The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 19, 1940 · Page 21
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1940
Page 21
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UIL - v. v - y - v?i 5UT. 0C1T I PAGE V I - ..if I JV MI Mill 1 A . , IfiiATllCAL MIWSi lex Inam, Adelaide Hal Head - Lsurse Gast OiF Negro - Actors. In Korda's "TMef Of Bagdad" qWE RIBBOir REVUE HAS KICK L2rt Ucms Alfreds GEUcrcg Hollywood Renew and t?J,fmMt itT ? wto urcxx ra icsse una usre negroes i .nance To 7crk and "Stay" In Fib. rnr rrarxs cwd Truu. sew. j ! - - . Jea ;ikh rMQMJM, MOm JTaTToiaa, - Jft Mm, JTcry sTecris. Bnw , xDXLxnu hall. Jtey rmn iltfATCIUt D1HK7 MG GETS 4174110 FROM QUEEN tendant. A special tribute to Idea ViHttmi for writing them to, ul to WlOiexa Hornbork ud Charles Criehton Jbr not leaving them oa Qw cutting room floor. JLkzudr Xorda baa produced ansa'0" ox the pest pictures ex in decaoe, ana prooacuy one. ez in imtMt fantasias' of all time. It is true that Walt Disney's "Saow Br EAUL J. MORRIS I White" and - OuSrrer'a Travels - (IXottoa Vdm Editor) ftasiee. Bnt Kords HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 17 The Thief of Bagdad" is one !mAtd cartoon act of ehmettn. of the rratttt Trtitu - ts of this decade It wu presented i Parta of the picture was filmed lxxt Thursday to the Trade and the Press at a special thow - GrMdCwyra, t V. r - r4V - w rWU t Tt wrea nwuwuwxl .Painted Deeert and HoCywood - It o . . wu two Txa in th minr ta tbm world 'will crrnT to at SS a aoat. Tho to tbm BritliVlmwV War BIU aa4. atmnlt at Wm prtex. CU. la thla pictero ro Q iBSram ta ala altMt role flrorv trmjj ayoarTTig, Xm; Ud ta th wta wast them a Rex ia - m Bttlo Oaba. tho olephaat bor. eo - Urrta wtth Coerad Veldt. thcro ta oar tittlo Xdlaldo Ban. who Q b moat rcfreshi&s ! tho to yoo, aiaeo w kamt aoaa br ; child tm MTtnl yoara. Sho la atm to ae this pictoro acaia aad aaia. rasTnav Kin Han atnra ta a'And pcraon who. bu eror chanalac aaaaar at tho Prlaecaa i read tho tales oi tho "Arahiaa! eovrt. (KUhta. - la tfcofer hnaslnatlon wffl AH ta aU. thcro ro soarty ljOOO .Uto with tho charadara actor ta tho fiatlo cast. It la Tho aoejoaneoa with Rax Ingram oaoovrarlar to aoto tho fairoooa of art truly aomo of the groatoat to lozaador Xorda to 2crooa rer bo placed on celluloid. Rex iBxoogaovx ino rrm, toot raa Inxram. who Virit cocnlar aa film actor for hia rolo of Do BARLEC1 ?0PP1H"" STRIKE 11 mm YORK. Oct - 17 Prkxrd sad Wffiixm icrr. cz ccpktica cf their s rifd TTirVm Pop - ka r tao CJuxIie Hawkins, who won the Old Dnxni Award as the best amateur swing drummer in the country at the World's Fair recently, is shown here receiving award from "FH Fitzgerald - Charlie Buchanan, manager of Savoy Ballroom, looks on. ra c tho aoag a&t ra that ttt Aaswi or )or i ii i ainoil thaaa Sa m tor trraoto pro - Soo a rtxtaat ahoax oVapoo C Mi - JX ;ero rotas' tato ro ivTTart ar liotiH that W m am a rraatoo ho - r' aX tMoiMmlliTof trat Dokaroo Browa Ww xOt sow wtth tho a Eaa:a uuhaoOa Q ho tho taloatod aw W tf Sar - eae. WI3o TUjxsX. iwi e TWStaTO acxt ' Tepptax wtU at' rjaWa oafo J tho aad Ckidor tako tar - of to sunsniQE IS BfiGK lJ I50LLTO00D aad ether oSlcials of tho eom - paaT. Top photo abows Graham, Zlggla aad Tork Chops" Pat - Tiottom ta tag if Ztggys stxzl - Bao Rfbbopod boa - la "The Oroca Pactsroa." wtth Rax Ingram aro truly groat captured tho proo tala of tho gaaoa. It yoa wis roean. Uttlo Saha finds a ootuo washed vp on thoahoroa.1 Ho vacorks It aad smoko rises almost to tho hecvaa aad out oUpa Rax Itgraas, taller thaa tV hlgh - ost mountain. UaUko GuStrcr aad tho UIBputlaaa, Rex Ingram's toe waa twice as large as Uttlo Saba. Rex Ingram goes back Into the bottla and become the dxa of flabu tiny flat. The effects does Rex flies through tho skies, his boauHfal broexe body coatrasted wtth the Tarloua hues of tho moun tains and the blue sky and white doods attest to the ""t1 of technicolor. Saba cliags to a lock of Ingram's hair, while be bang on for dear Ufa as he rides the ear of Rex Ingram as they feet through the air. Other technical accomplishments are the magle carpet, the flying ;mecpaaicaj horse, the doll .wtth etx hands that does murder. iThe mammoth web, with a giant ' spider" Sn ths beastlfal temple of the goddess. The aH - eeeing eye of. . the goddess. The Ifegro guards of jthe goddeaa, j The Thief of Bagdad" Is a pic - itnr that we highly recommend for all ages aad aU races. We go fur - , ther aad say it should be the duty ox erery adult to tako the children to see this, ta my opinion, the greatest of aS fantasy. The adult wa find it rich la philosophy, satire and tho earliest dreams of aian, Lorers of nature win thrQ at the beaaty of tho mountains Hep, Hep! Get On The Bandwagon! Fill Out The Ballot And Vote For Your Favorite Band Today Conner Conferf to Settle Age - Old Question Once and For AUBoUots WM Be Worth One Hendrei Votes. hope fori week. XZW TORS, Oct, IT Strike ap look to the polls, aS ye faithful. favorite head. Going tato Its nttabeogh Courier's tatttsi pepeJar test Is mortar ahead fall speed the first seven day Is ample enough to ovtrtralj that af the) pending presidegtial election which' has tho eevntry aU steacaed up. ' Talejao la tta puipost. tho contest Is not only! perpetrated to seteet the moot popular band of swing aad sweet rhythm but the snoot competent of swing as weOL Tho rules for tho are simple. Oa tills page yea wQl find a ballot which carries credit of 1M points. Jest SB ta the name of the bead yoa think ptayt the best brand of swing aad the host bread of sweet music, ale tachsde the name ef year faeertso Dial i nine ulaHol F1Q ta year aasao and send same to BfBy Bowe, Coa - test Sdttor, Ftttsbargli Coarser. rC51 Sereasth sve - mue, Xew Terk Ctty. DapBcete Totes from tiso same person wd act be accepted. Get rich away aad aid year favorite band the final pinnacle of saeeeas ta tats contest. sums m IS TOP EEfJ SC - 30U s k mm itainment unit in the southland. GREENWOOD. Kiss, Oct. IT To the colored and whiU peep of Edna Waddall. feminine sieging i find, who is being hailed as a fu - j tare great. Other deserving spe - jeial consideraticn include Ford j Wiggins, BUly MHls, Johnny Hud - jgins, Eparlde and Spencer, dancing jboys; Charles Morton. S - year - old feature with the Gaines tresp; Lass ! Brown and many ethers, "i A ll - girl - ehorus line, tops in beauty aad routine, are a feature sad art lovers wQ find a of artlsUe i picture by aU pie. this ! beadquarter out ef Macon, Ga, East aad lOd - West. j has become the outstanding enter - 1 Getting "top" raves Is the work of the show which carries S3 poo - IIR1STIAH 5ACK VJ1TH L BOODtlfill UUU.I WWUi VCX. 41 IUBW rmmt UlAm VVta TI Oomv .eer tne xrxue cos wn swea w "ir - . eeigtaaJ screen Dead ! around ta tho - Our Ceng - Cosa - J - n be tna star. wj mi jiiwi ii, l oa ate stadia checks, but' H ae sm stww w jeeries shiae wtth baa just ta whica Oareoce Haas role. Start Ino also announce ht antaa Morektad for a The erst in Wide jBand Deals Interest Shown In Conariers Contest; Radio And Flicker Sought By Contest There the af watte people appreciate our aide of . . tf they knew tt! friend. Editor NEW YORK Oct. 17 Directly after the announcement that the Pittthnnh Courier would soon start a SSr.MLJ J1011! contest to determine the most popular swiny band and sweet hand, the greatest Tocalist and series as? four t lOSW AXD TTSED IffiIEIHlIIDS mHnl "wsssV'eHVlewA" BTV BSU aOacxD TV See S5e &5e 2fe Wiiv - n GKrm Off tot Hra5eroai nd la Use For Ar - TCP.5 Oct - 17 who for , tie chief cat cf :GETS ohce has tost siraed KT Jaoa. ; v.. ..BiiiiiJ tx rnif n'?nnrxTtrr - anrl trie nntt felen fI im t JrmJI MvMe uJ, ra&AMef 14 kn mlAfrl kv ?rraakle Darra ptctares, and has, 1 rt r w r 1 1 ,i - ' 1 . .1 . Wii received third wsing. .iHucn Ail ui weuu 01 me. rroa leaamr jewelry nouses, cjoinmr ana insnrmxeniai scores, oners are poarmr ta far lsLlp dcmstioTw ' z land tae CuUlksS DOard OI swers have already been given by leach year give to the people the . 'director Is SDCnSfir hoars 'ewal studios, and promoters rtful kings cf the various 1 Itrying to decide mwn a favor - irtoSwk watch thi, pag. iSble SWtrd. Cn the r""' dance tour Idea. 0' Wk - 1T sjinouacements and In the face Of the great Because of the vast interest being cock your ear for the mue that Interest bemr shown, it is hoped snowa. it appear tnat tn conien mnns so max you may MANHATTAN MUSIC CO, so snssj grim tazmaa, ml ifLOYD RaYlrjHiTE BACID BUSY ORE 1 IT G 0 S STILL E SPOTS; R OUTLIET OnTktAb! KOliDAY, OCT. 21 aail return ta JinLLTWOOXX. After taking a CU Oct. IT' V - aT - er a receal C - Vf '" w lata - f t 4 - l ta dceag so C ' Wow to rectal r - to w"" - 11 CsOaa.sea - j 5 - - Ra - rvne.4. le Che r of the eeC Vr 1 raTa ass own j V J4 rvea a kserativel ' CaTeraia wtth hia i. wa therefore S. lT tM - t - Ta date rebeexeal wtth ass wea - aaowa mm xrw vqrv fw 17 .With the working his way East. Is Arts aad Sciences in Hollywood. . t. anr wiwid wall nnienins up onujaiwi u - H - mr fw enksred ViTHle are 1ST'"1. ioru vmroins ua - en - . j - e 'Wnr ei - Ba far sdoU , . - T. : r Thi. win be f'tbmetoVof the bigger aad V - aer ;tro for th.wk oi October 1S. jp - ranc - xor xae ... ba3 - white attraction who ar gobbling ; Leonard Feather. vm - tBOvn 177 ' '..TV "Z" V7" " la? the WnStaade if t!hVlocalaad! English critic, to eoOecting aa ad instrumentalist. Tavurahle aa - br'ftitwul veeele aad clubs. istsx band to do some records for: Tfrfr Trtm hat t"t rnrrTTn"i uocay Miarwier is set; a. Tio - rd Bay bit dormant tho past season vd ; for a return ta the aavoy Beoreom, that the winner wEl be afforded win be one of the greatest in col - truthful conception of your favcr - I aS the pomp aad glory ft goes ored musical history, and will once - He band. with the coronation cf the new iking; and queen... and the award, j win carry the asm significance' I that goes wtth the coveted Oscar 1 a, uw juuoa nuuii inncny cx at the apoQo Theatre X. Xuks played quite auLnasfiiTTy at the Betel ta Chicago, nas for aa October 31st la Cotambea. Ge. Cooat Baaie. which Is where Erskia Hawkins win be spotted after cocoplettng the abort aad af his national tour. Jimmie Ijuaceford. of coarse, has three weeks to go oa his Basel on. at the Fiesta oa Broadway. Earl mm Is reported priming his bead for a dance tour. r - iUw, Hawkins and the Savoy Bqltsns are stfil oa their double feature tour. Sznee Andy sOrk has been for the week of the 23th with Fats Waller and Jimmie Lcncefard coming ta oa the Sth aad 19th. re - rDeetrveJy. the CLEUELAfJD BOASTS OF C30T SPOTS "Ar.l I GUILTY" BRINGS HETJ HOPE TO COLORED OWJG PICTURE EXECS By EAKL T. MOBKIS (Motion Picture Editor) HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 17 Reports that the film play, "Am I Guilty?" dedicated to the medical profession, starring Ralph Cooper, and produced by A. W. Hackel, of Supreme Pictures, broke all records recently at the Apollo Theatre has produced shouts of Joy : from practically every producer of. The producers they popalar Cedar itertammeat the beet oatlet for ta data, vying for the with the good eld Savoy tw. ' Cedar Country Qnb Is round i ami 1 inwia and 1 larzaty. While Cedar - - .re alaa, I leeeea eo colored cast products Exhibitors throughout the ration i a 4 mm i r T - TTt thtt V - r cdtlee. CX - ETVXZJL - TD, Oi, Oct. 17 Qeve - jj presented a united front profit. m - nA a V - tH - ny of its two hot - : against the fQm fare of Black snots, aad claims ta have in the (Bollywood, claiming that a aeries rr. ,r - - ,v w - - w.Iof tnferior picturee had Just about could not make the ventures pay for themselves, let alone make any ' the ling S - B.O. (Standing Boom Only) signs to be hung out the industry gathered new hopes. The producers have loudly be - ecperior picture aad waited the factthat they could not get exhibitor to screen their to the public; aad If they wTOing. they wanted to do the heart of the entering ta a black aad tan clientele, has a unit floor shew, wtth a chorus Una and all the trim - JJammes W. IF H IE UD COMMUNIST CA - VDIDATB FOB 1CE - PKESIDENT The I4C0i?O and the Elections NATION - WIDE HOOK - UP 1 a - rut ' ' m x The exhibitor oa the cthsr hand." U4U,D W "W - rL - i - frw that Black. Hollywood had MOTgai lnwa5 W produced lousy picturee. and theirjlAJF FJtL KDKA WeTZiaN.T. Ilebrtiavdesst 9 - 5 P. C T. Oxt the Pic Coast Set Yczr Load Pc?m . FcrYcttLocdStdxca patrons had walked out ef the theatre ta disgust. That they were afraid to pay the producers' prices than be left hofaUng the bag. But "Am I Guilty ? - la each a as met wtth sach approval it has been stated that this fftea has put the Kegro fffrn Industry on a sound basis and has re - established faith in the ec - !: s: - m ill I 11' V.J! mi $11 r 41 v I 14 1, m it? Iff Hi ill 31 flu t . 1 .' ii, , 5! tl '2" " ! - '1 Tax:: m r 4 prodswtka - t. i j so at ridicxiloosiy low 1 n ' ;

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