The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 1, 1927 · Page 8
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1927
Page 8
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,inz , iw 1 tru; if r V1 M$uftdreds of Families Made i . . t A mfW ' . r f . ;?i - 'ViaDDy i5 ii A la - 1 .. . .... 's - Wor NEW YORK, Dec "All pre - Titras records hare beeh. broken this year., is the statement coming: from Gniwford M. Crawford executive director of the Christmas Pnnd for I Harlem's Poor, with headquarters at E35 West 185th' atreec. Both cash i. id commodities were contributed in n 'armlnely lareer norflons. and. as t 'result, hundreds mora of deserving: Jotamles and children' were taken Kcare of by the fund. About 1,500 jdolts and children were made happy a - hrongh the fund on Christmas day. 'leavy laden dinner baskets contain - ?xnz enough for a family of five, hun dreds of pieces ox toys 'and packages UA VU1UJT, MU N1VCI JMIU . civ uuu g were; the things givenjaway to the poor, regardless of race, . color or creed. Fund workers iloing the investigating saw to it that only the most needy ones were" remembered. .President Mrs. Labile . Ean - rialnh. fellow officers and lav intra - I btTS wish to express their heartfelt S gratitude to the faithful friend 3 and the public who contributed in so gen - erous a fashion to the success of this Christmas - charity. - . i Th following are among the late contributors: Mrs. M.1 Downs, Lin - coK theater. $10: Duncan Brothers, - takers, $5; Dr. Louis T. Wright, ;uay Porters Association, $o; ZiiCrff TO MAKE OTHERS A LOVE YOU Ba loorht after and admu - M. Expirt' nu ntla inflmne. Control other. Get clever adsvf ' tartrate methods - direct from Pmnee. BurprUlnr orochor (confidential) htmdmeina too to new power. 10e. damps. Ut oin. (Sealed.) CREATOR EX. Dossier 1183. Bolt Postal 9. Pari. Franca. (Use M poatace.) I - . WE NEED THIRTY To Sell Life Insurance i : , i i i - We have the opportunity which has hitherto been 1 denied to our race to selT life Insurance in the Metropolitan district. Connect yourself with a new and' aggressive com - pany,1 and find and make your own opportunity. ', 'I : - i - - . W App,y, ). - r ' NORTHEASTERN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY NEWARK, N. J. TWO MILLION Boxes of Dr: Delano's Coco - ... . f Tar Hdr Grover Were Sold Pelain irmmi 1 nszmas r una Poor Serves Clarissa Drug Store, $5; Mr. Marshall, postomce clerk,' $5; Frank. & Meyers, $3; Junius M. Green, $10. i "' St. James Presbyterian Church and Bethel A. M. E. Church contrib uted large quantities of canned vege tables, i Alpha Phi Alpha Body - Convenes In Richmond; Ya. RICHMOND, VA Dec 30. The sessions or the nineteenth annual convention of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity opened here Monday morning in the St. Luke Hall and the first public session was held at the Ebenezer Baptist - Church Monday night. Channine H. ; Tobias made, the principal address' at the enure n session. i Close to 400 delegates are as sembled here, having come from every state in the country, with a few exceptions. The city is in the midst of a brilliant social zest. Great interest is exhibited by dele gates in the election of new officers and it is freely predicted that Ray mond - W. Cannon, national president for three, years will not succeed him self. It is' forecasted that the conven tion will meet next year in Cleve land, which city is making a strong effort to bring it there. ADDITIONAL MEN During 192 sy m., Pa. ; O 11 Race Porter Tho Set Capitol Greatest Ambition Fire, 48 Years AUSTIN, Tex, Dec SO (By P. C N. B.) Henry McBride, the colored porter in the State Attorney - General's Department of the State Capital, who has the distinction of having been the innocent and indirect cause of the burning of . the capitol building of Texas 48 years ago, is practically assured of his reappointment by incoming Attorney Pollard. Plji Beta Sigma I Holds Confab In Jiyfl rQVAlinQ Resolutions were the names l HI IU jVul VllI tlClU chose and gave them.all. , i . I Condition. In '.Haiti uASSff&Utm - Virgin Islands to Be In - vestigated by Committee GREENSBORO, N. Dec. 30. Phi Beta Sigma fraternity has just held its thirteenth annual con clave at A. & T. College, Greens boro. N. C, with Eta and Gamma Delta Sigma chapters. Forty - five chapters were represented, either by delegate or by letter. This was by far the largest meeting of its kind ever held by this fraternity. Scores of prominent Sigma men. in addi tion to the large number of dele gates, were in attendance. Th nrnirram was hppnin Sundav. c Theannual sermon was preached by the Rt. Rev. W. J. Walls, bishop of the A. M. E. Zion Church. Wei come addresses were delivered on behalf - of the citizens of Greensboro, by Mir M. E. Patterson, Attorney General W. Mitchell, Prof. J. A Grimes, vice - president of A. & T. College, and Mayor Jeffress. Re sponse was made by , the general president, Business sessions opened Monday morning, December 27. The regis tration of delegates was begun; re ports from the general officers were made, showing tremendous progress for the year. Chapters reported $10,554.92 had been raised since the lastconvention. Five new chapters have been established. The membership has been increased from 1,200 to 1,800. Several Sigma homes Aave been . bought: other housesTiave been opened. Remark able progress was shown along all lines. On Monday afternoon, Prof, Chas. William, Jr., of Howard University delivered an address on the study of German. The reports on bigger and better business week showed that substantial work is be' ing done to encourage business among the Negf oes of the country. Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Alain Locke of Washington, D. C, addressed the convention .in his usual philosophical . and . interesting way, The convention, at the sueeestion of the general president, took notice of the conditions alleged to exist in Haiti and in the Virgin Isles. At his suggestion, the fraternity ap pointed a commission composed of three men to investigate conditions in Haiti and the Virgin Islands and to report same. Funds for this pur pose are being raised by the gen eral fraternity and large contributions are being made by members of the commission appointed The next session of the conven tion will be held . in St. Louis, Mo. The entertainment of the conven tions by the chapters in Greensboro and by A. & T. college was of such nature as to create in the delegates a desire to' return at the earliest possible time. BEAVER FALLS, PA. On last Thursday evening - the choir f the Tabernacle Baptist Church, at IVaver Falls. Pa., in appreciation and esteem of services rendered, stjrane a surprise on their or g - an is t. Mrs. Gertrude Well man. at her home, 565 i - iiin avenue, weaver, fa. Alter a delightful prog - ram was rendered. Mr. Wellman was. presented with a five dollar gold piece, for which her as preciation was almost unexpresslble. Refreshments were served. after Which th guests left, wishing Mr. ana airs, weiiman a merry Christmas ana a nappy n&w year, Our Advertisers Ar& Uye Wires of Texan 1$ to Round Out 50 Ago Will Be HALF CENTURY OF " ' - SERVICE McBride, whose greatest ambition is to round out a half - .century of service to the state, was porter in ' the Attorney - Generar Department in the days of the old Capitol and one cold day he built a fire in the stove in the office and during his absence from the room, the blaze, in some manner, commu FRAGILE THINGS By Blanche Taylor Dickinson 1 1 made a group of lovely things last ticauy iney were so aear had to wear them everywhere. ??3?!, a mtio cumbersome and cooi. u hi, rouc ( ,U7S crstivnuv vvi But oh, I loved them every one. And looked them over as the sun Of each? day played hide - and - seek. One night I found the string was I weak ... The next I knew the string was broken. And . while I stooped to find a token I dropped an end... you know the rest. Beforq the sun came from the West Arouna ine wona unaer my feet J he precious wrecking was complete, I had too many on the string 1 his year there's one set in my ring, Proprietor Of Black And White Club Is In Toils BOSTON, Mass., Dec. 30. Dep uty Sheriff, John J. Casey, - late Wednesday night, served two dis tress warrants on Lincoln G. Pope, president of the Phalanx Orchestra club, Inc., better known as - the "Black and White" club. A dis tress warrant was issued by the Superior Court against corpora tions which have defaulted in a sen tence for a criminal offense Two warrants were issued asrainst the club, one for a $100 fine for maintaining a nuisance, and ' the other, a f 500 fine, for keeping and exposing liquor for sale. Deputy Sheriff Casey served the warrants on Pope as he arrived to open the club for business. He stepped from an automobile into a squad of police officers from the Dudley street police station and the Deputy Sheriff. A detail of police and a man from the sheriff s office were left to guard the premises. Deputy Sher - iff Casey gave Pope 12 hours to pay I the 600 or he would take the prop - erty of th7club, NEWS BRIEFS PHOTOGRAPHER DIES NEW YORK, Dec 30. Walter Baker, 48, 55 .West 131st street, Harlem's oldest photographer, who opened a shop here 19 .years ago, died at his home on December 22 after an illness of three days. His studio was at 465 Lenox - avenue. where he also conducted a school of Photography. His studio contains one of the oldest collections of pho tographs in Harlem. HITS MAN WITH FIST; HE DIES NEWARK, N. J., Dec. 30. An argument at noon on Christmas day, between Taylor Hill, 35 Comes al ley, and Charles iParkes, white, of xoungstown, U., resulted fatally when the white man died in the City Hospital Sunday morning, from tne etreets or a blow from Hill's fist, according to the police. The trouble started in a saloon on the corner of Comes alley and Acad emy street, I when the white man is alleged to have made insulting remarks about Hill's color. A card was found in the white man's pocket,' indicating he was a member of the Eagles, a branch, of the Kn Kim JtUiyi at xoungstown. Builffing On Year of Service f - - w Re - Appointed nicated to the waste paper upon., the floor and in a short time . the entire building was envel - oped in flames. - .. It was the destruction of the old Capitol that brought about the erection of the present granite building and McBride takes no little pride in the : thought that he had something to do with bringing this about. Talented New York Artist Drops Dead NEW - YORK, 4)ec. 30. Eugene Mars Martin, 22, director j of - the Martin Smith Music School at 139 West 136th street, dropped ! dead in his bedroom at 8:10 last Thursday morning while attempting to heat milk for his week - old baby. The sudden death of the talented young artist ' is said to have caused the death of his grandmother. Mrs. Alice Mars, 63, 220 West 134th street," who died at her home at four o clock Monday morning, i a few hours after the burial of her grand - son. Mr, Martin has beenia direc tor of the Martin Smith School since the death of his father, David I. Martin, in August, 1923fiThe school was organized by his father and Helen E. Smith, wife of R. Nathan iel Dett, more than - 20 years ago. Rev. Sheltoh Hale Bishop conducted funeral services at Philip's Church bunday. interment was at Wood - lawn Cemetery. : Mr. Martin is sur vived by his. young wife, two chil dren and mother, Mrs. Gertrude H., Martin. AT THE ELMORE Connie's Inn Review appears this week at the Elmore and contains an added interest over its presenta tion at the same theater several I months ago. Interest is maintained in this show principally through the steady now of fun provided by Em met Anthony, the comedian. Mak ing his first appearance, in . the early stages of the show, he is the center of the plot about which ' the play is built. He reaches his most applauded performance in the final scene with i?am uross, who plays the part of the devil. . The show opens with a first class looking chorus, and before the curtain goes down on the first act, we are introduced to a situation in 1 which, a booking company is seeking performers for a review, the name of the Teview being Connie's Inn Re view. The two comedians constitute the booking agency. Before them ' come various candidates for the review, each of whom display their wares before the agency con ductors. This gives opportunity for the different stars to make a very clever presentation of their parts. The . singing in this scene where the two singers offer a demonstra tion of their talent, is exceptionally good, especially that of Emmet - An thony, who draws a great deal of ap plause. Alta Oates. blues sinsrer. Baby Lee, a soubrette, and Jennie Dancy, another blues singer, perform cred itable parts at various stages in the course of the play. Especial comment of the good - ap pearance of the chorus is needed. Nudity still held its sway through out the various acts, but the chorus acted - well, and looked good. x ne snow is under the manage ment ot John uancy. LARGE, PA. I - Mr. Emmftt Johnson. - whsn vtaittna - Sunday at Clalrton, met many of hi oh friends. Mr. Dewey Randolph did his - Christinas, shopping In McXees - port. Mrs. Wesley Isae passed awar innstmas evenlnsr. She wa w41 known - In 'and around Large and left Attorney Is Disbarred After Trial DENVER, Col.,. Pec. 30. Samuel E. Cary of DenverJ one of the most prominent race attorneys in Colora do - , - was disbarred by the Colorado supreme court, Monday, for professional misconduct. The high court held that he had been guilty of neglecting the inter ests of clients, of misrepresenting the status of cases to get additional fees, and of negligently permitting defaults in cases. In approving the findings of the referee who recommended the dis barment of Cary, the high court said: HA11 these findsings were supported by the overwhelming weight of evidence. In the light of such a record, the law justifies and de mands disbarment." ' " Cary's disbarment was first asked by the Colorado. Bar association. The supreme court then appointed an attorney to act as referee; Cary defenued himself, and the oar association was - represented . by At torneys Samuel S. Ginsberg and M Humphreys. The charges were filed officially by the attorney general in pursuance to instructions from the supreme court. Convicted of Murder But He's Not Hanged SHREVEPORT, La., Dec. 30 (By A. N. P.V Lee Williams, charg ed with the murder of William Mor eno, white merchant, has been con victed of murder "without "capita' punishment" as some doubt evident ly existed in the minds of the. jury Williams claims - that Moreno ac cused him of theft, which he denied and threatened to kill him if he did : not leave the community. He left, ' but later returned, and passed by Moreno's store, when Moreno. Wil liams says, called him and said, "I got you." In self - defense Williams struck the merchant with .a stick of wood, which later caused his death. Rev. Norman Dies In Washington WASHINGTON. D. C, Dec. 30. Rev. M. W. D. Norman for some time pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church here died Sunday after an ; extended illness and is being buried j this Thursday. Rev. Norman, was : president of the district conference and an executive of the board of I the National Baptijst Convention ' He was aeed '58. Rev. C. E. Askew. ! of Pittsburgh, is preaching the j funeral. Rev. Norman secured wide pub lkity a number of months ago by wedding his present wife on what was thought to be his death - bed. rHEN IN CINCINNATI stop at the HOTEL STERLING Sixth and Mound Streets 100 well furnished rooms, many with private v baths; all efficiently served. Special rates 1 for the Theatrical Profession and to Pullman and Railway service employees. Reservations made by letter or wire or you may phone West 695. Leroy Hinkins, Manager FREE TO EVERYBODY X am wjth you always" to give to you the. Secret of Love and Luck. - This secret cost me IS years experi ence ana a small for tune. But I will g - ive it to you for SI.QV. Guaranteed Eat is f ac tion or Money BacJc Send S1.00 or Pay Postman when . deliv ered - to yoa. Address SCIENTIFIO STCT1IOS Bx 422. Has. Ss Ysia;atowa. O. FINAL. 9ALS. Kim ml Bavalnra V Has all Imprevs - meats ot latest run. StS vabie; left whaler. atety hand eleetor, coarantsed never eat of order: . not. sz.zo or 88 eaL N Momt. P en delivery SS 99 pins post re Satisfaetioa or none back. I. - . rtOtXAL MAIL ORDER 1 Ml Breadway, New Ysrfc. ; Dept. E - S4 t i Cat tm f TS" "a - - a w vv n V Sod MESSENGERS INSTALL OFFICEMS At a banquet held in the Y. M. C. A., Tuesday evening, Rer. - Tur - pean, pastor of the Warren M. E. church. installed the officers and directors of the Colored Bank Mes sengers and Employees of Allegheny County J following . ' their annual election - . - . . Rev; Turpeau stated that he ap preciated! the opportunity to speak before ! the organization, the - only one of its kind. It ,3 subsidiary of the Bankers Association of America and will become a nationally recog nized organization, he said. - " - The association has only been or ganized a year and has a member ship - of i 75 and prospective members numbering 25. All' Allegheny County is represented. The purpose of the association and the - reason it was organized was to establish national! contact araonr; race bank employes. . . Those elected to office were: Phil ip G. Kiszie of the Exchange: Bank and formerly second vice - president. elected president; F. A. Jack of. the First National Bank of i Wilkins - burg, re - elected first vice - presidentf: William K. Fox, Highland National Bank,, second vice - president; J. O Taylor of the Monongahela National Bank, re - elected treasurer; John W Hopewell of the Exchange Nationa Bank,! secretary; Darwin S. Miller, assistant secretary, and S. D. Hopewell, chaplain. .F. A. Moore, former president and founder of the organ ization and R. D. Porter, former secretary, were . made directors. ,Tha. ' ' - 1 1 g - .Do yoa; -'nisdr - 1 - nm - r7 1.7V.'. . Jjk" tip . . 5i WmPA TX vou want to ciravotir full Mm I 15. E - or spare time and be handsomely paid for It?; j IF SO, BECOME A PDRI1 AGENTj PCCOIXE01CecaiMmrbyraiiaAOEirrwatyr f the FOHQ SYSTEM quickly at small cost, sod show yen bow; .v I njgl 4 . ' There are openings tot '"t, ansbitious Stscv IRpjl Wotnea, as our repcesentadves, to supply. the nation - wide demand :4m " !S MENTS and to tm& the POIR1 SYSTEM OP HAIR AND BEAUTf t jl . Thousands are morning big money throw gh P uflu I - fig! f. 3l t . Write today fee Ml faifortnaOuo. "I - v: 1 MW - PDRnCDLLEEE Hi III L . WJ 7 - Z. I . ' WH. I I H . II i III - J W u, w ' is a. Ill - .i II . III u A . - ONE - APPLICATj CUARAN - ; j J 5 ' i liyR iL - lJ QL 'CODEl MFCt CO. - - i V I' . try IV. .11 - list of directors elected follow!: . John (1 Morton of th Fdrl ? Reserve, chairman ) .Walter , T. ; Mil - v er, Hasley Stewart & Co.; Earnest - Kennebrew. First National, Sharps - ' ' burg; Henry Cv FouTkes, Bank oft Pittsburgh; Edward D. Porter, S. W.. Straua & Co.; D., Dandndge, Halsey. Stewart Co., ..and, Frank . Moore, Peoples Savings and Trust'v Co. These men were highly honored and encouraged by the body, TdTiv - George H. Newman of the Bank of.. - Pittsburgh, who acted, as master 'of, ceremonies, .called on Mr.' S. Tti Morsell, secretary 'of the x. iaf ,Cr A. to speak. Mr. Morsell threw light on a number of things of much interest to - tne body, . ' ! ' ' - '"'. ' Mr. Robert Ar Lewis! F. A. Lucie. and Mr. Whftey all baritone slngeri' led y Mr. Walter ; Miller, rderedx several cnoice selections, mr. janesj Miller and son. of Mr.. Walter My let, f was - th acceapanist. - ; " . r ids association is arranging;. ior an outstanding affair soon, ' aKf later, - ., ,. ' - ' Zri $0,000 Fpr Hofpi NEW" ORLEANS, La, Dec. 3 - 1 (By A. N' P.) Approximslelyt $60,000 has been subscribed ortheT - , proposed Negro' hospital, much if if coming from white Jmsiness eon eerns, but 'more is needed to the affair a substantial success) Thef Negro Elks have' donated - 5Qf - L 1 ... JUBSBIBIII II I. . - . r.' . ; V - " 81 it n n

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