Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 13, 1957 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 5
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Thursday Evening, June 13, 3937 Billy Graham Frankly Admits That Many of Converts Falter NEW YORK (UP) —Of the bun-1nine weeks of special training for dreds who respond each night to! his role. Billy Graham's invita'.ion to make "decisions for Christ," about 60 per cent fall into the After the service, the counselor accompanies the inquirer- to a category | ; 2r g e auditorium in Ihe basement, thai Ihe church traditionally has ; when everyone is seated Grafiam called "converts." The other 40 per cent who come brief talk. or one of his assistants makes a forward already are church members — some nominal, some active^who are reaffirming their fai.h. Graham calk them all "inquires" or "seekers" for Christ. He agreed with his critics that others, who may have been genuinely moved to accept Christ, fall The inquirers are urged to return each evening at 6:.'iO for the duration of the crusade, lo attend classes of inslruclion. Trey also gel individual interviews with the inquirers who later will fill out a 'decision card" containing Ihe in- talks, to win the wholehearted cooperation of local clergymen. Many attempts have been made to determine what proportion of the "decisions" made at Graham's meeting bear lasting fruit. Admirers have demonstrated through spot-checks that many converts are now active, witnessing church members. The only survey which seems to have covered a stalistically-signi- fica.it sample was conducted in 1955 by the British Weekly, an in- lerdenomina'ional church paper in quirer's name, address, age, tele-1 England which has never been ....... ...... . phone number, occupation, the na-j identified as pro or anti-Graham. along the wayside in the difficult jture of his "decision," and his lo-1 On the basis of a pull of British transition from a revival atmos- cal church "preference."' j clergy of all denominations, the Card Sent To Church i paper reported that 64 per cent of Within 48 hours, a copy of this!the converts who joined churches phere to the less - stimulating environment of a local church. Graham pointed out, however,; card will go to the minister of the that he has tried to minimize attrition among his converts the i local church. The counselor is byjsupposed to keep in touch with the netting up a "counseling and fol-; inquirer, by telephone or in per- lovv-up system" that is unique in son, until he has established con- the annals ol mass evangelism. It goes into operation the mo- Tnent an "inquirer" starts down; leads diligently. Others, who 1he aisle at a Graham meeting. | not particularly approve tact with a local church. Some mini-sters follow up these do of Btfore he reaches the front of the j Graham's methods, resent w h at auditorium, the inquirer will imdithey regard as an,attempl to draft at his side a person of the same! them into his crusade. A ex and approximately the same : Graham docs all he can, at min- 3'4e—a "counselor" who has had 'isterial conference* and private during Graham's London crusade were "still attending church and taking part in church life regularly" one year later. Graham himself will not venture a guess, in terms of percentages, as lo how many signers o[ decision cards become true, lasting converts to Christianity. "Frankly," he said, "I don't think there is any way we can tell, this side of heaven. If even one of Ihcm is saved, the whole crusade i.s worthwhile." Rochester The Neighborly Home Demon- itration club held their regular meeting in the hi/me of Mrs. Fred Turner, Tuesday evening, with Mrs. Myron Borkhciser as co-hostess. The business meeting v/as in charge of the president, Mrs. Guy Bryant, who opened the session with group singing of "America The Jieauti/ul", the pledge to the flag and the Home Demonstration Creed. Tho inspirational thought v/as presented by Mrs. Oral Kindig, using as her theme "forgiveness", followed with prayer. Mrs. Carl D. Ovcrrnyer gave the history of the .wig of the month, "Tell Me Why". The roll was called by Mrs. Harry McVay, acting as secretary in the absence of Mrs. Fred Weslv/ood. .secretary. The re;ijjon.w v/a* a picnic hint, or favorite picnic di?;h, after which the minutes were read and approved. A project lesson on "Meals Prepared to Kree/.e" was most, ably tfivcn by Mrs. lierkhei.scr and Mrs, Glen Sallsgiver, They nlr'.-sKi.'d the type, quality and freshness of foods to freeze. Al;,o demonstrated <t!J kind;; of containers, wrapping paper, and the proper manner to Meal package:-;. They displayed sev- the case was set for Monday 10:30 a.m. The affidavit states the couple was married I^ov. 2!), 1954, and separated Tuesday. Mrs. Cooper seeks custody of the couples Iwo year old son. Admissions lo Woodlawn hospilal are: Bobby Cane Dennis, Poplar liluff, Mo.; Jean Ann Houser, Lucerne; Virginia Conley, Plymouth; Mrs. John F. Whittenbergcr, Car- pinleria, Calif.; John Kalmbaeher, Mentone. Dismissals: James Kline, R. 71. :i; Mrs. James Adams and son, U. 11. 2; Gladys Wharton, Kewanna. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fawley, Mentor.!!, are the parents of a daughter. Monday in Fulton circuit court, Karl Bond, 32. UM Pontiac slreet, was convicted of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant. lie was fined $.~>0 and costs and put on six month probation, after a six-month tenn at the stale penal farm v/as suspended. II v/as also recommended thai his driver's license be suspended for a period of one year. City police made the arrest. Harold P. WhiUinglon, :)7, a pipe line construction employee from Jasper, Texan, In Fulton | monstralion Chorus was well rep- al resented at the music festival ir the Hal! of Music, ai Purdue University, when Ihirty-two members CROSSWORD PUZZLE r to Yesterday'* Puzzl* , ACROSS 1—Novelty <—Gastropod mollusk S—Wooden vessel 12—Cyprlnold ilsh 13—Piebald horaa U —Command to horse 15—Number 16—Amuae 18—Fork prong 20—Dine 21—Glitter 23—Educational institution 27—Skating pond 28—Abode of dead 29—Thoroughfare (abbr.) 30—Man's nickname 31—Tuesday (Pr.) :}2—Beverage 33—Hebrew latter 31— Satisfies 30—SonK bird 3ti—Chonen 38—Most evil 39—Drunkard 40—Boundary 41—Took example by •lii—Secret agent 48—Caoutchouc tree 49—Pans rope through pulley 50—Pedal digit Cl—Sailor (colloq.) 52—Beer mug. 63—Stitch DOWN 1—Suited 2—Fruit drink 3—Ivory •1—Squandered li—Number 6—Emmet PM«. kf UilM FHl-n •rMl—u, KM. T—Suffix: follower of 8—Rhino Biriin 2 —SemJ - preclou* stone '10—Portuguese unit of currency 11—Range of knowledge 17—Hindu cymbaU (pi.) 19—Writing fluid 21— Fruit 22—Defame 23—Manifested feeing 24—Advantage Eft—Strong winds 2(!—Occurronco 28—UutCBt 31—Physical subslanueff .12—Ajjprelmnds .11—HlKlilnmlor 3D—]jnni!"Ke(l victorious 37—Chemical compound 38—.Hroadnn 40—Son of Jacob 41.—Place 43—Wing 13—Soak -H—Horn 4(1—American wjiiayl'ii. 47—lOvcrgroer Blirub Kewanna Wayne S. Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlo.s A. Miller of Kcwan- of Mr. and Mrs. James McKinne; and family. Mrs. Ronald Hamman and son fro/e/j dj/mer.s tb;it were rutw av;jilahle in moiit fuurl iri;irket:(. A .iafi:ty Ie.".:;'/n nn "l',imtl I'tiK- turi;" Win; t;iven l/y Mr;i. (J|i;vt: Hindu;. f'liirw were rn;iilf! for On- tlele- Ent<;ji to iitleml 'he rnnventi'm of clufj wwneji HI J'linluc thin week.. Mrs. Herman Jioone w;n vnt':d into th(; i;Iub ;i;i ;» new memher. The dull ijedileil lo ;;o to Culver In July, for a rlirmer arid theatre parly. The duh collect wa.'> refilled i;; nliminK. cireuil court, pleaded guilly In crating a nndrrr the motor vt:ln'f:le inflii'.Tii.'e of an wlillc Inloxi- Thi! next meeting will In: Jjurijer fry in the home of Mrn. J'.ill Severns. If unable lo ati.eml, notify th(r hoisted. Mr;,. l,av/ri:ni:e Nurriii v/ill lie the a«;(i;-,tanl limit- e;i,i. The program wn.i in charge "f Mm. Carl Ovenriyer ami Mr«. Jlowaril. Several rricrnber.'i were nwarileii prize;:. [,ovely refreiih- incntK wen; nerved during the »o- cia) hour hy the h'mtc:nc:i. ./ohn KuttftuclK-r wnti brought from hl» home jicar Talma lo l.li<: Woodlav/n ho,'i[>ital, Wednesday, in tin! X/immurinan l)n/theni umbu- lance. A unit wa;i lili;d in Knlton i;ir<:nil! cnurl Tuewlay hy Helen Cooper, J'/UI Monroe stri'el, iig;iin«L An- druw H. (,'ooper. Shi: wan wanted it reiitralninc order l/y l.he court ugaiuiil the defendant, Hearing on M)'l 'I«;K To TAXl'AVKIIH III' ^ IJIIl'l III.N A I, A I'I'IIOJ'HM'I'IO,\W .'.•',f!'<» JT lM;r«jf»7 iflvil In HMI [tant. Judgment v/a:; (lelcrred j/endiri;; Iiirlhcr inveslicalion. N'inrian |[aro!d Kou.'il. anil Pa- Iricia Ann l,arkin, l/oth of Kewanna, were i.nued a rnarringf! lieeii'ie, Monday afternoon, in the county cli:rk';i oflice, June 17 i.'i the ileadlirie for Ko- (.•hesier renidenln lo aign up for npitclal Hjirlnklirig rales at the Water iJeparlitient office, «» prii- virled hy Ordinance No. li'i, dated Septeuiher I, I'M. The riprliikling rale v/i]| apply only In thoiie making application. The Kulliin county Home l)c- prcsented Iheir part of the program hy .singing "How Lrivdy arc Thy Dwellings". The Indies went to Lafayette hy chartered bus, and were accompanied by four guests. Mr. and Mrs. John 7 r i;;lio and family had as their Sunday Clients, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Guska, of Chicago. Florence Kale arrived home Sunday from a three weeks vacation in California. Mrs. William Snwers, Debra Jo Barnel.t, Mrs. I/on Zimmerman and Mrs. llalph ,S)u:lton were Kokomo visitors, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hittie entertained her brother, Malcolm ria, received a Doctor of Medicine j Michael', spent Tuesday in South degree Monday from Indiana uni-i^ cn( '. versity. Mr. and Mrs. Miller at- 'Donnic Cowlcs Is spending two tended the Commencement. i weeks, with his grandparents, Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Lee Jleidorn o[;"nd Mrs. J. Cowles, in Klkhuii. Franklin have purchased the Dr. P. 1!. Heinsen properly in Kewanna and have moved here. Dr. Ileidorn will take over the Heinsen practice as veterinarian. A graduate.of Iowa State college, he, practiced in Franklin and Greenshurg before, coming here. The Kowanna Methodist Vacation Bible school, will be held from !) to It a.m. June 17 through June 211. The Commencement will h« at II p.m. Friday, June 211, Larry Cunningham will be superintendent of the school. Mrs. Leo F,vans has been ap- of Mrs. Hun)) Cook, who lia.i ronitfned due to the recent Illnuiw of Mr. Cook. Mr. and Mrs. Cook have been .spending much of their time in Michigan with their win, Jack, and his wife. Mrs. Roy Nutt was n Home f)em- Vijunji, a .student ol Duller IJni-! pointed a member of the local li- vtrsily, Initiunapnlin, over Iricjljrary board to fill the unexpircd week end. Other KIIKX\S were four fraternity brothera of Mr. Yountf: Phil Mans, .John Thomas, (ilene- lyn, III,; Bill Huff, Imlianapolifl, and Frank ilopcnsteill, Jlerwyn, III. Mi.i.i Freida Kampcn am! Miss Helen Karnpen an; on a three month tour of Kuropo. Mr. and Mrs. Charles DaviH, Kewanna, an; the parents of a daughter. Mr. and Mrn. Warren Neiiddrff, l.'l.'ll Madison street, are the parents of a daunhl.er. TAl'KIt STATISTICS .SCHKNKCTADY. N. Y.-A roll of mni;nel.li; tape about Ihe ;il/.e o a dinner plate him replaced a Will- prijid report to jipirwl up Social [Security information of :tf>,Wl (Jcn- eral Kleolric Co. employe.-). Mr, and Mrs. Lnyd. Wellington were in Wiltshire, 0., Wednesday visiting Mr. and Mrs, .Joe Avory and family. Miss Mary llcnning, student at Taylor university, has arrived home to spend her summer vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Henr.ing. Mr. and Mrs. Loroy Miller and family spent Sunday with relatives at Delphi. Mr. and Mrs. Colburn Ifnrdin and daughlers of Winchester, Intl., spent the weekend here with Mr. and Mrs, Orrin Silburn and Mrs. Kffie Ilarclin. The latter is recovering from illness in the Silburn home. Mr. anil Mrs. Art Moore and family of liuffalo and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Stout of Medaryville spent S/ilurday here with Mr. and Mrs. John Moore and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnston of Kewanna anil Mr. and Mrs. Harry Royal Center Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Martin and their daughter Jo Carolyn, o£ Albuquerque, New Mexico, . spent the past week with Mrs. Martin's >arents, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Beckley. The Martins began their trip home Wednesday. Mr. and. Mrs. Albert Everman entertained at a family dinner ast Thursday, honoring Mr.. and Mrs. Vincent Martin and daughter. Mr. and.Mrs. Joseph Beckly and sons, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, spent the weekend with Mr. Beckley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson. Beckley. Mrs. Susan Meyers and Mr. Bud Zartman were^tlie Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Beckley. Karen and Jennifer Rafferty, of Kewanna, were recently the over- r.ight guesls of Mr. and'Mrs. Jake Hoffman and family. Warren Goodrich is confined to his home with mumps. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert McCombs attended a gel-logel/her at Monon Chape! Methodist church last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Howell, Marion, called on his father, Newton Howell, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Daily and their daughter recently spent two weeks wilh their parents, Mr. anc Mrs. Rrnest Daily and Mr. aiu Mrs. Gilbert McCombs. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Hoffman and family were Uie Saturday evening supper guesls of Mr. am Mrs. Robert Rafferty and family of Kewanna. Mr. ar.d Mrs. John Taylor of Jogansporl were the Tuesday eve- ling guesls of Mr. and Mus. Ray Taylor. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Flv» fcteft True Life Adventures | HITCH IN A'HURR*/ ©191' Will Dimrr PfofltKl'Wi tt'otU K'|W Kcntifd *fc& OREBE's' 1NSTAN1T ><-•••- ''V2V7', ?^*^T^^ r -^-* '^nt^K,*' —=•-— r^ REACTION 'v^O^V-;:^---::-, •••... ,•.:...——;•" TO MANSER x '»/• ' " \0 TO DIVE". AMP, INSTINCTIVEL.V, HEK PI<3<SV-BA^KIMc3' BABIES <SKA-B MOL.P O& HER iATHEKS ASII7 RIPS •\ MteSifSB", V-, POVVSI TO Sf onstraUon cliil) ddeKate to I'urduo .,,, hnHl(in ,,, Tw ,.| v( , M ,, ( . ,,|.|,,,,ded university Ihursday. . t|m mi|lm](l| e ,, nv ,, nlim , ()f 0)d Ol , Michael Mines, Jr., of La:i VIIKMH, i,|,.,. (iennnii HapUsIji, Nev., and Or. .lames Illnen of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Autry and Chicago spent tin; weekend here „„„ ()f 'I'IICHOII, Arl/.., nre hpiindhiK with their i/arentii, Mr. and Mrs. i,, f,, w ,|,, VH i,,,,.,. w iu, | 1(!l . i, r olher Michael Illnc/i. Michael, Jr., came] ;mi | |,j, t w- |f (!i |yj,._ . u ,,| Mrs. Willium In atlerid his cinsji reunion uL|/\Mi>ii, Notre iJiirni! .Saturday. j Mr. and MI-H. Jmias lirown and Mr. and Mrn. 'Klrner Harper nnd WA.S'J'H NOT, WANT NOT NKW YORK—Savo l.he nut.'ilde leaven next time you're preparing cauliflower fur cocikinj.!. Wiuili them, chop line, and combine with other j.;rconn for ualad. Serve with frenrrh drenuin^. j-| family were dinner guestH Sunday of bin brother, Lloyd Harper, and family of Meilaryvillo. Mrs. Clnirji! DeVaull. iia.s returned to her home here after spending l.he winter in the hnme of her daughter, Mrs. Alvin Uruwn, nnd family in Defiance, O. Mr. and Mrn. Pniil l.i'fl'ril viiiiterl in l.he II. C. Helm home in Soutli llend Sunday. Mr. and Mrn. Huh MoKlmiey of Kirltlln wen: gueiits here Sunday family of here were among a group (if Irh'nds who were entertained in tin: home of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver SwfirU at Ora Siindny. The i!iii.ln:r!ng was in honor of Mr. Mrs. Preslon SwaiT/, who are visiting here from Smillillchl, Illnh, Mr. and Mm. (ileini (iliin and their griindcliildriMi, Dehm and Cary (Jinn of here, mid Mr. anil Mrs, Mai'c Kahlcr of l''uitnn ii|ii Sunday wil.li I lie. former's son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrn. Roller!. I'.arncasLIc, In Indianapolis. ii, lh;tl liui l.'niii. H,,,l, l'',iiri«JI ,,r ,-:il'J l.'lly, ill :i. *•£•<•• l:d mci'llKU 1ft lint Oiiidrll <-|i:illil.i-r« 1,11 III., 21th rliiy «.f J"!M,, lit// will fllllllM.I,- Mil, f'.l 1'i-nMiK ii'lillll'inal ';i|ii<i-»|iilii.it<iliii V.-l.l' h hiil.J i,t[\'-i-l i: .-'inijldi-r J..-ff:ijh;icy I', 7i,, ; i-l Ihir i. x I / ;i',; din 1. 1 •/ iin<'ty,<:ii"y i-ni>.llii^ (i I Ujjjj IIIMI- '; < > <'/'rv i](.;.';i';jt A /, i''i'.','i;- ii'Miil* i IK AVIATIU;; ' , (•:';ij!|mi"i t ! ........ I '^'•j ;; r: r; i - rj ;! ;: r;;iir.,jii l( , ^ oil ............. 'j 1 ., v T.'.n <ni,, -i i-:i|uiii. n.i-nl ............. T'j I -I.M I'nrl. '.r Dq.ili/- Ilinlil .......... I'AI'.I'. J.".'i; MI'/I'KUM •I', V-VSII Kipiliiu.i-iii . .)K.. 000. in/ 'j 1 '. i in ;!iiiiiiii. n ..... ;i,ooo.i/o in'jti'.j'/i' A.'.'I* ;M-,\vr;u "j 1 -- :: ^:,:i n, pnii ., A ^IMi y,;i M-. ^ 'I',, I !i I ;i;i I., 1 1.-.- \V;iKfi! 1'n '.'. ::i I I'n Irhl ft Dr.iy:,H.i I 1 '. :- ::;,:; /;.•(,„ ic ,, (l,OI|l|.l|l| I.IHIII.IHI 12(1.1111 Mill.I/O !,!/!/ 'jO 11,11.0'J ;;'..;, on ion on I'n • Hiilldliu/ 0,1111111:1;! liillitl li«|il I 2,21m.III! 'I'n '.'.- ^ili; Uin.hlnli i ''Jl'i'' iii,n tii;!,'iii'i iifi I'n 2 ','A\ l'i liilliiic F, A'l- v..|l|nln K ,'!'ll| MO 'I'll I \,:t yi-1,.. I, i,[,i :i I I UK Jt'. :nfll Tfli-Llllllf lOlllll fliivn II tif/lll I', li'- liKiuil l)i..|,,,,n 'riii- iMlilllliiiiiil nil Ii;-'«|i;l;i(l'./in (in rlixtllr irni'ln will )>n IMIIi,fiiiMh-ii lly I cri-ITmj l'i III') tllulK IV,i.i.l ,,' T;u iViiiiiiilnriloii- t-rn. wlil.-h |s.,n r ,| v.'lll In,HI 11 mr- lh«tr hi-iirl/iK v/llhln rifti-i-n ifiivw HI lilt. t'Mlnly Allilllor'n (jrrli-ii nl <';ic.« roillily, liMtllillii, 'if 111 'HK'I: f»lli(tr liliu-i- iif. inity (in (li-'ilK (III I i-d. At MHI-II ln-iirlni/.. In x pa yi.rn <.li|"'.Mim Ir, miy mii'h inlillllniiiil ii|.nr>i|irliilliiiin inn v I," In.nril Mini Int iTniil ft\ I n n [i;i y i-rri innv Illrpllrn <»r din r.iiiriiy Audit.ir tvlii'ii mid wliiT.i nii'h hniirliiK will \in In-lil. IIAIJ'II II. H.MI'I'II ('li-rli .'r/'iiiNiiror CUly of l,oK'tliril''/rL, iMrllniiii. J'r«HH (1-13 (% Clear heads agree: I Calvert tastes better J/f.H. p , I. 1 4/3 QT. TCIH/J: rnukoH Um difToronco in whinkoy. 'J'aaln >H Uio rouHon why clour-hondod Amnricnnn chooHO Culvert. Get; Hio fineHl; taHlo wliiHkoy ,,,*, m ,,i, . curi oll'or. Cull for Calvork. M V-) /~\C^ f\~V*\7 f\ yictlllth tlJlMMy I ,,,.,, JKr^ ! XVtJot/JL V t/ ».,.„.,., I 7 rylheCaluiirl tuuli;Inlluiliiiiulyirlalalzv, |>K-| Only Nothing finer in American tattle CALVKRT UIVT. CO.. N.Y.C. • H(! I'HOQV • 06% VHA1N NJKUTKAL SPIRITS-AMElllCAN BLENDED WMIHKKY Read the Classified Ads REMEMBER DAD NEXT SUNDAY 'Wifh a new Shectffer Snorkle Pan sot with his name in gold free on each. Sheaffor Pens $3.75 to $25.00. Timberlake's Gift Shop WHY re-enlist in the small-car ^P^^ ^tsirysff^^'^^ v^-?,'!"^ ! *y ^^^ ^.^^i^^k^^^ m ^^J ®«ffl|i|p>j;^tol'ii»i^iii 2lv ITim/ * /m^ m: m • • • • w • ^ps^*r^^,-f^,7 •*"" ™ ™ ^ •• ^J ^ ffi^ai^^k»l;i^a& READ THIS STARTLING FACT 5 out off 1O Smaller Cars wear a Pontiac Price Tag none gives you Any off Pontlac's Advantages PONTIAC GIVES YOU UP TO 8.9% MORE SOLID CAR PER DOLLARI Not. 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PONTIAC GIVES YOU 4 TO 7 INCHES MORE WHEELBASEI Tim iininll i:nrn uxljjm) himipnni nnd I'nnderii l.o look hig—hui, I'oiil.iiu; jjiil.ii (.In) nxl.ni Jitngl.li wlinri) il, i:mm(.n—lin- twimii l.hn wliiMtltil I'onl.iiKi'n lonKnriitridu hrucknl« th*> hllitipi fnilnad of riding on Ihnm, And UIIM nxf.ru Ii9»gl.h iihown up iimidn, I/KJ, in Ml.r^'l.eh-oul, Ki)iu.'o lor MIX I'noU'i'H. Add U> !'(;nl,iiic'ii hoiuiii in lonnl.h il.H nll-iinw iiiiii|)iiniiinn nynl.<iin mid you IHIVO HI) ixcluilv* L»v«l-Lln« Rid* no Cur fil; nny,j>ricn r.nn mirpmiM , . . and n liuill.- In miiiiti! of dirttcl.iou nnd i««;uril.y l.luil, will «|ii/il you lor llxi ii/tinllrr c.nru 1'oriworl HOWl II y«« wniil fli> <Hl M •»«» lk« Uvrail PONTIAC'S PERFORMANCE TOPS THE BEST THE SMALL CARS CAN OFFER— BY A WIDE MARGIN! Nol. iiiin (if 1,1 in mimllrr cnm run iiiiiMiiuro U|> l.o 1'oiij.iiu: I'm'foriiiniirn, WlinLlinr yi/u jii(lK» il pmvnr |ilnnl. l/y niiKii»i - riiiK Ml.nl.inl.ir/i or on -l.lid-ronfl prrrormiuiro, I'oul.ini'.'n Sl.rnl.o-Hl.rimli V-H II|MI«|H liriul anil iilioiildnru nliovn iinvl-liiiiK i» Liui low- prirt; (irhl. Your Ponllnc iloulor will li* ha|>py lo «how you a cornplolo fncli-and- fluuro* comparlion—l.lllMI nn ryt'-opnllilltf Ix-nt. ilrivit in I rulllr or out. on III" liiuhw/iy will nu|/|ily nil the' lu-iirl. lii'liiiK pniiil'ynil IIIMM! l,linl. 1'oiil.inc II/IH wijuinitiwl l.lin iimri from HIM l>oyn wluni il. coiunii Lo pur- lorillHMI'oI —AND PONTIAC HAS ALWAYS BEEN FAMOUS AS ONE OF AMERICA'S TOP TRADE-INSI Mitylji* il. rimii-H nn n iiurpriiui lo you (,I)iit HO iniicli inorocitr f!iio iHtyoiirnnl. l.lxiHiuiKt pn'm you'voWM'i) on l.h/?/»u/illi'r c/ir«, JJut l.linni'n I,I in foci! And I'onlluc U a womlar- (ul Invuilit.onl, tool AM you know, it him nlwnyn coiiiinnniliMl n l.op triuln-in, Si> wliy not; utiip out of tlin Miiinll-ciir chum mill into » I'oMtiitr . . . I luTn'n iiotliiii|{ in your wny. Your I'onl.ini: du/ilnr linn llui Jtnyu mill nu I\VI>-I/]KIIHIIH oll'nr wnitiiiK ibr you ri«lil. now! So why no!, look mid fti>I lilio n luillion—innlxind of a million oUiiiru? * nt fxttm MW«ltl H't *m>ll»'t mwnl |»w<r «|V«H« iml .«il«.lv.ly fimllit'i ml » l.w SEE YOUR AUTHORIZED Pontiac DEALER TRADING'S TERRIFIC RIGHT NOW I

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