Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 6, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1895
Page 5
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New Spring Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at DEWENTER, THE HATTER and FURNISHER. There Is Reason For It! • ^^ 1 I We Uave told you about receiving our new Spring Goods, but •we want you to know what others say about them. If you will drop in a few minutes perhaps you won't bluuic utt for "harping" on tbis subject. Moat people say: "More beautiful than ever," and a great many Say; ''Xot expensive either." We are receiving a great many orders for suits to be made up for Easter and would like to,'put your order down. TUCKER & YOUNG, i TttB FEflRL STRBET TfULORS, •? MONEY TO LOAN Personal, Reu'i Estate or Collateral Security. Any Amount. Any Tiino. E. B. Ovcrslilner, 327 fonrlh Street. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MOKNING;r 5 MARCH 7 Drink McLin's Kolatona. Additional Local on Fourth Page. Council meeting tonight. Mtss Emma Wefel la reported sick. Mrs. Samuel Good is reported very ill. Natural gas bill for March now due and pujablo. M. D. Fansler is confined to tho house with lagrlppa, There wort no victims boforo tho mayor's bar yesterday. Supt. A. li. Douglais Of the city schools ia reported alck. To Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Rodman ol the South Side, a daughter. Tho county commissioners wore busy yesterday looking over claims. Otto carries the CaoetHne ol ladles ' ihoes in tbe city. Choice today $1.93. The hospital sewing circle will meet today at the homo of Mrs. M. C. Wado. k Two pale faced fcrothere were adopt™ed by tho local tribe of Rod Men last night. C. A. Smith has been appointed administrator of the estate of August Binz. The West Side club was last nigh entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Martin Elliott. Oito offers any ladles' shoe on ex- hibltlon in any shoe store at f 2 to $5 for $1 98 today. Fine dinner and supper at the Justice block nn Broadway Friday aod Saturday sorvod by the ladlei of the Christian church. An excellent b-.ll of f»re has been prepared and the cooking will bo done on one of tbe jmtlv celebr^sd Majestic range*. The public is 103'p'ectfully solicited to par take of the numerous good things which the ladles know »o wo.l how to servo. Awarded Hlfhest Honors—World'.* Pair. DR. » BAKING Music, ttibleaux, ice cream and cake, all for twunty-five cents, at the First Presbyterian ohurch Wednesday evening. Slate Keppinger will hang paper at 15 cents a double roll. Give him a call over Lcinenoman's tailor shop, 504 Broadway. We want an office boy from 15 to 20 years old. Excellent position for the right person. Call at once— Hall's Business College, The largest shipment of men's fine shoes that ever came to Logansport were received yesterday by Stevenson & Kllneick's, the shoo men. .. On account ot the popularity of her cutting and sowing school, Mme. Watson has decided to remain here this coming season. Those intending to enter tho school should do so at onco. The paper hansrers of Logansport will ,hold a meeting "at Labor Hall Thursday evening. March 7lh, a» 7:30, to consider the fixing of prices for paper hanging; during tbe coming season. By order of Committee. A neat littlo booklet, entitled "Safety in Travel," has been issued by tbe Chesapeake & Ohio railway company, It is finely illustrated, and the printing. by Poolo Bros., of Chicago, i» very neat. The booklet oon-.ains a well written story of the trip over the lino, with the R. E. Y M. C. A. a feature. PRE8. DOLES' AUTOGRAPH. The Hawaiian President lltcogalr.f* the Kffarin of rtr. SinteKiuan. Indianapolis Journal: President Dole of Hawaii, has recognized the kindly efforts of Representative Statesman to have the Pacllic republic annexed to tho Uoited Sutes by sending the Miami county gentleman an autograph- io photograph. Mr. Siutesman re oeived the likeness of President Dole yesterday together with a copy of the Honolulu Star with the following editorial: ••Representative James F. Slutss- man, who Introduced the resolution in the Indiana House of Representatives favoring annexation, is a bright young Republican, an ardent American. He hails from Miami county, where be succeeded at the late election tdere in changing a big Democratic minority Into a Republican one. Ha 'is an old time friend of John Efflnger, of this city." The caption of the article Is peculiarly chosen, since the Hawaiian editor had no means of knowing that Mr. Stutesraan had auburn locki. The article ia headed: "He ia a Brlclc " The Hawaiian p*per shows that journalism is progressive in the far away repuhho. Among- the notices [3 one of a recital where James Whitcomb Riley's "Orphant Annie" was ;lven. The Star contains a procla nation by President Dole declaring martial law and giving notice that all persons found on the streets between ):SO p. m. and 5 a. m. without a mll- MOST PERFECT MADE. K pure Grape Cream L'Tartar Powder. Free Sotn Ammonia, Alum ex -iny other adulterant ' 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. .tary pass will be »re permitted to rem^g^Jp'en only during the hours betwe&'.Wci a. m. and 6 p. m, and no liquor except beer is. allowed to be taken from the salouns. NATUEALGAS. Worst Explosion in Its History Occurs at Anderson, Ind. Big Business Block Blown to Piece* and Scattered All Over Center of City—No Lives Lost. AXDBKSOX, Ind., March 5.—The most destructive natural gas explosion in the history of the Indiana gas belt occurred hero at 4 o'clock Tuesday morning-. A $73,000 business block on the courthouse square was blown aU over the central part of the city. In the building were the When clothing- stores, Prather's shoe store, Hadley drug store and a large Dumber of business offices and halls on the upper iloor. I'lro Follows the Explosion, Fire followed the explosion which, was like an earthquake, and the remains of tiie Aibrh began burning- fiercely. The entire fire department was c-.illod out nncl prevented the fire from runel-iin;,' the new courthouse. I^xttmt of Dutuiitf". The loss on the building and contents is total, and will reach 3-100,000. The fronts of all business houses in the neighborhood of the explosion were demolished, paved streets ripped open, and telephone cables torn down. In addition to this demolition of the Terhune block the explosion did much du.ma.g-o to the courthouse and other bui'.dinys which were struck by missiles. Foretold by n Spiritualist. Attorney Jjalbiril and County Commissioner Aletcalf,thought to have been buried in the lire, turned up all right. A fulling- wall caught, Fireman Gnstin. and crushed his arm. Mrs. Wilson I'oi-ttV Kayner, of Chicago, gave spirit readings here a week ago, and said that, in a short time the business center of the city would be visited by a big fire, and that there would be shoes flying about iu the fire. The circumstances of Tuesday verified Mrs. Kayuer's prediction. DEATH OF A PIONEER. Mic.'mol Keeil, One of the Oldest Ram. dent* of Clinton Township, P»eme» Away . Michael Rsed, aged 75 years, one of the oldest residents of Clinton township, died yesterday morning at an early hour at the family home, southwest Of the city. He had only been 111 for a abort time, though his health had been poor. He was of a retiring disposition, economical and bonora ble, and bad acquired considerable property. He had for many years lived in Clinton township, raising a large family. He was a member of Dae English Lutheran church. A daughter living in California has been telegraphed of the death, and until she can be heard from, the time for the funeral will not bo set. | HAS SOLD OUT. I'tot. Michael* l>i"pi>HC» ItiMltute, and Will Open llioSmiili- •on Culli-SfO. The educational institution at Dela^ ware Ohio, owced by Prof G-. W. Michaels, has recently been aold by that gentleman, and ae is now expected to begin operations for Opening the school be proposes to conduct at the Smithson co.leee bulldii.g. It is said that the professor will be able to carry out his plans for a high grade college at this place, on a greater scale than he bad at first intended. S«I<1 He Had a Wif« Here A recent dispatch from Niies, Mich., gays that Frank M;N<imars of pjvtoa, O., iSjheld there for bigamy, he having confessed when confronted with evidence, that he bad a wife living in Logaosport Ha had just married Misa E-nraa Nigle a voung >ooiety lady of Niles. Tho dispatch states that the wife will prosecuie. Xealectcd Anlmftls. A team of mules were t*ken up by the officers about midnight last night The animals had been hitched near Johnson's warehouse on Fifth ttreet, Irom 9:30 a. in., to tbe time that an indignant citizen reported tbe matter to the police without feed or water. Important Fact!. If you hdvo duil and heavy pain across forehead .and about the eyes; if the nostrils are frequently stopped up and followed by a disagreeable discharge; If soreness In the nose and bleeding from the nostrils Is often experienced; If you are very sensitive to cold in the bead accompanied with headache; then you may be sure jou have catarrh; and. should (immediately )-resort tody's Cream. Bilm for a cure. The remedy will give instant relief. To Enlarge ill e Hospital. I* Is stated thai as soon as tbe weather will permit, improvements will be made at the St. Joseph's hospital. The capacity of the institution will b* increased by the addition of several rooms. J B. Stanley will begin a series of temperance revival meetings at Crown Point next week. " J $198 FOR CHOICE. $1.98 FOR CHOICE, dice of Any Ladies' Shoe in the Store NOT SAMPLES, BUT FROM STOCK. Any Ladies' Shoe that you see on exhibition in any Show Window at $3, $3.50, |4, $4.50 and $5, the same at Otto's, choice for $1.98. TO-DflY. There is no house in the city that carries so many fine shoes. Therefore we are safe in claiming to duplicate any that you may see displayed elsewhere or that you may have bought within the past year, Today for $1.98, This Remarkable Offer should fill our house from morning till evening. Our Great Sample Shoe Sale is still in its'infancy and prices going still lower. OTTO KRf\L Great Shoe Sale. LEGISLATIVE NOTES. Both Bruncliei «f me LeslMatnre Trnusuct Important Huwiumx. IndliiniiDOlls. March 5, The senate adopted a rusoUuicm requiring- the tompenince committee to bring the Nicholson bill before the senate to-day. It iilso passed the bill providing forasupcriorconrtfor I'-uke.l-'or- ter and La Porte counties, which now goes to the governor for his signature. The house passed the McGregor bill prohibiting child labor in factories, and Senator Snively's bill to prevent the padding of school returns. It :ilso passed tbe legislative apportionment bill over the governor's veto, and had quite a wrangle on the Jackson county seat bill, which failed to get a constitutional majority. Other bills were passed to have wardens of pouiten tiaries return prisoners when released to the county. \vhe:-e sentenced; a bill permitting the people of Jackson counr ty to vote on the proposition to remove thb courthouse from Jjrowxistown to Seymour; a bill preventing the employment in factories of children under 14 years of age; n, bill milking a judicial district of Rush and Hancock counties, also a district of Bartholomew. The house concurred in the bill making the sale of cigarettes to children, or making cigarettes in the state after ! June 1, a felony punishable by imprisonment for from one to three years. Hi * * The House today by a vote of 72 yeae to 13 nays passed Representative Thomas' bill amending the election law. The bill provides that the Republican ticket shall be first on the printed ballot, the Democratic second and Prohibition thirdj^it provides that four voters may be in the voting rootn at the same time; it requires that the name of a candidate shall not appear on a billot more than once; it permits a watcher for oach party during the count of the ballots and provides that all mutilated disputed, and uncounted ballots shall be preserved. * * * The Aatl-Roby winter .racing bill was stolen yesterday from tbe oostoffice room of the Senate and caused much excitement. The stories of the clerks connected Senator Sellers with iis dls- appearance. Jo the Senate today he asked that the charge, which he emphatically denied, be investigated and a commutes was named for this pur. pose. The bill was found today in a closet. * » * The bill for the protection of fieh failed in the House for want of a con. Btituiioaal majority, the vote being, yeas, 44. nays, 33 The bill prohibited the sale of fish caught in. the State between March 15 and August 15 Of each year, and fixed a fine of flOO and imprisonment in the county jail for six months. * * * Senator Boyd, this afternoon reported on the investigation of the Scnool for Feeble-Minded Youth. Tne report exonerate* Alexander. Johnson of all the charges against him, except that he ha* a sharp temper and talked roughly to the ma«mo. * * * The metropolitan police bill which passed the Senate several days ago passed the House today. It provides tbdt police commissioners shall bs appointed by the mayor. 1C * If Tbe House received a message from Governor Matthews, saying that he had vetoed tho repealing act of the legislative apportionment. His reason was the same which he had given for repealing the apportionment itself. The repealing act was passed over his veto. MOTHERS! HOTS! MOTHERS! ~ Ti»o Hfew Vork« nnkrupi Company'* Monster movement of modern merchandising has been a pronouced success. The mighty masses that have thronged 'our place o'f business were amazed at our immense stock and low prices. Bahold, this mighty movement is yet in its intaocy. Thfa roar of tbe lion does not shake a community as will (he great cry of tbe New i r ork Bankrupt Co. During this great sale we are tbe pulverizers of high prices and tho destroyers of the ancient way of doing business. With our largo capital we can control tbe eastern markets and are always on the lookout /or largo bankrupt stocks. Boys, behold! We will make a day for you—a epecial day for all. Our stock if great and our prices are low so we will give you the pick of our stock Wednesday, at $4 98 a suit, which are well worth 8, 10, 12 and 15 dollars each. Take advantage of ibis great feast, boys, and secure what you want.Remember, these prices are only good for ton days NEW YORK BANKRUPT Co., Logansport, Ind. The Key Found la knowing how to be successful is lo- glve the customer the value for his money. Jacob Herz, whose reputation for selecting taety and nobby styles and making them up in first-class style is well known In this community, bege leave to announce that he has secured the nicest lot of spring goods ever brought here, and at prices to suit the times. You are Invited to call- Youra, JACOB The Xodern Inn lid Has tastes medicinally, in keeping with other luxuries. A remedy must be pleasantly acceptable in form, purely wholesome In composition, truly beneficial in effect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If really ill he consults a physician; I! constipated he uses tbe gentle amily laxative Syrup of Figs. Ltcanaed to Wed, Frank Douglate and Martha Pinkerton. Albert Wbois and Jessie West. Jasper T. Dot; and Emma A. Rush. Frank Smith and Ltllie English. Elmer Bonnell and EfSeLytle. M. The Tennessee Warblers entertained a good audience at the Baptist church la*t night. The concert was given for tbe benefit of the Ladled Auxiliary of the railroad Y. VL C. A? DtMaiipritrance of a Cook. A letter has boon received by Frank Boamer, the restaurant keeper of Broadway, from F-ances Winalow of 1175 South Clark street, Chicago, In which anxious inquiries were made for Harry Newman, the woll known cook formerly of Logaaeport. Tho statement is made that Ne-wman left his belongings at tbe number named, and disappeared very mysteriously last Friday. It is feared be has been foully dealt with. SlieClnliuR ilio Hor*e. A case- will come up today before 'Squire Hight in which Mrs. Jeeee McClure seeks to recover a boree, which the claims belonged to her, and which her husband, Vno drayman, traded Saturday to Daniel Belts, of Michigan avenue. North Sitfe. . It is eaid that Belts in turo traded tho animal to olbers, and at present there Is eorao doubt as to the whereabouts of tbe animal. Jesse McClure bus been charged with being intoxicated when he made tbe trade. A t»!ileii<llil Chance. Everybody who is wank, delicate or sickly wants to get well. Dr. Greene,' ol 35 West 14th St., Now York City, makes a specialty of treating putients through letter correspondence. The wisest thing all suffering people can do is to write the Doctor, stating juit how they feel, mentioning every symptom of which they complain, and he' will answer tbe letter, explaining each symptom and describing tbo case to thoroughly that pationte understand their complaint as well as though they cannot help but understand just what ails them, and he tells exactly what to do to get well It saves » journey to the city and doctor's fees, and cost* nothing. Dr. G-eene i-i the most iuc. cestful rpecialUt in curing nervous and chronic diseases. He IB the discoverer of that wonderful med.ctne, Dr. Greene's N*rvura blood aod nervo remedy. Thousands a;o being cured throngb his perfect system of letter correspondence. It has been proved successful. AXCSEIEMS. OLAN'S OPERA HOUSE S. B. Patterson, Manager. D Thursday, March 7th. Upturn of tbe Favorites! The Hit of t&e Season ... TIM MURPHY AND EUG'ENE GANFtELD .;. —In The Satirical Comedy— fVLIMONY : Better Than ET r i : Funiiler man *»er : : Brighter . nan Ever. : Prta>s-25c. Me, "&: Advan al» open Tuesday Jlornlre *S JohS- ston's JD Store. fee:

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