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Sacramento, California
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THE DAILY RECORD UNION. MONDAY 30, 1380. ttlgnal Corps lie September 19, lggo. TIMS. SAS TBR HUH WIND IAI.

VXAlfif 29.91 jDC' 81 S. 5 Clear" 7a. a 29.93 169 70 S. 2 8:02 a. 21.90 Cl 71 S.

2 ir.u 29.91 81 30 N. 2 8:02 P. i 67 .15 3. W. 6 Clear Max.

S3 decrees. Mm. 52 degrees. Weather Probabilities. September Pacific coast Clear or cloudy weather.

'I ADVERTISEMENT MENTION. Metropolitan "An Orphan of the State." First Artillery Orders Xo. 29. Annual Stale Special features. Archery of prizes, etc.

The Crockery Art Gallery to be open. Oermania Building and Loan Society. K. of California Lodge to night. Atlantic Haul Each evening.

Strayed or stolen- Sli'th cows. Business Advertisements. Mechanics' Visitors to State Fair. Huntington, jikius Sportsmen's goods. Murray Lanman's Florida Water.

F. U. Choicest of groceries. Samuel Men's and boys' clot hi g. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE.

STATE EQUALIZATION MATTERS THE TAX LEVY. The State Board of Equalisation was in session all day Saturday aud until a very late hour at night. Sacramento county, in a writ' ten document, signed by Assessor J. W. Houston and Supervisors Wilson, Bauer, Blair and Butler, applied for a reduction of the assessment roll of Sacramento county 20 per cent.

It set forth that much of the property of the couuty is assessed too high that the assessment roll foots up $25 which is an increase of $7,181,078. Assessor Houston was examined, and based bis application verbally also upon the ground that other counties have not beeu assessed up to full cash value, and, therefore, to keep Sacramento up would make her bear an unequal share of the burden of government. Messrs. Wilson, Bauer, Blair aud Butler were also examined and gave that also as a reason, and added that a great proportion of the realty is assessed beyond its true cash value. The Board refused to lower the rolL Drew and King.

Nays Dutton, Heiskell, Kenfield. Applications were made by many railroad companies to have their assessments lowered, all claiming that they are assessed much above true cash value. These applications were as follows Assessed. Reduction Asked C. P.

R. S. P. R. 5,722,782 Sac.

and P. R. 839,173 292,500 S. and C. R.

597,505 210,970 8. P. and R.R..... 492,8 '0 808,025 P. R.

R. 1,801,300 908,955 N. R. 1,492,753 819,384 Am. Branch 183.600 184,710 Santa Cruz R.

158,478 70,000 S. P. C. R. 504,825 not stated S.

F. and N. P. R. 1,274.300 521,047 V.V.R.R...

219,725 123,149 M. P. 633,517 416,112 The Board, by unanimous vote, refused to reduce any as-essment on any road, but declined to officially state the reason, whether for want of jurisdiction or because the roads are propeily assessed. The matter was first earnestly discussed by Attorney-General Hart on one side, and T. B.

McFarland on the other. The Attorney-General held that when the State Board of Equalization had made its assessments of railroads and sent them to the counties, such assessments became individual assessments, and under the decision of the Supreme Court could not be interfered with by the State Board. Judge McFarland held tithe contrary that, as the Board was the assessor of railroads, it had the power to equalize and correct such assessments, and that the same are wholly within the jurisdiction the State Board. The law required the Board to fix the tax rate for Slate purposes before the expiration of Saturday. About 11 o'clock, therefore, the Board after a long calculation found the value of all property tube that it is necessary to i 83,455,000 that, therefore, the State tax shall be on each hundred dollars, for the General Fund, thirty cents the School Fund, twenty-three cents; the Sinking and Interest Fund, six cents the Drainage Fund, cents.

Total, sixty-four cents on each one hundred dollars. The rate last year was The total valuation of property last year wn. 5517.622,769. The increase therefore is 8118,560,551. The levy of lit cents i- made on a sum twelve per cent.

less than the total valuation of all property, that per cent, being required by law to be estimated for delinquencies. So far as equalizing between counties was concerned the Board has done nothing, it having no time left it in which to do so, and because of a recent decision of the Supreme Court, the Board was greatly perplexed as to what it might to do; it it lowered or raised the entire assessment roll of any county, it would woik hardship upon all those individual assessments which are admittedly correct. During the afternoon there were some animated verbal passages in the Hoard that gave its session a decidedly lively character. The Board meets again to-day and will then conclude ita labors for the present. AIICHEBV Several citizens have contributed money to aid in an informal archery tournament to be held here this week, and of which announcement is made this morning.

It ii open to all archers, and there is no entry fee. It is expected that several of the best archers of San Fraccisco and Oakland and other places will be present and participate in the shooting; also, that they will have several matches among themselves at the longer ranges of 60, 80 and 100 yards. A number of local archers will be present and take part. The matchei have been brought about by the expressed desire of many abroad to come here ani engage in them. The shooting is set for Thursday and Friday, Capitol back grounds, 9:30 A.

M. to noon. The programme is as follows: Gentlemen, American round, 30 arrows, at 40, 50 and 00 yards prizes, one dozen tine self-arrows, one-half dozen same, fine double 1 living inkstand. Ladies', Columbia round, '-'1 arrows, at 30, 40 and 50 yards prizM, one half dozen tine foot- arrows, one-half dozen fine self-arrows, handsome jsortemomiaie. Friday Gentlemen's match, Leonard's round, 77 arrows, at 60 yards prizes, one dozen fins self-arrows, ne-half dozen rame, fire anaguard.

Ladies' match, 90 arrows, at SO yards prizes, one-ball d-rz-n tins footed arrow-, elegant ivory fan, case for arrows, with lock, and tine napkin ring. Police COURT. On Saturday, in the Police Court, Amado Cordosa was fined for his two cases of the sum of $25. John Ryan for disturbance of the peace, was $50 ami costs. Wm.

ToJhunter, for battery, was lined $10 and costs. The battery case against Frank S'hnler was dismissed. Wm. lama was fined costs for disturbance of the Dan Cotton, for same, was fined $12 .70. Jane MeMahon, charged with vagrai was discharged for want of prosecution.

11. bfankin, vagrancy, had her case continued till the 22 1 instant. The case of F. Ha II violating the health ordinance, cuntiiiue.l till the 27 tb inst. The mr.inst Mrs.

liable, for same, was continued ti the 'il i', an.l that against Mrs. for violating the health ordinance, was continued till October 21. Delia Wall's case, for disturbing the was continued to the Railroad Fares The rate if fare on the mentioned below, have beeu reduced on account of the State Fair, commencing to-day and ending next Monday, as follows On the Sacramento anc" Placerville road, from Springs to Sacramento and return, $3 50 from Latrobe to Sacramento and return. $2 50; from FoUom to Sacramento and return, $1 50. A general reduction of one-third the usual rates is made for round trip tickets from all points upon all other leading Into Sacramento, except from San Francisco, where the present rates will remain unchanged, being for the round trip from either pltce, $3 for single fare one way, and $1 50 for second class fare each way.

Grexseackl-RS. Benjamin Todd, the Greenback candidate for member of Congress, addressed quite an audience on Fourth street, between and K. Other speakers were also present and addressed the meeting. F. Woodward presided at the meeting.

SUICIDK BT A CHINAWOMAN. A dispatch from Court! aid states that a Chinawoman named Mny Koy committed suicide in China town at that place Saturday forenoon by taking an overdose of opium. The cause was unknown. rix.Don't Fail to witness the Stereopticon exhibition to take place this evening opposite Postoffice, corner Fourth and streets. STATE FAIR.

TWENTY-SEVENTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION OF THE CALIFORNIA STATE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. The twenty-seventh annual fair of the Cak ifornia State Agricultural Society begins tcday. The Pavilion opens to exhibitors at 7 A. and to the public at 7P. m.

The Park opens' to the public at BA. M. to-day's races. The races begin at 1 P. li.

to-day, sharp. The colors named indicate the most prominent colors of riders' and drivers' costumes on the track. 1. Running, dash three quarters of a mile, for two year olds Terry's 8. Lillie Ashe, color blue, red and white Coombs' br.

by Shannon, color black Coombs' eh. by- Shannon, color black. 2. Running, mile dash, free to all, 100 pounds weight s. g.

Snowden, color buff and red Appleby's Illusion, cherry and blue Lena Dunbar, red and blue Baldwin's eh. c. Lexington, drab and red Baldwin's eh. f. Jennie 8., red cap.

3. Running, dash 1 miles, three-year-olds oiwin'a b. c. Wild Idler, color dark plum Pritchard's c. c.

Euchte, red and blue Shatter's b. c. Haddington, red Judson's eh. Tyler, buff and blue. 4.

Running, dash 1) miles, free for all; Winter's eh. c. Connor, color orange and white; Malone'sb. m. Lilly, red; Baldwin's b.

m. Clara drab and red. 5. Running stake, mile heats, three-yearold fil.ies Coomb's br. f.

Tilde color black Shafter's b. f. by imported Haddington, red Chatterton's g. m. Sallie Black, black and tan Pacheco'a b.

f. Carmelita, reel and black Judson's b. f. Ella Doane, brown, buff and blue. 6.

Pacing, fiee for all. Cade's s. g. Nimrod, Colors white and black dun g. Johnny Weigle, black and rod Sperry's blk.

s. Washington, blue Rubinson'ss. Hi Tracy, pink Ross' b. m. Mollie red Killip's b.

f. Dido, black. AT 1116 STOCK GROUNDS All is in readiness for visitors. Neatness pervades all parts of the grounds, aud the order and cleanliness and general arrangement is highly creditable to the taste and energy of Superintendent Flint. Much stock i is already in stall, enough (or several days' critical examination.

By noon to-day it is probable that every nook and corner will be taken. Yesterday the Superintendent had to turn from the gate, because every inch of space is already taken. The horse boxes are tilling rapidly, and by to-day's trains and boats the last animals will arrive. One can spend now two good days in close examination, and not then finish up all the rows of stalls now occupied. In fact, to-day will be an excellent one for those desirous of real information to begin a review of the stock as exhibitors will be found fresh and ready to impart desired knowledge.

The race track is iv splendid condition and never better for making fast time. The new system of keeping a black-board summary of each race, so that all the people may know all about it, will add a hundred fold to the interest of the spectators and must go a long way toward POFULARIZINfJ The races. Added to this is the new system of colors, by which any person will be enabled to identify any horse on the track, which will be a source of great satisfaction to the people in the stands and put an end to the annoying questioning, which few were able to satisfy heretofore, as What horse is that?" "Which is Santa Claus?" Ob, dear, there are six bays, and I can't tell which is which 1" "I do wish you'd tell me what horse it was that made the last heat." "If only we knew what horse that is "Is that grey Occident or Nutwood What horse is that inside I Which one of those animals is Elaine AT THE PAVILION There is greater advancement accomplished than ever before known on the tirst day of a State Fair in California. The promise is for the finest exhibit ever made under the auspices of the Society. It is a fact, the Secretary certifies, that exhibitors enough have been turned away, for want of room for the goods offered, to fill with the proposed exhibits another Pavilion as large as the; present one.

By to night the Pavilion will be fuller than ever before known at an opening and, indeed, the spa ies will be very' nearly, if not entirely filled and ready for I the opening at 7 P.M. The arrangement iv the halls and the rapid tilling up is largely dm to the executive ability of Superintendent Coleman and his assistant, 0. Dodge. President Larue, Secretary agi ami ths Directors weio constant in am Saturday and yesterday, and had over- Bight of all details and all general ties, and have thus far kept the machinery of the Heciety moving without friction, and directing all things connected with it with capacity and skid. The promise ii that they will have rea son to boast if the moat successful exhibit yet nmde by the State Agricultural Society, and there is nothing now to indicate any failure in any line.

THE DECORATIONS Of the Pavilion are worthy more than a passing notice. It has been decorated ou the interior with fltgs and streamers in abundance. The coats-of-arms and colors of many nations are displayed, and the national colors of the United States are liberally interspersed. At the northern end of the large hall is a handsome design of a pediment, and a banner bearing the words, Welcome to our President," and the monogram inclosed in a wreath. Above this is an olive branch, encircling all but the upper side ot a shield.

Upon the shield is mounted an American eagle with outstretched wings. For a background is a grouping of American flits. On the west side of this center- piece hangs a streamer upon which are inscribed the words, "Agriculture Art," and on the another em- i blazoned with the words, "Science, Commerce, Labor." The names of the various States of the Union, and the coat-of-arms of each, are conspicuously displayed upon other banners in various locations throughout the hall, and also the names of the counties of this State. In the northern end of the small or western hall is a centerpiece similar to that in the main hall, having two American fUgs as a background, and a wreath, upon which is inscribed these words "California State Agricultural Inclosed within this wreath is an American khield. An American eagle is perched upon the wreath, with wings outstretched.

Evergreens abound throughout the ball, and are also festooned from the Ceiling center to the corners in the Secretary's The exterior front of the main ball is draped elaborately in I evergreens, and flans in festoons gracefully here and there. Each fide the tral approach are tall staffs bearing pendent i streamers and shields, with the words Wel' ion-. President." was ti.e decorator, and has worked out a very tasteful iesult. EKFLOTEB Are under orders to report at 7 o'clock this mi those for the Pavili in to Secretary Hoag, at the Pavilion, and those for the Park to Superintendent Flint at the Park. The force for the week at the Pavilion I consists of entry clerks, H.

O. White and i .1. L. Stovatt; Ticket Clerks J. E.

Bobbie i and Lopez Mauldin; door-keejier, W. 11. Luther. At the Park: daily ticket clerks, E. F.

Smith, 11. Moore, J. E. Larue and 0. S.

Flint; membership ticket F. A. Ray! mood, A. 11. Seymour; ticket boys, W.

I Gett, Kent Seymour, William Craig, H. Baa sett entrance gate keepers. A. S. Greenlaw, F.

11. Ki-sell, J. R. Shellara, Hiram ratt officer at grand Walker usher to special stand, 11. S.

Beals assist! ants, J. P. Doody, Lee Lame; offi- at idg-s' stand, H. Gariett I policeman at judges' stand gate, Henderson weigher of hay, M. J.

Tole central cate kipper, John Spillman I rope polios Richard May, Anthony O. H. Wing; exit gate, A. T. Renwick, George Wentworth small gates, Mc; Cl.iary, D.

S. Jackson, John M. Kady; I other special employes, Philips, Granger and K. B. Robertson.

Citt Free The following is the report of the City Free Library for the past week Number of books issued, 553 fiction and juvenile books, 480; history, 8 biography, 6 travels, 19 literature, 22 and drama, 3 theology, 1 science and art, 14. Averasre number I issued ptr day, 80. Percentage of fiction and jrneiri 86. Average number of readers per day, 50. Daring fair week the library will be open as follows Monday and Saturday as usual.

Tuesday and Friday from 10 a. v. to 12 m. and from 5 to 7 P. m.

Wednes- day and Thursday from 5 to 7 p. M. UUOOI Case The case of Us People vs. Henry Hebb, before Justice Moore, nt Isleton, for taking from an officer goods held by him under writ of attachment, I was tried before a jury last week. The Court instructed the jury that in order fcr an officer to keep legal possession of property in such cases, a keeper must be con- I stantly in possession or upon watch of the goods, and under these instructions the jury rendered a verdict of not guilty.

Don't Fail to witness the Stereopticon exhibition to take place this evening opposite Postoffice, corner Fourth and streets. THE PRESIDENTIAL RECEPTION DETAILS. The Presidential Reception Sub-Committee met at the office of George Cadwaiader, at 4 P. Saturday. There were present also the Chairmen of the Finance.

Programme and Parade Committees. Mayor Turner presided. The Chairman of the Committee on reported that it had been arranged to receive the President and his party at the depot at 5 P. M. to-morrow (Tuesday), and that the party, after being welcomed by the Mayor, will at once be escorted to the residence of Governor 7 Stanford.

In the evening the President and party will visit, informally, and at their own pleasure. Wednesday morning, at 10 o'clock, the President and party will be escorted to the State Capitol and be received on the steps by Governor Perkins, after which formal welcome the party will occupy a platform in the rotunda beneath the dome, and hold a formal reception until coon or until such earlier hour as the reception may be concluded. The rotunda has been cho.en as a place more convenient than either of the legislative chambers, which can only be approached by stairway that will delay the passage of the people. From the Capitol the party will be escorted to the Park and stock grounds, being received at Park, in the Directors' stand, by the State Board of where also luncheon will be served. Between 4 and 5 o'clock the President and party will leave the grounds and return to Governor Stanford's residence.

That evening the party will be formally received at the Pavilion by. the State Agricultural Society. Thursday the party will witness the grand stock parade at the Park at 9 A. which will close the reception programme in Sacramento, the President and paity departing for Chico in the afternoon of Thursday. The Chairman of the Committee on Parade reported a parade to conform to the programme, as follows At the Tuesday evening reception at the depot the military escort will consist of the First Infantry Regiment, Colonel Dickinson commanding, and the route of march will be from the depot along Second street to to Tenth, to to Eighth.

Wednesday morning the Artillery Regiment, Colonel Haymond, the First Infantry Regiment, Colonel Dickinson, the Sacramento Hussars, Captain Ruhstaller, the Sacramento Zouaves, Captain Emory, and Sumner Post, No. 3, Grand Army of the Republic, Commander Kent, will constitute the escort, and assemble at 9:30 A. sharp, and appear at the corner of and Eighth streets at 9:50 A. 11., sharp, and escort the President and party from there at 10 A. sharp, to the Capitol, the route being down to Seventh, to to Tenth, to the main entrance of the Capitol grounds.

The military will be drawn up in double columns, either side the entrance, and the President and party will be escorted between the lines by the Reception Committee and the Grand Army of the Republic to the steps of the Capitol, where Governor Perkins will make a welcoming address. At the close of the reception in the Capitol, the military will reform and escort the party to the Park, the route of march to which will be hereafter agreed upon and announced. The route was discussed by the Committee Saturday, and the whole matter referred to the Committee on Parade, which consists of General Sheehan, Colonel Haymond, C. H. Hubbard and Commander Kent.

It will report a rodte, probably, at the meeting of the Reception Committee to be held at 4 P. a. to-day. The prevailing idea was that the route of march should be about or a little less than two miles. The committee received an application from the Boys in Blue for permission to serenade the President and General Sherman on Wednesday night, after the return of the party from the Pavilion.

The committee approved the proposition. The committee' received a communication from the Grand Army of the Republic asking fur the concurrence of the committee in a proposition to meet the President and General Sherman for one hour, in a private meeting, where the members can greet them personally. The matter was referred to the President, the committee agreeing to concur if his consent is gained. The Sacramento Society rf California Pioneers applied for a half hour in which to meet the President and party. Action was deferred on this matter until the meeting of the committee at noon on Tuesday.

'llie Chairman of the Committee on Parade incidentally stated that the Grand Army of the Republic would be detailed as an especial escort of honor to the President and General Sherman during their entire stay here. During the stay of the Presidential party here, as baa already been stated, their home will beat the residence of Governor Stanford, who entertains it on behalf of the city of Sacramento. It is now ascertained that in the absence of Mrs. Stanford, who is now in Europe, the Governor, in placing bis house at the disposal of the President and his wife, makes Mrs. Hayes the hostess of the establishment.

The Committee on Reception is to meet at 4 P. M. today at the office of George Cadwaiader, and invites to be present the Chairmen of each of the other committees and urges their CITY AUDITOR'S REPORT. E. 11.

McKee, City Auditor, makes the following report for the week ending Saturday, September 18, 1880 Balance on hand last report $93,801 80 Receipts (or the week 2,891 50 Total 42 DISBURSEMENTS. General Fund $1 00 Water Works Fund 171 93 Cemetery Fund 00 00 Street Fund '485 02 Sewer Repair Fund 107 00 Library Fund 302 O.i Ninth, Sixth to Tenth Street -jf-- Fund 319 VI 1,452 35 Total amount in Treasury 07 APPORTIONMENT. Sinking and Interest Fund. 24 General Fund 11,723 38 Waterworks 2,622 01 Fire Department Fund 10,510 84 School Fund 16,801 94 Levee Fund 8,331 28 Cemetery Fund 1,501 S3 Street Kepair Fund 4,149 01 Police Fund 9,188 84 Bond Redemption Fund 16,808 07 Special Water Works Fund 5,400 OS Fire Department Bond and Interest Fund 384 25 Library fund 2,333 8.) Sewer Repair Fund 561 17 Dog Fund 13 80 Sixth to Tenth Street Fund 1,152 59 Tenth to Fifteenth Street Fund 316 89 Fourth to Sixth Street Fund 37 37 1 Total $95,211 07 Cow Stealing. Two fine milch cows were stolen last Friday night from Mr.

McCoy, at Thirty-first and II streets, and as yet no information has been obtained in relation to their whereabouts or the parties who took them. On yesterday morning, at about 3 o'clock, Mr. McCoy caught a well-dressed young man named Frank Quinh from San Francisco in his yard untying another cow, but under the persuasive influence of a wellloaded double-barreled shotgun, which he found himself under close range of just as he got the untying done, he concluded to leave the cow after all, and in an embarrassing manner was marched to the police jail, where i he will remain till this forenoon, in order to I tell Judge Henry what he knows about milk. Commercial. Arrived since our last report, steamer Varuna, from the upper with VArge load of grain in transit for San Francisci steamer San Joaquin No.

3, from the upper Sacramento, with barge load of grain for Sin Francisco; San Joaquin No. 2. from San Francisco, with general nierchai disc and barge of lumber to order steamer Xeponset, from the tipper Sacra- I mento, with grain, flour and produce. De! parted Steamer Varuna and steamer No. 3, with freight and light barges for the upper Sacramento steamer San Joaqnin No.

2. for San Fiancisco, wilh barge load of grain the steamer I'ioneer, with a barge load of grain, passed the city for San Francisco. Democratic Meeting Saturday erening the Fourth Ward Democratic Club held an 1 pen-air meeting at the corner of Tenth and streets, William Minis presiding. There were about 200 people in attendance, and the audience was quite R. O.

Cravens and addressed the meeting. The meeting closed with three cheers for the Dem ticket. Citt Patments. The following payments made into the city treasury for the week ending Saturday, September K. 1).

Scriver, water rates. $137 N. A. Kidder, harbor dues, $17 30 W. A.

Henry, Police Curt fines, $11 50; George A. Putnam, city licenses, $308 01 dog licenses, $2 40 street assessments, $1,180 72. Total, $2,891 50. V- Black Cashmere, 30-inch, at 35 cents black cashmere, 40 inch, at 50 cents black cashmere, 45-inch, every thread wool, at 65 cents black cashmere, extra heavy, 45-inch, at 90 cents (worth $1 25), at L. Bieu'e, Eighth and Don't Fail to witness the Stereopticon hibition to take place this evening opposite Postoffice, corni Fourth and streets.

Xaglek Purest and best in the world. S. R. Middleton, agenV -119 Pine street, San Francisco. CAMP BARNES.

Encampment of the First Infantry Regi. ment at Richmond Grove. The First Infantry Regiment, Colonel Dickinson, arrived here from San Francisco, by special train, about 6 A. JM. yesterday.

The men breakfasted at the Western and the officers at the Arcade, and the line of march was then taken up for Richmond Grove, where at 8:30 A. M. the regiment halted in "Camp Barnes." The regiment is officered as follows Colonel, J. H. Dickinson Lieutenant-Colonel, Walter Trrnbull First Lieutenant George W.

Reed, Adjutant; First Lieutenant Frank Buxton, Ordinance Officer Major A. Wilder, Surgeon First Lieutenant William E. Hale, Commissary First Lieutenant James Kipp, Paymaster First Lieutenant George H. Strong, Inspector Rifle Practice. Company Captain, H.

P. Bush; First Lieutenant, Alf. W. Seley Second Lieutenant, C. T.

Wilson. Company Captain, H. S. Terapleton. Company Captain, George M.

Gaylord First Lieutenant, Charles F. Holyoke; Second Lieutenant, Edward K. Swain. Company Captain, George D. Harvey First Lieutenant, Vincent Kingwell Second Lieutenant, H.

M. Green. Company Captain, Joshua H. Robertson First Lieutenant, J. N.

Lanfenberg. Company Captain, Edwin F. Selleck First Lieutenant, J. C. B.

llebbard Second Lieutenant, Paul E. Scott. Non-Commissioned Staff Sergeant Major, George Leonard Ordnance Sergeant, J. S. Oppenheim Commissary Sergeant, James B.

Ford Color Sergeant, F. A. Radowsky Quartermaster Sjrgeant, C. M. Mayberg (also Regimental Drum Major) Acting Regimental Color-bearer, J.

S. Williamson Principal Musician, Victor Hue Paris Hospital Steward, W. E. Conlan. The regiment has a full drum corps of 22, and a full band of 21 pieces, brass and reed.

Rank and file, the regiment musters 330. The first regimental orders issued at Camp Barnes were promulgated soon after entering camp, and were as follows First Infantry "1 Second Brioade, N. G. C. Camp minks, Sacramento, September 19, ISSO.

Orders No. 23.) I. Serjeant George Teller, of Company is hereby detailed as acting Serjeant Major during the present encampment, or until such time as the resilient arrives. 11. Private J.

11. Williamson, of Company is hereby detailed as Regimental Color-bearer, with the rank of Sergeant while so acting. 111. Private William E. Contains hereby appointed Hospital Steward, with rank from September IS, IbSO.

AH the above will be obeyed and respected accordingly. IV. The call for each day will be posted in a c.nspicuous place iv the center street of the camp and must be read and observed by the command. A failure to be in camp at the time specified will cause the delinquent to be kept in camp during the next day. V.

Passes or furloughs must be obtained from the compiny commanders by all men going back to San Francisco, and also by any one coming out after taps, or being out at any time when the camp is not op 11. 7 1 VI. Any member of this command out of camp at anytime when the camp is not open, without a pass, wi 1 be treated as absent without leave and will be punished accordingly. By order of Colonel Dickinson GEORGE W. REFD, First Lieutenant and Adjutant.

Last evening the Daily Calls" were posted as follows SA. reveille 5:15 A. roll-call 5:30 A. fatigue 5:45 A. recall from fatigue and company drill 6:15 A.

breakfast 7 A. battalion drill 8:30 A. recall from battalion drill 8:45 A. Orderly call 9:30 A. camp open till 5 P.

12:30 P. dinner; 5:15 P. dress parade assembly 5:30 p. dress parade, Adjutant's call (J P. guard mounting 0:30 P.

retreat and camp oven until 10 p. 10 P. tattoo assembly 10:15 P. roll-call; 10:40 P. taps, extinguish lights.

The Officer of the Day yesterday was Capt. Bush and the Officer of the Guard Lieut. Ilolyoke. For to-day the Officer of the Day will be Captain Gaylord and the Officer of the Guard Lieutenant Hebbard. The camp is pitched upon the high ground on the southwest of the Grove.

The grounds are not quite so sheltered or retired as at East Park beyond Thirty-first, but there is more elbow room, and the contiguity of the camp to the city railway lines and iti nearness to the city makes this location the better one. The camp consists of 47 Sibley and 22 wall tents. There are four streets and avenue F. The companies are located in this order Right, Companies 11, and left, Companies 11, I) and C. Company II has the right of the regimental line, Company the center, and Company the left of- the line.

Last evening the camp was illuminated, a bundled colored lanterus lieing hung upand down and across the streets, beside numerous lamps with here and there. Soon after the illumination was (inplete the drum corps took, op its tuition at the head of avenue in front of the flagstaff arid an the tetreat was beaten the fl.ii; came down on the run ami night in camp set in. The solendid band of the command then came out and took up its position in front, of headquarters and entered upon an open-air concert, which was a rare treat to those so fortunate as to be present. The band never played to better advantage. All the surroundlnelj lent a charm to the music.

Amidst the half obscurity of the camp, the swinging lights and gaudy lanterns, the dim distances of the avenues, the shads of the foliage, half broken by the struggling beams of the full DIM 3, the muffled murmur if hundreds of as the soldiers and their guests moved about between the white walls of this miniature towu, with the strains of melody sweeping through the trees or dying away upon the evening air, the looker-on could Lot resist the restful and dreamy charm of the atmosphere by which surrounded, but was willing to linger there, all other things forgot, until the imperative taps should warn ofthe close of camp, and the desired absence, of all civilians. The regiment has been under the command of Col. Dickinson but about two months. When he took charge it was in need of some severe disciplining. Perfect harmony exists between the companies, and the officers and men thoroughly understand each other now and are united in the common purpose to keep the regimental reputation up to the he st standard attainable by national guardsmen.

To this end this encampment will be made as thorough a school of instruction as is possible, and as much rigor will be exercised as is practiced in the regular service at least as near an approach as is possible for militiamen will be made to it. The First Regiment is a fine body of men. It is pleased with Sacramento and Sacramento is pleased with it. If the citizens gave for its present encampment no pecuniary aid i this year it was not fur lack of good feeling I and high esteem, cor ef the just pride Sacraj mentaas take in the citizen soldiery. The I regiment is here and has a cordial welcome from all.

During the encampment Major- General Barnes and staff will visit the camp. The First Artillery Regiment, Sacramento, Colonel Haymond, will also call and bid the visitors welcome, and the independent military companies will also their compliments. It is probable, also, that General Sheelian and stalf will visit the camp, and there is seme expectation that General- Mc- Comb and staff will come up from San Francisco. 7 The officers and men of the regiment get their meals, if they choose, at the dining tables of J. B.

Kueny, in the Grove, he sup. plying four large tables with substantial food. Many of the men come to the city, however, for dinner. Military Companies and and the Governor's Guard, of the First Artillery Pediment, N. G.

will assemble on street, corner of Second, Wednesday morning to receive and pay military honors to the First Infantry Regiment, now encamped in this city. It will join wiih that regiment as escort to the Commander-in- Chief of the Army of the United States. Grocery BI'RGLABizEi). The grocery of Emil Bayer, at the corner of Second and was burglarized Saturday night. Entrance was made through the transom of the back door and money taken from tills amounting to $7 or $8.

A hatchet was left in the grocery, brought from some other premises, which may lead to the identity of the party. Building have been received by Wm. Guttenbsrger, of the Sacramento Foundry, on Front street, for the construction of a power engine Eat 801 ing parties at Reno, lie has also contracted to build a 10 stamp mill for a Sacramento mining company, to 03 taken to a new location. This mill is to be run by water power. Art Gallebt Crocker art gallery is to be opened on Tuesday and Friday i of this week, from 10 to 4 o'clock, for the benefit of fie Howard Benevolent Society.

Tbe above art gallery is one of the finest in the United States, and will well repay a visit by lovers of art. Beginning to-night, there will bs every evening this week a free exhibition of the oxy-hydrogen light, showing the finest of stereoptican views from famous oil statuary, all shown frtm hj roof of the Mechauics' ttore, Fourth and streets. 7- Don't Fail to witness the Stereopticon exhibition to take place this evening opposite I'ostoflice, comer Fourth and streets. "Bewark of imitations in Rock and Rye. Trade-mark filed in this State and Nevada.

Geo. W. Chaslejr, sole agent. THE STATE CAMP MEETING. The State Camp Meeting closed its session last evening with a large audience in attendance.

the afternoon and evening the streets leading to East Park were thronged, and the largest attendance was upon the grounds that has been seen since the meeting commenced. The meetings which have occurred since our last report have been well attended and much interest manifested. The early meeting at 7:30 A. m. on Saturday was very spirited, and was conducted by Elder Frederick Fenu, of Sau Francisco.

At 9A. 11. the final session of the Convention was opened, Elder Dibble in the chair. Prayer was offered by Professor Elston, of Woodland, after which further reports from churches were made as follows From Church at Holds regular services every Lord's membership seventy, and maintains a Sunday school with average attendance of forty. Church at Grass No pastor; has nineteen members.

Elder G. Sharp, of San Francisco, was appointed a delegate to attend the Oregon State meeting to be held in November. The State Board was authorized to procure a tent for evangelical purposes. Elder E. B.

Ware presented the following resolutions Resolved, That we do hereby repudiate the name Campbellite so often used to designate us as a religious body, but we attinu our adhe3i.ul to tue names only given by Christ. Resolved; That wo do hereby repudiate the name Reverend as an title for our that word being used only in connection with the Deity in the Holy Scriptures (Ps. 9). The State Board were authorized to incorporate the organization. The following resolution was presented, and, upon motion, unanimously adopted Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention be irst, to the brethren Sacramento, for their hospitality during the continuance of this meeting second, to Mr.

Hubert Melon, for his kindness generosity- in giving us the use of these grounds; third, to the Adjutant-General of the state, (or his courtesy in furnishing tents for our use during the meeting fourth, to the press nf Sacramento, for the courtesy in publishing the proceedings, anil for notices given of our meetings fifth, to the committee of arrangements, for the ample preparations made for the entertainment and com. fort of those in attendance on these meetings. 222: On motion of Elder E. B. Ware, the Convention adjourned, to reassemble at the next annual meeting.

The usual preaching service was he'd at 11 A. when Elder J. H. McCullough dcliv! ered an interesting discourse upon the subject of "The Door." At 2 P. 31.

the final meeting of the Woman's Home Missionary Society was called to order by the Secretary. Mrs. Sue E. Grant, of Woodland, was elected Secretary pro tern. Reports of agents from San Fraueisco, Modesto, Hanford, Vacaville, Saratoga, Colusa, Xora Dell and El Monte were received.

Reports of officers were then received, as follows The Secretary reported that in accordance with instructions of the Society given at the last annual meeting, 500 copies of the Constitution and By-laws and proceedings of the Society have been printed and distributed. About 100 letters aid thirty postal cards were written by her. Three blank books were purchased. Three additional agents were secured during the year. Orders on the treasury in favor of the Sacramento mission were countersigned to the amount of i'J7 60, as follows Iv favor of Mrs.

Jane Pendegast, widow of the late missionary, 25 and for exiienses of Society, 827 10. Total receipts, $307 50 total disbursements, 85 balance on hand, $103 65. The Treasurer reported that he had received from the Secretary, and receipted therefor, 50 total disbursements, 85 balance in treasury, 65. On motion, the Committee on Building Fund was retained for the year. On motion, the present Board of Directors were reelected, as follows Mrs.

Angie B. Martin, of Santa Rosa, President; Mrs. Lydia F. Lose, of San Francisco, Secretary Mrs. Sue E.

Grant, of Woodland, Treasurer. An address followed by Elder J. H. Mr- Cullough, missionary for the Sau Francisco mis ion. Total amount of contributions for the coming year, $100 paid, and 20,000 feet of rough lumber subscribed for building a church in San Francisco, WV A resolution was offered and adopted authorizing the Board to procure its incorporation.

The meeting was on motion then adjourned till the first Monday of the next annual State meeting, to be held at Woodland, 1881. 7 At 3 P.M. Elder James Login preached, taking for his subject Faith." In the evening Elder Proctor preached to a iarL'e andien upon I Yesterday the morning prayer service wa3 led by Elder N. A. Walker.

This was followed with the Sunday-school at 9a. which was conducted by Mr. 7 At the 11 o'clock service the attendance was large, end Elder Proctor filled the desk, 1 having for li subject The Conflict." At 3 r. M. a communion service was held, and was Rowed with a sermon by Eider Moss of Oregon, upon "The Sacrifice of Cain and AbeL" 7" In the evening, at the final service.

Elder J. H. Mct'ullough of San Francisco, gave a discourse upon "The Conditions of Successfully Seeking after God." The attendance was large at tha dosing exercises, and those who have been in attendance upon the meetings state that it has been a very satisfactory and successful meeting, although not as large as expected. The condition of the churches throughout the State are reported as very favorably The best of feeling and order has prevailed during the entire meeting, and a general expression of regret was given by the campers that the time had arrived to strike tents and leave the grounds. Metropolitan At the Metropolitan Theater this evening, under the agement of Thomas Maguirc, the Baldwin Theater company will appear.

It includes James O'Neill, Miss Adeline Stanhope (her first appearance in Sacramento), Fred. De Belleville (his first appearance in Sacramento), Jean Clara Walter--, A. D. Bradley, Virginie Thorns, John W. Jennings, Annie Adams, E.

N. Thayer, Little Maud Adams, F. G. Ross and others. Mr.

O'Neill is a prime favorite here, and his reappearance will greatly many Of the others of the company some are strangers, but come warmly recommended by the press of the metropolis. The play to-night will be An Orphan of -the State." It is a sensational play by the author of "The Two Orphans," "A Celebrated Case" and other popular plays. The theater has been thoroughly renovated and many needed improvements made. Police Arrests were made in this city during Saturday ami Sunday as Thomas Brock, for battery, by officers Ferral and Rider Charles Ward, stealing ride on by officer Fredericks Raphael V.i-n'if-', common drujk, by officer Campbell Michael two charges of battery, by officer Carroll Weaver, drank, by officers Ferral, Jackson and Cafferty, and most of the boys of the Second Ward Harry Ferguson, drunk, by officer Frazee Robert Percell, common drunk only let out of the County Jail on hv officers Jackson and Ostwaldt Lillie Williams, disturbing the peace, by special officer Scott and citizen Gonnet Mollie Koberts, drunk, by officer Lee Frank burglary, by local officer McCoy. When the President Will Mayor Turner received the following dispatch yesterday: San Francisco, September 10th, 1880.

Hon. Jabez Turner, Mayor and Chairman of Citizens' Reception mittee, Sacramento The President and party will arrive at Sacramento at the hour of 6 P. M. on Tuesday, the 21st instant, as nearly 83 practicable. The President visits the navy yard at Mare Island and UnitPd States Arsenal, Benicis, on that day.

W. T. Sherman." It will therefore be teen that the reception of the President will be conducted strictly in accordance with the programme, as reported in the proceedings of the Reception Committee, published in another column. Test Case to lt ii stated by those interested in this city, that the test case which is being prepared for submission to the Supremo Court, to obtain a decision as to the necessity of electing county this fall, will come up and probably be decided the present week. case will be brought in San Francisco, and it is expected will be brought in the form of an application for a mandamus to compel the Commissioners to issue a call for an electi in.

Cri'Eltt to The esse of the People vs. C. A. Smith, charged with cruelty to animals, came up before Justice Gilmer on Saturday. It appeared upon the trial that Smith I procured a horse and carnage last mouth from the stable of William Milgate, and that the horse died in consequence of his overdriving.

At the conclusion of the trial the defendant was found guilty of the charge, and will receive 1 the judgment of the Court to-day. "Don't Fail to witness the" Stereopticon exhibition to take place this evening opposite Postoffice, comer Fourth and streets. New Styles of Buttons, of every descripti in, at L. Bien's, Eighth and Camel's Hair Cloth, 15 cents a yard, at L. Bien's, Eighth and streets.

7 BRIEF NOTES. William Johnston, Miss Bella Johnston, Mi-s Mattie Johnston, J. W. Boyd and wife, Sacrameuto, passed Omaha Saturday, to arrive September 22d. ii James G.

Fair and party parsed Omaha in a special car yesterday, to arrive September 23d. VVV- 7 F. O. Deveres, of Sacramento, will arrive from the East this morning by overland train. Alarm of An alarm of fire was turned in at Box No.

35, located at Seventh and streets, about 10 o'clock last evening, caused by tire in a box of waste paper at the Lull House. Upon arrival of the Fire Department the paper had been extinguished and they returned again to quarters. 7 Yob can buy for cash, at the Cash Grocery of H. H. Paulk, No.

814 street Choice pickled roll butter, per roll, CO cents 8 pounds granulated sugar, $1 12 pounds rice fjr $1 choice Calif -ruia sugar-cured hams, per pound, 13 cents 1 gall new mixed pickles, 40 cents; 5-pound beat Co." tea. Besides being a fine bitter, and an excellent appetizer, the IXL Bitters, when taken immediately after meals, is a sure cure for dyspepsia or indigestion, as the certificates on the back cf each bottle will amply I Have Tried Hammers Cascara Sagrada Bitters, and find they are all they are recommended to be. O. N. Cronkite.

Sacramento. HUNTINGTON, HOPKINS IMPORTERS OK Hardware, Iron, Steel and Coal, S.MKAWE.ST© FRANCISCO, CALL TIIE ATTENTION OF 7 SPORTSMEN In Till 111 Large and Complete Stock or English and American BREECH -LOADING 000000 ii shotguns, ii ree WINCHESTER BIFLES, REVOLVERS, Hazard and Oriental Powder, IIUOP AID CHILLED SHOT, Wads, Caps, Pin an Central Fire Cartridges, POWDER-FIASKS, SHOT-POUCHES AND BELTS, i 7 GAME BAGS. ETC. 1 -i 1.1 JUST ARRIVED: VENABLE'S DE SOT C. C.

(3 and 4 02.) VENABLE'S POMONA" Br. J. Cinch TWIST. VENABLE'S "POMONA" Br J. 7-oa, 12 inch TWIST.



"ROYAL" ONE CAST KEY WfST (Fred. K. dc Bary Co New Fine). 800 Pkgs JAPAN TEA, Our own brumls, ex ship Adams, McNeill 1- I WaOLESALK CHOCEHB. I i- anil 95 Front street, Sacramento.

WHITTIER, FULLER 00., Manufacturers and Dealers In Paints, Moldings, Oils, Mirrors, Glass, Pictures, Windows, Frames, Doors, Cornices, Blinds, Brackets, Wall Paper, Etc, ALSO. A Full Supply of ARTISTS' MATERIALS. ORLEANS BUILDING, Sos. 1029 and Second st. Bacramento -OFFICE OF JAMES I.

FELTER Orleans Building. No. 10.6 and 1018 Second street, between nud K. CS It XI to, IMPORTERS ANO WHOLESALE LIQUOR DEALERS. SPECIAL NOTICE (STATE FAIR, 1880): WE INVITO.

OUR PATRONS AXD FRIENDS, WHO ANTICIPATE VISITING during FAIR WEF.K to notify us at once, and we will find ROOMS tat than tT arrlT lh MEDICINAL PURPOSES i roi's :1 PE4CH AND HONEY PIKE OLD WHISKY I'l KF OLD 1.01 RBON WHISKY L'Hralin FItENCH KKINOY I'HFHLKYS I'l Mil KKANHY CIIFM FY'S AND OLO POUT MINE lIILSLKI'S tS Tho Medical Faculty arc daily prescribing for the above goods from my well selected stock. G-BOZtGrS "XKT. No. 51 From siren, Sarrnmcnto AH. WACHHORST, Gold aid Silver atclies, Diamonds and Jewelry.

£3" TUE LEADENG JEITEI.EK OF KAMENTO. 4 LARGEST STOCK! GREATEST VARIETY I FINEST LOWEST PRICES tST In daily receipt of New Goods, direct from the factories, hence all my customers receive benefit of buying from first hands. Sign of the Town NO. STREET. BET.

TIIIRD AND FOI'KTH, UAIIENTO. INSTATE FAIR, 1880. THE IXL STORE! Just Received Just Received Latest Styles Latest Styles MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING, Hats, Boots and Slioes, Fine Furnishing Goods Trunks, Valises and Satchels I Prices Defy Competition! All Goods Marked in Plain Figures! PKICE TO SAMUEL NATHAN I STORE, NOS. 519 AND 519' STKEET, BETITEIS FIFTH AND SIN 1 11. SACRAMENTO BUY THE lAGOE, Tiie Best Wagon in the Market.

A large of FARM, FBMCUT on SPBIMJ WAV li l.aud STUDEBAKER BROS. MANUFACTURING SM'KVHI'MO lIRAMK. 'ill nml 219 STREET. JuS-Uaswlmfl CARPET AND FURNITURE HOUSE No. 411 Street, between Fourth and Fifth.

tS. FIXE riISMTIISF. Will! A FFLI 11XE CUIPF.TS, KTI. Til 214 STREET, BETWEEN SECOND AND THIRD. HAYING ENLARGED AMD THOROUGHLY REFITTED MY STORE, I AM NOW PREPARED TO wait on my old stumors ani any others that nor ire a call I never mUrcprctiCul gootla, nor deal in any imitation goods.

1 would call particular i ttention to my stock of Trusses, Supporters, Shoulder Braces and Elastic Stockings, Pl'ltE OltlGS A.VO til 1.11 Hi IS, AMI FIRE LIQFOKS FOIt MEDICIXAL ISE. S. B. RIDGWAY, APOTHECARY AND PHARMACIST. i mama -ii wmi iiii I ii i mrfni i HIS BOSTON DRUG STORE, ff A COMPLETE STOCK OF DRUGS AND CHEMICALS.

TRY BVIY FEVER AftSD AGUE CURE, SOLD ONLY BY ADOLPH WALTHER, Northeast cor. Third and streets. ff CALIFORNIA DRUG STORE, ff Southeast corner and Sixth streets. A Full Assortment of Drags, Chemicals, Patent Medicines, Wines, ituAMiv, riots, ETC Prescriptions Carefully Prepare! at any l.our, day or night. F.

TRAFTON. i S. GOLDMAN, Libra LE AND RETA'L Northwest Serord nml streets. IN OBO! TO FACILITATE TRADE, I WILL tend, on appli ation, P2IMED PI'HK LISTS. Subject to the Tally.

Charges ln the Price of Goods. 7 THE BEST OF NEW JAPAN AND CHINA TEAS. 43- The Finest Selection of Costa Rica and Java Coffees, and all other Goods belonging to a First-class Grocery House. 77 S. GOLDMAN, Corner Second and .1 streets, Sacramento.

Mammoth Importations By the Leading Clothiers, S. J.3STATHAN& CO. Nos. 301, 303 and 305 Northeast cor. Third.

LATEST NEW YORK STYLES IN MEN'S, YOUTHS' MD I BOYS' CLOTHING AH made expressly for In onr manufactory, So. 78 Keade street, Sew under the personal superintendence of our NATHAN, who has hud -5 years' experience In the Kelall tlothliis Trade In this eliy. "lie hare not enumerated our Mink, but in lie Inspection. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS, TRUNKS, SATCHELS, ALL SELECTED WITH CARE, AND PURCHASED FROM FIRST HANDS, ALL OF WHICH Z'2- ARE OFFERED AT LOW PRICES BY THE OX.D HOUSE S. Nos.

301, 303 and 305 street, Northeast Corner New York Fsoiory No. 78 Resde street. 7 San Francisco Wholesale House No. Eattery tsr nnv'T vail TO KCK AITR riniuiT AT THE fcTATF. FAIR 1 FOR SALE OR LEASE.

Grand Hotel Property SITUATED ON THE CORNER OK FRON. and streets, Sacramento city, directly oj- the steamboat landing, and near the rail- depot. The best location la the city for a betel and business property. Will be sold low, with fa tor- able terms as to payments, er leased tor a term rears at a low rental. Inquire of CADWALADER PARSONS, No.

81 street, Sacramento or S. DFWT-Y. 80S Pine street. Sm- Francisco IRON-STONE SEWER PIPE Terra Colts Chimney ripe. Tops, CAPS, FLOWER TOTS, FIRE BRICK, Fire Cay, GUINEAN'S PATENT SPRING FILTER, Bundock's Cutter Cooler.

ffSTONEWARE'a or ALL rRSCRIFTIO.VS. -ECOBBY SnCZTXX, So. 317 Sacramento, t'al. 17-Splm,.

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