The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 27, 1937 · Page 14
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, November 27, 1937
Page 14
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PAGE imTVTESN 000 : Tbsnkcving:, and where are we? We dunno, on! account of it's a whole week ahead of us. However, we do khow that by the lime you read this, we'll either be In Gotham or Pbiliy. Gotter go down that way sometime or thsr to kaep the 'oik from for - ' . gettfng they ud to know us. t, t &u.rp i parties are swell fun ' . for the swprisers .. . . but we wonder erj if It isn't a train n the yrprJd. Gosh, we wilder bow Urn. Alexander Henry fait the other live when a (roup of her friends pulled a. birthday whoops for her. Imagine walking Into darkened house, with no .thought in your mind of anything amis, and then whoosh! surprise! On top of the lovely gift ehe received we a gdld watch. I Y'know. Mrs. A. H - is mother of those two ' lo' young matron. 0beth Adr etna of Chicago eatl Barbara Blue ef Lincoln U.. Mo. Right now there's another young Jpdy fast growing, to the coming: out stage, its Patricia, who Indian braids wtfl aoon be dona - up or clipped j a 4 then she. too, will iep out at tt&tber Henry beauty. Among the gtjssta at the party were the Charlea Citewoods. the Lloyd Howards, the Caarles Robcsons, former Attorney General John W. Schenks C'Khog' t you and you), MUa Helen Haley, the Edward Diggs, Mr. Charles Henry, Mrs. Florence Taylor. Mr. arid Mm. Parla, Mr. Essie Council. Robert Walker, Mt. Jeasie Brown, the Granville Davlsea, the Herbert Johnsons. Lester Daniel and Pauline Page. the. JKd ward Dixon, this Edgar Howards, Mr. Wilbur Rus - eli, Mrs. Gladys Boone, Miss Emily Grawville. Mrs. Iaottie Davis and Mrs. Mary Granville., . j ..Ran Into a friend of Bill Small - wood's. In the person of Al William, one of the Four Stepbrother, who did some tall and fancy skipping at the Met this week. The four steps include Sylvester Johnson, Maceo Anderson anil William Cordon, and hey say . Boston is the quietest town In the world nst to Philly. Which Is a fib - a . big one. Neither Boston nor PhiHy Is quiet. Not by a long hot. They Just didn't know where, how nor when! However, we tried to f how them they were wrong. They're hitting back to Gotham tavrcst up for & we - k, when they'll gl into the Musie Hsll and turn it ort there. : 9"omorrow night a group of Bean - towners are gathering together to bid bon voyage to William Harrt - coa, Harvard student extraordinary and extensive and proline gatherer oC - scholarships, who is sailing Saturday on the French liner lie de France for England, where he'll enter Cambridge and learn more about English as the Blimys do it. A' baker's dor.en of Intimates will see him off via Chinatown and yards of noodles anil then wave him adieu at South station. He's een over before, and no doubt this return engagement will be grand fun. Mote scones nnd ten and five meal a day! No place for anyone on a diet. I Evelyn and Tony Cardozn nvt metering Southward Wednesday ti vit Dr. Charles Johoeon In Jerl sty. who happens to be Evelyn' brother. And while in Jersey, or thereabouts, the Cardosos plan to drop In on Philly and Gotham and see how the wheels go round there. Mrs. Mamie Dandridge. between tho excitement of daughter Mildred's marrying and the grand trip she has just returned from. Is" all a dither. Always an excellent raconteur, Mrs. Dandridge thrill you with her experiences traveling Southward to Savannah, O. The new Jim Crow cars, she says, are'air - conditioned and clean, and SO comfortable. While the train fare. U "so low, H makes a Southeru trip within easy reach of ordinary pure. While in Savannah, Mrs. D. was guest of Mamie and Jerry Cox, who were maid and chauffeur for yeara of Marie Dressier. And a you remember, Mii.t Dressier left Mamie Cox about X35.000. while Jerry Cox - got l000 an1 all her cars. And now that they have financial caae. they have erected the most modern of overnight rampt;. with a night club called the Cocoanut Grove attached. hlle Mrs. 15. was there Incident - Iv Mr. Dandridge was maid to Llbby Holman before and during all her excitement Congressman Mitchell came to the camp and was ao impressed he stayed a day overtime and Joined the Coxes In celebrating their visitors' arrtvul. By the by, it was in Mrs. Co' sun parlor that Dr. Bishop of St;. Philip's Church In New York, died. "Another prominent man down there U Tolan Edwards, undertaker, brother to Boston's Jonathan Edwards. He has the only pent in the South! And his fleet tit cars is a marvel to behold, not to mention a factory where he has Ms caskets made. Beside which. Mr. Edwards has a cafe. Hollywood, that is the last word in awank. So between the Coxes and Tolan Edwards, Savannah haa plenty of gaiety. . Aa we write this, Morton Houston of Massachusetts avenue, who has been driving for Roland Hayes. U. lying very ill at the City hospital, where he was taken Monday - after nurferlng a stroke. We sincerely wish him a speedy recovery. . - Dr. Oliver Mayo, prominent young iSentlnt. is leaving Monday for a week's sojourn in Cumberland, Va.. where he'll1 visit his mother, and no doubt en route will stop off and various and sundry friends and relatives. . Jujjt heard that David Lane of "he. ho hu been working at JJ'1 V. for thk past year in the ccvjntljig department or sumpin like that: anyhow he's an expert aw.Air,Unt, we Jo know that) is tdc tut a ihort vacation to visit his pretty wife, Bertha, and the two young ladies who call him Daddy.. The Lanes have been separated so little during their ten years of happily married Ufa that we know how they must feel at one being in D. C. while the other is here. ' 1 Erskine Roberts and his wife are Beantowning for Thanksgiving. Er - skine is teaching engineering at Howard. And while we're on that imposing institution, we've never mentioned that LaVerne Bpyer, that j sweet young chile of here, has been on tha Howard stafr sinoe September. We understand her mother Js going down to live with her very soon. LaVerne has always been a favorite up this way and we're sure she's keeping her end up in D. C. Hear tell that Rollins and Jewel Ross and Mr. Rou ate week - snd - Ing In Gotham. We wonder If this Is Jewel's first New York visit, the being from way out West. Another wedding! Truly thera has been an epidemic of such up this way. The newest bride, tha former Roberta Jacobs, said "I do" to Joe Keebla Sunday afternoon at a quiet family wedding, held at her home. Only members of both families attended, though a small rcrption wsls held later ao that, friends could drop in and wish the young couple well. The bride's gown was of pale blue satin and she wore a tiny cap and circular maline veil, while her maid of honor, Miss Gladys Lane, wore darker blue satin. Theodora List wa. best man. The young couple are at home at 3 Whitfield stteet, Dorrhenter. Much luck to them both. . Remembering bark . . . Zaidee Williams Jackson was singing sweet songs in "Chez Florence" In Mont - martre when we met her. A slim bron2e young woman, who had Paris by its ears. We wonder if anyone who has lived over there for. ten years as she baji can come back here to prejudice and hate and pick up where the left off. We don't doubt that she'll, return where she eays "her work is more appreciated 'and more lncrative." BITS AND ODDS ... Frank Silvera was one of the speakers al .Trintiy Rectory last Sunday. The well known color question was the topic. Sorry to have missed hearing Eustace Gay of the hiily "Tribune," who spoke here last week. Too bad about Roscoa Bruce's difficulties. W remember him as quite a nice chap at Harvard. Sara Pelharn Speaks, who recently lost politically In New York, we remember as a lovely young woman whom we met at Atlantic City several years ego we sharer pictorial honors with her and Brrnlce Sheltnh and Bessye Benrdon. There's rjultt a large group at Bates College this year, including Ellen Kraft Dorothy and Albert Reed; Lloyd Morrison, whose dad is a prominent under taker here; William Sutherland of New Jersey, whose alstcr Muriei l, wc believe at Simmons;. Jack and Howard Kenny of New Jerey, whose mother Is a former Armstrong; then there's George Windsor of (Winston - Salem, who certainly came a long distance to join Maine's exclusive collegiate crowd. Looking through the list of the "Stagers." we find only one or two of the old Boston Flaveta. The Federal Theater has absorbed so many there's hardly even a skeleton left. Forgot to mention lant week that Helene Sundiford was accompanist to .lonelle Bryant in her sonsr recital list week. One of the prettiest brown maiden in town Is Marie Biiptplstc, whose piano plavlng i.t a trent. What's this about a ilinri,r partv nt the ("hoistick for Mabel ttiiklcy? When are you sons to nnk that foima! announcement, M.tbel? Dld - nf hnnw that Kdni Center san. lltiwt lli - ten In xometime. The Miz - paKs h - Ml Clatk nnd Marks snap thrlr picture Momlay night while meeting at Doris Harries. You'll se it soon. A. Philip Randolph, .silver tonsued orator, spoke at Zion Church Tuesday night during the victory celebration of the Brotherhood. The Omejia programs Sun - dav wouldn't have been complete without Attorney Matthew Bullock to have hi.s sny, which Is invariably interesting and informative. Attorney Bullock l one of the leading light of th Community Church, which yearly brings out hundred." of questing minds to Symphony Hail each Sunday. The Junior Rexthaven group Is meeting nvrsln Sundav. November 21, at the Silver Box, Studio. More of them later. Tonijjht the annual Harvest Dinner at St. Cypi la's - - there's a moiit; Interesting group of yearly visitors who make It a point to attend this dinner. The Leroy Fergusons continue to hold the devotion of their hordes of pat Whloners and friends. Many column begin with poem. Jut to be different, we're going to end with one of our favorites from Eve Lynn's collection: "He is liVe o fZi of yum. Tangled .and twintrd and knotted, too. And the more we pull At the loose wild rtirf. The tnore the effort, Jhe less the. gain. But sometime tcAen left for a chile We refurtt to find it All unraveled, and smile To see the end The ends straiihtened out in the. . simplest way." j Too, too true, eh wot? Until another time . . . au revoir. r The Pittghnr eh Courier SATURDAY, NOVEMBER I&3? S e a b o a r d S o c i el y Swishes By ... . . ! By Eve Lynn Address all news for this column to Evelyn Crawford, 204t tildge Avenue, ThUadelphla, Pa, Tis said that Sunday evenings at the Berrys are quite smart . . . there's brilliant conversation and plenty to eat and drink, there's always lovely quests, and never any dull moments. Chippy, with his naive boyish way, and Phyllis, with .her unusual uophisticate 1 1 charm . . . well, they just radiate warmth and folks never feel like leaving. So into their new home, tha Berrys have breathed tonic - thing. In their gorgeously newly remodeled home. Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur Strickland, arc just the tops. Sunday found a gay group of folk about their festive board crushing ciumbs. Yellow and blue is the color scheme of the modernistic dining room, and it is ao lovely. Four coursesfrom soup to nuts, 1 and a vety lively conversation, and reporter, for Charlotte's interesting brother, Dr. John West and his pretty wife and baby were gucsta from New York, Dr. and Mrs. Howard' Touncs, and the Hotxson R. Reynolds and the Sttlcklands have it that something that makes a guest feel like a kind hospitality. Lcs Amies have answered the call - they will step out again in the second of a series of cocktail hours on Sunday, Dec. 12, at the Club Inkcsa presenting Philadelphia talent. Folk really like the first affair that Lcs Amies sponsored and again this sctive group of young women have put over an idea in Philadelphia and its good. - Joshua Saddler musician and an especially fine violinist, recently left the city, wife, and ail, and has gone to And his fortune in Gay Gotham. i Orchids for Harry Slatko you can't keep a good man down lis has reopened his ; Nix - Grand with a bang, and he's going; places. It promises all the color and snap that is needed in North Philadelphia. The show opened with Ethel Waters and such celebrities to follow. The J. Q.'s met at the Golden Sparrow on Tuesday night, and the lovely Mrs. Marian Jackson was hostess. These charming maHs and matrons had much to chat about for their merry dance is utill the talk of town. She planned a gay evening and the service was just too smart. You never can tell now for years. I have wanted to meet Ellis Reynolds, because he was a Phila - delphian and had so much musical ability, and I adored 'Confessin' the song he wrote so beautifully, an it was at the Inkosa tha other Sunday, that, he blew in, . He's just a slim brown fellow, with a very impressive smil and can he play can he play! And he writes with such harmonioun sense. He's working on several new numbers, and really he Is a real comppser. Well, anywey we got toegthrr hs sent me a cocktail, and perhaps I hall offer him a lyric for I have always yearned to create the words for a melody that touched my heart. Rut Ellis Reynolds is so unassuming and modest, he works hard, as all real ai'.Uts do and loves people likes titling about chatting then when he sits at the piano he is terrific. By the way. he is appearing at the Les Amies second Twilight Hour on Dec. 12. So we got something for you. The ' erstwhile Miss Ann Mar quess, now Mrs. Roscoe Wormiey, has left these parts and is enjoy ing a delightful stay in her hometown in Oklahoma. The younger set looks quite lost without Ann for she is such a immt whimsical darling. Once again, the very smart Les Jolics Coeurs met at the home if Mins Mary Vinninir and she was hostess superb. For the evening was chock - full of chat - mini; brain - rocking cames, and on into Ihe night. Following the daintily setved rrpant. the members jut leveled in laughter. Prizes J wer - j captured by Meadames Gore Rodders, William Paul. Rufus Mo - Kinnry. Minnie Crawford, Joseph Abel. James Henry, Culin Parks, Lowell Wormiey. Lances Mc - KnUht. Georpe Amonitti and The - dore Spauldlng. Tut - Tut The Norma Hat Shop Is the smartest place in town, an Norma haa the way of creating chapcaux that simply are ravishing, and so definitely belonging to the type for which it is created. , "Love is the sweetest little thin" And when Mr. Joaephine Young said "I will" to Mrs. Bea - Jamtn, there was welded together two perfectly nwell fslk". Congrats and beaucoup happiness for them foicver and a day. They arc honeymooning and overy thing is gether and made elegant plans for the coffee sip. where folks will assemble, and chitter - rhatter till the kick - off. Meet the hostesses. Mesdame Mercer Lewis. NorrU Brown. Ucorgc Amonltte, lvHavea Hlnkson. John Catling, ltohaon R, Reynolds. Wilbur Strickland, William Upshur, Tanner Moore. Culin Parks. Beulah Crcdttt and Theodore Spauldlng. Saturday. Nov. 20. a vrry charming littlo lady will attach herself tola very eligible young man. The folks In the case are Mrs. Courtney sieger and CJ. Tanner Duckery. wil be a quiet affair, with onlv roily. Mrs. Robinson is one of illy s most loved matrons and "B en has a wealth of friends. Irs. Louise Brown, one of the country's smartest hostess, adds charm and snap to Uie city of Scranton. Last Wednesday night, it was quite delightful In her drawing room, when she tntertain - ed complimentary to th; Wilber - force folk who were in Scranton for a musical evening at the Town Hall. And they were treated royal - ly by Scranton'a first lady, Mr. Brown. Mrs. Lonnie Wall, Mrs. Lawrence Christmas, Mt. Harry Green, Mrs. Woodiey Wells, Mrs. Herbert Miller, Mrs. Marian Jackson, Mrs, Russell Minton, Mrs. Esquire Hawkins, and a few other matrons are to be hostesses de - luxe at a Saturday midnight affair at the witching hour of night, when life takes on its splendor. These lovely things are just too. too ducky and excited over the coming event, and it promises to ba one of the swank moment of the week. A Breakfast Dance with tone and distinction, atyle and snap will ' start off the Thanksgiving festivities with a terrific bang. The matrons who put their heads to - both families being present. The honeymoon 'ti said will be continued, after the week - end over the Turkey Day week - end. Whenever Good - Fallows get together 'tis always good weather. And when the Friar hold session at their monthly meetings, thera is a fine - spirit. At the Murdaa home, with Lindsay Al Bishop, Bill Paul doing tha honots. Into tha wee hours, tha gentleman ate, drank and mads merry. Into our home there are always folk confTng from far and near. But none mora Interesting and fine than Judge William Hueston and J. Finley Wilson of Washington, D. C. They always bring news and were In the city In Interest of the EagU. tha Elk organ . ,of which Judfe Hueston Is editor. Just Ilka Lowell Henry of Set anion to put over a very smart affair for Friday night. It la an Esquirs presentation and it promises to be quite the thing. They are featuring Claud Hopkins with that scintillating Beverly White at the mike.' So of course Bcranton will be wide open that night. WASHINGTON At the horns of Judge and Mrs. William Hueston, in Washington. D. C, there are no dull moments, for around their fireside, with their family, there are always guests. Now Miss Thyra Edwards of Gary and Texas Is enjoying their hospitality. She has recently returned from another trip to Russia and Spain and ia at her best these days Jive, charming, Interesting and Icoklng very, very continental in her well chosen clothes. Help! Help! Courier's Missing Persons Bureau Can you help ma to locate my aunt, HATTIE ALLEN? She left Scranton, Miss., In 1119 and I haven't seen her since. Luk Turner, 598 Pearl street, Berea, O. . . . Where if my brother, M. E, TORRANCE, last heard of In Chicago in 1938? Clyde Torrance, SOO Clay street, Greenville, Miss. . . . Will you please - help me to locate my cousin, ALBERT MLRTIIY, last hsard of in Chicago? He cam from Tchula. Miss., years ago. Carrie Strand 254 Central street. Belxonl, Miss. . . . Can you help me to find my son. HARRY LOTT, who ran away from home a week aj:o? Mrs. Emaline Lott, Wash - infiton street, Rochester, Pa. . . . Will you please help me to find my . - m, JOHNNIE THOIU'E, JR., last hrard of In Detroit, Mich.? Mrs. Jensle B. Tucker Thorpe, 5S3 l20:h Bireet. N. VV., Miami, Fla. . . . Is there any way you can help me to rind my grandmother, MRS. LIZZIE ItAriKIl. my aunt, MRS. MAMIE RAPIER, and my undo. THEODORE RAPIER, better known as T. C? They were last located at 36S St. Nicholas avenue, New York? Mrs. Eddie L. Rapier Lv, 124 Larimer avenue, Pittsburgh. Pa. ... Will you please help me to find DAVID DAUGH - EF.TY and MBS, HASSIE DAUGII - EUTY who formerly lived In Tuc son, Arlz.7 Mrs. Rosa Ford Brooks. P. O. No. 33. Gilliam. La. . . Have you any Idea where my sister. EMMA PERKY CARTER, who formerly lived at 2008 Russel slreet, Detroit, and later went to Chicago, is now living? I am sick. Mrs. Minnie Smith, 403 a. Evana avenue, Evansville. Ind. ... I haven't heard from my children in more than eight years. They used to be in Cleveland. Can you help me find them? Nelson Townsend. 320 Kale avenue, Birmingham. Ala. . . Where is my brother, LON NIE V ALENTINE, last heard of in Little Rock. Ark., and my sister, ANNIE II. PARKER, last heard of In Natchea. Miss.? Doyls Valn - time 110 Kemp alley, Gadsen, Ala. . . Will you pleas help me to locate my atster, OLIVE ROLI.E, who was living In Broklyn, N, Y.7 Clarence Brown. SIS Eighth street. Fort Pierce, Fla. . . . Will you please try to find my brother, JAMEP BROWN, who, I think. Is in Cleveland, O ? He eame to visit us here In 1931, but we haven't heard of bim since. Mrs. Dollie White, Lock Box 104, Wabbaseka, Ark. ... Do you know anything about the whereabouts of my brother. HANDY BURNS, the vaudeville comedian? Jessica C. Justice Route 3, Box S, Huntaville, Tex. BREAK DOWN Interracial misunderstanding. Malt this copy of The Courier to soms whfta friend. Socially Spealring ! The Happtmngt of Interest Among Baltimoreans By RUTH SHIPLEY BALTIMORE, Nov. 24 qurs lots of us do not stop, give thanks for the many thinirs that each has to be thank ful fori So let's take five minutes out of this day and give thaaks to One who has been so kind. ... I The "8nd Off'' that Morgan college gave Its newly elected president. Dr. Wight Wendell Oll - Vr Holmes, will long be lemem - pertd by Baltimoreans. The festivities started many days ago and ended with a luncheon on Saturday in the cafeteria on the college Campus. Delegates from most of tha universities and colleges eulogised Dr. Holmes and promised one hundred per cent cooperation. Lawyer. George W. F. McMechrn was toatmaster. Mrs. Jennie Richardson w:i hostess for her son, "Chuck, " that nationally known crooner and Fletcher Henderson on Wednesday evening laat. , "Chuck" Is just another one of those Baltimore lads who hat reached the height In the musical world. He Is ths featured soloist with Fletcher Henderson's orchestra. This was sort of a farewell party for "Chuck - and Fletcher are deserting there parts to play extensively on the Western coaxt. The guests present Included: Miss Madeline Weaver of New York; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carr, Mr. and Mra. John Welling. Mr. Esther Hytht, Mrs. Charles Richardson, Dr. Samuel Beaman, Mrs. Louise Edmonds, Miss Elaine - Bailey, Mr. Edward Tartar, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Young, Mr, Edward Tartar, Mrs. Bertha Ross and Mr. Leonard RlchanUon. Dancing, cards and "Chuck" crooning, along with an enjoyabli lunch, furnished plenty of amusement. Mr. and Mra. Phillip Felton of 1331 Argyle avsnu celebrated their llth wedding anniversary on last Friday. Hera's wishing tnm 11 year and then soms mote of hsp - plntis. Wishing them well were: Miss, Adelaide Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ware, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dorsey. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Rice, Mrs. Rose Thompson, Miss Louis Oroome. Mr. Leon Sum - merville, Mrs. Marie Rice, Mra. Mae Spencer, Mra. Irene Wilson, and Mrs. Susie Reddicka. Mrs. Dorothy Watts Slater and Mrs. Mae Spencer left for the Metropolis Friday to be the guest of Mrs. Lewis Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Wllkerson were th week - end guests of the Shilpsy. Fred is Registrar at Howard university. Their daughter, Orace, will marry Jlmmle Me - Lennon a young lawyer In Chicago before Christmas. Mrs. Maud Halt was hostess' to the Book - of - tha - Month Club at the Mary Jane Coffso Shoppe on Saturday evening. The book, dlacus - sed was "An American Doctor's Odyssey" by Victor Heisar. Quests Included: Mra. Marcella Smith, Mrs. Ethel Day, Dr. Miles Connor, Mr. Robsrt Ford. . Mrs. Llllia nLottlci, jftrs. Clara Dorsey, Mrs. Martha Phillips, Mrs. Lillian Watty, Mrs. Edward S. Lewis, Miss Georgia Lawrence, Mr. Edler Russell and Miss Emma Bright. Gene Rhodes, editor of the Philadelphia Tribune, was guest of Lawyer and Mrs. Josiah Henry during the past week. Juanita Jackson, special ' assistant to Walter White of the N. A. A. C. P.. spent the past week - end with her parents. She - came from New York to be present al the Recital of Bennett College Quartet t Bethel church, Friday night. At thia meeting Mra. Sarah Fer - nandia presented Miss Jackson with a silver vase in appreciation for the splendid and outstanding work she did in Maiyland during tha racent N. A. A. C. P. drive. Juanlta is a young girl who devotes most of her life trying to help In the problems of our race. Hiram Butler and Bea Truman's marriage on Wednesday at St. Peter Claver'a Parish did not come aa a surprise to msriy of us. Only the Immediate family and a few friends witnessed the ceremony. Here's wishing you the best of luck Hiram and Bea. They are living in a beautifully furnished apartment at 1316 McCulloh street. Wa wonder what the trouble Is over at tha pair's (Jimmle and Mamie) beautiful new home. - It Is either the jinx or a ghost walking. First, a' fire which caused some damage, and then someone deliberately smashed their modern porcelain sink. William Taylor, Desn at the Howard Law School and the lovely Pearl Flipper, seem "that way'' about each other. They are planning an ex'.enslve trip to Chicago for the Xmaa holidays. I wouldn't be surprised at any moment to know they are aa one. Gladys Randolph was hostess to th B - O - Y - fl at their opening meeting last wk. Gladys' parties art always suc grand successes. Be sides the club member, guests Included: Bertha Pennington, Alice Taylor, Gladys Thompson and Ethel Hucoles. Alice Taylor won first guest prlie: Bertha Pennington second, Audrey Butler first Club, and Flossie Jones second club. Mr. and Mrs. William Beard are here at Bowie trying their luck with their chain of horses. After the Bowie meet, they will apend the. winter at Havana. They are tha guests of Dr. and Mra. Charlea Fowler. ; How could you help but enjoy In this fasttnd busy world of even on Thanksgiving Day, to yourself at Audrey Butler's par ties. She and Berkley ar such outstanding personalities. When she entertained th Bon - Ton on Saturday we had everything from lobster salad to nuts, Including all the manhattans on would dara take. I was fottunate enough to take first honors at contract, and Martha Connor second. Extra guets ware: Emma Price, Bertha Pennington. It is too had that the delightful week - end that Xavier McDonald Helena Mines: Hilda Higglns end May Novllle had at the Carroll St. ri in r - amhtidite naa 10 on srjoiled uoon their return home, by a bus driver who ins'ated that they be jlm - crowed In a bus. The girls refused and Dr. McDonald went down for them. Fannie. White proved a charming hostess to the 'Physhios" at their meeting on Saturday evening Huests ware: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bur gess. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Randolph, and Miss Catherine Jordan. Priees lo Lillian Parrott and Elmer Bur gess.' Mrs. Virginia Hall, who haa been ill from an Infected tooth, ia tm - orovinar and will be able to assume her duties within ths enat few days. t Rocoe and Emma Price were th wet It - end auesta of Dr. and Mrs. Chailes Birch at their beautiful home In Sandy Springs. In the passing of Mrs. Msry Rod man - Baltimore has lost one of iti outstanding educators. Wa wish to exnress our deepest symn.thy to her v family. Dukye Woods will spend the ThanUsB - Ivinir holldavs with Mrs. Etta Woodland, Supervisor of mu ale in the' schools in Wilmington Delaware. Professor John Davis, President of Virginia State Collece, was the cuest of Professor and Mis. Car xington L. Davis during bis recent visit here. . Professor and Mrs. Gandy of West Virginia State will be the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Holmes during tha Thanksgiving holidays. How any one, after having list ened to such an outstanding address from the newly appointed President of Morgan, Dr. Dwight Holmes, could relieve him of his overcoat ia more than w can understand. Mr. and Mrs. John Hampton entertained Informally for their guests, Dr. and Mrs. R. U. Atwood of Kentucky State College on Friday evening. Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Rosco Price, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hucelcs, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Son ell and Miss Eugenia Phillip. Mr. and Mrs. Evans Fernandls were hosts to the Fort - Nightly Whist Club, on last Friday evening. This is one of the long out - stand - lna - Clubs. Extra guests were: Dr. and Mrs. Albert Reid, and Mrs. Eugenia Phillips. Dr. and Mrs. Reid won first guest prizes; Mra. Estelle Arnold, first ladies Club, Mr. Lewis Carter, first men's club and Dr. Tom Hawkins. To say that the Fer - . nandis lunch was mo': enjoyable would be putting it mildly. The Dubois Circle met with Mrs. Bertha Hurst on last Tuesday af ternoon. Attorney Dallss Nicholas cave an Interesting talk on "The Charter and City Government." Miss Mary Bragg rendered several beautiful muaical numbers. Some of the guests were: Mr. Dallas Nicholas. Miss Mary Bragg, Mra. Eva McCard. Mrs. Grace McCard, Mrs. Grac Murphy. Mrs. Florence Carter, Miss Kate Sheppard, Miss Nellie Vaston, Miss Lillian Henry. A sumptuous repast was enjoyed. Lawyer and Mra. Dallas Nicholas (Dallas and Chita) will spend the Thanksgiving holidays with Dallas' relatives In Philadelphia. . Mrs. Lawrence Bradley will be hostesj to the We - Uns Club at a chicken and waffle dinner on next Tuesdsy evening. . r .Miss Mary Watson was hostess to the Toujour Amies Club on last Saturday evening. Bridge was Indulged. Miss Louis , Grooms took home a magnificent fruit set as first prize; Miss Cora Walker won second. A supper a - la - Maryland was served. Mr. and Mrs. T, E. Parka of Washington, D. C. will be hosts and hostess to Dr. and Mra. Howard Young, and Dr. and Mrs. Edward Wheatley at a Thanksgiving dinner. j Mr. Josiah Diggs will b honortd : with a testimonial at th Pythian Castle on Monday night for his conscientious and outstanding work as Secretary to the I'ythlans over a period of a number of years. Mr. Diggs recently resigned to allow some young man a - chance or putting modern ideas Into the Order. . . Littlo Roman Jose Martinez of 1233 W. Lafayette avenue was host to a group of hi friends when he celebrated his 6th birthday on Friday, November 5th, 1937 at his home with a post - Hallowe'en party. After playing many games, among which wete ducking for apples. king spider, dog and bone and donkey tail, the group in gay cos tumes of all fashions and kinds formed a Una and began the grand promenade which ended ia the din - ' 'fl ' - H i LsI - ' ,?Lr AAi - ' ..i.i f .. - . v - - - - w ; ' jj WASJNUTUW, . ;vov. z inc leuimoni held in fYatier Hall. Howard University, last 'I nin, honoring Dr. Dwight O. W. Holmes, spun faculty, friends and alumni, held the spotlight calendar of affairs of the week. Musical selections by the Saint George String Quartette; Isaac 11. Nutter, representing Clas of.iBui; Readlna - of "Ode to Old Howard' (written by Dr. Holmes), Stciling A. Brown, constituted the program. Presentations wei made by Wm. S. Young, representing Clark Hall Council; Frank Coleman, board of athletic control; Warren Brooks, alumni and faculty, and Dr. Mor - decal Johpson. who represented friend who gave letters of appreciation in book form. Very beautiful Indeed was the presentations of flowers to Mrs. Holmes by Mrs. Johnson, wlfs of th president. The University was host at a dinner honoring tha Negro Land Orant College presidents meting in conference at their 18th annual session at the school. There were sight - seeing and educational touis, open - homo panics and many pi 1 - vate affairs lor the pleasure of these outstanding educators. Dr. and Mr. Ambrose Caliver were among tho who entertained mem bers of tha conference ana omer invited guest they made choice of a atag party. V. Whittaker. president ol South Carolina State College, heads ths organisation. We saw from Texas, W. R. Banks: Alabama. J. F. Drake: Florida, J. R." E.; Geoigia, B. F. Hubert; Kentucky, R. B. Atwood; Louisiana, J. a. Clarke; Mississippi, ,W. H. Bell; Missouri, W. B. Jason; N. Carolina. F. D. Bluford; Oklahoma. J. W. Sanford; Tennessee W, J. Hale; Virginia, J. W. Davis. J. M. Gandy and Arthur Howe; Alabama. F. D. Patterson, and Ohio, D. Ormond Walker. The Kat Kit Klub provided a lovely evening for social. tea oi Washington and vicinity last Sun day afternoon as sponsor or a formal tadance. There were cigarette - girl, entertainer and oi - chestral music. Mrs. Amanda 8mothcr i president; Mrs. Maud Snipes, secretary and - Mr, ttstner Sims, treasurer. Other members Include: Mmes. Estelle Sawyer, Marion warren. Lucy Digs and Mis Francis Gas - seway. Honorary members aie Misses Elizabeth Sanders and Cor - ins Pumphrey: The United Government . Em - olovees. Inc., staged their first an niversary celebration dance at Lin coln Colonnade last Wrdncsoay night. Baldwins' Syncopators fur nished the music. The Pollyannas are wearing a amila that wont come off. Did you ask why? Last week they preiont. cd Mrs. John Boyle, Jr., chairman i"" - """r'Ti'l T'ffF rn apsejn i . ', i t - . 'it of the Cituri.' I mittee,;at m,.. for free school lj r - 1 ; for $323 27 net i r , s carnival at the Mrs. Ann Ruth .N ,; the happy presi'li - i: Mrs. Fi anclx H v hoMtesa to a I'.i.ri.!., i sewing rn c!e ; .... , , her was Mi. I:,. Oi hoi S pi rr,: u i . . ire t'l'i i'iHusi, , : , Pinn - Clayton I;, - Jarkson, Chat loi - ( nie Powell, Lury . Mickrns, J. I'.. :,! n , i t ' One of the M - - y ; , Dee Ci - e i ho Cavaliri. P.idv. , : ihe Club. I r.w. ,! vica pi r ,leit( : ( ; jtieasuicr , - i:iil T It .. fclmy. Other n - ri ,1 , , aid Puiii'.i, I.iiu,. I' r Piatliei. Iiuiht Kr. ley. William Cmi.t,. Dawson. Mr. Harry l!i r,i j ,. nephew of Mi. Jni.u passed through - , r en route 10 Sou1 li '.i i , annual hunting n ;. ing Mr. Hi own ta - McClcstr, umi.'i in;. nitUt. Rev. and Mis. w. H Catonsville. Ml.. w c. eml gucMls ln e v . x.i i Helen J4(kii ar:,l .'.!. III. Idle. llev. MrfiMlu,., Ihe Glare A. M. K Caionsvillc. i ' V ,.f,i - ii. i i h , 'i 1) :u Mis Hatt in J. - V.ii.i : ;, York "City lil".i. li, n l:i - tn rould not - rHe lice (r'i n v u whlil. Mia Fiani'is a.ia,.ev, - iifr hostess, entei tuired t iln, ., ;v Mis. Y. :iom.i. Mr.,.). ):. : , Parker nnd A. Penn. u. - 1 v i Mrs. J ilie. Day )i ,mi ;,( Satuiday at dinner ami mu S,..j,y Mrs. Gooige Duvis en'MUinM r breakfast. Mr. CImikIc Kr. i::2 Irving street, was In.' to om pia - Ing visitor. Mis. Mai ihttl! icft Wedncsdij looking - k. Friends arc glad ti It ?) that Mrs. Lauia Aden nt '.).' It. i - tt . northwest, ii improving nt K cr.l men hospital (loin on mjuiy n stained some time a. - i. a) Mis. Mabel Nrtei, j,i cUt - ni of the Chalfonte idgf t'Jiti, m hostess to the l iUi .ia. Mrs. Violet Hall l tne ip ,u. tary snd Mrs. Jv.t)n - i - I'lmpnti tteasui;r . . . Mis he tt 1 kii - son was hosiers t ) Ihe I. o 11 t uti Friday. great prizefighter, Mr. Joe Lo - !i. - E. L. Bartlett, San Ar.grlo. Tel. A. Joe Louis, 4.i:il S. MUhlps avenue, Chicago, III. Q. Wheie nmy l obtain inforn.i - Uon about tha pi Ire of to',;s h - ut Negro histnry? - Jack Tod. I, On - nisson. Miss. A. From Ihe Av lut. - d ruhlMj - era, 15.HH Ninth alnH. N. W, Ington, I). ('. Q. What is thr a.l.liest ft tfc Jonna Hopkins Hospital? J""" Ivey Huntley. Fsgclsnd, 3 C. A, Johns Hopkins Iluspllsl, tlmore, Md. You do not need to u the street address. CLASSiniH KE'ill MK iinir l - li. .,'.'' I" trail ma - ni i, 'I'. Iii'vr'w'.'n OfiMiUl Curli I'b, 211 W ill"' ' Nrf )ork tll. , I tu Hisll TMOUUSOI aarri. Writ NlM". laaM.ll:.. " rtwra, H1 Mil". ! ". " liii.r.n: ! I" H.liui.1. N CO P. WlM' - ,tw MlKsmlt, Aft. INSTANT HKI.1H PltnM I MA - TIC TYPF. I'A1N n r. v n a i. o i a. AND MTItAINH a.ia! M Wp. H .a f - '.' tint U4Ht araiiaj P"" linimriil niawl' liiani "'"' tUiia.1 diira - t trim Mir !"( fimlliill aMin l " n,ntwl ml (run I.." llMl.Oa, kivaj laf llir nr.!'"!'. Of Ull nunrlr"" ml II l ' (Ilia loranula Imi'fl IT WOHKM 1NKTAMI SniMwn nriilf ilifiirr,'.' t ' )lliil. awt .wl. rurar.t ! Ciauir llMItar iiaill Hr - U' ' iraw t iln f" """'' '' ' fifi - l bmil II. Il m,ri; '' ' . . .. .... te. IM V . l , .'.? vm r.ian ia htm , ... .. K FECIAL NO KIh OH IK - nl no woiM - T. Mi'l !" Wl. - n llir HtinB rtfliam "if ' H1S1T l plus ir "'" '" - tl oil fur trn dat. "" ,l" 1 srapmn: tvnw S - r 1 ,, .a, II - . TUIKTU! I.IMVKST ' nrr iimJ. Vo monrj nl '" r.HvVrt iMl t it t'' M' Ummm KU. 1702 ft - a. v. , W a, , !' ' I . - '' I. I iar Questions And Answers Conducts by V. U PKAITIS riiis department, denned to answer questions FACi unly, u tui the buneflt of Uouner reader Mil their friends. If inquirers desire private anaurr, thr) bould rocJose a stamped. if - addre.sted emrtopr and 10 cents with their qutwl.on. Address all question to Questions - Answers Dept., ritUburgb Courier, '68 tester Avenue. Pittsburgh, Pa - , Q. How can I get one of the rovernment farms? P. H. Slaten, Shamrock, Fla. 1 a f tn nnl kiinur tht detailed procedure for obtaining govern - ... .. . - . nient am in tne purcnase mi a iinn, k... If ulll u. rta 4n Ilr IV. W. Alexander, Hural Settlement Ad ministration, Washington, V. C I be, I leva ha will t able to furnish ou with tha desired Information. Q. Is Claude McKay still living and is he atlll writing poetry? Miller Black, Wadsworth. Kaa. A. Mr. McKay Is living. He Is a contributor to The Nation Maia - slne, Hew Vesk. I believe he stlU writes poetry. Ills latest book, pub lished laat winter, was a story or his Ufe In prose with the Inclusion of some poetry he had written. Q. What la the Negro population of Birmingham, Ela.? What Is the Negro population . of Alabama? Walter Owens, Nlles, O. ' A. Birmingham, 09,077 A I a - bama, 944434. Q. I got a lawyer to get some money for me. He told ma he got It. That was last October. Every time I ask him for the money, he telle me I'll have to wait 60 or 90 daya, but he never cornea up wrth the money. Do you think I'm ever going to get lt?Chariie White, Laurel, Miss. A. As a rule, I do not eaprese opinions, but, depending upon the Lawyer, of course, your rhanree of getting your money don't seem any too good unless you can get a white friend to help you who has more power than your lawyer. Q. What la the address of our nlng room where a table beautifully decorated with a huge pumpkin face in the center surrounded large yellow randies, black and yellow plates and napkins, a horn for each guest was filled with goodies to be taken home after aJl had filled themselves to the fulL Mr. McKinley Cain and Miss Mary Norris were quietly married at the bride's home, 1331 North Carey street. A reception followed the ceremony. They will eb at home alter December lat to their frienda at 1019 W. La n vale street.

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