Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 13, 1957 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 18
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Eighteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Mother's Day Was for Man's Mom, Not Wife, Mother of 6 Dear Ann: Mother's Day has P"~3sd but I've been very unhappy ever since. It has taken me all this time to get up. the nerve .to write to- you. My husband 'didn't give me a present on Mother's Day. I was very hurt and asked him why. He said, "You aren't my mother. You are my wife." I told him this didn't matter, and that he was thoughtless and maybe cheap, as Well. He insisted that I was wrong and this day is to pay homage to mothers only. . I have six children, Mrs. Landers, and they are under nine years o£ age. So you can see they are too small to 20 out and buy me a present on their own. Don't you think I'm entitled to a little homage, too? My husband's mother is on his side, but his sisters are with me. What do you say? Should I get homage or not? —ELSIE . I I agree with you. 'It wouldn't] hurt your husband to pass a little | of that homage around on Mother's I Day. You don't have to be Hisj mother. It's enough that you're] mother of six children—thanks toj him. In my book you qualify for 1 homage, and I hope he comes through next year with some small token just to let you know he remembered. Tito And The Mrs. . —j Dear Ann: I know you don't believe in beating an issue to death, but I would just love to have my say on this question of slapping children. Believe me, I am a real authority on the subject. My father had a hand like a ham and I felt it many -times, across the head, the back, the face, anyplace at all. We weren't allowed to utter one word at the table. No Grace was said. We just ate like hogs. My brother lived for the day he* could join the Navy and get away from home, but he couldn't make it. He had a busted ear drum. My dad hit him once too often. Today that brother is in prison. I'm not saying my dad put him there, but he helped. My childhood was a nightmare "because I never knew when I'd be 'sent flying across the room. My mother was as scared of Dad as we were. She never opened her mouth to talk up to him. I have three children now, Ann, and they are wonderful. When they misbehave I turn off the TV, deprive them of skating, or movies,, or make them do extra chores. But no beatings. I have too many scars from belt buckles and fists. The way to teach children to be loving and kind, and have respect for others is to treat them with dignity and justice.—PROUD MOTHER YUGOSLAV President Tito and his wife, Jovanka Broz, dance together during a' reception at the National Assembly in Skoplje. They were roundly applauded as they glided about the floor. The occasion was in honor ol Tito's eight-day visit to the Yugoslav province of Macedonia. skip it and charge if off to ignorance. " But you can remove yourself from the gift-giving rat-race and save plenty of time, energy and money. Just tell your relatives that the gift bit has gotten out of hand and you can't keep up with it. I promise, when you stop giving you will also stop getting. It's Beer Regardless Of Taste CHICAGO (UP)—A microbiological engineer has developed a new kind of beer for the palates of people who don't really like the stuff. Robert Tenney, president of the Wahl-Henius Institute, has brewed a batch of something called "Sassy." It comes in three flavors — "punch," a combination of cranberry and cherry; "collins," a mixed lemon-grapefruit flavor, and "cola," a sort of alcoholic coke. The "punch" is a reddish hue, the "collins" pale yellow and the "cola" brown. Tenney said he is proceeding on the theory that most Americans have a sweet tooth. From early childhood, he said, their taste buds are conditioned to ice cream, cake and candy. "A lot of folks like a mild alcoholic beverage," he said, "but they find beer too bitter." Statistics indicate that about 54 per cent of Americans are non- beer drinkers, and Tenney believes most o[ them just don't like the taste. Sassy is really beer in disguise. It has about the same alcoholic content and caloric count! Its developmest was not without :echnical difficulties. Beer, it seems, is a pretty complicated I product, and flavoring it makes it more so.. Josephine Lowmon Try Bicycling as Enjoyable Form Mild and of Exercise Autopsy Shows Baby Victim of Pneumonia Pneumonia was cited Wednesday by County Coroner M. B. Stewart as the immediate cause of death! of 3-month-old Rickie Dale Fry.j who was pronounced dead on ar-j rival at Memorial hospital on May 29. The verdict was given on the Dasis of findings of the autopsy performed by Dr. Clarence Cobb, Memorial staff pathologist. Rickie Dale was born March 10 to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Fry, 1824 Clark street. CONFIDENTIALLY: MOTHER OF BRIDE: There's no way you can force him to pay Cor this kind of a wedding. By all means invite him or you'll always regret it. HERE'S A KICKER CRESTON, Iowa (UP)- Mayor Fred Urbach lost a molking contest to the Mayor of Lenox because he fell off an old fashioned, one-legged milking stool whert the Holstein kicked. DISCOURAGED: Your allowance should be doubled at least. Does your husband plan to have pockets in his shroud? Dear Ann: Can you tell, me if I'm cuckoo, or is it my husband's relatives? Since I've been in this clan I spend at least two days a week shopping for gifts or returning something that was. sent to. me. These people feel they must remember every occasion and it's wearing me out. Another thing that is very annoying Ann, they always leave the sales slip in the gifts they send to me and also the price tag. I never heard of such a thing until 1 got into this family. I was brought up to think this was rude. Yesterday when I received some birthday gifts I showed m? husband the price tags on every one of them and he just laughed. Am I supposed to add them up ar.d see what I'm worth? What is your opinion?—G.O.G. To leave the price-tag on a gift Is very bad manners. You can't control other people, however, so For the Children! (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problem. Sond them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Vets May Appeal Claims for Bonus "Many veterans are not aware that there is available to them an appeal after a bonus claim has been disallowed," David Barnett, Cass county Mental Illness representative for the Indiana Veterans' slate service department, said today. The appeal should be addressed to the Chairman of the Indiana Veterans Affairs CommiMfiion, 431. North Meridian street, Indianapolis. Any disputed claim that is appealed will be reviewed by the Veterans Aff;iirs Commission who are designated by law as the Appeal board. - *--' ^F NOW!LAY'ME N^»4 ^DoWNTO SUEP^jyJ ^ .1^ /cf»^4^^^^^Blfc^i^ita_ ' 1 PRAY THE LORD HYSOULTOKEEP [PANEL 10(2 IN.X 12*4 IN. 5184 Effectively embroidered in simple stitches and delicate colors, this lovely prayer will take on a new meaning for children. Pattern No. 51.84 contains hot- iron transfer for design lD'/4"x 12'A"; color chart stitch Illustrations. Sond 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT Pharos- Tribune. 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. It's ready! The 1007 Needlework ALBUM— fifty^six .colorful pages showing' many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! Deck, Mertz to Attend Convention of Kiwanis Ed Deck and Harold Mcrtz will represent the Logansport Kiwanis club at the 42nd annual convention of Kiwanis International in Atlantic City .June 2H-27. Mark Smith, Kiwanis publicity chairman, said Richard Nixon vice-president of the United Stales and Charles P. Romulo, Philippine ambassador to Lho U. S., will be the convention speakers. The program will begin on Sunday with Dr. Elson, President Eisenhower's personal minister speaking to the group Sunday evening. Pennsy Rail Vets Will Meet Tuesday Memliers of the Pennsylvania Veteran Employees Association will gather in the assembly room of the Barnes Hotel on June 18, when they convene at 7:30 p. m. for their regular monthly meeting. According to association president Carl J. Manders, the July 16 and August 20 meeting will be suspended because of hotel remodel- ling which will involve the assembly room. Meeting of Clinton Farm Bureau Friday The Clinton Township Farm Bureau will meet at CJyincrs school Friday at 8 p. m. There will be special guests and speakers. Refreshments will be served. Commiltcec in charge Is composed of Mr. and Mrs. Robert- S. Justice, Mrs. Stella Fitzcr, Mrs. Pearl Wellington, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. 1-Iitchens, Mr. and Mrs. Fred McDowell. Personal George Thomas Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Williams, 2020 George street, has returned from a visit to Babylon, Long Island, New York, with his aunt, Mrs. Florence Webster. He is now attending summer school at Purdue University. See How Smart You Look During recent years the value of Summertime offers us an excellent opportunity to build up our general health, and therefore to improve our looks. The time we spend in outdoor exercise, the relaxation which comes from close contact with nature, and the variety of fresh vegetables and fruits can give us a backlog of increased energy which will make the rest of the year much more successful and productive. During recent years the value of bicycling as a mild form of exercise has been emphasized. Famous heart specialists have sung its praises. We know that exercise is important in attaining splendid physical condition and in prolonging the youthful portion of life.' At Any Age However, many forms of exercise are too strenuous for ihe man or woman at middle age and laler. Swimming, golf, walking and bicycling are four exercises which can be indulged in at any age if there is no abnormal condition and if they are indulged in wilh discretion. Often physicians recommend these even when there has been some impairment of the heart or of some other organ. Naturally bicycling has been emphasized, each case is different and you should follow your doctor's directions in such matters. Riding a bicycle is not only wonderful exercise but you also can enjoy the beauty of the countryside or park nearby. It's a companionable exercise, loo, when you go along with a friend or a member of the family. It provides a family group exercise which is wonderful. Women write to know if this is a reducing exercise. It is reducing on!y generally, as any exercise is, in that it increases our output of energy. Other women wish to know if riding will build large calf muscles. There is no reason to fear that unless you ride in a bicycle marathon or miles and miles every day. The amount the average woman ricies will not pose this problem. If you have slopped riding as a habit why not take it up again this summer? The fact that you add a new activity to your daily life is always 'youlhifying' and stimulating and when it is such a healthy one you get a special bonus. Tomorrow: Reader: 'I Look Like a Bean Pole in Shorts'. Thursday, Evening, June 13, 1957 Read the Classified Ads Second-Hand. Hearse | Called a Good Buy HIGHTSTOWN N. J.-Most people who ride, in hearses have their, money worries behind them, but for John' Shortridge the vehicle offers a custom ride at a popular price. Shortridge recently returned to his former home in Indiana in a 1941 (Cadillac) hearse which he purchased for 100. He does not feel any sense of uneasiness about riding in the hearse "Old hearses are cheap there is lots of room in them and they are in good shape because they have not been handled roughly," Shortridge said. Shortridge and his wife think so much of the hearse that their current one is their second. The first they used as their honeymoon vehicle. The couple also has a Volkswag- on that they used for short trips when around home, but they insist you can't beat a hearse for high- class travel. Chicago in Need Of More Workers CHICAGO — The population of Chicago may continue to'increase, but the manpower shortage is rising with it. Approximately 513,000 workers will have to be "imported" from other areas to work in Chicago between now and 1960, according to Thomas H. Coulter, an officer ol the city's Association of Commerce .and Industry, Coulter quoted facts and figures that demonstrate the ever-increasing number of jobs to be had here. During the past year unemployment rose to four per cent throughout Ihe nation — out only two per cent in Chicago Because of the small number of local youths who will enter labor's ranks, an estimated 404,000 of Lho needed workers will have to be attracted from other areas. "All that you can see ahead for the Chicago area is progress and success," Couller concluded. with the June Bride in mind new modern dinnerware Vernonware . . . the-makers of such famous dinnerware patterns as Tarn '0 Shanter, Barkwood and Tickled Pink ... now present a lovely new pattern "Dis 'n Dot" in place settings, starter sets and open stock. Place setting $3.75 16-piece starter set $12.95 _. .,. - ' 8492 In a simply styled afternoon' frock, designed in a wide range of si/.cs. Sew it without a collar, ruffle-edged; or if you like, a rolled collar Ms included/ No. 8492 with PATT-0-RAMA included is in sixes 36', 38, 40,.42, 44, <!(i, 48, 50, 52. Size 38 bust, 5'A yards of 35-inch. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett the Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Ejtreot, Chicago G, 111. Include 25 cants more with your pattern order for the Spring & Summer '57 issue of our pattern book Basic FASHION. It contains dozens of smart jicw styles for all ages; gift pattern printed inside the book. Thurs., Fri., Sat. OPEN 1 P. M. - 2 FEATURES — 50c TIL 6 They were both quick on the trigger in this new outdoor adventure. THE WAY "Ccmerole Hot" 39.50 Inef. cofurofo £ broil watmmr ifand Caiural*. Cmr'd. 8" $6.10 Plkh.rt J-Qf.—$3.95 l-tr,—$2.75 Vegetable Dllhe* Divided — $5.93 9", Round—$7.5O 7 </,". Hound TO THE GOLD CINEMASCOPE JEFFREY 1HTER-SHEREE NORTH • BARRY SULLIVAN -HALTER BRENNAI! "Duel At Apache Wells Starring Ben Cooper Tumbler, U Ol. $1.45 Mug, 12 01. SI.75 ROXY •Now—2 Features 35c TIL 6 Opan 1 p. m. FUN AT NIGHT "HIGH NOON" with GARY COOPER GRACE Show Slorlt At Dink Gores Open Half Hour Eartt*r FRIDAY "TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON" (Color) Marlon Brando — Glenn Ford SATURDAY "JUBAL" (color) Glenn Ford - I meet Borgnln* THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY 2 First Run Features 2 FIRST TIME IN THIS LOCALITY GENE BARRY VALERIE FRENCH TOMGHT ONLY EXTRA ADDED VALUES... AUCTION Here's what you can buy at a bargains. • TOOLS • ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FURNITURE GASOLINE tfeL'C-5K3_, OUT THEY GO! COMB EARLY-IT'S FUN FOR EVERYONE. AUCTION STARTS AT 7.00 f. M. VAII ^°y «v»n pick up a I wU good used car at a •mall price! AUCTIONEERS: WAIOON I VINCY THE BRIDE OR ANYONE WOULD BE HAPPY TO RECEIVE OUR WEEK-END SPECIAL! Pyrex Special for making and serving iced tea, iced coffee, cold drinks. 12-cup maker with tea ball REGUtARlY $4.95 FRI. & SAT. ONLY $3.88 8-cup maker with too ball REGULARLY $3.95 FRI.&SAT.ONIY $2.88 "Cofte. Hoi" J9.2S Inel. cofTt* ttrvtr A broil wormtr ifond Coffee Server, Cov'd, 8*cup $6.23 See our other modern sets of smart dinnerware, both in china and ovenproof pottery. Starter Sets as low as $5.95 up "Gravy Hoi" $5.75 4n«'. flrevy boof a broil warmer «lan4 Gr«vy tool $3.30 DAVIDS 116-118 I. Broadway Phon« 3167

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