Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1957 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1957
Page 13
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Friday Evening, June 14, 1957. RIP KIRBY STO&E NASH HOES NOT HAVE FAR TO LOOK FOR A PROSPECTIVE VICTJM, ^^^so' MAYBE I WON'T HAVE TO ^ GO All THE WAY INTO I TOWN APTER ALL. THERE'S HOWPY, PARPNER.' WATCHA POIN'WITH THATGAPSET? THIS SB6ER COUNTER? WHY, I'M PROSPECTING- FOR URANIUM/ FRIEND*... URANIUM; EH? i ) EXTREMELY. HEARP TELL OF ./ A SOOP FINP THAT STUFF /CAN MAKE ONE SOMEWHERES, ] WEALTHY IS IT VALUABLE? A OVERNIGHT/ MICKEY FINN IM LEAVING FOR HOME TONIGHT~AND IJUST WANT TO SAY GOOD TO HIM! NOT A SIGN OF HIM MUST HAVE HIM WORKIN INSIPE TOPAY! Logansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribune Thlrt«e« KERRY DRAKE J 'MOJO SARASIN , X OP COURSE,THERE ISN'T 1- PDSSESSION OP NARCOTICS,) MUCH PROFIT IN CUITTERIN6 SIX ARRESTS, FOUR CON- VlJP YOUR MENTAL RLE WITH V1CTIONS... i , ..-< A SMALL-TIME JUNKV " UKE HIM / THE LINE-UP WILL HELP VOU SET TO KNOW THE HOODLUM'S FACE, WITHOUT ..3UT DRAKE MAS NO WAY OF KNOWING THAT THIS FORLORN DERELICT WILL ONE CAY 66 THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN FRANK MALONE'S LIFE.' BEINS NEW, YOU'LL BE VERY VALUABLE FOR TAILING CROOKS, FRANK .' EVERY HOOO IN TOWN KNOWS MV.FACE.' REX MORGAN, M.~ D. YES, I'M HAPPY TO W.' THIS HAS BEEN AS _ BUS* AN OFFICE CW AS I'VE KNOWN/ IF YOU'RE GOING 7 FINE— BUT FIRST, TO STOP BY THE | LET'S HAVE PINNER HOSPITAL TO See-l IN SOME QWET LITTLE BEX TONIGHT I'D \ -RESTAURANT.' UKE TO CO ALON6.' «4S WAT THE LAST PATIENT, JUNE ? WE CAN AFFORP ID V WELL, YES — IF TAKE ONE HOUR AWAY j ITS NO MORE THAN FROM PC. MORGAN'S I OWE HOUR ' PRACTICE, CANT WE? EMMY LOU "I'm disappointed in Walter—he turned out to be only human!" GRIN AND BEAR IT "Anjrkody can (ind a valuablo antique ehmt in ihoir ottic, dcorl . . Th« trick ii to find somebody wbo wiH aivo moro than 5 bucks for Jtl" Three Polio Virus Strains Crystalized DKKKI'JUOY, Calif Unlvor.sl.ty of California scientist,s have jiuhii-vod tho purl Mention and crynUilli/idllon of all three major known ulralrui of 'ixi Thu roporl was miulc by Dr. Play Safe While You Drive! { i I Keep alert-chew gum Avoid traffic jitter* and driving drowsiness. Chewgumwhiieyou're behind the wheel. Chewing help* relieve (train and tension — helps keep you feeling fresh and alert for safer driving. Chew any brand of (,'nrk'lmi 10. Scliwordl ami hl« co- wyrkor, Dr. Kroilorlck L. Schaffer, of llio school's virus Laboratory. Thoy rupnrlod tho crystiilllzulion and purification (if one polio strain —MKK-1—In "ihu Cull of 1955, Uio flr.sl time any liurniin or anlinal InfccLliifi vlnm had bren cryslul- llml. Now Ihey Imvc milieu purified '.ho Malionoy. and SnukoU slraliw. The l!irw.- .stiraltii aro tl»o«o uwd In tho Salk vncclno. One of UKJ most Important roa- sotis for ohlalnliiK pure vlniiiwi IB to l»! curtain Ihiil rcwcurch rostilt-s cun 'ho atlrlltuUxl to known virus particles and not somu contain!- n;irit. Adtinniior lu Vienna VIBNNA (UC) — WO»t German Chancellor Konrnd AcUinatiur ur- rived In Vienna lortny for a tlircv- ilny stato vlult to Austria. gum you like but chew while you drive. Naturally, we recommend refrenhing, delicious Wrigley's Spearmint Gum—for lively, satU- fylng flavor and real chewing enjoyment. BUZ SAWYER FAHIiKNow NOTHIMCOF •ZORKA 1 . NOW GET OUT.' i HAVE GUESTS. ARE VOU SURE VOU DIDN'T RETURN TO WR. CJH THE LOBBY, US RUNS WTO THE *JE«EL mEKCHMnVTRIES 5 s TO FEEL HIM OUT. I I ZORKA'S ALWAYS DISAPPEARS ON MYSTERIOUS RJSWESS: , NO FEAR. HE WILL RETURN. MAYBE THE TOUCE ARE RICHT IM THINKING NOTHING HftS (MPPENEP TO ZORKA... STILL, I WONDER ITJUZ GOES TO THE ROOM OF THE EH- STARLET... 19 QUESTIONS HER ABOUT ZORKA'S DISflPPEARANCE. INftLLY BUZ GOES BACK UP TO HIS ROOM. Their cool comfort is an open secret! Bailey's ENRO ventilated Shirts, $4. MARY WORTH WHY? TO HIM, IT MEANS NOTHING.',, TO YOU, IT ME AN5 THAT S E A5IDE ^XuEtt -PERHAPS. • VACATION YOU NEED 50 MUCH ** Pewww- AND CAN'T AFFORD! LITTLE ABNER -AKJ'VO'I-IAIMT GONNA SEE IT/* MEANS AH MERELV DO 'IT ALLUS KNOWED THAR WAS A YOKUM FAMBLY "SECRET WEAPON", MAMMY, BUT AH NEVAH SEEN ITS? TERRIBLE TO REVEAL TO ANYONE, -CEPT TH' VOKUM WHUT'S GONNA USE IT— AN| MOW— V PSsr.'S- \ ALLAH K/N OFF TO A WHUTS I SAV IS, AH IS CENTRAL y rr X GLAD AH PARK-AH; J LIKE, \ f HAIN'T -TH' BLESS ^\ GCWP-2\ LIZARD'.C^ vo'.r- NANCY I CAN MEAR 'THE OCEAN ROA.R OH, BOX— A SEA SHELL. PHOOEV — EVEN THAT THING HAS COMMERCIALS STRICTLY BUSINESS "Your typing's fine, Miss Filligree, but in the tutur* 'use MY nm-nc and YOUR initials!" STRICTLY RICHTER CUTIES .•, would you go down to Mre. Barker's apartment to practice? She wants to braak h«r loooo." DOTTY DRIPPLE NOW, WHAT SHOULD I DO ABOUT A SITUATION LIKE , THAT, DRIPPLE f> HM--SOME DAYS I THINK THAT COFFEE SHOP MAKES MORE FROM AW EMPU3YEES THAN' I PO/ .?;>» WHV PON'T NOD BUY V4« • (THE COFFEE SHCX> SIR? ^ GRANDMA OEE.WHATA LUMP/HOW DIDJA DO IT GRANDMA? OH, I WAS IN A HURRY. AN' TURNED TH'CORNER FAST LIKE THIS/TH'RUO SORTA SUPPfP, AN!

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