The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1931
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Served bit the United Press BLYTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTIIEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS' HOME EDITION VOL. XXVIII—NO. -1:5 Biythevllle Courier, HlythevUle Dally News _Blythcvjiiej|ieralj. Mississippi Valley Under. ARKANSAS, TI1UKHDAY, MAY 7, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS BIG BEER 500 Gallons and a Quantity of Liquor Seized on South Elm Street. Five hundred gallons of beer and atom 25 gallons of liquor v.cre seized by Shciid W. W. Shaver nml Deputies Arch Ijiudsey and Eric Bollard In a raid on a South Elm street residence, just within ths city limits, occupied l>y George Abbott, late yesterday afternoon. The haul was the largest made in this city in many months. Abbott through his attorney, Claude P. Cooper, entered a plea of guilty to a charge of possessing intoxicating liquor for the purpose of sale before Justice Oscar Alexander this morning and was fined $75 and costs. Abbott tart occupied the residence only a short time, according to officers. He lud been fined before for ollenscs against the prohibition laws. EnlrruiCL* Through Hidden Door The attic of the large residence, which sets back in a grove of trees on South Elm, known as the oi: mill road, was filled with cases of home brew, bottling equipment, malt, sugar, coloring fluids. ke;s nnd chhrcoal sticks. A Quantity of pretzels was also found by the officers. More than 105 cases of quart bottles of beer were discovered cached in the attic while lour 15 gallon jars contained beer \vhich had no; been bottled. A keg o! liquor and several jars were found. One gallon jar of liquor also held a charcoal stick. The attic, cache was discovered after officers had searched the residence without finding any liquor. Deputy Lindsey removed a plank from a ceiling and in gropin-j thru the opening discovered a rope. Pulling the rope (he deputy found.-it opeiiea >f cleverly concealed tr«p door which provided an entrance to the attic. Haul Beer to Jail Sheriff Shaver and his men destroyed a quantity of the beer at the house. Then they secured a truck and loaded It with the contraband. As the heavily loaded truck drove through the business section of the city last night about 0:30 o'clock pedestrians staged a mock raid' on the truck but tile officers succeeded in repulsing the "raiders" long enoiii'h lo plsre the beer cases in the county jail. Rnilioads Must .Meet Com- pclilion Declares Trade Association. Accepts Explanation of Beilegarde Remarks WASHINGTON, May 7. (UP) — Secretary of Stole Slirason said day he had infornud Haitian Minister Dante Belicgarde that t'r;c lat ter's explanation of his imported remarks regarding Major General Smedley D. liner's capture of a fort in Haiti .satisfactorily terminated the incident. Stimson advised the navy department to the same effect. Bcllcsarde explained that his remarks had been misunderstood c misquoted. He had not I. deny the existence of the tort liul- Ir-r was supposed to have captured, he said, but merely to s.vy that he had never heard of it. Osceola Will Observe Holiday for Game Here OSCEOLA. Ark.—Loyal supporters of the Ojcruin Indian-; will scud a big delegation lo help their favorites piy Hie lid o!l the Bljthevilli! baseball season in a (jame ivith thr Hlythevilie Red Sox Friday aft;moon, il was Indicated with Uw ibsiianco today of a iirodainatlun by Mayor A. S. Kesri's dcdai-i Friday aflrri'.con a holiday here and nrying nil busim-ss 'tiou-c-- !o close to permit i;rc-]i:ic'ior.s and employes lo attend the ba Baltic. Tlie game will start at 3 o'clock at Haley Field, the Bly- thcvilio high, school athletic Held. Where Jobless Face Machine Guns A request for revision of rales on ctton from BlythevlKe nnrl other \rkansas pcints has b;??ii filc-d with he railroad on bebtilf :>f the Ar- Cotton Tr.icie a?oocialion by V. S. Turner, vice president anil ecretary, "who paints ciit tint L'ne ailroads stnnd to lose a l.iree vc]- smc of traffic unless (heir rates re adj:istcd to meet truck line and voter way competition. Rales sought from Blyihevlllc nre )5 cents "jinr hundredweight to Jharlctt;. N. C. r or Greenville. S. I.. 8G conts to Macon, Ga., 73 ecu's o Selma. Ab.. 86 c?nts to New Or- eans, $1 to Houston. Tex.. 75 cen's o Tnt1!anapDl»s. $1.05 to Utici. N. L'.. anJ 51.13 to Boston. Mass. The&2 urcpcsed rates in all cases are as o?,' or lower than cither the o'.J or ,the nsw rates from this city. 11 We come as friendly asenls of ;he producers and shippers and ,hsir organisations." says the request, "and we \rish to be helpful o the railroads at a time when no argument should be necessary that only extreme caution can prevent nucii traffic loss to the ra lira ids, ind much confusion to their ps- rons. We refer to the development Snakes lor Zoo al N(. i w Orleans Visil liolei Cale HIGH UP ON A HILLSIDE overlooking the Black Mount-ii:: Coal Company's.properly in Hnrlan comity. Kentucky, a machine gun .Is concealed in a mine house rhowti in this picture, ready to repulse any attack by jobless miners. At th? right are three typical children of jobless miners nov; bciti;j cared for at Evarts—Ray, 4; Oma Lee. C. and Jack Garland. Ur.ion officials say 5003 women and children in the mine war zone are facing Imii- of transportation facilities other han (he railroads. Sucei'intcndents Li! tie Rock Meet at to Plan Legislative Program. UTTLE DOCK, May 7. '(UP)— ; County and city school supcrinten- | dents and principals of the state j met hire today at the request of ' D. C. of Prescoit, uresi- „_ . _ , dent of the Arkansas Educators There is no use Tooling ourselves Association, to discuss plans for or yourselves. The spread in Inn financing public schools. rates ns proposed at the river will | Tm , superintendent's end princi- cansc t:-e diversion of a groat vol- pals mce t in a joint session at jme of cottcn traffic from the rail- w h; ch general problems conironllna roads lo truck lines, barge lines. (lle si:llc educational system were These Bandits Should Have Provided Barrels EASTON, Mass, May 7 (UP) —Bandits forced Wiliam H. Ro!;ertscri; 30. 'nnd a vvoropii cbmjfan'l'on into wcods. orde'rVd them .to remove all (heir clothing except shcos and stockings and escaped after robbing them of S17. After the holdup Robertson signaled passing motorists but the latter thought they were coaling with a naked madam and hurried away. Finally he waited to n gasoline station where he telephoned police En- route he picked up a vest abandoned by the bandits. This was Ills only clothms. Is "Free lown" Amid Company-Owned Lauds in Kentucky Coal Fields IllllTOIt'S NOTK: This Is llu- stTdntl of two rxrlllMvi' storii-s friitii tlu> Kastrrn Kriiliicky mine ulicrr violence has broken out In a wur twtwei-u the miners anil ii|H*nitors. In yvstmlay's slu- ry. Sli-vi- lEtimnUrty told how the mtniTs- alialuluncd the ITniU-d Hint- Wurkers of America for Ihc- Ku Klu\ Kl:m during its hey-ili-)- several years apo, and how they :u-i: now .seeking lo set back In this union anil also win unlnn recognition from tlie o|icr.ilors, i-jst wlu-n thvy quit to Join the klim. I1V STKVK IIUMPHKKY \Vrlllcn (or NKA Service (Copyright, 1031. NEA Service, Inc.) KVAHTS, Ky.—"I want tills place guardedl Gtvc me men wllh rilles at each corner and cnai J this house to hell, regardless. For God's sake-, men, don't Id' anybody rjel nniier this building; those 'gun thugs' say they nre .'going to blowup this place tonight!" War is on betwecn'Harlan comity's thousands of jobless miners and the mine owners—renl war, with machine guns nnd tear uns bombs on one side pitted against the squirrel rilles on the other—mid n stocky union orgnnlzcr opens with this fervent appeal as he rises to address a meeting of 300 men in a ramshackle Evarts garage. Four overall-clod . miners—tall, cold-eyed mountaineers—sling rifles lo their shoulders and mount guard Genuine or fancied, the threat o! attack has keyed the audience anc j roused Its fighting blood. They are meeting in Evarts, bc- j cause Evarts standstill.- oboul the HUH b I companies. IL is what the miners cnll P. "free owned nnd opsrated by merchants' instead of commissaries owned by HARLAN. Ky. Mny 1 (UP)— tlle co:l1 companies. It was just Cavalry and Infantrv units of the m } i . ot p nrls thnt In1ners clas!ict! Kentucky National "guard arrived wilh S!lcnfl Bblr ' s deputies nnd here shortly after D A. M. today i mme . suinis the other day, ] to control a situation of blocdy dis- mcn orders growing out oC labor disputes Involving coal miners of southeastern Kentucky. NEW OHLEANS, May 7. (UP) — Two large boa constrictors, one 11 feet long, appeared In the old l-'rench quurlor paily today, terrorized missis nt u small hotel, caused evacuation of n cafe and held police ul bay for more than nn hour. The larger reptile coilwl Itself aiound a ventilator shaft in liiu cafe after snultiiR wallers, patrnr.3 nnd the proprietor scrambling to the enlrriiice. Manuel Ksciukul of Belize, llrltlsh llondmns. owner of the snakes, appeared nnd lassoed the R'lililes. The smaller, more than five feet lonif, crnwled through the hotel corridors and onto the roof. It was induced back Into Its box by F.s- quival who "dimmed" II. Eso.ulvnl John Fiisby, 65, Believed Bcalcn to Death with Piece of Iron Pipe. LEPANTO. Ark.. May 1. (UP) — Discovery or the of John Prls- by. 05, grocer, nflre In the back of his store today resulted In n 'general search for lili slayers. Two negioes discovered the fire and called W. C. McWhortcr, night watchman, who broke down the door and dragged out the burning body. An Iran jnln used by the .. .. 'slayer In killing Frlsby was found explained later he had brought the ' nearby. Nothing of value in the reptiles lo this country (or pro-!store was taken although ths fron.t *.•„.„ ^.i__ „ (loj,,. 0( tnc rafc |,' n(1 keen 0 p., nCT i : Frlsby reputedly kepi large sum'; of money on his person nnd officers believe his attackers robbed him. Kentucky Guardsmen Maintain Order .in Har- Ian County Trouble Area. senlatlon to a New Orleans zon and that they escaped from their steamship in its transit to markets and ports, and attract to such lines a corresponding volume of reciprocal tonnage consisting of merchandise- of various descriptions." The request points to lhr> possibility of thr development of nn extensive truck line system to carry cclton from inland points lo the barge terminal nt Helena, nnd to the likelihood that. Blvtheville. West Memphis, and CarulhersviUo. Mo., will sooner or later have barge facilities. The barge line, the statemeir. says. "K quoting raios from considered. This meeting will b: followed by separate conferences of the two groups to discuss their individual problems. Following the meeting Hastings will name a special committee ccm- poscd of members of both bodi? to formulate recommendations to be submitted to the special legislative commission cieated by - th? las; general assembly to make a survey of the edue.-itional system of the state. Reporter Is Jailed For i [Inciting Mob MEMPHIS. May 7 (UP)—The Memphis Press Scimitar was informed today that one- of its re- pcrlrrs. Gerald Kclley. who was killed and two wounded in the battle. . miles down the road from tht union town is the other side of } the picture. Guards of (he Black Tl:e troops and cavalrymen were 1 1 ;° P ;clllrc - Ulltir(!s rnroiile Ir, the little mtnlin town I* 1 ? 1 "" 3111 Cml Cor l» of Evarl-i. ten miles east of here. ! brlSlh "S ^nific.uHly. ' ition. gun; are posted where thev were due to arrive and! Kr ™, ml ^e CKiipany's property, pitch camp by noon. The cavalry : " ^'body tries to rob our corn- unit arrived here by train nnd was i' nlssary ic v/m be J ust to:> bad -" ^i'- scheduled to move east by noon. Woman Aide to Bishop Challenges Authority of Senate Investigators. WASHINGTON, May 7. (UP) — Eflorls of the Wye commute-; of the senate to attempt to. Investigate activities of Bishop James Cnniion jr., of the Methodist, Episcopal Church. South. In the 1923 presidential campaign failed, at least, temporarily, today when Miss Ado Burroughs, an nlde to Hie bishop, refused to testify! After a halt hour of parrylngs the k hca.ring twn^ closed .wlthiut overcoming Miss burroualii' 'refus : •U to answer questions on the ground the committee was without authtir- V- Bishop Cannon came on crutches to the meeting- of the commlt- !ec. Cannon, previously a Democrat, ivas active against Alfred E. Smith for president. The bishop, who yesterday said he v.-ould attend'the hearing If invited, cnmc today without- invitation or subpoena. Blames Tariff Bill Protesti on International Bankers Man Wins 58,000 Prize for Landscaping NEW YORK. Mny 7. .(UP)— A | design for "nn officer's ciub" wlllii tar in the basement has -won the annual Prix dc Home 'award for orckltecturc. . The designer ia Henry Duailn Mlrlck, K, Washing- . Ion, D. C. ' ;•;. ' - Tiic award for landscape-architecture went to Nell HamtjU Park, 30. of Parkin. Ark:, who was graduated from ' Cornell in 1928. Each nward is yjitied at >8,0op and -en- nbles Ihe. • -.vlnncr to. spend three years study In Europe. ' . At Evaris a group of more than 300 miner* wns drawn up in semi- mtliio.ry r.rray to erect the troops on their arrival there. "Everyone Is glad the troops nrf E. B. ChiUlress. company superin- Chief Police Cusick told the United Press Asa in tendent. He doub'.lc.-s means It. for , in a mine IICILSC higher up the liill- 1 side a machine gtm is said lo b,? hidden. It was from this range n few mornings bsfore the bat'.Je thn'. killed foi:r that an atucmatic rllkbaci: r.t snipers l:ad tclcnhonc convcrs-ilion fro-n" Evarts I 0 "™" 1 fir<; on mlncrs from Wonipn p.nd children were sairl Tone Lower sent lo Writer Vallry. Miss., to re- ; to have evacuated the small town, two per- j last night when armed men pat- pori an axe murder of sn:is. had been jailed Knob. Haven for Union Men To Evaris come the mlnsrs <•:)-; roiled the streets, manned the PHILADELPHIA. Pcnn.. (UP) — wood. Miss., on icrbal charts of; hcusc tens and windows, in nntlci- 75 Firemen Overcome by Smoke in Buffalo Fire BUFFALO, Xfay 7 (UP)-Scven- ty-Jivc firemen were overcome by smoke in fighting n So.OOO.COO fire winch early today destroyed a five story armory and a church In the Mas-Sen hill section. ruihersvine. Mo., which v.ould in-i The tune of driuiLii. liU'ratiiro p.:\:\ the Wri'.cr Vniley piurifr. Ths sheriff told (ho paper he | ly slit-rifts, would chr.rge the reporter wilh inciting a mob and the district at- E. JcIIcrson. honorary pastor of the ; (nrney sent word he would prefer Broadway Tabernacle, New York, i charges of criminal libel against are fired because they Join the union—a local union not yet rccon- (iirato that preparations arc complete al tiial point- for handling." DO-X In Readiness for Numerous houses In the area 0( '• Tilfl Flight Scross Atlantic LISBON. Pcrtueal. Mny 7 (UP) —The (lyinT boat DO-X was pre- parfd at Boiama. Portuguese. Africa, last ni?ht for departure on its flight across tlii> south Atlnn- lic ocean to Ferndando Noronha Island off Brazil. (he fire were damaged and 20,COO rounds of small ammunition stored in the armory were set off by the flames. No injuries other than those sufftrcd by firemen wore reported. The annory cnverecl two citv blccks. «''" D = 'he over-water hop for the giant flying boat. War Correspondent and Actress Wed in France 3,500 Homeless Afte--. Fire Sweeps Japanese Town YAMANKA. Ishiknwa Prefecture. Japan. May 7 (UP)—About 3.500 rrsldrnts of Yamanka were homeless today after fire had destroyer! move than half of the citv. polities is Inwrr '.f;rlay than at any ; ime in the history of the country according to the Rev. Dr. Charles' pation of further visits from depu-, nized by United Mine Work- Agreement AVitH Vnion JELLICO. Trim.. May 7. (UP) — who .•Klrfrossctl the Presbyterian Social Union. arges the wriiir. ?t at $5W. His bnnd (cmporaiily Bootlcaiecr Familiar Figure ' j An agreement between representa- -tivc.s of the United Mine Workers , of America nn:l rcjircscntatlvcs of ' Gov. Firm n. fi.imnmn of Ken: titcky was signed before trooos were ' ordered into the Harlan field, U ; became known today, i It protects miners in the con| troverslal section from strike break- j ers sent fri durinc. tt:e period of ; martial law. obtains a promise of sheriff. Juvenile Cr.urt , aid for starving pwule of the area HOT SPRINGS, May 1. (UP) —' H ] (, y Having discussed r-vory phase ol |imd b .iil. Next were ilsVcd"thr";i,ij\ 'and "grnnt's" th»%'ish:'for'niiners'Vo child ilfe from the suidcrgarlen , mayor, election, polling pbrc. In 1-, Join and fo'.ici' niemlTs for th«ir stage throush iiigii school dele-ales • | 0 t. taxes. ln«siirai:c:. bank. rc;H and | organization with lii- prnvlsinii tlint attcndin? ll'-e 35th annual convcn- , bank t^^. Jan of their meclhi^ shall bo held tion of the national congress o! | "while r.early 100 per cent c-C the ' iii daylight hours. " parents ar.rt teachers tDday pre- , boys and M ]icr cent of tl:c pare.1 to clos? t'neir lour day s:s- . v ,. pro Hinroucihly n cnlw .:iiied v.-uh slon with chiefly fvrused|,-, c !)0 ,r.]^ e er ' and hi. ac:iii!i:s. on adoption of resolutions ar.d s=- ' cnlv about 40 per cent or the <w» lection of the 1932 convention city, children had ever heard of II- pro- The last session mil be devoted | hlbltlon law or realized that the to lieariiK of final reports o, stand- • bootio^er wfts vl ,,] nt | nT 1; •• c -m- .nj commit'.ee.s and of departmfni . mir=j n i;r Cooirr said Dr Burin's crs of America, but hoping lo be taken back into the fold that voluntarily left when thncs were good and money was plentiful a few years ago. In Evarts. they find merchants who are sympathetic because these merchants want tc wrest their trade frcm Ihe company commissaries. Here, the miners bring their hungry wives ami children. Here. Abe Applcbaum—a merchant who has distributed a carload of flour a:non = ' the miner feeds 50 school children with a sandwich ai:d a ooule of milk each noon. While stores of the East Harlan Coal Co. have bren looted, tr.e stores at Evans have suffered most—Evarts. where the merchants are for the union. Union men de- Judge Sentences Robber to 10 o'clock Bedtime ST. PAUL, Minn-, May 7 (UP)— next five years. If he stny up . later than Hint hour Juckel must. . serve n five year term in the .stole reformatory Judge Wheeler ruled. The senUncc was passed after Juckel ploaiied guilty to robbing • several meat markets. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. (UP) —The great bulk of criticism of the Sir.oot.-Hawlcy lurid bill and the government's foreign debt policy originates with Internationa! bankers nnd, induslrlalists. who have leaned or Invested approximately fn.OOO.OOO.OC-O abroad, nccordinj to Reed Smoot, senior Unilcd States :enotor. "And these men." tie asiWtod "are not Americans. They arc internationalists.' 1 Senator fimoot said powerful cap Waghorn, British Speed Pilot, Dies o{ Injuries ALLJERPiHOT. Ens.. May 7 (UP) —Flight '.;•. itcnant H. R. D. WP.S- horn. i. -of Erl'iin 1 ;; foreniost :.|;eed flyers, died tcdny In C'am- biid^e military hospital. Waghorn was itijurTd doy before yesterday in a parachute leap from a plane near here.>erg \Viil "voceed Afoot to Aid Courtauld May 7. (UP) — Hope (or the rescue of Augustine Courtauld, British youth marocn?:! hi a hut on the Greenland Ice cap, was -•'.rengthene^ ! oday by encotir: news of the progress of Capitalists who have moved abroad to f 0 -i l.-ko .idvinlntse of cheap labor arc ' lain Albin Ahrcr.berg in relief efforts. the opponents of the tarld net. H.' charged that international bjiike:? who desired lo make their foreign investments worth ICO cents on th; dcllnr are opponents of the deb: policy. I The noted Swedish flyer was reported preparing for an attempt to reach Caurtatid's li-uely meteorological station on foot. Driver cf Alcohol Car Placed in Jail The driver of a car loaded with 75 gallons of pure grain alcohol and his two companions were arrested by Jake Thrclkeld, deputy Mrs. Minnie Kcnney Reported Seriously I!l LOS AN'GKLES, May 1. (Up) — Transfer of Mrs. Minnie Kennedy, mother of Mrs. Aimec Semp!-2 M> Phcrson, to a hospital was beinj considered loday irtcn It was reported she was growing steadily weaker from an illness that ha? sheriff of Wilron and lodged jn'confined her to ttcl for th; past 43 the county jail at Osceola ycstcr-. "ours. nay according to reports received- here. The names cf the trio were not „ . SaifoTS LoSC I WPS When ' . Clare the robbing is the work of 1 known here but they were said to "gun thu?s" hired bv the compan- llave " ce " enroll to from points! ies, staged to create the irapross:o:il n 9 rth ^ Memphis on Highway Gl Steamer Splits Dredge j NEW r,ONIX>N. cn:in.. May 7 that the miners are violent and eral court Injunction when Thrcikeld stopped their Swollen River Halts Factories in Russia N.OSCOW. May 7 lUP) — Tho river Dnieper _ — ...._.*. .*,„,,,,..*, *..„,, ,,m- . )V . £n river j_ti'.cper i*co3Cu chine and uncovered the alcohol.[Kiauenchng todiy, lultlns oper- - _ P»rt of the heavy load wns carried: a ti on of factori-s an: thre.iten- storekcepers who have been I 1 " covered containers on the run- h,,g f. overflow the Moscow-Osdes- robbed deny the union m?:i did It. I'""5 board 0( tl'-c car. dent and author, were married at , To-.iin'.s. France, it was announced I. today. •' Jl i . i " . i j i Moreover, they are acc<pUng the k today tho motor dredge ' rlrlces of d „„ , v , „ , Triniount amidships, causln? loss of i patro , th ° r ^ llvf ;- accordinB to against guard dfcnntolx*. , nightlv to further robberies. Beth! po lnt out thal vvl , en thc E:ls . Hlr Thieves Visit Gardens apanese Flyer Turns Back from U. S. Hop this A r.Kuibor of residents of city have reiwrted visits this spring by garden thieves. According to rejiorts several people havo found quantities of sprin? vegeta- May 1UP! ' legacr ns n well dressed' nnrl wril- guard I Convention Says Plumber nc;hl Should Wear Uniform . - , , , ., nquiry was made cancern-• milled List night in nn address by | n o c:cc'icn and its mear'n: he ! , n , T , , illit.Dr.-Wiliinm John Cooper. U. s., rcc olved the reply that' "At'ths t3 the United States, i ccmmissicncr of education. Dr. ' BOSTON. lUP)—The.up-to-dat; plumber should wear a spotless uniform and be polite to hts patrols, the Massncliusctts State As. .... .... .fetation of Master Piumbers said ! union speakers nt th;ir meetings., ln resolutions passed without en- sa rniircad. Several houses .vere destroyecl by th? water b;it thr- death toll wis not definitely determined. WEATHER ARKANSAS — warmer 'o!iir;ht; cloudy, Fair, somewhat Friday partly Accorcii:!-, to the official vcathcr thieves. i election yon write who Is to be sr.ay- -'o at M ; n,r S brought to the here, but a fro-i Tokvo reiiinv:;] her: this afternoon almost Cooper "declared the results show-'' or and then you collect vo'.ir ,;:m-1 was missfn^" wo h-un nftsr he had denarted ed children who were million- . C y." Professor Burton also ivve.iled ' beats , • .-. - tor Snu:sir island. He ssid he e;i- cd know more about the boot :•«!' that in -wo nviinn* />f r bios removed over-n.ght by countered unfavorable flying con- than about anv other of the sub- ' f r -, s[ vo^bwh e Ls a , Idilions and turned back. jecls. Divorce came next, follow-routine matter. cva- 1 man ; Crc,=i searched in \ cf Peter Wehb. Evr:r Christiansen. Bo::ou. was ."Wln by peaceful persuasionl We I "luslnsm at their convention hore.' observer. Charfcs Phillips. Jr^ the ci;r,rd base d on 't care anything nbout the 'gun I II tt 'as decided that piumbers Tnlniinum tompcrature here yes- Parnsworth , , nuBS . Wc .,, ^^ llavc lt 50 thc !werehui r.nard patrol for trace lass.. Dan: and Ed-.vnrd \ »i ' - , Anderson, memlx-rs 01 the crew, irting their business by fail- lerday was 45 d^rces nnd the nux- keep up with the times. [linum '' decrees, cloudy with .03 —— i inches ' f Tcday a year a,-o A single lea( of the parasol mag-!the mlninnm t-rnpeiature was 61 .nolla of Ceylon ailords shade (or|cic!rc£s and the maximum, 84 de- (Continufil on Page Four) I twenty persons, Ittraf with 34 inch" of ruin, . 'gun thugs' , county." Childress. stay In Har'.an ] llrc lio-.vcvcr. says they!

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