Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 20, 1957 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 20, 1957
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, OCTOBER », !•» Secrets Of "Airglow" Intrigue Scientists — f^iifwf^ **• > ^v<'(t^* v wr fl ^ iw *^x w ^ By ALTON L. BLAKESLEE AP Science Reporter BOULDER, Colo. .Wl-At night cur earth wears a curious green, red and yellow halo. 'Amd it moves, as though swept by hurricane winds of ISO miles per hour.. • Rarely. can human eyes detect this halo, so faint and filmy it is. But if our eyes were sensitive enough, one part of the halo would make even - the darkest night like Hud-twilight — like the time •When you. need to turn on your 'car's -headlights. Perhaps some i&nimals can see it, and so make 'their way easily in the dark, '". This halo is called airglow, a festinatfog mystery now being explored during -the International .Geophysical Year. " He Has Seen. It ->' Dr. • FranMin E.. Roach, • astro- physioisit' and an" authority on airflow, is one of the-lew persons who. has seen .the ..belt- of • colored light floating on .the night side of ihe earth. . . " t "It is filmy bands like the Milky, Iway, but • moving like a cloud," fee said. "To 'see it, you. need a •very dark night-and must, let your eyes become accustomed to the dark,- Then you may catc-h '.glimpses of it .by looking out of the'Sides of your eyes." . 'J Special instruments, photometers, that can measure the intensities of selected wave tengtihs of 'light,-.have braigiht some toiowledge of airglow. Rockets have shot 'through it with telltale instruments. Presumably there 1 is e dayglow too, but it :has not been detected even with-instruments. • Now during 'IGY, scientists of 30 nations acre- cooperating in intensive worldwide studies of the Siding of All Kinds FREE ESTIMATES ROSS REFD ROOFWC5 CO- 217 -5th ?hon» 3388 •mystery -light. Dr. 'Roach, a; consultant at' the 'Boulder - Laboratories "of - the National ".Bureau 1 of Standards, heads a center collecting findings charted''around:'the globe. '-'-:' ' v • ' Foup Color Bands It's already known bhat airglow consists of four .distinct bands:'of cdor, .Dr. Roach-explains, .One! is a 'band of green light, existing at about 60.. miles, up. At 96 miles up, there is a red glow. Yellow light comes .from .-the. air about 50 miles up. Below it is.a layer of-, complex radiations,:in the iafrared •range which our human eyes' cannot see."... ....-"But were our eyes .sensitive to this infrared radition, we would have twilight: all through a, dark clear night. -We. would- never : be able to see the Milky:Way at all. The whole history - of --. astronomy and our knowledge of'the 'universe would be different," Dr.- Roach said. '..'.- '--•• Both green and red light above come from atoms of oxygen ^'excited" by sunlight, by streams of electrons from the' sun, or -by turbulen-t collisions, • or-some other forces so they ; emit light. What Makes Yellow The yellow hue stems from sodium atoms' also excited so as to emit Might. But. there are :puzzles aliout the yellow. This light is often as strong, as. the green air- g'ow. Yet there are a million million more oxygen atoms than sodium atoms in the atmosphere. Why should the yellow light be equally strong? Why does .it change' -with' the seasons?. It is brightest in the winter, and no one is-sure-why, or how:sodium atoms happen to be 60 miles up in the air anyhow, Dr, Roach continued. The irarared radiation is due to hydroxyl atoms, created from wa- t n r vapor. It varies greatly in intensity-and movements. Instruments have detected fairly discrete patches', of .airglow, moving at" apparent speeds of 160 miles-an hour. •Perhaps they are actually being swept along by .winds of that force, Dr. Roach suggests. The violent winds Ainight even create some of the glow, bashing oxygen .atoms-together to make them give off light. • The world study may learn if this is so. Airglow might become helpful, in weather forecasting, telling us much about M-gh-alti- .tu'de winds at different times-and p'aces. Airglow findings can be compare'd with IGY- discoveries made by rbckets sampling winds and.motions,at .great altitudes. Airglow • study stations in IGY are; sfrmig. around the world in four great chains. Most'have photometers w_h.ich make a 'slow, full automatically sweep of the sky every .four minutes, recording intensities-. and 'movements of the colors. /From, these measurements world airglow ,'maps~ of the sky can-; be prepared here. Ail the' information comes feed- rog Jnfco. a data /center here for compiiatipri/by Dr. R-oach and his staff., By IGY's -end in 1959, they expect .to -have ;a file of one million .piinoh- cards.'each containing "bits -of --airglow information. Wasn'1 Good Enough ELMONT, N.Y. (SV-Ollie Web- ANNOUNaNG the opening of DUNN'S MOBILE HO'MES COURT N. E. Corner^-St. Road 31 & 218 One nule West Bunker Hitl, Ind. x (Office in Large Red House on this corner) Lots Size—40'xl20'—60'x60' & : 50'x80' Telephone Bunker Hill—395-RI John W. Fisher Funeral Director PERFECr TRIBUTE is assured by .the dignity and beauty of our service always. The-*eauty and peace of our chapel and the sympathetic understanding of our staff brings great comfort to sorrowing .ones. Lady Attendant Mary E. (Kesling) Fisher AMBULANCE SERVICE Fisher Funeral Home 305 West Market Phone 3608 Mer-Dal'j Vi Gallon SPECIALS FOR THE WEEK MBR-DBL JOE CREAM Maple Walnut Krisp Strawberry Ribbonette ALWAYS POPULAR- ALWAYS DELIGHTFUL EBERT'S DRUG STORE 89c Quality /Q. Gallon W7t TWO. East Broaefwoy Phone 3854 Chronicle Printing Co. QUALITY PRINTING IS NOT EXPENSIVE fter 19 an exercise -boy at Bel- race track, showed up at the Franklin National Bank here today with a bag CGntaaminig.2,20C uennies. He wanted them changed into bills. "I won a bet on the Worla Series," OEie explained, "and the -guy who lo.st was so aingry he . paid me off in pennies." The -unidentified teller siaid 'he was short on dollar bills and would DP right back. -He was-with a.po- li'pem-an. Bank employes 'had been averted thiat a bag of pennies had been stolen trom a tavern here. Donald Lews, the tavern keeper identified the bag. His name • was on ,'it. Ollie was held in $2,500 bail for" a .hearing Tuesdaj on a burglary charge. . • •,- ' ' • Frankfort factory Reopens After Strike .FRANKFORT,'Ind. Iff)—The- 180 employes, of Ingram-Richardson Co. Vill return to work. Sunday night with a wage increase of 7 cents an hour after a 1/7-day wage strike in the bathtub factory. The United Steel Workers accepted the wage agreement, to run until next Sept. 30. , ' • ", The - company originally offered 6 cents in the wage reopening ne-; gotiations, although it said the wage scale was already IS cents over a nationwide scale .for similar work. The scales were not announced. Get Our Price i and inspect our Aluminum, Storm Windows Several to choose from Two Track Three Track Three Track Tilt Overlap or Blind Stop -NO DOWN PAYM'ENT- "Finance can be arranged" MARTIN COAL CO. 1026 Vine St. Ph. 3768 J. R. CUMMINGS W. M.JACKSON Fr»« Meawring Ssrvia* and Estimate of your Requirement! The reaching-out- for family,business also involves .transportation.. Important -railroads; "airlines and bus companies have''introduced, fam%- rates in recent yeans, atong with major hotalis... , Irt.religion, churches are urging ifamiMes not- to split up at summertime by sending the children off to camp. Take summer bsmip vacations -together, they suggest.. Sunday schools are inaugurating family -courses. Industry is in the .picture too, with-.a. recently - launched: "Fun with Pop" program, aimed at building, a ibappier family life by getting fathers to spend 'more time with their children. JUNIOR SALESMEN—Several juniors at LHS view the large thermometer in the main hall of the high school which shows a dally account of 'the magazine sale now being conducted by the class; Lou Polslnelli js the top salesman so far, selling'«over $150 worth of magazines. Richard Williams and Beth Neher have sold over $100 each and Karen Felker, Edward Fasnacht, Barbara Booher and Pat Crisman have sold over $50. . . ' , . Guidance .teachers receiving orchids for home room top daily sales are Miss Esther Winn, Rex Hunter and Mr. Patascil; Daily fop salesmen have been" Lou Polsinelli, Pat Crisman and Beth Neher. Pot 0' Gold winners ar« .Sharon Hardin,'Karen Doyle and Gary Helvie. Winners in the 50 per cent, club are L. Kriiesly, Jane Macy and J. : Porter. . . Pictured above are: Sharon Hardin, Marilyn Dodrill, Tom Hay worth, Nancy .Hauss, .Mike Neville, Barbara Booher, Sue Swigert, Beth Nener, Marcia Cart and Kathy White. (Staff Phota) Life Taking Over in NEW... YORK .'OTIP.)"^ ments, -like subunbs,.. streets .and , .are. getting..cimv4ed.. ., ,- beaubiiful -womam is" still The there, of. course. .., she's.. mot ' alone. .She's.,a. toother /.how ; and ' baed and the. kids. ' In 5hort,.'.-Maid'ison.. Ayeinue . has discovered, the .•Ameriaaiv f-am%. -in Action Ads 'in newspapers; magazines, and on television, loow tend to portray -family gaxmps k adnion,.be-it getting -the fairnily car 'filled with gasoline ' at the neiighbonhood station, sipping ' soda from faimly- size bottles during a family back-. yard barbecue, eating cereal ft-ooi i>ajraly-size .. packages, taking pictures, tailking on the telephone, or looking at stack quotations.. More * cigarette -ads feature the "young maxirdeds." So do beer acts. A fishing -taofcle- firm .hopes to encourage imore i f arailyl .fishing out paisfcel color.edi rods/and reels for the gkls, ;-.. - > Liquor Ad Cancelled ' So widespread bas the. faimffly 'appeal be.oom.e- that a liquor cam' . paign, r'ecen&y' broke 'the rules by ;showing/a female in ad. Even th'ouigih .she wasn't drinking 'the rum' or .touching a 'glass, her mere presence, caused .an ; up- noar ,araa :1: bhe".-ad was, oaoceled. . ; \.Adv-eirtisinig r m'en- ; .ibojl .down te reasons for fihe famaiy approacih as foMows: prosperity time. Women do albout threenfountihs of the famiy spendiingj so broad appeals aiimed-at womien aind the thing oipperanost tin thek mind®, family, are profitable. The- five- day . week, ttie move to livdmg,' infoum'alafcy, and television a-H, tend .to raaike *he home more of a fooail point'for. advertising ap- Prosperity Creats Markets Proaperiity, x besidesditarinig. oH- er ad'vertiskiig aipproaiches, also has oreaibeid. new markets for swan .things -as smal boafe, .swariiming pools, staitioin wasgons amd picnic iteims. • - . :,:.>•:' llhe trend is more than a .passing'"phenomenon, for the miiriber of families Kving in : the ' Uinited States is .inoreasing. Last year, there were . •nearly'' 4&mffiion. f 'By 1S75, this fiture will' pass 54-mil- Science Awards To 2 Indiana Teachers , WASBENCTON WMDr.. Walter J. Moore of Indiana University and S. George Bankofif. of'Rose Polytechnic Institute were awarded National': Science" Foundation fellowships Saturday for advanced scientific. research, '- . :Dr. Moore will study' '.chemistry at the University of Paris. Bank- o'ff, a. Rose Poly teacher, "'.will study engineering at. California Institute : of Technology. ' '. "In, the spring, a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love" was written by Alfred Lord ley Hall," a poem about 'an unhappy man's reflections on " Jenner Favors End To"WeltareState" ^ANSVTLLE, Ind. - Iff) — Sen. William E.f Jenner said Saturday the time 'has come to "discard the welfare state idea -"and" repudiate .".- .paternalistic government." . The •-"•'Indiana'; Republican called the-welfare state : entrenched political power, and. blamed its origin on :- the • deflation and unemployment of the. Thirties.-;He addressed ; a meeting-of Young Republicans here. The major' problem of today, said Jenner, is not idle resource* and idle "men: 'Instead of a mature economy with no avenues-,for private investment, we have-just the opposite—one in which there is: not enough capital to^ satisfy the demand." ; • • . Jenner saidvonly, a strong poK- tical party ."committed to American ideals" can;-end the welfare state. He: called'for a "return to constitutional- principles, ; under which government's power is so limited that Congress and the voters' can '-tell it which way to go," . The .junior-Hoosier senator said th e Republicans . have -begun to balance the budget and reduce .th« debt but must .do much more. BLIND MUSICIAN DIES , INDIANAPOLis.iW) — 'A blind musician who had come: here two weeks ago from Louisville to 'tak« a pianist-organist job in a tavern died of a heart attack'Friday as he rod e - a bus to work. He was Samuel Parker, 45-year-old father of four children. ' . -' Read the Classified Ads FLORY'S FAMOUS FRESH CIDER AND APPLES AT NiW PRICES Old Ftishioned-Open Kettle Apple Buffer PURE HONiY took for the sign that r*nd»— JASPER FIORT ^ SOW Dick Flory, Manager High Street Road taping rib is old hat — DOCTORS NOW PRESCRIBE CpMFORTABlE ; EAS«LY-M*l6«D RIB SUPPORTS lif your doctor prescribe* a rib support for YOU ... or if. he prescribes any other type of anatomical support —for obesity, for a back 'condition, for ptosis, for protection after surgery— bring that .prescription, to m Our professional appliance department is here for just 'one reason-—to serve your needs and: those of your doctor ;. ..with OTC PROFESSIONAL APPLIANCES,'carefully ejected, skillfully BUSJAHN'S DRUG STORE 308 Fourth St. for QUEEN L We will close for the season TONIGHT, (SUNDAY, OCT. 20th) AGAIN, THANKS TO YOU- WE'VE HAD A WONDERFUL SEASON JEN AND JACK WELLS WASHER Also available in potelain tub at 289.95 PAY ONLY DOWN DAVID Easy Terms Liberal Trade-Ins 516-518 East Broad way Phone 3167

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