Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 13, 1957 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 11
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Thursday Evening, June 13, 1S5T DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS {All L.Istlngrs Contrai Daylight Time) WMAQ WBBM (780) WLS WSAL (1230) THUKSDAS EVENING 6:00 Altx Drier Bell-Airs Morgan • New* t:15 Bu'neu Now* News Wearier Sports 6:30 .Sews Spor-s Kevlew News Heatter 6:45 1 Man's Fazn. Josh Brady News Hennessey 7:00 News 7:15 Hope 7:30 Xightllne 7:45 Nlghtline Anderson Anderson T-Men T-ilen News Variety Muslo News Variety News Serenade Mystery Mystery 8:00 News 8:15 0N 8:30 Westward !:45 Westward Kews World Sports Music Hall Fun Tlmo Fun Time News Mantovanl Bob & Ray Bob & Ray Bob & Ra.y Big Bands 9:00 News 6:15 Chan 9:30 Chan 9:43 Chan News Anderson R. Q. Lewis R. Q. i/ewis News Imagination Haven of Rent Haven of Rest News Nlghtwatch NlBlttwateh 3-Star Final 10:00 News 10:15 Night Desk 10:30 Night Desk 10:45 Sports News Mercler Town Crier Weltzel Rhythym Rhythym Scotland Y& Scotland ?d Nlghtwatch Nightwatch Nlghtwatch Nightwatch FRIDAY MORNING J:00 Dre4«r News News-Harrlnetttn BreaKfasi J:li Chicago CalL Jim Conwar Breakfast 8:30 Chicle Call Gold Coast Breakfast J:«5 Barry. News Breakfast Breakfast Club News Club Muslo Club Ads Club Rise & Shine 9:00 News &:15 Truth-Cons. 9:30 Bandstand 9:45 Bandstand Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey My True Story My True Story News Girl Marries Rise-Shine Rise-Shine News Melodies 10:00 Bandstand 10:16 Bandstand 10:30 Bandstand 10-45 Badstand Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Klolse & Josh Howard Miller WJilsp. Sts. Jack Paar News Millie Woman's Woman's Quoen-Day Queen-Day 11.00 News Wendy Warren NewB 11:15 Record* BackstaBe Wife Martha Cran* 11:ZO Records Helen Trent Markets 11:45 The Duchess Gal Sunday Weather Words Record Shop Jarroll Co Carroll Co. FRIDAY AFTEKNOON Channel 6 Channel 8 6:15—Channel 6 Channel 8 6:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 6:45—Channel 4 Channel 6 7:00—Channel 4 Channel'6 Channel 8 7:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 8:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 8:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 9:30—Channel 4 10:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:45—Channel 4 Channel 8 11:00—Channel 6 11:30—Channel 6 12:00 News 12:15 Merryfleld 12:30 Merryfleld 12-45 Merryfield Nora Drake Ma Perkins Julian Bentley Road of Life News Markets Dlnnerbell Dinnerbell News Co. Extension Farm Corner Farm Corner 3:00 News New. Markets Play Ball 1:15 Confessions Mrs. Burton ilanplnesn Road Play Ball 1:30 Woman In Ho'Strike-Rich Queen-Day Baseball 1-45 Dr. Gentry Entertainment Queen-Day Baseball 2:00 News House Party News 2:15 Matinee House Party Jut-k Paar 2:ZQ Hilltop Dr. Malone News 2:45 Pepper ypungLucky badies Wayne King Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball 3:00 Newn 1:15 Jim Mills 2:30 Goodwin S:4S Goodwin Woman Vlewm Muury ilaglll Gold Coast Take a Break News Jjombardo Variety Music Variety Music Baseball Baseball Baseball Scoreboard 4 :00 News 4:15 Jim M11U 4:30 Sports 4:45 Jim Mills Pnul Gibson Pnul Gibson Paul Gibson Shopping News Polka Party News Polka Party Off Record Off Record Toon Tunes Teen Tunes 6:00 News News , l y c . lk 6:15 Wed Howard John Harrington Welk 0:30 Wed Howard Sports « f'lk 6-45 Stone, News Lowell Thomas News Tune Time Want Ads Bunker Hill "Wonders ney Miami County Bridge Falls PERU, Ind. — Miami county commissioners met in special ses sion Wednesday with County High way Supt Joseph Zehring after the Richardson bridge two miles nortl of here on laover's Lane collapsec Tuesday afternoon. County Surveyor Harold Norris was authorized to make a survej to. determine what size bridge wil be needed and to obtain an esti for Army Specialist William! mate of costs. It was pointed ou Gl's Attorney Raps Counsel On Publicity Consider Asking F ed oral Judge To Level Contempt Citation Against Dechert WASHINGTON (UP)—An attor- Earl J. Carroll New Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Eleven TV Programs THURSDAY EVENING 6:00—Channel 4 Rascals Weather News News .News Dinah Shore Sgt. Preston News News Circus Time Wash. Sq. Bob Cummings Wash. Sq. Climax Dan Thomas People's Choice Bold Journey Tenn. Ernie Pluyhouse 90 Playhouse Lux Video Annapolis Town Mayor State Trooper County Show News Playhouse News Movies Late Show Weather Tonight FRIDAY AFTERNOON (CDT) .2:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 12:15—Channel 6 Channel 8 .2:30—Channel 6 • Channel 8 1:00—Channel 8 1:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 2:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 2:30—Channel 8 3:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 3:15—Channel 8 3:30—Channel 4 Channel 8 3:45-X;hannel 6 4:00—Channel 6 3:45—Channel 6 Channel 8 4:15—Channel 8 4:30—Channel 8 Channel 4 4:45—Channel 4 5:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 5:15—Channel 6 Rules That Withholding Of Taxes Constitutional Marion County Circuit Judge Rejects Petition To Block New Withholding Law INDIANAPOLIS (UP) —Marionling the court to issue an injunc- Markets News-Weather Farm News Farm-Home Club 60 World Turns Miss Brooks. IU Tenn. Ernie House Party Festival Theater Payoff Crosby Queen Brighter Day Secret Storm Movie Edge Of Night Romances Movie Romances Chapel Door Life of Christ Stu Erwin Cartoon. 1 ; Churchman Mickey Mouse Early Show Chuckwagon Circuit Judge John L. Niblack Wednesday ruled the withholding of Indiana gross income taxes was constitutional. But though Niblack. rejected a petition to block the new withholding law he called the act "unwise." He said the law enacted by the 1957 Legislature was "not salutary for the public good for the reason that each taxpayer is not required to go through the burden of figuring and attending his own tax affairs." Niblack said the taxpayer won't 'know what he is paying." • But he said the fact he thought the act "unwise," "does not make it unconstitutional." Earlier, a bookkeeper testifying as an expert witness said employers would have to spend 75 extra minutes a year figuring out the new withholding of Indiana gross income taxes. The estimate was made by William Buchanan of the Taylor Bookkeeping Co., Indianapolis. Handley Takes Issue With Ike INDIANAPOLIS (UP) —Governor Handley late Wednesday took issue with President Eisenhower condition of Indiana's over the schools. tion to stop the state from imposing withholding beginning July! 1st. Owners of a cleaning shop "in nearby Beech Grove filed the ac- The controversy was touched off earlier when the President met with. 40 Midwestern Republican Congressmen at a White' House breakfast. The question of federal school aid came up and Eisen- tion in Marion Circuit Court onlhower referred to pictures shown grounds that the law is unconstitutional. The plaintiff said the law requires employers to collect taxes without compensation. Buchanan admitted the bookkeeping in connection with withholding was simple. But he claimed it would increase the amount of payroll work on deductions-by at least 25 per cent. He estimated the average bookkeeper would have to spend an hour and 15 minutes more per employe per year to administer withholding. One of the plaintiffs, Jack him by Rep. Samuel K. McConnell (R-Pa), ranking Republican on the House Committee of Education and Labor. The 'pictures allegedly showed schools in Indiana which were run down and badly in need of repair. The President said McConnell actually had .visited the places depicted in the pictures.- But he would not say in which part of Indiana they were located. Handley took issue with the President at a press conference called at the Statehouse. He re - affirmed his faith in "home rule" and said "Indiana has been taking care o£ school construction." Referring to McConnell, Handley said "anybody can make s point by taking a picture." A reporter then asked the governor if he still was against federal aid as he was in his recent campaign. "If anything, I'm more opposed," Handley replied. He added that he no,w has "more information" a about the controversial subject. Monon Boy Is Badly Hurt In Auto Wreck MONTICELLO, Ind. — Norman Danford, 12, Monon, is reported getting along satisfactorily at the White county Memorial hospital after removal of his spleen following a wreck in Monon Tuesday evening, He suffered a ruptured spleen, when the car in which he was riding, .driven by J. D. Danford, 19, The hearing was on' a suit ask- the American way." Ackers, was the first to testify., Monon, collided with a car driven He said the job was "pretty sim- by George Davidson, 35, Indian- pie," but "if I make a mistake" a polis. •he would be subject to fines and The Danford car, was headed side street. After colliding the Monon car hit a light pole and the other auto broke off a fire hydrant. The 1949 model Danford car was a total loss, and $600 damage was done to the 1956 model Davidson car. IDAV1LLE YOUTH HURT MONTICELLO, Ind. — James M. Draper, 18, route 1, Idaville, suffered a brain concussion and a fractured shoulder Monday when his car went out of control on a curve south of Linden on U.S. 231 and rolled four times. He is a imprisonment. south on U.S. 421 in Monon and | patient at Culver hospital, Craw- He said, "I don't think that's Davidson was headed west on aifordsville. Senate Passes Money Bills For $8 Billion Pass Measure For 17 Independent Agencies, Then Labor And HEW Bills WASHINGTON (UP) - The Senate, with a rare burst of speed, Wednesday approved two money bills carrying more than eight billion dollars for various govern- ] ment agencies—about 640 million' pi' an 'ijj[g'' Corn. Planting Is Far Behind LAFAYETTE (UP) —Rain has delayed corn planting to the latest dates i in more than 20 years in some parts o£ Indiana, crop experts said Wednesday. Despite this 70 per cent of the Hoosier corn crop was in last week. Weather conditions permitted field.work 55 per cent of the time last week, said Robert E. Strasz- heim, agricultural statistician at Purdue University. Straszheim said the rain "again prevented farmers from an all-out assault on much delayed field work and planting, dollars less than President Eisen-; " Aw)lhcr 2 5 per cent of the corn tari J. uarrou «.new ™.* !todu f applications was June sa,d he and his associates con-.,._ Th(j com ^| ssion?rs will nold [another special session next Mon contempt citation against Robert I Dechert, the Defense Department's general counsel. •But "Carroll said thoy probably will decide against such a request in order to avoid "getting off on a side issue." ] He said they were inclined to ; »-. «^ feel that they should stick to the ! jCOUT l/fOWIIS main issues whether Japanese or American courts should decide whether Girard was acting in performance of his official duties •when he killed a Japanese woman .shell scavenger on a firing range. vhile Jack Sny- and Max Gain, Hunker Hill, were digging footings to reinforce a cement abutment, and the two narrowly escaped injury. Carroll said he was irked at Dechert's reported statement in Florida earlier this week that Japanese witnesses and Girard's fellow-guard contended that Girard enticed the woman closer to him [ by tossing expended shells toward her. Dechert contended Tuesday he wa.i misquoted. He said he was merely trying to outline the Japanese account of the events leading to the fatal shooting. Carroll noted Dechert filed with McGarraghy a sealed affidavit about the evidence against Girard. He added that court rules should huve made Dechert refrain from discussing the contend of the affidavit. At Evcmsville EVANSV1LLE (UP) — A Boy Scout drowned in a lake on the city golf course Wednesday afternoon while engaged in a study of underwater life as part of his work with Scout Troop 11 here. The body of Tony Wiggins, 14. j Evan-sville, was recovered from Auto Strikes Home In Peru PERU, Ind. — Alvia Smith, Sr. 73, 530 West Sixth street, narrcw- ly escaped serious injury when he lost control of his car and it hit a tree and the side of a house near his own home at 3 p.m. Wednesday. Smith suffered a bruised side, leg and elbow, and wai; lakun to Dukes hospital in the Eikenberry ambulance. He told police the accelerator on his car stuck jusl as he pulled out of the driveway of his home and turned east. The 1951! auto, which was a totul IOSH from the wreck, went over the curb, hit the tree and then (he southwest corner of the Jack War- fen home, 516 West Sixth. Damage to the house was minor. hower requested. It first passed, 72-0 a bill providing $5,504,800 for 17 independent agencies during the fiscal year starting July 1. The total was •1154-5,570,200 below administration requests but $1(13,750,000 of the cut must be voted later if needed. The Senate then approved, 71-0, a bill containing $2,1185,290,781 for the Labor Department and the Department of I-fcallh, Education and Welfare and related agencies. It was $8G,63«,HOO less than the President had requested. Both bills now to go House- Senate conference committees which must reconcile differences between the House and Senate versions. The Senate now has passed II and the House 11 of the 13 regular appropriations bills for the next fiscal year. The measures were the third and •fourth money bills cleared by the Senate in two days. It approved the Agriculture Department anpro- .pri.'ilions bill Tuesday nifihl after voting to extend the administration's soil bar.k program another year. Karlicr it acted on the District of Columbia money bill. was planted," he said, "bringing the total to 70 per cent, but corn planting ia normally finished at this time of year. More drying weather is needed in river bottoms in the southern part of the state. "Weeds and grass are becoming problems in some of the early planted corn fields and about 20 per cent of the crop has been cultivated the first time." SPECIAL PURCHASE for father's Day giving! Sanforized SPORT SHIRTS the lake by city firemen shortly after the accident occurred. Police said Wiggins went wading in the lake <jith Robert Taylor, about 14, Evansville, to study underwater life. Taylor told police tho boys wore diving masks to aid them in seeing underwater. Car Hits Six-Year-Old Boy In Front Of Home Ilichurd .Humors, Jr., 6, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Somcra, Sr., 1810 Wright .struct, .suffered bruises and abrasions wh'jn he- was hit by a car in front of his home about i) p.m. Wednesday. He was hit by an caslbound car driven by Jack Wildemulh, IBOK Smead street, when lie ran into the street. He was taken Lo St. .Joseph's hospital .in the Kroetfer ambulance but wa« not confined. Mrs. Nnrma 'Woodruff, III, !H2 North street, sideswipwl a parked ear. owned by Simon Denny Jr., route 'I, Royal Center, in front of Haujih's Krocery, 71(1 West Market street, at B:BB p.m. Wednesday, causing minor damage. Deputies Find Buried Loot MIAMI BEACH (UP)—Sheriff's deputies, using a "treasure map" drawn by a stool pigeon, dug into Arthur Godfrey's beachfront properly Wednesday and came up wil.li! for being 1.U70 pounds overweight three strong boxes containing on his drive axle. A civil penally more than $100,000 worth of stolen ! of $19.40 was also assessed, bring- bonds and jewelry. ! ing the total charges to $311.1 !i._ The slightly rusted boxes were '. - )(jlin Morris, 32. Cedar Rapids, found under less than an inch of: Iowa, was fined $25 and costs on Two Truckers Fined In J. P. Court Here Two truckers arrested Wednesday at the scales went of here on U.S. 24 by Cpl. K. M. Declcr. PSCI officerK for this district, were fined in the local justice court Wednesday evening. Glenn Wade, 20, route 4, Plymouth, was fined $5 and costs Former Peru Dentist Expires In Michigan PERU, Ind, — Dr. Elmer E. Hanks, 7i), former Peru dentist and a Ft. Woync commodity dealer, | died of asphyxiation in a hunting cabin at Gould City, Mich., Tuesday. His death was atlributed to 1 fumes from a cooling unit in Ihe cabin. The retired dentist was on fishing trip with Wallace and Wul-' do May of Hick'sville, Ohio. Thc| brothers reportedly awoke with | headaches and found Dr. Hicks dead in his bed. He practiced here for many years before retiring a number of years ago and entering the grain trade at Ft. Wayne. Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Faye Hanks of here; a brother, Frank, Poplar Bluffs, Mo.; a sister, Mrs. MuUie Holler, Ft. Wayne; and several nieces and nephews. The body is being brought to Hie Eikenberry mortuary here. Rites are pending. A '.SHAKY" SITUATION CORABL GABLES, Fla. (UP)— Traffic engineer William WellonB said motorists tiave taken the city for $7,000 in recent months. They have discovered, he «aid, they can make parking melons register by shaking them instead of using Set Vaughn W. Conn«r Funeral Rites At Peru PKEU, Ind. — Kites for Vaughn W. Conner, 06, of «7 East Fifth litreet, who died Tuesday al a Lo- gansporl hospital, will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at (he Allen mortuary, the Rev. Avery W. Milcy in • charge. Burial will be in Greenlawn cemetery, Mexico. A retired salesman, he is sur. vived by his mother and a brolhcr. Friends may call at the funeral borne. SKT STKI'IIEN.S KITKS Funeral services for Clarence Stephens, 61, of (i)« Hales street, who died Wednesday at the Veterans hospital in Indianapolis, will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the Clin.se-Miller chapel, the Rev. M. I,. Robinson officiating. Burial will be in Mount Hope cemetery wilh American Legion graveside rite«. PUBLIC SALE T will sell at public auction at rny residence 8 miles south of Logansporl 3 miles northeast of Deer Creek on Ihe Kokomo pike on SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1957 BEGINNING AT 12:30 O'CLOCK Roper gas range: U-ft. refrigerator; cxlenoion lable; kitchen cabinet; kitchen chairs; rocking chairs overstuffed chair; Duncan Phyfe drop-leaf table; living room suite; piano and bench; floor model TV; 2 matching 9x12 rugs with throw rug to match; floor lamps; table lamps; end tables; dining table and 8 chairs; antique chest of drawers; electric sewing machine; electric sweeper; / dressers; bed with springs and maltress; % bed with Koocl springs and mattress; roll-away bed wilh mattress; st'lf-propclled lawn mower; SO ft. of 4-ft. chicken fence. Al Hie same time and place, C. J. Sprinkle will sell the following property: F-20 Farmal! with powerlift cultivators; Dunham disc; 2-acctlon spike-loolh harrow; 2-14 plow; wagon with hay ladders and grain bed, and false cndgalc; 300-gal. overhead gao tank; hog feeder; h,"K fountain; water lank wilh hog fountain; and many other articles. Also (food washing machine. TERMS—CAMI. Not respomilble for accidents. Lunch served by Pleasant Valley Ladies' Aid. . MRS. STELLA SPRINKLE KEESEY OrvilU Thompson, Auot. Virgil Beck, Olerk sand just north of Godfrey's swank KenKworth Hotel in rial Hariwur. Officers said the television and i' w ^' radio star know nothing about the Vfl^to- loot hidden on hi.s property. The discovery by Walter Lanije of the Criminal DivLsiun of the each of two charges, Improper PSCI lettering and no copy of his authority, for a total of Sheriff's Bureau ended more lhan three months of intensive dclecUvc work aided by a tipster in Mobile, Ala. WHO'S IN IXM; HOUSE? MILWAUKEE, Wi.s. (UP)—Mrs. Mary Ann Marquell, 25, asked for divorce because her husband, Thomas, '25, kepi a cocker spaniel in Ihelr bed. She was granted the divorce on grounds of cruel and inhuman,treatment whnn she explained the clog snarled and hit. like FAMILY AFKAIH K, Ind. <UJ.'>— II. was old home week" in the Rush Local Youth Elected In Boys State Voting Dave Baker of this city was ono of five -youths elected supremo court judges at the annual Hoosier Boys State at Indiana University. Voting was conducted Wednesday afternoon. • . Baker was elected on the Nationalist ticket, which swept seven of nine "state" offices in lha election. Read the Classified Ads Fatfnr't Day Sunday, June 1 39 • Cool, comfortable cottons • Prints, checks, solid colors • Styles Dad would dtooM (rims*tti We ordered these monrlis affo to bring you this Father's Day Sale. They're cxpcrily mailc of quality fabrics, with new hemmed cuffs, in-or-ouc bottom hems. Full cut sizes—small, medium, and large. Come early for best selection^! WEN'S NOVELTY SPORT SHIRTS... *1.69&'1.99 S. S. KRESGE COMPANY County Jail. Kdwin liaker, 37, Laurel, was ' jailed for drunk driving, and brothers William, 115, and David, 32, for intoxication. her when she tried to j(el in bed. i father's bar. Drink ... In Moderation ISLINGTON, Kr.Kland (UP) — Mrs. Kmily Webster celobr&led her 102nd hirlhdny Wednesday und said drink in moderation "helps you live longer." She .spent most of her early life working In her PUBLIC SALE I will sell at public auction the estaln of 'Mrs. Ella M. Smyser, located at 1081 Broadway, LoKarmporl, Saturday, June 15, at 12 O'Clock Sharp The following Items: Antique Jove scat, four cliaire Krape ekwKn, .') antique rockers, other rockers, 2 antique lamps, antique dishes and Klaaswure, vnues, some Havllund, old picture frames, one lot of antique clothinx and hats, wash stand set, piano stool, 1 oil lamp, 1 antique safe, antique Bibles, 1 breakfast set, player piano and rolls, hall tree, record cabinet, console fable and mirror, small gate-lei; table, magazine rack, bookcase and books, bird ca«e and stand, living room suite, fireplace screen G. E. console radio, dinlntf table and six chairs, small oak table, ' sideboard, SlnKcr Be'winy machine, commode, brass bed, dresser and chest, utility cabinet, clocks, electric fan, bedroom suite, 1 lot bedding, linens, drapes, InneraprinK mattress, custom jewelry, lot of dltihes, kilchenwarc, Aidiphone hearing aid, G. E. refrixerator, Manic Chef stove, Speed Queen washer, good condition, 2 oval card tables, one UxlZ rug, .1-way lamps, trunks, other rutfs, garden tools, mower, tubs, and articles too numerous to mention. TERMS: CASH. Not reBponHlblc for accidents. CHAS, A. SMYSER, Administrator Halph Rlnohart and Sons, Auctioneers Martin, Clerk Flora Phone H. FANSLER LUMBER CO. SAYS:More Cars of Lumber in Transit + BUY RIGHT OFF THE CARS AND SAVE + A CAR OF 2x4 and 2x6 KILN DRIED $90.00 per M A CAR OF 6", 8", 10" KflN DRIED BOARDS for roof sheathing, sub-floors etc. $90 per M CEMENT $1.30 per bag. ORDER YOUR CEMENT NOW. Beat the shortage this year. 8" BEVEL SIDING $175.00 per M ALUMINUM COMB. DOORS - including hardware $31.75 BEAUTIFUL OAK FLOORING SHORTS No. 1 Com. & Better $146.50 per M GALV. METAL ROOFING-corr. or channel drain $10.50 per sq. SEVERAL SQUARES OF 210 No. 3 in 1 SQUARE TAB ROOFING $7.75 per sq. FLUSH DOORS - AS LOW AS $ 5.95 CERTAIN-KOTE OUTSIDE WHITE PAINT $4.35 per gal. SEVERAL COLORS OF SNO-SHEEN LEFT at $2.95 per'gal. WE CAN SAVE YOU $ $ $ $ $ ON ALL OF YOUR BUILDING MATERIALS • FENCING • STEEL POST • PLYWOOD • VITRIFIED THJE • CEMENT TILE • CLAY TILE • ORA.NGEBURG PIPE • INSULATION • RUBEROID ROOFING • INSULATED OR ASBESTOS SIDINGS • FACE BRICK • COMMON BRICK • NAILS • PLASTER • MORTAR • PAINTS • HARDWARE • MILLWORK • FLUSH DOORS • OUTSIDE DOORS • CELLING TILE • GARAGE DOORS • KITCHEN CABINETS Custom-Bullt. Our Summor Sale h now on. Bargain* galore, low Overhead. FANSLER LUMBER CO., 1 mlto Eart of Rochoitor on State Road 14. IF YOU WANT TO BUILD A NEW HOME-BARN-OUT-BUILDINGS-KEMODBL-CUCKLER STEEL SPAN BUlLDING«-Se« FANSLER LUMBER CO., FOR A FREE ESTIMATE. If you want a new roof or new siding-Let Fansler Lumber Co. apply if for you. All employees insured. Genuine Ruberoid roofing and aluminum siding. Be sure to ask for Ruberoid DOUBLE-COVERAGE Roofing. We can save you $$$$$$. (Fulton Coonty Dealer) WE SELL QU'AUTY BUHOING MATERIALS. YOU CAN'T GET BETTER SERVICE ANYWHERE. No Money Down-36 Month* To Pay FANSLER LUMBER CO Phona OA 3-2151 "ONE STOP BUILDERS SERVICE" Rochottor, Indiana

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