The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on December 17, 1956 · Page 5
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 5

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1956
Page 5
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The Best Things Come In SHULTON Packages EARIT AMERICAN OLD SPICE "Favorite*"--Toilet Water, Putting Powder 3.00 OLil hlHCE FOR MEN Body Talcum and After Shave Lotion S2.00 \ DESERT FIOWER Toiltt Water, Hand and Body lotion 2.75 FRIENDSHIP'S GARDEN "Charmer" - T»ilet Wot«r, Bath Solti, Talcum. Body Sorfier J.M T:^\\ P R E S C R I P T I O N D R U G S T O R E THE "RIGHT" DRUG STORE "Faith-Healer Dies Of Polio DALLAS (fl-Faith healer and evangelist Jack Coe died Sunday of bulbar polio. He was 38. He was hospitalized Nov. 25. The evangelist, father of six, operated the Dallas Revival Center and the Herald of Healing at "»s distant age A Spring Of Living Water In The Sahara (Continued from Page 1.) door Is opened lo Ihe vista* at tomorrow!. Thc jumbled spirit polyglot had come with Rome's imperial sweep, with other armies shuttling to-and-fro, with once-great Greece casting its spell everywhere. The lusty pantheon of Greece found replicas in Rome's coles- so widespreadhial family -- the stormv says he's proud of this "revival" of religion. Slave brigades a r e building bigger towers to I h e gods. Yet all things find their Monday, Dec. 17, 1956 PUIJO ·Tile Sallnu Jouniii) with and place, and out of deepest Pantheon of Itomc, lime jwalls as thick as forts. paradox is sometimes born (lie clearest reason. Waxahachie. Tex., about 30 miles I are the myths and mystic cults: g0 d of Grecian skies, resembles j and his wim , md siste ,. s ' south of here. | I" caves or groves, the mem- Home's stern Jupiter, and all the'' .' A . ' He preached extensively through I bers meet lo ri "B bclls . si "R ^ [others merge and move in close j M °"" 1 . Ob '""'" s : il! ' u ' " |H " " 1C Not long from now. llu\v both are turned to eliurehi'S; dedicated to Unit quid message out of Hcth- Look at (lie majestic 1'artlu'ium. k1 , ollli lh;lt .,,,.,,, sll ,,, un _ swclll , (| erected for one of that flwk of a);into a sea. as love emerges from romping deities spawned by Zeusifear. (Tomorrow: ami Kciips) A King Sows the South and employed some 80 stom "- Tho - v wh 'P l 'P whirling persons. Coe frequently was controversy. affinity. frenzies, slashing their own flesh Thc wil(|cst ritos .,,. e s(in . od center of ? nd quaffing blood and writhin 8iby female deities - Cybcllo from Jin the gore beneath the grated 1 altar of a sacrificial bull -- the A Miami, Fla.. couple sued the ··taurobolium". faith healer last year. They ., , .._., charged Coe with ordering braces You ask ' Dld many Asia Minor. Rome's Diana, As- taken from the legs of their 3- year-old son, a polio victim. They said the boy was not healed as Coe allegedly said and that the child consequently suffered great pain. The suit was dismissed recently. 159 N. Santa Fe Phone TA 5-5409 SANTA SEZ: GIVE HER REVERE WARE! THE \KiHT IIEFmtE nilSIKTYUS do sort of thing?" Oh, yes, quite so. Syria's Astarte, Greece's Deme- iter -- and that rowdy god of wine, this; Dionysus, clad in fawn skins. With beating cymbals, It seems religious fevers r a c e and flutcs the dcvMccs rip oni . through the lands, bursting out mfl , s apart wl mea{ s(il , ,..,,,,_ in weird array, in rampant rites pcl ser pcnts. shriek and w o r k to ectoplasmic gods. ithemselves into a cataleptic These gods are potent entities: jtrance and think they're enthcoi the dagger - wielding sun god,|_ indwelt by god. Mithra; the queen of all fertility,! Cuesars Are Gods Cybellc; the great Osiris, re-j Less orgiastic are the m a n y birth god, and mother - earth!men devoted to stalwart Mithra, migrant god from Persia. There's also a popular fraternity of men, the occult Orphic Brotherhood. Even the Caesars are in the catalogue of gods. Their genius they call it. The Emperor Augustus save time-save planning! come in and tee our gifts from $250 to $1995 Moke your holiday shopping easy thi« y e a r . . . give Revere Wore--the world's finest cooking utensils! (Gleaming itoin- less steel with copper clad bottomi.) They're beauliful... they're practical... end they last 'a lifetime. TH» Html! f Hlieil ClUf IHIIIIT K I W I I Q U A X I CRILLIT KIWI CUCULAt 6RIODLI For Christmos giving... for any oeetwJon... «hoose from ow display of fh* eompfcfs Revtro Wore Hitel \ VISIT FROM ST. NICHOLAS] mmmm FULL COLOI PICTURES IN THREE DIMENSIONS Children delight to see their favorite poem T/ic Night Before. C/iris/mas "come to life" in View-Master full color, three dimension pictures. Seven thrilling stereo Kodachrome scenes mounted in each low- cost View-Master Reel... for uje in View- Master Stereoscope* and Projectors. PARTIAL LIST OF OVER 400 REELS Alin in Wonderland {3 Reell) Mother Gooe* Day at lh« Circut [3 Rwli) Fairy Tale* Cowboys Sqm Sawyer Adv«ntur»i Magtc Carpet Chriltmal Story (.3 RM|I) Animall Rudolph, R.d-No.rd (tlixlMr "Trov.1" tob VKWIR $2.00 REELS 3Sc each 3 for $1.00 240 South Santa Fe GAGE'S Phone INC. TA 3-6358 "THE BEST COSTS LESS AT GAGE'S" CLASSIFIED ADS GET RESULTS--TRY THEM A-Smile A-Ninute Photo Co. CAMERAS -- SUPPLIES 119 S. Santa Fo Dial TA 5-5811 Demcter. Masses huddle in their shadow. U is hard to recognize this world of 2,000 December!) bark -- back when that tiny parapet arose against t h e heathen flood, back when that i garden grew up in a jungle. Come along the streets of any town, of Corinth, Alexander, ofi Joppa, Tyre, or even Jerusalem.! Listen to the prattling of magi-j cians, dream interpreters andj wonder - workers. I "May thy planet favor t h e e today." This is the common greeting. Men's minds are bowed to soothsayers, astrologers, diviners! of the future in the liver of a' sheep. | The dazzling sights that catch; the eye are the showy marble j temples, served by hundreds ofj attendants, by throngs of vestal virgins and corps of temple prostitutes. Distorted Myths The myths and superstitions of all time and place seem concentrated in this realm, some; changed a little, some distorted! and combined, borrowing this a n d j dropping that, groping after truth, j From far and wide, the hosts of lords and demons come -- war gods, gods of soil and wind and sea and reproduction -- mingling ghostly chaos. . In this churning atmosphere, aji little seed takes root in Galilee. How could it live? Why do we mark it now? That is the exclamation point of centuries. The apparitions in Mediterranean skies surge into Judea, straining efforts of the House of Abraham to hold to its one universal od of mercy, justice and of law. Among these few, the little j suggests for men with ideas... the crisp, clean scent! Sfffi SUITS Cleaned Cleaners 143 N. 7th Ph. TA 3-90U Smart Santas Shop Here I FOR THE GREATEST \\V' ! / / ? /0 cologne: 9.0OV.5.00* p«rfum«: 12.OO*... 6.0O* oft«r shov* lotion: 2.5O* brusKUss and lather shave: 1.25 talc: ZOO* 'plus lax / ' I Sto Way Chicken Pot Pies LOW'S DRUG STOR! FREE DELIVERY Prescription Specifilisls 109 N. Santa Fo Phone TA - Stockton Catsup 2 '^K" Bottles WEEKS The Leader In Low Prices 505 S. Sauta Fe Wo Cash Payroll Checks We Give Bestyet Gift STAMPS Redeemable For Over Open 'till 8 p.m. National Advertised Gifts Rmlsoye Frozen Cora or Peas PillslHiry H.t R.ll Nix Texas Ruby Red tav^ttdn! 3sssf3£:"» Studebaker's Supercharged Golden Hawk--the only sports car lliaCs a 5-passengcr family car, loo. 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Can English Walnuts i 45c Pure Lard Kraft Miracle Whip Quart 39c Tomoto or Grapefruit JUICE Powdered or Brown SUGAR £10* Grapefruit fir Juice Oranges 5X29* Utility McClirre Potatoes 25"^ 59* Weeks White or Wheat Bread ^- 19* Weeks Fresh, Cherry, Apple, Pumpkin, Mince 8-in. Size, Raisin ir Apricot Ea. of 6 10* Bine Star, Chicken, Turkey, Beef Tuna, Apple, Cherry, Blueberry Winchester Picnic Hams 29* Lb. PIES Lean Meaty Short Ribs - Hy-Gradc Pure Pork Party Loaf or Chopped Beef 17-0*. Cans FOOD S T D P E 5 CD 9th and Crawford 5th and Iron 7th and Walnut

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