Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 13, 1957 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 10
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fen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Thursday, Evening, June 13, News of the Pay As Seen Through the Eyes FATHER-SON REBE I TEAM of the Camera WORTH TWO IN THE BUSH ALL 13 GRAHAM CHILDREN GREET ^IEW BROTHER AH T3 CHILDREN of Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'ham meet their mother as she leaves Chicago's Lewis Memorial hospital with No. 14, Joseph Mario. Papa .is beside her. From left: Roberta Louise, 17, holding Louis Walter, 1; Henrietta, 14; Winifred, 11; Arthur William, 8; John Joseph, 6; James Mi- "hael 4- Robert Leo, 2; Antoinette Marie, 5; Anthony Nicholas, 7; Bernadette, 10; Catholine Marie, 13: Mary Josephine. 16. All the children were born in Lewis Memorial hoaoltaL (InternationaU MUSSOLINI'S SON GOES IN FOR AMERICAN JA?Z i Romano expounds lov« for American jazz. On wall IK picture of hln father an Italian dictator. AN ALGERIAN rebel and his 11-year-old son, both members of tho 30,000-man A.lgcrian "army of liberation," pause for NBC-TV cameraman in the Atlas mountains. (Itilanmlionai Soundplu>to)_ OVER THE BOUNDING MAIN Mother Radicle (left).and Hl»ter Edda. Komano looks real cool In this jam scHHlon. VOU DON'T hear a lot about the Mussolini family in Italy anymore, and this pictorial report on Romano, son of the late dictator, II Duce, may Indicate why. No politics, It seems. Romano malte.s n living in the wood buslnc/m, and as a sideline he goes in for American popular music. Ho plays in a urmill band for r:on«rts in public parkii and community gatherings. He'd like to visit the U. 8., ."but I have to live with my mother (Radicle) and she is fc'cttinu old now.", (JntornationaU TOUCHES IT OFF . . .' FIVE SECONDS LATER ENGINEER Roger Peterson rnans tho electronic control board at tho '"' Nevada atomic test Kite preparatory to touching off tho bomb which was Duspcnded from a helium balloon. The balloon was 500 feet over Yucca flat. At right is what happened when Peterson did touch It off, a "low yield" detonation. Photo was made flvo seconds after tho explosion. (International Ho B'lm 1'rnnldent jrrcfilH four Ji>t fighter* who slreaki'd nnimliip from Uef'.lc of a carrier off Kan Dlc.jro to tho Saraixi^a'H deck off Florida. Left; front: dipt. Itohort DOHO (left), Holanii Itaunh, Calif., nn<I I.t. fJomdr. 1'aul Miller, Jr., Annapolln, Md., both of whom nmdo tint flight In U honrH, "H iiilmilc'i In CrusadorH. lil;;-lil fronl;: Ooimlr. John M. Mlllur (I(^fl), Ilaw.lhlirHt, MlHS., and Lt. (Jonillr. C. (1. MclSnilnlo, Flint, Mich., pllotn whoito heavier pliineH took 4 hoiirH. FIRST WINE TANKER (HALF OF IT, ANYWAY) Watcliln); from bridge, I'n'Hldont VJlmtnhowor seciinn plc PRESIDENT EISENHOWER Hcnmed to onjoy hln two-day "tour ol duty" aboard llio carrier Saratoga oft Klorlila. It was part ol "Lanl.l'kx," llio first Atlantic Fleet exorclno of 101)7. A lilifhllKlH wau That PucMoto-AUantic currlor piano liot>. (InturnuUonutl 'CORPORAL LOADER' 1 Uipn will transport liquid foods, «dlbl« oil*, T'S A "CORPORAl IOADER," « carrier which con pick up, transport and rulHo tho Cocfuru.1 radar mluullu, This ono Is sliown at iho R. G. Lo Tournoau plant in Longvlow, Tox. Lo Taurnanu in julldlng them for Britain. Tho Corporal can carry conventional or iLaraia warhcutd. • iInternational BoututvhotoJ, Lost Bride, 15 HONEYMOON of 'jama's Ku Klux Klan grand dragon, Baptist Minister Alvin Horn (above), was ruined when the cops took away his 15-year-old bride, Barbara B. Richardson, and aent her hOmo to the folks. She had been missing; for a wsek. Reverend Horn said sho told him she was 20. He is 45, has six children between ages 12 and 21. tlntcrnattn»nl> Ike's '60 Pick? WORD IS GOING around In Washington that Alfred Crucn- thcr (above), retired general and now head ot tho American Red Crown, is President Risen-, huwer'n choice as hln successor for tho Repiihllcan presidential nomination. Gruenlher's "availability" Includes tho fact that lit In Nebraska-born, he in a Republican Catholic, and "tho greatest thinking machine" )](o •ver moL (Internationals Muni 90 Times JOSEPH McEVOY, nophow" of MI'H. Uavo '13<:ek, Sr., lookn jjrolty ronponnlvu hero nil ho uppuiirii before the Rcmal.o labor invenllgatlon In Washington, but actually ho invoked tho llftli amendment !)0 tlmeH, not miHwerliig, for Jn«liinc«, wlicl.li- «r thci ToumHliii'H union paid lilm $.'10,000 In a two-year period, Dave Bi-clt, .'tr.'H appearance drew 1.30 "nn.li ii.mt;ndmontu" i'rom him, In. ciirlliir uppoanincoH, however, Diivo J^cck, Si'., nt:nrod nomo 200 noos. (IntmniMunal) Good as New PRESIDENT EISENHOWER lookH good tin now, back at hln Wlilto I-Iouno Ooiilt after tho bout with. hlB innardH. (Intornatlonalf •I A HAPPY SMILE brightens tlie face of blind and deaf Helen Keller in Stockholm as a pigeon perches on her hat nt Manilla Deaf Mutes school. Tho pigeon stayed with her even when she entered 1 an auto to leave the school. (International Soi<7i<fy/!oto/ HUNT SON WHO VANISHED V H Sit j ••' n K» f«*»«"" ' HARRY NEWTON and wife Rebecca, both OS, slnml nt tln-lr pin- can led auto trailer IIH they wot out to roam llio U. S. In scarclt of their son, Victor A. Newton, 37, who vnnlnlind In 18.13 in Chlnif,'". The Nowtons think Victor i.s despondent becmjHO ho wasn't rmo cuHHfiil in n Helling cm-Mr after Klvlntr »P cnirlnecrlntr. Thu niRn rcuiln: "(500 reward. Wo travel the land nrnrcliliiR d«Bj)rrnloly for our beloved won, Victor A. Newton. Plratm notll'y parenls in car or write to MlHMing Pitrsona Bureuii, Salvation Army, Ni'W York." They'll tour city to city. (Intarnatlonnl Sotintlohntoi PRAY FOR Gl HELD IN JAPAN THE GIRARD FAMIIY nt homo In Ottawa, 111., prn.vH thnl. Army Specialist :i/c William S. Clranl will ooino homo a fivo mini 1i> occupy that empty chair. 11« Is tho (51 iidirdiili'd for (rial liy a .livpnnemi court, on nian.Hlaujjhti'r clnirgi'ii in Iho killing of a Japanese woman on a gunnery ran^i 1 . Ji'rcmi left: IjOiiis Ginml. hrulh- IT; LoulM' ehlldrm, Terry, 6, ami Jorum, ].',; J\lr«. Gli-nrcl. Tha whole town Ju wrought uu. fltilcrntttiuntil Huuntliinulat LONG-DISTANCE PHOTO TRACKER MOUNTED ON A 00-mm. «un mount, this glunt tclcucoplc pholo- liniphle recorder la capable of tracking and photoKrnphlim « pop bollle-ul/.od object approximatoly four rnlltn «wuy. Undurnoini; lit tho Air Fared bom at Xglin, Florida, the mobile dovlcu win to lllm tt* W*ht b*rto*r •< bonbn aktraft »rul

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