The Post-Crescent from Appleton, Wisconsin on July 13, 1910 · 2
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The Post-Crescent from Appleton, Wisconsin · 2

Appleton, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1910
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THE APPLETON EVENING CRESCENT WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 1910. : : . ... . ' ' ..'. r Are you making preparations to spend the heated season at the cottage on the lake shore? then be sure and get one of those Bathing Caps Water Wings Bathing Slippers Large Assortment to Select irom Prices in Harmony with the Goods SEE OUR WINDOW DISPLAY V 0 ST THE DRUGGIST - -. - null I" 1 I) ITlhlir 'I' " . rr, n-nimiiirlMlirill f HOT KAfSER DOES SUPPORT! Germany Will Not Intervene in Nicaraguan Affair. ADRIZ IIEVS fROtl VIS(OiiSlII BADGER STATE'S HISTORY FOR A DAY BRIEFLY TOLD WILL BE STRICTLY NEUTRAL Strange Troths and FACti of flumaa I4 terest Related From Erery Part Accident anl Other Nw Items Statement of Foreign Office Says Friendly Relations With United States Will in Nowise be Modified. N. CSchommer $L Son I UNDERTAKERS b 762 Cellege Ave I B . R. Phoe 327 Residence 327-3 MJM.. 11 11 WHERE TO GET IT Berlin, July 13. Reports having reached Berlin that attempts were being made in the United States to construe Emperor William's letter to President Madriz of Nicaragua as an indorsement by the emperor of the Madriz party, the foreign office gave out an authorized statement regarding the letter. The statement follows: "Madriz gave notice . of his election upon undertaking the presidency, to the emperor in the usual written form. The customary formal reply was prepared by the foreign office. It was not an autograph letter, but was simply signed by the emperor. No German Intervention. "The address, 'great and good friend,' was in accordance with official courtesy. "Any intervention by Germany in Nicaraguan affairs neither followed nor is intended. "Germany neither sought nor designs to seek a coaling station. Ru- INSVRAN hi Menominee. Mrs. H. F. Borke, while on her way to visit friends in Wisconsin, v.ent suddenly insane at Powers, sufferinsr under the delusion that her j fellow passengers had designs upon her life. She was placed in the hospital at Menominee. ' Kenosha. Judge Clifford E. Randall has received a letter from Frank "Perpetual Motion" Otto who is in the state hospital for the insane in Mendota, demanding that steps be taken. to secure his release from that instutition. Otto insists that he is sane. Madison Mayor J. C. Shubert has notified proprietors of saloons in Madi son that dice shaking and card playing will not be allowed in those places on Sunday. Places will be open on Sunday until 6 o'clock at night. Hayton. Fire destroyed barns, residence and all smaller buildings this afternoon on the arm of Ebhardt Woefel. The loss is $8,000. - Sheboygan. Carl Vollrath, vice president of the Porcelain Enameling association of America, his wife and two guests, narrowly escaped serious burns when Mr. Vollrath's automobile caught fire. The car cost $4,000 and was covered with insurance. Wausau. The saw mill of Brooks & Ross at Scofield was destroyed early Tuesday morning by fire. The mill was valued at $50,000, and was built in 1855. The planing mill and yards were saved. Heavy rain fell which helped to put out the flames. The company owns enough standing timber to run a mill ten or eleven years, but it is uncertain whether the mill will be rebuilt. DIES WITHOUT HIS REVENGE1 Henry Dexter Enters Beyond After? Many Years of Search for son's Murderer. New York, July 13. -Henry Dexter, j ie millionaire president of the Ameri-j :an News company, who died at his aome here in his ninety-eighth year, spent the greater part of the last seven : rears of his life in an unavailing, search for the murderer of his son,; 3rrando P. Dexter. A reward of ?10,-s D00 offered by Mr. Dexter for the ap-; prehension of the murderer is said to be continued In a codicil to Dexter's will. Orrando P. Dexter was shot in September, 1903, while driving along a, road on his estate in the Adirondack' mountains. The bullet that killed him , passed entirely through his body andj killed the horse he was driving. It was believed that Dexter was mur-'' lered by some one who had a grudge against him because he had bought about 10,00 Oacres of land in the best game section of the Adirondacks. Henry Dexter always believed that his son's murderer was being shield- ed by prominent persons. He Is said; to have expended at least $50,000 in tils efforts to clear up the mystery. As a memorial to his son he erected the new building of the New York His-, torical society in Central park west at' a cost of $350,000. And Offices to Rent EVENS Both Phones 178 S42 Coll ge Ave.Appleton NO REASON FOR IT. JBPmNllNG Get your Letter Heads, Bill Heads and Stationery for 1910 at Crescent Printing Office.' Telephone 104- RATH'S .New Appletow St. dtudio One-half block from N. W. depot Firstclass Photography A. A. FRASER 'Contractor and Builder Mill work of every description. Lumber, Cement and Plaster. F. R. Phone 413.. Wambold bldg. Emperor of Germany.. mors of Germany's intention toward the Galapagos islands are equally without foundation, as are all suggestions that the German government has in any wise modified the cultivation of friendly relations toward the United States." Taft Refuses to Talk. Beverly, Mass., July 13. Emperor William's recognition of the Madriz government in Nicaragua was called to the president's attention, but he declined absolutely to discuss it. Attorney General Wickersham, who read the Berlin explanations that the recognition had no international significance, but was only a matter of courtesy, said that the emperor seemed to be looking far afield for a friend. The date of Secretary Knox's coming is not known even by President Taft, but he is expected to settle finally the attitude, that the United States will take toward Nicaragua. 44 HURT IN TROLLEY WRECK Passenger Car Is Telescoped by Work Train Near Oxford, Mich. Five May Die. When Appleton Citizens Show the Certain Way Out. There can be no just reason why any reader of this will continue to suffer the tortures of an aching back, the an- , noyance of urinary disorders, the dangers of diabetes of any kidney ills when relief is so near at hand and the most positive proof given that they can be cured. Read what an : Appleton citizen says: C. F. Smith, 860 Lawrence stereet, Appleton, Wis., says: "I think just highly of Doan's Kidney Pills today, as when I publicly recommenderd them in March, 1905. I suffered for years from kidney complaint and backache, and although I tried many remedies, I received no relief. I had sharp pains across my loins, accompanied by a dull, heavy ache and I was unable to remain m one position for any length of time. At night I could not sleep well. Seeing Doan's Kidney Pills highly recommended, I procured a box from the Kamps & Sacksteder Drug Co. and used them. They gave me the desired relief and my back ns now free from pain." , For sale by all dealers. Pice 50 cents. Foster-Milburh Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the United States. Remember the name T)oans and take no other. C. MILHAUPT, 442 CARRIAGE WORK of Every Description 1 702 Appleton Street M. P. VAN RYZIN Expert Millwright and Pattern Maker Offers His Services to the Trade Shop 586 Durkee St. Estrada Fortifying Half Way Cay. Bluefields, Nicaragua, July 13. General Estrada is fortifying Half Way Cay, which he captured on Saturday. This lies between the Bluff and Blue-' fields, and Is about two miles inside the Bluff. Estrada will bombarde the Bluff when his. troops, which are coming down the beach from Pearl Lagoon, under General Duron, arrive. Several hundred men will attack the Bluff from both sides, with the assistance of the gunboats Blanca and Ometepe. Silk Hat Temperature. Men who wear silk hats know that the temperature inside the hat is much higher than outside; but it has remained for a French physician to measure the difference. ' He has discovered that when the thermometer registers 90 degrees in the shade in the outer air it stands at 108 degrees in his silk hat, and that when it is 68 degrees outside it is 88 inside. From these differences be concludes that the unnatural heat causes many nervous troubles. OHIO SHERIFF QUITS OFFICE Newark Officer Resigns When Charges of Neglect of Duty Are Preferred. ; Newark, O., July 13. Sheriff Linke, against whom charges of neglect of duty were preferred as a result of his failure to prevent the lynching of De tective Etherington by a mob Friday night, has resigned. Seven alleged rioters are in the Licking county jail here. More arrests are expected as the result of the new city's administration's efforts to bring to justice the members of the mob. Why She Couldn't Accept. Telephone operators who plug wrong numbers or get the wires crossed sometimes are responsible for very embarrassing situations, as was exemplified by a broker. The broker called up his home number and said to the person on the other end of the wire: "Hello, dear, is that you?" "Yes. I've been thinking about you all morning. I want you to come down town and meet me for lunch and we'll go to a show this afternoon." "Well, that would be very nice," retried the person on the other end, "and T should dearly love to do so, but my husband is home and I'm afraid he'd object. Don't you think you've got the wrong number?" Oxford, Mich., July 13. Telescoped, by a work train, a special Detroit; United railway car loaded with: Orangemen bound for Windsor was wrecked near here. One passenger is dying, forty-three are hurt, four of whom, it is believed, will die. On the special car were ninety members of the Loyal Orange lodge of Flint. Tire collision occurred on a sharp down-grade curve eight miles north of here. The passenger car was split through. Dying: Willie Hibbard, age ten years, Flint. May die: John McGregor, Orion, motorman; Johnson Hilliard, Flint; David Scott, Flint, and E. A. McGil- livray, Flint. PINCH0T TO TAKE THE STUMP Roosevelt's Friend Is to Speak For Hiram Johnson In California Campaign. New York, July 13. Giff ord Pin-chot, close friend of Colonel Theodore Roosevelt and former United States forester, announced that he would start for California at once to take up the stump in behalf of Hiram John son, who is seeking the gubernatorial nomination in the Golden State and has been indorsed for that honor by the Lincoln-Roosevelt League of California. He will speak also for William Kent, formerly of Chicago, who is an insurgent candidate for congress in California. YOU Need Not r- TH TTh TV n trr-h? or Aim) a - . hKsn u) If '.SlPv . av.T.nQs nf hair is caused hv dandruff ' If s ,v neglected this becomes a disease (of np . the scalp; Known as Pityriasis. ;. l nis stage is reached, in tne majority or cases before any steps are taken to rectify the condition and it then re quires prompt and careful treatment, since still further neglect will result in the follicles or hair cells becoming atrophied (or dead) , due to the fact that, the parasite which causes the trouble invades the follicle and destroys the natural oils which nourish the hair. The hair then dries up and falls out. If taken jp -w hair can be induced to grow from these Hughel's .DamidrOi"ii is a radical departure from the tonics of the present day. The cures effected by this marvel of modern science are due to its ability to destroy the dandruff germ without at the same time destroying the natural oil on which the hair feeds. A thing impossible of accomplishment where the tonic is strongly alcoholic, as is the case with most of the tonics now on the market, containing as they do from 50 to 75 alcohol. DANDER-OFF will stop falling hair and is sold orta positive guarantee to cure Dandruff, Itching and Eczemic scalp if applied as directed. Purchase price will be refunded in every case in which it fails Large Bottles 50 Cents THE C. HUGHEL CO., Manufacturers INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA For Sale by All Druggists and Barbers NOT IN HER SECOND BEST Aunt Peace Had Retained Some of the Vanities Common to the World. An Obedient Patient. When the chickens came home to roost they were astounded at finding an owl occupying the, best perch in the house. "You're in wrong, aren't you, son?" coldly remarked the leghorn rooster; "What brought you here, anyway?" "Doctor's advice," replied the owl, without ruffling a feather. "Hurry up with the further particulars!" harshly commanded the rooster. "Keep your comb on, old chap!" said the owl; "you see, the terribly late hours I'v been keeping began to affect my health and the doctor ordered me to go. to bed with the hensi" Quakers believe in a sober garb, but they are by no means without that quality which would be termed vanity In "the world's people." Aunt Peace Lawton had this quality to a marked degree. . One day a strolling photographer asked permission to take a Picjture o the Lawton family, sitting on their , velvet lawn. Mr. Lawton gave the permission, but his remarks were not approved by Aunt Peace. When it became evident that her gentle remonstrance had no effect, Aunt Peace said no more, but at the moment when the photographer said "Ready?" and exposed the , film, Aunt Peace lifted her spotless handkerchief, spread to a snowy square, in both hands, hiding her face and head completely. "Why, Aunt Peace, what made you do that?" asked her nephew, reproachfully, when he had permission from the photographer to speak. "William," said the old lady, calmly, "if thee thinks that I propose to be put in a picture with my second-best cap on and my kerchief sadly in need of an iron thee is greatly mistaken." Youth's Companion. "HAPPY THOUGH MARRIED" Wives No Longer Mope at Home While Husband Spends. His Time at the Club. Advertise. Do it in THE Cbescent. If wives continue to grow sensible at the present rate, the time will come when everybody will know "how, to be happy, though married." Time was when the picture of the wife moping at home, while the husband took his night off at the club, was a true one. It isn't so these days, a writer declares. When the modern. husband, says to the modern wife, "My dear, I'm going to dine at the club Thursday night; I may be rather-late," the modern wife says cheerfully, "Very well-dear," and sits down to indite invitations to a dozen or so of her friends for a nice little hen party for Thursday night. And there's just as good a time at the hen party as the husband Is having at the club,l;oo. There is a perfect little dinner of the most expensive delicacies of the season, and then there is bridge. And who worries about what Jier husband is doing at the club when there Is bridge to be played? Not the -modern wife. They play for stakes at these hen parties, too. In fact, all the comforts of the club, to change an old saying a little, . are fast being appropriated by these poor deserted wives. SKAT SCORE OARDS-TWO CENTS EACH CRESCENT OFFICE SKAT SCORE CARDS-TWO CENTS EACH-CRESCENT OFFICE SEAT SCORE CARDS TWO CEKfS EACH-CRESCENT OFFICE WHY BE FAT? Hot weather takes away the strength and vigor 1 "O-B-SELENE" Capsules takes away the superfluous fat! Why be fat and suffer t- Try this wonderful remedy, safe and reliable. What it has done and is doing for others, it will do for you. Information free. Your druggist or mailed in a plain, sealed package, postpaid on receipt of price. One dollar. DOME MEDICINE CO., 3034 Michigan Ave., F., Chicago, 111. LIGHTNING KILLS STUDENTS Young Men From University of Illinois Found Dead on Mountain in Colorado. Cripple Creek, Col., July 13. Two University of Illinois students, Robert Chambers of Oklahoma City and Jesse Treakee of Peoria, 111., were killed by lightning on the summit of Mount Pis-gah. ; Powder Magazine Blast Fatal. V Pittsburg, Pa., July 13. A powder maeazine at Cabot, Pa., exploded kill ing at least one person and injuring about 20 others. The magazine was the property of the Standard Plate Gloss company and contained 1,000 pounds of dynamite and 5,000 pounds of blasting powder. Kind-Hearted. It was a sweet sight Private Jones was feeding his horse with lumps of sugar. There was no stint. The colonel stood by, visibly ai- f ected. "I'm very pleased to see you so kind to your horse, Jones," he said at ieneth. "You will be sure to find that the animal appreciates vour thought- fulness. I shall remember this." Private Jones touched his hat, and the colonel dissolved. Then Private Jones wiped his honest brow, and turned a brother soldier. "Well. It that ain't a bit of bloomln luck!" he murmured. "Why, the beast threw me this mornhr, and I'm tryin to give him the ragin' toothache! T7J TIH (07 Toasted 9 TP'S I and Tpastcd Rice Biscuit The World's Best Food in most delicious forms. Used and endorsed by - the Battle Creek Sanitarium. Made by The Original Battle Creek Food Co, AT ALL GROCERS C 1 02 3 c dotLOtfiid Ynp Fare H Boat Leaves Meaasha at 8:30 A. M. S; fee w&nn

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