Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 20, 1957 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 20, 1957
Page 18
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PAGE EIGHTEEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30, 195T Josephine Lowman Beauty Can Be Handicap If Woman Relies On it Alone KBlRSr.r-rJaf-r--r A'TN^Aa^KrwfaKJa^fcftr^qyytfvvnaYft'r j .*- ij -' ^ "•"•---• .......— .- ...... -. ^ A beautiful woman must ais& develop verve, charm and personality. If you bewail the fact that you are not beautiful, listen to this letter and take heart! "Dear Mrs. Lowman: I hope this letter does not imply self-conceit for I feel that I must • be honest about my problem. From childhood people have told -be how beautiful they think I am and have never considered other .qualities which I believe are more important. 1 Is it possible for physical beauty to be a curse instead of a blessing? . ' "Boys seem to be afraid of me, even though I am rather shy, and as a result I am one of the most unpopular girls in my social set. I am rarely invited on dates with boys. Is there anything I can do to achieve a normal social relationship?" Don't Rely On It Beauty CAN be a handicap if the' woman relies on it alone, forgetting to develop verve, charm and personality. Often she becomes smug or lazy mentally because of the attention which comes her way without any effort on her part. For these reasons she is boring and once her youthful beauty is damaged by age her pop ularity wanes.' This is a bitter pill since she has nothing to take its place. " We so-of ten see. the rather plain girl of our high school or college days blossom forth into a stunning fascinating-woman in her mature years. She has learned about hair styling and make-up, and fashions She has developed many interests She likes people / and is aware of them and their lives and problems. She is well informed and well read and has a sense of humor. Then we remember the beautiful girl of our school years. Too often she has become dull and boring even before middle age. Her interests are no broader than- they •were in college days. Only her hips have widened. She is either depressed or has a chip on her shoulder because she misses the flattery and attention to which she became accustomed because of her youthful beauty. Shyness is Trouble . So, you see, beauty can be a handicap. Fortunately the' young woman who wrote 'the letter I quoted at the beginning of this column is aware of the dangers of too much beauty. I think I know what her problem is. She.says she 'is shy. Shyness is often mistaken for conceit, and folks are much more apt to suspect a beautiful girl of being conceited than a homely one. This young woman should try to forget that people always are telling her she is pretty. She should forget her appearance as much as possible and concentrate on being friends. She should speak to others in a warm, enthusiastic manner and talk with them whenever possible. She has no doubt crawled into a shell because of the constant comments about her ^beauty and Js even more unhappy because she does not seem to be popular. She herself will have to break loose from this vicious circle b deliberately making it impossibl for anyone to think of her as con ceited. Tomorrow: "Enjoy Fall an Benefit by Taking Daily Walk." (Released by The Register an- Tribune Syndicate, 1957) Alojffkeflo MONTICELLO—Plans for launch ing the annual White Countj Dart Ball League tournament wer made at a meeting of represen tatives of nineteen churches 6 the county sponsoring teams. Thi League was organized for ihi year, with Rev. Gilbert L. Pike: being re-elected League presiden and George Crosby of Reynolds secretary-treasurer, 'This year there are 20 churches entering teams. Games are playec one' night each week, starting about 7:30 o'clock at the Mon ticello Methodist church. The .tournament schedule will get : un derway the week of November 3rd and continue through until the fina tournament week of Feb. 9th, 1958 Outstanding awards have been arranged for student winners in the Jaycees' Voice of Democracy contest which this year cele brates its eleventh anniversary as a national activity. In Monticello the contest is sponsored .by the Monticello Junior Chamber of Com merce, in conjunction with the White county Superintendent's Of fice and the nine county high schools. The winner of each high schoo contest will receive a certificate The county winner will receive an inscribed plaque and be entered in the-state contest to compete for -a trophy and an all-expense trip to the national awards program in Washington, D. C,, in February Four co-equal winners in. the national contest will each receive a $500 scholarship and" a gold recording of his or her award -win ning script. • Mrs. Clara E. Erdman of Reynolds passed away Friday afternoon at the Kendallville Nursing Home. She was born October 9th, 1877 the dauhgter of John and Charlotte Bardonner. She was born ami reared in the Reynolds community. She was a lifelong member of the St. James Lutheran church. Her husband, Louis, died in 1942 and their'only child, Charlotte, died in' 1912.. Survivors are one sister, Mary Wiese, of Reynold and two brothers, J. C. Bardonner and Carl Bardonner, of Reynolds. The body is at the Smith and Aufenberg Funeral Home in Monticello until noon _ Sunday when it will be taken to the St. James Lutheran church where friends may call and where it will lie in state. Funeral services wfll be held there at 2 o'clock. Rev. Herbert Petrich and Mrs. Erdman's nephew, Rev. Herbert Wiese, .will be in charge. Burial will oe in the church' cemetery. Ernie Goff of Delphi, District Leadership Training Chairman', announces a Cub Scout Leaders - fi K -• | Boxed Assortments Solid Packs (Hand Imprinted) Also Many Books from which to Choose HIATTS NEXT TO THE LOGAN THEATRE THE CARRIAGE BARN 217-11th St. Phone 4681 Hours 9 to 5 daily, except Sat., 9 to 12 WALLPAPER LAMPS GIFTS CARPETS Forrest J. Reed, Interiors DRAPERY UPHOLSTERY ACCESSORIES PSI lOTAXI HOLDS DINNER SESSIONT PRIOR TO NORTHERN PROVINCES MEETING Council members of Psi lota Xi sorority met for a dinner session Friday evening prior to the Northern Province meeting held .Saturday in Logansport. . ' '. . Members attending, .seated left to right, include: Mrs. John Yaw, Linton; Mrs. -John,Krebser, Kokomo; Mrs. Arthur Knochel,'Remington; Mrs. Wayne Gorby, Sullivan;'Mrs. Keith Matthews, Brownsbiirg; Mrs. rEdgar Glosson, Logansport. Standing, left to right, are: Mrs. Lester Mahan, Princeton; Mrs. Marie North; Indianapolis; Mrs.. John Moriarty, Ft. Wayne; Mrs. G. R, Gillespie, Brownstown; Mrs. William C. Miles, Bloomfield; Mrs. Orville Hamacher, Brook; and Mrs. Robert White, Logansport. Thirty-two chapters of the Northern Province were represented with 1 two hundred delegates and members from these chapters attending at the Saturday Province meeting. ' '-'..' The all-day session opened with a 9:00 o'clock coffee hour and registration period held at the Elk's Club ballroom. Presidents of each chapter represented gave three minute talks on''their chapter's activities. Greetings were extended by the Grand President, .Mrs. Gorby, who then introduced Grand Council members. " ' • " Luncheon was served at the St. James Lutheran Parish Hall at 12 :OQ o'clock. Favors for the guests-were compasses on key rings. Maps were presented to each guest showing the Psi Iota Xi chapter locations and Province divisions'. . ' . . During the luncheon hour, organ music was presented by Mrs. Henry Kraut. Two vocal selections,.-"The Desert Song" and "We Welcome You", written by a Psi Iota Xi member, Eileen Carter of Eaton, were sung by Mr. Joseph Huffman. Miss Thelma Sines, a Past Grand president, introduced the. General Chairman, Mrs. Robert White and door prize's were awarded. Workshops were held during the afternoon session, and guests were given the opportunity to participate in four thirty-minute informal group discussions. - Inspection was held by Mrs.- G. Wayne Gorby, Mrs. Lester-Man an and Mrs. Arthur B. Knochel. (Staff Photo) Beth Myerson Says Most 'Miss Americas ' Fade Into Oblivion NEW YORK ('UP)—The toughest part about the Miss America job ;s becoming a former Miss America, says Bess Meyerson. "I guess that every Miss Amer ica feels as I once did that all the doors are going to swing open once you go knocking for a job But it's not like that at all and it was a terribly rude shook to me to find that being a Miss : .America meant nothing in terms of getting the job I wanted," says Bess who was - Miss Arnerica '45. "Some girls never get-over it They still expect people to fall all over them/ I know one former Vliss America who lives abroad jecause she says fchey treat her Basic Training Course will be held in the Monticello Methodist church from 7:30. to 9:30'p.m. October 31, November 7 and 14th. On the staff is Charles Burbage, Cubmaster of 'ack 313, Monon. 'Neighborhood Jommissioners are Robert Viers and Robert Kenney, both of Monticello. On November 7, there will be a Scout Commissioners Training lourse. The following new scout units are being planned for White County: Brookston, Explorer Post,, .organ- zer Wilbur Lemar, Monon; Mpnti- :ello, Cub Scout Pack, organizer J. C. R'ichey, Monticello, Boy Jcoiit Troop, organizer, Robert Kinney, Monticello. Wolcott has a new Cub Pack, 323 already or- ;anized at. the Wolcott Christion Ohurch and a new Scout Troop 23 sponsored by ,tnV Wolcott 'Meth'o- dist.'Church.' '.-.'-. Jesse Kalfise and Gertrude. Mae Hou'ser both/ of Monticello were married .October 6th at the home of 'Mr. and Mrs. D.'-A. Masterton at Chesterton. They are now at lome at the bridegroom's'home in "last Monticello. - - . • . Mr.-and Mrs. James Nelson and daughter Jo, of Columbus, Ohio, iame Friday .night for a -weekend /isit with the,• former's mother, Mrs. • Melvena Nelson: ^_ •: Mrs. Merle Qrigsby 'submitted o major surgery Thursday raorn- ng at 8 o'clock' at ".White county Memorial hospital. Miss.Shirely Ann Lawson .was jonored with a miscellaneous jhower October 11, at the home of Mrs. John Spoor, 518 'Juanita, with Mrs.. Rushtoh Smith the assistant hostess; Miss Lawson will Become the bride of Jackteeg of louth Bend -today, at the Chalmer .Community church. < Mr. and• Mrs. -Edward Vincent, if route 2, Monticello, have • returned from >a> two-week vacation .rip through Canada and the New Ingland' states,^ : " :':"-. Mrs. H. C. Burroughs, of Monon, vho had spent the last six months ^California 'and just recently re- urned to Indiana .was a house juest of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Haton of Burnettsville, over the week- ndi , . White County Memorial hospital, ews—Births, .a daughter to Mr. nd Mrs. Ralph'Galloway, Rt. 4, Monticello. Dismissals,'Mrs. Lloyd {rintz, Rt. 1, Reynolds; Mrs. Robrt Godlove, Rt. 4, Monticello.' Latex-painted walls are espe- ially [.convenient in ; areas that attract soil.' They'' can be sponged lean and spots.^ wiped off with a udsy sponge without dulling the urface. . , _ JV ... .-;--- like somebody over there while over (here, she's nothing. Hers as an unfortunate, destructive attitude, but I suppose "it's one of the hazards of the title." For most girls, the -Miss America cockade is a one-way ticket to nowhere. Bess Meyerson is one of a tiny fistful of former winners who have remained in the public eye. Bess has been in the-TV business for seven years now,, four- and-a-half of them on OBS-TV's "The Big Payoff," «a daytime entry. Talent Not Too Good "One reason why you don't hear about many Miss Americas is that although some of the talent is very good, on -the whole the talent is not of too high a quality," says Bess. ~"If a girl has any real specific talent—if she can sing, dance or •act^-the chances are she's caught up in her career by the time she's 18, 19 or-20. She has'no time for something like a Miss America contest.' "Another reason is many of the winners are from small towns and are a little afraid" of the big city. You "can't really blame the stay-at-homes though — in their own towns, Miss Americas are heroins all bheir lives. But-in New York, a Miss America is just another girl on the treadmill." Bess, a native New Yorker, tired to disentangle herself "from the Miss^ America title a year .-after she won it.' Came to'Senses "It ; was,a turning point in my life," says^ Bess. "It happened at a hotel here when a woman said— 'That's-Miss America? She's not so pretty.' Well, that hurt terrdiblyi at first. But then I came to my senses and decided I wasn't supposed to fee the prettiest girl in the world and" it'was foolish, to go •parading around as a'Miss America/-' -•''-. 'Actually though, you can't ever really divorce yourself from the title. It's like being Jackie Robinson -who'll always be known as a former second baseman no matter how far he goes as a business ex r eoutive. It's like being a former wrestling champ or flagpole sitter." .Bess, 'has a daughter, Barbara, wiho'H' be 10 in December. - "I didn't thinfc I'd ever be able to say anything but &ood -about Miss America," sighs Bess'."but I think it must be a terrible thing having a mother who once was'one. . "I hope that by the'time she is 19 or 20, she'll have progressed so far on whatever her career will be, that she'ill have no time for such" a thing' as the pageant. If there's one thing I'm sure of, it', thafl don't ever want my daughter to become a Miss America." Why wait for Sales Buy Here'and Save Anytime „ Budget Priced Furniture and Rugs At Low Cost IET OUR LOCATION SAVE YOU MONEY Open Daily 9 a.m. Jo 9 p.m. McTaggart's Home Furnishing Co. 7375 High The^ BEST way I by Chicago Motor Club AAA Escorted, All-Expense Tour. These or* 15-doy foun originating tach Saturday in Mexico City beginning November 2, and continuing throughout 1958. . -I"--•.. Rates.from $392.20 . • Including round-trip' tourist class air fare and tax from Chicago, based on double room with bath'in Mexico. Following,is the itinerary: Saturday Arrive in Mexico City ... Hotel Reforms. Sunday . Xochimilco. Bullfight in Mexico City with o stop at a Mexican home for refreshments. Evening free.. • Monday Mexico City tour in the morning,'and after lynch a vM4 M the Pyramidj.' ' Tuesday At leisure in Mexico City. . *, . u , Wednesday Early morning drive to Acapulco .-.-.Hotel Cateta. Thursday Sightieeing-in Acopulco. Friday Sailboat ride. Rest of the day at leisure. ' Saturday By ear lo Toxco.... Hotel De'la Borda.' Sunday In Toxco. Monday Return to Mexico City via Cuernavaca... Hotel. Reforma. . . Tuesday leave for Chapingo, Texcoco, Cholula and stop In Puebla for. lunch. Arrive in Penafiel for dinner. Overnight at Spa Penafiel. Wednesday A side trip visiting Cordoba,-Orizaba and Fortin. Return-to ' Pe'nofiel. Thursday* At leisure in Penafiel to enjoy the wonders of this famous spa • Friday Return to Mexico City and time for last minute shopping. Saturday. Depart for home. LOGANSPORT BRANCH CHICAGO MOTOR CLUB TRAVEL BUREAU PAYS ASSESSMENT Frederick Mack, route 2 Royal Center, paid $29.75 forfeit bond to police for a plea of guilty in city court to speeding. He was charged with going 90 on US 35. RESIGN POSTS UNDEANlAiPOLIS ffl — Hobart Aiitterspn, Indianapolis, and Mabel Lutherbeck, Lawrenceburg, resigned Saturday as vic e presidents of the Distillery, Rectify, ing, Wine and Allied Workers International Union. Read the Classified Ads Ann Landers Girl Complains Boyfriend Loses Her in Party Shuffle Dear Ann: I'm having, a problem with my boy friend: It may not seem' • serious' to you, .but it's enough' to keej) me constantly; on the verge of ( tears. Please tell me if you think I ought to' drop, the guy or work out> a solution and save the romance. Whenever we. go anyplace together I always 'get lost in the shuffle. At a party, I wind up alone unless I make an effort to attach myself to someone. At a dance he's always off with a samba expert or a mambo queen. If it's a barbecue, I can never find him until -it's time to go home. ..' „ I've told him how I feel but he claims I'm overly' sensitive. He says if' he didn't care for me he •wouldn't be around' at all. I'm not a person who must be fussed over'constantly, but I don't think he shows proper consideration •when he treats me this way. Do you agree? LONELY. LOU I agree. A girl- has a right to expect more than just transportation from her boy friend. If this ' is his sole' contribution to your entertainment, tell him not to bother. Some men must dance every number with the best-hoofer on the floor. They aren't happy unless they're off table-hoping'.and chinning with every one in the place. These birds ought to go alone, or take a girl who has the true pioneer ! spirit and ' doesn't mind fending for herself. As they say in the psychology-" books ^ "your personalities do not mesh". Dear Ann: I fell head over heels with a .fellow the first time he held me in his arms. He's a dancing instructor at a well-known school. I heard, about him from my girl friends-and signed up for lessons as an excuse to get acquainted. We went together all winter and I honestly believed the romance would end in marriage. Like a big fool I lost ,my .head and we were intimate on several occasions. I realize, too late, that I gave too much. Now it's impossible to make him settle for a goodnight Mss after all that's gone on between us. He ignores any reference to marriage. All he wants to do is come to my apartment, enjoy my com pany and taste some "good home- cooking". Please tell me. what to do; I love him. TAiRMSHED FOQL Dear Fool: Close up the soup kitchen and tell the big lug to park Ms carcass elsewhere. Just because you used, terrible judge- ment doesn't mean you have to continue to make the same old mistakes over and over again. Don't let a bad -past make you feel .that. the future is hopeless. An unfortunate experience needn't be a total loss if you learn from it. .Put an end to this relationship. Now that you've found out that the garden path is no short cut to the altar, don't forget the les-' son, Toots. Dear Ann: I am sick and tired of the way you knock the second wife of 'the divorced man. You continually refer to these women as "females-who came in during the second act" and a31 that sort of stuff. I'm one. of those "second act females" and would like to. know what crime we've committed.- Many of us have chosen to pick up the pieces and help a man get over a terrible .hurt.'The guy I married spent a good part of his life putting up with unfaithfulness, deceit, cheating, neglect and extravagance until he couldn't tolerate it another minute. His ex has remarried but our support checks keep her in plushy style while we. both work and live modestly. Please don't be so smug, Mrs. Landers. You sound like a "first act wife" who has been replaced. But I'll bet your resentment isn't so great that you pass up the all-, mony. Am I right?——GOOD G-UES9BR ' You are wrong—on every count. I have nothing against "second act .females". Many have done a wonderful job under difficult circumstances. I merely point out that the woman who marries a divorced man must expect problems. Often part of his • heart is rooted elsewhere (the kids. An unsuccessful marriage is bound to leave scars, guilt and mixed emotions, not to mention- heavy financial obligations. These.are the facts, Ma'am, no digs intended. (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with • your problems. Please send'them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope). Copyright : 1957,' Field Enterprises," Inc. Two D/visf an Chairmen Named In Peru UF Drive PERU—Two new division chairmen for the United'Fund campaign was announced Saturday by the general chairman, Harvey O'Neill. The, Rev. Gary Allbritterr, pastor of the First Baptist' church, will- head the Government and Education Division .while Mrs. 'Lillian; Eck has been named chairman' of the Special Gifts division. The drive will open about November 4. .. • of 517 Pair Womens Shoes TWEED!ES — AMERICAN GIRLS — KICKERINOS NATURAL BRIDGE & SPORTS OXFORDS DRESS SHOES & FLATS 226 South Third Phone 5108 "1W At Chlcogo Motor C/vb to ywr Awri 40MT All Reduced 2.00 to 6,00 a pair

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