Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1957 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1957
Page 11
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FWtTay Evening, June 14. 1957. Josephine Lowmqn Correct "Bean Pole" Legs With Weight Gain, Exercise Which one is the most frustrated — the perfect housekeeper who must at all times have everything in perfect order, nothing out of place, dishes done immediately, or the wife who takes things with an easy stride and doesn't have everything in place at all times and rests after dinner before washing the dishes?" A. A middle of the road policy seems best. Poor meals and a sloppy house are tiring and are not fair to the husband. However, I think many men prefer less perfection and more companionship and laughter in their wives. TOMORROW: The Bicycle is Here to Slay, Why Not get in on the Fun? (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957; Raulhcr To Speak FORT WAYNE CUP) — Walter Hcuther, vice president -of the powerful APL-CIO and head of the L'nitc-d Auto Workers Union, will speak on "Labor's Responsibility to Community and Nation" here Saturday night. Fort Wayne union leaders said Reuthur also would discuss the controversial Indiana right-to-work l and may answer some charges corruption in the labor movement. For a Lovelier Look! This exercl»« may correct &kln- ny leg*. cj. "Every summer I get deprt-sK- «d because I have such skinny lens, in shorts 1 look liki; a tiean pole, Have you any sugges sit/out how I can fatten them upV" A. It sounds mi though you arc underweight. If «« make a effort to «ain th<; pounds you need. Also do the exorcise in which you »;t;in<J tall, rise high i>n the bwLs and slowly lower hnc\K to the floor. JJancing lessons would also foe helpful. Q. "My nose is not loo long but it has a hump on it. IK them arty •way I can overcome thin?" • A. Thi.'t is a simple plastic sur- fi:ry operation. Thai >r, the only remedy I know of. Cj. "I am prayiiu; th;d you «anl help rnc v/ilh my problem. I am J4 years old anil 1 have large feet. 3 wear a «i/,e !)'/z «hoe, a wide width. It ifi very cmbnrra/wing lo Tin:, My friend.') and relative. 1 ; Inane Trie about thiM ,'iituEition, KityinK, •'Why not wear hoyn «|IOCK? They Tniijlit fit you better." Of counie I Jnueh with them. What else can J do? Hut 1 could just cry. I urn iiHhnmcd to v/alk down the .street. 3 am ii feet. 4 inches tall ami weigh ]4'i pounds." A. Dry your tearn. Don't let anything «o unimportant as the «i/e of your feet iijioil your huppi- nenK. Hernernber that i;i:vi:ral of our most ;;J;jmorou;{ movie jjUinj have overniv.e feel. Your relative. 1 ! ami friend.'; ui'i- vary rude, I'nr- h.'ip's they clo not reali'/.'. 1 thai their tea.'iinfi rriake/s you unhappy. Why no! tell tliein no? You may "grow up" lo your feel.; 3 h.'we known of many iM;',l;incci; of this. Wear jiho'-.'i Ui;il. rmpport ami cover your leet, not sloppy piny hhoer.. You filiould loi;o jibout ];i ]muml?t. The main thing ix not to lei jl ruin your lift:. 4, "You mentioned recently lhal| ji vinegar rime lightens Hie hair,: J had mil known thin before. l;i it! regular household cooking vinegar• that in mind'.'" • A. You rni.'iuml<T.';lood rnc or I did not miikr. /tiyneJf clear. / did riot, rnean that a vinegar rlimo llp.lilnm the hair l;iil. (hat it fin'rwj out the natural hinhliflhlM because If. remove* any la'il ve.',l.i;:e of jinap. You unit Imimehold vinegar. | Q. "You wrote not long ai;o alioilli lemoiiN. My flaiiclilcr lalirr.'i ihe' juice of one each day to help clear I up her complexion. It. does ;ieem ! to help. I arn worried for fear Jii'iKiil I bin he; 1 blood awl make h'-r anemic:, Ifi there any danger <;/ Hi/, 1 !?" A. No, absolutely none. A lemon C day JH a tfood heallh rrif/jnure. Save Time on Upkeep 8498 14.44 WI7H IHE HCW PATT-O.RAMA This good looking dress for all your summer occasions bullons crisply down the front. A joy to wear and care for. Sleeveless, too. Ann Landers This Man Is No Practical Joker; He's a Mental Case Dear Ann: You have my per-|putting it up to you. Which should come first, the taxes or my teeth? —OLLIE, It depends on-who you happen to be talking to—your dentist or the internal revenue man. The only kind of bite the tax man is interested in is the kino! that comes out of your income. The Internal Revenue Department doesn't know from excuses. Suggests Queen Relax, Enjoy Visit to U.S. LONDOM (UP) — A British newsman advised Queen Elizabeth to relax royal protocol and really get to know "those friendly Americans" on her visit lo the United States next fall. .The advice came from the London Daily Mail's New York correspondent Don_Iddon, now home on vacation. liis first dispatch •what a horrible place the United Stales is for a Briton to live in. JC311 L JV1IU VY IL Ulll CAV-U3U3, i 7""-"-•« — — 3'd advise you to get your teeth' His story today was headlined: fixed and pay the interest. Neg- 1 "U.S.. Tour Must Not 'Be Mud- lected teeth can be dangerous, died: The .Barriers Should Be Let And remember that dental bills Down A Little." are deductible for next year, that He said the Queen and Prince Philip are going to have to learn mission to print this. Everyone in town knows about it already. My husband considers himself a "practical joker." Other people think he's a loon. We were ' invited lo a lovely party recently and although. the host and hostess were old friends there were several guests we didn't know. A.s usual, my husband was overdoing Ihe martinis and acting like his usual loud self. Suddenly I heard a woman shriek and I turned around in time to sc-e my husband snip the shoulder strays of her gown. Not only did he cut the dress but also the under straps. He, of'course, selected a fleshy woman, whose gown was supported dangerously by a few frail strings. A few ot Ihe more sodden guesls laughed, others were horrified. The victim fled to the bedroom. The hostess was furious. 1 was humiliated to tears. My husband couldn't see that he had done anything wrong. lie! In the past three months the offered to have the dress "sewnjromance Has cooled off and I up by an expert dressmaker."jhavon't seen her very much. We C h arac i cr than "that heel " :>lh I ' * * of a "joke"?—MRS. CLOWN. A man who must resort Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Elevm Describe Ike Genial Host At Breakfast President Employs Own Style of Winning Friends for Administration Program WASHINGTON (UP)—From all accounts President Eisenhower may have done as much buying as selling at the first of hi.s breakfast sessions with Republican members of Congress. Those present at Wednesday's 8 a.m. kaffee Match at the White after'"arriving "from ~New 'York j House said the President didn't several days ago told his readers do much open lobbying for his his word and proceeded to bombard him with U'leir views oa these matters. He not only listened, but commented frequently- thai their ideas were good ones, worth studying. Only on matters of national security did the President take an adamant stand. He said Congress must appropriate adequate funds for defense and foreign aid, and got in a plug for his sharply-cutback U.S. Information Agency. Unless America safeguards tha peace, be said, nothing else matters. how casually friendly Americans :i-iare. They'll love it if their royal Dear Ann: I have a lough deci-iare sion to make and need help fast, advisers will only relax the bar- Six months ago when I was see- riers and Id them mix with the iny a lot of a girl who is gradu- people, he said, ating in .Tune, she invited me to be hfr Prom date. Even though I've been out of school three years and this kid .stuff means nothing to me, it's a big deal for Jane (not her real name). you might think, nr "Jane" would have taken you off the Prom hook by Shis lime. So long as she hasn". suggested that you knock the dale embattled legislative program. They said he seemed readier than they hoped to hear their side—which in quite a number of cases turned out to be the other side—of the story. Maybe the President was just!said. Seek Identity Of Slain Man SEYMOUR, Ind. (UP) — Stnta police today sought to identify tha body of a man found slain by the side of a county road six miles soulii of Seymour. There was a bullet hole in tha base of the fractured skull and the throat \v:ts slashed,, Jackson [County Coroner Victor Burkholder playing the good host, Maybs he was responding to recent complaints that the While Mouse has been too aloof from rank and file members of Congress. Or maybe this was the P r e s i d e n t's own subtle way of winning friends for his program. In any event members reported enthusiastically thai the President went out of Burkholder amputated the hands and sent them to state police laboratories to aid in identification. Burkholder said the victim had been dead "about five to six days." No identification w;is found on Ihe body whio'i was dressed in "bctlor quality" clothes. . • Burkholiior said "only laboratory examination of a I! 10 fingers way loican fiive us a clue lo identificn- suggesled that you knock inc date j,,f n |]j|,j|jiy on s , lc |, controversial off, go through with jl. If this is ma lu>rs as Kc h oo i !li(li f arm ,, r i n . Ihe end of Ihe line, it'.s better to be remembered as a guy with Whal is your opinion of this kind [talk on the phone but we both know it's not the same, I know she still expects me lo lake her to Lhe Prom, bui., frankly I'm to scissors in order to he a "cut-up" a', a parly sounds like an ambula- not very keen on the Idea. It lory sehi/.ophrenic (mental case (means J'll have to rent a tux, on foot). The "anything for a hot-row a car, and spend a lot of No, MM! with PATT-0-KAMA in- laugh" boys may appear In be money. eluded is in sixes SI. 10, lit, 20; 42, 44. Si/.o Ifi, .'|i; bust, wilh sleeved, 3% yards of :!!i-im:h. For this pattern, send .We In C'O/iN'S, your name, address, sine £.$£^1 desired, and the I'ATTKKN NUM- UKIl to Sue Burnett I lie I'harns- Tribune, :m W. Quincy Slreet, Chicago li, III. light-hearted ar.d gay bu', usual ly they're suffering from .severe personality disorders. People who must doslroy, belillle, or humiliate others as ;m aUenl.ion geU.inK device are plenty warped. I suggest "clown" got some professional JnclufJe 25 cc.il.s mure, wild yniir, , , . paUm, order lor Ihe Sprinn &^H v u 'r tolh fixe.'"' Surnmw '57 i.wuo of our rwl.lcrn M y l ' ° tmok li;isie KAKIIION. It ennlnln." dozens of smart new styles for all age«; gift pattern printed inside the book. t'lis and it isn't settled yoi.. We need outside help. I've known for over a year Dm I I must have a partial plate Itul I've been r>u!.(/ifl# of, 1 ' jfoi/i;( to I'he HACK T(~) THK UKAT I dentist for one reason and anolh- (• WAV.VKSHIW;, /'a. ((ll'i—l',,.. er. Finally I rmitlo a:i appoirit- Ih.'e in Mils l > i:mi I >ylvaiiiu mining inenl for a week from Tuesday, community are looking fur Hie When I told my husband he said, Dnar Ann: Whicli Is mrrrff ton- IMXCIS or l.o My husrKinci ami J litul a bin nrKiirruml over Sizoi 4 -6-B K> FMWE3 STAMfJ-OHC Kashioned with dinarming simplicity, you'll find this pretty frock ideal for the slender or chubby miss—the lien at each side permit this adjustment, II can be slcnder- i/.irig and practical — or frolhed vvitli lace, all clamour ami uruiiu. Pattern No. MT/fl eonlaiiiK llsmie •—.':!/<;« 4, li, II inel.; Kcwlnf.; direction:;; color transfer. Send 25<: In COINS, your name, addre;'.." ami the I'A'ITKIIN NIIM- UKK to ANNK CABOT 1'haron- Trilmno :m W. Quincy Street, Chicago II, Illinoi. 1 !. , It'll ready! The 1(157 Needlework AMSUM—filiy-.'iix colorful patfc'i ,'ihowin;: many pretty deiii;;;) 1 ;; plus directions for rnakinj; :j crochet item:: am) a i|ui!t, Only 25c n copy! nervies crook in I/own. Deputy Sheriff ,'folin llutfhe;; Hald sorne- onii stole his automobile from il« •parking place county jail. In back of the "Your teeth can wail.. I'm not go- Ini; to pay any more interest on ilellmiueiil. lax.e«. They wore due So now, Mrs. Landers, I nm Show Start! At DutV Gul.t O|inn Mull Hour turll.r "JUBAL" lr.nlo>) Glann Ford - Ern<i»t florfjnlr SUN. - MOM. "BATTLE HYMN" (iKlol) ntk Hurjtoti - Mtirtrirj Hy«r O X Y TODAY & SAT. Opon 1 p.m.—35cTII6 2 FoahJrni—Comody Two Groat Color Outdoor Advonluro Hiti "Conquest of Cochise" with RobprJ Stack . •"Somlrtoto UprUtnd" with OHO. Montr) or n«ry Plui-KIno and Carnlvul Sun.—'Tqrzan and tho Sho Davil' plus 'Northwest Pa OI'EN 7:00 p m.. Show Sttirli At Duil< Clilldron FKEI TODAY AND SATURDAY 2 FIRST RUN FEATURES 2 FIRST TIME IN THE LOCALITY MOMS Hit FROM ' OUTERSFACE WHS- VALEME FUENCH TM 27 MOST TERRIFYING MYSM NtSTORV THE 27* DAY wnuwnmm* Today and Saturday Big Bonus Show at no extra coit fo you JOHN PATNE ~~~~ RONALD REAGAN RHONDA FLEMING! TENNESSEE'S SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SUN.-MON.-TUES SUNDAY AFTERNOON PIN-UP PHOTOS TO ALL YOU GUYS1 I JACK AS T/SGT. JIM MOORE, U.S. MARINES- TOUGHEST OF THE TOUGH-GUY DRILL •INSTRUCTORS DON DuBBiNs-MiEloiicHERY-LiNMCCARTHY MONICA LEWIS • VIRGINIA GREGG • .lane is moving In another slate after graduation so the chances are good I'll never sec her again. Will you please lell me whal lo do?_SMOG'BOUND KID, "Never" is a long Lime, Smog- loumi. The advice from here i.s to be n man of your word. The romance isn't as dead as CONFIDENTIALLY: DRUDGE: Anyone can jump off a bridge. Pull your socks up, go out and gel a job in your "mended but neat clothes" and make a life for yourself. You need him 'like yon need a third eye. moke it clear he wasn't ckuming lion." The vielini was between 25 and HO years old. supports and government spending. .The Republicans took him at Read the Classified Ads fAn:i LnmliT.s will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them lo her in care of Ibis newspaper and enclose a stumped .self- addressed envelopu.) Copyright 1M7, Fk'M Kritci'prise.s, Inc. Sunday Is Dad's Dtsy Givo him a box of his favorifo cigars Wrapped especially for Dad's Day. Also a complete lino of pipes, tobaccos, cigarette lighters. Timbering's Gift Shop Introducing the Advano*-Bnglne«recf Complete Lin* of 19S7 Home Appliance* I 13 CUBIC FOOT CUSTOM MODEL AUTOMATIC JfT DWROST 65 LB. FROZEN POOD CAPACITY DIEP DOOR SHELVES hold '/i {gallon contain*™ BUTTER CONDITIONER 2 REMOVABLE EGO RACKS ic TIP-OUT FRUIT BIN REGULAR $399.95 VALUIt '263 •A- AUTOMATIC CONTROLS •A- OREASELESS GRID-ALL THERMOSTATIC "CAN'T BURN" UNIT •A- BAR-B-KEWER MEAT OVEN MEAT PROBE-TIMES COOKINO if 2 RADIANT HEAT BROILERS HUGE, FULL WIDTH UTENSIL DRAWER BARNETTS BARGAIN BARN 416 South Third Phon* 2021

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