Bisbee Daily Review from Bisbee, Arizona on August 21, 1909 · Page 2
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Bisbee Daily Review from Bisbee, Arizona · Page 2

Bisbee, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 21, 1909
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ft U All ANTE ED ijil SR BT I LrwIVI BK IBb bbbb IBdcr TIM 1UH S j FmI and Draft A V HV Ul SERIAL No 6768 A mBHjI PBiiiBgyiBg 1 YAVAPAI SHERIFF ARBESTS OLD F END Phoenix Aug 20 Vy arresting Hob Birch Influent ol saloonkeeper in Prtscott recently Sheriff Smith ot Yavapai county appears to hae brought don upon his head a storm ot political wrath that threatens to tear the republicans In Yavapai county In half a doien different factions Sheriff Smith arrested Birch for run- nlnir a same and when Birch was brought into court he plead d guilty and paid a One of 100 prora Islns that he would return to hfs sa loon and sin no more Dnt on the following morning Sher Iff Smith again raded the Birch sa loon and this time arrested Sid Birch on a charge of running gambling games contrary to law At the time there was no game running not even a slot machine What makes Sheriff Smiths warfare on the Birch brothers seems Strang to Prescott people who are on the inside of politics In the last campaign Is that Bob Birch was Smiths strong est backer and Is reported to have spent 2500 of his own money getUng Smith elected By this expenditure of his own mon ey Birch expected that Sheriff Smith -would continue frendly to him while In office Two raids for the same of- lense doesnot strike Birch a being good evidence ot any friendly feeling on the part of Smith Another thing to which Birch Is taking strong exception if reports from Smith seems to have picked him for Prescott are correct Is that Sheriff the horrible example and has not arrested any of the others who are said to be running gambling games Birch Is reported to have declare that practically every saloon In Pres has violated the anti gambling law just as much as he but that Sheriff Smith is not arresting any of them By the arrest of the Birch brothers Tor gambling Sheriff Smith has caused almost as much comment as he did by lying Idle when the attempt was Tecently made In Prescott to operate the gambling games In open and defiant violation of the law No arrests were made at that time In some of the cigar stores and saloons at Prescott the chips seen on -the table in solo and panging games are said to have represented real mon ey and not always the drinks or cigan that the players are supposed to bo playing for Birch Is said to be bitterly denouncing Sheriff Smith In Prescott for se lecUng him as the only one to arrest Tor running a gambling game He wants Sheriff Smjth to show good faith by arresUng some of the others Fuel was added to Birchs feelngs when Sheriff Smith arrested Sid Birch the day following Bob Birchs payment ol a 100 fine and at a time when It Is alleged no gambling games of anj kind were running in the Birch saloon New Coach for Northwestern M F Horr captain of last years great University of Syracuse football team has been chosen at football coach at Northwestern Not only was Horr one ot the greatest football hnt was also a noted athlete In intlei as football coach Horr will at bo be coach for the pnrple track team Horr will graduate this year from the law school at Syracuse and his duties at Northwestern will begin with the opening of the next schoo r la September Pitcher Winter Sold to Montreal Pitcher George Winter has been sold by Detroit to the Montreal Eastern league club Although he has pitched gilt edge ball for the Tigers be was continually losing games on bad luck weak batting and errors This discouraged him and he did not t well into the Tiger ranks This and the fact Jennings has a surplus ot rijht banders this year Induced the club to let Winter out Try Murine Eye Remedy for Red wk Wearv Watery Eyes Trachoma Granulated Eytllds and Pink Eye Marina dosent smart Soothes Eya Pain DOUGLAS NEWS NOTES Married Miss Minnie Ratllff and V K Lock- tart were married last night at the brdes home on Fourteenth street AI Mr and Mrs ter a wedding supper Lockhart went to their new home on Fifteenth street Mr Lockhart is an engneer for the D L company Brought Home an Auto Mr and Mrs F B Wilson and family returned this morning from a months vacation visit in California While away they made the purchase of a handsome Ford four cylnder tour ing car buggy top double seated and jrllb speedometer attachment Baptist Social There will be something new in the chestnut Una tonight at the Bap tist social at the church at 8 oclock Everybody come you will hae a good time Dance at Park The B of L E and F will glTe bell on Monday evening Aug 33 In the ball park to music by Sandoms harps DOUGLAS PERSONAL MENTION W II Webster left this afternoon for tho Igo ranch in the Huachucas to spend a few days of his vacation Miss Clemo Bundle of Bisbee came down this morning to visit with the family ot A K Anderson for two weeks Mrs Jennie Nash lelt this morning to Join her sn in El Paso Harry Van Alen returned this morn ing from Los Angeles Mrs Van Alen Is Improving has left the hospital and Is now at her home in Pasadena Ward Stiles superintendent of the commissary department of the Southwestern was In the city today Trainmaster J E Murphy of the South estern came in from the West ern division this morning which has been cleared of the damage of the washouts ot the past few days Miss Idalia Westbrook returned yes terday from a months stay at Pauls Valley Oklahoma called there by the Illness and death ot a sister Mrs H A Lusk who has been visit ing friends in the city for several das returned to her home at Apache this morning Ed Bogue of the Southwestern returned this morning from a two months trip everywhere as he expressed it He was throughout the east and took in the Seattle Exposition on his return Mrs F II Witt of Paradise who has been a patient at the Calumet hos pital for several weeks was able to return home this morning Superintendent F B King of the Southwestern has returned from tho Washouts where he was mighty busy for several days Mrs H R Shafer and daughter Thel ma left last night for Topeka Kansas to vlst relatives and friends for six weeks Mrs Tlllle Anderson was an arrival on the delayed Drummers Special yes- track and field events andesldes hU roall a 0 THE MSBEE DAILY REVIEW BISBEE ARIZONA SATURDAY MORNING AUG 21 1901 yi mmpmm a guest of her nelce Mrs J B Wylle at the Columte smelter for several weeks CapL Wm E Noland of the Dong las fire department was so badly Injured In his hand and body but Monday morning In harnessing the horses for the Ore that be has been relieved for a few days and is visiting Bisbee John Holstad 1 In town today from his Turicachl ranch on the Nacozarl Jesse Yoakum la in the city today from Warren T P Blevlns of Chricahoa Iain the city and is stopping with Mrs Blerias at tbe Hotel International Ben SneedJ who has been ranching with T P Blevlna at Chlrlcahna has returned Frank Vaughn Is home from Phoe nix Hittle Dawson ot the Copper Queen store Is taking an annual vacation Harry Constable produce salesman ot El Paso and owner ot tbe Bellevna hotel block Is in Douglas The very neat and modern residence of J A Linn on Twelfth street is com pleted and Is now occupied by Mr Unn J A Son is now occupying bis new residence on Twentieth street Goln c THE THIRD ROUND BY CAROLINE LOCKHART tCop right by J IS Dpplneott Co It was not quite time for Moxle Saoeshlne to struggle with the other toys In the basement delivery room ot the Gazette building for his bundle of afternoon papers so be sat on the curb and watched the girl who was taking stock quotations from tha Ucker in the composing room the window being open He hoped she might again nod smilingly at him In which event possibly he might get up courage to ask her She aint goln to come though he thought despondently So he got up slowly and was one of the last to get his papers which was not Moxles habit As usual It was late at night when he crept into the dirty court where he lived rather peaceably just now his mother having been somewhat subdued by a recent term In the House of CorrecUon bis sister being up as an habitual and nls brothers and sisters having come under the fostering care of The Cruelty He crept out cautiously at an early morning hour that ho might spend the more time sitting on the curb and watched the Girl who In smiling at him had fed a hungry little heart without realizing her bounty That morning he was again Impressed with the whiteness of her collar the beauty of her eyes and the glory of her hair his Intimate knowledge of hair and eyes and gowns being gathered from the Incessant red of his mothers eyes her matted hair and her greasy Mother Hubbard Hut he resolutely refrained from thinking of his mother when he was near this girl lest it be sacrilegious to tbe Girl He frankly hated his mother and wished she was dead to Put on De Greeny Iks M1U wld When he looked at the Girl Moxle realized vaguely that he himself was not quite worthy to gaze at her He J knew that he swore lied stole smoked cigarettes and got drunk readily enough when the chance offered r and he admitted to himself that tfiAA thlnp f niiM nnt tw faatlv pt terday from Chicago She wlll be the a ooy wh0 WM riliiy eleven years old This morning the Girl looking idly out the window saw once more a sandy haired ugly little gamin with the face ot an old man and she smiled frankly at him not realizing how ranch It meant to him bnt being Just happy herself At that Moxle came across the street and called up to her through the open window Say deys goln to be a good scrap down in de basemlnt when as fellers go fer panes dla mornln he said earnestly Tm goln to put on de mlts wtd Greeny Ike and fight hint free rounds fer de eighty pound peenshlp We palls off de fight at ten before de first edition Is ont Would yontwlfke to eotae down and see de scrap De odder fellers blggern me but maybe I kin lick him All right the Girl called back laughingly TU come down The ring was roped off by tying stout packing cord from post to post and Moxle was already in bis corner when tbe Girl came In to be given a seat of honor by the young man who wrote the bulletins Moxle was prompUy seized with stage fright at the sight of her so near him Greeny Ike In the other corner looked as big as a house but Moxle walked bravely over to shake hands with him at the order of -the referee He backed into bis corner again not daring to torn around for tear be might catch her St Louis BOHEMIAN Bottled Beer Fully matured and GUARANTEED None so Wholesome Rich in Body Delicious in Flavor Brewed of the finest Hops and Malt and bottled only at the brewerv in St Louis American Brewery St Lmuis USA Order Frtfm RAFAELOV1CH BRAJEV1CH Bisbee Ariz Bottled Only Brewery In St Levis Time yelled tho referee Mrel desperately shot out hit thin arm ana lanoea a smart mow on Green s eye There was no particular science about It Greeny valiantly accepting the blow so as not to delay setting In a smash himself Tbe croii yelled Impartially as the blows fell Punch him Greeny yelled a partisan Slag your right Muxie advise t Moxle supporter Jolt him In the Jaw suggested another eagerly Moxle ducked and daucil felatoi and led but his opponent did all these harder When time WS3 called -it the oad of tho three minutes Moxle felt he had made a very bad showlns Indeed before her eyes and his spirits fell The second round was worse Moxle being punished unmercifully Ah yer no good Moxle said the crowd frankly PijLhlm out Greeny All thumbs were down Panting and grasping Moxle sought his corner to find that his seconds had deserted him their loyalty being borne down by the weight of adverse public opinion Third round Time yelled the referee Moxle walked slowly from his corner and Greeny promptly knocked him down The crowd yelled In derision Slowly he got to his feet For the first time he glanced towards the Girl She was standing by her chair now and her eyes were blazing with excitement As she caught Moxles despairing glance she called to him Dont let him bat you Moxle she cried in a shrill voice very feminine amid the shouts of the crod 1 What happened to Moxle can only be guessed at butell know Just what happened to Greeny Moxle became a tiger whelp In an Instant He sprang at Greeny and smothered him with blows that came too hard and with too great a recklessness to be either or rurrrd ioxios fac was vtite to the lips and his eres tad tha sllsi of strjcL Greeny D E Heller H Ji Wrlgnt HELLER A WRIGHT Aaaayeri and Chemists Metallurgical and Mining Engineers Represent Ore Shippers to Douglas Reduction Works- Douglas Arizona BISBEE LODGE DIRECTORY MASONIC CALENDAR FOR WEEK ENDING AUGUST 21 1909 Mon Commandery special Tuesday Chapter regular Wednesday Thursday Blue First Friday Saturday H W JORGENSON W M a L JfcBnKOLDB B M C BLKJBOs L a W M BANKS Oteretary L O R M Meets every Tanadar evening 7 oclock In Pythian Caatlsv JLH tst lag Red Mea welcome JOE MAFFBO Sachem r c nNDERsoN a of p K D COHN Medicine Man Bonora Xodca No Z3 I U u jr Cananea Mexico meets every Monday at 8 p m ra Masonic HalL Visiting brother cordially Invited HARRY JENNINGS Noble Grand W E DRTJMMOND Secretary 61S DAUGHTERS OF REBEKAH Lodge No 3 meet in L O O F Hall Main Street first and third Frldf evenings of each month- MRS FLORENCE FOSTER Noble Oraa MRS MAUD PERRT Secretary lougnt dsck in aesperate siomu ment but Moxle never felt any blows when ther did land Yell after veil went up from the frenzied crowd j around the ropes A sudden panic came over Greeny Bewildered helpless to stop this sudden mad rage of an opponent he had counted beaten blinded by the ceaseless blows be threw his arms over his face turned and ran to his corner the referee following hastily to pull Moxle off from him The referee led Moxle to the middle of the ring De eighty pound champeen geats said the referee waving his hand at Moxle Everybody howled and cheered but Moxle heard loudest of all to him a glad little Hurrah from the place where the Girl had sat Moxle pushed his way In that direction through tho boys that swarmed around him pulling off his gloves as he went She was standing there yet holding out a 3t white hand First edition boys exited the delivery clerk but Moxle went by himself to the seclusion of a packing box that he might realize fully how happy he was Music of Various Nations In tbe phonograph archives of the Vienna Academy of Science a collection of music and speech ot many races and tribes in distant lands is gradually being formed The most recent additions have been brought from Natal and Include selections of speech song and music from Zulus Nadl Swazl Matabele Baca and other races The Parachute The inventor of the parachute is unknown In 1TS an Englishman I named Blancbard constructed a para chute In which he descended eight years later but with such rapidity that he came near being killed The first person who successfully descended rrr oalloon In a parachute was Asdro Jaques Garnerin In 1797 Lowell DepL SiQJcvji Watch it Grow LOWELL DRUG CO Inc Leading Druggist All New and Fresh Drugs THE INDEPENDENT MARKET Solicits Your Patronage CHOCEST VEAL CALL L 46 MUTTON PORK AND TOP AT RIGHT PRICES PHOENIX BEEF Our Solicitors Will Take Care of Your Needs KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS Rathbone Lodge No 10 Knights of Pythias meet the nrst second and fourth Tuesdays ot each month In Pythian Vlaitlng dlany Invited LOUIS HORVITZ C C J C KRIGBAUM K of R S Woodmen of the World meet at Py thian Castle the second and fourth Monday ot each month Visiting Drouera inviteo to attend L C COOK C C C N THOMAS Clerk m P O ELKS Bisbee Lodge No m meets first and third Tuesdays ot each month at Odd Fellows Hall Visiting brothers cordially invited M A PETERSON Exalted Ruler Joseph 8 McXeehan Secretary W Bisbee Lodge No 18 L O 7- meets every Wednee s day evening In Odd Fellowa HalL Main street Visiting brothers are cordially invited to attend JOSEPH F LIPPBRT N O F J ATTAWaY Secretary BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICAN YEOMEN Richard L Homestead 391 meets second and fourth Wednesday at Pythias Castle Visiting Archers are cordlallv invited W W OIDLET Foreman EDWARD E KEAST Correspondent r a bos cti Palace Grocery Co PHONE 300 AGENTS FOR OPPOSITE DEPOT C C C FLOUR MOSES BROS HIGHEST PATENT M J B COFFEES and TEAS MERRITFS BEST BUTTER CARNATION WHEAT FLAKES Also Agents for M0ER LEINS NATIONAL EXPORT and BARBAR0SSA BEER PURE WHOLESOME STRENGTH BUILDING BARBAROSSA THE FINEST BEER IN THE WORLD It represents the best materials money can buy and the highest skill employed In the brewers art It la fully aged unvaryingly ripe and mellow pure and sparkling and sterilized In the bottle Its first contact with the air Is In your glass when you drink It If you even suspect that coffee and tea are hurting you try BARBAROSSA and use It Just as you would food and water Its the purest family beveridge you can obtain Its the peer of the many special brands of American Beer LilsHsTTBTTlIIaBa WHOLESALE DISTSIBUT0RS FROELICH BRAND EGGS ABSOLUTELY DEPENDABLE SH9a1 InliBSS The Time The Girl The Place The time whenever shes willing The girl your best The place E A Tovreas Meat Market where you can always get just what HE likes To keep him loving you and in eternal good humor feed the brute OUR IMMENSE PATRONAGE IS OUR BEST RECOMMENDATION E A TOVREA CO tn5 owwwww3 iAbE byjheCUBAN CIGAR C2denvercolo Talking of Driving For pleasure the place to get a rig which will suit yon In every respect is the Palace Livery Stable There are to be ound stylish up-to-date Turnouts Spick and Span Horses which can make good time Most anything you want In road wagons etc to hire by the hour day or week Palace Livery Stable BOWEN HUBBARD Phone SBdoo 2S BISBEE ARIZONA Kinsy McLaughlin Transfer Company Office Allen Block We Move the Earth Always Some one at the Phone Call Us Up Phone 413 Address Box 1189 Piano Moving a Specialty Famous Indian Hot Springs A noted resort for health and pleasure Rates 200 to 3300 per day Twenty minutes ride from Hot Springs Station Graham county Arfsona Tneaa wonderful waters are recommended to cure rheumatism gout dropsy liver kidney and stomsch troubles blood diseases and womens ailments Beautiful lawns and shade trees Large plunge and swimming pool also fish lake and boat- iwt fonnl and croonet and swings Try our wonderful mud and mineral baths It yon are alck get wen U well get pleasure Address physician U now located at tha Dr W E LtntDer prominent SngTandrni oaks ipedalty of dlseasee ot an Bnda i i M V i 1 l

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