The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1942 · Page 15
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1942
Page 15
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i. JUL LtfURPAY, JLXY - IS. 1W2 TA Pittsbsrxh Conner. PAGE FIFTEEN PROCLAMATION . - TV;. k. A M. V 1 .'LI itr. - A its' - u;'vfc2 ; v - fl ... - i - t 4 - it v: - V e .; - ? i : V i'i . i ; - i iW - a II 1 ' , . 1i - - S ' Tf - MCv; - .'i rat try. :a - 1 i a ; A r . - 14 .hi' 3I3EM COJITRBUTE r - j - ITrOFJC July l - rrom )tbr rtMrrz ef the Ftm .ftyna - Ktix.: ttre contributed 110 r a tj XAJLCP far l"th wrtej to a letter from Mkbel Ipv. priApai of th ehooL Eaaon of . the Fr SvnaJ Efea t :r..r Keren Ami mt - It ti3 oat cf thm riS U - r;'k. of th NAACP i i 'iillLE F0B - AB !?' CLUBS MOTE. RBHT 0LITI0E1 IF POLL - TAK , , i rtff - ... n7.A,:r.ionleoaiBitt.U - jedi:i ZUU,UUU Members flood Lonsressionu unices nun ReqnesU for Action on Geyer Bill. SERVICE EMBLEMS HOSOR OUR ms is uniform j la in eSart to !:bermt 15,OC0.0 thousands of tppea! this 'from tt clutches of the poll - tax. to brin tte Geyer Antt - Foll Ta ; SMCOO " Double V dab members Bill H. R. IKi' to the Kou cfj 'were called on to flood their Con - Representative for a vote. The bi, - m - w : 1 . w .. w maw K 1 W A m M 4 OB. - ter acd phone calls urgeatiy re - j quetttsg that they orce and for abohah tha payment of poll - taxes 'in all future federal election Only 95 more Conrrtran need to sire the Petition to bring the bill out eeic to'.for a vote on the floor of the House No 1.1 Doub Cluba throujhout ire cour.try have pledged their ezcrts o inn the roll - tax Arht, an all - 'important segment of the "Victorj - m a Con - at Home . - e zrst official "IJouble V rwv in which the mayor of a municipality set aside an entire day for a eity - wide celebration was held in Cincinnati. O - . last week, in which Mayor James Garfield Stewart took, an active part, along with hundreds of patriotic colored and white citixena. Top, left to right: Parade Marshal Charles Houston and tha - V Girls pose at head - carters before the march uptown. Mavor Stewart, author of the ini 'W Pay proclamation in th I'SA, is shown addressing the vast citrwide rad:o audience U!',.in WCPO. which so gracious'.r granted time to the Cmcy Council for the Uunch - : - jr of 'W Day. Cicv - s flrst - V cluS. the only . uniformed " W group m the nation, pictured as they received anal instructions m the council headquarters Bottom, left to right: Color fully garbed girl proudly resplendent in uniforms com - j piere wjin piintuc suon bbu - W hats, created for the occasion by Chairman Anne Ma ton. pose in "V" formation. Creating constant attention all over Greater Cincinnati are the - YV Girl contest posters. They are being displayed in merchants' windows throughout the town. W. T. Owen, president of the Associated PubLehers. Inc. is shown accepting a - W creed at the arcade entrance of Carew Trwer. Fiftn and Vj streets. T o W" Girls pictured in front of the main posrofl.ce building at Fifth and Walnut, opposite Fountain Square Pedestrians thouet.tfully read ta creeds in the preat majority cf instances Photr by Al Krupion. Cmcy Enquirer Staff Foug. URGES KEGROES TO REPORT EXPERIENCES VITH Ui.Ei. FTW TORI CTTT. July 1 gr workers la all part f tie roan try are rged by the National Trbma Leagn t rrport their esperteces In regtstrtag er bring referred for wax tn - do - .tr Job through the CsfcS. to tho Leges Office. 11M Broad war. New York City. The Lrg "baa beeo rondvetiag a national inquiry tut the manner tn which pahti employment fftce kae served Negiw b appUcaars sance the V. S. CpS - rern - nent last DerBber replaced State admlnistratiow ef tieee egVcea with direct Federal snanagement through the V. S. BresJ mt Empsejment Security. l abolish the desricabl poll - tax Rallying to the call, the offices j in Washington have been receAingj LEADERS OKAY! 'WIN THE WAR' ! IET If! DIXIE ble Service . :ih Xumher of ani ' Color Follows .oer in family In .service " ir.ntes service . r.r. - rental VS. 'A?, fienotes ser - as r.t : thoat r - ' US. t'. Vr.MM soldier r..s hf in the ku ir.j coupon with 'n or fUmp, to 5t cf Emblera ' - " - re and mail to Campaign " The Pittsburgh 2i2S Centre burgh. Pa. j RAIXIGH. N. C July J.(AXPj j - j - Issing a call for a great South - ; lUrn - Wio - The - War mass meeting toj b held ra this city Tuesday, spon - Qf I iors say: ? The finest sons of the - South i. . 1 . .v mrmrA services Of llour Jountryi Cclia. Kelly Jr, of i r . c - . . mi rvkr - ij Miller, cf liWacoL Tex., among the first heroes i ;ief this war. axe stirring symbols, jef the c'd tradition and patriotism; - 'of the South. Thirty million Amer - j Z'esjsa of the Southland stand ready j Si to make every sacrifice for 1c - ( tory over the Axis enemy. j - Our democratic traditions, ourj national indepeidenc. our very ex - ! istence as & free people ara .en - ; daggered by the enslanng foreeSj or Miller sua , I V ictory in this total war requires Vthm full energy of every Amertean. I'of every Southerner. Th are :jthe practical tasks before - us; to 1 send our bt on and daughters Jto our armed forces; tn fi or best efforts to au - avn. p. all our cooserentions; ts lnroTv the - ast loyal body of Southerners. Negro and white, foUT,1 JJ' effort: to build national unity with the fan vigor of our democratic fartk. - Sotce of the ouUtsjdmjr MtM of the South, Including Dr " Graham of th university 01 Carolina, have affixed their signatures' to tha call - Negro signatories ara Mrs. Mary McLood Bet hunt: Charlotte Haw - klnsBrown. Waluu . C.; Dr. . Atlanta - Dr. IvOD - MUIU ei ert P. Danlet lUlelgh :J Dr Chaxl - P. Johnson, asnviue. gee. Oklahoma City Dr. Darld D Jones. Greenhoro. N. C - - c jJl Soauldlng. Durham. c, wr. James E. Shepaxd. uurnam, others . Speakers on the occasij bo re ii - S - F. xV,.;ee: Mrs K ! - . . tit rsii - rhairmsn 01 ST w7m. Jii - i cf th. V eratio - arty; i' - - r. - Tiat and Paul n - uoriMov"" tB, T.nnesaee Industrial Lwon couaciL - W - 7J7 ZZZT wr if tkev "VV" CLUBS, AFFILIATE MEMBERS OF THE "VV" CLUBS OF AMERICA KAtm J - I Xrt teei.. fcee - C Ut tae C - . Ce. C1iLli 1 a. "wSL'tTji rt - rT t?i?i 1, rjr'jC 1 "TrT asM Em. 'iel 7S,itc C . . . iU,!,) Uri 200. St r n 1 rn"' Tiniirnli'?yv - '"" sluu 1 riiiMisi aBak Ft - eu. ni 11 mm. CnuM s ca. - - , T - r c - oaL - anw. aoarMB - sjwtsi V" Oes - ese Ohmms. gaytta. f. I 1 1 r r Owe Otn a KiirX em. . . ftststo ten I lirm. w" - LP"M r iiiai Mil fr,?, TaJM'r rBnfjr PBBSsS4taMK't. Slw ssrwVICsl rTsTrsiiT sr t OafLwim Ttm. nrV chAtt 11 t 1 Ouw . aasf rai w. ew. anta. fc. fggpHH jym "eaM " Ou - C aa. C""aJS. ' 'sW V 6"u r"",W",n f tes Cam 1 Cartv. ac - jtnL . V. j7y'cirt jyLT Lijii isi . nMe V OA el sSMeaSsSS'SHi Jmbw St. SeMeevlSa. rgrj 3JJ5S; a - Vam r - Seaft CM r C1I11 K re. .n...a SS Car tu i 1 Oea. . m. Cwnia. t rsss. . am. wt. Or - w Om '"t!iVn ittij. a. iB - swy fMbs. MS M naakw D rti Ipiayail y J. tan CiM ams - u.. ... jJMW Maieawt at Saats Pitar Oa fcenia, i ine g ae 1SI waam.JC HM tWi. J" Bjm ay Mr - . S"VT f I ill I CmI 2m. nr. mm. Y cw. C Z. SKS)ol. Mm - S - MJT ob!1 SSS'Tst 1 Mm Mjfclfl ffc f g Stntn. araart. S. J ijjIi. rii" V rne a. 1 - kawi. sc Cxam i TImT - rtrt r. arMkt. . nit. mHTTi - t iii ii ' r. urn. um K - NAAC aaace vm. in. Ca. 4 Tract C. SJa. S. tn. a. J af IM kverct Car w Ckav C aaaal I la Sll STillia 1m Cm I ! - si. va CAr Fee VS. u a. Cits. . M Oa' OiS 'aa!' TsatL ' tk Stmt Saaaataaj bull ! I . limn f ii in Brass saac a. c. wuIm. 11 j 11 Clat BM" rsl1i1 T niaiZui r r SaleSyvCasV elVaaTTSsasr n Pew PMV mCJ LssssaVistsji BJWV eBassssaVdaHs $JbsbW Every Loyal American should be wearing a "Double Victorj" Pin . . . and displaying the Emblem in his home on his car ... and at his place of business "Double V" Campaign Material Now Available "DOUBLE V" WINDOW STICKERS sa gjwiea i Kt. 3 - e c - f. 2t e:t rsrcktsei brj tf U5 r swfU escL 2c in nun i r ti' nuif. . - BfiJ '.j. '"e - d fcue. engtrelet V et? UUUDLL Y rin 1C3 tr 2SJ " 5N " TJKSfl J 25 rmm 1183 )) C. 1153 V - (Haft: Oi A3 tnm lea fta - 21 Pte - na k tfrapt t ctetr mt f atstsft.) .iRAimi r tif rrfMiiAr ri mi rii. .. pw' tu $ - . irrw r ruswa - i - ess u m a is m. na mm vm sea at tar aw ra at UUUDLL V JLn? ILL LrlDLLfn s r Uncle San: leonei ierce wnilea for OCR ors i" The sere. Ten rtfenn. aief is semce in fhe tmfioeflMi undsnci if ne Ute iitn. r wtlc it tre ctt - riBiic fcnifi if e Wei Stitcj. tr has bets kJc ". - Win", Ahi sare tie ho r f ja Ur at the sm'xt. TH t k etei m ebe fi be isaes Ktm - tatfj. hiie f. We. 4'i fcj f iKte. ismme. u that it cm le iset in e Tnir f Tise Iwie ;w. Insf r msisi rt s snRcf" fertei! 1 saecufty if yi we. $:e - fcerter te sal - I IVJi ites. r Mtise f fre cet - " U v in rar pact if tisoeo. Ik uck, r . bfs ef IN tr swrt, k eacl "DOUBLE Y" SONG "YANKEE DOODLE TAN" ! if tut ric most o.ntiinj irafs. iflCf Uzi iri i. C Jatew. 8hrei ?i bee fe "nunber 1" nt hjne if tt yeir. ftf pant m layin fr ga?r sr. xTfcj fsr f - e 30c fOSTi&! PC?13 - aU COS P1TUU fit AJTiXL ORGANIZE A "DOUBLE V CLUB OR BECOME AN AFFILIATE MEMBER OF THE "DOUBLE V CLUBS OF AMERICA Oe9elA ey e. - Uiale rsrfnslve wH ls "DeaK's 1"" Cs - 4ie y pnrracstaif earn. mm ef oiA o rem feri C - te. retlf . - Mfe of ajtiastiow. klertrrs. pasters sad rMiutfisii avsrerMJ irataaed m. Par fartkr tdamaan rrtt: Jao 6. Taaxruta. Oriejhatar asi Caspafp Crrdtr TW nfhitri Ca - ner - 2UI Ceafrt Ariaat rj?ia, tl Pa. 4 i i - ftrlesasC n n ( -

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