock Island having 20,800 bbls, or nearly ' 4000 more than the week before. The Great West- -, era had 18,600 bbls, an increase of 1,600, and the Wisconsin Central 19,350 bbls, a loss of about 2,300 bbls. The Burlington doubled in its flour traffic over the 'former week, having 10,400 bbls. '- .-, " ' ". MOVEMENT OF LIVE STOCK. : . Chicago. Although the interior movement of live Stock has ceased, the railroads appear to be getting a heavy movement of this traffic to market points. Last week the deliveries ot hogs reached 214,397 Head, an increase or 40,313 over the preceding week, v 1 . 1 r ... 11 1. 1 tit. .t. - :.- 1rtrt lacf I affl Kronnrlif in r ercrTV rrltmA 7n . 830 head, a gain of 17,764 over the former week, and 9434 head more than the corresponding week a year ago. Sheep also were brought in in larger numbers, the total being 126,528 head, an increase of 9436 over the week before, and 25474 more than the same week last year. MOVEMENT OF PROVISIONS. Chicago. Thf movement of provisions into Chicago last week was slightly enlarged, total deliveries by all roads, 8,761,108 pounds, an increase of 596,156 pounds over the previous week, and 964,234 pounds over the same period last year. ., Cured meats were 4,318,886 pounds, the Northwestern and Burlington having 35 per cent each of the total. Deliveries of dressed . beef ' were 3493.657 pounds, of which the Burlington brought in nearly 2,000,000 pounds.. The nearest to it was. the Wabash, with 660,000 pounds. The Rock Island and Chicago ' Northwestern had nearly all the lard. - ;."V''.. V MOVEMENT OF CO ALL Chicago. Deliveries of anthracite coal are begin-. (tiing to show in the quantity of coal brought into Chi- cago and the movement appears to be at the expense V -of soft toal. Last -week's receipts were 235,136 tons, V s compared with 2084487 tonsthe week before, and . 266,153 tons the corresponding period last year. Of . ;the total deliveries, 23,744 tons of anthracite came "in 'by Lake. Eastbound lines greatly increased their receipts, having a combined total of 78487 tons, or nearly 22,000 tons more than the week before. - The Chicago & East Illinois had 83490 tons, a decrease of about 6,oootons ; the Illinois Central, 31,879 tons, a decrease of 3,000 tons, and the Alton, 13,951 ' tons, a gain of 2,000 tons. - There has not beerf so ' much of a decline in the coal movement for the entire year as most persons would naturally suppose. Up to last Saturday deliveries for the year reached o.' - .iwos, mu incrcaac 01 .351 ,330 tons over last" year. Only about 200.000 tons of anthracite have -N been brought in since last May, so it may readilv be -.vii jiuk imiiu , nas dccii aonc Dy tne western coal .carriers. . , . EASTERN LINES TRAFFIC. ; ' Chicago.There was no pardcularciahge in . the-traffk situation on lines eastbound from this Ul' xaere was some rear expressed C. A A . iuvug name mrn inai lae neavy snow storms east might bring about recurrence of former traf-; flc eonjreslion, for the movement is vrv ln ;odw heavy operating conditions trains cannot be C.AE.L, moveo expeaioousiy. Tbe increase in tonnage anticipated subsequent to the close of navigation and in contemplation of the advance la freight rates December 8 did not materialize In - great volume. There was an increase of abont 20 in tbe floor anipmirts, ana jtotismbb were sent forward in abont "ifX larger aggregate. The grain movement wns smaller. " v . : Tbe railroads are still short of ears and larger rasas wesa so nnposs::ie ai mis live, it IS eX' pelted that tbe car wnpply will be t ter from bow on, however, for thinning this wee 'is effort will be msdo to snd anthracite into the wst in greater qnant'iy.- It is estimated that if oars can be found to do It the sli'pments from Buffalo will be 200 car per day. These i.:ptenrji will b mafle in all aratlaile eqnipmeat and at many box ears will be cll'Jied as can be obfaiBfi 8b P., Wabash, Gt W- A Special Bargain Sale of India and ' ; Turkish Rugs ' as follows.; Turkish Rugs. t 6 average lire 8.6x11.6,159.0a 5 average sue 9x11, 165.00. ia aver, aire 9.6x13.6, I75.00. 7 average .! 10x13, 180.00. 5 average ilxe."ioxij.6,,S5.oa. India Rugs. 4 average aire 9x13, f 1 00.00. 5 average size 9x1a, 105.00. 6 aver. aire 9.6x13.6, $11 5.00. 7 average aiae 10x14, $135.00. 4 average size 10x15. Si 45.0a 6 average sire 12x15, 1175.0a Commencing . Tuesday, Decytt. Lord & Taylor, 'Broadway 20th fit GROWTH OP TRUNK LINE TONNAGE. ' The president of one of the leading trunk lines of the country has presented a few of bis friends lows: 1901. Increase. N. T. Cen....f 9833,111 20,306,013 Tenn div. of Pcnn. R. R.. 59,740,819 Erie 39,102,302 Bait. A Ohio1. 39,332,527 Ieh. Valley... 20,683,534 D.. L. W. .. 23.507,634 22,37934 7,450,813 15,387,746 7,041,637 2,104,128 GRAIN TONNAGE STATISTICS. . Flour, Wheat, bbls. - bash. C.N. W., 1902... .29.000 115,000 1901.... 52,000 114,050 1900. ...23,600 84,175 111 Central, 1902. .... 3,485 7,000 1901.. i. 3,992 8,325 1900.,.. 3,720 11,089 R. Island, 1902 ... . 20,800 14,000 1901.... 11,800 48,100 1900.... 17,400 ' 99,960 C.B. A Q.,1902.... 10,400 15 1 ,000 . 1901....4I.200 67,32s; 3900.... 2,400 124,875 1902.... 2,000 50,000' 1901.... 1,000 11,100-1900.... 3,000 33,850 . 1902 ' 2,000 1901 1900,flff X902 1901.... 79,800 1900.... 45,600 1902.... 800 1801 .... 1,200 1900aaj 1902.... 18,600 . 1901... .73.400 . . . . 1,850 ' ... 345,950 149,850 18,000 . . 88,100 1900....64.050-; 4800 Atchison, 1902.... 3,847 2,000 1901.... 3,711 1900.... 6.133 Wis. Cent ,1902 .... 19,343 " 1901.... 6.311 1900.... 5.178 37,575 207400 icj:j Corn, bush. .34,000 147,990 189,125 2:i,000 112,625 251,600 73,000 62,992 240,575 251,000 44.12 59.90 23.56 64.26 33.85 9.83 Oats,' bush. 267,000 807,500 163,200 201,000 182,000 538,650 27,000 155,250 109,310 265,000 244,200 -340,950 530,025 232,025 55,000 53,650 83,300 112,000 34,225 '77,850" 18,800 157,250 112,000 60,800 ' 36,125 ? 15,000 W.800 . 46,075 123,000 7,000 ,48,100 125,000 39,150 36,450 152,000 17,550 19,650 .- 325,1550 149,900 39,000 87.750 101,250 55,000 83,B(X) ,38,300 48,000 45,900 18,900 16,500 Per an'm 8.82 li.08 4.71 12.85 7.17 1.96 The lines of the chart show a steady rise from vear to year in the earnings of Pennsylvania, Bal . A vat a rit iL. I! .i ALi EAFTfiOUND TOXNAOn. " Followlnr are arrrerate shlmneuta of lra.itna commodities east from Calcajo lake and rull for tbe weak ending Dee, 0, 11)02, and comparison With tbe previous week aad last year: Rail shipment: LaatWMk. Prsv.Wsk. Last Tsar Flour, bbla... 11,101 , 64,117 . flf.Sdt Grain, buaa.. t.OaJ.OOO 1,133,030 t,U 3,000 Provisions, ls 65,016,144 48,151,119 6J,m,ll take shipments: . . Last Wssk. Trev.Wtak. Uat Yaai Flonr, bbls. .. IV461 - 33.814 SS.St? Grain, bush.. 111,000 .l,C7i,?00 1,084.421 Provisions, lbs .... - 148,000, 541,500 CIN'OINKATI, IXDIA2f ATOU3 A WESTERN. ChJcaro. Tb OlncinnatL , Indiananolia k neatern tins grently larese4 Ita traJSe alnce Its extension to rWinjUfld, I1L Tke road baa only about one-third of the number of cars nrdd to ac commodate tire business offering. Corn hlpments are heavy and tne 11m to "getting a good deal of cot ton and lumber business from its southern connee- tions3. LAKE ERIE ft WESTERN. ' Chfcago, An official of Laxke Erie & Wearteri ays: "The growth of . rreignt trafflc lacf our road paard to Lke Kbore baa been remarkable. The inrrense at a number of points nas been from 40 to 754 and thla prom-ie1, to eonrlnn. With more eqalpmcnt we could do eren bettor Hum we are doing now." ADVANCE IN GRAIN KATES DELATED. Owing to the inability of one of the western lines to take care of its outstanding contract in time to make the advance in the eastbonnd rate on Jan. 1 to get matters in aiape. SOT7TI1 WESTERN COLON1ZA.TL0N BUREAU. Chicago. o rar efforts or the recently aonthweatern colonisation bureau to settlers for the aonthweatern territory are proving gratifying la the extreme. The bi-month- with a chart which he haa prepared showing the hy excursions are being taken advantage of to an enormous growth in the tonnage of tbe trunx unes, extent quite oeyona tns anticipation or even tne especially the New York-Buffalo lines in tne wive most sanguine. TMn from usw to 1WL Tne nffurea are as iw RATES OiN PHILIPrLNE BUlSINEfS. The reduced rates offered by Messrs. Hill and nniriman to the government of 40c. from Chicago to the Philippines are attracting widespread-atten tion among the abfppers of the northwest. Seven find one-hali cents from Chicago to Bt. Paul is con sidered a very low rate. : This leaves 324t. from St. Paul to the Philippines. As the steamship lines get one-heJf, their proportion would be 16Jc., and tbe railroads the other half, or 161c ,The shippers are giving this ease as a reason timore 4 Ohio, and Lehigh Valley, the lines of the why freight rates should not fee advanced for them, other three roads indicating a more Irregular course of earninga. Baltimore & Ohio and Lehigh Valley overtook Erie and Lackawanna respectively In the amount of earnings. All tne roans snow larger gains In the last two years of the period than in the first three. . RECEIPTS AND BHIPMENT3. Following are receplta and shipments of leading commodities, with comparisons, at Chicago for the week ending Dec. 6: Receipts: Last week. Prev. week. Last year. Wheat, bush 709,100 898,775 LI 84,425 Corn bush. 1,038,870 . 1,236,891 . 797,132 Flour, bbls. 133,815 119,763 286,816 Oats, bush. 1,843,480 1,371,387 1,630,400 Rye, bosh. . 154,134 95,400 97,100 Barley, bush..... 454,297 359,500 -856,650 Timothy seed, lbs 805,760 719,400 831,100 Flaxseed, bush... 65,885 ' 151,800 83,957 Cured meats, lbs. 4,318,886 3,356,095 2,546,387 Dressed beef, lbs, 3,493,657 3.397,102 3,360,795 Pork, bbls :. 285 .... 142 Lard,lbs .; 929,300 511,665 1,889,56) Live hogs, head.. 314,387 ' 174,074 " 280,810 Cattls, head 6heep, head Shipments. Wheat, bush..... Corn, bush Flour, bbls Oats, bush 70,830 , 53,066 61,394 126,533 101.5SO 101,054 644,471 776,423 114,363 1,588,451 Rye, bush 65,267 Barley, bush 108,400 Timothy seed, lbs 149,300 Flaxseed, bush. . . 10,642 Cured meats, lbs.13,226,637 Dressed beef, lbs.27,179,117 Pork, bbls. 6,677 Lard, lbs 9,046,190 Live hogs, head.. Cattle, head...'.. Sheep, head 24,419 X0.465 26,130 : 803.056 465,483 1 892,881 1,052,178 98,271 2423C 1,888,799 1,534,121 91,590 15,311 , 83,755 170,025 495,175 244,509 7,419 17,915 .9,948,154 15,173,908 17,850,114 " 25,308,960 3,125 5,147,151 11,935" 16, V3 55,409 4,542 11,454,415 24,410 14,236 16,851 and argue that Instead of aa advance, they should receive a reduction. DENVER & BIO GRANDE. The Denver & Bio Grande statement for' October showing the best increases in earnings seen this year, is in direct contrast to the September report which showed a loss In gross earnings of 170,000 and a decrease in surplus of 159,000. Tbe October' statement snows an expansion in gross earnings amounting to 991,232, and an increase in net of 1103,475. indicating a redaction in expenses or luM3. Denver & Bio Grande has for some time been showing either decreases or very small increases in expenses whioh 4s very ununual at this time when increased expenses appear to be the rule, tor four months expenses nave .been reduced 196,807 on a gross Increase of f 110,521. Last year the company earned 2.58sJ on its common stock after allowing for the preferred dividend and tho. innrease in surplus so far this year indicates that At least Zi on the common is now being earned. CHICAGO GREAT WESTERN. In spire of small increases in gross shown in the statements of Bentember land October, Chi cago Great Western earnings for the first four months of the current fiscal year are considerably behind those of the corresponding period a year ago. The loss in gross is somewhat offset by a re duction of f 1M.301 in expenses, bringing the loss an net for the year to date to $91,237, which it is possible may be eliminated in tbe balance of tbe year. Last year tbe company 'just about earned the five per cent, required by the "A" stock and the loss in net so far this year indicates that, if there has been no material increase In fixed charges, about 4J is now being earned on the "A." ATLANTIC COAST UNE. ' Both of the last two statements of Atlantic j Coast Line have shown good, healthy expansion in NEW PUBLICATIONS. TUB WORLD'S VOUK POn DEOrMlinit Aa arttela ea Tat Bonds ot Amarloaa Corporal lona" la lb apac'aj financial topic traataa la tha currant rumW T Ta VorU's Vara. Taa UaaA at tba IotarotliaJ UbippJac Corporation." by Uvtmm Parry, la aa arUola an tha yaraonaJIty of Clamant A, Orlaeom; and "Xaorsulila Iauairla: A Neval rroraaaloa." traata sf taa wars el tha production anstnear. Ia "A Conservatfva Word of : Warnlai" Frank A. VaaaVHp point out Ua 4urr Ibat our praat Tata of iaalDf era4lta Bar kara la atora for va. YOiat amployart mt of areflt sbaiina Is sat fartk by Ptillartaa U Waldo. John B. McDonald, tha bulldar of mood 8tTB, wltk portralL rrasldaat Eliot, ot Ilarvaxl haa aa arttela on Tha Naada of Amtrieaa Foblla Ednoa tlon." . Tha tlluttrmtad and popular faturas of tha tnaotk Ineluda a bandsoma sarlaa of raprodnetlons of Oaorgo Oray Barnard's aculptura printed la a breva-tonad tnk. acoa panylaf aa artlcla about tha sculptor and bit work by Aleiandar Blair Thaw. Oth ar tataraatlm flluatratad artl clas aro Porraat CrtMays story of tha deralopment ot Tba Travallng Pttt Offloa," a eomplata daacrlptoa by Chalmars Bobarta of tba work dona on tbs faraoua "Nlla Dam." aad tba lonar blatory of tha growth of "Mormon Co-oparatloa" by Clan Millar. Mr. Pradarlrk A. Job, tba ebalmaa o tba Illinois Stato ftoard of Arbitration, tails of aa Intorottlng and aueceaaful oxparlmavt It baa mads In arbitrating labor troubles. Taera la a striking artlcla by tha lata Fraak Norrla conearatng "Our Naglacted Epic tha Eplo of tbs Weat1 D. Sedffwli .flfwloa. tbalr paraonal prafarancaa among went booka. Tha nora-bar la well varied, aa uaaal, In contents, and Its editorial eummary reviews the year. COUNTRY LIFE IN AMERICA. Country Life In America for December Is a largo Chrlrt- mas annual with a beautiful cover and a. hundred superb illustrations, aad colored aupplements besides.' Rudrard grain and grain products agreed upon for the 8th, Kipling contributes tba poem, "Pan In Vermont," deifrng the effective date haa been postponed. (There are the man who, la winter, biinga tba seeds of phlox and some indications that the rates may go into effect hollyhocka Into the snowbound country where Kipling once next week, bat it ia likely that it -will take until j lived. Eleanor Hoyt baa written a atory of another one of tha "mladecneanors' of bar adorable Nancy. ' Preeminent, however, la tne profualon of elaborate pictures and tbe articles that have to do with hookey, akeelng and tobogganing, snowshoelng, loo yachting on country lakes, fishing tbrouxh tbe Ice, and even the homely sports of skating, skate-sailing and the pursuits that carry one Into the deep woods, Altogether, the elaborate make-up boa peak tbe grand succeaa of this new sort or magulna, the growing love of real sport In America, and the movement ot the New World back to the garden and outdoor life of the Old. SHIPPING COMBINE. gr earnings iarr proporuon. 01 wnicn nav-MVll;te -Star and Domini0n stockholders $22,500,000 been devoted to increased expenses, leaving satis factory net increases. The company has made a rather better showing than other southern lines this year, which is indicated by an increase in cross for four months of $960,000 of which $528,000 ap pears as net earnings. Tne stockholders sbould ; . .1 nouoiieu nxui me wukito luerr cunrawj im roiiowmg ors op -.a- flnd m juirttted & tlle wipiiiH YirwuriiMBuuw' .....wu. fent increase in the dividend. at Chicago for the week ending Deo. 6, 1902, and the eorrsspending period of two preceding years: ; CONNECTICUT RAILWAY A LIGHTING. March . April. , May. . June . July. August ?ept.. . October 2kew. . . Philadelphia. Treasurer Lewis Lillie, of tbe Connecticut Railway & Lighting Co., (operated on der the management of the United Gas Improve ment Company) points oat that the railway de partment receipts for the fiscal year ended June 30 show an increase of &Ji over the corresponding pe riod of the year previous. The proposed extenst. planned by the company will make about twenty seven miles of new track, ,with turn-outs, for de veloping new territory, wbieh It is expected will very materially increase the gross receipts and net earnings of the company. The increase in electric sales shows' 10.64 and the increase in gas sales 161 over the year ended June 30, 190L '.. . ; v Total 2j4C3,543 DOMINION COAL. Boston- Shipments of -coal by the Dominion Coal Oo. in November fell off 28,000 tons from the previous month, probably due to tbe suspension of shipments to the .New .ungiana utas uoks Vo. bot ivere w.vw tons aneaa oc snrpmeau in Ao- vember, 1901. Smpments amoanted to 267,810 tons, but the, output wss 288,807. tons or 20,897 tons in exeess of sinpmemta. Shipments y months so far this fiscal year have been as follows: 1902. ' "IMC",' 1900. 1899. .173,348 120.200 85,000 . 22,300 .174,008' ' 125,000 151,000 50,603 i.269,181 v24L835 , tt83,000 164,930 . 290,049 569,000 228,000 193,900 . 31U90 25S.2M 200,600 183,404 . 806,178 2S6.0OO 197,600 220,000 ..S13.847 236' ' 13300 195.543 .2954 . 244.6CS- 1S8)0 184.806 , 2C7.610 177.63 173.000 135,000 Common. Am. and At. Tr. lines $9,187,000 Leyland line.. Domin. line. . . 6,613.000 White Star. . . 12,587,000 (Res. in treas. 41,643,000 Underw. bonus 25,000,000 U)23,913 1S7,700 ,1J0,S54 1 tation line." 1 DETAILS OF COMPANY'S FORMATION. rhiladclphia.In the present dearth of Informa tion in regard to International (Mercantile Marine financing, a few figures taken from the ship merger agreement the text of which was published in this country May 19, are to the point. This agreement accounts for common and pre ferred stock and cash of the sew company as fol lows: Am. and At. Tr. Cdmmon. lines $9,157,000 Leyland Line. Res. in treat. 6,643,000 Underw. bonus 25,000,000 Bnlance 19,200,000 Preferred. -Oesb., $18,314,000 7as,66o 2,500,000 38,400,000 Total $60,000,090 $60,000,000 $30,000,000 The language of the agreement seems to infer that this balance is all to go in payment for the White Star and Dominion Lines. Within a few days past formal announcement has been made for the purchase price of the White Star Line, via.: ' Cash! ..... . .$15,736,IS0 Preferred stock. . 25,174,0011 Common stock............. 12,BS7,000 . Total . $53,49780 Assuming that the consolidation is being carried out on the terms of the original agreement, these figures will enable us to complete in detail the account of the expenditures of cash and stock as follows: Preferred. $18,314,000 133m6.0o6 25,174,000 786.000 2,500,000 Cash.. $15,844,000 11.736.000 6.683.820 issc.iso Total.. ... .$60,000,000 $60,000,000, $50,000,000 These figures are consistent with the announce ment of the navment in London. December 1. to the cash as the combined cash allotment of tbe companies comes to $22420,000. If the valuation of the Dominion Line is and the payments are $6,683,820 in cash, $13,226,- 000 in preferred stock and $6,613,000 in common stock, there seems to be an inconsistency . between them and the relative tonnages of the two lines which have bn resorted to be for the Dominion and irTn mil. ANDHCV J. McCCRWACK, Auctlonatk BtOMit LAN A iriMII Ak.m 99 ' GTOCXvS AN13 LJONDO Cy AC XI AN It. UU-t a ' rraa a uuim rratasa (ana tiun aa WEDNKSUAV, DUO IOtm, ' At 12.30 edoO, at the Kew Terk Real Eatato ealrarooaa, 111 I5ra4iraT. ET OPvDirt O' HIE EXDOUTOCJ tiTATS OP BU"U miS, (lUAJLO.) flfi.OOl Otea. ft Ohio Grain Iterator Co, 1st it, tba N.w York ibw.r. la rlb In uol. bT lUy. l4ii() A QU R Jt e miuin nraiani aswifaa sahi aii wim uniwi ar t 1 tm mw 1 r 1 . . . r . K -a,ooo s, y. On. & Hnflaoa Klver IL K. Oo. pilcH. Otst. CbU.l SK Gtd rtewtd. Ctfi.. 1908. $10,000 N. Y. Ub. A nndaoa Hirer R. B, Oo (Lako - . Kho Cell.) 3 0d. Kegatd. Otfs 1991 110,000 Loig island B. R. IXry Co. lit i QU Guar. Bds 1921 $10,000 St. Tanl ft No. Taclnc By.' ti Begstd. Ctfi 1923. $10,000 Long Island B B. Co. Genl. Mtge. ii bonJa, 1938. $15,000 Barirnrton, Cedar Rapids k Nortiera By. Co. 1st Mire. 5t, 1906. , $27,00 Ches. ft Ohio By. GenL Mtge l IKla, 1993. $10,000 Usited etatcn 1$ Begstd. Losn f 1898, doe 1904M918. - Albart Blr.w mina. Jo.1 Chandl.r H.rrla, H.nrr Michigan Central IL R. 1st Urge. OB Detroit' r.. and 9rs Bumont Kannady writs at f- tj R. Ws, 1931. , v,wv i. i voarago 01. iois a. xv, in oag. iu. 4s, 1937. $T,000 Edison Electric 111 Co. of N. Yn let U, 1010. OO sbs Chicago, Burlington ft Qnlncy R. R. Co. m shs Chicago ft Northwestern By. pfd. 1 318 sbs Long Inland B. R. Oo. 67 slis Fsrmers' Loan ft Trust Co. 30 shs New York Prednce Exchange Bank. 11 sbs Union Insurance Co. of PhUadelpbla. 5 shs Empire City Fire Ins. Co. 149 shs Erie Gas Co. of Pennsylvania. 100 shs Wallaee, Mailer ft Co, Limited, of 2T. T. bt Order of exexjutobs. J0 shs United States Leather Prefd. 11 aba rnUA Vow T...v Tt R A rB.I fV 80 sks Leaigb Valley R. R. Oo. , . 29 shs Pennsylvania R. R. Co. ahs Hocking Valley R. R. com. $700 United States ii Bonds, 1907. 33 shs Mechanics' National Bank. , IS shs People's Bank. " " T S shs Bank oTAmerica. ' ! 1 ahr Clinton Flail Association. BY ORDER OF TRUSTEE. . $5,000 Minn. Eastern By. 1st mtge. guar. Ts, 1909. $5,000 North Wisconsin By. 1st mtge 6s, 193. $10,000 CMc, t. Taul ft M2nn. By. 1st 6a, 1918. : ' FOR ACOOUKT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. 625 shs Or an ford Co. 208 shs Seventh National Bant-SO shs National Bank of North America, '-100 shs National Broadway Bank. 60 shs American Axe ft Tool Co. $20,000 Newbnrg, Dutoliess ' ft Conn. R. R. taoome regstd. bds., 1977. S shs Oatral National Bank. 10 shs Tefft-Weller Oo. pfd. . 10 shs Tfft-Wllr Nmmnn $15,844,000 50 shs National Bank of Nortb America. 11,736,000 I $29,000 N. Y. Oity District Water Supply Co. Ut mtge o Mt. (U. S. Mtg ft Trnst Co. Recetot). $14,000 Upper N. Y. City 1st mtgo Si- bda. (D. & 22,420,000 Mtge ft Trust Co. Beceipts). $3,en People's Gas Light ft Coke Co. 1st mtge, 5jf - bdsM 1928. 200 ahs Bamapo Water Co. (hrpd). $3 00 Brooklyn ft Bockaway Beach B. B. Oo. 6 -const, bds. (eertf of dep.) - - 200 sbs National City Baai. P 7 sns New York Security ft Trust Co. 200 shs Peacock Copper Co. -10 shs Jefferson Bank. 25 sbs Audit Co. pfd. 5 shs Central Realty Bend ft Trust Co. 187 shs Herring-Hall-Mairvin Safe Co. let pfd. $5(1 , scrip, $14 Herring-Hall-Maryin Safe Oo. 2d pfd. scrip. sns Trust 00. of America. 25 shs Fourth National Bank. 50 shs Guardian Trust Oo. 75 sbs N. Y. Mtge ft Security Co. r, 100 shs Denver ft Southwestern B. Bt common. 300 shs Cleveland ft Pittsburg R. R. , 10 shs BeTenth National Bank. .: . 5 shs Mexican Trust Co. pfd. 5 shs Mexican Trnst Oo. common. 2S3 shs Chicago Transfer ft Clearing Co. $12,000 N. Y. & Wilkesbarre Coal 1st 6s, 1932. $10,000 Broadlway ft 7th Ave. B. R. 2d 5s, 1914. 6 shs Guardian Trust Co. ' . 3,060 shs Toledo, Bt. Louis ft STana. City R, R. com, 101) shs Padfc Coast Co. 1st pfd. 165 shs National Cflty Bank. COO sb? Brooklyn Oity B. B. 52 sbs Central National Bank. 18 shs Texas & Pacific Coal Co. $6,000 Prvidenee Ice Oo. 1st mtge Si bds., 192L 67 shs Providence Ice Co. pfd. ' ' 32 shs Providence Ice Co. common. ' v 2500 sbs Pen cock Ospper Co. ' " . 800 shs Atlantic Trust Co. $8,000 Central Foundry Co. 6jf bds., 1919. ' $10,000 Mechanical Rubber Co. 1st 6s, 1918. 804 shs Industrial Federation of America. t- 1 1 sh Central National Bank. 10 shs Trust' Co. of America. 12 shs NatL Bask of North America. 1 sh Mutual Gas light Co. of N. Y. 266:000 for fhe White Star. It must be remembered jhs International Fire Engine Co. pfd, however, that the business of Richards, Mills & Co. is included in the price for the former and' that of Ismay, Imrie & Co. in the price of the latter. Presuming that the cash for the American Line, $15,844,000, is needed in the near future, the company will nave expended, including this latter sum, $38,264,- 000 of the $40,000,000 underwriting called in up to I date. Unless, therefore, a considerable amount of bonds has been placed an early call for the balance of the underwriting seems to be in order. Philadelphia One largely interested in both tbe Metropolitan Street Railway Company and the International Marine Company says: "I notice a report in the papers that a certain Philadelphia n during the last week or ten days sold 20,000 shares of Metropolitan ia order to meet tbe requirements of the International Mercantile Marine underwrit ing. Twenty thousand snares of Metropolitan, at the' lowest price which they could Imve brought, would tnean up toward $3,000,000. I know that the total abare of Philadelphia in the International Mercantile Marina underwriting .was not more than one-fifth of this suss." - An offioer of tbe LUr national Mercantile Co. says: "ins Aiiamic .transportation line win not receive any stock ia the International Merc a tile Marine Company lor tke purpose of distribution among employes. 1 gather that President Baker's 13 shs North American Trust Co. 10 sbs Westinghouae EJec. ft Manfg. Co. pfd. 2 shs Westinghoose Elec ft Manfg. Co. com. 25 shs Flint, Eddy l& American Trading Co pfd. . 24 shs Flint, Eddy & American Trading Co. com.' $500 Washington Rway. ft Elec. Co. ii bd. 5 shs Washington Rway. ft Elec. Co. pfd. 2 shs Washington Rway. ft Elec. Co. com. $1,000 Mechanical Rubber Co. Si bd., 1918. IN PRESS 1 "The . LvC. of Stock Speculation, , By & A. NELSON, . Being Vol, V. of The Wall Street Library. Ta faa aoM. waaa iaraaA, by DOW. JONES CO., 44 Broad St AN EVENT LN ART. Local connoisseurs of tba best In art are anxiously awaiting the exhibition of tbe splendid col-' lection ef paintings formed fty the late General Reed of Erie, Pa, wbicb will e placed on exhibition ia the winter garden of Delmonico's on Tuesday of this week. Prominent among the work of artists of prominence may be noted two master-pieees by Adolpbe Schreyer and two beaatJfut creations by Meyer Von Bremen. The other for. nihing of the Reed mauriou are also plaeed on sale aud oomprTse extremely rare and valuable far- announcement of such a distribution to the asrertt-! nitare of ibo beet deniims, antique and modern. gats of $500,000 mavns that he will give that cnucb Tbe sale will begin on Wednesday, Deo. 10, at tbe stock from Irts own holdings, air. Baker is much ' Knickerbocker auction rooms, 8 West 2Sth street, tbe largest saare&older in the At Ian tie Traaapor-! and will continue on following afternoons' at 2 I o'clock.

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