The Record-Union from Sacramento, California on December 30, 1880 · Page 4
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The Record-Union from Sacramento, California · Page 4

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1880
Page 4
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THE DAILY RECORD-UNION. THt'KSJJAT.V......:. DECEMBER 33. 1880 PACIFIC COAST ITEMS. -...Apprehensions of a flood are entertained in Dayton. 7 ' ■Sii 'Anew school building, to , cost §15,000, is talked of in Bentonsi&ontyyfpiyyy " ' Colonel H. G. Shaw has succeeded ' ; Fred Hart as editor of the Territorial Enterprise at Virginia,' Nev. /-. \ p.-y y Benjamin Goodkind has assumed control of the : Bear: River: News, published at Wheatland, Yuba connty. _v" There are ten patients in the Washoe ' (Nev. ) '-.. County > Hospital— nine men " and ". one woman. Three of the patients are seriously ill. v . The Stockton Health Officer reports another case of small-pox, not in the city, but in 1 the country, on the Copperopolis road. The city is said to be free from the dreadful disease. . a .Major Cooper, aged 84, a pioneer of this coast, is now in i Oakland on - a visit. He • presided : over the i first ' political " meeting held it) Verba Buena in 1847." : He came to California in 1846. ; ; ■ A dressed hog :on exhibition at Grass Valley is ;an attraction on account of its size. On foot it weighed 653 pounds, and dressed was estimated at 550 pounds. It Mas of the Chester white breed, and was 18 months old. " The recent storm caused rise in the : Santa Maria river to such, an extent that ' the river has washed twenty acres of land away in '■ the immediate vicinity . of the ' town of Guadalupe, and the people are beoming alarmed. - . Misa Kate Quigg, who has been a servant in -. Colonel -Fairrß ; family - for seventeen . years," has been married to J. J. Nichols of _ Virginia, ; Nev. P : The children of Colonel I Fair, presented her with $5,000 in Government bonds on the occasion. -'■ 'V^V'i ; Last Saturday ten Chinamen who had been discharged from the Spenceville copper mine because | they ] struck for higher wages than they were : receiving, set upon and unmercifully beat a Mongolian fore man who had obtained other Chinamen to work in their places. Eight of them were arrested. There are on exhibition at Stockton a brace of dragoon pistols said to be about , 250 years old. They are the property of a '■■ gentleman whose ancestors used them in i the wars of Charles I. and Cromwell. j There is also on exhibition a sword of the exact pattern of the weapons used by the old Romans. ';: . 'A portion of the roof of the old mission building at San Luis Obispo, after resist[ ing the storms of , 107 years, succumbed to . the late violent storm. About twenty feet "of ; the porch . roof caved in, and it was '■ thought that more would follow, but eager hands soon erected stanchions under it and saved the balance. Speaking of "strong" men, the Canyon City (Col. Record tells of John Warner, a Cleora tie-cutter, who was driving a yoke of oxen, and in going down a hill the yoke ; broke and threw the whole weight of . the load upon one animal. He sprang to the j broken yoke and i,eld bask half the weight until the wagon reached the foot of the hill. - - yyyP: AUSTRALASIA. .. By the arrival of the steamer Zealandia at San Francisco we have dates from Sydney to November 27th": 2 Rust prevails in South Australia. The incoming harvest, it is feared, will afford but a poor average yield. French experts and others have no doubt of the existance of phylloxera in its worst form in the Ueelong vineyards. 3 Sir Redmond Barry, one of the Supreme Court Judges in Victoria, died suddenly. .The ■_' National Agricultural Society's show at Melbourne was largely attended, "20,000 persons being present. The Governor, Sir /William Jervois, Sir Arthur Kennedy and the Duke of Manchester were present. | The cattle were very good | and high class, but not quite so numerous -as last year. ■ The r Intercolonial i Conference on the Chinese immigration and other questions is ; now sitting .in Melbourne. New South Wales is represented by Sir Henry Parkes and the Hon. James Watson, ' Between the Ilth ultimo and the 22d instant 17 vessels left Sydney with wool for : London, taking 45,997 bales, or a 1,023 bales to date, against 30,439 to a corresponding period last year. . As a significant indication of the growth of the trade of Sydney, shipping of the tonnage of about 15,500 arrived on Satur! day and Sunday, November 21st and 2'2d, including vessels from England, San Francisco, New . Caledonia, New Zealand and the intercolonial ports of Australia ; and it is also worthy of remark that the greater part of the vessels were full-powered steamships. '■'.'■7py : * Further massacres are reported from the South Seas. The Captain and crew of the Annie Brooks, from 'Cook town, were murdered at Newstone Island by Brook Islanders ; early .in September, and a party of French naturalists, all residents of Cooktown, were ;.- murdered at James Bay, Moresby Island, early in October. There is great indignation at Cook town at these repeated outrages. Hawaiian _ Islands.— By the , steamer Zealandia, which arrived at San Francisco yesterday, . the _ following Honolulu items are received :'.'• The ■: California : Theater Company still continue to play to large audiences at the Royal Hawaiian Theater. The great volcanic eruption in Hawaii still continues to now. - A portion of the \ South ' Sea Islanders employed at the Pioneer Mills still refuse to work." The King has been making a tour of the islands. He was well received. ; Honolulu is excited over the subject of small-pox. COMMERCIAL. Produce market of San Francisco. '..,. Sas as Cisco, December 20th— P. a. Flour— A shipment of 1,000 bbls goes forward to I Engitnd to-day on the 'J bonus M. Reed. - - We quote : Best City Extra, *5 25 ; Bakers' Extra, ts@& 12}; I Superfine, «3 75*31 li; interior Extr-, $4 75.35; interior Superfine, »3 7594 l'Jl ; Oregon Extra, tl Mi<*4 75 ; chi ix do, $5 ; Oregon Superfine, *3 75 . @* I2i : W«J1» WM]» Rxtra. 14 75@5 V bbl ". Wiikat— is little probability of any extended movement for a week at least. Operators displayed no interest on . 'Change to-day. ' The top j price for milling »as il 50 V ctl. at which figure ' about 2,000 ctls changed hands, while some 1,900 do good do went at 11 45 V ct'. ' a lot of 3,000 ctls : choice shipping sold at $1 48} 31 ctl. There were I other sales on shipping account of 4,000 ctls, in two I equal amounts, at *1 iiyi 45 V ctl. A sale of SOO I sks off grade was made at $1 32} 9 ctl. A small parcel of coastftsay 145 ctls, was reported at ft 30, I while a miller took in the aggregate about 1,600 ctls I for superfine at II 12} 9 ctl. A prominent operator reported the transfer of 5,000 ct's good shipping, I but withheld the terms. I We quote No. 1, $1 45<_» 1 47}. with milling at $1 50 ; No. 2, SI 40@1 42} ¥ ctl. ■•'-:. --■':. Baulky — The was a slight improvement in the in- I quirv to-day, but no appreciation in values. t Only -. one sale of feed was reported, consisting of 400 sks , coast at 91 Jc V ctl. Brewing, was moderately dealt I in, the transfers including 500 sks at $1 25 ; 1,500 do «t SI 17}, and 2,500 do light at $1 10 9 ctl. I Brew 'eg is quotable at $1 I__;(.U 20; feed, 90@ VJJc; : Chevalier, SI 15(91 25 for choice standard bay, and ill* 110 for coast. ■ ... " '.". Oats — Were not in demand to-day. There was a far sprinkling of offerings, but aales were limited Ito one transaction of 27 i sks feed at SI SO V ctl. I Humboldt, $1 20@l 30 ; coast. SI 15@1 30 ; Oregon '■ and Washington Territory, *1 25<gl 35; Surprise, I $1 45i£l £0 V ctl. V.-..-' ..-, ' ■■:- Corn Beyond a sale of 471 sks choice new large I Yellow at 95c ¥ ctl, we hear of no business. _ Nominally quotable at 95c@Sl 02} ¥ ctl : for Urge and small Yellow. afft»^»Hj^^^^ : Rtb-*1 5001 60?' etl. : ,- ' 1 : BI'CKWIIEAT-31 40irfl 45 V ctl. Hay— to $15 50 9 ton. r^K- Hops— ls@2lc V ctl. ; -. - ■ 1 .-"• Potatoes— The market has a downward tendency to-day. 7 Wharf rates areas follows: River Red, 40igS i. Ms; Early Rose, 50@55c ; Toraales,' 55@7Sc ; Petaluma, 55t»75c ; Humboldt, 90e<rf$l for Red, 75c for Kidney and 75@35c for ' Peachblow ; .Jersey Blues, SOfttOoc » ctl. • « y .... ;,■-. Onions— Sales of Yellow in a jobbing way, were made this morning at $2 00 V ctl. - -y. Brass— We note large arrivals of Lima. It is said that Eastern orders for this description have been satisfied. Bayos, *1 20.81 25 ; Butter, $1 50igl 60 for small, and *1 Psit_l 75 for large ; Castor, S3@3 50 ; : Lima, 82 sc\rf2 75; _PM_.II 78 ; Pl*, $1 05 : Red, ■*1 te@l 25; small White, $1 60@l 80 ; large White, »1 15<ai 55* ctl. -';■-■■-■■' -■""' •. : : yyy 7 -r V-WlCTAßlvs— Marrowfat : Squash, 83@7 9 ton ; Artichokes, 35c 9 dozen ; Par.-nips. *1 9 ctl ; Beets, 41- Carrots, 30cS35c ; Turnips, 00t«75c * ctl ; Cauliflower * 75c « ieara ; Cabbage, 75c ¥ ctl ; Cucumbora, 50375 c V box : Garlic, 3c? a> ; 3prouts, 2}c 9 , 0. ; - dry Okra, 10(ai2}c 9 th; dry Peppers, ; lo@l2}c '%ilb ; Touiitoes. 75c V box ; Mushn-oms, 10c 9 11 . '--.■■t'ant— There 13 but little demand. 'Apples and Pears are far in I xcesic of tbe market requirements. I Heavy supp ies from Oregon haTe net improved the situation '.'.rt-'r ■ quantities i which . have become rotten while wiitiug for custom have to be dumped daily. Buyers have everything pretty much their own way at present. Apples, 20@40c V box for or dinarv and 75«a$l 1 25 lor choice qualities ; ' Pears, 7bU?*2 50 V box ; Lemons, *9@lo 9 1 box for Malaga, and $1(34 50$ box for California ; I Limes. $11(6? 12 $ M or Mexican , and 53 50 8 7 9 box for California; Tamarinds, 12@15c3> lb ; Bananas. *2<*4 V bunch; .Wisconsin Cranberries, $14@10 |$ I bbl; Mexican Oranges, J25@30 $ M ; -■- Loreto do, ; $20@25 $1 M ; California do, $4@ss box; Sugar Cane, $2@2 25 $ bunch. 7. Dries Froit— Nothing doing. Sun-dried Apples, 7c for sliced, and si<BCc for quartered ; Alden do, 12} c ; Apricots 18@20c ; Blackberries, 12}<a 15c ; Figs, B@9c for pressed and 4gCc for impressed ; Nectarines, 14@15c ; - Peaches, | lS@2oc | for peeled, and 10@13c for unpeeled ; : Pears, SrerlOc for whole, and 9@loc for sliced ; Plums, 14©15 c for pitted, and a(S(3c ¥ lb lor , unpitted ;.- German Prunes, ll@l3c $ lb. California Raisins, in lots of 250 boxes and upward, are quoted as follows : I $2@2 25 for whole boxes, ! $2 25(<*2 50 for halves, 32 50@2 75 for quarters and | $2 75<£3 for eighths, with the usual discount to the ! trade. •_.;■ *; '.:- : . •'-"..--« --■: :-yy.y ■■■■- Honey— is nothing to report. Sales are few, and only in light quantity. - Our quotations fa ; rly > represent the market. Comb, 12(a15c; strained, (ii«c7c for dark, and 7@7Jc $ lb for white. : Butter— The situation is unchanged. . Fresh descriptions are not plenty, and prices are quite firm. Fancy, 40c $ tti ; choice roll, 35i5371c $ lb ; fair to good, 25<g32Jc$ lb; inferior to orninary, 20@24c, inside rate for mixed lots from country stores. Firkin is quotable at 30@32Jc for »ld and 35c * lb for new. Pickled, 32iig35c. Eastern ranges from to 27$ c » lb, according to quality.- CiiEKSs— California, 134t15c ; do, in drums, 15@ 16c 39 lb: Eastern, 16@19c: Western, 14(31 5c # lb. m | Eoos— The market exhibits a steady tone, and some dealers are asking and occasionally obtaining a shade advance on our figures. • California, 32J@ 35c ; Eastern, 27j@30c; Lime, 25@27Jc * dozen. . ; ■• PotLTRV— The market continues to improve. Turkeys. 15@17c $lb for live, and 17idl9c V lb for dressed ; Roosters, $4 50@5 for old and $6@7 for young; Hens, Witl 50; Broilers, $4@5, according no' size ; Ducks, $6(g7 # doz ; Geese, |2@2 50 * pair. '-■ '. - -■ ' Game -Quail did , better to-day, and Ducks as a rule went off more freely ■-, at top figures. Quail, $1 25@1 50 ; Mallard Ducks, $3 50@4 ; Canvas-back Ducks, S3 50@4 ; Sprigs, $2.32 50 ; Teal, $1 50(91 75 ; Widgeon, 31 25(81 50 ; Brant, 31 50@2 ; Geese, $1 for white and 82 25(32 75 for gray ; Honkers. 3* 50@5 ; . Snipe, 30050 c for common, and $2@2 50 ¥ doz for English ; Hare, i-ytti 50; Babbits, ?I@l 25; Doves, 50c %f dozen. Provisions— Kastern Hams, 13^14^c; California, lO* @ lie; Eastern ' Breakfast Bacon, 12 13c; California - Smoked - Bacon, 10@10Jc . for heavy and -■'. medium, and lli<3l2}c for light and extra light; Clear Sides, 12@12Jc ; Pork, 812(8 12 50 for Extra Prime, $15@15 50 for Prime Mess, $20 for Mess, $21 for Clear and $22 for Extra Clear ; Pigs' Feet, $14(315 $ bbl ; . Mess Beef, 310 for bbls and 30(86 50 for half bbls ; Extra Mess Beef, $10 50(811 ; Family Beef, 313013 50 $ bbl ; California Smoked Beef, lOfSIOJc $ lb ; Beef Tongues, 88 $ dozen; Eas'era Lard, 13J(814Jc $ lb for al st} les and sizes of packages; California do, 10- It cs, 10Jc; 5-lb cs, lie ; pails, lli@l2c; Royal do, 12jc S B>. Wool — Eastern advices continue of an encouraging character, though no marked activity is expected this side of the new year. The local situation is unchanged. The stock on hand is light, and no doubt is entertained of dealers being able to clean up in good season. Southern fall, 12@14c $ lb for fair to good, and 9@llc for ordinary to inferior ; San Joaquin, ll@l3c for fair to good ; 13@15c for heavy mountain, and 16(_7tlSc for light do ; Northern, 14(8l(Jc for poor defective Sacramento, lS@2oc for good Red bluff and Chico, and 25(8260 9 lb for Humboldt and Mendocino. Nevada may be quoted at a range of 25@27c $ lb. Eastern Oregon in first hands mainly consists of indifferent Spring, selling at 20@23c V lb. Fine light fleece Valleys come at about 29@30c, while common grades are nominally '__:; it-Hiti' V lb. Oregon Limbs are quotable at 2 1(3 2 fie $ lb for choice Eastern and 2S@32c $lb for valley. Eastern and Foreign Markets. • New York, December 29th. Bkeapstives— Flour is dull and Wheat is unsettled, latter at 81 10@1 15. Wool— Quiet. Liverpool, December 29th. Wheat Good to choice California, 9s Sd to 10s. Markets dull and easier. Sacramento Market Fecit— Out Sacramento quotations are frou. the price-lists of W. R Strong & Co., and are revised up to 6 P. M. yesterday. They represent trade prices, and have in view selected fruits suitable for shipment : Apples, Spitzenberg, $1 25 ; red, $1^125; cooking, / 90«881 ; papered 'or long shipment, 81 25 : pesrs, ordinary varieties, $1 50@1 75; oranges, Tahiti, 84 60 ; Loreta, s.i i % 100; do . Mexican, $3(34 ; lemons, Sicily. $11(3 12 9 box; California, $4; bananas, 85@5 50 9 bunch ; sugar cane, $2 r>o(33 9 bunch ; pineapples, _s(.r_i 9 dozen ; limes, 31 50(81 75 9 100 ; cranberries, very scarce, $16@17 $ bbl. Choice apples for long keeping are now coming forward and in complete variety. In fruit the variety is small, confined mainly to apples and tropical fruits. Dried Fruit California -raisins, whole, $2(3 2 50 ; half, 82 50 32 75 ; quarters, 32 75(83 ; eighths ■-'■'. ''■'■ 56. . Pears, 10@12c; plums, 15@16c; peaches, 11 (3 10 c; apples, sliced, 7(88c; do quartered, 607 c; prunes, 12£«H6r-: ; blackberries, J 8019 c; figs, choice, S<B9c ; fair do, 6@7c ; apricots, 20@22c. . Nuts— English Walnuts, 9<Bloc ; new California do, extra choice, ll@l2c ; Almonds, 15017 c; Peanuts, 6(87c for California and 809:: for Eastern ; Hickory Nuts, 8@10c ; Pecan, 16c ; : Filberts, 16c ; Brazils, : 14c $ lb ; Eastern Chestnuts, SOc * lb ; Cocoanuts, $9010 9 100.— Comb, San Diego, 13.817 ; comb, in 2-lb cans, $3 5004 ; extra extracted, B@loc 9 lb ; com --._«„ __.vt.r_.^l<^l «_as_. » ih. Seeh— Alfalfa, ll(813c ; Timothy (Eastern), 100 12c; Red Clover, 14016 a Feed — quotations are from the price-lists of E. A. Burr, of this city, and are correcttd to date : Oat hay, $10018 ¥ ton, baled ; alfalfa, $11012 9 ton, baled ; bran, $18 ¥ ton ; barley, $20 9 ton; ground barley, 3l 15 9 cwt.; wheat. $1 40(31 4" ; oats, 32 $ cwt.; white wild oats $2 25 9 cwt.; at falfa seed, 12* c 9 Hr. ' SAN FRANCISCO STOCK SALES. San Francisco, December 29. 18S3. MORXISO SESSION. Mexican ....Ii 75 Utah -..^..10J 390 G. *C 4 15@4 20 240 Bullion 1 35@1 30 10 Best* Belch 9j 70 F.ichequer..l 30®1 25 400 California Ut«l 56 610 Overman 40c 650 Savage 2 4S«r?2 40 340 Union lli(*ll} 70 Con Va 2 15 320 Alta... 1 95@2 1« Chollar 2 50 310 Ben on 75c 19JPoto»i 1 80! 175At1-ntic 5c 835 Hale &N 6l@6| 425 Julia ls<cf2Cc 3.0 C. Point 80c, 200 CaMo___ia.......s@loc 276 Y. Jacket 3@2 95 400 Hill 40c 20 0 Imperial 15c, KO New York 10c 250 Belcher 1 Mftl 45 100 (to Mental 65c 50 Sierra Nev. 9J 900 Welk-Fargo 5c 1500. G.Hi11..... 20c 60Scorpion 140 50 Confidence. 2 50 AFTERNOON SESSION. 350 Prize ..1 40 Champion 50c Tuscarora 3lc, 870 Mono 95(t?80c 250 Star 20c 100 Argenta. .....2fc "50 Albion 25c 100 University 10c 100 Belle .93 670 Jupiter .......lEc 200 N Belle Isle 25<a35cr 315 Noonday. l(i«90c 800 Modoc . . . .'. . 1}C«1 60 i 35 Mammoth 15c 85 B i1ie...... 6j@6j 25 Boston. 75c 330 Kechtel 75c 1 530 Ore. 300 100 Tioga _ 30 : 125 Tiptop 180 200 Summit..." 23cj 2408. King 13J 100 Goodahaw 95c ♦ -♦ ,' BIRTAOD'S Ictaujbls Isjsctios. — The famous French remedy for gonorrhoea, gleet, etc. M. 8 Hammer, Sacramento, agent for Pacific coast. Sent C. O. D. to any address. __HSS3B *~* HaMhsrs Cascara saqrada mttkhs ure al complaints arising from an obstructed state of the system. • r »-• ; — — - . Hammer's Cascara Saorada Bitters touches the right spot in dyspepsia, constipation and liver com plaint. ... •— • Reguiatb tub Liver with Hammer's Cascara Sagrada Bitters, and health Is the result. - ♦ » Hammer's Cascara Saorada Bitters for habitual "onstinatiou. yii-i.:. . . . . Hammkr's Glycbrou or Tar, for coughs and colds Try it y'^ifffflffiffiWilßTW-HIMW I ! 1 . fl_W ii f*fffffiffi' BAmNGr'HOUSES. . NATIONAL GOLD BANK /"VF D. O. MILLS & CO., SACRAMENTO. EDGAR M1LL5........... ...... Pre5ident. W. E. CHAMBERLAIN.;.. Vice President. FRANK M1LLER........ .:.... Cashier UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY. . IXCHAKQs'oa New York, London, Dublin, Berlin, Parts And all the principal cities of Europe. Exchange on San Francisco at SO cents per 11,000 . ■ - 7 -■■ dll-tf- .' . •.-..-. ..■■■.■■., ..:;.-,; PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BANK. OF SACRAMENTO. Capita 1 . ..... ........ ........ .. ... .9500,000. DIRECTORS: Ws. Johwsto!!, : E. J. Cbolt, Wm. R. Knights, Johh L. Hohtooh, E. C. Atkinson, . Samusl Gottlixb. WM. 8ECKMAN.. ........:...;..... ....Pre5ident. WM. F. HUNTOON Secretary and Cashier. MONEY TO LOAN. j ■:', dl-lm4p - This Great Strengthening Kj* Remcily anil NERVE TOXICA? is the le«ium.->re rrrsult of over ao years of^sl. practical cx;_crience. and ceres with unfailing ■ BB certainty Nervous and Physical Dei-ility, Sem- UH mii Weakness, Spennatorrhiea. lmpotency. WKM . Exhausted Vitality, Premature Decline and Ko_ Loss of Manhood, from whatever cause pro- ml duced. It enriches and purifies the Blood, Wo__f_\ Strenj^hens the Nerves, Brain, Muscles, Di- |jH pestion. Reproductive Or;.-in3, and Physical ■» and Mental Faculties. It stops any unnatural W^jr debilitating drain upon the system, preventing EvV ir-roluntarj- losses, debilitating dreams, etc. so Wilr. destructive to mind and body. It re a sure E^is eliminator of ail Kidney and Bladder tiom-wf/. plaints. To those sufferinjf from the evil effects Efl£ of Youthful Indiscretions or Excesses. . speedy. WZf. thorough, and permanent Cure is Cuaranteed \_r___\ Price. 5-1.50 per bottle, or five bottles in case. ■■£ \\ with full stirections and advice, $13. Sent se- WvtM cure from observation to any address upon M^__m receipt of price, or C. O. D. To be had only aT__r__\ X directof T .... '■■-■188 DR. SALFIELD, SIS Kearny St., S. F. Cat. H£l Consultations Strictly Confidential, by letter or KIZ ' it office free ' To insure perfect secrecy. I __SkW '■■ have adopted a private address, under which ffSr '". ill packages are irrr. aided. ngg&92ss&f*r. A--mrxi ii A. J. VERMILYA ; /BOUNTY -' CORONER i AND » UNDERTAKES 1/ tNo 103 J street, between Fourth and Fifth. Always on hand a large assortment of Metallic and Wooden Caskets, Burial Cases and Coffins. - Shrouds furnished and Funeral Wreaths Preserved : Coffin cr 'en will receive prompt attention on short notice and at lowest rates, -r ___ -.' - -' rill 4plm MANHOOD RESTORED. _'. ; 4 ■ .VICTIM OF T EARLY /■■; IMPRUDENCE/ A VICTIM OF EARLY IMPRUDENCE, causing nervons d-bilitv, premature decay, i etc.. ■ having tried | in j vain ] every ; known I remedy, has discovered a simple means of self-cure, which he will send free to h ! sufferers. - 5 Address J. H. 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Avoid counterfeits and spurious imita- tions; insist on getting the article called for. ■yyyyy: y.y. _y .: ■ ■ 2P- 2-r TUOI'IC-FRUIT LAXATIVE IS SOLD BY DRUGGISTS AT SIXTY CENTS PER BOS Prepared only by J. E. HETHERINGTON, -yy, Nkw York and San Francisco • 11. C. KIKK <t CO., WHOLESALE AGENTS .'. . . . '. . : . . .SACRAMENTO. GBOCEBIES, LIQUORS, ETO. SCHIi IT 2S'@ V • — CELEBRATED— MILWAUKEE LAGIR BEER, Also BOCA BEEK, .'. ON draught, AT GRCTILEK'S SALONS, NO. 523 J STBEET. d9-lm . REMOVED. ____________W_M___Mt 3B3ESOS_^ IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS Di fine Brandies, Wines and Kentucky Whiskies, j Agents of the real Chris. Schroeder's Nordhaeusei Whisky, and of the genuine Imported Culmbachei Beer. . From Fourth street to Nos. lIS and 118 _____ street, bet. Front and Second, Sacramento. d25-4plm . CHAB. W. RAPP & CO., pi RGCERS, 189 J ST. BET. FIFTH * SIXTH Sacramento, A new stock of American, French and Engllst Groceries. Also, a large assorment of the fine* Japan Teas --.'-. ■■-.--■ n22-4plro P. H. RUSSELL, JSTREET, BETWEEN SEVENTH AND EIGHTH. CHOICE GBOCEBIES, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, FOR LOWEST yiiPy.': , MARKET PRICES. -„' Orders promptly filled and^ the Goods shipped by rail or steamer free of charge. Address P.O. Box 683,' Sacramento. 020-lm WILCOX, POWERS & CO., Importers and Wholesale Liquor Dealers, NO. 505 X STBEET, SACRAMENTO .iii. ...P.. ...... ........ ..CAL ; : .-■■-• anllMptf . ■■'-'•■; TO THE UNFORTUNATE J dr.bibbonwpes|e^ •23 Kearny street, San Francisco. ;'.;/' '■■ : "^~7~^%. "■■' Established in 1854, fcr. iifP. ' . ' ; SOTk " 1c treatment of Sexual BgfSL V^^^S its forms, Seminal Weak- KMft*? fs^^'^k^ Res8 ' lmpotency, Skin tw?' ' ISt -''®SwS Diseases, etc., perma- Kf_Fw___l4lHH!fer____*___s\Ar_l nently cured or no charge. Seminal WeaJtnf * ' Seminal Emissions, the JS»MlM«ffiJ«2^GKwa consequence of -abuse. Bolitary vice or de- iK^fiOSSS^SS^&rf.'J prayed sexual indulgence, is practiced by the youth of both sexes to an almost unlimited extent, producing with unerring certainty the following train of . morbid symptoms, unless combated by scientific medical measures, viz.: Sallow countenance, dark spots under the eyes, pain in the head, ringing in the ears, noise like the rustling of leaves and rattling of chanots, uneasiness about the loins, weakness of the limbs, confused vision, blunted intellect, lorn of confidence, diffidence in approaching strangers, a dislike to form new ac- quaintances, disposition to shun society, loss rf memory, hectic flushed, pimples and various erup- tions about the face, furred tongue, fetid breath, cougbs, consumption, night sweats, monomania and frequent insanity. -~-".r->ear_-_H_a_MHflßMiife& . : - CCBED AT HOME. - Persons at a distance may be cured at home by ad* dressing a letter to DR. GIBBON, stating case, symp ! Toms, length of time the disease has continued, and have ■ medicines promptl ' forwarded, free from damage and 'curiosity, to any part of the country, with full and plain directions. |By inclosing ten dollars, in registered letter, through the PostoiSofi, or through ells, Fargo & Co. , a package of medicine will be forwarded to any part of the Union. Please Ky ; you I saw this advertisement in the Rscord ] Uston. Address, fDR J. F. GIBBON, iJ; S ~ ia24-4Dtf ■ - :■''■ Box 1.967. San Francisco. A POSITIVE CURE WITHOUT MEDICINES. ALLAN'S SOLI BLE HEOCCATEDBOECIES, c : Patented October 16, 1876. One box."' ' ; '■-■ No. 1 will cure any case in four days cr less. V&s& ;tK No. 2 will cure the most obstinate case, no matter of how long standing; "ii? ..-X- '" .'-*'- No nauseous c'ose3 of cubebs, copaiba, or oil of sandalwood," that are certain to produce dyspepsia by destroying the coati? gs of the stomach y.y. iiii H Price,' 81 60. 1 Sold by all Druggists, or mailed on receipt of price.' I For further particulars," send for circular. J. - C. ALLAN & CO ,No 83 John stre<t I New Y»rk. - P. O. Box 1,533. "• - dll-4p6mTuThS __ „-!-r-:.. -:..:■ ,■ -r-y-y, -:■- ■ . ■■ v ..—.,■;•«..-. r -„. . ■; THE BED HOUSE TBADE UNION. OUR GREAT SALE INAUGURATED! A. PEEFECT SUCCESS ! Goods being slaughtered, and going rapidly ! Not an article in any Department but what is marked down from our regular low prices I ■ What a chance there is now open for the poor and those with limited means. 7 -'■■'. i-r- - .. : :.. ■ ■■ ■- . :•:--■:• Over $140,000 Worth of Goods . : ' - -yi'Piy ''.'. a Thrown upon the market, to be retailed out to the thousands. : The popular and well- known house— a by-word for all— the RED HOUSE TRADE UNION. : Known for thousands of miles away, and one of the most successful and strongest oppositions ever opened on this coast. : THE GOODS MUST BE SOLD AS NEAR AS POSSIBLE BY FEBRUARY 2, ISBI, as there will be a change in the firm on that day. SEE Ol'R IMMENSE SI EDUCTION IX MEN'S AND WOMEN'S BOOTS AND SHOES! SEE OIR GREAT REDUCTION I.V MEN'S AND BOYS' FURNISHING GOODS! SEE THE FIGURES PLACED ON OUR HATS FOR MEN and BOYS! SEE OUR SLAUGHTER IN DRY GOODS ! 8 The FANCY GOODS Reduced Nearly One-half J COMFORTERS, QUILTS and BLAHKETS— A Terrible Overhauling! TRUNKS,TVAI_ISES \M» ; RAGS ; Ol' r ALL KINDS, AT MANUFACTURERS' PRICES ! Saddles of all kinds, Halters, Bridles and Harnesses-all marked way down I CARPETS and OIL CLOTHS, less than wholesale prices. ' 'pi.'i. .-iii -.■-'■■ ' . 2-y'er COUNTRY ORDERS FILLED WITH DISPATCH, AS USUAL. -s» ••' : . ;: ■ , '■ xyy. ... '.- . y yyy ■ jaa. m m _m.aa aam ski C. H. GILMAN, Proprietor of the HOUSE. ___s^ssbS THE ORIGINAL ONE PRICE HOUSE. AGRICULTURAL WARES. BAKER & HAMILTON, -A.ChXSZT'X'S ' FOR '-"- EUREKA AaJHGr PLOWS. Gale Chilled Iron Plows, Moline Steel Plows, Collins' Plows, Cast Iron Plows, Seed Drills, Cahoon and Gem Sowers, Gorham Combined Seeder and Cultivator, Har- rows, Cultivators, Fan Mills, Rain Wagons, Etc. SACRAMENTO...... ....apl-lptf ......SAN FRANCISCO ,';'.'..• BOOKS, STATIONERY, ETC.; '■^rT : &- $&p i -«» STATIONERS'^ ' ' i_,-^tKS___WSSß__\\___\_f__\_fß Jgg**^** " /vti I t lir tn k Tt^ iin _ ____. <»AND-^> _ 1^: — - yiyy-y. 2-2;'2£t^ t i~''s&*.*y.yyl ' /^^s? _ ;, 2' '■■■■'^2^- m&m&m stationery SCHOOL books c books, frrairr £? c - f ■ ~ : — H9 — . . ... . ;• B^A^Of^Me^T HOLIDAY GO€«)SW THE COAST -C.TBEE oie-h ELEGANT PLUSH ALBUMS! AUTOGRAPH AND PHOTOGRAPH. Splendid Gift Books Splendid Gift Books "■ . : l£i_i___§-SBB-H_____EHH-___N _ THE : CHEAPEST ; AND' BEST IN THE CITY. Home!* of A_mertea..........;;.MoT«cco. 1 Sons or the Sower .:..'....... ..M0r0cc0. .'"..': Landscapes or taifrlca....... Morocco. Story or the Fonntaln ....... Morocco.' LltUe People of the » now.... Morocco. I iyitr OTHER BOOKS IN MOROCCO. ■«» m CHOICE BOOKS .IN jl HALF CALF AND CLOTH ! ga -ii'P'i'-" ■'■ P ■ [' ■:. '"'Pi. ';.' '2 :—om-— i ..,."■" .'.'■.- ,y HOLIDAY BOOKS BEING A SPECIAL FEATURE I tr ATe will sell them at low Prices. We InTlte Inspection. "SI lE£.y : S- CBOCKEB ' CO. ?'"'""" ."."' """•"'. " , .__..... ..r -,-.■:■' PIONEER, LIVERY 'STABLE. : NOTICE. ;#g f.p:jsCRtVER::.V-;-;.V.:-..^.^.-P ro prleto; p „.„„,„ 0F THE'^^ HACKS ON CALL AT ANY- HOUR «^- -J.-; holders «,f the Capital Gas Company, tor the day or nteht. • Coupes, Phaet<m»,lß«i Election of Director - for the ensuinsc year, and for R<*.k»wa™ Bmrouchf*. Boffg&, with the <CS" the transaction of such business as may be brorj ht MtaSS^ toto fcMSyUrezy «***?£& before the meeting will held at the offl« > of the c^to^l«.?Hoi«9keptlaU TO at reaaoaabk. Company in the rdty of Sacramento, on MONDAY, ™ < RtaKee on Foorth street,' between I and g the 17th day of January, 18SI. < \ .PC.] .<*^r^» 5 ■ ■ ■ " 7 86-lpU : ; •: '.. :-< dIS-td •: --- ■."■" C. H. CITMUIiGS, Secretary.,; •-■:-■■ "* ivlt 2.: .■:•:-' -'.'..■■..: ■ ' i :• .- -i:yyyyy-r'y^n:':xxyr.yy„ MSSSSi^i'' MARKETS. ii: ■_■ iPQM CHRIS.* WEISEL & OO^'^^S I Hos. 918 > and . 820 __ street,; Near Eichth. BUTCHERS AND PORK PACKERS. f | Choice Hams. Bacon, Lard,' MessnejCr^, 1 Pork, Clear Pork, Pigs' Feet, Spare Ribs, JKdk at lowest market I price. Highest j price < paid for train-fed Hoes. ■-'■-.rt. -yyyy. -y:.-;-. dlB-4ptf a PHENIX *§^S MARKET, ;: No. 76 X Street, between Third and Fourth. THE CHOICEST \ MEATS ' OF ALL KINDS, . Wholesale and Retail,' pi. \ : '.-■ . tT FOR i THE l HOLIDAYS. "Si '■'--, d9-4plm ■ .. L. H. TODHUNTEB, Proprietor. Cl T Y^gg^ MARKET, NO. 118 Il^E^S J 8TB ' X>. BXiKZOG, Wholesale and Retail Dealer In all kinds Jssjjs^jsMiwjUiiiiur-ttf of Meats. jat3B»<BjFia>*Wa>n : Beef and Mutton by the side or quarter, at lowest ' rates. Meat shipped to all parts of the country. v, / : :■■■■.. d9-4plm 7 ■■■-.■■. . ■-■■ -. r.; NEW YORK MARKET, ■ • Northeast Corner of X and Tenth Streets 7 A LARGE SUPPLY OF THE^erS_tfsa_T_a choicest kinds of Fresh and Salt ©ffifTjKJ Meats always on hand, delivered free to any part of the city. B _____!. d7-4plm- -'-. M. F. ODELL. CENTER '^jPijjjl MARKET, No. 1034 Third street, Sacramento. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Fre.h and Salt Meats, Genuine Pork Sau- sages, Pure' Lard, etc. If you want a Tender Steak or Chop, go to the Center Market. dl6-4plm SMITH & WILSON, Proprietors. SACRAMENTO V MARKET, No. 308 X street, bet. Third and Fourth. WE CARRY THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT of all kinds of Produce : BUTTER, EGGS, CHEESE, GAME, etc.. of any market in this city.' OUR POULTRY ; YARD is stocked with the Choicest in the State. J*R3s3?3»' s 's*'fi ra *!r9'* B * a 73^J - THE FISH STALL always supplied with all kin-Is of Fresh and Salt Waier Fish, Crabs, Lobsters, Shrimps, Clams and Oysters. -, tr Depot for Fresh Baltimore Oysters. • -GST All orders promptly filled. "St n2O-4plm , <.OVM_T, COULTER A CO. SEAL ESTATE & INSURANCE. W. P. COLEMAN, ■ffJEAL -r TATE SALESROOM, 89 J STRKEI Real Estate nought A Sold on Commission. Agent for the * LIVERPOOL AND LONDON AND GLOBE, FIREMAN'S FUND OF SAN FRANCISCO FIRE COMPANIES. -Also tho N. Y. LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. dl-4pln. UNION TNSURANCE COMPANY, SAN FRANCISCO Fire and Marine. CAPITAL, fully paid....................8750,00« • Losses promptly adjusted and paid in gold coin. CADWALADER & PARSONS, General Agents Sacramento Div'n, No. 61 J street •-,.■-. ■'■ ' n!3-4ptf " ■ CARRIAGES, HARNESS, ETC. CAEEIAGES Nevada's Grand Gold Medals Tor 1876, 18*7, 1878 and 1879. / -ll P^^^^r___l^___-irTro'l SEVEN GOLD AND SEVEN SILVER MEDALS. - 100 First Class Premiums for the best work (rom the Mechanics' Fair, Sin Francisco, and the different State Fairs held in this State and Nevada. _ tr One of my Buggies is worth Six Cheap Eastern Buggies. HARRY BERNARD, MANUFACTURER, COS. SIXTH AND L STREETS, yy7y. - S4CRAMENTO. ;'-.'?■:.'•:' - .0" I have on hand and for sale at the lowest possible prices, the new style of POSY PHAETONS, the handsomest in the State. Family Carriages, latest patterns. - Neatest Open Burgies in the State. Light Top Buircies. Heavy Top Buggies for moun- tain U3c. Farm rs' Carriages. Trotting Wagons and Sulkies, all of my own make. Carriage Paint- ing and Trimm ng done at the lowest price. , None but the most experienced workmen employed. Repairing neatly done, and all work is warranted. Call at the Factory and see for yourself. d2O-4ptf A. A. VAX VOORIIIEB. . ' R. STONB ||f^R. STONE &CO.,^ Manufacturers. Importers and Wholesale Dealers Is SADDLES, HAMS, SADDLERY : HARDWARE, LEATHER, SHOE FINDINGS, CARRIAGE TRIMMINGS, Carriage Robes, Horse Clothing, Collars, Whips, Saddlers' and Shoemakers' Tools, etc. "-..': NO. im J STREET, , BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH, SACRAMENTO. d4-4plm y PIKE & YOUNQ, CARRIAGE MANUFACTUR- __»— « ers, corner of Fourth and x'P^^pjJTi . , L streets, Sacramento, have on t=WjljjSS4___;--. land the largest assortment of S__res____B ix* ~^-;- Da-Triages, Wagons Buggies to bo found ln Sacra mnnto which they will sell at very low rates. . nl3-4p . " MISCELLANEOUS. - ~ THg BERKELEY BYOASIPM. A Preparatory School to the I'nlvcrsllj-. A THOROUGHLY ORGANIZED ACADEMICAL t\ - institution. Has the patronage of the best lamilies. . « ■ ' Affords a classical, literary', scientific or English education. -: : r • ,-^iSS?s«rv^' - Prepares for admission to all American colleges. ■ii NEXT TtRM WILL BEGIN JANUARY 3, 1881. , For catalogue or particulars address JOHN F. BURRIS, Superintendent, or REV. G. A. EASTON, Chaplain, Berkeley, Cal. ; d2l-2fffaw2w MARCUS O. ; HAWLEY & CO.. ___w3S__-_W_t V^r, £&&:,--. Hardware and AkTlenltnral Implement!, SAN FRANCISCO i And Not. 13, 45 and 47 J street. . .. . .. -.Sacramen diMplm " ■ $ A Thousand a; Year $ '■: "22 Can be made easy and pleasantly " At Home," RAISING POULTRY I . "." IST Send for descriptive circular of the "PERFECT HATCHERS" _ The Standard Incubator of America. : . ■■- WM. McKIBBIN, Agent, southeast corner Seven- teenth and E streets, Sacramento. Cal. d22-4plm* LTurkeya!; Turkeys ! Turkeys! > \~~jri b} TO P. R.. X ST E i, : a^ . /' 612 J Street, between Sixth WlS^ -:••:'• and Seventh, ; .™*..T-, If you want an excellent CHRISTMAS TURKEY. ■v.-.'-,. . Come and See! d24-8t DR. SPINNEY & CO., ; OF NO. II KEARNY STRUT, SAN FRANCISCO, Treat all Chronic and Special Diseases. ■"■ toiw« ■ HEX -"-' :-'..,■•: TTTHO MAY BE SUFFERINO - FROM , THE TT effects of youthful follies or Indiscrei ion, will n*o well to avail themselves of this, the greatest boon ever laid at the altar of suffering humanity. DX. SPINNEY will guarantee to forfeit : $500 for every case of Seminal Weakness or Private Disease of any kind or character which he undertakes and (ails to cure ■.-Ji»f««i«:*issa_---mtBSB>(MS|MJM* • T -. MIDDLE-ACED MEN. There are many at the age of thirty to sixty who are troubled with too frequent evacuation of the bladder, often accompanied by a slight smarting or burning sensation, and a weakening of the system in a manner the patient cannot account for. | On exam- ining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be found, and sometimes small particles of albumer: will appear, or the color will be cf a thin milkish hue, again cbanging to a dark and torpid appearance. There are many men who die of this difficulty, igno- rant of the cause, which is tne second stage of sem- inal weakness. Dr. S. will guarantee a perfect cure In all such cases, and a healthy restoration of the genito-urinary organs. v*;, 1 "- *>3«-*!WM*S!j|)«^i-,"i(*m - W Office hours— lo to 4 and Cto 8 A Sunday from 10 to 11 A. K. Consultation free. Thorc ugh exam- ination and advice, 15. *. Cull or address sc ■- ',', • ~?';;1 • : ' y DR. unssEK a c0..".:.yy '■■■'. No. 11 Kearny street, San Francisco. .5 p. S.— For private diseases of short standing, a full mm of medicines, sufficient for a cure, with all instructions will be sent to any address for 810. igEßggSßgg^gJl d7-*p6UwMTWThra ! 2:24msgmiiemm®'3!mm&P ' - HOTELS AND BESTAUfiAFTS. HOTEL LANGHAM, CORNER FOURTH AND L STREETS, SACRA- mento- Strictly first-class, on the European plan. Free coach from Railroad Depot. V Fine sam- ple rooms. X TERRY & CO.; Managers. y. s.7™.'-'; "--'. .'..'-. dl-4olm -.:■•;;'.■ .'•'■'■'■'■■• ■'■ ■■ '-■' ■■' "-■"- , '"" ■-• ' , ' ■■'■■ ' - ARCADE; HOTEL SECOND STREET, BETWEEN J AND X, SAC ■ ramento. - 'iy r. n24-tf -■: - THOS. GUTNEAN. Propriecor. . TONEY'S _?§, /Ti OYSTER & CHOP HOUSE, jf^a Nos. 74 and 76 J Strret, fivgKjjg ySlfSri: Between Third and Fourth. Ha». Newly refitted. Private Rooms tor Families. Eastern and California OYSTERS in every style. ■■: d3-4plm -: -'-' ■'■< * ■} ■ *.-i:,;*--i*:. Rt OPENING-CENTRAL HOUSE, X slreel, between Eighth and Xinlb, '.'■,. ROBERT SHARP, Proprietor. THIS HOUSE HAS BEEN NEWLY REFITTED in first-class styles Terms moderate. Board and Lodging, £5 to $10 per week. ' Single Meals, 25 cents. | Board, $4 per week. Single Rooms, 50 cents and upwards. < Fine Wines and liquors at the Bar. Street cars pass the door every five mlnutes.dl6-4plm STATE HOUSE, Corner Tenth and X Streets, Sacramento. : ELDRED, PROPRIETOR— Board and lodg. '»'•- ing at the most reasonable rates. Bar and billiard rooms attached. Street cars pass the door every five minntes. tr Free omnibus to and from the Honse.nlfl-4pln. . RAILROAD HOUSE, WORKINGMEN'S HOME— BOARD ■ AND Lodging, at low rates. Club Room, Pool and Amusement Games. No. 81 Front street, bet X and L. [01-4pln] J. R. JOHNSTON, Proprietor. MECHANICS' EXCHANGE. DEUTSCHES GASTHAUS, NOS. 18, 20 AND »: " I street, between Front and Second, Sacra mento. ' Meals, 35 cents; Beds, 25 cents. jy22-tf : JACOB SCHMID, Proprietor. - RAILBOADS, STEAMEBS, STL. Central Pacific Railroad. Comuienclnc Wednesday, Decemb'r 15 1880 ■ AID L'STIL PORTIIBR KOTICa . TRAiN AKD COATS WIU. LEAVE SAGRAMEJHI .I" AS FOLLOWS t I,RA :. A.M.— <Sua lays excepted)— Accommoca ttOV dation Train M Marysville, Red -bluff ani 7 yi ri- Redding. . J. All A. M.— (Daily)— Overland, Emigrant, ■ iw" Freight and Accommodation Train. ■', - 7«*>ft A. M.— (Daily)— Pacific Express, via P-W!» I .A Y „. d Benicia, for San Frandsco.— Connect! • «. (Sundays excepted) at Davis with Asm m- * it- dation Train to Woodlanc, Williams arc Willows. . Connects daily at Suisun foi Vallejo, and via Napa Junction for Calis - toga (stages for the Geysers). *A, AA. _..— as soon thereafter as p:ac- i WiW ticablo, Sundays excepted)— Steamer foi San Francisco, touching at all way port» .' on the Sacramento river. n.Q" A. M. -(Daily)— Locil Passenger Trail .Ot> for Stockton, Tracy, Livermore, Nllis, Oakland and San Frauc'sco. Connects at Gait for lone, and at Niles for Sen Jose. |»).|A I. (Sundays excepted)— Local Pas a. At a. V senger Train for Davis, Benicia and tar Francisco. Connects at Suisun for Vallejc and (via Napa Junction) for Calistoga. j,),rt|ll'. M.— (Sundays excepted)— Passeugei lA.Olr Train for Davis and Woodland. Con- nects at Woodland for Williams ane VT-' v- .. Willows. 2, 1 A P. Sl.— (Dally) —Atlantic Express for Col A, IV fax, Reno (Carson and Virginia), Battle Mountain (Austin), Palisade (Eureka), Ogden, Omaha and East. 9. 9 A •*« M.— (Daily)— Express foi AtAV Marysville, Chico, Red Blufl and Roddin» (stages for Portland, Oregon). 2,0 A P. cSunda\s excepted) — Ao- •OV commodation Train to Lathrop. Connects with tho Arizona Express for Merced, Madera (Yosemite and Big Trees), Visaha, Sumner, Mojave, Newhall (San Buena- ■ ventura and Santa Barbara), Los An- geles, Santa Monica. VV lmington, Santi Ana (San Diego), Colton and Yuma (Col- orado river steamers), connecting direct with daily trains of the Southern Pacific Railroad of Arizona for Maricopa (stage* for Phoenix and Prescott), Casa Grande (stages fcr Florence), Tucson, Benson (stages for Tombstone), Willcox and Deming, 1,208 miles from San Fraucisco (stages for New Mexico). Sleeping cart between Oakland, Los Angeles, Yuma and Benson. 3.KA P. M.— (Daily)- Local Passenger Trait tvv for Davis, Benicia and Sau Francitco. w,OA P. M.— (Daily)— Westward Emigrant tr.OW Train, via Davis and Benicia, for San Fran- cisco. . •-;;'.-.,--_-. 7 . 1 B» P. (Sundays excepted)— Passenger • W Train to Davis, Woodland and Knight's Landing. ,'-.::.. B.KJA P. M.— (Sundays excepted) — Vlrginl. »OV City Express for Auburn, Colfax, Truckei and Reno. Connect? with Virginia and Truckee Railroad for Carson and Virginia V. Sleeping Car from Sacramento to Carson A. N. TOWNE .General SuperinUndei t T. H. GOODMAN Gen'l Pass'r and Ticket Agent -.■.-■■■.: Ja9-4ptf Sacramento & Placerville Railroad On and after Wednesday, Nov. 17, IfBo. TJ3TIL PtrKTHBR KOTIOB, Trains will run as follows, daily, except Sunday: ! Leave Sacramento for Folsoia, Latrobe and Shingle Springs ._. 7:00 A. 11 Leave Sacramento for Folsom. 1:00 P. M Leave Shingle Springs for Latrobe, Fol- som and Sacramento 10:35 A. M Leave Latrobe for Folsom and Sacra- mento ______.-. 11:19 A. V Leave Folsom for Sacramento . . . 7:00 A. M Leave Folsom for Sacramento _ 12:55 P. M. d7-tf J. B. WRIGHT, Sup't. FOB PORTLAND AND ASTORIA. OKEOoar. a_,^f. THE OREGON RAILWAY AHt .^£y£«I£_,NAVIGATION COMPANY AND ■^;S*T~al >f7* Pacific Coast Steamship Compan s"S_o3*!!23iS will dispatch every five days, fo the above ports, one cf their New A 1 Iron Steam, ships, viz. : ■--•-• i OREGON, GEORGE W. ELDEP ASV— ■ STATE OF CALIFOBXIA. i-tw SAILING DAYS : December... .:...._•, J. 12. 17. 23, 87 January, 1551.. ......1, 6, 11. Id, 21, 26, 31 y.2, :•: AT 10 O'CUICK A. ¥„ Connecting at Portland, Oregon, with Steamers and Railroads and their connecting Stage lines for all points in Oregon, Washington and Idaho Territories British Columbia and Alaska. K. VAN OTERENDORP, Agent O. R. and N. Co., Nc . 210 Batter, street, San Francisco, Cai. GOODALL, PERKINS & CO., Agents P. C. S. S. Co., No. 10 Market street, Francisco. mvS FURNXTURfiTTEDDINQTETC' W. D. COMSTOCK, CORNER FIFTH AND X STREETS. Q SSI ffl FURNITURE & BEDDING, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. -■•; --■ •'•■ d2B-4plm FURNITURE, - ... - __at— '„ VAN HEUSEN & HUNTOON'S MO. 713 * , BTKEETI Prices alway the Lowest and the Best Assortment r- ■ .r d2l-tf '.-■■■-'■■ JOHN A. WILSON. IMPORTER, MANUFACTURER^ _ and Dealer in wV*2f FINEFIJKJ-TnrKE.* REDDING, •'ißßft» ': No. 11l J street, bet. Fourth and Fifth _ .-■'_. i • . - - tr A New and Complete Stock at Reduced Pric ■ Country orders promptly attended to. , ' dl-4plm The Pioxeer Box Factor? Still Ahead of all Competitor V O OHE _H Ab SOU! ".-..'■ ' 'Xi''. '■■■' coum or Front and N street* Sacramento d2-«otl .'.-• -. :■ ..--. ■ . " ._ . 3 . . Sacramento Planing Mill, SASH AND BLIND FACTORY, CORNER OF Front and Q streets, Sacramento. . ; "- , . - . "Pi Doors. Window*. Blinds, Finish of all kinds, Window Frames, Moldings of every description, and Turning ' 'y- V" 7 . HARTWELL, HOTCHKISS* ST ALKKP. .> y.7.2. .:■ ■ n-2S-4nl m . . .'-.- --. ■ ,--. BLACK DIAMOND COAL AND SCREENINGS. nnißiß i above '. well ? iroowN r. superior 'A >MONTK DIABLO COAL, most economical MONTK DIABLO COAL, the most economical that can be used for si, is for sale in lota to suit at Elack Diamond Ijanding, Contra Costa county, and at the office of the Company, southeast corner of Folaom and Spear streets, Ban Francisco.** j-^'/f - „ . . \ P. B. CORNWALL, • : . die-tt President B. D. C.M. Co. __.'! BUSINESS CAEDS. . , . ' :' '■' ii W. A. "', HirGHSON, M. "i D.. . HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON' g If Office, southwest corner of : Seventh and ' J .;. streets lin Bry*'s new building, up stairs^ ; Resl : ;. dence, southeast corner of Seventh and N streets, Sacramento. ■ Office hours : 'Ito 8 and otoBP. x. %f. "-''--%-'-■■.•••-■: ■■■"■:■.'■'■■ ■ d25-4plm':: / ■ ■ -' ' I;-."; E. ." L. '-' BIIXIN«8 A I CO., ■ IMPORTERS AND ' WHOLESALE -; DEALERS ;in Fine Brandies, Wines and Liquors. Agenta .- for Dr. Jaffe's Celebrated Cinchona Bitters ; also, agents for Litton Springs Seltzer Water, Sonoma county, California. ho. 11l street, between Fourth and Fifth. ■ '■■ :-.■ ..'--■■■.■■"■ :■_ d25-4plm W. K. KMUUTB, CORNER OF FRONT AND L '.'- STREETS ; Highest price for Hides, Sheep Pelts and Tallow. ■■ Supplies Butchers with Salt, Paper, latest mproved Sausage Machines, Stuffers, Lard Presses • Etc. :- Prompt cash returns made for all consign- ments^ ... ■' din-4pt.« ; JULIUS BTRCTZ. : SUCCESSOR TO FOX & STRUTZ, IMPORTER ; I and Wholesale Dealer in Wines and Liquors, No. 41 J street, Sacramento. '- Sole agent for A. Hupfel's Sons' New York Beer. .-' . dl4-4plm 11. 11. McWILLIAMS. HOPE '■■ IRON WORKS, FRONT STREET, BE- - tween I and J. Machinery of all kinds made to order and repaired. . Sole manufacturer of Car- lisle's Patent Derricks. Lawn Mowers Repaired. For sale, a 26-horse stationary engine and bailer, complete. : - -.•■■?,*■■■-■■• ■■■■■■■:■■ ■-■>?■■•.:■ -■■■- " ■■■ d!4-4ptf GROVE : L. JOHNB4W, . r' X S ATTORNEY AT LAW— OFFICE, FIFTH ST., between I : and J. 'i Residence, No. 207 I street, between Seventh and Eighth. d!0-4nlm J. A. CVXXINCIIAII. SACRAMENTO BOILER AND IRON WORKS, I street, between Front and Second, Sacra- mento. I Manufacturer of Steam Boilers, Sheet lion . Work, etc. Also, all kinds of Repairing. Chang ng Portable Boilers from _ Wood to Straw Burners a Specialty. .--.-■ '"■: ■'-■■:.'-.■ dB-4ptf .. ' jm. ELLERY BKICGS. .11. D., OCULIST, AURIST AND PHYSICIAN FOR Diseases of the Thioat. Office, 429} J street, corner of Fifth, over Sacramento Bank, -sacramento, Cal. Hours— 9:3o to' 12 A. M.; Ito4 r. M Sundays— 9:30 to 11 A. M.; 1 to 4p. M. - - dl-tf :"y ; .-HIM L. J. KEIXOee. _». l>., HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN— AND residence, Nathan building, corner of Seventh . and I streets. Office hours, 8:30 A M., 2 to 4 and 7toB r. M ■-, ■■ ■ .. dl-4plm 8. SOLON HOLL. ATTORNEY AND ! COUNSELOR-AT-LAW, Cokxkk Sixth akd I Streets, Sacramiwto, Cai. . '„.-■ dl-4plm ' .MADAME CHARLOTTE ROBERT. FROM PARIS, DRESSMAKER, NO. 900 EIGUTH . street, corner I, Sacramento. Ball and Party Lresses a Specialty. New Patterns imported for . Winter. .-.-■■ d!7-4plm REMOVED. CHARLES T. JONES AND ED. M. MARTIN, I Attomeys-at-Law and Notaries Public, have removed their office to No. 607 I street, between Sixth and Seventh. n24-4plm H. r. HOOT. .LEX. NSILSOI). J. Uh.lsi-.Ji,. ROOT, .VEILSON 'A CO., UNION FOUNDRY-IRON AND BRASS Founders and Machinists, Front street, be- tween N and O. Castings ana Machinery of every -JOKCription made to order. n24-4plrn 1. OARLS. • " ■" o'■ CROLT. CARLE A CROLT, CONTRACTORS ANO BUILDERS, ARE PR& pared to do all kinds of work in their me, in city or country. Principal place of business, Sacra- mento. Shop, 82 Second street, between X and L. Post-office Box, 410, Sacramento. n!6 4ptl YTJI. fiinTENBEBCEB, . -.Pp-pi IRON AND BRASS FOUNDER AND MA. chinlst. Front and N streeta. Manufacturer of Guttenberger's Horse Powers, Patent Ground Roller and Clog Crusher and Barley Mills. All kinds of Hydraulic Pipes. For sale, Three Miller Patt nt Hay Presses. ■ ■ '■ ,029-4plm 1856. V. POSTER, 1879: BOOK BINDER, PAPER RULER AND BLANK Book Manufacturer, No. 319 J street, between Third and Fourth, Saci amento, 020-4ptf T. B. HeFABLAND, ATTORNEY AT LAW— OFFICE, SOUTHWEST comer of J and Fourth streets. Residence, H street, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth. 09-4p* DR. HATCH, OFFICE 84 J STREET.— HOURS: 9 A. M. and 12:30 to 2 r. M. s2B-tf DR. WALLACE A. BRIGCS HAS REMOVED HIS OFFICE AND RESl- dence to Dr. G. L. Simmons' Building, J street, between Second and Third. Office hours : 8 to 9A. M., 11 A. M. to 2r. a., and 6toBr. M. s!2-tf : CREED HAVMOXD, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW, Office in Quinn'B new building, comer of Fourth and J streets (up stairs!, Sacramento. sg-4p REMOVAL. DR. NIXON HAS REMOVED HIS OFFICE TO the new building joining his residenc.- on M street, between Ninth and Tenth, No. 918. Will visit the Railroad Hospital daily at 9:30 A. m. Office hours— B to 9A. M.; 1 to 3P. M., and evenings dU-lm JAMES McSITIRE, MANUFACTURER OF IRON DOORS, SHUT- ters. Railings, Gratings, House-work and - Blacksmithlng in general, No. 148 X street, between Fifth and Sixth Second-nand Doors .or sale au22-4ptf ■ CAPITAL ALE VAULTS, NO. 302 J, AND 1005 THIRD STREETS Hot Lunch daily from 11 A. M. to 1 o'clock P. m. The Best of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. jyl3-4plm BOWERS & LONGABAUGH. DrTq. L. SIMMONS, "VTO. 212 J STREET, BETWEEN SECOND AND J3I Third, Sacramento. ( 9 to 10 A. M. ) tr Office Hours 2t04 p. it. V ap29-4ptf ( 7 to 8 P. M. ) LEGAL NOTICES. ~~ STATE OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF SAC- mento.— following resolution offered by Supervisor Wilson was adopted and entered of rec- ord on the minutes of said Board, December 19, ISSO: :■ ' - :. yyii Pixii-iyP. Resolved, That the new sections to the Penal Code, No. 400 and 401, be advertised in the DAIU Rkcobd-Umon and Bee tor the term 0' three months." Section 400 Any person who shall knowingly • sell, or offer for sale or use, or expose, or who shall cause or procure to be sold or offered for sile, or used, or expose any horse, mule or other animal having the disease known as glanders or farcy, shall be guilty cf a misdemeanor. Section 401. Every animal havirg glanders, or farcy, thrall at once be deprived of life by the owner or person having charge thereof, upon discovery or knowledge of its condition, and any such owner or person emitting or refusing to comply with the pro- visions of this section shall be guilty of a misde- mc nor. ■ ■ d! 7 3m SALE OF REAL ESTATE. "V^OTICE is HEREBY GIVEN, that IN pub. J3I suance of an order of the Superior Court of Sacramento county, n'ade on the 22d day of Novem- ber, 1830, in the natter of the tstate of ELIZA OL- SEN", deceased, the undersigned, the Executrix ot said Estate, will sell at private sale, to the highest bidder for cash in gold coin, and subject to confirma- tion by said Superior Court, on or after TUESDAY, JANUARY 4TU, ISSI, all the title and intirest of . said Estate in and to that certain lot or parcel of land situate and being in the city and county of Sacramento. Mate of California, bounded as follows : Part of lot eight in the square bounded by J and X, Sixth and Seventh streets, being situate oa the northeast comer of Sixth and X streets, and being 70 feet front on Sixth street, and 00 feet front on X street. »*j^vs_K*_i_t*JiP »(L rtl W*"!**l"ei_SHaSfifti Terms of sale : Cash in gold coin. Deed at expense of purchaser. Bids or offers may be made at any time after the first publication of this notice and be- fore the making of the sale, and maybe left witb SWFETSER & ALSIP on Fourth street, between J and X streets. All bids or offers must be in writing. Property rents for 890 per month. ■ • - Dated : December 15, 1880. star&scsmn y ANNOLSEN, J --:•'■'.'■■. Executrix of the Estate cf Eliza Olsen. -' Frbrmas A Bates, Attorneys. dlO-td PROBATE NOTICE. STATE OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF SAC- ramento.— ln the Superior Court. In the matter of the estate of THOMAS TKEGANZA, deceased. -' Digary Hobbs, administrator of the Estate of THOMAS TREGANZA. deceased, having this day filed a final account of his administration of said estate, showing that all the debts and ex- penses of administration of said estate have been paid, and tbat a portion of said estate remains to be divided among the heirs of said deceased; and pray- ing that said account be settled and allowed, and - said estate oe distributed to the parties entitled, it is ordered that all persons interested in the Estate of the said THOMAS TREGANZA, deceased, be and appear before the Superior Court of Sacramento county, at the Court- of said Court, in the city of Sacramento, on the 10th clay of JANUARY, 18-1, at 10 o'clock A. 11 , then and there to show c. use why said account should not be settled and allowed ' as filed, and said estate be, by order of this Court, distributed. r It is further ordered that a copy of this order he published in the Sacramento Kkcord Umox. for ten days before the said 10th day of January, ISBI. Dated December 23, 1880. S. C. DENSON, - Judge of Superior Court. J. C. Tt'Bßs, Attorn y for Administrator. d24-10t PROBATE- NOTICE. STATE OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF SACRA- | mento.— ln the Superior Court, in the matter of the Estate of HANNAH TREGA>ZA, deceased.— Digary Hobbs, Administrator of the Estate ol HAN- y ■■; NAH TREGANZA, deceased, having this day filed a final account of bis administration "' said estate, showing that all the debts and expenses of adminis- tration of said estate have been paid, and that a por- tion of said estate remains, to be distributed among the heirs of said deceased, an I praying that said ac- count be settled and allowed, and said estate be dis- tributed to the parties entitled, it is ordered that all persons Interested in the estate of the said HANNAH TREGANZA, deceased, be and appear before the Superior Court of bacramento county, at the Court- room of said Court, in th* city of Sacramento, on the 10th day of JAN JARY, 1881, at 10 o'clock A. Mi, then and there to show cause why said, account r should not be settled and allowed as filed, and ..aid estate be, by order of this Court, distributed to the heirs of the said HANNAH TKEGANZA, deceased. - '- ;?? It is further ordered that a copy of ; this order bo --.'' : published in the Sacramk>to ; Daily Becoed-Ukios _£*;i for at least ten days before the said 10th clay of Jan- : vary. II IIHWWipWiII-MJHMMMBMiifiB^aS ;: Dated December 23, 1880. ■•iiSsS^SSSwwgSa 2-22X2. ■:■'-: ."•■>':; S. C. DENSON,' .' ■';'• • . Judge of Superior Court. . WT, C. Tubes, Attorney for Administrator. d2l lOt . HSfHSSSKaSf^^LKI^Sr^^

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