Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1957 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1957
Page 2
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JTwo Logansport. Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Aluminum STORM DOORS AND WINDOW^ Awntngi - Patio Fib»r Glow or Aluminum Wrought *fon Roiling «nd .Column* .House Markers - W«a<n«r Van«t Premium Coals MARTIN COAL CO. 1014 Vint St. Phon* 3748 W. M. Jacfcten - 4. K. Cummfng* LOGANSPORT ELEVATOR CO. Coal X Fencing Grain - Seeds - Feeds Full Line Purina Chows 402 t. Miami Dial 3441 So. 18th St. Ph. 3350 KREUZBERGER'S JEWELRY STORE • DIAMONDS • WATCHES • SILVERWARE 526 Broadway logansport, Ind. JAMES B. LYNAS Fire, Automobile, liability and Plate Glass Insurance Bonds. 1519 High St. Dial 2695 CHAS. LOWE ROOFING CO. Roofing—Siding Insulation. Featuring All New Lok-Tab Roof Shingles Road 17 North Dial 3666 J. I. SHAFER Hardwood Co. THE NATIONAL BANK OF tOGANSPORT "We Would like To ft* Your Bank" Mombor of F. D. 1. C. FOX'S logansport's New Store • DtNNBRWARE • GLASSWARE • GIFTS 510 East Broadway Phone 2647 GUST Service Center The finest In gas and oil Complete Battery Service HARRY GUST, Prop. N. E. Corner 6th & High Phone 4904 Catholic Churches St. Vincent's Catholic Church Msr ,)»hn p Scbn.ll. Pastor Kev Edward S. Matuazak. A**\ Pastor .Schedule ot Services: Sunday Masses: 7:30—9:00—10:1 Weekdays.- 6:30-8:00 First Friday & Saturday o Month 6:00-8:00. Holy Days ot Obligation: t » w —9 a m.—8 p. m. Contusions: Saturday Afternoon J:00—5:00 Evening: 7:00—8:00. St. Joseph Hospital Chapel Rev. father John Nels. C, PP. S chaplain Massos dally at fi:50 a. m, St. Joseph's Church Second and Market Sta. Msprr Maurice D. Foley. Pastor Kev. Donald Vernon, A^s't Pastor SchadUe of Services: Sunday Masses, 6. 8, 10. Week l>ay Masses 6:30 ana 8:00 Holy Days 7 «. m,—» a. m 7:3o p m. Confessions Saturdav afternoon 5-5 Evening 7-8:30. Masses First Prldav 8: 8:00. S:00 and St. Bridget's Church Fr. Francis J Meohan. Pastor Schedule of services: Sunday 'Masses 8:00-10:00 a. m. Week days: 8 a. m. Holy Days: S a. m. and 6:30 p.m. Holy Communion dally at 6:30 a, m Concessions Saturdays and vl or Holy Days 3-5 and 7-8 p. m. Sorrowful Mother Novena, Fridays at 7:30 D. m. St. Ann's Catholic Church, Kewanna Father James U. Fitzgerald. Pastor Suaiiny Masses: 8:00-10:00. Weekday M.aasos: 7:30. Confession* Saturday Evening t :00 Beforo Mass. Baptisms- By appointment. Instruction: Grado and HiEh School a» announced. Sick calls answered at any time Kewanna Ph. 115. St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Lucerne Father Maurice H. Miller. Pa»tor Sunday Mass: 8:15. Weekday Mass: 7:0n. ConfeHslons: Saturday Evening 7:30; ovyryday before Mass. Baptisms: By appointment Inst.-uctlona: AS announced. Sick Culls answered from tho rector" af any time. OLIVE BRANCH AND PRAIRfE GROVE EVANGELICAL UNITED Rev. U W, t>V(;rmyor, Pastor prrln St. Clalr, O. B. Supt. Harlan Showloy, p, G. Supt. OLIVIS BRANCH— Sunday School and worship Bor- vlce 10:00. Prayer service Wednesday 8:00. Clarence Hoed, class leader. Sunday evening worship service and youth fellowship as to circuit schedule 7:00. PRAIRIE QHOVE— Sunday school and worship service 10:00. Prayer service Thursday. 8:00, Vachel Walters. clasH loader. Sunday evening- worship service as to circuit schedule. Martin M. Post Memorial Parish NOtlTHKKN CHUIICHKS— Hov. Han-y W. Campbell, mutt or BKTULBHKM— Albert ItoclKera, Sunt. Sunday school ;tt 10 a, m. .Sunuay morhlnx worship service af. 11 a. m., Sermon: "Tho SavlnK VlHlon." Sunday evening at 8 p. m. Clos- IHB proirrnm of the Vacation Church School. CO.VCOIIU— florhcrL Manna, Supt. Sunday Kchuol at 11 a. m. Sunday mornlnii worship service at 10 a. m. FruHljoui', Supt. Sunday sclmol at 10 a. m. Sunday morning worship Horvlcc at 'i a. m. SOUTH15UN CHURCHES — I*. Oor<lon Ijuech, Pastor CKNTliR— John Gnihitm, Supt. Church School 10 a. m. Woincn'H MtiotlnK WoflnoHflay aftnrnorjn at the homo of Mario Ruch at 1:30 p. m. PIWC;A.H— Hurry Olfrln, Supt. Church School 10 a. m. KvunlnK Worship 7:30 p. m. Th(ir<! will hi! it KUfsHt Hn(;iih«r since Rnv. Leech Is sorvlnff at Camp ICoHclusko. Wom<:n's 5fl«fllonary MnfltinK 1 Thursday afternoon at the home of^MrB. Ku^h ForKby. Konnoth Mlllor, Supl. Church Kclinot a:4G a. m. IMornlnfr Worshlji 10:4fi a. m. Ther<* wll bii a KUust sneaker Hlnpii (lev, Tj(Mii:h IH HurvinK at Camp KoscIUKko. Our cu - upural.lvo Vacation Chun:!] School will bunln Monday artcrnoon at 1:30 n. m. at tho Washington Townnhln School. West Broadway Presbyterian Hiw. JiiHtus Saalwnochtfsr, pastor Mr. Dnnal'd K. Murphy, Clork 01' ScHrtlnn. Mr. fiiiorKO Habh. Church Si'h'K.l Supt. S:.10 a. m, Sunday Church School. Cliiwtcs for all IIKOH. 10:<0 R. in. Hnrvlco of Worship. Harmon: "A 'Wliio Father Who Can 1'Mn.l." A ConwrnKii-tlonal nicotine had been cnllntl liy rho HOHHlon fol- lowlnfc Ihu worwlilp service. Viicatlnri church School con- tlnnrw null] Friday, Juno 2], KrldiLy, Juno 21—ParnnLH vlsltn- tlon nncl cloflnpr program 10 a. m. RAY'S CREAMERY Orad* "A" Dairy Produ-cts. largest Dairy In Cass County. 131 Burlfn-gton Av«. Dial 3722 Columbia St. Church of Christ Kj'flnJt Qiiyor, MJniMtor !):;!{) u. in. HIMo OianHtiH. 10:30 K, m. PrenchlnK and Com- munjon, t:UO p. m. Hurald of Truth WLS. 7:30 p. m. ['ruftuhliiK. ']'l!ur«. 7:^0 it, m. Ulblo Sturty. Mtartlni^ Juno Ifith throuKh Juno 21, Mnrold Taylor wlU hrlnn 1 ft ItiMHon cinch ovonlnp: Htartln^- at 7:30 p, in. Paint Creek Primitive Baptist Vluit.ilLion mooting third Suinttty in .lurui. JVInrfilnK Horvlc-n HturiH at 10:30. VlHltlriK pan tor ifiMdor MOIT!H .TuclfHun of Munclo, Jrirt. L<nilHft Wofl«HGr, C'Jorlc. WEDDING DAT "With thfc ring I th*« wtd." Our marriage is beginning where a marriage should begin—in Church. Our hands meet across the Bible. My eyes fall to the printed page, and the verse I see there is so appropriate that I catch my breath in aw* and amazement. Here is the story of a king who long ago sought for a virtuous woman and was.told that her price would be far above rubies. Here are detailed the qualities that a truly virtuous woman would have—faithfulness, industry, thrift, compassion, courage, strength, honor. As I look up at my new husband, I feel a surge of humility. I make a silent pledge that these words in Proverbs will be my guide as his wife. They're a challenge, I know. A big challenge! But, with the help of the Church, I'm going to try to Wv* up to them. CHURCH FOE AH, . M *U FOB THE CHWHCH Th. Church i. th. graolon fac- • «. .crib far ,h. building- of Sunday PnJ m , I2J Monday Provcrbi Jj Tuea<J«jr Kcclwl««tM a W«dn«nl'yl S.mutl I I h .«."<'«r John I S t Calvary Presbyterian Harold J. King. Mlnlntor Nancy Jackson, Organist. Richard Howe, Choir Director. y.Mfi a. m. Junior, Junior High, enior ana Adult Ulhlo ClUHHOB. 10:45 a. m. BoKlnners, Nursery, .nil Primary Uililo (.'lasses. 10:15 a. m. Cradle Itoom Cure whllo parontK worship, ^10:45 a. m. Family Worship Sor- _">oclal Father's Day sermon, lev. H, J. King. IONDAY—FRIDAY— !l-ll ji. m. 'Vacation Hlble School. Anytlmu Dial 3800 tor "A Minuto of Inspiration". 'IJKSDAY— 7:30 p. m. Board of. "Women Dea- ons. V UDNE3DAY— 7 p. m. Chance! Choir 'RohoarKal. rHUUHDAY— 7-8 p. m. Dally Vacation Blblo chool Open House. Grace Bible Church Paul A. Grant, Pastor Leon Adslt, S. S. Supt.. Sunday School 11:30 a. in. MorniiK Worship 1(1:45 a. m. Subject: "Tho Church Sorvliw nfl VVaithiB. Graco Youth Fellowship G:80 p. i. BvanirollHtlc Sorvlccj 7:80 p. m. Subjr'ct: "The All Important •Jilnjr". llacllo. Devotional Pur In a WSAT, Inn. thru FrI. 1.1 a. m. Blbju Studv anrl J'rayor Meet- ny "Wod. 7:110 p. m. Baptist Templo M. TJ. Ilnblnaon, Mlnlhtor 0:30 Church School. 10:30 Morning Worship. Sermon y thci mlnlHtur. Solo by Mr. Hoi- is Johnston, Organist, yi r. Dan N. Erb. 1:30 Youth MoetlnK at Lake reornari. Moot at church for Vacation Church School Monday hroufch Friday, 1 :;iO l.o 3:110. »lnl .1050 Dully f,, r annum Tom- lo Text for Today. Sharon Baptist Church Rov. Philip a. VanZanclt. I'aHtor Sunday School !>:30 a. m Holi- rt McCain, Sm»l. Morning Worship at 10:30. Sernon: "God Cares For You," Surmonetlo for chllilrun, "Boom- Mlibclal mossafiro provided by. tivu Todd. Spring Crook Christian Church Rollln Hill, Pimtrir CluiHtur BiiHHlor, S. S. Supt. 10 a. m. Sunday School. 11 a. m. Communion and Wor- hln Sorvlne. 0 p. m. Christian .Kndoavor. , Mos- Broadway Alliance Paul M. "Winder, Pastor Mr. Wm. liush, Supt. ot Sunday School. 9:30 a. m. Sunday School. 10:30 a. m. Worship Service. Tho I'aHtor speaking on "Hold Fast Till I Come". <i:30 Youth Fellowship, Juniors, Pro-Teens and Seniors. 7:30 Evan/eel Hour, Sin/j-in/? of uOHpol HonKs, Special Music, saRti by Pastor. J'The 10:15 p. m. Tho 'Bible In the Nows, WSAL. THIS "WISER.— Summer Blblo School continuing all week, each morninyr at !l:«0 to 11:30. Course: "Pioneering With Christ". Tues. 7:30, Choir Practice. Thuru. 7:30, Hour ot Power, Mr. Ku«-ono Black speaklnif. Grace Evangelical Lutheran I'aul W. Uaor, Pastor Miss Suollen FItKfforald, OrKan- iHt. Il:30 a. m. Final Program I-'ro- nuncatlon ' ot thn Dally Vacation jilble School, to bo held In '.ho Sunday Hcilujol Koom. 10:30 a. m. Worahtp Service. Mormon: "The Uto From Above". TWKSDAY— 7:4B p. m. Unltorl Jjiithcran Church Women, at the homo of Mrs. Goortfo RuNcbkofskl, BID Ta»- 'i'l-l ['niSDAY— 7:30 ;p. m. Choir Hohoarsal. Church ot Nazarene Jlov, Chester MrirKau, I'astor Cecil Wallace, S. S. Supt. Sunday School 0:flO a. m. .Vloj-rjlJJW Worsh.';; lOMfi a. m. N.V.I'.S, 7 o'clock. Dolorls Kom- bolcl, Pres. l^voDln^' ISvunKullHllc Service T:!0 p. in. Mlil-Wuuk Prayer Service Woil- ovonliiK 7:30 p. m Wookilay Vacation Bible School will continue oa:-h nltfht a t (i o'clock Monday through Friday. The tilotdnu- exui-clsiiH will bo Frl- flay ovdnln^- at 7:30. Rock Creek Lutheran Parish Robi.rt Oberkohr, Pastor MT. Pl.SOAH— Morning Worship 9:30. Sunday School 10:30. Mr. Joo Starkoy, Supl. I/uthor I^HILKUO mootn Sun., June 1C, ii:3o p. m. at Ml. PISKah. MT. O1,TVTC— Sunday School 10:00, Mr. Kobort llerr, Supt. MarnlnK Worship 10:115. Indian Creek Christian Church llollln Hill, Pastor Harold Wilson, S. S. Hunt. y:30 a. m. Sunday School. 10:30 a. m. Worship and Communion. Broadway Evangelical United Brethren Wilbur C. Wilson, Minister SUNDAY— Divine Worship, 9:30 a. m. Sor- mon, "Maklni? tho Moot of a Mess". Tho Reverend Haymond Bcholn, suost minister. Chlldron'b Snrmon, "Growlnir Up"—Mrs. Marvin NicolOH. Church School followlnB Divine Worship. Vacation Church School, 9:00 to 7.1:00 a. m., Monday through Friday, WJMWSSDAY— 0:30 p. m. Father and Eon Banquet. THUnSDAY— 7:30 p. m. Mid-Week Sorvloo. 8:30 n. m. Choir rehearsal. FRIDAY 1 — 7 p. m. Vacation Church School exhibit. 8 p. ro. Visitor's Training: moot- Logansport MefhodUf Parish Glonn Tl. Campton, Minister AND 1C A— HjLymond Koenflr, Supt. Church School »:30 a. m. M.Y.P. C:30 p, in. Prayer Service 7:30 p. m. Wetl, Kvorett Cook, Supt. Church school TO a. m. Worship 11 a. m. Miami Baptist Haymond SlcoUon, Pastor Sunrliiy School J0:00. Adam Gingrich, SuiH. MornlnR- Worship 11:00. Youtii Fellowship 7::ll). KvonlnK Worship 7:30. Calvary Pentecostal Church i 11. in. i IJIIIIH i tiuiHi! M lyi.mtuiIIH. 7:30 p. m. nvanu-ellHtle Survlno. 7:'iO p, m, Wednesday—Prayer RTooUnpr and Bible Study. Rnv. John Suydnr of TColcomo will favor us with chalk drawing and a message from the I3lble Sutulay niffht. Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah Witnesses FRIDAY— 7:30 p. m. Theocratic Ministry School, 8:30 p. m. Your Service MootliiK. SUNDAY— 6 p. m. Watchtower Study Themo: "Trimt Your Proved Faithful Brothers". TUESDAY— 8 p. m. Dlhlo Study. Third Street Evangelical United Brethren J, B. Campbell, pastor Wllmor Burns, Sunday School Supt. Mrs. Richard Rice, choir dlruot- rcsu. M.IHM Pern Guifle, OrKanist. • Richard Hlcu, Youth Worki 11:30 a. m. UniCluiI Worship Service. Choir Anthem: "Fear Thou Not". C-uoHlB from the Gideon movement will speak Cor thin service. 10:30 u. m. Tho Sunday School nour. CliLHHQH fur nil fiprcs. 6:30 Youtii Fellowship. Tho pastor will bo ut tho an nua! conference, and tlH'ro v bo no evening service. vlU Ninth Street Christian Rev. Kenneth Brady Pastor 3:30 a, m. Church School- Sliar- Iitt Simpson, supt. 1.0:30 a. m. Worship: Communion flprvluo. Sermon by pastor. I. A I iL'/NDAlt— MONDA.Y— 0:30 a. m. Annual Con^roK-atlon- al Mcuil.lnB. floverod ninh Supper, 7 o. m. I?oy Scouts Troop S. WMIUNKSDAY TO SUNDAY— Quadrennial for all CWF- ilem- b*'."« at Purduo. T1IUHSDAY— Thuni wll! ])u no choir rehearsal, June io. JllNlfi 17 TO 31— Will be Lhi. Hucond and last wnolc for the Dully Vaca-tlon 3"JJbl(} School. Trinity Episcopal Church l!a L ' Clau<llua ' Hoolor 7:30 Holy Communion. ;IMO Morning Prayer. 10:00 Solemn Chornl KucharlBt with ColTnu Hour folloivlni;-, Hlldos on (lie .Jamestown Festival will he shown. Monday, St. BarnnbiiV Day— 7:00 and 11:00 Holy Communion. Wednesday— !):00 M. Prayer anil Holy Communion. Thursday, Corpus Christ!— 7:00 M. Prayer and Holy Communion. Friday— 7:0fl M"ornlnff Prayer and Holy Communion. Confessions -will bo hoard this Saturday nl«rht, Juno ir»th, froir: 7:80-8:06. First Church of Christ Scientist Sunday School at 10:46 a, m, Sunday losson sermon at 10:45 a. m. Subject: "Cod tho Preserver of Man." Wednesday evonlnjr mooting at 7:d!i p, m. Friday Evening, June H, 1957. Broadway Methodist Raymond P. Echols, Minister Misa Susie Acton, tvuest organist. Sielvin Rlley, Church School Supt. 9:30-10:15 Church School. 9:30-10:15 Church school, groups will meet In the church school auditorium, 10:20-11:20 Morning Worship— Nursery. Oi'ffim Prelude: "The Ang-elus", Sellers. Trombone Solo, Richard James. Offertory: "Hcrceuoe In A Flat", Delbruck. Sermun: "Malting The Most ot a Mess", Rev. Echols. The Methodist Men will so to tho Lake cottage 1 for an outlnw this week-end. WKDXESDAY—CIRCI/E DAY— Ruth Circle will met at tho home of Mrs. Uarl Moore. K. R. 2. Brlnic vegetable or salad. Rebecca Circle will visit the Methodist Memorial Home at Warren, Indiana. Esther Circle will meet at the home of Mrs. Georgia Olson, 20th Street. Rachel Circle will meet. JUNJ3 22-23— Wesleyan Service Guild weekend at Knworth Fores;. Main Street Methodist Church Geortro B. Dunham Minister Mrs. Oliver Hand, Ornanlst. Kenneth Williams, Superintendent. Morning worship 9:30. Sermon: "Hearing From Heaven", Minister, Sunday School 10:30, classes for all ages. Thursday, Prayer, Blblo Study, Fellowship at 7:30. School at !!':30-11:30, Mrs. MarKe Spoltol In charg-e with her Mtaff of workers. Closing program Sunday ovening, June 23 at 7:30. Market Street Methodist Church Harry H. H.ishberu-cr. .Minister K«rninj4- Worship !i;3*J a. m. Sermon: "God Our Father". Responses by Intermediate Choir. Special Muslt:—Trumpet Duet by Don J. and Alan 1C. Schmld'.. accompanied at tho origan by Stewart Gordon. Sunday School Classes for all agon 10:40. Richard Flory, Snjit. Kindergarten and Nursery Rooms during both services. Senior MYP 6:30. Intermediate Choir rehearsal ThurB. 7:00. Burnettsville Baptist Reverend W. K. Clarke, Pastor Ethel McVay, Organist. James Nelson, Chorister. Darrcll Bruuirhlon, Church School si;porlnu'mlonl, 10 a. m. MurnlNfr Worship, sermon, "Train Up A Child." 11 a.. m. CIlU!'. 1 !] S'-hnol. Till' children >vlH pre.sr-nl a jtroKrnin luring Hie Churrb KHinnl h.uir. n:30 p. m, ,'unlor Hi n Y.F. 7:15 p. ni. Junior KY.F, 8 p. m Kvonlnu- ^''irslilp lillbln study hour Wednesday, 1 p. m. St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Rev. Waller f". Davis, ,lr.. I'.-istor Nancy VanAllun, Ontiinlsl. R. L. IStiiiru, Choir IJirt'i'lor Sunday School mnots al 11:30 a. ., Donovan Spcnf^ler, Snpl. Church Si!rvU:c al ln;.|r» n. m., ormon topic, "Lot God Jic (.^od". llroadt-jint of Church Service bin Sunday. Sunday, June 23, .Sunday .ScluK»l nd Church ph-nlc aflei- the Wov- hip Survlco, lo\vcr pavilion, Spcn- er Park, Sunday. .Tunp 23, I1to time of Church \Vorshlp is 10:30 a. in. Choir practice Thursday at 7:30 i. m, ' Bethel Tabornaclo Rev. Wendell Naln.'O, Minister U J. JOllisou, Suiit. Sunday Services— Special FathtM-'H Day Service :tl lie morning' worshiii tlmci with a ICC for every riuthiir S:30 u. m. Junior Church (UKCS 5-11} 'J:30 . m, Sunday School JO:-)S a, in. KvonlnK EviliiHTnllstlc. Rnily 7:30 , m. Blbln Study nt i!>o WnlKui Cun- orvaLlon Club IHilldluft- Tuesday p, m. Mldwok niblo SUuly and Pniyi'r urvlce WiidiHisdsy X ]), jn. J3.Y.11. Services Thursday 8 p. 11. Church ot the Brethren Ilnlnh W. IlolTniun, J>antur Blblo Hour !l:30. Victor ICIIi-hel, Onn. Supl. Huts.y Savlnl, rlillilr.'ii'H Supt. MiirnlliK Worship 10:3(1. lUuidlnu—I''uy» Martin: Rwiillni; —Florence Sttnenuin: Ki'iioKiiltlon f Fathers—Mliinli- Kltrhi'l; Vocal )unt.—I'^lorencti Arnold. Mslher mltJi: J-'.'ilhcr's Day .MOHS»W<-— lev. I-larry IliiHhlnirKi'r 1 Organist. —Arloulno Itruhakcr; Chorister— a.'iot NtJson. St. James Ev. Lutheran UNDAY, Jl.'N'IO lli-- Trlnlty Sunday Jllvlno Service, 0 a, m. Sunday School I* a. in. Juni! 17-21, Inclusive,, Vaenllon lbli) School, '.1-11:30 n. m., wllh lOslnlV l'.X('rcf;il'> (HI Jllltn '1\. HURHDAY, .lUXI'l 211 Choir Hi-humml, 7:30 p, in. rrlm-lllii Cullil will ruuoil- IMIO in Soptiimber. Young America E. U. B. Circuit Cecil H. .Smith, Minister 10NTHII— Sunday School n,t 10 a. m. At the close of tin. lesson study orlod, a roj>roHi-;iUi! l\'i; i>f the Idenns will Klvt 1 a hrlcf Inl'nrmiL- Unal and Insplriil Iminl tiilk. Tills In conl iM'ciii'ii .Sunday und no pastor will his at ruufVriiiiee. Young America Baptist Harry H. linn, I'astor Itolifrl. Wilson. Hunt. Morning Worship HI. Sunday School 10:50. linden Ave. PHgrim Holiness ISrntmt Carroll, minister Sunday School U:3H. Murvln links and Ciitneva , llarsiiinan, upts. .MurtilnK Horvli-u 10:30. MCHHIIKC y Kiw. Darwin l^avctmood. Youth Service «:4C. ICoilh I'ot- KvanKi-llslli' H«i'Vlui> 7:11(1. Mid - wiM'k prayer and pralso :3l) WiMlni..«d«y! Youth prayer service 7:30 1'Yi- ny In Annex. Ulblo School Monda.y tbrou«)i "rliluy 9:ull to 11:'JO. LEHNUS BROS. —Farm Implements— Allis-Chalmers Sales & Service G.M.C. Trucks South edge of logansport on Road 29 -Dial 4691- Want Out of Debt? Let us arrange to get you out of debt on payments you can afford, regardless of how much you ow». No security or endorsement needed. Ono and only on* place to pay. Credit Counselors of Logansport Op.n Dally V to S, ExMpt W.d. 401 Barnes Bldg. Ph. 2750 J. L (Jack) HAWKINS livestock Buyers Hogs All Weights Veal Every Day -Dial 4434- Logansport, Ind. For Your Everyday Needs in • Toiletries • Packaged Drug* • Sundries. Stop At SMITH'S 300 West Market St. PhoiM 3930 VIOLA'S Fee Exclusive, Leading Nationally Advertised ladles Apparel 326 Broadway Ph. 3915 Everyone Can Afford Good Furniture EASY TERMS Foster's Furniture Co. 412-414 E. Market St. SMITH'S MARKET CHOICE MEATS We make our own salads. American Express Money Orders at All Times OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. SUNDAYS AND WEEK DAYS 17th & George St. Ph. 3378 HAMMOND ORGANS Pro* Demonstration Ramseyer Piano Co. 320 W. Taylor Kokomo, Ind. Write for Literature Acetylene X Arc Welding Corrugated Metal Pip* Beams Angles, Bars Sheet Metal of All Kinds Basement Adjusting Posts Special Built Tanks Galvanized Corrugated Roofing Logansport Metal Culvert Co. 220 Hanna Phone 5157 BOB'S ROOF ING CO. Roofing, Siding, Buildup, Eav* Troughs. BOB SCHODROF 921 GARFICLD AVE. PHONE 9755 CASS CO. FARM BUREAU CO-OP Petroleum, Paints, Feeds Fencing, Coal & Farm Tools I OB E. Ottawa Dial 3141 FLOWERS For All Occasions Corsages Floral Decorations Funeral Designs PLEASANT HILL GREENHOUSE' 1016 Pleasant Hilt Dial 5144 T. H. YOUNG D-X PRODUCTS FUEL OILS 1520WoodlawnAv«. - Phone 4619 B. R.WILHELMCO. Tim ken Oil and Gas Heating Equipment. Shellane Bottled Gas Auto Radiator Repair 206 Fifth Street Phone 3929 Who Is Your Tuner? Piano service of proven ability. Over 35 years experience. Registered member of National Association of Piano Tuners. —Free Estimates- Claude H. Conrad Dial 2811 DALE L. ISAACS Electrical Contractor Licensed • Bonded • Insured 3259 231 W. Ottawa Logansport, Ind. CASS COUNTY STONE CO. STUDEBAKER Construction Co. Paving Contractors R. R. 6 Ph. 5-6358 logansport, Ind. MOTOR-STOKER Anthracite Burning Equipment QUALiTY COALS AND FUEL OIL SCHMIDT COAL CO. 923 W. Broadway Phone 4402 logansport THE FARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK Serving This Community Since 1902 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HIATT'S "Everything for Your Office" 310 E. Broadway Dial 3842 HOPE-LUXEM CO., Inc. FORD SALES AND SERVrCf 716 S. Burlington f>hor>«3178 CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE Cass and Miami Counties. Phone Logan 2570 or 3092 Phone Peru 555 330 Water St., Logansport

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