Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 19, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 19, 1897
Page 19
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Te go Below Us in Price, is to go Below Us in Quality. WE GIVE AWAY FREE With every purchase of $20 Cash a very Fine Coat and Hat Rack. With every Boys Suit Short Knee Pants.Suit or Overcoat. One Savings Bank Free. Good news to Thousands. We give away the above articles in add-on to selling ur famons make of Clothing »t Manufacturers prices. fro matter *hat induce- them This week's offerings ought to interest all shrewd shoppers. $7 50, $10 and $12 For Suits and Overcoats. All wool, last colors In all kinds of goods. Any of tbe above mentioned Suits and Overcoats will cost you .*2,50 more ID any other house In Logansport. Tnose low prices are men- rMoned by us because we are manufacturers and no middleman's profit to $2, $3, $4 and $5 Are the prices that br,y out In- * . ^ ir» t r r\ r» iti XT I C Over- 3 to ducements In our CHILDREN'S PARLOR, both in Suits and coats, Knee Pants suits, ages 16 years. Your mothers can save enough by buying at "The Hub" on one purchase to buy a pair of shoes or his Underwear »nd can save money besides. 2.00 for 3.00 Hats 11 for $1.50 Hats, $1.50 for 52 Hat» and ifeat sell anywhere for 3.00. lOc for Hose you pay 15e for elsewhere. 50e for Fleeced Lined Underwear tkat other Koiaes sell at a b,g IBarg»in lor 69 cents. The Best D nlatmdried Shirt for Stc »» America. «kgant L&undried Shirt, Fancy BOSOM, extra Cuffi. 50 cents for ail 50 Laundried VfC&fAU.L' AJ**V*1A>«* *^v» .^.--- -j — --- -j , _ ,_ Shirts Cuffs attached,2 extra Collars for your ntoneyi worth. Call at THE HUB, Harry prank's Old Stand. TRY Al Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR THIS FALL...... For A Suit or Overcoat He Makes Stylish Garments. All Work Guaranteed 304 Market' Street, Over Coupon's Drug Store. W. R. HENING & CO. Successor, to •The Equitable Produce and Stock E C. O. Heffley, our local ojrrespondonts W. W. Milner «. A. R. «all<Un«f. JLoxamtipurt. Ind. Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213. IniuwnoeandLoMM. All kinds of Insur- Bonds written In first class com- Money to 1 jan 6 per cent. Insurance, Real Estate And Loans. 308 Fourth Street. S. M. Closson,3l9 Pearl St. Kroeger & Strain. If You Want to Borrow Money On City or Farm Property °aU on ©RTH M. VRL.SB.Y, — 904 Fourth Street.— Of all Kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Come* of Fourth and Rroadwuv Oentral Telephone No Olflce 363, residence 543 HENRY WEBER. The Merchant Tailor, does first class work. Stylish and well fitting clothes made Cleaning and repairing neatly done. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET over Bruggeman's Millinery Store. OITY NRW3. Otto Landry Is on the sick list. Shoes lower than ever at Walden's. George Early has returned Trom a visit at Olcero. For first-class good shoes see Ellas Winter, 510 Broadway. Dr. W. C. Schwler, of Wheatfield, Ind,, was In the city yesterday visiting relatives. Mr. Charles Reynolds of 215 Third street is confined to bis home by an attack of rheumatism. Miss Daisy Strecker of 316 west Market street, who has been on the sick list, is convalescing. Free! Free!! Free!!! With every dress pattern purchase we will give skirt lining—Chicago Bargain Store. James McCall and Mrs. Emma Jacobs of Elkhart have been committed to Longclift hospital for medical attention. The pension department at Washington has transferred Special Examiner Charles Slavens from the east to this city. It was Steinhart's orchestra instead of Fornofl's which furnished music for the flower show at the Masonic temple Wednesday night. Good C. B. corsets, 29c; yarn, 5o a skein; children's bicycle hose, 5c a pair; men's heavy cotton socks, 5c a pair; ladies' 25c fleeced bose, 121c a pair.—Chicago Bargain Store. A. Layman of the Westside was the victim of a very agreeable surprise Wednesday evening, the occasion oeing his 42d birthday. The evening was spent In a very pleasant manner. Kokomo Tribune, Monday: Judge Dykeman was over from Logansport today Judge Winfield is down from Logansport looking after business in the Superior court. . Miss English, of Logansport, who has charge of the culinary department of that jail, was at Russiavilie, Sunday with her parents. Mayor Taggart, of Indianapolis, is sending out letters to Indiana mayors asking them to send delegates to the coming convention of the Boys' and Girls' National home and employment association. Mayor McKee gave notice of the receipt of such an invitation Wednesday night, and the council authorized him to appoint a delegate. He will make the appointment within the next Tew days. CLAY CLEMENT, An Actor Generally Admired Here, will Appear at Dolan's Tonight— Another Good Play. The World-Kerald ventures the prediction that the man who wrote "A Southern Gentleman" and who appeared in the leading role at Boyd's last evening will some day be recognized as the greatest American actor and as one of the greatest playwrights of this country. The "Southern Gentleman," as a play, Is Immeasurably superior to the dramatic rubbish which Is now so much the fad. It possesses dramatic force and action. It sparkles with pleasant humor, and Is dignified by jriginal philosophy. Clay Clement will become famous both as actor and author, and he possesses a talent in either capacity which entitles him to high rank. Mr. Clement and a splendid company will present "A Southern Gen- ileman" at the opera house tonight. FALLEN AMONG THIEVES. The opera house will have for its attraction Monday night Thomas H. Davis and William T. Keogh's grand scenic production, "Fallen Among Thieves," anew play, which makes its first appearance here. The drama is one of the most powerful seen in years. "Fallen Among Thieves" tells a simple but powerful story of jountry ancl city life. Real heart interest centers In the heroine's midnight elopement and the subsequent awakening to the perils that surround her, when she finds she has been deceived and brought as a decoy to the gilded gambling palace; in the heartbroken father 1 * unwavering faith and hl8 tiresome search for his wayward child. The startling par't played by the mother, the soul-stirring rescue, when a fearless woman dives into the river of real water, to save the heroine's life, and the final denouement, are all absorbing features of the thrilling plot, while no stronger Imagery has been seen upon the mimic stage for many a day. The play abounds in sensational effects, startling climaxes, stirring scenes; in every way It Is replete with all the elements that please and teem witn laugh-provoking comedy. It Is mounted In a sumptuous manner, many of the settings being marvels of stage mechanism. A 6RASD SUCCESS. The Chrysanthemum Show Closed Last Night. Last night was the closing Dlght of the chrysanthemum show at the Masonic temple, and an immense crowd of people were present to see the beautiful floral display and partake of the delightful musical programme presented. The Longcllfl orchestra was present and rendered some choice selections, which were highly enjoyed by the audience. Vocal solos were rendered by Miss Grace Barker, Miss McMillen, Miss Alexander and W. T. Glfle, in their usual effective way. The Treble Clef quartette, ;omposed of Mesdames McConnell and Shultz and Misses Meek and Tucker, rendered "Uomin' Thro' the Rye" and "Little Pickaniny" in a most charming manner, and were heartily encored by the large audience. Master Charles Cope rendered several choice violin solos, which were muoh enjoyed by the audience. At the conclusion of tho musical pro- gramme the young folks took possession nf the hall and enjoyed a pleasant dance until midnight. The managers of the enterprise feel gratified at the very liberal patronage accorded them, and all who attended the show are unanimous In proclaiming it a grand success. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. The best cigars in the city—Porter. Blue Points on half shell at Loufe Wandreis 1 . Yesterday was pay-day with the police force. Miss Alice Hurd is at Lafayette visiting friends. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Flemmlng, of Kenneth, a son. John H. Weaver of Winamac was f.n'the city yesterdav- Pure rendered leaf lard 6c pound at Ray's meat market. Boys' nox-em-all school shoes, best on earth, at Ellas Winter's. Lobsters and Blue Points served all next week at Louie Wandreis 1 . Henry Bernfield of Montlcello was in the city yesterday on business. Pork tenderloins, spare ribs and smoked sausage at Ray's meat market. William Roaenthal Is reported dangerously ill at his residence on Ninth street. Walter Behmer and Julius Kloenne jr., went out north, this morning after game. Frank Beamer mourns the loss of a valuable bird dog, which he claims was stolen yesterday. John Easty, manager of Schnpe- berger's barn, has purchased ten head of driving horses. Mrs. Mary E. Eple, of Kewanna, Is in the city visiting her daughter, airs. Henry Oahls, on Miami street, The Hlviet Rate and Mame Beam have returned from a three-months Bloomlngton, »•»»•»«••••••••*»*»••••>»••••«*••*••*' Arc Determined To close out our various lines of OVEECOATS in men's boy ; s and children's department. "We are OVER STOCKED, and to anyone needing a garment of this character, would say that we have made prices that will more the goods. We have a large, variety in Beaver*, .Meltons, Kerseys, Oxfords, Black, Brown, Blnes,Dlsters Reefers etc., of "finest quality, and first class make. In Winter Underwear, We are simply in it, and hare the largest stock ever offered belore in oOc lines mp.Good heavy comfortable garments lor cold weather. In Furnishings We have a full supply. Railroad Men's Duck Coats, and Shirts, closest figures possible. Splendid wearing garments in this line. Do not forget our Children's Depf., which is full o£ wearino- apparel for the little fellows. We kave the best 25 and 50c Knee pants ever offered in this market. Mackintoshes and Rubber Coats. A fuil supply at lowest prices. We have arranged to \* supply anyone with a correct garinent.that we tanD*t fit J; from, stock. Thanking you for past favors. J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. t 322 Market Street, Loganspcrt, Indiana. ] j A PACKED HOUSE VIn- Greeted the Managers of the St. cent Bazaar Last Evening. A packed house greeted the managers of the St. Vincent's church bazaar last evening, by f£ir the largest of the week and a number of handsome articles were disposed of, Miss Stella Sebastlan-McClure rendered a delightful vocal solo In her usually artistic style, and was heartily applauded by the large audience; and although suffering from a severe cold Mrs. McClure rasponded to the wish of the audience by singing a ballad. The cake walk was repeated last night by request and proved an Immense drawing card. The cake was awarded to Hugh Shanahan and Miss May Warnock as being the most graceful walkers by tbe judges, Chas. Jones, Chester Keene and George Mabrey. The management have decided to continue the bazaar tonight when another Interesting programme will be rendered. visit with Mends Illinois. Fred G, Six, city editor of the Suntington-News Democrat, is again confined to his home in this city with it severe cold. Mi»« Mamie Mullen, of Chicago, who visited Mrs. Frank Mturphy, of East High street, last su'm'taer, Fill be Mrg. M.'s gtieat ijeit Monday. The argument In the celebrated Stoddard murder case, at Plymouth, closed today, and the opinion prevails that the jury will either disagree or acquit. John Snivel/ and Miss Mary Stig- ney, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Will Schreyer of the Nortbstde, have returned to their home In Delaware, Ohio. Ex-Uouncilman Thomas O'Oonnell of Peru was in the city yesterday. He was agreeably surprised at the improvements that have been made .n Logansport. Complaint Is made of three young .ady students at Michaels' business college who are In the habit of annoying city officials by a too frequent use of the telephone. Mrs. Henry Cahls, of Miami street, will go th Kewanna to keep house for her father until tbe return of her mother, who will leave tonight for Nlles, Ks,n., to visit her parents and other relatives, Ladles' drawers, 35c grades, I7c pair: children's white merino shirts ind drawers, 13c; men's heavy 65c fleeced ribbed shirts and drawers, 39o; children's union suits, 24c—Chl- iago Bargain Store. Arthur L. Triesbaeh, of Jacksonville, Florida, who has been visiting his brother, Winfleld S. Triesbaeh, of Helm street, left for his home today, accompanied by his mother, who has been visiting her son here for some time. Flora Sentinel: "D. A. Hyman and Roy Bridge moved their families to Logansport this week where they will run a feed yard and deal in horses Mrs. E. J. Clingenpeel of Logansport was the guest of relatives and friends in the city Thursday and Friday." TO TR1DE WITE CHINESE. Yonng Charles Denby Becomes manager of a Commercial Syndicate. A Washington dispatch says that Jharles Denby Jr. of Evansvllle, Ind., who has been secretary of legation at Pekin for twelve years, has resigned his office to accept the management of a new commercial syndicate that has been formed to promote trade between the United States and China. Mr. Denby is now in this country completing his arrangements, and will return to Pekln about the 1st of January with a cargo of samples of machinery and other merchandise which, are needed by the Chinamen. He has the advantage of a wide acquaintance among the mandarins, he has the confidence of the government officials and Is able to speak the Chinese language fluently. Attention, St. Heorge Commandery. All members St. Georga Com- mandery Knights of St. John are hereby ordered to be present this evening at tbe armory at 3:00 o'clock. CHAS. Bum., Capt. County Asylum and Jail. The grand jury reported an examination of the county jail oti the 16th and found the same in a fair sanitary condition. They also reported that they had examined the county asylum on the 17th and found the same in good tanlkary condition. Hood's Are gaining favor rapidly. MAH • • Business men and trarel- B^ § j | £> lers carrv them in Test • III ^ft pockets, ladies carry them • • • "^ In pones, hon»ekeepar» k«*}> th«n in medieiM '**. SCHOOL BOA-RD REQUESTS That Old Xvuinet l» Donated to tb« Public Library. To the Citizens of the City of Logansport: It is quite certain that very many of our citizens have both whole and broken volumes of standard magazines. They are of little or no value without an index, but with an Jcdei they become valuable adjuncts either to a private or public library; but few private persons care to incur tbe expense of an index, which is quite an expense. Doubtless many persons are unaware of the existence of such an icdei, and give little attention to the preservation of the numbers. Tbe school board desires to say to the citizens that it has not funds at its command to purchase these magazines, but ir the citizens will take to the library the volumes of the magazines, which they can spare, or do not have use for, they will be properly assorted, and the board will procure the most modern and valuable index, and thus the valuable matter in these publications will be at the command of an appreciative public, available to all and form a very valuable acquistlon to the library, from matter which now too frequently finds its way to the waste basket, Bring your magazines at once, whether whole or partial volumes, bound or unbound. THE BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES. SEAL ESTATE TKANSFEfth. Reported for the Pharos Dj Seth M. Velgey. Abstractor. A. J. Murdock to Ruth Mtnnick pt Richardville res s e cor North and 25th St. *500. Daniel Daggett to George W. Con- neil, pt sec 32 Jackson tp., 40 acres. »7,000, James M. Bicheson to Letta E. Trttt, pt sec 32 Tipton tp , 20 acres. •800. Oliver Hendee to Geo. W. Hendee, pt sec 12 Boone tp., 40 acres. 11,200. Sarah A. Spahrto Thomas B. Reeder and wife, w 46 ft of lot 28 M. A. Heath's add s e cor Market and Wilkinson st. »1,900 Elbert W. Shirk Sr., to Walter A Osmer, pt W. and E. canal land, e of 17th st. 1100. Elbert W. Shirk to Logan Milling Co., pt W. and E. canal land w of Berkley street. fl.OO. John A. Nelson to Patrick Graney, lot 23 S. M. Tipton's add s w cor Market and 21st st. 12,525. Wm. H. Zimmerman to Edwin W. Voorhis, and 1-9 or pt sec 22 Miami tp. «500. John Gray to Win. H. Beauty, pt sec 11, 80 acres Jefferson tp. 81,800. M. J. Gallagher to Manine and Nellie Gallagher, si lot 27 Wm. H. Standley'sadd. 11.00. Mary E. Schreckenghaust to Sarah Byers,"e i s e i sec 1 80 acres Jefferson tp. $4,000. ^ Champion Cake Walter. The Georgia cake walkers of Marlon, headed by Professor J. H. Robinson, were in tbe city Wednesday afternoon. They intend to give an exhibition here soon. Professor Robinson claims the championship of Indiana, Illinois and Ohio as a cake walker. He wears two gold medals as souvenirs of past achievements. Messrs. William Gregg and Charles Maurice are at Rockfleld on a hunt ing expedition. OF THE NEW Was attended with great success. We extend a cordial invitation to Call and See Us, TVOLAJTS OPERA HOUSE. -U • • • • Friday, November 17, '97 ME. H. MARTIN —PRBSENT8- Mr. Clay Clement And an Admirable Company in th« Romantic Play. fl Southern Gentleman A§ origiRa'ly Produced at McVlokepi Theatre. Chicago, »nd with Entirely Kew Scenery. Hecelvlng- the Highest Pralie. A Great Play, Perfect Characterization. PRICES.. H, 75c,50c, 35c and 25c. S«»ti on sale at Johmton'i drug ttora. Smoke the Columbia cigar AMUSEMENTS. D OLAN'S OPEEA HOtTSB. WK. DOLAJt, KAXAOBB. Monday, November, 22th. Supreme Event of the Season. THOMAS H. DAVIS asd WILLIAM T- KEOGH'S Imposing Dramactle Spectacle, FALLEN AMONG THIEVES- An all Eclipsing Scenic Epitome of Greater Gotbam. Most Thrillintr Exciting- «nd Picturesque oi nil Modem Comedy Drama/",, Great High Bridge Scene: •Introducing we moat Antoundlmc Benra- lion the world hag erer.bebeld. Prices—25c, 35c, 50c and 75c. Seats ou sale at JobnBwn'j drug stan. ANTAl-MIDY These tiny Capsules tn to Balsam of Ccpaibt Cabebs or Injections and I CURE IN 48 HOURS tbe same diseutt iuconrenieiCT. SMtyOl In

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