Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri on October 9, 1927 · Page 16
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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri · Page 16

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1927
Page 16
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TWENTY THE .SPRINGFIELD LEADER.SUNDAY JIQRNING, OCTOBER 9 1927, MNKS - TAKE FOURTH STRMGHT AND CAPTUI SERIES Wild: Pitch byiljus Iri,LqsfHa1f:of Ninth : Lets in Winning Score Fame Slips With Wet Ban from Finger of Big Right Hand - er Babe Ruth Hits Second - Homer - Pirates Show ' 1 ' Stuff In Final Game. TRAGEDY FOR JOHN MILJUS mtfBCBOB : AB.B.H.PO.A.B. L. Wnner.of ........4 1 8 4 1 Barnksrf, If ....... .4 1 4 P. Waaar, rf ....j...4 I Wright, es .........4 a t Trarnor, ...... ...4 1 4 Orantham, th 4 111 nrrl, lb ..4 i 11 I 0 Oooch, , a H11L p 1 . t Yde .'.. 1 UM. ...........1 mnr tou . ab.b.h.fo.a,b. Combe, of ..........4 I Xoenlg, ss ....... ... 118 8 8 moth, if ....4 Gehrig, lb ... n 14 t Measet, If .S 4 Until, n ....... ..8 114 1 Dngen, Ik 4 4 1 14 4 Collin, a .,...;, ...I I t !' Moore. 4 I I I 1 Totals .IT 4 It IT ff t . Total. . ........88 UMMU t . ' lu tor Smith ta seventh. Betted for Bin is seventh. A Two out Mien wtnnlaf nu ni nw TOM i J!" . ....iM m i 104 OtO 1014 Seminary Two has hit Collin. Home'run Both. Rtolm haoo Bath, harlrice hiteL. Wu, P. WuHf. Doable playi liiwrl to Gehrig s Dele to Lesseri to Gehrig! Trajrnor to Wright to Harm. Loft oa basts Vmibnrgh, I; New York, 11. Bum on kails Off .Bill .(CeUlns); off leujn I (Leaser!. Combs, Bath): off Moor a (HuT, Oooch). Struck oat Br Bill (Gehrig, MsoMt. Leaser! (I). .Moore, .Eeenlg;. by .Moore .1 CTrarnor, MUjns) by raiju S (Gehrig, Moore, Msoaal). Bits Oft Bin. I h tnnlnrtl off MUJn, in 1 1 - 8 Inning. Bans - Off BIB Is off MU - JH L mid pitches MOjoe I. Winning pitcher Moore. . Losing pitch - Patpiraa Oimak (smart con), at plate) Qalgley (National), at (National), a eeeondj Nalla (America), at third. . Tuna of TAKKEB BTADnm. OTW TOWC, Oct. tW. P.) Triumph ; oma to a groat dab and tragedy to a gam ball playar at th oil - Bag of k thrllUng gam a today, whan tho Naw York Yankaaa won tba uiuliiuii.u1y ui uia wonu oj oaioaung too rnatmrta nraoa., I w i. t - Tragedy accompanlod tho ollmaUa flnlah of tho HIT world aarlea aphoa Johnny MUjot, Plttabargh'i faUot pltchtr. who ha4 atrnek out two of tho moat dangerous luggera of "mnrdarara row with tho . oaaaa flUad, cut loose with a wild pitch which let Karl Combo score tt winning ran that meant championship for the Yankees. . Tho triumphs of tho American League champions In fonr straight ntll baseball drama of Um most intense rartety had been enacted In ' tho last hail ol the ninth Inning of the deciding game, while S7.I0I fans looked on almost breathless with excitement. Oame C3aae to ftalaK , The ' tact that the - Wtlaburgh : fkatos'had keen, hoptltity outolas. aa uwra n no aanas wao nraov . tan isvtho thxlU. of a K - f all - Crippled Tigers Triumph Oyer Corrihuskers 7 to 6 THERE'S MORE TO A GRID GAME THAN FOOTBALL CUGAC3 A A. tf eg tfie boss Xto 6Cti? ttr& - rf 1 LA3T VJCACfe JTSTXiOl(S 1 A BOH oTZX TH9 CgAStAi toHew He STr?AiAieo Mis - c&&io? FLAMANK AND CLARK STAR IN CLOSE BATTLE Missourians , Take . Third Successive Game from 7 Nebraska Men. T7p nnta the osmp ban aUppad from Johnny fcnu Jut too eager fingers and west fly - beyond the roach of Johnny Oooch to and the gams, It was any one's ball game. . . , Wiley atoora, gamatt of twtrloa. during the U37 aaason. started and finished ths Ttsltoo. But the Piratet were bitting today, with clean, aharp drtTaa. Until thalr lat man was oat they always ware threatening to more. Altar each team had scored In the first Inning, vtth Carmen Bill pitching for ths Pirates opposed to the stalwart Moors, ths game seemed any one oontest up to the fifth. ' ::. Crowd Ignore Bain. . ' Bain fall at Intervals, . drenching fee throng, which was too spellbound Vf the Intensity of thl last baseball ' battle of the yaw to mind a ducking. '. The two teams fought on with tbs sore 1 to' 1 - untU the flfui whan Buth did his stuff. Combs wee on base. Bill put a tew on the outside and than grooved a fast one. r Buth took, a good toe hold, leaned oa the baa with hla heavy bat and II went shooting out Into the right sen tat field bleachers, landing high wp In ths crowd. It was Buth ad homer of ths sense and ths bugs crowd ehesred madly ae he tsotasd around the bases, a big happy avails oa his breed feo. j - Yankees Crack la leveatlL Por ths first time in the world tat of 137 the Yankee defease went socman tartly to piooes la the seventh It was Wiley Moore fault begin with and had he tost this he would nave had amy him self to blame, i . Bart Smith 'hit sharply Oetartg and. Leaver! to stert the Inn - tag. Moore believing that the ball would not be stopped, was stow In earttBg for first to cover the bag. Leu Gehrig trapped the ball threw hurrledlg to first, where Moors Cropped the ban. . Doonla Bush, game Uttle Pirate aaasaffer, sent Fred BrtekeU Into bat for Hill. BmU Tde, a, pitcher by trade,: went into run for Bart talth. . ' Tony Usseri rambles. . . Bricksn topped one down to Laa - serl add la his haste to start a double Bley, Tony tried to throw the ball before, he got his hands on It. fumble ensued. Lloyd Wane prompv hy dumped down a aaertfloe cat tho first base nnaj advancing the run - Bars. ; . . . - v , Clyde Bamhart punched a single to to left field, scoring Yds and eend tac Brlcksn to third. ' Paul Wansr hoisted a aaerUIos fly to center and Bart Combs "dead shot arm" was act 'up to the task of preventing Brleksll from getting borne with the tying run. . Cora as Tragic Ninth. v All of which lad up to the ninth. Tbs Flretee had son out ta order. The Yankees same to bat and Mll)us had goue into the Yankee half of the seventh, walked Ian Combs. Koeoig tried to aaerUlee but "Pi" Traynor moaood mp ha bunt and Mark was safe at first. Combs going to second. That brought up ths Babe and near W brought about fiat fight. Little Dome Bush cams chatterlag out of the dugout with a wtmng wag to Mlljua to pats the Babe. "Why, you tttttc yellow so - and - eo," commented Buth. ' llot - fJW; Old Dome, retiring hastily. Baa Walks to FO Pour wlds ones, dsllvered deliberately, while Buth stood storming with rage, sent the Yankee slugger to first. Tilling ths bases. httUus Is no youngster as ball ptarers go. Hs was born In Pittsburgh, II years sgo. Johnny was purchased by the Pirates In July of thle year. Lou Oahrlg tossed away a eounle of bate and swung a third menacing.; ij mm am pawee. we mua ox tne Pat ters boa. The eager Oahrlg nearly broke his back swinging st Mll)us fast break ing eurvee and . struok out., The Yankee bass runnsrs chattered like monkeys In a cage., t - Bob Meaett Itrlkse Oat. up same Bob MeuseL ssnklnt a bsro's role. Johnny Mil us struck out Bob MsuseL Striking .out btg Bob woum not navs been such a feat un dor normal circumstances tor Meuaal struck out 7 times during the aortas. unaer the dremaoo circumstances, of Maple Splinters from V the Shrine Alleys ' 5ry LD.TULLY . gmmry Ikrtaa See bag I pi, 0 those crowded bases, the effort was borate and the vast crowd swunTln lis sympathies to cheering, applaud support,, of the game Pittsburgh pitcner, Tony Tssesrl was at bat when the fatal slip aoeurrsd. Mlljua Ing en "Poosh "cm Cp" and aeemVa to come through the storm unseats so. Bvery one la the park, with the exoaptton of the Yankees, hoped hs would. Bad he struck out lessen Mlljua would have been a here tor - - ... ;; The Patal sup. . , But tragedy was ponding. ' The ball was moist with mist and just at atlljus delivered a pitch, ft slipped from aie imfors, . . . '"Bun." screamed Charley 0Ltary, ma - Tanaee eoash, to Karl cos who needed no second m"i1 "OkT screamed IT.OOff tana, as ths ball flew wlds of Oooeh'e eutflung glove. The Pirate catcher Just tipped the ball, which rolled to the grand stand, and Combs stamped hla splkss Into the home plate with a ring of triumph. . . Bcaals World Serleo Mark. The defeat of the Ptttaburgh Pirates In four straight games equals the record for world series downfalls sstabUahed tn 1914, whsn the Boston Braves swept through the tottering Athietlee. "We have no aMueee said Deals Bush, when It was ever, "I guest we were beaten by a better ball club. In which Zknle spoke a mouthful Although they fought gamely through : this final ' toe test, I Pirates were outclassed from first last la every department by the new enempicea of the world. The Yankees bow have won ajnertoaa League pennento and twe world championships la erven years, a fitting record for Miller Hugglns first decade of semes as thetr pilot. Schedule for the week: . Monday: Business Men vs. Risco Boosters. Tuesday: Politicians vs. Oas Bouse Clang, Packard vs. Ysnnlgana. ..Wsdnesdey: Molar Mob vs. Marble Bollere, Warriors va. Anglers. Thursday: Ounners vs. - HttvHus, Oardsner vs. Weps. " AO games eahortulsol far Thnreday, October 87, win be postponed anul Prldsy, October M, on account of the regular Shrine meeting. Ths Tadpoles and Burroughs, scheduled to play Monday night, have postponed their match until Saturday, October SX . "Tiny" Watkma . Tadpoles oame making a runway race but of their match' with Bddls Musgrave's Molar Mob, Monday night,' Before Xddlt'i pin - top plan could get their bearings, : ths amphibious animal socksd ths triangle for an 111 and 22, while ths DentUta wore eoUeoV Ing a 71 and 784. including a 10 - pin handicap. Bowever, the Molars came back strong in the final round and accumulated MS counters against the 758. ' . . Captain Watklna starred f ths Tadpoles with eels "Benedict Davis tagged MS, with a whaling 22v for his second 10s Art James had a7 and Miller Elliott 410. Captain Musgrave set a hot pace for his hired bends with g07 tor the SO, but the only rage - earner that could follow dose wee Oiler Coesey with 824. Chink. Brans got suds In his syss and only picked oft 447; Paul Talbot had 427 and nemenent Whaplte, cull suffering from hie re cent attack of "Beasdltta" 418. ' The hoodoo that been following Anderson's Marble BoUers, caught up with them Tuesday night when they slipped three tunes before the assault of Bhultars Anglsrs. The Fisnermen needed the 70 - pln handicap ta their first and third but discarded It to the oond tor a net win. Peggy Ltoyd Isd the victors with 484: O. L. Miller bed ill: Captain (suits. Ito; Walter Bsndsrson, 887; and Ctaud King 174. Doc McDenlel regalnsd his stride and kleked..vsr 881 maples for the BoUers, starting the total with' 90S In the first 10; Ceptala Anderson had 484; Cloud. 888, and Charles Wilson Morrow, the big operator, 181. Bed Gibson was absent. - prjWCTCKM BXPLAnfXD. The toaion rear tires puncture mere than the front ttrss la because the front tires, ta running over nails, glass, etc, pleeo these erttolee la exactly the right eagle to puncture the rM Ursa, . On the other alleys, Lou Reeesl Ounnsrs were oU steamed up and romped over Dtllonl Packards for ths first two In spite of the Packard tig handicap. Their aim 'was high in ths last 10 and the Auto Boys took advantaae of It, winning the final with a eomfortable margin. "Trigger" BeUy went abootutely wild with Bee. chalking up 111 m the esooad 10. Bis teem males had to held him back or there le no tailing where - he would hav landed, I Beet and Ceptala Basse nsd up with 411 aad Bed Kelson had 418; Dick Roberts was absent. Par the losers. Chief Bothm led with 170; Captain DtUoa had 841 and Newt Bountree 828. Brother , Lrnn evidently was detailed by the Cap tain to assist Pauly to locate kie die? gutot ee they were both absent. - Xlcberdsoall PYlsca Boosters and Hermann Tannlgane held the entire spot tight Wednsedsy night Be other teams played. The T analgetic had bed can of rtsf frUhj pod alloy 4871 Doe Bolt, 427. 432. ; i ,. : . and Bin Unooln ths Transportation Boys to carry' all three home. In spite of a 78 handicap alio ted to Hermann Hands. . Bone of the Prtseo Boys succeeded In reaching the 500 mark. Captain Blchardson made the nest showing with 484, followed closely by Timothy Regan 4T8. Stuck! had 448; Beyer, 448 and Snipe Roddick 440. Irish ObJsou was high tor the loser with 448; . captain - nermann had 414; Walah, 408; Proctor, 404, end Barron 818. ','' .';, - - ' Johnson Oas Bouse Gang wrested two out of three from Peterson Bu - Bus Thursday night by margins scant enough to give the winners nervous prostration. With a two - pin handicap against thsm ths Illuminators squssaed through ths first with a three - ptn margin, dropped the second by 11 and edgsd ' through the third with only 17 to spar. Ceptala Johnson starred for his quintet with 800; Thompson had 440; Judgs Oresnwedo, 411 and Bush SB5. Bilsy was A. W. O. L. for ths Hu - Bus; Sullivan led with 474; Berg. t had 487; Captain aTterson, 898, and Spider Webb 802. Brother Fred Wlngo was out. . We promised that If ths Wops ever succeed sd tn climbing the bin for three tn a row, Pearson would be called upon to write up .the gala oo oaaion, but at the time we made this statement It dldnt seem possible for the Wope to stage any such perfor mance. ( . - t . w Since they did that very thing to Crawford Burroughs Thursday night and the possibility of repeating In the future Is too remote to figure on,, the opportunity la too Juicy to cheek up. There never was any ques tion about the match, with the Wope ng tn the first round 88, accu mulating - 188 surplsu tn the second and 58 in the third. - Dago Wert, ths Boy Wonder of MU1 street, ran wild the but two laps, col lecting tot in the second and 214 la ths third, tor a total of 888. The pins, pin - boys and Burroughs were certain ly glad when he rolled his final frame. Bis Closet competitor Tony Turk with 480. Turk 195 In the last 10 waant bad at all. 'The anchor man totaled 471, but In the last game It required the serv. loss of ths gaUery to determine whether hs was for or against ths Wope. Cept Jones finished with 471 and Brlgham Young had 448. Claud Harris was the "head man" for the Adding Machines with 808; Barry idler bed 4M; Tom Watklns 422; Cept Crawford, 414; and McBrtde 878. The one - pla handicap added to the Burroughs sears tn Friday Leader belonged to the Wope, but their hearts were too weak to claim It - Blackls auUer . Politician and Abie Frederick Business Men furnished pleas of thrUM in thslf match Friday night Able - Oeng shot Ml to win the first aad 148 to sop the second but their 818 In the final 10 waa Insufficient against the Yote - Oetters' 871. 1 The Business Mea established a nsw to - frame total with their MX TJk Cksreon Welta. the Pride of Pickwick, tod with H: . Captain Fredericks had 824; Deacon Wlngo 820; Dutch Waesweller 818 and Dlnty Duckworth 468. Four men above the 800 mark la scene shooting 1 1 Sum Matthew was the lift of the party for PcUtlclane with a handsome Ml putting swap 2t tor hla last 10; Captain Miller was a does second, wjjh 148; Saadj Seeder had On the other alleya, Allmon Warriors bussed by Draper Oarilsncro ths first and third, and dropped the eseond by a doss margin. . Chuck Funk got back In the line - up for tba winter and brought - hie betting eye with him, leading the Fighter with 487. Captain. Allmon had 400; Off en - heussr 488; Walls 882, and Flslder 827. ' " For the Farmer, .Athsrton was high with 4M; Long had SM; Bh arrow 8M and Captain Draper tied with King Brandt tor 804. ,. The loonomy iW company team from the Joplln City League, shot a match gam of 80 - frames wrth Blackls Miller, Deacon Wlngo, TttHy, Bed Gibson and Anderson Monday night - . - WhOe the Shrlni team nceed out the Joplln boy by 78 pin, Oaptala Do Witt quintet were capable of a great deal better showing than they made in fact thsy beat thamsslveo on account of not being familiar with the local allsy. wisnert wad the high man for the visitors, shooting a sweet 84a, with 308 In hi first 10 that proved to be the top single of the evening. - Captain DeWltt 458, MoCubbln's 482, Phalan 428 and Spangenberg 408, were the results of numerous unlucky breaks and splits, w are going to plsy a return match with that team la Joplln October 14 and we predict that nothing less than an 840 average will bring the bacon eastward. '' - . . - ' For ths locals. Tuny stumbled Into a series of lucky hits that aettoU him 550, Oapteln Miller bad 801, Anderson 465. Olbson 848 and the Deacon 428. The Deacon curve was doing everything but curve. 1 , Team Averages, 'October 8. Team. - ' - '7 .. . . - ' Class, Average. Business Men A 804 Wops i B : Ttt ; Tadpoles . ....... B 777 Marble Boiler ........ B 788 Ounnsrs ;'..,.. ...... B ' 788 ' Burroughs , B 788 Politicians B '7S2 Molar Mob O , 788 Prised Boosters O .784 Oa House Oang....i.; 0 ' 744 Hu - Hua , ............. 0 . 717 ' Warrior . D 887 ' Oardensr . D 881 . Anglsrs ,' .... D . 874 , Tannlgane D 858 Packards . D ; IM SttuMt. October Teem. W. 14 . ...18 : Warrior , . Oas EouM Oeng., Anglsrs , 18 Business Msa. 11 Tadpole a. .11 Oardenen . ........11 rtleoo Boosters II Ounners , ... 10 Wop . ............. I Molar Mob I Mefbl BoUsro M, I Politician . M....M. T Hu - Bua I Burroughs . I Packard 4 Tannlgane , 1 L. Pot 777 JM JM J811 JU 411 411 AM 400 400 444 4M lit 4M ' 422 .48 ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS . DEFEAT BAYLOR, 13 - 6 Oct': FAIiniVlLLB. Ark, (L H. S.) A fighting Arkanaa I sorbeck outplayed aad outfought Baylor Bear from True today to cop the first southwestern conftrtnee Ult of the esse), it to 8. A strong running and peering attack was responsible for the Qntvtr. city . of Arkansas first touchdown. Donethea carried the bell aeroai the goal line. Base blocked a punt for the ssoond Baaorbeek counter. Bay lor scored when Waahant Interrupted an Arkansas pas with left to play in the first half aad ran eighty yards for s touchdown, Arkanaa made erven first aowne, Bry - r our, ... BOLIVAR TEAM WINS, 13 TO 6 Higley Stars as Baptists Beat Jonesboro College . In Close Game. BOUVAR, Mo., Oct l - (BpeotaL) Displaying a strong offsnss la the first half, the Southwest Baptist col' lege eleven of BoUvar defeated th Jonetboro, Ark, cotlege team, 18 to a, here this eJvsrnoon In a bard - faught COLUMBIA. Mo., Oct L (V. P ) The University of Missouri Tigers triumphed over the Nebraska Cbrn - husksrs, 7 to 8, on Memorial field here this, afternoon. ' The victory of the Missourians wss the third in aa many years. Missouri sees were Flamank and Clark, cripples. Clark, ths Valley most famous past receiver, had a badly sprained ankle sustained tn a game against th Missouri Freshmen sleven two weeks sgo. 'Flamank was discharged from the hospital short ly before the gams. B went on th field with - a bad knee injury sus tained In the Kansas Aggts game last week. "Big George, " as Flamank la known, oould not buck th line today a waa hi wont but h could as. And how h did. , - .' . Long Pastel Work. . Flamank sent a long pass to Clark but the limping Uttle half could not sprint to catch It A second pass was grounded; Then a sort flip of 18 yards, Flamank - to Clark. ' Than pass, Flamank (b Terr, put ths bail on Nebraaka 18 - yard line. Gib - eon, stellar end for the Bsngala, want into ths beckfleld to carry the ball which he did for a oouple of yards. Then - Flamank to Clark 12 yard and a touchdown. ' And Maechof f toe 1 point Result: 7 counters for Missouri against 6 for Nebraska. The Buskers put 11 regular on the field against men regular for the Missourians. - The Nebraaka eleven with Its superior back field made things look bad for Missouri. A fumble by Nebraska, and a break for Missouri, and It was Missouri day. The Tigers, coached, by an op - portunlst took their advantage and held It The cripples were good for only a few minutes, but they were good. ' v ; The Buskers scored early in the BoUvar scored la 'the first 10 mhv tes of play when Higley grabbed Bain's short pee and dashed v the goal Hoe. Th try for point failed. The Baptist added their second touchdown In the middle of the sec ond quarter. Bain plunging through th line four yardg to scar, B also kicked goal for extra point , . Coach B. A Cola team then held the visitors until the third quarter when Jonesboro scored on Hunter 28 - yard end run. Th try tor point was blocked. Hlgisy - wee BoUvar outstanding star, while Hunter starred tor Jones boro. The Baptist play Miami , Junior collets at Miami, Okie, on Octo ber 38. . .;... ; The lineups: : bctota, r .LB... Grayson .LT. ......... Qonlty .1X3 .Littls ..O...,.,,' Stewart ...RO...., Richardson ,..BT.. ....BB., ,.:.QB., I...LH., ,...RH. .S..FB. aaul.ea.a. vVfjsajuejBsj s . Miosis ....... Bridge Hoed Richards ..... Timor ......... BT..,..: Patrick (c) Jennings (o) . . . .RB. WUcos Bala QB. ........ Tanner Dinwiddle ......LH. Wimpy Boberson RH.... Carter Higley ..FB.....t... Hunter Poors by querters? Jonesboro ....... .0 t 0 Baptists . ....... .8 T O u Summary: Touchdowns Bain. Hit' lay. Hunter. Point after touchdown Btln. Yard rained in scrimmagt Bolivar, 114; Jonesboro, M. First downs BoUvar, 11; Jones, 8. Pi BoUvar completed cut of for 24 yards; Jonesboro completed none out of 4. Punts BoUvar, 4 for average of M; Jonesboro, for average of 28. Referee Monroe Decker, Drury col late re - Mild with ashes Associated a. 4 iafl Players to Share Over $100,000 as World Series Cut NTTW YORK. Oct 8. (TJ. - P.) Official etslstlcs on the fourth and last gams of ths world eerie: ' Attendance: 87.008. Receipts: 8208,087. - Commission's share: 83141445, . Players' share: 8108,129.47. Clubs share: 870,75248, ssoond quarter, . after being held scoreless in the first ' period. The Nebraska teem outplayed, and out - charged the Tigers la the first period to put the ball on Missouri 8 - yard Una. - On the first play in th next period "Blue" Howell went through right tackle for five yards and a touchdown. The try for goal faUed. Coach Owinn Henry then began sanding tn his crippled regular to replace a substitute beckfleld. A series of passes by Dlsmund to Mshrke and - Flamank - to Clark netted a touchdown tor Henrys men, Mas - choff kicked goal, giving the on point margin of victory tor the Tigers retained tor the remainder of tho game. . Th starting Unsupr - v Missouri. - Terr ...... Lucas ..... Drumnt . Morgan ... Miller .... W. Smith , Olbson ..: Mehrls .... Dlsmund . Byera Bwofford . Officials: Richards . Holmes ... Jama McMullan Position ...... 1.... at site a ee a ,...lg... c... ....rg.... rt.... ....re.".... ....qb.... ...ihb ....rhb... lb.... Referee LssUe, BO mends, umpire U. ' 0. Mumma, Field Judge R. v. Millard. Bead linesman See Taylor. Lawson . Brown Frstnea Howell Celrieh WENTZ DENIES DEAL ' r TO BUY PIRATE CLUB . HEW YORK. Oct HU. P. Lost Wenta, Oklahoma millionarre, danlen tonight a report that hs was negotiating for the purchase of the Pltte - T hav not bought the Plmtes have not considered buying the team, have entered no negotiations In regard to the purchase, and 'have not dlscusssd the matter - with Barney iroriuao. - ' ' Quicker Dliery: Cuts costs, btrilds trade 48 ' Linisof Business Now Using It! sAmiaaT Diaviu sAenSJMstBIUI DlsUltl st.a..e lUfmr Daiim Cia 4V Dslivsbt CtVerTenW aTTwBJBt CesCt,MTW . Cwrmnt4iiM - .2 - Cmtmjtmpm ' DUIgkJ a, . Dlt7 flrtMB. 1 DlT CeVmAefftsVf , tar Qmm Stmbi aaLsTCTaVCmPIM ' IwiMAwmaa raMit - ': . fuM CoMatMOt '. fnmtmt itMif I ' KAeUt - AaVa aWal n8UHHt31 sr lAWgtTgj . Icrfl CeWtAM CebtsTFAMflfg '' WIMM8M CtsBFFfaJltB - l . - aUvsHH VUtl sUAaVHBII ' " MitWMgmii ' mi AdMwea. NTlAFBIkl a PU4prtlkJ , fJ iNllltgalMslWI 4 ,' v FtQMMM PrUBTTBM - . fmum Urrimfji ILaMS) Wavioa lUetXTt CMFA1IM 9mm RmtAi8i Simm llrM srwesatsta BrfBM If pVrnai aiai fe.. . fVMrftM tf OrtlSil C.L IA1 eg... Vmsow r' m - trtu lilJMLEV Capacity W "V TN TJU .1.. MK nAsiiti'wAriveufl x ocadver .Trucks meet the demand for quicker, more efficient, lower - coeC package delivery, , It is already cutting costs and build isnA - i .0 J:T if." n eug ueucwuiiiacutimuoilJUSr nc.v In many caacg it hu irpkced cars and. bicycles, or uppletnent ed trucks making far more trips per day, at less cost per package.' "First through trac" safe tasilw handled. Can always be parked right at the delivery point Attracts - favorable attention everywhere a wonderful advertisement I Use the Package Trucks to extend L your trade radius, increase phone . .orders, build jzrxvlpiltnrul nA yery expense. Let your Harley - Davidson dealer show you what ,thi delivery has done in your line of trade and wiH do for you.. McCRACKEN CYCLE COMPANY - tlarlcv Dsvtdsns ni . - n ,.i . UtH Boon Till . , Phoae 048 - Davidson 308 Spujh Atjs. I : Saw r aer VB BkaB n ST esei 7 - a, JS - av - e e eta. n a

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