Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin on May 27, 2004 · 24
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Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin · 24

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 2004
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BS Thursday. May 27, 2004 WEATHER Wisconsin State Journal LOCAL FIVE-DAY FORECAST TODAY'S NATIONAL FORECAST Seattle jSt-vvK g::::::a;j FRIDAY Mix A shower or t-storm. HIGH Winds; W 7-75 Mmph Clearing and chilly. tow 45 Mostly sunny. HIGH LOW 67 48 TODAY'S STATE FORECAST Shown are noon positions of precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day. SATURDAY SUNDAY MONDAY ' tJjV- . Jj . -linn jar Times of clouds T-storm T-storm and sun. possible. . possible; windy. HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW 70 55 73 61 74 55 111 Today's planets Rise Set Gary Cannalte l Chief Meteorologist Rita from Black Earth asks, "Hey Gary, what does a person actually see when looking at an approaching storm that has dark blue, almost black clouds?" Rita, when sunlight reflects off clouds, the small diameter of the water droplets scatters the light so it appears white in color. But when the clouds are thick enough, sunlight is completely blocked and the clouds appear dark because we are seeing the shadow of the clouds. When sunlight reflects off of clouds at an angle, such as about sunset only some colors are reflected. That's when clouds can appear blue, red, or orange depending on their thickness. Send questions to: heygaryOwisctv.com MADISON ALMANAC Readings at Madison through S p.m. yesterday Temperatures High 65 Low 46 Normal high 73 Normal low 49 Record high .......... (1978)91 Record low........... (1983)30 Cooling Degree Days Yesterday 0 Month to date 16 Season to date .... . ... 20 Normal season to date 20 Precipitation 24 hr. total ending S p.m. yest 0.00" Month to date 9.31" Normal month to date 2.67 Year to date 16.74" Normal year to date 10.88" Record for this date .. (1985) 1.14 Ultraviolet index r7 7 The higher the number, P the greater the need for 77 . eye and skin protection. Noon 5P m' 0-2 minimal 3-4 low 5-6 moderate 7-9 high 10 very high Pollen: High: 8.0 (0-12 scale) Primarily: Oak, Mulberry, and Walnut 'Includes changes after 5 p.m. from previous Iftt ; HIPlTPBiV "r. ' . .7" '--""7 . Superior i 5536 " I f " ' Rice Lake 66742 I J Eau Claire I 6942 LaCrossei 7447 Cedar J?" Rapids Dubuque 7953 7850S - 5634 il Rhlnelandefs v. 4 6134 f v V V V . V 1. . . i 6742v'f"-5ay V v .WSSWSV (; .. Barabop SNV , 7446 J .sfs Milwaukee 3 NVS 7546 Madison- : 7545- Janesyllle., 7546 .4 Chicago 7850 Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn First ; 0 : May 27 12:51p.m. 2:07 a.m. 4:31 a.m. 6:24 p.m. 6:18 a.m. 10:00 p.m. 7:49 a.m. 11:14 p.m. 12:46 p.m. 2:02 a.m. 7:49 a.m. 11:00 p.m. Full Last New 0 0 0 June 2 June 9 June 17 Sun Today Tomorrow Rise Set 5:23 a.m. 8:26 p.m. 5:23 a.m. 8:27 p.m. Yesterday's weather Wind Wind Temp. Humidity Direct. Speed 6 a.m. 47 86 VAR 0 Noon 55 61 VAR 7 5 p.m. 66 47 SW 7 More weather information National Weather Service 24-hour recorded weather report for the Madison area (608) 249-6645 or visit its web site: www.crh.noaa.govmkx day State Summary: Clouds and some sunshine today with a shower or thunderstorm. High temperatures ranging from the upper 50s across the extreme north to the middle 70s across the south. Clearing and chilly tonight. Low temperatures ranging from the middle 30s to the lower 40s. Partly to mostly sunny tomorrow. vv v x Minn eapol fYjk V San' Francisco h r- Vrtty .Chicago! 7752 -,,7662 V6555 1 , Z7m6iiiiiifcffa L ' W fWashlngton1 I ' Denver j M M 76 Bfi67 W V w'Los Angeles M tjA7L rT V5758' ? '',V n W-v I J' "" ' ( ' Atlanta- N, I El Paso V"l "9m0J. Noon weather 8258' ilCT"A is shown. Temperature i ; f sdVrvV ' bandsarehighsfortheday. . Houston'iW 1 F iirr M snow Ice ' 7' ", UfeJ L23 y w w Cod V Showers T-storms Rain Warm E3 EES ESI Stationary '.Miami 8873 National Summary: Showers and thunderstorms will occur today from Missouri eastward across the Ohio River Valley to West Virginia and southern Ohio. A few showers will also occur across the Great Lakes. The Northeast will be cool and less humid with some sunshine. Warm and steamy air will cover the Southeast with sunshine and a stray afternoon thunderstorm. A storm moving inland from the " Pacific will cause plenty of clouds and some showers across the Northwest. The northern Plains will be partly to mostly sunny. Yesterday U.S. extremes: (48 contiguous states) High 101 (Wink, TX), Low 24 (Big Piney, WY) REGIONAL TEMPERATURES Yesterday's City Des Moines Dubuque Eau Claire Green Bay Intem'l Falls La Crosse Marquette temperatures are Yesterday HiloW Precip. 7151t 0.14 6742t 0.00 6940pc 0.00 6545s 0.00 5937sh 0.05 7045s 0.00 6240pc 0.05 through 5 p.m. Today HiLoW City 8058pc . Milwaukee 7850t 6942t 6742t Minneapolis Rochester Rockford 6134pc Superior 7447sh Waterloo, IA 5634t wausau Yesterday HiloW Precip. 6350pc 0.00 7042pc 0.00 7042pc 0.00 6747pc 0.00 7037sh 0.00 7146A 0.00 6640s 0.00 Today HiloW 7546t 6848sh 70748sh 78fi1ft 5536sh 7750pc 6742t v WORLD TEMPERATURES Yesterday Today Yesterday Today City HiLoW HiLoW City . HiLoW HiloW Acapulco 9277sh 9177pc London 6446pc 6450pc Amsterdam 5743pc 5647pc Madrid 6752r 7553c Athens 7551s 7557s Manila 9575pc 9584pc Baghdad 10765s 10877pc Mexico City 8451 sh 8255sh Bangkok , 9377t 9077t . Moscow . 6144r 6246pc Beijing 7852s 8259c Nairobi 7954s 7551c . Berlin 5943pc . 5742sh Nassau 9069s , 8467s - Buenos Aires 594pc ' 5541 pc New Delhi 10374pc 10882s Cairo 9663s 63s Oslo 5935r 6139c Cancun 9175pc 9075s Paris 6850sh 6548pc Copenhagen 5438r 5644sh Rio de Janeiro 7769t 6955s Dublin 6242pc 6452c Rome 7653s 7351c Edmonton 6646pc 7145c Santiago 7134pc 6843pc Frankfurt 6844s 6343pc Singapore 9174t 9175c Geneva 7554sh 6752c Stockholm 5635sh 5538c Hong Kong 8875sh . 9077t Sydney 6749pc 6045pc Jerusalem 8156s ' 8657s Tokyo ' 7958pc 7460pc Johannesburg 7650s 7047s Toronto 7052sh 7045pc Kabul 8254s 8347s Vancouver 6454sh 5951r Lima 6659r 6859r Warsaw . 6041sh 6137c NATIONAL TEMPERATURES l Yesterday Today . . Yesterday Today Yesterday Today ', City HiloW HiloW City HiloW HiLoW City HiLoW HiLoW Albuquerque 8062t 7454t : Denver 7838pc 7949s New York 6454t 7662s Anchorage 6546sh 5847r Detroit 7056sh 7752t Norfolk 9175t 8371pc Atlanta 8970pc 9070pc Duluth 6634sh 5737sh Oklahoma City 9265t 9066ft Atlantic City 7161t 8062s El Paso 9170pc 8258pc Omaha 7652t 8158pc Austin 9172pc 9271pc Fairbanks 6148sh 6648sh Orlando 9566s 9470s Baltimore 8565t 8064pc Fargo 7541 t 6446pc Philadelphia 7562t 8064s Bangor 4944r 6849pc Grand Rapids 6553pc 7348t Phoenix 9468pc 9470s Baton Rouge 9070pc 9172s Great Falls 6645t 6746c Pittsburgh 7564t 7658t Billings 7048sh 7452pc Greensboro 8973pc 8468r Portland, OR 6657r 6250r Birmingham , 8873pc 8969pc Helena 6549t 6848ft Providence 5848sh 6856pc Bismarck ; 7644sh 6948pc Honolulu 8876s, 8672s Raleigh 9272r 9068r Boise, 6952t 7254t Houston 9272pc 9274pc Rapid City 7537pc 7649pc Boston 5447sh 6455pc Indianapolis 7363t 8260t Reno 8245sh 7852pc Brownsville , 9278pc 9278pc Jackson, MS 8967pc 9171pc Richmond 9472t 8268t Buffalo . " 6854sh 7254pc Jacksonville 9667s 9468s Sacramento 8554s 7355pc Burlington. 6451t 7257s Juneau 5346r 5742sh St Louis 7259t 8666t Casper . ' 7035pc 7445pc Kansas City 7355t 8663pc Salt Uke City 7243pc 7756pc CharlestoaSC 9474pc 9272pc Key West 8571 s 8576s San Antonio 91 73pc 9273pc Charleston, WV 7564t 8265t Knoxville 8573t 8468r San Diego 6863c 6961pc Charlotte 9174r 9068r Las Vegas 8768s 9270s San Francisco 6955pc 6555c Charlottesville 8464t 8065t : Little Rock 8770t 8872pc Santa Fe 7855pc 7543t Cheyenne 6938pc 7346s Lincoln 7852pc 8156pc Seattle 6154r 5848r Chicago 7051 sh ' 7850t Los Angeles 7261pc 7558pc Sioux Falls 7342sh 7250pc Cincinnati 7261t 8162t Louisville , . 7767t 8667t Tampa 9272s 8872s Cleveland 7362pc 7754t ' Memphis , 8874t 8873pc Topeka 7757t 8862pc Columbia, SC 9473pc 9271pc ' Miami 8872s 8873s Tucson 9172pc 8760pc Columbus, OH 7464t 7757t Montgomery 9268pc 9369pc Tulsa ' 8260t 8866t Concord, NH 5545sh 7053s Nashville 8475t 8768r Wash., DC . 8769t 8067pc Dallas . 9173pc 9072pc NewOrieans 8971 pc 9075s V Wichita 8261 t 9262pc Maps and forecasts provided by AccuWeather, Inc. C20O4 :i , AccuWeather.com KEY: s-sunny; pc-partly cloudy; c-cloudy; sh-showers; t-thunderstorms; r-rain; sf-snow flurries; sn-snow; i-ice 9- r" FARM SAFETY A dummy stuffed with newspaper ' gives De PereHigh School FFA students an idea of what a manure spreader can do to a human body during a farm safety demonstration Wednesday. Patrick Ferron - Green Bay Press-Gazette COURT REPORT Genuine judge, a real conviction By Ed Treleven Wisconsin State Journal A Wyoming follower of a bizarre alternative legal system was convicted Wednesday of serving phony summonses to a Dane County judge and other officials in 2002. Russell Gould, 30, will be sentenced today by Dane County Circuit Judge William Foust, who found Gould guilty of six counts of simulating legal processes on Wednesday after a short bench trial. Gould, of Arapahoe, Wyo., " was charged last year, along -with Janice K. Logan, 47, of Chatham, 111., and Jason Zellmer, 24, of Oconomowoc, with serving documents that purported to be summonses to the "Di-Strict Court of the Unity-States of Our World" to Circuit Judge Moria Krueger, Assistant District Attorney Lana Mades, Clerk of Court Judith Coleman and three Madison police officers. The papers threatened legal action, including prison, if they did not appear before the , court, in which Logan purported to be a judge. A criminal complaint alleged that the three were avenging Zellmer's 2001 disorderly conduct conviction before Krueger. Logan is now serving a two-year prison sentence while Zellmer received a suspended sentence. But Assistant Attorney General Roy Korte told Foust he favored a sentence that keeps . Gould out of prison but assures he is closely supervised to keep him from doing anything similar again. Korte said Gould was involved in similar actions against a federal judge in North Carolina and a circuit court judge in Wyoming. "I strongly believe that Mr. Gould needs some substantial degree of supervision and control," Korte said. He said Gould's family "would like nothing more than for him to release himself from the outside influence of David Wynn-Miller," who invented the Unity States and its legal system. Wynn-Miller's legal system uses an odd twist of the English language, mathematically interpreted, with strict punctuation and syntax rules and hints of maritime law. Korte said in addition to probation, he would recommend no more than three months in the Dane County Jail for Gould in addition to the seven months he has served since his arrest last year. Gould's sentencing hearing will continue today after state-required notification of victims in the case, including Krueger, Mades, Coleman and the police officers, is completed. Contact Ed Treleven atetrelevenOmadison.com -or 252-6134. Platteville won't push fine for protest sign Associated Press PLATTEVILLE City officials won't block a motion to dismiss a disorderly conduct citation against a man who displayed a protest sign reading , "F U G W" as President Bush's motorcade passed by. Andrea Baker, an attorney for Frank Van den Bosch of r Montfort, said City Attorney Brian McGraw agreed Wednesday not to oppose her motion. The final decision will be up to Grant County Circuit Judge Michael Kirchman. Baker argued that the $243 citation violated Van den Bosch's right to free speech. "It's good that the city attor ney at least understands the law if the police don't," Van den Bosch said. According to Baker's motion, the incident happened as Van den Bosch was standing with his sign along a street in Platteville waiting for Bush's motorcade to pass May 7. Bush made campaign stops in La Crosse and Prairie du Chien that day. r (Sea fu w I Get $7 off your next Valvoline Instant Oil Change when you place an ad in Drive during the month of May. To advertise, call (608) 257-7777. Participate at the Valvoline Instant Oil Change nearest you. Offer expires 53104. Offer valid only for ads placed in Drive - classifications 900-973. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. c 1)1 Sss!l fi nil. 'Drive. . j Every day in the Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times.

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