Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 27, 1957 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 27, 1957
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPOET PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, OCTOBER ZT, 193T Editorials... Longcliff—An Outstanding Institution George E. SOKOLSKY These Days TOGETHERNESS HELPING THE TAX AVOIDERS The International Industrial Development Conference which' took ' , place in San Francisco was s'ome It'is difficult for us in Cass -county to evaluate the ' Mn< ? of ' a trad - e promotion-export and treatment program at the Logansport state ^^ international a 'couple of ..^hospital because of its closeness to us .and our ignor- magazines, and by the Stanford- :;ance of what is being done in other mental hospitals. -Research Institute which is de• We have a natural tendency to boost Longcliff because organization & Unsaid that as .;-its staff membeps are a part of our community, so we many as 500 industrialists at-' /•realize we cannot give it the impartial appraisal that a tended this meeting., Early an' ;: stranppr ran m'vp nouncements indicated that the v , stranger can give. foririer Naz - jnunitjons.jnaker, '.- It is with real pride, therefore, that we learn the Kxwp, would attend, bu tthus far-'>i_• i . •' ' ,-> , , . ,, , i i •,,, „. , T I have not seen his name, ;--.high opinion that experts in the .mental health field 7 . . --• . , ' '-., ^ , ,' ^ .• , ^ ~, „.. ., T The most important speech was ,-:have of our state hospital. Dr. Stewart Ginsberg, In- that delivered by Vice President >: -diana's mental health commissioner, is in a good posi- Richard Nixon who dealt with '.-.tion to know the type of work being done in all of In- maTlv subjects - until he came to "-j. , j. T -i ... Y « ^ . . -,. page eight of the mimeographed •dianas mental hospitals. Consequently, it is a compli- J 0 J y in wrich he readied some' :; ment of the highest order to Superintendent John thing that seems most unusual : "Southworth and his staff when Dr. Ginsberg says that for him - name] y> the utilization of \ n T n 4.1, r j. 4. j. T. -A Ti • i_ American private capital in foreign ;he always names the Logansport state, hospital when countrieS) particularly such as are .Basked to cite an outstanding hospital either from the : tax havens. I quote a paragraph. -'^-standpoint of its treatment program of its staff. which requires considerable _ in, terpretation and study if.it is, a ;.-• We had some indication before of the high regard in new fiscal policy: / :''which Dr. 'Southworth is held by state officials when ".™ CONGRESS should also .•v , ,. ' . : ' , , , ,/, . . ' consider the feasibility of passing , :-ne was named acting mental health commissioner pend- a tax re f orm similar to one adopt- .,-ing the arrival of Dr. .Ginsberg in the state. Now we ed by the United Kingdom a few. ,;^have further evidence that he and his staff are doing months ^°- This would'defer US.. • i i T • • i_ mi -i , , taxes on income -and profits' <-an outstanding job. Tney deserve our hearty congratu- earned entirely abroad .Until they , /'lations. • • ^ are actually paid.in dividends to !;-^ •' the stockholder or - the parent.com- ' '^ pany. It would 'give American overseas traders and investors the same encouragement .some of them now seek by .incorporating abrcfad. It would immediately in r •• v- The tragic case of the Chicago mother whose infant aesse - the frunds available to such j - j . , . , ,, , ., , , : , companies for additional foreign ;-,son drowned in his oath while;.she went to answer the inves tment, yeti nthe long run the _ ^telephone must arouse compassion in all of us. It should U.S. Theasury and foreign treas- .--also serve as a reminder that the telephone'is only a wies would also :gain by the tax .'•-mechanical convenience-, and not a dictator whose com- ^en^baTe" r ° ma ^^ ™ &Z ' ,'^manding ring must be heeded''at all costs. Great Britain can only sustain >.' HT ' i. • 4_L_-j_ j -.' i JT' her economy . on foreign trade'. -^: Many persons have a curious attitude toward the This is also ^ e O f Japan and of ; '.^telephone. At its summons they jump to respond as if west Germany. They are required WALTER WINCHELL On Broadway The Broadway Crowd Angelo PAJR! Humility Is VirtujB Hard To Cultivate Drew PEARSON Washington Merry-Go-Round Drew Pearson radio broadcasts rib us over Rus ::-it, and not they, were the master. Heeding that insist- ^ - their lack of raw m 3 ^^ 1 ?- Bob, aged, fifteen, ,'•< , '. - .,-'• j -i jv j ,T_ , . , . . , their population surplus, and their "I don't know what's the matter .: ; ent ring, they dash madly down the stairs at imminent need f 0 i mport raw materials and : with. the .fellows. They went and imperil of breaking" a leg; they step dripping from a tub foodstuffs to engage- heavily in- elected Roger captain of the team 'y-^r-.,,^. - T--- ---. . . , , te . . fl :?and risk a cracked head in the process; they rush in foreign trada. To achieve- this and he;, no gwd Ox» -*. all. I S, CE ^g t- f eience ra e atf^.'Hort^S :;fro m the backyard .at the risk of a heart attack; they « »SSS tS* cS S °%fX °° "^ ' —^-"'«' - «~ "- -" — >'^'™"' - perialist the bully. "They are terribly wrong if they think so. Do they not' realize that '.this American moon which we are making will be a very big one?" "I have called all representatives of the world press; they are now outside waiting to see Says- Foreign for themselves the wonderful arti- b us 'over Rus- ficial moon. The moon must rise sia's Sputnik; Pentagon issued today. They are waiting for me. secret order forbidding all talk Do not put me in a critical posi- of ^P 306 travel; White House wor- " Oli - . . - . . • nrACtrmr/TV —- - ^ : ..- _ . SA WASHINGTON- Though Presi- laiist the ^prTH^'rm- T"Sed between the'USA and the USSR, cycle mechanic are'building the iUdrop whatever they are doing to answer the call S5T«£iS* ttey create & w£ player tha. ever he |^jfS?1S!!2j±± £tt£S&£«£*£. '"'• TIT- ' -U '' i. - j ' * ' ' -' 4.T. T _,. tax havens, and they orient their was. How many tames dad he service nas PICK immMsmmmss* ;;>. We have had one or two cases-m the Logansport foreign policy toward ben efiting flub a ball last game. I ask you. ed u ? foreign.ra- '-area where people have slipped, or fallen, in their haste foreign trade. • .What's the good 'of making a rec- ' "to answer a phone call. • - ' .' IS THE SAME true about the ord il a fellow is shoved over. ; j : ' ' -, United States? There is evidence Joist spite. That's ail because I'm ;t; We don't pretend to know why .some people' react to that effect. The evidence show's the best-player'of the lot." vein this.way. We 1 do know that the results are often pain- that our ioTS ^ t . r ^ de - a P art fromc Dia i had laid dw;n afe screw " '•'- j * j- j. ^ A i i ' i *• '11 '-, . government subsidized exports of anq.-sometimes tragic. A telephone call may be im- which show lal °S * we Here is -a short Important; it may not be. It should be dealt with reason- very small fraction of our national and you the best player of the the Arabs fromi • and calmly as one deals with the many other inci- income. Of course, there are some lot. Km-m, Did you tell them so? Cairo . - ' ' phorescent material. "By the way;'imperialist," says one worker, 'Thave brought with me the phosphorescent material." Imperialist: "What • phosphorescent material? The moon is not a match. '.'.'..- > QUESTIONS AND ;S- ANSWERS V Q—When did .the Distant Early learning (DEW) line begin op- i^irations? •"*• A—July, 1957. Warnings can ! •?• be sent to defense command •Centers in the United States and /^Canada within seconds of radar '•^contact \vith enemy aircraft or J "Are. you. not ignorant! The moon, should be painted 'with thin material after being molded so that it will-be illuminated while flying. The moon--must rise today , , ,, ,, .. _ „ . . ^,^ ~r KBBSB^Keissiesm'im* • • • Tomorrow' the press' will-'.be ed from foreign trade, btu none .that,..they, could-play Tu-lloo next The- ;: 'progrm""™»wiB carrying-'big' headlines:' 'THE of these industries have done as week without you?" began wifch ^ e sound of hamme r- BIGGEST" AMERICAN AR1TFI- much in .the foreign as the domes- .^ sure - ^_i to ld them-plenty. i ng in the .background, the scene CIAL MOON'!" tic field. _ I'm not gomg to bat my head off - being the Workshop where "im- Imperialist: "Come on, boys, What Vice President Nixon pro-. an< j then be pushed over for a perialist the bully" is building an let us start ifc b y nand . (Follows poses is that American capital, duffer like him. I'm not.", artificial'-moon to compete with a sound of "beep, beep"), exported abroad, and remaining "^ you WQa >t be playing next the Russians An American offi- "Here is the 'American moon!abroad as to principal and profit, Saturday,"-said.'Dad picking up.cial asks: ' '- . ' Tne American moon calling! This should not be taxed by the United -^ screwdriver and giving strict <.T '. . States, until the profits are brought attention to the matter in hand^, back to this country. This idea "Good. I'll be glad to have a could stimulate foreign trade; -it hand on * * * Q—Is it still the practice to It's surprising how many people think that ]ust being married is grounds for divorce. could also stimulate a flight of capital to a'tax haven. \, "* «^ u w . u f v ' c . ", "Not yet,", replies imperialisi the garage parnt job. the buUy _ < <There is a slight modi . : aren't busy." , ... «„„* ,•„„ noc ^ a A » whether vou is tte best moon that ever ap ' •ornot?" peared on the raarket! " Note—Col. Nasser recently stat- you "Oh. I 'didn'tt say. I 'wasn't go- fication needed that he want . e( i friencpier.rela- tions with ^ United States told You have made us look ri- American diplomats he was wor- I FIND NOTHING IN the speech. ing to play. The team can't get (jiculous- to the world'" declares ried ' over Russian penetration ' which protects the United States , 0 n without me aiid'I can't let the. the official. "Not only to the world to ^ ria „ „„_, ^ « « _-t_..i j __ . also to our press." from such a flight-of capital to a school dowm.' They, count on me. '-introduce prominent personages litical development of countries tax haven or which protects- the' Sure. But I'U let them know some- Cseated in the gallery, of the U.S. - m terms or geography. ' American, who stays at home .and thing. I'm not. gdng to be-pushed • "- • gcusidyiiy. invests his money and Iab6r in the over .for that., dulfer."" , . United States and who pays his "Suppose the coach "benched'you understand a word of English" ta f es h ^ es ? ly and-regularly:.Aclu-'. to .what you; ;sadd? Suppose, he uuuoiaLouu a vvuiu ui ^1.5"= gjj^ ^g ex p 0r ted American said he : could;,-get-along-without A—George I, who was ,.,.-,1 capital' could be used as "unfair your services? .He; could .do that, •'I Q-What is the source of the and raised in^Hanover,'Germany, competition against the tax-paying couldn't he?'HeS»uld siay.''th'at;you' .--Nile River? ^Senate? • *• A—No,, a 'recent Senate resolution abolished this practice. * * * *. * * Sputnik Censorship , . , No, No," answers im- ^^ the' Pentagon, was to—: —r- r — ; ward the > idea of space taavel evfin ten quaMty-in today's'easy: ways. ^ If^'^' 1 ^ fT^i^'^ ------- want -or '-to be catedvpy . a secret order from the , w second pkce to Air Force'forbidding any frivolous nothing .of being, anonymous talk on-'this: subject. mUiSl j- |j e This column-has now obtained a "'" .order, ..'• A—Victoria Lake, tii€ ; -In Africa. '. • . * * * ; -. Q—What is Mary Pickergill's • ,'daim to fame? _ _ . QJ. . n . e jg vused -sli'shited '.-copy oi,-tnis;oraer,wnicn was in- American and agaisnt highly-taxed were not team material and'tell cheated of his place through jeal- spired by Seeretiary of-Defense Q—Is there any^species of the an[ j high-wages American labor, you one of the hard facts of life: . ousy '• favoritism"anything but ac- W '^ son ' s attitude that research in perching duck native to the Unit- And the tax-haven operator would" Nobody is indispensible, especially cep taace of the fact that" each space travel was a waste of time ed States? be safeguarded by such law as one A—The wood duck is the only Vice President Nixon or whoever of that? irs an laea-i recommena one place' or -another Mow "-the native representative in this incubated this idea, proposes. . .-to you.. And.this;word' from me:' leader, take, advice, 'take-orders order, as;teietyped to -aU commati'. country. Once - very rare, the AL=,c how does this affect the No matter how 'good'; you^, think - - - - J —- " A—She stitched .the American wood ^^ jj as benefited by spe- foreigner or tax-haven American yoif a,re there, .is'^ always''some- cial protection who sets up outside of the United body who is just "a, bit. better. .Hu*-'*'*' . States with tax-free. American mflity is a,beautiful.qualify that Q—How large is Lake Mead, dollars, manufactures goods which experts should^ cultivate.^' the reservoir behind Boulder he imports into the United States "Aw, I didn't mean—" , dam? • .flag which flew over Fort Me/•Henry and inspired Francis. Scott • ICey to write the national an'. /them, * * o tihin&^e is. E/er think ^ m ^^ ? It's 'an idea --I recommend one lc' • '- 'Here '.is'.: a,'.; copy .of :the Air Force ' , as; ' the .one ,wlio knows; • ders: Self appreciation -is essential to "'For al- Comm.anders: health and efficiency but it " Recent :news^tbries which haye \ a .-] ye touched by humility described-, 'ceifeui' Air Force pro- tnat accepts the situation' as it is. jects as -spajCe flight projects .^have. so one c ^ ^^ in one>s resulted in unfa-rorable reaction at Department of Q—What is geopolitics? Boulder e imports but leaves the capital and the pro- Humility seems io.be a- .forgot- righ!t : plae g. otherwise -pne shines Air Force *•. A-The lake-is about 115 fits from such American sales <. A-GeopoliUcs combines the i on g and 589 feet deep. It is the ;•• studies of georgraphy- and polit- largest man-made body of water unaerseil • ;ical economy. It explains the po- ^ the world. io place. ' CARNIVAL r fense .levels.. It is.suggested that out of taxes. These countries are "" e -"~~" • any. speeches or public . releases own American'com- manufacturing goods at lower p ropei . eating .is very important planned- by you or.your, staff avoid pany, eventuaUy produce a tax loss prices than we can manufacture to keep your child well and happy, the mention or discussion of space, here, but taking a profit' in his them .because'.their labor costs rj r- Patri explains the importance space : technology, space. vehicles, foreign subsidiaries, and paying less, their taxes are lower, their O f g 00( i eating habits in his book- "No statements" can be made taxes nowhere, or a very small' money costs less,-and • they get i e t NO.'303, "feeding-Children." which might in any. way cause the tax. As a matter of fact, the direct government subsidies. •• 'TO obtain a copy, send 25 cents national news media ,to describe American low-priced automobile -- What are we going'to do to pro- | n coin to him, c/o this paper, P. valid,Air Force projects as efforts' is already outpriced in competition tect our industries and our labor 'o. Box 99, Station G, New York to 'Fly to the Moon.' • -'.../','.with imported automobUes made from this type . of: ,competition?, 19, N. : Y. ' "If in doubt as to the propriety by American-owned companies K we do.:nothing;, watch thejay- ORdeased by The BelTSyndicate, of a speech or release,'submit it _ Cf»i • • •> _ •• - ' I J.t_ ! _ - 1 -.J_i._ Miu^nvkfv ' Jn-n- T»/V*t-l I^IHT' " the Use of breaming?" . . .Dick Haymes' latest platter,.'"I'll Still Is Martha Raye, the Copa click, Be True," and "La Golondrina," secretly married to the ex-police- Mexico's "Home, Sweet .Home." man, whose ex-wife named her as Harold -Barlow made the adapta- the reason -for the divorce? .The tion... Presley's "Jailhouse Rock" star introduces him as "my bus- is~a rewrite of "Hound Dog," both band" . , : .Joanne Dru's latest by the same lads . . .The Runyon merger-proposal came from. Del Cancer Fund received its 449th be- 0 Courtney. He pays half his in- Quest from the estate of the late come to an ex-wife . . .Reason Thomas F. Barton of Miami .for the delay in singer Peggy: Beach ... Many movie mags are King's marriage to Andre Previn\ reported away off in circ. Some is the large alimony he pays his may resign ... The price of ex . . ."My Fair. Lady" co-parent pimientos Is getting ridiculous: . J. Alan Lerner's estranged wife , - •" . " (actress Nancy Olson) may next Always Be Nice To People Depf: wed a French barrister. . .A A few years ago a Chicago deejay show biz personality is an im- named Bill. Schneider complained portant link in the FBI's probe of (over the,mikes) that he was out alleged phony votes to elect Hoffa of cigarettes. An elderly spmis- simms happy withBRBIl^H ger) sent him a carton and a. Clyde Hall . . -H|SHRK' • friendship blossomed. . . . When The Marquesa de^p^^^Jj she died she left him $65,000. The Portago - (Carole |^^J^^^ will is now up for probate. (Say McDaniels of. ElHl^JlPlf^ there! Got a cigarette?) . . . Morocco -Little^^^^M It's a boy at the Ted Yates, Jrs. Club-21 society). isHM|K/3S Pop's Mike Wallace's tv producer Hawaii bound^^^pwJM . . . Pretty Joyce Miles is.one of where her vewJlj^fa£MJm the dolls being interviewed to in-^ No 1 man breath-^S^j^^^^l herit Edie Adams' role in "Li'l lessly pants . . -HWl^HJ Abner " • • • Recommended for Of the 18,000iiiHlBiill fun: Tomorrow eve's annual guests at Mike Todd's party only Newspaper Reporter's Byline Ball ten sent him tank-you notes '-.'. . --at the Biltmore Hotel. The money That affair will prolly go down in goes to the Runyon Fund, for Broadway history, as the party which a long embrance, again . . that threw Mike Todd. Milwaukee star pitcher Burdette - : - • has $50,000 from tv appearances, Elizabeth looks more like a etc . . .Biz is so "off" at many Queen in her royal robes and- tiara East Side' places, the owners are than she does in mufti. . .Impres- encouroging "discreet" unattached sion at City Hall: "A contagious gels to sit at the bar. smile which'makes her beautiful. . ~ r She looks like a young, respectable ' The fame of the best seller, married woman from Westchester "Compulsion," has already at-or Long Island shopping at the traded an advance theatre ticket 5th Avenue stores" . . .Don't miss sale of $300,000. . . The top.five the newsreel feature showing her longest running shows are doll- from the cradle to the present . . steals. '-'Fair Lady, "Happy Fel- Errol Flynn's unhappy experience la," "Abner," "Bells" and "Hunt- with a cop in H J wood is practical- ing" . . .Quincy Howe bylines- an ly from one" of his scenes in "The interesting piece about radio corn- Sun Also Rises" . . . Johnnie Ray's mentators in Saturday Review ._. personal appearance tour added John Osborne, author of the hit. $425,000 to his bankroll . . .Warn- "Look Back In Anger," quit school er's will spend two million dollars at 16. He's (27 now . . . The Octo- to advertise '"Sayonara" . . . ber Song is "The Story of My During the filming of "A Farewell Life"—grand .tune,, fine wordage -To Arms" producer, D. 0. Selz- by Bert Bacharach'. . . The sinful .nick's hair turned snow white . . . confessions in'. "Left-over Life • to The Julius LaRosas expect twin- Kill" (a. new.book by Caitlin fants. His wife-has twin sisters. Thomas)" make scandal mags His grandma was* a twin .- . . seem. sissified. . The- author is .One of the best known chorines poet."Dylan'.,Thomas' widow. . . has her pals worried. Allegedly. Robert Ellen-stein,'the leading man on the "white stuff." . . in. Wednsday night's "Winchell -.', File," is the -son of Newark's Vogue describes Kim Novak as .former Mayor . ,, . A tune that : "a once baby-plump ugly.duckling,, sounds jukeable is Alo.ne..'It is who hasten moulded into an .ice. recorded- by The- Brother Sisters, 'sculptured swan by her studio." —— ••• . ''(Sounds like a horror pichah) .-. , • ,George Raft's recent articles Dennis King, an actor 40 years be- worried- a prosperous; friend, who comes a director. His first stag- urged his not tobe so candid about ing wffl be the new play, "Cloud-Ms sins . . "What good can it Seven" ' : . /Several . hucksters, do you?."., he said, "and why are (ad- J 'agency people)'are'"backi.ng"-.}fpu; doing it?"/.. >;'3-, need the the new Bal Masque . . Some- money," saidKGeorge, "I'm get- body gooft on the! "Pal -.Joey" ting;'$25,000'^ ... "Don't do it, album cover . . . Rodgers & said the friend, "and I'll let you Hart (who merely wrote the score) have $30,000. Pay me when you are not listed in the credits . . .can" . . .New York mag editors The'evil looking man carrying a say Malcolm Muggeridge, the Lon- blunt instrument on the cover of don columnist (he got-fired, for •Agatha Christie's latest whodoodit knocking Her Majesty in the same .("Dead Man's Folly") is .a mag), merely enlarged a piece Broadway press agent, Marvin he wrote months before in a Frank . . . Australia is now. the British weekly. hottest vaudeville country'in the . — . world for American show-bizzers. P.laywrigai Sean -0 Caseys sar- An act can tour 8 months <af top casm: "Be careful of-Americans coin) on the Down Under Circuit They are too generous ., . Add Sputnik ain't so'hot. Joe E. shocks: One reviewer; recom- XeVis has been higher. fends Kathleen Winsor's new sm- ' ful novel for children . . .Up "Gervaise" - (starring Maria to now the cost of humpty-dumpty Schell) is one of the most exciting shows is over half : a-mfflion. ,. French imports since champagne, It's never a cinch, kids Lucille according to locals who witnessed Ball was fired from her first four it abroad. Opens at the Baronet -, Broadway shows V . . Bin* s ,lat- Nov. 4th . . ? Smith & Dale, the est disc "I Love You- Whoever great comics,'have beeir partners You Are," has the oldhme Bing- for 61 years. Some of us have zing . .Dmalv Shore's challenge seen the act so many .times we to Marilyn and Jayne: Femm- can do it . . .Sound-Alikes: '"Till" ™ty * an attitude. If*, a feeling and Joe Howard's oldie, "What's you give^out. It's not merely, your v bust measurements ' . . .Ted-.Ear-; leaders are .trying desperately to'rls and Martha Ryan are hand•dig up a candidate to run for the J^ers ,at p. Vernon s Studio Senate next year. Ailing Sen.-Club. Who,they? Descendants^ Fred-Payne, Republican incum-.Adam and Evef . . .If you Htfe bent -will probably retire.. How- the prettiest legs in town Pelrl- ever, : 'no prominent Republican Wick wants you to model its new wants to run in his place, be- chair.. . Latest targets of> ad 'cause the'likely, Democratic can- agency and other teevee people didate; Gov.' Ed Muskie,"will, be (according to Sponsormag) are fv hard to beat. If they can't find a critics . '. .We -go along with play- candidate, the nomination will go wright .William Saroyan, who not- by default to : ex-Sen. 'Owen Brew- ed; "A .writer needs criticism'al- ster, whom the White House.does most, more than' he needs 'an not love . . . Only, current good audience . . .-You can't please news from the Republicans comes everyone but on teevee you have from Sen. Bill Jenner of Indiana, 'to. who claims to be-in better politi-; ' _ _— cal shape than ever. Reason!;, is Two signers; of -the. Declaration "So! Rome wasn't built in a day, eh? You fellows have that contract too?' abroad. WE AR1E SUBSEDIZINQ the industrial ization of many weak and backward and war-damaged countries. These subsidies come THE SUNDAY PHAROS - TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS • Published each Sunday ,tty the Pharos-Tribune /and Press, 517 E. Broadway, Log-ansport, Indiana. Entered as second class mail at the Postoffice at Logansport, Indiana, under the act of March 8, 1879. - , . The Pharos-Tribune-est. 1844 The Press-est. 1921 The Sunday Pharos-Tribune and Logansport Press, lOc uer , copy,. The Pharos-Tribune, evenings and*Sunday. 35c per week bv carrier.* The -Logansport Press, mornings- and Sunday, 35c per week by carrier. The Pharos-Tribune, the Logansport Press, and the Sunday Pharos-Tribune and Logansport Press, 65c per .week by carrier. By mail on/rural routes in Cass, Carroll, Pulton, Pulaski, Miami and White counties, each^aper ?10.0p per year. Outside x trading area, and 'within Indiana, $11.00 per year; outside Indiana, SI8.00 per year. All mall subscriptions payable in advance. No mail subscriptions sold where carrier service is maintained. 114 . National Advertising: •L ' Representatives: ~ • • Inland 'Ne-wspapBt Representatives' Inc.) HUBERT © 1957, King Features Syndicate, lot, World rights reserved. "There's something jincanny about the plumbing and wiring in this house— every time I turn on the shower . the phone rings!" to this headquarters^ for review;' GOP-Go-Round The White House is not ha|)py . over a surge of criticism againsjfc the Eisenhower Adrninisfoation from Republioain newspapers. That ' stanch QQiP. defender, 'the New York-Herald Tribune,'.on one day- devoted seven columns on its editorial page to; -critioal'-editorials and columns, against the Bejpubli- . oan^ Administration . '.;. .GOP "N&- tional • Chainpan Meade, Alcorn. .is alarm'e'd over the general political reaction to the Sputnik; Secret re-; ports are pouring in • 'from' GOP! ' leaders, warning that the voters no v longer like Ike/ They' blame' him 1 for letting the Russians get ahead of us in'the satellite-missile field. This 'is one reason>'for Ike's plan to deliver 'fireside broadcasts. .; Here's -what is .happening in some key areas'. . . Sen. Jonn Bricker, always a big ypte^getter^ in .Ohio, is in the worst "trouble of his political ••' career. A -combination of the farm issue and our satellite failure has hurt the Republicans ' in Ohio,-local• leaders say, 'until even Bricker's re-election is in, doubt. Democratic .Congressman Wayne Hays'may/challenge Brick-. er next year for his 'Senate seat . . . Up in' Augusta, : .:Me., GOP ; . , -. that Jenner ^as- been 'anti-Eisen- ,of Independence-became. U.S. pres- hower—now ''g66d!-p<)ii'fcics in :lndi-' idents: ; Jphn-'Adaips arid- Thomas ana. . ; •'-.•• ;; -; - ; --; ; '•['"' .-', .Jefferson. -*..- - v;LAFF-A-DAY J> 1957, King Features Syndicate; Kc.,- World rigfeu rwewei '<The way I figure it, she ooat n« about $200 a powdt*

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