Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1921 · Page 12
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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, July 19, 1921
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TUESDAY EVENING; HARRISBURG TELEGRAPH f5 JULY 19, 1921. WOULD PROMOTE BETTER SPIRIT District Forester John R. Williams Arranges Athletic and Social Events la Notes and News of the Day in Carlisle and Cumberland Valley VALLEY BOROUGH IN NEWS OF DAY Colored Boy Scouts at New - burg Bridges For Week; Home From Hospital Shippensburg, Pa., July 19. Yesterday Troop Xo. 1, Colored Boy Scouts, of Shippensburg, under the care of their scoutmaster, the Rev. J. T. Daniels, left for Newburg Bridges, MINISTERS AGAIN STUDENTS OF BIBLE HARRISBURG STUDENTS IN GROUP AT SUMMER SCHOOL Y . Carlisle, Pa., July 19. The de velopment of a better community apirit among residents of the State Forest Reserve, which extends from Caledonia to Hunter's Run, is the aim of District Forester John R. Williams and with the development of his plans the realisation of his aim is near. . 'Many of the rangers and 'other employes of the Forestry Commission live in isolated districts and seldom are drawn together as a whole. To secure greater co - operation in the work and to Improve the environment of his employes, the district forester has devoted much time and effort toward working out of a plan for the fostering of a real community spirit. To this end he has organized two baseball teams, one at Pine Grove and one at Caledonia Furnace and has arranged a series of games between these teams extending to the end of the summer. Through the friendly rivalry of these two organizations a more congenial spirt among the workers will result, Mr. Williams believes. To further promote the movement towards cooperation there are to be scheduled a number of ice cream festivals, picnics and union meetings to be participated in by the residents of the mountain. - Stationed on the South Mountain Reserve for five years, Forester Williams has won the admiration of all the residents of that section, who are working with him in the attainment of the ideal which he is holding up before the people who reside on State land and are employed exclusively by the Forestry Department and Game Commission. Pleads Guilty of Robbing College Fraternity Houses Carlisle, Pa., July 19. Charged VI th felonious entry and burglary on four counts, Albert, alias St. Clair - iefferson, colored, of Carlisle, has entered a plea of guilty, it was announced at the office of fhe District Attorney. In all probability he will be sentenced at the next session of miscellaneous court, Tuesday, July 26. Jefferson was apprehended for the burglary of fraternity houses on the Dickinson campus last month. Accused oi Taking Watermelons Off Car Carlisle, Pa., July 19. Charged with breaking the seals on a freight car in the Enola yards of the Pennsylvania Railroad and stealing a quantity of watermelons, Charles Ellis, white, and Harry Lignon, colored, were placed under arrest yesterday. They will be given a hearing to - morrow morning before Justice of the Peace John L. Boyer. Says Neighbor Woman Abused His Children Carlisle, Ta., July 19. Claiming she had struck his children and spit in his face, Thomas Keen, a resident of the Fifth ward, had a neighbor, Mary Devonshire, arrested on charges of assault and battery and disorderly conduct. She was arraigned before Justice of the Peace J. W. Eckels and the case continued. WHY BUY THE REST? YOU C AX GET THE BEST 2i' IjOOXPURE CONCENTRATED . liTEXT vr" f MADE " BY THE MOST SCIENTIFIC METHOD FROM TH FINEST SELECTED MALTED BARLEY tvtcuur micmikd n STAR FOOD PRODUCTrCDRPORATlOf BALTIMORE, MD. - rf IS THE BEST IT STAXDS THE TEST Everybody King Oscar Cigars Do You Know Why Everybody For thirty years King Oscar Ggirs have been serving an ever - increasing number of satisfied smokers. P?ices have changed, crops have been irregular, but King Oscar Cigars are always made up to a standard. Quality and quantity do not change. The same standard of excellence is steadily maintained through all conditions. Your taste may change for a time. You may wander, and after coming back to King Oscar, wonder why you wandered. Have you tried one lately? John C. Herman & Co. Makers HARRISBURG, PA. METHODISTS YOU KNOW WHO Carlisle, Pa., July 19. Seventy - three ministers form' all parts of the country are finding echoes of their college and seminary, days In pursuance of the courses at the Dickinson Summer School. The entire morning is occupied with lessons and the chapel exercises. The afternoon is devoted to recreation and gray To Dedicate Bandstand Gift oi Kiwanis Club Carlisle, Pa., July 19. The new bandstand On the Dickinson campus which was presented to the town by the Kiwanis Club, will be dedicated to - morrow ' evening at 8.30 o'clock with appropriate exercises. Immediately preceding the band concert to be given by the newly organized 104th Regiment Band under the direction of Frank Hol - linger there will occur the promenade of the Kiwanians and their wives. The dedicatory address will be delivered by Dr. Wilbur H. Nor - cross, a member of the club, who will formally present the stand to the community. Mother Keeps Child, ' Is Decision of Court Carlisle, Pa., July 19. Mother love triumphed when Judge Fillmore Maust decided that Mrs. Mabel Nickey was entitled to the custody of her daughter, Dorothy May Xickey. Practically the whole day was spent in the taking of testimony on both sides. The suit was brought by the father, Harry Nicker, when he instituted habeas corpus proceedings to secure the custody of the child. The Nickeys have been separated for almost a year. H. S. Instructor Is Offered"Y" Position Carlisle, Pa.., July 19. It is rumored that J. J. Donahue, head of the physics department and physical director of the Carlisle High School, had been tendered the position of physical director of the Y. M. C. A. For a number" of years Professor Donahue has been close to the athletic activities of the local institution and is now acting as physical instructor of the summer camp at Laurel. PLAY THIRD GAME TODAY Carlisle, Pa., July 19. This afternoon on Biddle field, the baseball team of the Carlisle A. C. and Boiling Springs will meet for the third game of the season. In the first contest between the two teams a tie resulted after 10 innings of play and in the second game Carlisle came out victors. Considerable interest has been aroused in the game this evening, which commences at 5.30 o'clock. MISS HEMPHIlL BURIED Shippensbur?, Pa., July 19. Funeral services were held to - day for the late Miss Margaret B. Hemphill at the home, 116 North Prince street, conducted by the Rev. John D. Lindsay. Burial was made at Middlespring Cemetery. Miss Hemphill died Sunday morning after a long illness. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church. WILL PLAY BASEBALL Carlisle. Pa.. July 19. The base ball game between the Boiling oprings team ana the Carlisle club will be the feature at the union church picnic of all the churches of Boiling Springs at the park to - morrow. A complete athletic program has been arranged bv the committee. Knows Knows K. O.? 1 a ' itI rs ir GUTH'S Studio, Carlisle, Pa. ARE AT BIBLE CONFERENCE hairs are no bar to the baseball diamond, the swimming pool and the tennis court. In the evening they study sometimes and .write assigned essays which will later do duty as sermohs perhaps! It is as if they had found a "Fountain of Youth" among the environs of Carlisle. NINE IN FIELD FOR TAX COLLECTORSHIP Carlisle, Pa., July 19. With a baseball nine in the field for tax collector of Carlisle, it' looks like "over the fence will be out" for eight of the ambitious aspirants to collect the currency of .the realm. John Otto, a candidate for the Democratic nomination, is the last name on the batting list. No homeruns are forecasted, but some few of the candidates are sure to be ".polled out" one day in September. Brigadier General McGraw Addresses Army Graduates Carlisle, Pa., July 19. The graduation exercises . of the medical , officers receiving special traning at the Field Service School at the Carlisle Barracks were held this morning at 9 o'clock. The. address to the class was delivered by Brigadier General McGraw, of Washington, and the diplomas were presented by Colonel P. M. Ashburn, commandant of the school. PLAIXFIELD GRANGE MONDAY Carlisle, Pa., July 19. Pestiferous insects will be discussed at the meeting of the Plainfield Grange next Monday. The following, program will be given": Instrumental solo, Kathryn Lehman; talks, "The Bright Side of the Day When the Boy or Girl Leaves Home," William Myers and J. L. Allan" recitation, 'When the Last One Leaves," Mrs. Wilbur Peffer; talk, "How to Get Rid of Flies and Ants," Mrs. Jesse MacGraham; instrumental solo, Annie Cohick; recitation, Mary Albright; recitation, Harry Kell. , TO ADDRESS MEN'S GLASS Carlisle, Pa., July 19. J. Kelso Green, superintendent of the Cum berland county schools, will deliver an address this evening Defore the men s Bible class at Bowmansdale. WILL PICXIC THURSDAY Carlisle, Pa., July 19. The picnic of the Strock Missionary Society will be held at Boiling Springs Park Thursday afternoon. - HISTORICAL PAGEANT IS TO BE GIVEN ON CAMPUS Story of "Moses, the Deliverer," in Three Acts and Seven Scenes, Will Be Staged on Dickinson College Campus Tomorrow Evening; Principal Roles in Good Hands SCENE FROM BIBLICAL PAGEANT, Carlisle, Pa., July 19 The Biblical historical pageant, "Moses, the Deliverer," in three acts and seven scenes, depicting phases of early Hebrew history, to be given by sixty students and faculty members of the Dickinson Summer School of Religion, under the ' direction Of Miss Edith Thomas, will draw a large crowd of Carlisle citizens to the college campus to - morrow evening at 7 o'clock. Special music will be furnished by the 104th Cavalry Regiment band. Dramatic scenes and gorgeous costumes picturing the life and times of Moses and .the Egyptians make it well worth the while of any resident of Carlisle to accept the cordial Invitation of those in charge of the Summer School to witness the pageant, which will be staged in the natural amphitheater north of Bos - ler hall. The synopsis of the play is Indicative of the spectacle and among the headline scenes may be mentioned The Hiding and Finding of the Baby Moses,1 "The Interview of Pharaoh by Moses and Aaron." "The Escape of the Hebrews from the Cruel Egyptian Taskmasters." and "The Pronouncement ot the Plagues nr m LIGHTS BEWILDER AUTO CHAUFFEUR Machine Hits Buggy Near Chambersburg; Woman Gives Way to Fright Cliambereburg, Pa., July 19. Frightened when the buggy in which she was riding was hit by an automobile, Mrs. Jacob Tamer, of near thi3 place, fainted and was carried into this home of neighbors. Tamer was 'lnlnjured, but the horse was severely cut about the legs. Clyde Smitn, driver of the auto, stated that the lights from a buildingtemporarily blinded him and he didnot see the approaching team. . To fctudy Farm Problems Franklin county farmers will hold an automobile excursion to State College on August 17 - 18 to study agiicultural problems. . Cattle Placed on Test ' Fifty - two head of Holstein cattle on the farm of Blaine Lehman, of Chambersburg, R. R. 3, were placed on an accredited herd test yesterday by Dr. J. P. Stover, of Greencastle, State representative of the work in this district. Truck and Auto Collide Gladys Shatzer, six - sjear - old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walker Shatzer, of Culbertson, near here, had her face cut by flying eplinters of the windshield When the auto in which she was riding with Paul Rire was struck by a truck of the Piedmont Knitting Company, of Hagers - town, Md. The accident happened at Greenvillage when the Rife auto emerged from a side road on to the main highway. Hog Cholera Breaks Out Several cases of hog cholera were discovered yesterday on the farm of John P. Young, at Marion. The swine were vaccinated last evening. Funeral Service Held For Centervillc Woman Sliippcnsburg, Pa., July 19. r unerai services tor the - late Mrs. Annie Zinn, who died at the Carlisle Hospital, following the death of an infant child, were held yesterday at Centerville with burial in the ceme tery there. Mrs. Zinn, who was 35 years old, was born near Xewville, and was a member of Centerville Lutheran Church. Her husband and two sons, Harry and Lester; a sister and five brothers, survive. Conductor Wright, Who Fell Off Train, Improves James" Wright, aged '58 years, of 2227 North Sixth street, a condutor on the Pennsylvania Railroad, who fell from the rear platform of a train and was picked up by some section men, was reported in an excellent condi tion at the Harrisburg Hospital this morning. It ig expected he will be discharged shortly. GO TO Y. M. C. A.CAMP ' W. Stanton Lind, of the Central Y, M. C. A. staff, had charge of the group of boys who left this morning for the "Y" camp at Big Pond. The majority of the boysviIl remain one week although others will stay for me oaiance oi me camp. C'Al'GHT IX MOTORCYCLE His foot getting caught in the pedal of his motorcycle while riding on Front stl'ppt last pvpninir William Ehling, of - 120 Hanna street, sustained lacerations of the right heel.. He was treated at the Harrisburg Hospital dispensary. breaksSarm AT.FCXERAL Lykcns, July 18. Mrs. Anna Mot ter has returned home here with i broken arm. Mrs. Motter was nt tendin; a funeral at Beaver Springs wnen sne ieu down a stairway. ONTARIO NOW A DRY SPOT Toronto,: July 19. Yesterday it was legal to import liquor into the Province of Ontario', but if anybody is caught doing it to - dpy or later the spirits will be seized and the consignees fined. ' "MOSES, THE DELIVERER" The costumes for the pageant were designed by Miss Lois Bailey, instructor 'in costumes at Boston University. They are used wherever the pageant is produced and are complete to the smallest detail. Miss Thomas, the director, is fortunate in having here the two leading men who played the major roles at several presentations of the pageant. Dr. H. C. Wilson, business manager of the school, will play the part of "Moses" and the dean. Dr. W, J. Thompson will assume the role of "Aaron." Following is the complete list of the cast as announced by Miss Thomas, this morning: The Cast Little Miriam, Miss Mix: Little Aaron, Charles Fagan; Little Moses, Baby Norcross; Jochebed, Miss Hor - fer; Amram, Dr. Brunstetter; Moses, Dr. Wilson; Princess. Miss Blrdella Miller; Pharaoh, Mr. Moody; Mir iam, Mrs. Johnson) - 'Aaron, Dr.i inumjiiun; Angn ui ine .Burning Bush. Miss Lillian Hicks; Herald. M. P. Gerstlne; Captain, J. M. Bren - nan; Head Tast master, E. C. Keboch; Chief Destroyer, H. P. Kern; Comely Youth. Dr. Buck. - , about five miles . north of town, where they will camp for a week. They hiked the distance. Brady Walters, Sr., member of the firm of the Walters Hardware Company, has returned - from Church Hospital, Baltimore, last Saturday evening, improved in health.. Mr. Walters went under the surgeon's knife tor a eerious operation several weeks ago. John Hosfeld, Jr.. is at the Harrisburg Hospital recovering from a minor operation performed last Thursday. The "Kee - Way - Din" Camptlre Girls, of Shippensburg, will hold - a food exchange in the Council house, corner East King and North Prince streets, on Saturday morning, beginning at 9 o'clock. The Victory Theater will be closed next week on account of the Chautauqua. East and West King streets, as well as North and South Earl streets, have been given a coat of oil and have been chipped. Penbrook Tennis Club Tournament Drawings Made; Matches Soon Interest in the Penbrook Tennis Club tournament is double that of last year and many good and hard foutrht matches are expected, es pecially in the final rounds. All matches of the first round in all events must be played off before July 30. The tournament will be played on the club's courts at Chestijut and Main streets, Penbrook. Prizes have been offered by' the businessmen natronized bv the clubi ' The drawings for the men's singles were as follows: Hans Wagner vs, M. Zeigler.. P. Eckert vs. W. H. Sny der, J. Ford vs. B. Rhine, Charles Shields vs. J. Novinger, Herman Wagner vs. R. Mikle, Laskowski vs. E. Early, S. Senft vs. W. Rodgers, D, Loban vs. J. Beck, J. Umholtz vs. K. Novinger, S. B. Grubb vs. R. MeU - ger, A. Aungst 'vs. H. McClelland. Men's Doubles P. Eckert and T. Harlacker vs. W. Snyder and A. Aungst, S. Seft and B. Rhine vs. R. Metzger and J. Umholtz, I. Heckert and D. Loban vs. J. Beck and E. Early, Charles Shields and J. Novinger vs. H. McClelland and Laskowski, W. Rodgers and Herman Wagner vs. R. Mikle and J. Ford, F. Novinger and S. B. Grubb vs. Hans Wagner and M. Zeigler. Women's Singles M. Good vs. H, Heckert, M. Bard vs. E. Mc - Ilhenny. Women's Doubles E. Fox and M. Good vs. E. Mcllhenny and H. Heckert, R. Hocker and M. Bard, bye. Mixed Doubles S. Swartz and J. Ford vs. M. Bard and F. Novinger, E. McElhenny and J. Umholtz vs. R. Hocker and E. Early, H. Swartz and R. Metzger vs. M. Good and I. Heckert, H. Heckert and J. Beck vs. I. Fox and S. Senft. Open New Bungalow With Surprise Shower Mrs. Charles Tentmyer, of Harrisburg; Mrs. Pierce W. Dick, of Marys - ville, and Miss Laura L. Haines, of Camp Hill, gave a surprise shower to their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Dick, on Thursday evening at their new bungalow. Myrtle avenue, Camp Hill Heights. Mr, and Mrs. Dick recently moved here from Canby, Oregon, The Rev. Dr. S. C. Swallow gave a short address on the opening of the new home and the Rev. W. W. Reese made a ' short prayer, after which Dr. Swallow had the hymn, "Blest Be the Tie That Binds" sung by those present. Music was furnished by Milton P. Dick, cornetist of Marysville; Mrs. Pierce W. Dick accompanying him. Mrs. Harvey Tentmyer gave several numbers on the piano. Mr. and Mrs. Dick wei the recipients of many gifts. Refreshments were served to the following guests: The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. S. C. Swallow, the Rev. and Mrs. W. W. Reese, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Dick, Mrand'Mrs. E. E. Dick, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tentmyer, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Eckert, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey DeLancey, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Parthemore, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shatt, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce W. Dick, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Dick. Mrs. Charles T. Hess, Mrs. Bessie Binga - man, Mrs. George W. Dick. Mrs. James Stephens, Mrs. Walter Tingst, Miss Violet Hess, Miss Ethel Hess. Miss Katharine Stephens, Miss Dorothy Stephens, Miss Elizabeth Stephens, Miss Thelma Dick. Miss Charlotte Tentmyer, Miss Cynthia Dick. Mrs. Charles Sellers. Mrs. Chauncey Shatt, Preston Vogelsong, Luther Tentmyer, Milton DeLancey, Frank Shott, J. Shetter, Earle Stahler, Thomas M. Reese and Walter Tingst. Boy, Who Fell Off Load of Hay, Is Improving Falling fro mthe top of a hay wagon to the ground, 11 - year - old Mel - vin ivecaier, son oi H. J. Keckler, of Enola, sustained a slight concussion of the brain. He wa staken to the Harrisburg Hospital where he was in a dazed condition last evening but recovered quickly to - day and was discharged from the institution. ' Following the accdient the boy walked to his home a short distance away but fell over unconscious when his mother commenced dressing a slight laceration of the scalp. Jacob Seifert Arrested For Liquor Violation Claimed by Federal prohibition officers with having left the region following a raid during April on the Wormleysburg Hotel, of which he is the proprietor, Jacob Seifert was placed under arrest by Deputy U. 8. Marshal Harvey Smith, yesterday and at a hearing before Commissioner John A. F. Hall was held under $500 ball far court. Seifert. it Is said, recently returned to this section after leaving when the raid occurred. He is charged with selling llqoor In violation of the Vol - sted act. AKE TROOP CHAPLAIN Boy Scout Troop 36, of the Stevens' Memorial, Church, has ommenced reissuing an official bulletin called "The Pathfinder." It I t weekly publication and contains" many items of Interest to the troop members. . Announcement Is made that the Rev. James Howard Ake, pastor of the church, has accepted the post ot troop chaplain. "' ; ... GUTH'S Studio, Carlisle, Pa. CLERGYMEN ENROLLED AT METHODIST RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Carlisle, Pa., July 19. The Central Pennsylvania conference leads In the registration at the' Dickinson Summer School of Religion with an enrollment of 143, and the Baltimore conference is the runner up with 94. Eighteen denominations other thajj Methodists are represented and the student personnel is drawn from eight states. Forty - five are enrolled from Carlisle, Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg. , PRINTERS GOING ON FIRST PICNIC Will Join With Reporters in Outing at Park Near Carlisle on Thursday Carlisle, Pa., July 19. Reporters will forego their "scoops," typesetters their "sticks" and linotype men their keyboards on Thursday afternoon when all paths will lead to the first printer's ;picnlc in the history of Carlisle at Bellaire Park. "Captain" Jack Culbertson, owner of the park and proprietor of the Earley Print 'Shop, will be the host and has arranged free transportation for the crowd to the park. The committee on arrangements, Charles H. Kutz, Charles Hartzell, J. Vance Thompson and W. L. Guss - man, have planned the athletic program for the day. There will be a - plenty of free ice cream, coffee, etc. The Carlisle Sentinel will issue at noon to allow its force to attend, the picnic. Appli icattion Forms For , Postmastership at Hand Carlisle, Pa., July 19. Full information with regard to the third - class postmasterships to be filled at Camp Hill and Mount Holly Springs can be obtained at the local post office. These are not civil service examinations, but are held under the executive order of May 10, 1921. Application forms Nos. 2241 and 2223 can be 'obtained at the post offices at Mount Holly Springs oc Camp Hill or direct from the United States Civil Service Commission, Washington. The salary of each of these offices is $1,400 per year. Two Potatc Clubs to Meet on Middlesex Farms Carlisle, Pa., July 19. The Cumberland Countv Farm Bureau has announced joint meetings of the Newberg Potato Club and the Franklin Coun.. Potato Club on the farms of W. H. Shuman and J. H. Hensel, hear Middlesex, for to - morrow morning. The meetings will also be open to pupils who have conducted potato projects under the direction of Willis R. Skillman, county vocational supervisor. The meetings will be taken up with the actual testing of the potatoes on the two farms and an address by E. L. Nixon, of the State Department of Agriculture. ' To Aid With Harvest Work irNorth Dakota Carlisle, Pa., July 19. Wallace Denny, - formerly physical instructor of the Carlisle Indian football squad and until recently in charge of the athletic activities of the Carlisle barracks, has - announced that he will leave soon for North Dakota to assist in the harvests in that state on the lands of Mrs. Denny. He will return east at the end of the harvesting season. Military Funerals For Men Killed Overseas Carlisle, Pa.. July 19. Arrangements are being made by the local post of the American Legion for the military funerals for Carlisle soldiers Jellied overseas. According to advices - received the bodies of Orlando Newcomer, of Boiling Springs, and Charles A. Rynard. of Carlisle, will arrive during - the current, week. , STOLE COPPER WIRE, CHARGE Carlisle, Pa., July 19. Charged with the larceny of a quantity - of copper wire from the Big Springs Electric Company, of Newville, George Smith, of West Penn street, was placed under arrest yesjerday. He will be given a hearing before Justice of the - Peace John L - Boyer on Thursday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock." - - . ... HOLDING PICNIC AT PARK Carlisle, Pa.. July 1$. The annual picnic of the Evangelical Church at Mechanicsburg is being held at Boiling Springs Park, to - day. 1A number of people from the local Evangelical covrregation are In at - tendance.v . NAMED APPRAISERS ' Carlisle. Pa., July 1. M. 8. Blehl and H. H. Gutshall hare been appointed appraisers in the estate of the - late Addison Gates, of South 4 Middletoa townehi& . According to the official figures of the registrar, Edwin C. Keboch, of Harrisburg, .there are 165 women and 106 mert enrolled in the school, 271 in all. Besides the 237 students from the Central Pennsylvania and Baltimore conferences there are registered by conferences as follows: Pittsburgh, 4; Philadelphia, 1; Alabama, 1; Florida, 1; Georgia, 1; New York, 1; other denominations, 18: total, 271. , ONE CONTRACT 0NLYAWARDED Construction Work on New High School Goes to M. L. Grossman Carlisle, Pa., July 19. After one of the longest cessions on record, the school directors of South Middle - ton township let the construction contract for the vocational high school at Boiling Springs, to M. L. Grossman, of New Cumberland, whose bid was $48,596. The plumbing, wiring and heating contracts were considered, but no definite action was taken and will not be until the board meets again on Friday. Various changes in the plans were necessitated to lower the cost from the original bids submitted July 6. The cut stone has been eliminated from the front of the building and the rooms in the basement - will not be installed. as planned. The building will consist of six rooms and an up - to - date gymnasium. The plans have been worked out so that improvements can be made as the finances of the1 township warrant. At the close of the session the following officers were elected for next term: President, David E. Burr; treasurer, Ross E. Shugart; secretary, John Eppley. New Cumberland People in the Personal News New Cumberland, Pa., July 19. Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Reed, Park and Miles Smaling and Leroy Sweigart have gone to Atlantic City to spend several days. Mrs. William Bender, of Reading, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Shuler, at this place. . ' Mr. and Mm William Knaub and son, of California, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Knaub, of York, were guests of Jerry. Kern's family on Sunday. Mrs. Laura ' Bending and daughter, Helen, of Chicago, visited Mr. and Mrs. Morris Freeburn on Sunday. L. E. Speck, of Wellsvllle, was the guest of his brother, W. H. Speck, this place, yesterday. Romaine Sweigert is spending a week with Mrs. P. S. Gardner, at Williams Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Gordon and daughter, Harrisburg, aro spending a week with Mrs. Annie Straub here. H. D. Kirk, who has been visiting friends here, left for his home at India, Cal. Miss Margaret Moore, of Middle - town, visited friends here yesterday. , Cumberland County Town . in Personal News Notes Dickinson, Pa., July 19. Miss Delia Frlck, of Shippensburg, is spending the week at the home of Frank Frick and family. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Goodhart and son, Homer, and Miss Laura Trego, of Carlisle, were guests ) of Harry Xaugle on Sunday. Mrs. John Stum was a Carlisle visitor on Saturday evening. Mr, and Mrs. Curtis Grissinger and two daughters, Helen and Margaret, were in Carlisle Saturday evening. "Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Snoke, of Elmer, X. J - , are visiting relatives here.. .Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Weaver, of Dillsburg, spent last week at the home of James Myers. William Grist, of Carlisle, visited Samuel Beetem. PASTOR SINGS AT SERVICE New Cumberland, Pa., July 19. At the Sunday evening services in Baughman Memorial Methodist Church, the Rev. V. T. Adams, of Altoona, a former pastor, sang a solo. Other special music included a solo by Mrs. Seachrist and a duet by Mrs. Hugh Hertzler and Mrs. W. O. Keister. Announcement Of Thomas E. Vale as Candidate For President Judge As a candidate for the Republican nomination for the office ot President Judge ot the Courts of Cumberland County, I respectfully ask the support of all Republicans at the primary election, September JO, 121. and will greatly appreciate the aid of th electors ot the county, regardless of party, who may . feel Inclined to favor my candidacy. Respectfully, THOMAS E. VALE, July 4. 1921 Carlisle, Pa. Mis BENCHES NEEDED INT0WNSQUARI Matter of Additional Conveni ences to Be Presented to , Carlisle Manager Carlisle, Pa., July 19. A petitioi for more benches on the - ' publli square will be presented to the bon oUgh authorities within the neU week. The hot nights have brougbJ this demand to the fore and sinc these benches are the only resort of people who live, in closely populated districts without the facility oi ' a porch the matter is being favorably looked upon by a number oi the citizens of the - county seat Benches were placed here mor than three years ago by the locaj chapter of the Red Cross for th use of the overseas soldiers receiving treatment at the Army hospital Subsequently most of them were re moved because they harbored obnoxious individuals. Believing this evil can be eliminated by the police force and realizing the need of more out - of - dooi resting places during the hot sea - son, a committee of citizens likelj win ikc ine matter up with tin borough manager. , Wants Railroad to Remove Trestle Sooi Carlisle, Pa.. July 19. At a special meeting of borough council las! night, it was decided to interview officials of the Pennsylvania Rail, road at Chambersburg with the view of having the trestle at High and tast streets removed before paving operations are started in East Higi street. Borough Manager Herbert and Councilman Wetzel will represent - the borough. - Paving of South Hanover streei will also be held up until the Easl High street proposition is settled, ai the contract with the State Highwaj Department provides that boti streets be paved before State aid will be given. CARLISLE MARKETS Carlisle, Pa., July 18. Graia (corrected to July 18 by L. L. Rice, grain and coal dealer): Wheat 1.05 per bushel; corn, 60c pei bushel; oats, 40c per bushel. Provisions (Corrected by the Re - tail Grocers Association): Pricei offered the producer, eggs, 29c pel dozen; butter, 20c per pound and VP'rnaccordingr t0 quality; potatoes $1.50 per bushel shoulder, 20 pound; lard, 10c pound; old hena 26c per pound; springers, 30c pei pound. THREE FILE PAPERS Carlisle, Pa., July 19. Thre nominating petitions for townshij and borough offices were filed at th courthouse yesterday as follows: Joseph F. Martin, Republican, for supervisor of Southampton townshipi John H. Otto, Democrat, for tax col - lector of Carlisle; Jacob Hemminger, Democrat, for assessor of Carlisle. , 1 X 1 K MU22 j KQundTrip x war Tax 8 additional Sunday Excursion Atlantic City Sunday, July 31 Special Through Train Leaves Standard Time Harrisburg 6.50 AJH. Returning Leaves Atlantic City.. 5.15 FUN. Similar Excursions AUGUST 14 AND '28 Pennsylvania System H IAGARA FALLS EXCURSIONS THUUSDAYS Jaly 21, August 4, 18, September 1. 13, 29, and October 13. Round $1512 Trip Prom HARRISBURG Tickets good in parlor or sleeping cars on payment of usual charges for space occupied, including surcharge. All fares subject to war tax of 8, TRAIN LEAVES. Eastern Standard Time Harrisburg 11.35 A. IS. The Meal Route to Niagara t.Hm rivin b darllcht rMe through heaartlful Susaue - haaaa vauey - Proportionate fares from other points. Tickets good for 1C days. Pennsylvania System

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