Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 15, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1957
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INDIANA: Partly cloudy, warm and humid .with widely scattered thunderstorms tonight and Sunday. Temperature 12 noon 86 degrees. High Sunday 85 to 94. Sunset 8:14 p.m., sunrise Sunday 5:17 a.m. tiros LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY HOME TOWN :NEWB!>AJPER 1 NOW IN OUR 113th YEAR' HOME EDITION Founded 1844— !••» All Depmrt»«»<» Pkomo 4141 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 15, 1957. full-Lcand United Proa Wlre» Day ««d MlKht Price Per Copy, Seven Cents TORNADOES RIP HIDDLEWEST Twisters Hit Fulton And Kosciusko Counties TWINS HAVE DOUBLE REASON FOR CELEBRATING Betty and Becky Knons, twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Knoiis, 1017 Wonillawn avenue, liave a special reason for celebrating Father's Day Sunday fur it also will mark their eleventh lilrtlulny anniversary. Tin: two girls, shown above with lliclr father, alxo were born on Father's Day, June Hi, 1041!, but this Is the first lime slnee then thai their birlliday lias come on Father's Day. It will nut happen again until ISIfi.'). (Pharos-Tribune I'hoto-lSngravbig.) Springfield, III., Storm Kills Three Persons Tornadoes Dip Into Fletcher's Lake and Burton Areas in Fulton County Causing Property Damage; Farm Barn Destroyed and Houses Damaged; Livestock Killed. Six Perish in Flash Floods Automobile Carrying Family Swept Away as Creek Wafers Rise Rapidly; Seventh Person Feared Drowned in Illinois-Missouri Area. Turncoat Gl In Former Sergeant Says He Spout "I'Joiisnnt ;mcl Interesting" Three Years in Keel China HONG KONG (UP)—American turncoat Andrew Fortuna, of lo- jiia, Mich, crossed into Hong Kong today from Communist China where he .said he had spent a "pleasant and interesting" three years. The 31-year-old Fortuna was one of the 21 American soldiers captured l>y the Communists in the Korean War who chase to live in Red China rather llian return home. He is Ihe eighth to change Jiis mind and decide; to go back •to Die United S ales. Tim burly ex-sergeant looked "trim ami 'it iix lie walked across the border into this liritish'Crown Colony, smoking a cigarette. He refused to e o m m e n t to newsmen a Hie border crossing point, but distributed throe copies of a written statement, dated June IS, 1!)">7. It read: "My name is Andrew Fortuna. I ;un an American citizen who 'has been living in China for the past three years. Having had a pleasant and interesting stay, I urn now going home for personal i:ul family reasons." Fortuna was taken directly to the American consulate here and officials rushed him through passport proceedings in order to get ihim out aboard a ship leaving for the United Stales tonight. Kortuna was Just as closc- Tnouthc'd wilh reporters at the consulate as with the newsmen Vho greo'.cd him at tin: ironller After considerable prodding, lie nn -wercd a few (|uos iori.s, Asked wliellier lie believe:! in "Communism, hu said: "Thr.t's a loaded question. I'd rather not an- *wcr il." To a follow-up (|iiery If he was t Communist, Kortuna replied with a .flat "no." When asked why he left Red China, Fortuna replied quickly: "I 's been nine years since Tvu been home and I was homesick." lie said he had been working as « mechanic in a factory In Hankow repairing trucks, earn and Irae- 'tors, most of which "wore pre-war U.S. made." He said he did not know what Jie would do on his rclurn to Ihe United States. MKTKKS GROSS $l,2. r ):i Receipts from city parking met<TS reached $l,25:i.7!i for the week ending Friday, according to City Clerk-Treasurer Ralph Smith. Of this amount, $i)2n came from street Hicten and $330.25 from motored lots. ST. LOUIS (UP) — Six persons and probably a scvcnUi drowned today as flash fiotids and more than eight inchl's of rain swept the southern Illinois-eastern Missouri area. Franklin County Deputy Sheriff Charles Bhincrnan said nine members of the Handy family were waiting for the water to recede at a bridge approach on a farm road eight miles south of Beaufort. IJeforo the water receded Blar.e- man said, a flash flood swept down the creek and carried their car about <!00 yards. The car came to rest against an embankment and was covered with gravel up to its hood when found about an hour and a half later. HUincman said six bodies were recovered, five of them still in the car, and that a seventh, that of Mrs. ,)'oo Bandy, 1H, is missing. The dead were identified as Mrs. Alice Handy and four of her children, Winfred, Hi; Henny, IB; Huberl, 18, and another .son about II or' 3 years old. The body of Mrs. .loo Bandy's M-monlh-ok! son was found aboul 50 yards from the car. KlIHll KeHCIK! Work Mrs. Alice Damly'.s- husband, John, and her son, Joe, the husband of the missing woman, were not in the car. Deputy Iliancman said the accident happened aboul. 8:110 a.m. when the Bandy's were returning to their farm home HI miles south of Beaufort, about fill miles west of St. Louis on U.S. BO. Heavy rainfall, ll/iTi inches' in House Backs Ike in Civil RigMs Fight Defeat of Trial By .Tury Amendment C <• n s i dcrcd Administration Viclo-ry; Finiil Vote Monday WASHING-TON (UP)—President Eisenhower and the administration received the major share of tin; credit today for the House defeat of the jury trial amendment to the Civil llighl.s Bill. Leaders on both sides of the issue agreed the administration was 'mainly responsible for its failure to gain passage. The House rejected the amendment by a vole of J!)0-l<>7 Friday nigiil after six days of argument. One southern leader said he believed "last minute work by the White House" swayed enough Republicans to provide the margin By UNITED PRESS A tornado or two whirled Ihrough Fullon and Kosciusko Counties Friday night, damaging farm buildings and lake resort homes in Ihe latesl rash of vicious weather in Indiana. No one was injured and damage appeared to be less than might be expected, apparently because the*lwi.sler, or twisters, erratically touched earth only a few times and did not sweep a steady path through the area. Wind Overturns Cottage A collage belonging to Mrs, Gladys French of Logansport was upset- at Fletcher's lake and Ihe Evon St. Claire general store there was damaged when the twister hit there at B:30 p.m. A. J. Lewellcn, Logansport shoe- mskcr, who resides in a collage ncxL door, was oulside looking at the storm when the tornado struck. I He jumped back into his cottage. I All power and ielcphone Hnc.s in | the Fletchers Lake community were down. A large barn was completely destroyed on the farm owned by Bob Ma 1 bias, of Delta, Colo., and tenanted by Paul Brown, four and a half miles west of Rochester on the Burton road. A horse and approximately 25 sheep that were in lhe barn were killed bul 175 other sheep in the barn escaped. The tornado also destroyed a garage about 100 feet easl of the barn but there was nothing in it. Junior Monks, who resides near the Mathias farm, said the twister la-sled only about Iwo minul.es and followed heavy rain.--. He said heavy, black clouds moved across the sky slowly and then a wlii'e cloud appeared among them moving at a much faster rale. The while cloud made, a "rustling sound" and was close lo the ground, Hooks reported. Milo Sutton, who resides south of Fletchers Lake, said he saw the funnel coining. He said il was in lhe form of a gray finger from a black cloud, II slruck lhe jground about 200 yards hack of TWISTER LEVELS BUILDINGS NEAR ROCHESTER By UNITED PRESS Severe thunderstorms and heavy rains were predicted for the Midwest today where 'tornadoes caused upwards of a million dollars damage Friday. Three persons were killed when a tornado and a 106-mile an hour windstorm flayed Springfield, 111. Tornadoes struck also at Jacksonville, 111., and in Michigan and Wisconsin. The dead included Mrs, Anna I Belle Larson, 37, who was killed by a power line broken by a falling tree, Mrs. Paul ' Farley, 60, crushed beneath her home when the foundation was displaced, and Carl R. Applegate, Jilt by a boll of lightning while operating a railroad handcar. The Red Cross gave an official estimate of 20 homes destroyed and 200 others damaged at Springfield, bul observers sr.id the count was closer to 1,000 including all types of damage. A tornado swirled ir.lo a summer resort in Monlmoreney county, Mich., Friday night, damaging three collages and uprooting trees over a 150-acre site. No injuries were reported. Two black funnels accompanied severe thunderstorms in Wiscon- i sin, about 10 miles northeast of Iron Mountain, Mich., but damage was minor and no injuries were reported. j in northwestern Pennsylvania, I'h.e weather bureau said thai lor- nadocs expected tarly loday failed to materialize nnd thunderstorms which wore also expected clissi- j paled over Ohio. Jl was wet as well as windy In . lhe Midwest Friday. An electric rain .storm drowned St. Louis, Alo., under more than Ihree-and- one-hul;' inches of rain over a six- hour period. Truffle stopped, carlines were out, lightning caused small fires, anr'l the Const Guard put to "sea" lo South SI. Jjouis County to rescue flooded families. Waters brimmed up to car hoods in the city, homes were evacuated, and n six-foot cement retaining wall collapsed under the heavy pressure. Flash floods were 3 » The garage on Die Paul Wiseman farm west of Knchestor, nhnve, was tossrd over on Us side against Irce when the twister struck Friday. Trco limbs also lltlered the area. (PJiarns-Trllnmp T*ho(o-Kngravln£.) metropolitan Louis, snarled traffic and drove more than 1,000 persons from tholr homes last nh!ht. One (ilt-year-old man died of a. heart attack attempting to unclog a sower and .seven were Injured. Police, Coast Guard, the lied Cross and volunteers worked round the clock rescuing many persons trapped in their automobiles and homes by the fast rising waters. Nearly all south and west Iwund highways were closed by t.he high water and crests of 13 feet above flood stage were expected to hit Pacific and Valley Park on the Meramec River in tho aflernoon. It was the same situation In Belleville and F/ast St. l/ouls across the Mississippi in Illinois. Belleville was virtually isolated and most major highways leading from East St. Louis were closed by overflowing creeks and bncked- up sewers. More than 1,000 persons were forced from their homes in South and West St. "Louis, several hundred In HcIIevillc and '/CO at Caseyville, III., where a dam on a private lake broke. Besides tho hundreds of low- lying homes actually flooded, thousands of houses had water six and more inches deep In Ihe basement. Water reached six feet deep ba-ekstnge and the Outdoor Municipal Opera produclion of "Soulh Pacific" was cancelled. The storm cut off power to some 50,000 users and 15,000 telophones were reported out. for The action resulted in a major victory. for the administration since .southerners had concentrated Ihc.ir main fight against the bill on lhe amend-menl. Rep. Kenneth 13. Ko.allng of New York, GOP floor leader for the bill, said the,de-feat was due chiefly to the "vory vigorous support" given by President Kiscnhowcr and Re-publican Leadur Joseph W. Martin (Mass.) to those fighting it. Tlic administration opposed lhe amendment on ground's it would render the Civil Rights bill worthless. Under il persons accused of violating court orders prolucling civil rights would have been tried by a jury instead of a Judge. Final House passage Is expected next Monday. • Other congressional news: Foreign Aid; The Senate handed President Eisenhower n victory by authorizing a $;i,:i(l7,000,000 foreign aid program. The measure, approved 117-25 Friday night, escaped virtually untouched as reported from committee. The 1)111 now goes lo the House where passage is not expected until the end of the month. Farm: A special presidential commission reported to Congress thai greater research efforts can find many industrial uses fur surplus farm products. The commission on increased Industrial u.se of agriculture, in ' Lfi report, called for "dynamic and Imaginative" efforts to help solve lhe agricultural surplus problem. The commission was set up in 1054 to make recommendations for n long-range program lo widen the industrial uses of farm products. Housing: The Senate Bunking Committee has voted to decrease the' ifouse-approved boost in the direct home-loan program for veterans. The commillce approved a 50 million dollar Increase, as ngainsl a 200 million dollar boasl approved by the House. buildings. II touched again as II reached the co'tagn sctllcmt'nt around the lake. Windows were blown nut of the St, Claire sforo and one door was blown out. The side of the garage al the M;iy Burk home, also was blown out. The twister. left a visible swalh as it wcnl through a woods. The most seriously damaged house in the path of Iho twister appeared to be Hie residence of Paul Widernan and family jusl easl of the Paul Brown residence, also owned by Mnihlas. A large section of the Widemari roof was torn oul and all of the windows In-the house were broken. The nearby gnrngc was shoved off ll. s foundation agalr,.sl n tree. The vacant house on Ihe Leroy Anderson farm, also in the Burton neighborhood, was extensively damaged too. Fireman were called oul ns power lines were torn down by falling trees, with heavy damage to REMC lines on Ihe Olson road norl.hwest of Rochester. Many trees were down both in Rochester and In the county. One fulling tree in Rochester slruck the Herman lioonc home on North Jefferson street but npparcnlly | caused little damnge. Grass Creek also w.is reported hit, bul phones were oul. and the full extent of the damage could not be determined. Rosldon's of n resort along j Webster Lake at Ihe e d g e of j North Webster in Kosciusko County said two funnel clouds approached aboul 7:45 p.m., bul. one lifted before IL arrived. The other barely nipped the. area, causing considerable damnge lo tho lake-front home of William Eherly and damaging piers and mo:or boats docked all along the shoreline. Two of the boats were large speedboats. Two hours afler the storms hit the North Central Indiana area, .the Indianapolis wcalher bureau I Issued a special advisory warning ! of severe thunderstorms and the possibility of an isolated tornado until 2 a.m. in nn area bounded by Knighlslown, Winchester and Lawrence-burg. Hurt as Car Leaves Road Failure Lo negotiate a curve brought mulLiple lacerations of both arms, and possible neck and head injuries to Warren Crockett, 21, of (1117 Bates street:, when Ills car loft Hie pavement, and rolled over into a ditch at 12:40 o'clock Saturday morning. Stale Trooper Mllfrcd Buck, of Rochester, Invesllgated lhe accident which occurred on route 17, I'/i miles north of Kewunim. The IIISI. Plymouth sedan which he was driving rolled over as It struck a ditch paralleling the road. Following tlie accident, Crockett was taken lo a ivewanna physician's office, and was then transferred to Logansport by a Harrison ambulance, whore he was admitted lo Memorial hospital al .'1:15 o'clock Saturday morning. Hospital nllaclies report his condition ns fair. Passengers In the cnr, were James Crisman, 152:) Eusl Broadway and Kent Porter, I20;i Jinst Broadway. Porter was later nd- rnll.ted lo lhe hospital suffering a fractured left arm. Kownnna Marshal Clark assisted In the Investigation. This was all Hint remnhmil tcxl.ny of tin; burn on (lie Paul Brown farm, four nml a half nilli'K west of Rochester In the I'.ui'Um community, ndi'r it wns ntnirk by a tnrnailo Friday cvrnlnK. Tin- roof laj on ball's of liny which had been in the barn when Hie storm struck. (Plinros-'I'rlliniic I'luilo-KiiKi-avini;.) Murder Suspect Wounds Self Man Sought for Questioning in Slaying Near Seymour Fires Shotgun Into His Face as Police Surround His Apartment. INDIANAPOLIS Explosion in Mine Kills One, 4 Hurt W1LKES- HARRIS, Pn. (UP) One miner was killed and four others burned seriously Friday night In nn underground explosion nl the Loomls Colliery of the Glen Alden Corp. Leonard Wojlaa, 40, Nanllcokc, Pa,, wns pronounced dead of burns nnd shock when his body was recovered aboul lliree hours afler lhe blast. The injured wore Gordon Reese, !i7, n fire boss, Frank Gu/.owskl, 40, and Andrew Cannon Jr., 35, all of Nantlcoe, and John Skcr- chalt, 44, Nauangola, Pa. They were taken to Nantlcoke Stale Hos- pilnl where they were reported In fair condition. 3 Americans Die in Crash Near Moscow Polish Airliner Plunges in Death During Storm; Kc- porl Nine Killed U.T) -Munk-ri charges were on file today agalnsi James M. Jordan, 2'J, Tuscaloo.s;! Ala., who shot himself critically j I when police closed in to arri'sli him for the .slaying of a Chicago 1 man near Seymour last. week. 1 A decomposing body found along! U.S. 31 near Seymour Tuesday 1 was identified Friday as that, ofj Peter Allunopoulos, 24. Chicago, a' machine operator for the Auto- Kiissia MOSCOW (UP)—A Polish airliner wilh 1:1 persons aboard, Including five American tourists, crashed in a wooded area on the ^Soviets initiative At Session malic ISledric Co. / Shortly afterward, on the basis of information supplied by a woman who knew Jordan, aulliori- lles s u r r o u n ci c d an apart- mcnt where Jordan was staying. When an officer searched a room, Jordan stopped out from huhind outskirts of Moscow Friday night „ pm .|lUon and pointed a shotgun during a violent thunderstorm, it : at him. was reported loday. No official report here on (he number of casunliics. f, lec . |ic was rushed lo a hospital (In Warsaw, airline officials and described this morning as In said nine persons died In the : critical condition. crash. In addition to the two I^st " fierce murder charges Offers to Allow Es- tahlrsliincnt of Intonii'.tlon- nl Monitoring Posts On Territory —»"">"'Si' Jordan"" ,oV Americans, the victims included two Russian- passengers, a Polish passenger and four Polish crcw- mem-bcrs.) A U.S. Kmbassy spokesman I " cr us however, said three of lhe Ameri-j °. wa ™ cans were known lo have survived i .''.- ami are now in Russian hospitals. "™ '""'^ c m! ". «" od <" ! , nl '^ The. other Iwo Americans were I <*"!'!"«• w " s ?'"""! '" " liltch '* ll.s't'd as "missing." the official said. AH five Americans were Grand Rapids, Mich. Embassy LONDON (IIP) — The Soviets seized the disaniiamriil iniliativu from the I'nl ed Slates by offering lo allow establishment of international monitoring posl.s on The officer withdrew nnd shout-1 Russian territory as Ihe lirsl step r " '' drop Hie gun. > i n nuclear weapons control ob- himself in the servers here said today. Tht 1 sources said SnvKM delo- i!ale Valerian Xorin had bealen American representative' Harold K. Slassen "lo Ihe punch" by presenting the latesl Russian proposals before Ihi' fivo-pnwor fulled Nations Disarmament Subcommis- sion here Friday. New Propaganda Amnitml Ion Slassen had returned only Krl- peace werc filed in a Seymour court late Friday. Police theori/i'd Allcnopoules I was llus victim of a hilchhike rob- I her as he drove from Chicago Alabama on a vacallon a The U.S. said the three spokesman known survivors were Mrs. Margaret Trcmper, her 13-year-old daughter Michel, and highway departmenl worker. '"'""iThcrc was n bullet hole in the ,, | head and Allenopoulns had been | bealen viciously on the head. For three days the body was unidentified. Coroner Victor Biirkholdcr of television atallon WOOD in Grund Rapids. He Identified the "missing" Americans as Mr^ond Mrs; Harvey M. Rcukor, Jackson County ordered the handsi severed nnd sent to a laboratory! for a fingerprint chock. T--..' FBI in Washington matched the prints with others taken when Allcnopou- los was In military service. Charles A. Davis, a stale police technician, identified slugs from day from Washington with a revised American plan for "sn.all measured slops" toward disarmament. He had been under heavy fire from the Allies for "goine. too fast" and for revealing as much or more information on the still. secret plan to 'he Russians than he had lo the Wesl. Sources here said the Soviet proposals are sure lo provide new for the Communist offensive against mi- I)n)| " Kn " (!n Mrs. Trcmpcr was taken to the!,, Run taken from Jordan ns Idcn- Russian hospital at Vnukovo Airport outside of Moscow. Her con- dillon was described as "serious." tical lo • slugs removed from slain man's body. Allenopoulos' automobile lhe Michel and Chevcrlon wero under found in n lot near a place where examination at lhe First Cily Hos- Jordan pilal In Moscow. 'week. had been slaying Ihls clear weapons lesls. Zorln formally proposed a Iwo. 'o-lhrce year ban on all .nuclear tests with observers to be n\;\i lioned in Russia, the U n I I c d Slates. Urilain and tin- "Pacific area" lo ensure enforccmen 1 . The Uni'.i'd Slates, Britain and the Soviet Union are Iho only thre drogen bomb. 'e powers lo possess Ihe by-

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