The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1931
Page 6
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six V.'ili-NL'SiJAV, -.iAY 0, IK Nornia Shearer Clicks '• A • I" f? « T7 1 C 1 'I'ViM.rv: 'wvn.i <;:ii-ii!i. Juii Again la A rrco boiil |c,,,,,,.m ,,.-. i..,-,ii c,i s| ,. JC Experts Plan (nh " lh:i1 * 5 ra of Rural Hygiene ]-:t men en llic ^ lm!l cim ' y Til " l^.v-IM.n rv'., tone formation, intn ,-!c'> ta.i't!-' .^ M' 1 " M "" :! " * M AI1 '"' In tli- jiiuil- : in a ivpoii l>foio fc /,ci:Y!!!v <>•*•<• i'W of ARI [culture, M. l-'.i-<to:!!i ..'!-,, u i: l:v vihiri!'! .1 ••> D»-'c rucky lor:ri:ilu't'-. . Planting Seed For Sale Mis-))cl No. X, ((?'Sr>().Ofl per l«n, . IVfiis !IIJ. (S> .? 15.111) pc:- ton. Knxl ^iiiii'iintiMl pure :.i!(l trcrniiiialinn U-sl «W". 'I'liin ,\lis-I)ol is (ino yp.-u- fr:)m bivodint; station. Slu|i!c 1 1-S iiu-li, ll'irils ilscll'. Tilt' ni'i-t siitUl'su:- lucy L'DtlDii I hav,- iH'iT j;r( \vn. I'ricos !''. (). B. Ciriili'r. P. Jacobs to ; :-y::t'.:i« of !l " i'U'-'riiMIonal rnnfpreiK'n nil in- Jir? Hie [)roj/> ,'-'1 Jiyiiifiu> lor ;nlo;i;iu!i. !liom • ««&£ -S^S'reW^VK ;• I 11"" 'I'"-' ''• -wSiaAsili^;;:;',;;, 1 :; fields ol-'umi.'"";!!!^,, Maj. . Gndor, Avk. UV DAN 1 THOMAS ifrv. fir; f:i"ior tiol. sinpr^t'Ml b- MJA St-rvicf Wrilcr I tlio title. Thai ii l!u* mutclrr o 1 HOLFA'WOOD. May G— JIajv.iy in; m- oi llic travllu; snirsmfn lj" the th<i:i5hl Mini slip hn.s cunuvl : bi- frrrir-r s\vi"Mif:M t. out tiirre pocO jiiolnrrs ivlthoui LI rvrlyu !'.:rut ii i;svoil ffii'tiiTfl tlnpl? "(lop." Normn Slu'.ivcr now : b llhir: ard df/crvrs il. '1'lr: onlv .is en roul^'lo Euro ;o v,:th h?r f-nlt ivp ]i;iv.- <o find wUli her p"r- Uan^, Frviiw Thnlbpru. f ftrmsuirr Li IH;U r_]jr:A- But. when the slnr vrUims from niouuli of H. Rut when .-=1):' her vacnlicn somrbcdv will hnvn to ficuv^ out n new clinrartoi'i/rilioa for hrv. Siic has been llu; rnrri little bad girl lontr rnoiuih. Firs pf^rlr j :l UT i: Id (N't^ some nctisn. The hJL'li IHU of Ihp Di-o'hirfJon is uhrn K\T]VII Is niiilnml! d hv Var C!:irkr. \v!f' of tl'f n::m v.-hfj'n sho surh ;i role In "Dlvor- t .t ll e sliol. In Is nn i-xri'i)lion:illv cee," then hi "Strtcvrcrs May KisV and now in "A Frr?c Sou)." Nornm "clicked" b?autiriiilv in the (\\f>l two films anil orohablv wUl RO ever well in the Ihird. Inrfrclv brc^u^ tlio n'rtnro it^rlt is excellent, Tiuf a fourth one of the .same nature mieht v^ry easily prov?' to bo n boomerang. Snlcudid direction on H:c nart of cast mnk n "A Fro? I!" what it 's. No 5tnr rn-i L T O very for UTOIIT wilh n sinmnrtin" rnst \v>ikh inrJHf!f*s Lionel FTrvmoTC. Lr^llt ITo\var<l. Jani^-s C 1 f i n r on find Clnrk Gah'o. Normn. howovrr. isn't, ronllv I hi" st^.r. That . position riehLlullv lic 4 - Inncs to Tifirrvmorp. who lust mt- . \ira!ly wvaos nn (he picture ami walks away \vlMi it. brought story is that of a clrl hv \vf\i! l'iv fnthrr to do just- about as .she pirgrr.s and in dotns; cets herself in a perk of Irnnbl" hv fnlUn^ for ft t*nnKslcr. n client, of hrr f:i- thrr. wlio Is- fi prominent, nttornt";. d'filnill f-ctftti' (iur lo It s!nnlh I !( lickl thr am!'. o iifn thvcjii^lion; nl tlio prcvir^i \vr cnuy^it. You!i7 Fmn'-v All*rr(';nn. wbn Ivis b^pji RiviiT? n pr>Hy f;nntl nccoiint oC hiniM'if irr-'utlv. tuvus tu another i 1 .ond iipiforiLnnc:*. H will nnv (o vn tell Hint kid In's [irttiivr ^ninwl'.riv. C'onstanrc* CinnniiiKT nlso provos nuito. nn lo the film. Tli!-<:p four pln : Curl Miller. \vht> wur, .slini. r.rc th- r 'hiripnl rhar:ifler?. Tt t 1 ; nron:u (l-pin lint tlie Mnry v.ivclvfK. 'I'hn cthnrs. v.-l'il .> co-xl in M'oir pnrts inrrpi-: roim n bnck'-'ronml. !!'s l(?o IKH! tlioy rnn't start ii'iiiv r*Tl bnltt'ts in motion piftiuv^ That, in our opinion, would lr flhout th^ nnirkrst nntl .simpler, in^ni's of nnltiM'j :»n rntl lo ^11 Mir k'nina 1 ", vo hn\^ v itir''?^! ini tin pfrecn duiiiur tho pTM ^Sx mr>'i^i i Do jitt'iiy ^-ith n few nf C>" ^nn^strr t^p" mifl lh» r-mi- Him- --V?\ : -M linvi' 1 bfrn llocdhr; (he :nr.!>:o! v niikl hnv A [o vnnisl). rK-»r:t Jtcnv f!jvps tlsiial l'?rff"-jiKinr/' In "Ki'jk In" The nfTnir end? bv the Girl's fiance " KIrk TMi " clnra Timv ' s lfl|c ' ;( the nnucsier and Ihn rid *™n ofTrrin- Is thr third pulling hpr father out of a drunken orev to defend her suitor. Enrrvmor: is oufstniuiint in liis pcrlraval of Miss Shearer's [nthtr. the protninent nlloniev. t^sllf* Ho\vprd ts cocci ns nsunl but w would like to h^vo r^en his rarL 'S!^^ 1 ^^^ t±S 5 :i---i; 1 ^^..r'VJ^."^: In™ soi^n V.early Irn^bs. j>nd 1 .„ = , i ^ -Tii,-^ T> r .•- ^ Clark r-->blc. ;i npwcomcr lo tlw ' r ' , ,...,;.,,,„ ' '.',' "j'~...^ M,, r ,.; v wc : re"nfrll1 hT'^n (V-"--"---" vll '° c'^^^we^l prcini-' ,'f l.^ni \ve ]n^ - o rctn Ihis wcrk in \vhicli or" or more 1 pfrsoiis «TVC ];lllc-l. Ar.d u"'i^ rc'jttrv: iM'L'lty tireil nf si murh blnnti.sbe'.l. Tlie [jLiir.inT-linUTcl s!rii- -nvr^ IIP*- iriiin) I'erfcniwuce. excellent in ."nir.c siKl-i Ju.'i adinarv in o'lrvs. Rwls Tonin^y i>l:iv.; Cl'ra's Is Whit TIs Title Infrrs 'Trnvcllnt Husbands." uliic'n doesn't ne:d any explanation as ic> storv bccaure. strangely enough, the- title tM!s all, in another in- in'i drama. There is, hew- • RITZ THKATER i , \Vt'iln['S(l:iy ThursiUiv Tursriay-Wrdncs'da Thursday They make "lutl bold bandiU" nut of Ray city slickers, oTcrnfcht wilh JACK OAK1E Stuart Erwin Pallcite Jlilzi Green June tolljxr .Adm.—Slalincc nnd Night 10 and 23c. Coming—"BAD SISTER". Adm.—JIatii-.oc—10 aiul .'Uk'.j Night—15 and -i(K-. | ComiiiR—"TRADKU IIOHN". Coming—" Do Hi>f If nr CplhipJinnc. Lao]; for llw. convenient flap nl the top and luck of f>ut:l;u<*e lift thii flap and you icill Lrctik the ' specially dccised air-seal J'olil iiarkagc (is shown and with your thumbs flush it [iiirl tray out of Hmniilor Pack " l '"" t tr " ri "n lin f" !l >* ! 'l> fast finger of each hand undvr Kci-friuc slump mid break if «EJ) TlrJp yaursi>lf lo a cigarette, then slldu buck i/if« iw Unmiar Pack <) Closa package. It gimrih Canwlifrnm dust and germs and pruritus sanitary protection ft itioincnl you open UK- now Camel JL Pat-k yon licyin to nolo iltc iidvanlagori of this ucw, scicnlific and sanittiry nifthud of \vranping Camd cigart'llfrs. At once you are greeted wilh lite ddighlfnl aroma that conirs from clioicosl Turkish and mellowest Donieslic tohaccos in prime, coiuliliou. Your wnsc of touch also dcirri- the freshness of Camels, for unlike moislun>rt>hl>e!l cigai'etle-s Camels arc pliahle io the fingers. Bui the real difference COSIH-H when you light a Came! and inhale ils eool. fragrant smoke. Cijrarelles brought to yon so perfectly conditioned deserve lt> be kept that way in your pocket. The simplest way to insure this ia lo open the Camel Humidor Pack as shown above. That will keep intact the mildness and freshness thai is making the whole country say: "Now I'd walk tico miles for a Camel because they're twice as good." If you haven't tried Camels in the new Humidor Park, switch over for just ouc day. Then go back tomorrow, if you can, THK GOOD nOSTF. SS P It O V I 5) K s CAMELS Jl is fftn murk nj a routitJc.ratr. /lost. . ess, by mrmis „/ H,r. Ilumiilor Park, to "Krrvc ,t frnli cigarette." Dity Camels by thr rnrton—thit cigan-lts trill rf.iiittin fresh in your home and ~ '

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