Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1957 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1957
Page 12
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Fwelve Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Friday Evening, June 14, 1957, oseball Brass To Crack Down On Fist-Swingers Curb of Rowdyism ' ~~ Ori Field Necessary Yankees and White Sox Engage in 28-Minufe Free-for-All in Chicago; Braves and Podgers Also Haggle Over "Duster." League presidenls Will Harridge and Warren Giles arc expected today to crack down hard on fist- swinging hot heads in an effort to prevent "rowdyism" league baseball fields. Finos !>f at least $100 Slaughter, who claimed he only was trying to pull Dropo off Skowron, called it "an awful thing." "I just walked over to Dropo and pected to be levied on the five participants in Thursday's brawls major i tugged at his shirt," Slauhgter said. "I said, 'Why don't you get are ex- ! U P ?> He J ust turned around and hit me." Dropo and Comiskey released a in Chicago and Brooklyn, while i versi °n which had Slaughter sharp warnings will be issued to , | scratching Dropo. Dropo said he all 16 teams to stop 'he fisticuffs. Action may also be taken to try to stop the controversial "dust off pitch"-th€ spark -hat touches off almost all baseb-11 fiahts almost all basebc.ll lights. Skowron because "I like them hitting my friend Doby." Wednesday night, the two teams j almost tangled when Minnie Mino_ . ! so accused Yank hurler Al Cicotte The game, already beset with of throwing at his head, congressional attack and fran- -m takc care ot you in my own chise-switching troubles, has been W ay," Minoso reportedly said, s--uttered with more poor pub-! "Any time you want to start Ik'lty this year than in the last'something, m be around lo finish 20 years. The firsl incident was'it," Cicotte was supposed to have Ted Williams' blast a| Ihe Marine replied. Neither Minoso nor Cicolle Corps, former President Harry saw action in Ihe melee Thursday, Truman and the lale Sen. Robert I however. A. Taft during spring training.' That has been followed by the now-famous Copacabana incident Involving Ihe world champion Yankee.? and the assorted frce-j for-alli'. I The silualion reached a climax, Thursday when the Yankees and While Sox engaged in a 28-rninute free-for-all in Chicago and the Dodgers and Braves impromptu fist fight SHAMROCKS BID FOR SECOND STRAIGHT LITTLE LEAGUE CROWN Yesterday's Results Chicago staged an| New Yo rk at Brook-: H illman, National League 003 000 010— 490 150 100 00x— 7 10 1 Brosnan (2) and Nee- lyn's Ebbe-'s Field. Only last Sun-j man . Burnside, Davis (4i, Gris- day the Yankees and Tigers had S0rn (8 , a nd Thomas. Winner a near free-for-all in Detroit and Dav is (I .D. Loser—Hillman ro-3). two members of the Yankees and| KR _ Lockman (4th), Jablonski White Sox threatened each other Wednesday night after a game won by.the White Sox, 7-6. In all cases, the "duster" touched off the swinging. The "duster" is a pilch thrown near enough to a hitter to drive him out of the batters' box but is not designed to hit him. It is a device the pitchers use against almost all long-ball hitters and it is a ma ter of course for it to (3rd), Schoendienst (3th). Cincinnati 001 010 000— 2 (1 0 Pittsburgh OU 000 001— 3 U 0 Jeffcoat (5-3) and Bailey. Friend .(4-7) and Ttand. HR — Hoak 2 Kith & Hlh). he thrown to any batter who fol- If-abme 'ID Milwaukee 130 000 0<iO— 8 12 1 Brooklyn 000 003 1.10— 5 It I Trowbridge, John.son (B) and Sawatski. Drysdalo, Lehman <2), lows a teammate home run. Campanula. Win- who ha:-; hit a!m;r — 'J'rowbrldge '2-fl). looser — Labine Cj-Ii. Hit— Hruton 2 '2nd Pitcher Art Ditmar of the Yankees and f/utfielrfer Larry Ooby of the White Sox squared off in Chicago Thursday af!cr a "du«ler" St. Louis while pitcher Don Dry.sdaie of the Dodgers and shortstop Johnny I/igan of Ihe Braves balllwl In lirrioklyn over a similar pilch. Dofjy, Wall Dropo, Knns Slaughter and Billy Martin all were ejected from UK; Chicago game- while belli Drysdalc and Jxj;;an & rird). Cirnoli (Sth), .Sawatski Games Tonight At Riverside Park 6:00—Colt League. 8:15—UAW vs. K. of C. (Softball) Rain Postpones All Local Baseball Tilts AH baseball games scheduled Thursday night in Logansport's Little, Pony and Coll leagues and the Local FOP's dale with Peru were postponed by rain. New dates for the UCT Yanks vs. Wolf Cubs at Tower and National Bank Senators vs. Farmers & Merchants Giants ait Grain field were set for Saturday night. The Iween Pony league contest tli« Eagles Braves be- and These R-II-IVT Shamrocks will defend their championship In the American division of (.og;msi>ort's Little League baseball ruee this SCHSOH. They won their opener 3 to 1 over the Scnnlnrx. Pictured In front is Greg Summers, bat boy. First row, left In right, nre: Dnnnle Vltcllii, Tim McLochlln, Mike Cox, Dave Gaby, Joe Foster. Sccocnd row, led to right, are: Steve Maple, Glen Gaby, Alison Good, John Tlmmons, Jim Sandy, Joe Long. McLoehlin. Third row, left to right, arc: Manager Jim Smith, Jerry licrndt, Dave Long, Bill Ffuff, Glon Cunningham, Couch Mickey (Pharos-Tribune I'liolo-EngrnvinK.) Williams Uses His Bat Not Fists for Punching Becomes First American League Player to Hit, Three Homers Same Season. Milwaukee bounced into in Single Game Twice in first place National League today with fists flying and Ihe Yan- 001 000 000— 1 Philadelphia 202 400 0()x~- II 12 0 Mi/.ell, Welimeicr CD, V. Mc- Danicl (!i> and H. Smith. Sanfonl (11-1) and Lopata. Lo.sor — Mi/.eil <MJ. keen literally fought their way lo within four games of. Ihe Amwi- ican League lead. But Ted Wll_ 2 JiamH got in lhc besl "punch" of all wiUi a record-smashing home were kicked oul of thu Brooklyn Detroit name. The New York Yankees and Chicago While Sox wailed loi!;iy while American Lca;;uc President Will llarr/rlgc pondered how to discipline them fur their 21) minule, wildly .'iwin>;in^ (roe for all. The fighl broke out In the first Inning of Thursday'H game and wound up with Ihree Yankees and Amorlvnn I.MIKUO Baltimore 000 ODD 100— 1 « 0 000 OIK OOx— 2 5 J. Moore, /uvcrink (II) and Triandos. Koyladt, Clrornek "i), Tsi- lourls rs>, Slealer (7) and Hou.se. Winner —- T.sllourl.s (l-lli. Loser— Moore (2-fi;. Hit—Maxwell (12lh). Htwlon Cleveland 1)13 (MO 1)01- !) 1:1 2 l«) 000 020— I! (I 0 run spree. The Braves moved u half game alioad of Uie N.L, puck by healing Ihu Dotlgurs, H-fi, In a conlest lhal foaturud a fisl fight, belween Milwaukee's. Johnny Logan and Brooklyn's Don Dry.sdaie, while the Yankees (lefonlod tbi; While Sox, 4-:i, afler both clubs had engaged It) a 2ll-minulc free-for-all. Williams, who didn't have lo rtsfiorl lo his fists, became Uie finil American League pluyor uv- er Lo hit three home runs in a single game twice in Ihe same when lie led Uie Red Box Expect Field of Seven To Race at Belmont NJiW YORK (UP) — Whcallcy Stable's Hold Ruler, fourth In the Kentucky Derby hul hero of the Preakness, was expected lo head a field of seven today when tile unlry Major League Standings W. L. Milwaukee 1'hiladulphla Cincinnati Brooklyn SI. Louis Now York r, , •••••""» .«."— .. "» Hoiison when lie leu une Brewer (7-!i) and White. Wynn,]^ ., !>;K , vlcU>ry (>ve ,. U)( , Aguirrf5 15), Lemon '!)) and Nara Win. I/o.'Fi.r— -Wynn (7-7). HR— Williams 3 dSlli, Kith & I7lli), Mul- v.one (2nd). two While Sox being thrown from the; park. Immediately af'er the game, Ifarrldge, whu turn the whole thing from a box deal, called a cloned door meeting belween Sox Manager Al Lopez, Sox Vice I'nwldcnl Charles Comiskoy, who also wan nl Ihe pa."k, Yankee Casey Stengel and lliu umpires. I'"''. Winner—Dllmar Cl- Aft<-r Ihe meeting. Comlskfry said —I'I-orce Hll-3). (f/t—Lollar 3ie; had been led to hulluve Iliir- Rivera (3rd). ridge planned, lo dish out stiff, tK'iialtie.i. | Washington 100 001 000— 2 5 I Hari'idge made 11 clear al the Knn.'ia.'i '-'Hy 102 200 oix— B n» o time lhal ltd would make no official elalirrm.-nl before loday. Stiirtu Wllh "Dimler" Tin; exac' dcliilln <X lhc near-riot, which at one point bnmg.'it every player of both clubs onto tin: field, litill were hazed by opjxisiug vlow- . Now York (X)l 030 000— 4 Ifi 1. Chicago 020 000 010— ,'t I) 0 Dllmar, Grim (()) and Howard, Johnson <4). Pierce, Slaley Ifi), .Manager Howell (ID, Lnl'ultno r«) and Lnl- Lo.'Kir (filh), Hainod, Hyde (<1), Byei'ly (0) and Courtney. Urban (l-o> ami II. Sirilth. f.oHiir — Ramos M-.T). IIH ~ Cerv (Dili), Simpson (Hlh), iMfXix (4th), DcMne.'il.rl (ard) Ldmon (llth). ]«iinl:(. Thi'i much, however, twined to pii'HM: HiroiiKh '.he frig: —Larry Uciby wan at (ml, Sax runncn, were on flnit and iiecoml, onrt Art l)i ;nar tlirew ;i li.gli, In».iili: pitch which mill Doliy Jnj; into Die (ilrl. !><iby 1'Hl.ly ' the pilch wiiM , iimed nl hln lii'ad, bill aald nolliliif! al I lie lime. Mi'iiriwhllc, Hie ball git' away frcm catcher Klttlon Howard and both ninncru broke. — iJltmar ran In to cover the plate while Howard dia.i-xi the ball down. Thin put UHtnar rlKhl next l» Doby, wlio mill wa» briiKli- inn himiK'lf off. — l)i>by nal<l iiomclhlnf! In Dll- niar— Hie exact wurd.'i of which 1111- Iwdy nnciiiKil to remeinbci' allcr- w:. nl.. .n mi (Jllmar ropliMl. The two then fiwl'cheii to flnl.'i, — Hotli benchim liniiictllulcly *rripil ( ;(l onto Hie fluid anil Hill Skiiwron ran lo aid Dllinar. White .'lux flr.-it baseman Wall Dropo f'K'iined his ultdilliin on Skowron and their brawl hocame n i|C|iarulu ci'cniid (ivenl. Know SlaiiKhler then ji'innl Ilia I>r»po-Kkowron fl;;h(. — Wlilli- the urriplreK were luid- <lllnj; Iryliij; to dctlrlo wlw In Uimw out. Illlly Martin (li«<:iit;m;d the «lt- unllon wll.li UHimir, who bad rl.'iiin, ami Ihcu liinued for Ooby while l^ilinar watched. Doliy, iJro]K), Slau^iler and Mnr- tla were thumbed out. The um- J'lre;i rirlnd Ullmiir could altiy In becaiuin "Doby was the unnrcn- tor." NlaiiKhlur NiiyH Innocent An Inning inter, WhlUiy Ford added u fow coi'iimcntH on the «it- nalion from thu Yankui; bi:nch. Ilo Iniiiiodlak-ly jwlne/l l)»!>y, l)rt>i><>, Slaughter ami Martin In the xhow- «r«. . Nobody look lh« affuir lightly, Tiptpn Twp. Defeats Miler Baseball Club Tlplon Tp. Tlgrni walloped Twelve Mlln In 11 pair of county niirriiricr league bnnclinll Kiimrai ;il tin; Mlli.'ivi field Winlniailiiy night, laking llm Junior high irmleli Il-l and lhc high iichool balllc l.'l-l, Iho liilli.T lining called in the flflh Inning hccmim) of (Im'fcncHii, Tlplon nwiiy lo » l'n«t IIH lloit A/ililoy (ill n Iwmur and Don llcndrlxnon followuil with a triple lo iijiark n 3-run ,'iphirnc. Thai iiitnl the Tl(;ern ahoad to (in cn«y vlclnry. Don Nuail'ii lilnHle wnti Twelve Mllo'H lone fill, in Hie high M.'hool climb. f.'oadi J/arlnn linnndt of Tip- tun Jiald hlii learn will muni WanlilinjLoii Tp. in aiinllinr loop gniiK! at li'nlrvlew park Sunilny afternoon, llm hli;li Hchool liiinmi pluyliitf (il I:M o'clock anil llm junior liltjli t'niiipii al 3::iO. On Wwlncmljiy, ,/imfl 1(1, tlin TlgerH will ]ilay nl Royal Center In a 5:30 o'clock mftlch, Kiimmnry; Tlplon 3n:i.:M— i;i 11 2 T. Mlly 000, IX— 1 I 4 Franlr. '1) and P. HiiwiitKltl, Ilrulon Homer 7ri Thurwlay'n oilier A.L. gumm, Delroil. edged Baltimore, 2-1, and rooklo .lack Ui-btin pllchud Kan- HUH Clly to a (1-2 vlclory over Wa-shinglon In his first mnjor hiiifliie ({Hint 1 . Tlio Pirales roKlBlorod their ninth victory In 1:1 KtiirU by lick- Inn Uio ItudldgH, :i-2; Iho CilnnUf bual Ihe Cubs, 7-4, and Ihe I'hilii finapiicd Iho OiirdliuilH 1 <MKhl-giimo winning «lrcu'lt, B-l, In olhor N.L. conle.stii. Reserve calcher Carl Sawal.i;kl drov(! In four rlnm for Ml.'wiiidteo wllh two doubles imd a homur In a vlclory iliut w/i:i .crcdlled lo Bob Trowbrldge. BUI Ilrulon h.ll c-losos fur Salurday's running of lhc Belmonl Sliikes, Ralph Lowe's entry of Callanl M;m and Bold Nero, Cuin Ifoy HUible'.s Lucky Dip, Grcenlree Slable'.s Coho(!S, Mrs. Jules Sthwarl.'/,' Nah 11 ins, and D.&M. hle's Inside Tract, nre lliu other probable slarters to: 1 the mile and one - half ruco, which bus pointed oul Ihe three-.vour-old champion In 10 of Ihu la«L years. Jockey Kddlo Arcnr'o, seeking his HuvenCh Bulmonl. t r i u m p h, rides Bold lUihii 1 , who Hlmpes up an an odds-on favorltu al 4-li. The long-striding coll cnn boost, his eanilniis over a half million dol- Ifirs by winning DKJ Uilrd of Iho Triple Crown classlcH, woi'lh J7II,- 300 lo Ihe winner. The race will he brondctifll and lolconnl nullonnlly (CBS) from 4:OT U) 5:1X1 p.m., e.d.l.., with poiil lime nl 4:47 p.m., e.d.t. SO 21) 20 'M 1-4 Chicago Frlilny'H I'rolHible I' SI. Louis al Brooklyn L. McDimiol. (tt-2) vfi Pel. .5IW .5110 .574 ,;)04 GB 1 1'A 10V4 Jii'/j (ni«ht) — Ncweombe CliiclnnnU nl Now York (nlgbl) —Niixhull (1-4) vs Miller (0-2). Chicago ot PIllsburKh (niglill— Droll (4-B) vs Kline (2-11). Milwaukee at riilladelphln (rilghl) — Uuhl (5-2) vs Cardwell CI-2). Hiilunl"y'N finineit SI. Louis ul Brooklyn jjj 1 CliiclnnnU at New York 'Milwaukee al Philadelphia ChkuKo al Plllsburgh W. L. :i:i 17 Now York Delroll Clevclnnd ItOHlon Halllmiiru ICniiHiiH Clly 30 211 27 27 211 »3 Chisox Swap Philley For Earl Torgerson CHICAGO (W) — 'Klr.il i innn Knrl Torgenon lefl lliu r of Iho Delroll Tit/ers lodny In Uio Chicago White Him for Ihe nighl. gnmo wllli Uiu Senalnr.s al. inter join Sox" for Iho Braves (lino Clmoll conriucli-xl for lyn. Torgcson was iK:i|Uircd by HID Action A|>l«nty Sox TliiU'sdny In a Hl.raiKhl player The figlil. lielwoen IiOKim nnilliwiip wild* lliu TlKiirs fur Dave Drysiiuh' oriiplwMn Iho socond In-, IMillioy, .Sox oiitflolflor wii'l fli'Hl. Jliilliirwru «l nhii? aflcr lliu Brooklyn plWiur .hiuieman, who was due In Dolroll I'd. .MO .1177 ,n:i7 ,?M .BOO .442 .4iM l |1 rl<lay'N OH 4 (1 fl'A 8 M I'l 'A 17 »l Ohiciigo •Slo!»bs (0-10) v H Donovan (l",-2). New York al, Kansas Clly (iilghl)—Slurdlvnnl. (4-;i) vs Ilur- lioslon nil Octroi!. (nlgliU-Siilli- van (.'1-4) vs M-iins-dW). H/illlmwro nl Clovel/ind —Wight (I-.'D vs (Inrein (I- ISnliirtlii,v'H (>'i'i)i!H WnHliliigl.on nl Chicago Now York nl KnimiiH Clly Boslon at. Dolroll. lill Ihe Milwaukee nhiirlHlop In lliu duck with a pllisli. I'Mnil Ihe Iwn plnyors i!xchniii;«il wunlH, tlusii (.railed pmiclion UK plnynrii from linl.li cluliM nmlied (Mil onto the Uio liiM'n wiw ovun muni iiclkin In Yaiike(.'«-Wiilt« iS<;x name aft- abiiiil lliu IUIIIH; lime. Tlio 113-yenr-old Torge-son plnyeil In 2(1 games with Ihu TlHorii UI!M yiinr wllli a I'lilllny, baltlnK who In 37, bailee ..TOD in 22 KnmoN wllli Hie Sox. f.'arey; MOIIH, liookwallor (4) Holms. and DlNvounl (ilaiil Hkiilutiin I''lml MANILA (UP)—A Filipino an- thropoluKlsl today labvlud at) "ub- ,'iurd" reporU Dial Kkclelal r». mains of a l7Mi-fuol hill ){lnnl hni) been (ll.'icovcred In CaHayaii 1'rov- him. "It's absurd," Dr. Inoceaclo B. of the- Philippine Anl'iro- Society told U n I I e d Prow, "i ounnoL awullow lhc nlory." or Larry Doby of llm W!ilU> Sox had lo lilt, the dirt In lliu find In- nliH! Ui avoid biiliiK Hlruck by onu of Arl Dllmar'n |illchen. Doby and Dltmnr iiwmw nl eiich oilier and a number of olhor flMhU: noun broke will, Involving Hilly Marlln, lilll Skowron and Knon SlauKhlor of liliu Ynnk.H on oiKi H!(|« and Wall Dropo und Dohy of lliu While Sox on Iho oliior. The TlKera, who had losl wivun !ilralnhl Kiiinoii lo Ray Moore dul- lilK hade to l«!>5, Hcoruil Iwth Uitilr nuiH off him In Ihe nlxlh. Charley. Maxwoll till lib) J2lh liomor and ,1. W. Porlor iloiibled liomu llm dockllnii run In Win nnma fnirnu. | llrhnii Htni'H Urbnn'ii clebtil wllh Knnnim Oily wnii a (lunily. Culled up from "Denver ot Iho American AHiiocla- llon Iniil wuek end, Iho youiiK hundor allowed only five and ulruek owl four. Hob Ccrv, Harry Slrnp«on, Hue Lopox and ,l<jo DuMaesIrl homorod for thu A'JI. (J«IM; liakijr'.i ninth InnlnH BIIC- rlflce fly ncorud Hill Ma/.oroskl wllh I'lliwhui'Kh'N w I n n 1 a K run, Hob Krlond limited Oic KudlcKX lo nix hltii In pOHllnii hl« fourth vlclwy mid Klvlnj! Uio Ptiviliw a «weop ot Iho four - Kiuno HurliiH. KoIJi of Cincinnati'* ruiu wore Iho reiult of homora by Don Hoak. BRAKE SHOES Wymoufd O98 IV-f/i.5-1 •"• fx. 20,000 milo guaran- t«o. Bonded. Sof of 4 for 7. whople, Soli for othor can at pro- porlloncitoly low prices. Shook Abtorbtrs C«n Hydraulic airpUno- typo. Make your car ride lido now. WESTERN TIRE AUTO STORES Corner of 3rd and Market Matey Wins District Golf Title With 214 LEBANON, Ind. (UP) - Tom Mai.ey, former capi.ain of lliu Nnlrc Diime links luam, xliol n 74 Thursday lo win Iho Indianapolis Dislricl Golf Championship wllh n 54-hole lolnl of 2M, three strokes Iwllcr limn hi.s nonrosl rival. The 2l)-yopr-old fndianajwlis slui.'l anlosmmi wunl inlxi Tluirs- day'.i third ami final round wllh a tlirce-slrolce IK!KU over lhc fieW nncl hultl on for victory IIH hij<h winds swept Ihe so^uy Uk'ii Coun- Iry Chili course. Boh Iloppeimlnll of Inilliiiuiiwlis finished second wIMi a lolul of 217 and defending chninplon and favored Dale Mui'ey of liidlanupoli.s und Don Kssl« of Indlaiinpoll.'j dcaclhickud for Uilrd nl 2111. Demaret Takes Early Lead in National Open TOLEDO, Ohio (UP) — Husky Chick H a r b c r t goes oul this morning—one day late—to play a quick two holes which could" tie or give him the first round lead in the U.S. Open golf championship. Jimmy Demaret. the 47-year- old golfing grandfather with tha boyish disposilion, grabbed the top spol Thursday with a scrambling two under par 32-36—68. But only darkness and dampness held Harbor!, Die former PGA champion, away from a chance lo take, the lead and very probably lie Jaunty Jimmy for the pace-selling role. A near hurricane caused suspension of play in the opening round for more Ilian an hour. On lop of lhal, a late afternoon downpour bogged down the tempo of play even farther. Misses Headlines So when darkness set in, Ilar- berl—needing only pars on Mis last two holes fur a matching f>8 —walked disconsolately inlo Ihc cl.ibhouse without g e 11 i n p his c:-ack al the headlines. Fourteen others took that walk svitli him and will go out along with Chick at 9 a.m. today to polish off lha last few holes of Ihe first round. Rut none had Ihe chance lhat eluded Harbcrl because of Ihe damp combination of cloud-busted circumstances. TJi.-ee of Uie most inspired challengers will be Masters champion Doug Ford. J8S2 champion Julius Boros and young Ken Venturl, rncli of whom .shot n fine one- nn exhibition lour of Germany to | umk'i'.par (i!) which left them just go through wit.li the lillc bout, one slim shot off the pace. G-rusemneyer Indians will be played on Friday, .Tune 31 and the tie between the Indians and First Federal Tigers of last Monday has been billed for Thursday June 20. A 6 o'clock starting time for Ponyj league games writ be observed. Officials will ro.sel at a later date the postponed meeting of lhc Alpha Bews aw! K-LK Kolls. A practice session for the Pan- cini While Sox of Iho LiUlo League will be hold at 9 a.m. Saturday nt Tower Park. ANTHONY VS. DDRELLE DETROIT (UP)—Tony Anthony meels Canada's Yvon Diircllo here lonighl in a nationally - televised 10-rounder he must win lo keep alive his chances for a crack at the world's light - hwivyweiglit title. Anthony, a 22-year-old Now Yorker, had expected to meet I7!i- pound champion Archie Moore here a week ago, but. Moore declined lo rclurn lo Ihe U.S. from Gene Coulter Heads Hoosiers at US Open TOM'MDO, Ohio (UP)—Arnulour Cl-ene Coullor of Richmond, Ind., carded a Ihree-over-par 73 Thursday lo slay among the leaders and head a five-man [lousier con- lingcnl. In Iho opening round of l.h(! U.S. Opun Ciolf cliiimpionshlp. I,Illle .'(()(• Campbell of Anderson, former Purdue University star, fired a conslslenl i!.7-:i7~74 lo lake runneriip honors among Ihu Indiana groan. I'mil Dy<- <il' fiidl/iiinpolU hnd n :(7-:ill—VH, I'Yod Wampler, almi of ln<llnnn]X)lln, shot. :ii)-:ii>—711 and Dick Dodds of Gary carded a •KMO—IB. .JUNIOR I.K<;iON TO HICIMMIT Members-of the Junior l,i!|(liiii biiKi'hal! rlul) nre, re(|m:nleil In re- |)/M'l ill Hopc-Dixim niilo iinnnoy on Itnrliiiglon nvenne Salnrilay nf- U'nioon al 4;,'!(! o'clock lo linvc l.holr pldluros Lniteii. Denver Ii)dlan;i|>i> Liiuisvlllii 211 27 17 < 2 (lal. 7 (2nd) Wh.'hlln ., Minneapolis St. I'aui ,., Omaha SI. Haul 4 Denver 'Denver II St.. Paul Omnliii X Minneapolis I arlunlim II IndliinnpiillH 0 W, L. I'd. Wlehlln II Louisville- '/ . :I4 2-3 ..V.HI' Totlny'H (immtn , .'in '>.fi .fins St.. Pini'l nl Donvor .'ID 2f> ,1MB OmnJia ill Mlniiniipollii . .'10 27 ,nil2. 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