The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1931
Page 5
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WKDKESDAY. MAY 6, lost (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents » word lor first iDicnion and one ctnt » word for etcli subsequent tn«rllon. No advertisement taken (or Jess than 50o. Coiuii the words and send the «uh. Phone 306 FOK SALE PUT/J DEWEY GROVES AUTHOR OF. ,; • T!K> Husband Hun tetek. l-'OIl HALE-Baby chicks, fay this tall. Kce us about, plan. Murilyi Hatchery. SU-'ll 1 ' FOIl SALE—Kowdcn and Dl'L cotton seed. Welcli Foster nl the Grand Leader. 2cM roil SALE—a good work mules, I good milk cow. Casli or credit. A. Conn-ay or Hatch Doan at Harris Barn. 4P-K7 FOP. SALE—Cotton seed-Crooks Improved Half .& JIM. Ross Stevens, Phones No. 527 or 045. CP-KO r'UK RENT FOIl KENT—Apartment In Inijran building. See- Purktmrst, Company. 9C-TF FOR RENT — Beautiful English bungalow on terraced lot, shade trees, garages, servant, house, chicken yard and house. Bath, sewer, water, lights. One of tlie most attractive homes aromrl Blytlie- villc. Kent cheap to party who will take hare of it. Thomas Laud Co. GC-K9 WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, mo a. Fourth St. BC-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora 22d7 13111 St. TF POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. fted Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west ot courthouse, J. E. Fisher, fhone 81 21C-TP LARGE NATIONALLY KNOWN MANUFACTURER will start you iii business for yourself. We furnish nearly ovcrythlng. Many make 550 to $75 weekly prolits. Steady repeal business. Write quickly. G. C. HEBEKLUNU COMPANY., 27, Blcomington, ill. 4C-K7 WANTED TO RENT -- Furnished apartment. Call 505. C-K-12 1'EKSONAL CASH PAID for second hand furniture. A. L. Flowers, corner Main & Lake Sis. : 6C-TF STOCKHOLDERS MEETING" of The Blytheville Cotton Oil Company The Annual Meeting of the directors and stockholders of th< above company will be held Thursday, June 9th at 10:30 A. M. the offices of W. A. Gage g & Co. Falls Bid;;.. Memphis, Tenu. 4C-KG-: UEFORE HON. OSCAR ALEX ANDEIl, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE FOR CHICKASAWB/ DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUN TY, ARKANSAS. Tom A. Little, Plaintiff, vs. O. W. Robertson, Defendant. WARNING ORDER The defendant, O. W. Robertson is warned to appear in the Justice of the Peace Court of Oscar Alexander within thirty days and answer tile complaint of the plaintiff, Tom A. Little. Witness my hand as Justice ef said court. This April 15, 1031. OSCAR ALEXANDER. 15-22-20-6 liKCIM IlDLli: TODAY ni:i(VI, 11OHDKV, irercl live »llk TOM Mr WILSON ruvrri thttt he (.• [iln rlu|.e ivtlh kcr hulC-tktrr, lit KM' i:Vi:illiTT. So <he nnil her "saw;' kJJun|i Tommy nnd rake til the eODlilrjr inhere »lie urge* blnk to continue ID enllL'^e nnii mir lirralc rhe hrarl ot lilji l« nnnnrlnr: him. i'iilllni; ro convince him, Utryl lc[a Tommy return (o ber *lblcr, Ircn ul ibc lome wait, rrfiiMtft to llad-n lo Ul* plena unj pukl|iour« the elui>rrurur. Xext ilar Tommr SQf» fljblnj; tvllli hi* unete jititl UntlH llpryl her fattg; DJI ILe liench. One of (be from the crtnrd nnd U carried uut by rlie lldc. Tommy tmd rrncuc him anil klic (4 [i i\Lile *pe*Jinjj for :i doctor. However, irhrn the clllocr utiJcrMlnnJa he kc]|h* lier Bret tu? doclur nnil Jinon AnKle I* mil <if ihtacur. Tummy ftcolil* Ileril nml *lip re- KCBIM Jt. And «he find* ir duultly hnrd lu Lrar rh« mild repronvlLi'* ot JHIS. ItKED nnd the avca In- •ullH ol her JL-:iluim klxlt'r. Irene Jnforjii* Tumni]r thill *he kaN IniiHirlanl ne\Tir SOW 00 0.\ W1TIJ THE STOU* CHAPTER VII TRENE was, indeed, anxious" to tell Tommy licr good news, but tie did not site her an opportunity at once. Tho Instant they were outside tho house ho plunged Into his plea (or an early marriage and Irene was so pleased with tho hum bio tone ha took that sbo let him talk on until they had conic within a block of her home. Tbo harder ho pleaded the moro effective her refusal would be, siio felt. Hor big news would bo even bigger when balanced against bi3 eonlri tioa for being unable lo rush to her that morning as slio had ex pected ho would. "Won't rout" ho said finally, and waited tor an answer. Ireuc smiled in a mysterious, smirking fashion "it's too late," she said dramatt cally. "Tho decision is laken ou of my uauGs." Tommy stared at her, somcwha taken aback. "Huh!" he said sti pidly, "I mean that while you wor spending your time witb Beryl an neglecting me my big opportunil came—and tbauk heavens I •home to hear when it knocked ou -the door. Think ot it!" sbe seemed carried away with Iho Immensity ot the thought. "If. I'll eono wltli you last night. Tommy. I'd have missed the first real chance I've had iu my career." Tommy was still unenlightened. "Think ot what?" lie asked. Ireuo regarded him superciliously. "OE course you wouldn't know," she said loftily. "Well, to be explicit, my voice teacher telephoned this morning, aud I'm to have an. audition at KKG tomorrow* afternoon." . \ "Hfuiio!" Tommy exclaimed. Suddenly hen /ling drcadlul happened cud plosively. "There's no question of my career Interfering with any:lit]i£. It's the other way round. Nothing is goiug to interfere witb it!" "I]ut you don't uudcrFlaml," Tommy said despairingly, "1 may need a lot of time before fall to fix things itp with Aunt Em. Otherwise I might not go hack to college." ,. ... TRRN'E shrugged, very Fronchily, ?- she thought. "Thai's your at fair." she said uusyuvpatheticaily. "Oh, have a heart," Tommy begged. "Yea?" Ircnft mocked. "Well, you needn't ho a dog in the mnnger, Tammy Wilson. There's no reason why 1 should put your Interests before mine after tlic way you've treated me In tho past 24 hours." "I know," Tommy admitted rue | Iii'iic lulled over on her side, and went oui, niitetly closing tho door ihnl her. Wio ivout back lo tbc kllchen and IL'. away tho tliiuf'S she'd got out lu I'iriiarallon for making tbo plo., took off her apron, nnd returned •r:'.,i[vs lo mako herself prescuta. '. it was her belli 1 !, fostered by '-'.if, tbat 11 hcranio her lo bldu i' rraylni; of her hair with henna. :at Ueryl lliouslit It hardened r \vrink!cd feaiuroa was only an er prgot in their eyes Ih.U 13v;ryl HJ?J noi £m;irt In her Insle. And when Mrs. Evorell touched lier ll[is \\\[]i rouge, uho was li plly unaware Unit their Ihlnn «.is not aOnpled lo Ibe nddillon o! fi]=o color Kongo looked well on lie:ie'» rosebud inoulh and all fash, lounlilo women used il, they agreed, so why uol Mrs. Everett? She lookrj. us slio walked bur- lly lowaril tho Heeds' hoi ?I=cly wMl sho wns—Iho BO <l:ni vulgarly dressed matter ot a t'lu^Hlor who eaw no Iw.iuty 1 1f, « Hiiailcil-ihiiKlilvr wliosc lasto Jid whiuiH colored Ihe more char- aclerlcEd molhcr's life In too many re sped a. She carried with her an overlast- I"S agitation of :i ncuso of fiililo cifort. Ueryl was sorry (o sec licr anlvo at tho IJccds' nmong Ihe nclubbor women who liti'd beB'an to Eathcr there. Sbo feared lier mother's outspoken rcprodchca. QNCE sbe had said to her mother " nnrl Irene that she. couhl not sco !iow blackening her whitened tlicm any. Trcno bad wanted to know In nbul way EhQ bad over discredited been done for her by her doling iho family, nnil Mrs. Bvcrclt liatl parent. Mrs. Everett, pccpinj for | been deeply wounded. Beryl had OUR BOARDING HOUSE Iho tenth time Into Iho darkened room where she lay and [hiding her bliU awake, camo in to coax her to ctoso lier eyes and Iry to sleep. Suddenly Irene sat up In a iiuttcr of excitement, "Oh, I forgot." she given up her Eclt-detcuso as a hopc- ICE3 undertaking. This was when Ireno had apologized profusely at Ueryl'a CMIOILSO to a neighbor tor the damage done lo Iho latter'a house yuttera by the exclaimed. "I told Mrs. Heed you'd . squirrels thnt carao to feed on iho I11Jl3 Iieryl brollgbl uomo from lbo be right over. Something dreadful miipcned, and It was all Beryl's | grocery store as part ot her wages. atilt. Hcally, Mother. I don't know • Tllo Eq , tirre | a ft . Q lho nllla ,„ „,„ bat slio'll set us inlo soruo day vitli her crazy ideas." "What do you inca 1 !?" her mother ;kcd fearfully, for her eldest daughter's "wlldness" waa a never ending source of worry to her.^ "I mean that she nearly let An- fully. I couldn't help it. 1 Conference to Discuss Recreation Problems ST. LOUIS. (UP)—Problems oE recreation For the American public will be ciiscitssod when approximately 200 delegates to the animal convention of the Nations Conference on Stale Parks mccl lie-re May 27 to 20. Representatives of state ami iia^ tionnl park will be included a: \vclI ,15 representtivcs of semi governmental agencies inlcrcslct In the conservation of wild life and promotion of recreational sites. Among the problems which wi! be discussed, according to Mart I A. Lewis jr., chief of the Missotir State Park system, are the acrjui sition an<l development of land water areas for recreation; natura history, its scientific aspccls, an preservation of wild life throng the establishment of public park forest preserves and game re serves. "What a clever guess," Irene iibetL "Why, that's great," Tommy said Rritlt genuine enthusiasm. "I'm didu't do it purposely." "Tlial's no excuse." "Then you won't do it? Von won't even consider it?" "Not now. My mind must be < tircly tree to think of my future And if you don't mind, Tommy I'd rather you didn't corne in. This has been a terribly strenuous and I'm exhausted. I must rest am save my voice. 1 Tommy agreed. "I sup pcse you must. \Yoll, Irene. You're sure you tiuii't want me to como In?" "I'm (iuitc sure. Goodly. I'll lot you know about the contract as nson as I set home." "What contract?" Tommy asked foolishly. "Why. thc contract I'll gel with RKG, of course." "Oh yes, I sec. Well, goodhy." "Uoodby." A wave- of lier hand, and s'ie "was h 'ie UeeJ drown himscU this morti- ifj. Poor Mrs. Heed is all it pscl I tli sutlers and clogGcd them with the shells. Irono hnd talked 10 th? neighbor aa though Ueryl Imd known this unlikely result v.'ould come about and hnd Eunulied iho mils to the squirrels over her fain ily'a protest. The feeiing Ceryl hail knor.n f WllY.Arl ~Mc.-.-tH 1 II CfUUces jl Tjus-r-TH 1 PLASTER t r "TIME, ~-fEUU wMA-r£ soMe-nliM6- voi-rH THAT ROOM OF MI/JE: 2 I S^EAR I HEAR ' OF Iti if AT MlGHrT — HAS AMVBOPV EL/iE EWER MOTlCEP IT -2 ^' S Ee, A FEW s> VEARS AGO THAT WILL BEL! EWE ._,*.!. J. BOOTS AJND HER BUDDIES I50N VOYAGE! By Martiu icn came over her now as nnd of course Beryl la trying to mother proceeded to exonerate tbo really gled, Irene. I knew you'd j gone, to let her mother make her get a break some day. But listen, | comfortable for her rest and re wo always planned on it. Why i fresh her throat with mill; ami! Kccil before. !iigh-hand tho wholo silualion. She even atteniDled lo order Tommy around, but I Ecltled lhat. Just tho same, I think you'd letter over and sea what you can do. It's tlie least tnis family can offer as an apology for Beryl's careless ness. Some-body ought to do something about letting lier have her way with those kids." » • * •jV.yllS. EVERETT Bistort deeply. -'-* "I =:;• -rrc I'll have to so ovc-r," she -=.ih] v, uli a touch of weariness. "UuC I wibh you'd told me sootier. I was just starting a pic for dinner." She paused and looked at Irene hopefully. "I don't suppose you could finish it!" she asked timidly. "Mother!'' Irene rebuked her. "I've got lo rest; you know thai." "I've got the apples all peeled," her mother ventured, but Ireuo cut her o^. "Plc-asc don't let anyone disturb me," siie said irritably. "With all this on ton ot what happened last ui£ht I'm completely e.xhauslcd. And I hardly eot started with Mrs. family for blainc in this, her Incorrigible daughter's latest cscft- pade. And she could sco thai Die woman were impressed—even Mrs. Itccd, wtio. itnLll today, bad been one of tbo Elauuchesi supporters. Well, when one's own mother . . . TIio Uiought trailed away without a definite conclusion in Lhc girl's weary brain. She was tired—dog i lircd—as she'd have said If anynno I :ad ashed bow she te!t. Sho wauled to go somewhere and La alone. "Where's Irene?" she asfccd licr mother, InJerruplins a flaw of nennirislens lalk. Told that Irene s'as at homo sho decided not- to ;o there. "I'oor Irene," lier mother remarked and launched into a recKnl of wliat the day had brought to Irene. Everyone was interested, and when Beryl broke In again to say that slin thought she'd go to a picture show they considered her atlitude toward her lalents-l sisler a callous one. Ueryl pretended nol to notice. in and should it interfere with, our marriage nowT* *Intsrf£raI* !?SM repealed os- Iiinc oil. She was toD excited to slcijii although every thins oriil- naviiy couducivo to blm^r-s' had turned Uic house up«irtc down," Mrs. Lvirett started to ask how Atiftlij was, thought batter oC It as and was leaving thc liousa when suddenly her rnothsr cfiilcd her back. (To He Continued) ..? LnlntU MMW V.OM6 W« AMO S\5.W\.tM> W»6rV\6 OCiT OM TW5. WNVtR. jBOOT^i WAb WM2 "Vrtt Bra£f\V\H6 VO\WT 1 KMO WOW "WE WiRt^RMVitO ^CN WO EXO^trAtNT WKS. BEItJ6 eA\l?.t) BY "Wt HOSt OCSN-i UWER , VO\\CVv CdrAt TO TV£\R. RttCUt Brt too MUCr\ TOR htR. yifcT M, ftW WTEWtSUHS U&UT -.-TO irtol/a W3W SOO^fe' COURC6WO?) TU&W Of Tttt SW9'& WiD CTOXJ,\T K 6XOW R\a\JSE TO , WiM To WWCA WtM IN WOKUJVX MEM. MtKJ TROtA TWii VoOR. TAW. IW D'ATORQEO •— J ^-: •losing Stock Prices A. T. it T. 181 1-4 Anaconda Copper — 27 1-8 Auburn Caterpillar Tractor ... Chrysler Cities Service Continental Baking .. General Electric General Motors Montgomery Ward ... Nc\v York Central ... Pnckard Radio Corp Simmons Texas Corp U. S. Steel 221 3-1 28 1!) 3-4. 15 1-4 11 3-1 •11 1-1 42 10 5-3 38 7 3-4 17 5-8 13 1-4 : 2'2 1-8 112 1-4 FRECKLES AND HIS FUIENDS AN ASSIGNJ1KNT! By Bloaset RASSlKl CGtNTEEFSIT TVJEsnV O3U.M2 Ei'-LS IS AVJ O-O 7UICVC OP FAPJSARS...TVSATS E.SUXJSU TO SSWD HKA -y JAIL, LET ALOME J /' STTEMJH 1 HecToR'S J j I ISS1T ^/ \. / VSS_.A1JD I TW^'t. TPAT IS soiws To ZZ KI5 UwcoiMS- THIS New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 0. (UP)—Cotton closed steady. Ilicn Higli 075 n?2 331 D95 1010 1031 1012 10M 1C33 IOS\ 1073 1031 May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 950 910 lOO.i 1028 1040 1050 Close !»72 noi 1021 icrit 1061 IOS1 Spots steady at 380. up 10. Kadio Scl Aids Students UIUIANA, Illinois. (UP) — A larye radio hel|>s lo relieve the humdrum hours in the College pi Architectural UcsiRn at thc University of Illinois here. Thc radio supplies jazz and classical tunes lo iliicicnls who olten work all day and sometiniCo at night in order to comp lclc " 1C original thought in a dcfi;;n. The plionograii'n. radio replaced a .RERURID WASHED IGRFASH) EATON AND SON Phone 700 Slain S, 5th SI New Orleans Cotton NEW CHILEANS. May 6. (UP) — Motion cla=cd steady. Oi«n High Ix)\v May 066 July Q84 9D1 010 Oct 10M 1031 1001 Dec 1042 10S3 1029 Jan 1042 1050 UHO Mar. ... 1073 1081b Sjiots steady and unchanged al Brines from (he-Great Salt Lake in Utah contain as a rule. £o:nc- \vhal over 20 per cent solids. an< of Mils a'jout lhrce-tiu,\rters common salt. Courier News Want Ads Pay. SO VOU AMD 1 AR£ GO1H6 8ACI', Tb (SLUMAST AMD PICli UP 7US "HCA1!_ v:-tJSS£ vj= UEFT off-.... fui_ S£T A TRAP FOS. TO OSS V3U AS TUG BAIT !.' *) K ' tn BIS.O.S. PAT.OTT, ~~£; V ^ 1931 BY HEA SCW1CC, ~ WASH TUI5HS WHO DID Crane SE.S, BOIL'S (V\l)SOERfc£), THIS NOTE V!I\S ?\NNE ON V},\»A I V^ )OOR 95*<K\ . KM£UJ TOO MUCV\ — FO^,HlS WORtiS IS VLWN, WAS WJOUT TO SQUEfVL. . 8Uf \NHOSEAUDHISLIP????

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