Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 20, 1957 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 20, 1957
Page 17
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20,1957 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE SEVENTEEN YWCA News Announcement has been made by Mrs. R. 0. Meinzer, executive secretary of the YWCA, the following schedule: Monday, October 21—Beta Sigma Phi, basement, 8 p.m.; Progressive club, parlors, 1:30 p.m.; Men's Duplicate .Bridge parlors 7:30 p.m.; Hi-Tri III annex,'7:30 p.m.; Lincoln. Y-Teens - rough initiation, ^annex, 4 p.m.. Tuesday, October. 22—Riley Y- Teens rough initiation, .annex,. 4 p.m.; Delta .Chi Sigma,, parlors, dining room, kitchen, 8 p.m.; Variety club, club ;room, 8 p.m.; Farmers National Union, annex, 7:30 p.m, Wednesday, .October 23—Ladies Day Out','9:30-11 a.m.; Slimnastics, 6:15-7:15 p.m;, annex; Ladies Day Out, 7:30-9 p.m. "Frirday, Ocotber 25—Riley 8th grade Y-Teens, practice for formal recognition, annex, 4 p.m.; Who's New entertains Golden Age, annex, 1:30 p.m.; . Owls. Club, parlors, dining room, kitchen, 6 p.m.; Saddle Club, annex, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, October 26 — Junior High canteen, 7-9 p.m.; Adult Canteen, 9-11:30 p.m. Grease and other cooking spatters stick tight if left on the kitchen stove too long. It is best to wipe the stove clean after each use. The kitchen will look neater and cleaner, and actual rubbing will be cut to a minimum. Also, grease attracts bugs —another good reason to get rid of it. — _ Pattern Jiffy Cut 9134 ONE SIZE MEDIUM Week's Sewing Buy The pattern is all one piece; pin to fabric, cut out entire apron at one time. ONE yard 55-inch fabric is all you need with our Printed Pattern. Make several for yourself, bazaars. ' Printed Pattern 9134: blisses' Medium Size only: takes one yard 35-inch. Transfer included. Jiffy- out in one piece. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Send Thirty-five -cents (coins) for this pattern—add 5 cents for each pattern for ist-class mailing. Send to Marian Martin, care Logansport Press 355 Pattern Dept., 232 West .18th St., ' New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME -ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE -NUMBER.-FASHION BEAUTY SHOP Q n | y PERMANENTS with soft ring!«t» INCLUDES SHAMPOO CUTTING OTHERS STYLING • TO $25 - CREAM 9T\) 6 No Appointment Necessary NO FUZZ OR FRIZZ 314Vi Pearl St. Ph;20111 War Mothers Plan State Hospital Party December 13 . Plans for a December party at the Logansport State hospital were made ; at the Friday-evening meeting of the Mothers of World 'War 2, Unit 18, at Memorial home with the president, Elsie Bushing, in charge. '' Singing and prayer by the chaplain, Mrs. Hazel Campbell, opened the meeting. '' Roll call of officers was held and minutes of the -previous meeting were read by the secretary pro- tern, Helen Barnett. Elizabeth Harnasch, treasurer, gave tier account. The president reported the proceeds from the serving of the re-' cent dinner for the. G. I. A. ladies and thanked all of the members who assisted. .-.-.. . Pearl Jones, rehabilitation chairman, announced the date for the Hospital party to be on Dec. 13, at 1:30'p.m. She requested members to bring any old, jewelry, neck ties, nylon hose, and crayons and coloring books to be taken to.', the Veterans'. Hospital at Marion. These will be prepared for shipment at the next meeting. The State Soldier's Home at Lafayette is in need of clean cotton rags and she asked members to bring these also. „ Jennie Renkenberger, card and flower chairman reported .having remembered several of the members with birthday cards and those who have been confined by illness with cheer cards. It was reported that the first president and organizer, Mrs. Nella Hendee, is critically ill in/St. Joseph Hospital. , Jessie Lebo was named to be in charge of the serving of the next Blood Bank dinner at the Baptist Temple on Nov. 6. Members voted to send the final quarterly payment of $60.00 to the four Veteran's Hospitals and a contribution of $5,00 was made to the hospital at Ft. Benjamin Harrison as many of the men and their families from the Bunker Hill Air Force Base are sent there for hospital treatment until such time as the Base Hospital is completed. $25.00 was given to the Cass County United Fund and. $10.00- was contributed ^o the 2nd District project. Tentative plans were made for the sale of poinsettias on Pearl Harbor Day, and Jennie Renkenberger and Louise Hardin were named co-chairmen with the location of the headquarters for the downtown sales to be announced later. The Unit decided to renew the subscription to'Freedoms Facts, a monthly-bulletin, for another year and to use its topics for the Unit's programs. The .meeting closed with the Mother's Creed and prayer by the chaplain. A social hour was enjoyed with refreshments served by Elizabeth Harnasch, Jennie. Renkenberger, Minnie Schwartz and Merle Fissel. Prizes in games were awarded to Mae Porter, Mabel Guy, .Minnie Morrical, Elsie Bushing, Bertha Jasorka and Helen Barnett. Doc Says EVERY once in a while it, serves as a useful reminder to all of us to discuss some disease which was formerly both common and serious, but which is today less so because of advances in medicine and improvement in living conditions. This is the-case for a disease called erysipelas. Erysipelas is an inflammatory skin disease caused- by a germ known as the streptococcus. It thrives best among the poor and those living under bad sanitary conditions. It is most frequent early in life, especially during the first two years. Yet it is more common- in old people than in the' middle years. Lowered general health from such things as bad diet, Bright's disease, . or chronic alcoholism favor the development of erysipelas. IT 'USUALLY starts suddenly and is often accompanied by high fever. The most common location is on the skin of the face and head. Chills arid other signs of a suddenly rising, body temperature are usually present. At first the skin in a single spot seems to be affected. Often this is where there has been a small.wound or scratch. The skin becomes reddened and. swollen YEAZEL'S LOGANSPORT'S NEW & ONLY DEALER for Fannie May FINE CHOCOLATES Pixies .... $1.60 Assorted Chocolates 1 Ib. $1.60 Assorted Creams $1.60 Assorted Chocolates 2 Ib- $3.00 Debutante* $1.85 Frozen Fresh the Day It's Made _^ THIS WEEKS ICE CREAM SPECIALS Mer-Del ice Cream Maple Walnut Crisp Strawberry Ribbonette Mer-Del's Vi Gallon Quality ' % Gal. 69c BOOKS - BIBLES - DICTIONARIES 513 East Broadway Money Orders At Any Time NO CHANGE »N STORE HOURS OPEN 8 A.M. TO 9 P.M. EVERY DAY TEAZELS BETA SIGMA PHI DELEGATES LEAVE FOR CONVENTION Ruth Harper To Be Bride December'31 Mr. and Mrs. John H.'Harper, city/ announce- the engagement and- forthcoming marriage of heir daughter, Ruth Ann, to .Arthur L.' Ranee, -.son of- the "late Mr. and- Mrs. Donald Lee-Ranee, and the adopted son of "Mrs.'Dorothy Ranee, city. ._',Miss Harper attended. -the local high school. .Her -fiance has just completed service ' with. the US Air-Force. .The wedding will take place December 31. • .Leaving for the three-day Indiana State convention of Beta Sigma Phi,sorority at Terre Haute are local delegates, left to right, Jane Kasch; Mary Lou Baublit, Xi Beta Omicron-chapter president; Dee kitchell Mrs Cecil Liggett/representing the City Council from South Bend; Janet Young, Alpha Phi chapter president; and Kate English. "Mr. -Liggett is driver of the car. (Staff Photo) Keystone Ladies I eature Dessert A dessert luncheon-was served Friday afternoon to the Keystone ,adies club at the YWQA parlors with Mrs. 'Marguerite Stuart* committee in charge.' ' _• Mrs. Charles Harris, president, was in charge of the • business meeting. Cards were played with prizes going to Mrs. Essie Ulerick, Mrs. L.-.J. Crowe, Mfs. Earl Garver, Mrs. Dora Busard, Mrs. Pearl Collins, ^Mrs. H. D. Bernhardt Mrs. Joe Sullivan, Mrs. Faye Robbins, Mr,s. Mary Granger," Mrs Helen Stults, .Mrs. May Cox, Mrs C. L. Baer, Mrs. Fern Weaver and Mrs. Gilbert Coleman. Mrs. Florence Carr won the door prize. The next meeting will be November 15 with Mrs. Beulah Seward as chairman. "FAIRY CROSSES" According to "legend regardin, :he crosses, or staurolites, founc near Blue .Ridge, in Georgia, the mountain fairies wept "when they learned of the Crucifixion and their tears became these strange "fairy crosses." Staurolites are found in only a few places in the world-. Practical Needlecraft 876 - COZY KNIT SET - grand in winter weather. It's knitted quickly in heavy pattern stitch - extra protection. Directions for hood, mittens -'sizes small, medium, large included.- 512 — PAJAMA BAG - fascinates youngsters. Zippered pocket takes care of pajamas by day. This dog loves* the -life he leads. Transfer of pattern for puppy-pajama bag directions. 777 __ NEEDLE PAINTING — makes this lovely peacock picture. Mainly outline, single stitch in true peacock colors. Transfer of picture 15 x 19% inches; color chart easy to follow. Send Thirty-five Cents (coins) for each pattern - add 5 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mailing. Send to Logansport Press 333 Needlecraft Dept.; P. 0. Box 169, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11 N Y Print PATTERN NUMBER, NAME, ADDREba ana ZUIN&. Two FREE Patterns as a gift to our readers-printed right in our 1957 Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Book. Dozens of othgr designs you'll want to order - easy fascinating handwork-for yourself, your home, gifts, bazaar items. .Send-25 cents for your copy of this book today! ' within a day or two, and the involved area usually spreads rapidly. A sharp line -separates the reddened skin from the normal. Occasionally, particularly if 'the patient is in good physical condition, erysipelas"'clears up in about a week even Without treatment. Meningitis, ' inflammation of the. kidneys and even blood poisoning, however, are not unusual complications. Since the sulfa drugs and antibiotics became available, however, the chances of recovery have become much-better.- EARLT DIAGNOSIS .and ,the proper ' administration of a suitable drug are important. Erysipelas is contagious and therefore the patient must be"'kept 'from contact with others in order -to avoid spreading the infection. Although erysipelas has not entirely disappeared, it is. certainly less common now in "most parts of the world than in the past. Furthermore, when it does develop, it can be treated much more successfully. ENJOY STEAKS? U. S. Good'Hindquarters Ib. Custom cut, wrapped and frozen.'Ready for your locker or freezer. 315Hanna Phone 4770 NO 'GREEN THUMB? 1 Then These are for you— : Hawaiian Foliage Ar, rangements.' Coral Wood Preserved Autumn < Leaves Bittersweet Straw Flowers Beauty Balls Kendra Plastic Plants Add a few Fresh Flowers to your "Dry."-orrangernent for Variety. . . On Display at EIGHTH STREET FLORISTS 87 - Eighth St. Convenient Parking CATTLE COUNTRY , Cherry County, northwestern Ne araska, is larger in area than the combined areas of Rhode Islanc and -Connecticut and it produces more cattle than any other single county in the United States. RULERS OF CYPRUS Since. its written history began about 1500 B.C., Cyprus has been rule'd'by'the Egyptians, Assyrians Persians, Greeks, Romans, thi Byzantine Empire, England, Yen ice and the Turks. ' Announcements TUESDAY :-'' The Couple's club of the Calvary Presbyterian church will hold a wiener roast and r ;square dance at the. Girl Scout camp Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock.' Food will be provided. * • * * Jackson townlhip ED club will convene Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock .at the home of Mrs'. Rose Bevington. # * * WEDNESDAY Clinton township HD club will meet Wednesday afternoon, at 1:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Dorothy Taylor. Immediate Inquiry Of "Threat" UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. |B- The U.N. General Assembly, it was said Saturday may hold day-and-night debate next week for quick disposal of Syrian-Soviet charges that Turkey plans to attack Syria with U.S. help. Meanwhile the idea, of sending a commission to investigate the situation seemed to have.won wide acceptance. Various delegations consulted on the terms of a resolution to set up the commission. A usually well, informed diplomat said the president^ the 82- nation Assembly had in mind to call morning, afternoon and night meetings Tuesday and Wednesday if necessary to reach a.decision by Thursday. The. diplomatic informant, speaking anonymously, told a .reporter the Assembly president, Sir Leslie Munro e - of New Zealand, would like to finish with the matter before Thursday's celebration of U.N. Day, 12th anniversary ~of the U.N. Charter's coming, into effect. The new Middle Eastern _ question seemed headed for action in little more than a week. Mr. And Mrs. Byron JD.. Gilbert During' rites October 6th in the Burlington Christian Church, Miss Carolyn Sue Catron, -daughter of Mr.-and Mrs. Harold Catron of Russia'ville route one, became ,the bride of Byron D; v Gilbert, son of Mr, and Mrs. Orville Gilbert ,of Burlington. . The Rev. Burton Patrick officiated at the double ring servict before the altar which was decorated with-palms, candelabra, and mums. Pews were marked with bows of rust satin ribbon and sprays of biege leaved. - . . Miss Karen Garrison was organist and accompanied Ronald Hodson, soloist who sang "Oh Promise Me",- "Oh Sweet Mystery of Life" and the Lord's'Prayer.' Waxed paper slipped under a soap box will, keep the box from getting, water-soaked. The box' won't come apart then and the soap in the bottom won't cake. Miss Claudia Maddox, of Burlington; attended ' the bride as maid of honor wearing, a molene rose ballerina length dress featuring inverted panels in back..She wore a matching crown which secured a shoulder length veil and carried a.rust bouquet of fugi mums. •Richard Eller of Burlington served the groom as best man while ushers were Davis Brewtser, Jerry Garrison, Howard Egelhoff, and Richard Byrum. Given in marraige by her- father, the bride chose for her wedding a rosepoint lace dress with self ruffled frills. .The floor length skirt fell over nylon lace and satin. The bodice was made with seed pearl embroidery around the neckline and long sleeves that -terminated in bridal points, over her hands. Her crown of pearls and sequins caught her silk veil of illusion. She 'carried a white Bible crested with a white orchid and streamers of stephanotis. The -bride's mother selected' a Dior blue "suit with black accessories while the mother of the groom attended in a medium blue suit with black accessories. Both wore corsages of pink rose buds. Mrs. Adeline ' Ellison, grandmother of the bride, wore a navy dress. • ' ~ Following the rites, a reception for 125 guests 'was held in the church parlors with hostesses being Mrs. Ronald Hodson, Miss Patricia; Witter and .Miss Beverly Hodson: The table featured a three tiered cake. Following a trip through the southern states, the couple has., established residence at Flora route two. .For their trip the bride changed, into a .blue silk dress and'Wore an orchid corsage. The bride, a graduate of Burling-ton high school, is an employe of, the Bell'Telephone company. Her husband, also a graduate of Bur-", lington high school, is engaged in farming. .326 East Broadway PERSONEL Mr. and Mrs. 'B. G. Harmpn, of West Lafayette a|e the parents of a daughter born at Home hospital: The mother is the former Mary Lynne Jones,'daughter of Mr. and- Mrs. Carl B. Jones of Washington' township, Cass County. For evening or late-day wear, try placing a brilliant pin at the back of a satin dress near the. waistline. It's an attention-getter. LORRAINE'S BEAUTY SHOP , 826 North Street Phone 2211 for appointment PERENNIAL FAVORITE newest version of your classic 2-piece knit by Basic glamor for town or travel • • • Ever y detail reflects the nan Dorsey touch ... 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