The New York Age from New York, New York on October 20, 1945 · Page 3
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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 20, 1945
Page 3
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ARM CoL Davis Says Redaction Of Negro Uiuts In Air Force Is According To Army Plans , GQDMAN rtPLH, Ky. - Reorgtn. lxution of combat uniu according to Army Air Forces plans, halting - ol the training of replacements for ' tot 477lb Composite Qroup and c - - ct'trfUon of the discharging and ecrjj rg programs at Qodman Fw.q were reported this week by Cjiund Un.min O. Davis, ir, conutiandu'g oiiicri ol the tieid. ' .Queried lout the possibility ol - an early uvc torn Goaman tield,' Col. Davis i;a no inlwmr - tion conccii'iuj rtth a move haa reach - ad him. However, he said that facilities at the lield would be inadequate to house and train the large number ol men being transferred here, and that in all probability some official announcement of a change ol station would be forth coming soon. As to the probable location of a new base, however, he said' be did not know. in the meantime, the rumor Is rile that the Aimy way transfer Colonel Davis and the men irouj Godmaa field to the 'imkegi - e Army Air i ield in Alabama, 1 though there has been widespread protest against such a proposal. Several combat units at Goomau field were inactivated recently and attached personnel ausoroed into (he base unit The 477th Composite Group now consists of a group headquarters: the 99th lighter Squauron iP - 47), com' manded by Major William A Campbell of Tuskegee. Ala.; and the 617th Bombardment Squadron (B - 25). whose commanding officer is Captain Charles L Williams, of Lima, Ohio. Two squadrons of the 387th Air Service Group also have been Inactivated. Only the 602nd ; Air Engineering Squadron remains with Captain Herbert E. Carter, ol Amory, Miss., in command. These reductions bring the Negro section ef the Air Corps down to the peace time size as proposed in original Army Air Forces plans. - Col Davis disclosed also that training of combat replacements for the 477th Composite Group had been baited at Walterboro, & C, and that approximately 373 trainees. officers and men, bad been return ed to Godman Field. This number ' includes pilots, bombardier - navigat ors, gunners, and several non - tying . ' personnel ' Approximately 43 officers and 73 enlisted personnel nave been re leased from Godman Field to Sep aration Centers during the past month. ' Seat "BX WAT OF MENTION, - peges fear and ' Ave - f or sodal news shoot people yoa know. teen's Dresses Weeaea's Cettea Presses, Jast the rattens and Slscs yea nave been waiting for. Site IS te 4. Wcssa's Slippers Values nosing to SLM. A real saving en each K. Bed, Use, wine or SB. glses 4 to t. Eb& Girdles AO syataetje knitted slasUs girdles sad panties. Saull. Medial sal Large. Valses a to &M. lltrccrizcd Sox $1.97 of fas eoailty. especially prefer raster, leaf Sites to MK. 21c ?; - S i 1 1 i m 1 1 Y - REDUCE 332nd Fighter Gr cup To Return Home To U. S. On October 18 WASHINGTON, D. C. Eighty - eight officers and 350 ' enlisted men, making ur the 332nd Fighter Group commanded by Lieutenant Colonel George S. Roberts are scheduled to arrive at" the Hampton Roads Fort of Debarka tion on October 18, the War De - par taunt announced Monday. Included in the group which will arrive on tie Levi Wood - oury will be tne 100 th" Fighter Squadron with 30 officers . and 143 enlisted men; the 301st Fight er Squardon with 33 officers and 240 enlisted men and the Group Headquarters with 25 officers and 67 enlisted men. An American Red Cross worker and a wa correspondent will complete the shipment Tne 33zna tighter Ciroap was activated October 13, 1942 and went overseas in January, 1924, landing at Taranlo, Italy, Feb' ruary 3, 1944. Providing air cover for bomb era of our 15th Air Force the 332nd had completed 311 mis' sions by April 30, 1943, destroy ing many enemy Ur craft both in the air and op the ground. The group began flying with the 15th Air Force in June 1944. Using P - 47 Thun i nits, the pi' lots were assigned P - 51 Mustangs and completd over 200 missions without losing a single heavy bomber to enemy aircraft Colonel Benjamin O. Davis, Jr, now Commanding Officer of the 477th Composite oup based at Godman Field, Kentucky, Is the former commanding officer of the Group and led H Into combat during many of Its mis sions over Europe, $5,000 GhenfoSet Up Bostca U. Scholarships BOSTON. Mass.. Scholarships to bear the names of Bishcp G. Bromley ' Oxnam and Rabbi Jos.v.a Loth Lleb - , man will be establish si at Boston ! Universi y's School of Tttolar "for I too study ar.i.develjprae.t of Better) ,nU - r racial understanding." WIM riff M UnptrlMt Rayon Shsers A bombshell for your budget... these full fcnhlonsd rayons tho' sell for 86c when oerfscK Cot ton reinforced for lonoer weor. rorUgoppl,b7Slill0W ChHdrea Dressf s Attraettrs pmale drsasee Iss feverlte styles eelers. Slaes 7 te 11 $1.C3 Ccria - cy (hoillj CkOdreal soriarey erer - aDs to keen the kiddles sg warn. QaaUty tallered. T0 J tlaesttef. (HiiftbSats Busttfaaey sUevec 57c Navy, Brewa Sttss S Is 1 sal Ktoa, lCOWcclSvnxlcrs!, soft, ttmaty mas $M7 kmilr. ISA 97c - AMm$k Dining Hall P A ROCK CASTLE, VIRGINIA. The full and busy Oayta the Bfe of a cadet at the St Emma Military Academy produce a Lure and husky appetite, and the dining ban is a most popular spot. Much of the rood, wholesome food consumed It grown right on the farms of the school property as pert of the course of the boys la the agrtctr! rural department Plenty of milk la available from the model dairy, eggs and chicken from the poultry farm, meat from the beef cattle and swum sections, while truck gardening provides aa unlimited supply of choice vegetables. Canning projects on fruit and vegetables give the boys training and provide food for the coming winter. The studenls at this boarding high school live In the dormitory nearby. Each cadet selects a course In trade or agriculture along with the military activities of the Junior Reserve Oflloers Training Course supervised by the U. 8. Army. Military discipline la maintained by the cadets under their own officers. Students come from all parts of the United States. School Strikes Miss Noma Jensen, one of the , assistant Held secretaries of the , NAACP, was sent Irst week by the national office to Gary, In diana, and Chicago and Evanston, Illinois, to investigate the high school strikes in those cities which have been staged, allegedly, for the purpose of ousting Negro stu dents from mixed schools. The NAACP has expressed the belief that the school strikes which broke out in the Middle West and in New York City, are part of a plan concocted by adults to fasten segregat'on as a patUrn upon Negroes in the North. The Association believes it unlikely that the students themselves would have staged these demonstrations without careful planning and support from their parents and community organizations committed to race - hate programs.' A gift of $5,000 to establish a permanent fund for financing the scholarships was made to the univer - "y by Joseph F. 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S, revealed that 88 per cent voted "yes" when asked, "Should Con - 1 gress establish the FEPC on a per - ) manent basis?" Five per cent were ; uncertain and six per cent opposed ! the FEPC. The nation - wide study was con ducted in 55 cities in 27 states in various parte of the country, including both the North and South. The poll Is the first in a series to be conducted among leadership groups of authoritative national or,zuaUons in specific ' fields on the immediate . issues confronting the American people. The Citizens Social Research.' Council, which is seeking to make ; the findings of social science j widely known, is undertaking these I surveys as a public service. A par - ' tial list of the advisory committee of the CSRC include: Gle.i . Carl - j son, professor of sociology, Univer - I sity of Redlands; Kenneth Clark, phycbologist. Queens College; Al - I bert Deutsch, welfare editor, news - I psper PM; Abraham Edel, profes - 'sor of philosophy, C.C.N.Y.; X. (Franklin Frazier, professor of so ciology. Howard University; Joseph Caer. publications director, CIO - PAC; Elinor S. GlmbeL general fhslrrnf", Greater New York Council for Citizens' Action; Frank X. Hartung, sociologist, Wayne University; Max Hertzman, phycholo - glst C.CN.Y4 J. L Moreno, direc tor of tho Soclometrlc Institute; Gardner Murphy, chairman, department of psychology, CCJi.Y Allan Nevins, professor of history, Columbia University; Bemhard J. Stern, sociologist, Columbia University; J. Raymond Walsh, news analyst, radio commentator and economist at tho New School for Social Research; sad Gens Weltfish, anthropologist, Columbia University. Ihn KEIti Wcn Hal A WerlchefteTcounty resident wss killed and s passenger fat his automobile seriously Injured early Friday when bis ear, driving south on Third avenue and ".45th street the Bronx, ertahed Into an 1." pQ. lar. He was crushed against the wheel and killed Instantly. The dead man was Identified ss Julius Warren, 40, of 20 Seymour placa, White Pl - jlna The parsenger, Mlrs Hartis Simon, 28, of 1 West 121st stsct suffered a fractured left leg and possible internal nv Juries. She was taken to Lincoln Hospital where her condition was reported ar serious. ACROSS TO DUX', GIAilT PBOTB0T BALLY '008? CHILD! HEAR . EDWARD DYGOUCm CUTTT EIcSWALN tad DOLLY MASON las Aaaerteaas wbeas Bttbs celled Hlggoes" P7T0IAI1 TCUPLC Gnsj DiErcsa ISS T7ct 7Ch Ctrttt Ttry, 13 - C0 p, tl NAACP Opposes Lleasnre For ' New Labor Relations Board WASHINGTON, O. C - Coples of the resolution adopted by the NAACP B ird of Directors at its September meeting strongly disapproving S. 1171, the Federal Industrial Relations Act, were presented to its spouors. Sen ators Carl A. Hatch (D, N. Mex) and ' Joseph H. Ball (R, Minn.), by Leslie Perry of the NAACP Washington Bureau last week. Senator Harold H. Burton - (R., Ohio) the other co - sponsor was recently, given a sest on the bench of .he United States Si - rreme Court . The . bin proposes to scrap the National abor Relations Board in favor' of a live - man . Federal Labor Relations Board to handle between labor and management The NAACP listed the following objections to the bill: L The right to strike would be more seriously limited In peacetime under this bill than It was In time of war. 1 The salutary restrictions of the Ntrris - LaGuardla Act against labor Injunctions by federal courts would be relaxed and largely set aside. ' 3. The bill is so drawn as to exclude from federal regulation Railway Express Agency Employing Negroes St Vincent s New BuiMing To Admit . AH Nationalities These doors are ever open to the afflicted of all classes without distinction of creed, country pr color," will be the motto carved in stone over the main entrance of the new 18 - story, 250 - bed addition to St. i Vincent's Hospital soon to be con - , structed in Manhattan's lower west ' side dock and market district The new addalon, to cost $300,000,000 when completed, has been projected as a memorial to the late Alfred C - 1.1 - a V 1 1 &. aim m, pruiiuneni vauiuuc iy i man and outstanding humanitarian, J for many years Governor of New York State. The memorial will be erect U undr Ro;Rtn Catiiwic auspices with Archbishop Francis J. Sjjellman of New York acting as honorary chairman - of the sponsor ing committee, which includes representatives of - all races and creeds. The dedication plaque when installed in a hall of memory off the entrance lobby, will read:' "Dedicated to the memory of Alfred E. Smith by Americans of all races, colors, and creeds.' National Shriae To Relignns Tolerance A national shrine to religious tol. erance will be dedicated at 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon in Flushing, as part of the tercentenary celebration of the founding of that community. ;: m - - 4 I FORCE great numbers ef industries and enterprises over which the National Labor Relations Board now exercises Jurlsdiotlon with the sanction of the Supreme Court 4. Union "Influence" upon and Interference" with the selection of a bargaining representative is prohibited, thus opening the way for undue restriction of proper union activity of labor organisers. 5. Although the bill contains a desirable prohibition of a closed shop where Negroes are excluded from union membership, it apparently would permit a closed shop with Jim Crow and "Auxiliary" Negro locals. Moreover, a labor organization which 'excludes Negroes altogether, may become the "exclusive bargaining agent" for these excluded Negroes under the biU. Negro railroad men, among others, 'know the consequences of such an arrangement The NAACP indicated that it would testify ' in opposition to the bill when hearings are held on it by the Senate Education and Labor Committte. Organized labor is also against the Hatch - Burton - Ball BilL The Railway Express Agency of New York City has' begun to employ Negro workers as driver! and helpers as the result of an FEPC Investigation, . Its was announced this week by Edward Lawson, director of the New York Regional FEPC Office. The investigation, started last March, rtvealed that although the company . then employed approximately 8,000 workers in the New York area, it had no Negro drivers, helpers, platform nun, or office workers. All qualiVed Negro workers referred to the company by the United States Employment Service for these Jobs were rejected, despite the company's cor.ipl.iints of man power shot - tags. After a series o negotiations conducted by Iv.r. Lawson snd Examiner Rob it Jcnes of the New Jork . FEpC. Office, the company recently revised its policy. - to S fetter to the FEPC last wick, .F. - Ross, general manager, of its New. York Department 'Stated that "Since my last communication! w have, hau a number of Neoes enter out Vehicle Service, ve at prcs - n. employ t n such persons in oui Vehicle Sn.ce either as Drivers or Helpers.'' - f 0) o 1 A V - I TlteyVs Wlsrttr Wanntn! 100 WOOL ' "SHORTY" Up te the minute details; flange front drape, the bwfcy reaaded sHoutdw, ering sleeves and self soHsd around a nipped la waist. Ad bned and werwsy ksrHwei Sleek, grWft giees sad eshst fad esters, (taw 10 to 29. DLUMSTEIN'S wnTmiiiST. THE KEW YORK ACE Negro Nurses WiD Be Used In Veterans' Hospitab As Condidons Permit, Says Gen. In a letter to Mrs. Mabel K. SUupers, executive secretary of the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses, General Omar N. Bradley, head of the Veterans' Administration, has indicated that op portunities lor assignment of Negro nurses in the 98 veterans' hospitals will be expanded "as sectional conditions permit," However, general policy of the Veterans' Administration, the letter also indicated, will continue to be governed by the customs and traditions of the locality Id which each institution is situated. The letter, Mrs. Staupers said, was part of an exchange of correspondence between the NACUN and General Bradley on the subject' of the integrated use of Megro nurses. In her reply she cited several communities wherein employment practices in civilian hospitals were far mors democratic than those existing in local veterans' hospitals. In California, for example, where education and employment is offered to Negro nurses on an integrated basis, the NACGN is still informed that Negro nurses applying to the Veterans' Administration are told that they will be considered only for jobs in southern institutions. Mrs. Staupers also mentioned cases of Negro nurses currently assigned to Veterans' Facilities in the South who have applied for transfers to communities like New York Deaoostratioii Against British In Cairo, Egypt CAIRO, Egypt Demonstrations, chiefly oh the part of students, for the Immediate withdrawal of British forces from Egypt and incorporation of the Sudan cs an Integral part of the country, coupled with Insistence upon Ab rights in Arab countries Including Palestine, were held hero over the weekend. "The Dow Theory Darczeter" A weekly service predicting future trends In the stock market by an expert on Dow's theory. Bead W M for Foar Weeks Trial J. WHITE SS1S xe Ave Booth West Seattle , Washington. Box M ) How women aW girls may get wanted relief from functlontl perodVc ph Cardul Is a liquid medicine which many - women - say haa brought relief frum the cramp ilka agony and nerwue strain, of functional periodic ustta. Eertl bow It may help: Taken like a tonic, it should stimulate appetite, aid digestion. toss help build resistance for the "time" to come. . . . 2 Started t days before tMlntauevepamcMO w purely nmnwiii Try Cardul. Xf it helpa, youH bo glad you did. GO TO Affiliated with NatieaaJ Fcr A SUCCESSFUL CAREER b BtUSMESS CRADUAR - HIGH SCHOOL ...'.. ret fartber better stO, vbat aa Saturday. October 20. 1945 or New Jersey and who have been refused this privilege. According to General Bradley's letter, the present policy of the Veterans' Administration is still to employ Negro nurses only at five southern institutions: Tuskegee, Ala.; Ft Bayard, New Mexico; Ke - coughtan, Virginia; Waco, Texas; and Oteen, N. C. At the latter four, Negro nurses are used only on wards for Negro patients. At theses - hospitals, there exist vacancies "which have been allotted to Negro nurses.'' Mrs. Staupers has assured General Bradley that Negro nurses would willingly serve the veterans of their country; however, they would expect, that tho discriminatory barriers to this service be removed. "Negro nurses," she pointed out, "should not be expected to voluntarily affiliate themselves with s federal agency which continues to practice discrimination." An Endorsement The North Ilarlea Dental Society unanimously endorse the candidacy of f Benjamin J. Davis Jr for re - election to the . City Council and commend him to the eitlsens of narlem and - Manhattan as aa oatstawllng and worthy representative of all segmenta of our Boreagh. We pledge ourselves te work aa - sldnoasly for his re - election, end we contrlbnte the sam of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) as aa initial expression of ear snppori Pr. ARNOLD DOMAWA, Pres. Dr. STANFORD ROMAN, V - Pres. Dr. CYRIL P. ABSALOM. Treaa. Dr. B. R. BENNETT, Secretary Executive Committee: Dr. EDGAR E. CAKROIL Dr. STANTON R, CRAIG Dr. CHARLES H. GRIFFIN Dr. THEODORE E. HANSON Dr. CHANDOS D. MAXET Dr. CLIFTON A. N OS MAN Dr. BTLFRED WATSON North Harlca " Dental Society list Seventh Ave, N.T.IS, N.T. THE CeascO of Seheets 1 1 S A tafarsaaUsa, Mrabeaa, wrste or at ' 1. v ' i j I .4 1JJ U3ti OTDEST NET7 YOUK CITY - Ttlb UNlTorritj 4 - 31W Hit snsflam ciiq tmx WIST SZDI ex. i. tin . i ' Bet 74 t nt7eTMersot

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