The Post-Crescent from Appleton, Wisconsin on August 10, 1909 · 2
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The Post-Crescent from Appleton, Wisconsin · 2

Appleton, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 10, 1909
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Two crews of men are working in eight-hour shifts. Merrill The Merrill Advocate, the first newspaper started in Lincoln county,, has suspended publication and the material will be sold at sheriff's sale pn Aug. 18. Ashland. Fire which broke out in the Lake Superior Box and Lumber company's mill at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon was subdued at 9 Monday. The mill known as Smeaton's was destroyed and about $4,000 worth of slabwood wan burned. The loss is $45,000 with insurance of $25,000. Kenosha. "Perpetual Motion" Otto, who has sold stock to hundreds of persons who believed in his inventive genius, has been adjudged insane, and, with his uncompleted machine, has been taken to the asylum at Madison. One of his perpetual motion machines once ran a month without stopping. He has spent a lifetime on the problem- , Wausau. Farmers hereabouts used hail for .making ice cream after one of the worst wind and hail storms that ever visited the county last Saturday near Shantytown. Tlje storm swept over a strip a mile wide, laying everything low. Crops were destroyed in its path, while buildings on the farms of Louis Mullen and John Chek were wrecked. 'Twas a Glorious Victory. There's rejoicing in Fedora, Tenn. A man's life has been saved and now Dr. King's New Discovery is the talk of the town for curing C. V. Pepper of deadly lung hemorrhages. "I could not work nor get about," he writes, "and the doc tors did me no good, but, after using Dr. King's New Discovery three weeks, I feel like a new man and can do good work again. " For weak, sore or diseased lungs, coughs, colds, hemorrhages, hay fever, lagrippe, asthma or any bronchial affection it stands unrivaled. Price 5Qc and $1. Trial bottle free. Sold and guaranteed by all druggists. FEW WOMEN LAUGH HEARTILY Whether Due to Lack of Humor or Childhood's Training Is Unknown, But Fact Remains. Women laugh too little. Whether this is due to tLeir lack of humor or to childhood's training in gentle manners may be questioned. Certain it is that a hearty laugh, in a woman's voice is rare music. An audience of women rustles with amusement, but seldom laughs. A group of girls giggle, but do not laugh. A woman reading the most brilliantly humorous story seldom gets beyond a smile. When Sir Walter Besant, in his clever skit, "The Revolt of Man," pictured the time in the twentieth century when women should have usurped all power -political, ecclesiastical and social- lie shrewdly noted that laughter had died out in England; and when men revolted against their feminine ty-rants, they came back to their own with peals of laughter. A Paris doctor has recently opened a place for the laughter cure. It is a private Institution, and large fees are charged. The patients sit around a room, and at a give nmoment begin to smile at each other. The smile broadens to a grin, and at a signal to a peal of laughter. Two hours a day of thi healthful exercise is said to cure thw worst cases of dyspepsia. But whether the habit of laughing easily and naturally could be acquired by this process is doubtful. Montreal Herald. RETARD PROGRESS OF MEXICO Immense Landed Estates, Which Own-, era Refuse to Subdivide, Are Hindrance to Country. It has been said that 400 families in Mexico control the bulk of the land. We know that two, those of Terazzas and Del Eio, own between some 10,000,000 to 12,000,000 acres in the states of Chihuahua and Du-rango. The Terazzas estate is of 7,000,000 acres. On it a herd of 75,-000 cattle , is maintained. Express trains on the Central are hours in crossing it, and several railroad stations are located within its borders. These enormous "haciendas" contribute practically nothing to the support of Mexico, and, because their owners will not subdivide them into workable units, it is difficult to obtain the proper sort of immigration on which Mexico would nourish agriculturally. It is the idea of the advanced party in Mexico to tax these lands both for the revenue which they ought to be yielding, but more directly, to impel the "hacien-dos" to split up their estates. Mexico will never make much of a showing until this ancient form of land ownership is abandoned.- Charles F. Speare, in the Keview of Reviews. CAUSE AND "In Order to Save the Crops, Hundreds of; Pretty Girls Are Working in the Western Wheat Fields." News Item. - Hlllll - " " " ' New York, Aug. 7. Orders from the Middle West and the Northwest Have Depleted the Stocks of Diamonds Here- and the Importing Houses Have Sent Buyers Across the Ocean to Purchase New Supplies. ACCUSES GANNO OF KILLING BILL Speaker at Irrigation Congress Raps "Uncle Joe." DEPLORES RESOURCE WASTE E. J. Watson of South Carolina Declares the Government Sits Idle While Millions Are Being Thrown Away. Spokane, Wash., Aug. 10, "The government of the United States is sitting idly while millions of dollars' worth of natural resources are going to waste." "The Appalachian forestry bill, which passed the house and senate twice, was killed by Uncle Joe." "Notwithstanding the dispensary system in South Carolina, there is too much water there." , Should Control Rivers. E. J. Watson, commissioner of the South Carolina department of agriculture, commerce "and industry, before the National Irrigation Congress uttered the foregoing with telling effect. He urged that the government take control of such rivers, east and west, as might be navigable, for the purpose of making them waterways for smaller battleships. James J. Hill, chairman of the board of directors of the . Great Northern railway, who was to have spoken at the afternoon session, was not present. President George Barstow made his annual address. The question of a next meeting place has narrowed down to a fight between San Francisco and Pueblo, Col. Illinois probably will throw its strength to San Francisco. Among other cities mentioned is El Paso. New Constitution Adopted. : The new constitution providing a business-like basis for the congress was adopted. A clash between the natural resources preservation policies of the Roosevelt administration and so-called "private interests" got its first impetus when Mayor N. S. Spratt of Spokane chrrged that private capital is being used to impede the progress of the government in its work. A telegram was received from President Taft expressing his regrlt at not being able to be present. He expressed deep sympathy with the cause. ALABAMA IS "DRY" NOW Governor Signs Bill in Presence of . Temperance Women and' Man Who Fought It. Montgomery, Ala., Aug. 10. Gov. Comer signed the Carmichael prohibition bill in the presence of Mrs. J. B. Mell, president of the Alabama division of the Woman's Christian Temperance union, and other women. The signature was affixed almost immediately after the house had ratified a minor , amendment. An odd coincidence was that Senator Hamburger of Mobile was the only member, of the legislature present. He had gone to the executive office on other business. Senator Hamburg er was one of the two senators who voted against the - bill, and the only senator who spoke against it. Strike Without a Warning. Fort William, Ont., Aug. 10. Without haying made formal demands upon the company, nearly a thousand freight handlers in the sheds of the Canadian Pacific railway walked out and freight movement in Fort William is . at a standstill. Pope's Anniversary Celebrated. ' Rome, Aug. 10. The sixth anniversary of the. coronation of Pope .Pius was celebrated with great romp. High mass was celebrated in the Sistine chapel with Cardinal Merry del Val, the papal secretary of state, officiating: - c- :-: ' ' ' EFFECT. ROOSEVELT IN A NEW ROLE Colonel Leaves Naivasha for Habitation of Warlike Nomads Sends Many Specimens Home. Naivasha, British East Africa, Aug. 10. Col. Theodore Roosevelt and his son Kermit, accompanied by Edmund Heller, the zoologist of the Roosevelt expenition; E. J. Cuninghame, the British field naturalist, and Leslie A. Tarlton of Nairobi, left here for Nyeri, a government station in the northwest of Kenia province, Maj. Edgar A. Mearns and J. Alden Loring, the other members of the Roosevelt party, will leave here Wednesday for Nairobi, where they will make preparations for an ascent of Mount Kenia, an extinct volcano to the north of Nairobi. A second consignment of specimens collected by the expedition will be shipped to the United States on the steamer Admiral, which leaves Mombasa August 16. IS CRAZED BY RED TAPE Austrian Woman Goes Insane When Held in Compliance With the ; Immigration Laws. Ogdensburg, N, Y., Aug. 10. Driven insane by the complexities of immigration requirements, Mrs. Ann Kuljaj, left here in charge of a government inspector, for New York, whence she will be deported to Austria. Two months ago the woman and her 16-year-old daughter were passed at New York and permitted to buy tickets for Ladysmith, B. C, where they were to join the husband and father, but at Prescott, Ont., they were turned back by Canadian officers on the ground that they had not sufficient funds. Unable to make herself understood, the woman lost her reason and has since been confined in the state hospital here. The Canadian authorities now agree to admit the daughter and she will be sent to her father. Explains Assault on Consul. Washington, Aug. 10 The assault on William B. MacMaster, American vice-consul at Cartagena, Colombia, on July 27, in which that official was seriously wounded by two natives, came from personal motives, as there is no animosity against the United States among the inhabitants of the city. This statement is made by the governor of Cartagena in a report to his federal government. Seared With a Hot Iron, or scalded ' by overturned kettlet cut with a knife bruised by slammed door injured by gun or inrany other way the thing needed at once is Bucklen's Arnica Salve to subdue inflammation and kill the pain. It's earth's supreme healer, infallible for boils, ulcers, fever sores, Eczema and Piles, 25c at all druggists. ARTISTIC SEPARATION. tn Poor Gladys is almost heart broken over the breaking of her engagement." "Then why . did she dismiss her fiance?" "Because Gladys is so harmonious and artistic, and as bine is her color, she found that his red hair would not . go with the most becoming gown she had. 9 Pity the Poor Horse Fly. . Every purchaser of a motor car discourages the life of the horse fly. Some sort of a bug or fly will have to be invented to bite autos and make them stamp, switch their tails, and kick up. We don't know what effect a cinder beetle would have on autos. The question is referred to Judge Adna P. Gristlebone for an expert opinion. Ossawatomie (Kan.) Globe. Old Favorite Requoted. "What a dust I do raise," said tha fly on the chariot wheel. Aesop. B efore Consolidation By EDWIN B A L. M E R (Copyright, by J. B. Upplncott Co) I "Yea; the pleasantest discomforts and the most enjoyable annoyances of travel are fast disappearing," the elderly drummer reflected sadly. "Even here in the west, where in the old days apparently inexhaustible herds of trouble followed every train, already the most interesting species of disturbance are practically extinct, and these great through lines and vestibule limlteds are exterminating the rest with terrible rapidity. The picturesque uncertainty, too, the individuality, and all the personal traits, which so clearly distinguished the old roads, have all been lost and obliterated in thus sure and methodical, but void and expressionless, progress of the modern train. "There was a time, gentlemen," the old timer harked back proudly, "before these grasping corporations consolidated all the personality out of the little lines, when a man could wake up and know at once, from the characteristic of the single jolt that woke him, precisely what line he was on. There were distinct peculiarities which we old traveling men soon learned and treasure yet. Why, only last trip when that earthquake threw me out of bed in a Colorado hotel, it sprained my wrist so naturally and skinned my shins so familiarly that it was half an hour before I realized I was not on the oldr Louisiana & Western. Whereas if it had been my left wrist, instead, and the skin had been scraped from the calves, I'd have known I was "The most individual road of them all, however," the traveling man shifted quickly, "and the one whose peculiar traits most endeared it to the old fraternity, was, I think, the old Arkansas ; Midland". It ran through that section of the country where all locomotives carry condensers - it makes the inhabitants so nervous to "I Got It the First Time I Went Over the Road." have a water-tank around, even if it is understood that the contents are reserved strictly for engines. The trains gentlemen, we once hired a photographer to take a picture of the 'Cannon-Ball Express' . at full speed. He gave it a three-minute exposure, and, in actual fact, " gentlemen, the motion of the train hardly blurred the negative. Wouldn't have blurred it at all, photographer claimed, if he hadn't taken it on the down grade. ! "The officials of the road, however, were very conscientious. If thet trains wouldn'4 fit the schedule they were determined that, whatever happened, the schedules should fit the trains. They did everything; ' but, no matter how much time they gave, somehow the trains always took more, and they were worse off than before. Even left the a, m. and the p. m. off the hours announced for arrival of trains; and that did fix it so trains could never be more than six hours from schedule taking advantage of the figuring both way. Finally, however, they hit it so that no matter what happened the trains couldn't get off. ' Instead of Train No. 5 leaves Ozark ....9 a.m. Arrives Jackson at... ........ ..2 p. m. Weston at. 6 p. m. and so on, they made it read: Train No. 5 leaves ' Ozark 9 a. m. Arrives Jackson not before.. ..2 p. m. Weston not before..... 6 p. m. Unless x it's yesterday's train. "I, myself," the commercial traveler went on, "have never been able to see how anyone could take exception to such a table as that; - but they must have, because I understand there was a; branch where: even that schedule didn't work. Engineers on that branch, I was told; took to earrylng calendars instead of watchres ; to run by, and even then got confused every four years when leap year came around. : "But the real feature of the Midland; was the dining service. Had5 the oldest dining car; in the state, they claimed; and some of the food was contemporaneous. They didn't have to claim that. The cuisine was especially; noted for its strawberry shortcake. That word is not used in any collective or plural sense. There was only one. v, ?'T got it the first time I went over ..the road. Ordinary 'short' crust with powdered sugar, orthodox berry on top, presumably berries within. Being unable to make any impression, and mat being our first encounter, I merely returned it unmarked and uninjured. Passing back over the Midland a fortnight later I ordered short-cake again, and back it came. I dented It this time, for identification purposes, and again returned it. Fortnight later I got it again 'short crust, powdered sugar fresh coat new red berry on top, but with the presumption of berries within still unexplored, and 12 dents added to mine. I wrote my name on the bottom, to be absolutely sure of identification,' and passed it back once more. ;' ' "Well, gentlemen, a fortnight later I got it again; no doubt of my name there on the bottom, though it was almost obliterated by the 17 others written over it. And regularly, twice a month when I passed over the line, I got that short-cake except when someone else was using- It for the rest of the year. The boys used to order it, not to eat, of course, but as a sort of mascot for the rest of the food; though some of the strangers who got it used to wash off the. sugar with cream and mutilate the berry on top so that there was a regular 'maintenance and depreciation' charge against it in the kitchen. ,Of course by this time the bottom was a regular palimpsest; and then it disappeared. v "I had ordered it, as was our habit, when the waiter told me it was gone. "Do you mean to tell me, Charley,' I said to the waiter, 'that any one has eaten that cake?' '"No; it wasn't that.' " 'And you mean, - then, Charley,' I said again, 'that, though knowing that cake so long as you did, you stood by and saw it wantonly destroyed?' '"The gent'man would have it, suh, Charley excused himself; .'the gent'man would have it.' " 'Would have it? Why?' - " 'Why why, he was an autograph c'lectah, and I couldn't stop him. I done speak to him, suh, explaining it to him; but he would have it. Said, suh, 't war jest the thing he war looking for to round out his c'lection.' " 'But the top, Charley,' I said. 'He couldn't have had use for more than the bottom ; do you mean to say the Midland has thrown away the rest?' " 'Oh, de top, suh. Oh, yes; yes. It's strawberry tart now, suh. But but the gent'man over there in de corner ordered it fust, suh; but I 'speck he'll be through with it pow'ful soon. Would you like it then, suh?'" TEACHING CARE OF CHILDREN. Schools for Mothers Seem to Be Doing ..a Really Great Work in England. Nearly 120,000 infants under a year old die every year in England. Over 100,000 of these are victims of the ignorance and carelessness of their mothers, therefore an effort is being made to get mothers among the poorer class to take an interest in and learn the rudiments of the care and proper feeding of children. , ' Schools for mothers have been started in several parts of London. They are on the same plan as the one which was started in Ghent seven years ago by a Socialist doctor. Their value is shown after even the. short trial they have had. The honorary medical officer, a woman doctor, attends two afternoons a week to ; examine babies and their mothers' and to give advice on their feeding, clothing and general management. The babies are weighed every fortnight and a record of their condition Is kept. Mothers who come regularly join the ciud ana pay iwo cents a roixnignt, ana they try hard to follow instructions in regard to feeding and clothing babies. The doctor in charge found irregularity of feeding the most common fault and bronchitis the most common ailment. The great question now in regard to these schools is shall they be made a part of state education or shall they struggle along supported by' voluntary offerings and always in need of funds? Fear that this is a Socialist measure has aroused opposition to the state's having anything to do with .them. Back to Nature Colony. ' A very curious pamphlet is being circulated describing a new German sect, whose whole creed is to go without clothes. " They do this from sanitary and moral purposes. They have established themselves as a colony at a clearing in a forest about 20 miles from Berlin, and in the immediate vicinity of this lonely spot the stranger will casually come across men, women and children divested of every rag of clothing. The police are disinclined to interfere so long as they keep to a very , limited area. A very high state of morality is claimed,, and it "is 'declared' that the rigors of a Prussian winter In no way effect these folk, who have grown "hardy from ex-, posure to wind and weather, and who lead a very out-of-door existence. " - Population of Cuba. ; In 1907, Cuba had a, population of 2,048,980. an increase of 30 per cent, from 1899. Havana, the most thickly-populated province, has 538,010 people. Over one-half of ; the' Island's population lives in the rural districts, the 134 towns and cities containing 900,000 Inhabitants, or 43.9 per cent, of the total population. Havana, the largest city, has 297.199 people. There are 1,074,-882 males' and ' 974,098' females ; "the average-number to a family is slightly less than five, and an area of 44,164 square miles allows of an average of 45.4 per square mile. Lived Ninety Years in One House. The death has just taken place of Mrs. ; Harriett Cowler, at Wadesmill, ntar Ware, Hertfordshire, England. She had attained her ninetieth birthday, had brought up a large family, ard died In the house in which she was born. J

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