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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas • Page 1

The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas • Page 1

Salina, Kansas
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Britain, France May Use Troops In Ultimatum To Israel And Egypt LONDON, Oct. 30 (AP)--Britain and France de- ilared today their forces will occupy key positions in he Suez Canal area unless Israeli and Egyptians stop fighting within 12 hours. The two Western powers sent this warning to both 2airo and Jerusalem. Prime Minister Eden told the louse 9 Commons the Anglo- Trench operation aims to "sepa- ate the belligerents and guaran- ee the freedom of 0 TM trough the Suez CanaL Eden declared the British border and about 15 miles southwest of the El Auja demilitarized! border area. This action indicated the Israelis had struck at points scat- i their jnvasion of Mond TOP NEWS Earth tremor shakes Tuisa area, Page 11. $1 million state park plan feasible, Kanopolis favored spot, Page 11. Hungarian Reds concede defeat, call for free Ike Cancels Campaign Trip WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 (AP)--President Eisenhower Tuesday canceled his scheduled campaign trip to Dallas, Oklahoma City and Memphis Wednesday because of the Middle East crisis. Eisenhower sent identical sages to supporters who had ar br()adcast by radio and television FIVE CENTS THE HOME EDITION SALINA JOURNAL 85th YEAR No. 304 SALINA KANSAS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1956 16 Pages ranged for his speeches in these at 8:3 Salina time) states which supported him in 1 appeared this would be easier 1952. The message said: "The turn of events in and; Trench governments have a a Egypt and Israel to 3 heir forces to within 10 miles ofi Earlier, a two-pronged attack jach side of the Suez Canal, jfrom Kuntilla and the head of the! elections, Page 11. The Anglo-French proposal Gulf of.Oaqaba, far to the fisages that forces of the two had been reported without confir-j tountries should be "temporarily" imation to have driven almost! oased at Port Said, Ismailia andi across the peninsula to within Suez. of the Suez Canal. The announcement came as' A communique said; Egyptian and Israeli forces were Egypt's counterattack "stopped; clashing deep within the Sinai completely" the Israeli Peninsula, which Israel invaded Military sources in Tel Aviv; Monday. placed the Israeli columns at Prime Minister Eden said to miles from the canal ain and France have asked both' A Cairo communique said the; lides to keep their forces 10 miles ''Egyptian air force shot down twoj away from the canal. Israeli aircraft, destroyed 12 Is-! armored cars and strafed! Eden told the British Parliament Storm causes widespread damage in Salina area, but rain helps wheat, Page 1. Lucas woman, baby blown 60 feet from house, Page 1. Ike cancels campaign trip, alerts congressional leaders for possible emergency conference, Page 1. Monday leaves me no option--in the interests of working for peace--but to remain at White House Wednesday to deal with the situation developing in the Middle East." He said it was "with exceeding regret" that he canceled the talks. to fit into the suddenly disrupted! campaign schedule, but Hagerty 1 said "everything will be decided on a day-to-day basis." Got News Monday Eisenhower got the news of the; Israeli attack Monday at the' airport in Jacksonville, just after a campaign speech. In that address he said America must remain militarily strong and! at the same time must "give toi our pursuit of peace our entire! Press secretary James Hager who announced the decision, (dedication." He alluded to efforts said he did not know whether Ei-jhj Poland and Hungary to throw i Isenhower would be able to re-' ff Sonet domination, and added the visits before election! "At this particular stage of the history, where we see a I Also uncertain at the once-proud people being trampled i Hagerty said, is whether Eisen-'down by marching regiments, this 1 jhower will be able to keep his i is no time to stop the draft in Philadelphia is no time to stop perfecting! evening for a major address to be lour weapons." paratroopers had been dropped in! the area of the Suez Canal, buti he did not say whether they were 1 ilsraeli troops. i 1 SI 06 Britain, France in ultimatum to Israel, Egypt; may send troops, Page 1. I Congressional i Leaders Alerted What's Behind The Trouble? Tuesday, October 30-'I WASHINGTON 7 ypu- The Eisen-j (What's behind the fighting in the Middle East. For a background story on the conflict, see story on Page 11.) Egyptians or Israelis. He said the! These attacks were said to have air forces of both Egypt and place at El Themed. 30; rael had been active in the neigh-! es ns jrj Egypt from the borhood of the canal and that thejiiiia jumpoff point, and against; British and French srae troops "before the Egyp-; KANSAS Showers and- nowe administration was report-i were determined to do everything i a portion at Qusaima." i thunderstorms east, becom-' da to have dei TM congressional Eisenhower had at possible to safeguard traific The communique claimed leaders for possible emergency i through the-waterway. Uans were engaged in "mopping locall Severe extreme conference at the White House on! the Whlte HoUse wlth Dulles bn Egyptian President Nasser was'i up operations in the Sinai Pen-! eas 't this afternoon and eve-, the Middle East fighting. reported to have ordered a gen-Unsula." ining; clearing west and cen-i A high official said word was: eral mobilization as the fighting; Aviv military spokesmen tral this afternoon and ex-! sent this morning to the ment looked more and more like war. announced that the Israeli east tonight' IH Israel had gone on a war footing: force also had gone into action: nesday partly doudy cbol House Speaker Rayburn V- TM ver the weekend had attacked lian con tonight except De TM crat poicy advises The Syrians also were reported voys. 6 Johnson of Texas. Senate Repub- by the Damascus newspapers to So far neither side had published northwest cooler extreme Hcan Leader of a i ght. The Unite House said the have ordered a state of general any casualties in the fighting. least, warmer west Wednes-. ia. and House Republican Lead-j TM ales mobilization. Civilian buses In a diplomatic aside to the gen-1day; low tonight 30 north-r Martin of Massachusetts. Also; trucks were put at military situation Egypt protested toj wes to near 40 10 Sen George (D-Ga) and nce posal. Antiaircraft guns i a i against the flight of Wednesday in 60s. erected in the Syrian jet bombers over the! to aid any victim of ag- SHREDDED SHED --Winds up to 50 raph Monday night leveled this construction shed at Marymount College. The shed was owned by Gen- eral Air Conditioning and Electric one of the contractors on the Marymount fine arts building. (JOURNAL PHOTO) civil defense exercises were or- Suez Canl area. dered there and in Aleppo. The protest followed SALINA WEATHER Senate and House I committees. foreign policy reports; Downtown: 2:30 pm The word passed to the six men "We shall honor our said White House press secretary James C. Hagerty, who said he Military spokesmen at Tel Aviv from port said that Egyptian 50. Max. Monday 72. that they should be re ared spoke ith Eisenhower's tVio nf the- sirrraft funs VinH nnpnpH firp nn nnct Od hniirc 7fi flv fn thp ranital fn flllick no- 1 announced the capture of the aircraft guns had opened fire on! past 24 hours .76 inch. Egyptian position of Qusaima, unidentified planes high over (he City Airport: 1:30 about 10 miles inside the Egyptian seaport. Min. 50. Max. Monday .73 of an inch. I to fly to the capital on quick no-: pmilice for possible talks with Presi- dent Eisenhower and Secretary ol State Dulles. zation. Hagerty said the problem Storm Rough On TV Towers; Nearly Inch Of Rain Falls A wind and rain storm lashed the Salina area Severe thunderstorms usually go mile north of St. John's Military day night, crumpling television towers, knocking down! alon with such a chan Academy, .50 of an inch was in tree Withdrawal Of Troops Demanded CAA reported 1:30 pm: Barometer 28.53 falling slowly; Wind north-northwest 15 mph; Relative humidity 74 percent. Lowest this dale 14 in 1925; highest 88 in 1950. All leaders notified were reported to have expressed complete readiness to do so. George is already hi Washington. The move by the administration But all was not on the dark side. The storm brought a needed three-quarter inch rain. By Max Harrelson Tuesday, October 30-UNITED NATIONS, X.Y. Russia and the United States joined today in demanding that the U.N. Security Council order: the immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from Egyptian territory. At the same time, Russia called on the Council to warn Britain and France against any military intervention in the Israeli-Egyptian conflict. a Gen. E. L. M. Burns, U. N. truce chief in Palestine, had called on both Egypt and Israel for an immediate cease-fire. So far, he said, he had no informa-j TM lion as to whether either side replied. Another Development In another development, Jordan urged the Council to end! the fighting. At the same time, Jordan warned that it would go to the aid of Egypt in fulfillment of treaty obligations. Airport (By CAA): 72; 2:30 3:30 :30 5:30 7:30 2 1:30 2 1 2 6:30 0 7:30 (V IV30 seemed mainly precautionary be- top officials shortly 55'noon were reported largely in the jsion of Congress "will be decided Jin the light of the unfolding situation" Chairman George D-Ga) of the! Senate Foreign Relations Commit-! Winds measuring up to 50 mph tee had said earlier the situation stron ale Proportions left might necessitate an immediate' 3 forest of twisted televlslon an 1 call for a special session. itennae was estlmated at least shattering windows and leveling small sheds. 71; 10:30 59:11:30 dark about the actual rlevelop- 58 ments in the Middle East areas. jjiJi 75-Minute Conference jjljj The report of the standby alert 52; to the congressional leaders came 52 i shortly after a 75-minute confer- 100 there was a tremendous change The match is getting uncomfortably close to the international powder keg. Yours, were damaged or destroyed. Plane Crash The storm delayed a Continental! 0 erss re Air Lines plane for a short time! always as- and caused a false plane crash' )clalc 1 WIth such a change he said. alarm. The major damage report came; The change pressure created east was blowing at 35 to 50 mph! al 8:28 pm, Young and later! sure system," Young said, "with! started to reduce. By 11:07 pm.j gusty surface winds from the jit wa from the west southwest i south for several days. a 18 cOId front moved in behind! The rain started at 8:20 pm the low pressure system. When! and CAA recorded a total of the cold front hit the warm airj 73 of an inch. The downtown The wind from the south south- he all Mrs. E. L. Myers, 1314 Gypsum, was awakened at 10:50 pm when, she said, "it felt like Ina Mahoney's Farm Damaged Soviet Delegate Arkady A. Sob-; The United States, which re-j olev read a news dispatch fromiquested the council meeting, was; London saying Britain and France reported considering asking U.N. 1 had agreed their forces would oc- members to take major economic; cupy key positions in the Suez Ca- and diplomatic reprisals against) nal area unless Israel and Israelis. stop fighting with 12 hours. TJ. 3. Secretary of Slate Dulles' This, Sobolev said, was a pft-! as i ed rance and Britain to join, text for sending their troops into America'in seeking council the area The Western Big Three under ai U. S. Delegate Henry Cabot 1950 declaration are joint guaran Area Woman, Baby Blown Out Of House By Storm the house was moving from side to side. It lasted several minutes and left as quickly as it came. At the E. A. Korb home, 1225 Gypsum, a Chinese elm was It was the first measurable off a the trunk. Other Oct. 20 when CAA had tree damage also was reported. and the downtown gauge had .56 of Bricks were toppled from the an inch. facade of the Globe Imprint build- The October tola! now stands at! in S. 7th. gauge showed .76 of an inch. from Marymount College where i i i turbulence as the warm 2.29 inches at the airport and 2.66! Stacked lumber was blown down TMu! Downtown. at the Heusner School addition but At the Robert Kelly home, one no serious damage was done. tornadic winds smashed 20 Lodge Jr. appealed to all coun- tors of the Arab-Israeli demarca-' Dorrance MaJlone is Democratic! Some farms in Central and Northwest Kansas were! 3 ui raent was outside. All our damaged by Monday night's rainstorm, but; drills tractors and some other beneficial moisture was received over a wide area. The storm damaged buildings, on the farm of Elmo Mahoney, tries to refrain from giving Israel any assistance, but he did not refer specifically to the British- French move. Lodge told the Council the United States would present a formal tion lines. Ready To Move An authoritative government i source in London said the British government was ready to force troops out of Egypt if the proposal at another meeting of the; thru prQved to be al out in Council this afternoon calling fori an immediate end of the hostilities and withdrawal of the Israeli forces. He appealed to all members of the Council to refrain from giving Israel any assistance or from taking "advantage of the situation for any selfish interest." "Failure of the Council to react at this time," Lodge said, "would be a clear avoidance of its responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security." vasion designed to seize some Egypt's territory. Secretary General Dag Ham- marskjold told the Council that Journal Directory Cuff Stuff Deaths District Dr. Molncr Editorials Guess What? 14j Markets I a i Society 31 Sports Theaters US Official To Salina Tuesday, October 30-TOPEKA tf)-Warren W. Shaw, Republican nominee for governor, said today the U. S. Department of Agriculture Is sendng a "high- ranking representative" to Kansas candidate for Congress from sixth district. Al Lucas, Mrs. Delmar Gier and her four-weeks-old child were blown out of their farm house. They suffered only cuts and bruises. These rainfalls were reported by weather observers in Ihe area: Mankalo 1.40; Courtland Jamestown Miltorivale 1.16. equipment ha'd been parked 'outside to plant wheat." ahoney estimated an inch and half of rain at the farm. Combine Demolished At the Harry Chard farm south plane, and a hanger, were demolished. i Also destroyed were a 40 by 80 i concrete and steel storage and; machinery building, and the Lucas th twis er demolished of a dairy barn. a comblne two hlcken ho dses two granenes, a barn, and broke Mahoney said his brother, but Qne wjndow in farm his wife and three children in the home, which was not hurt. I Daug herly, 335 N. 10th, "They said the pressure was Sa lina, Chord's father, said the so great," Mahoney said, damage has not been determined their "that (hey had to hold hands over their ears." The demolished and damaged! Scand.a Haddam Wash- buildingSj Mahoney said, were' mgton Barnard 1.09; Tescott! bui in 1951 "The funny thing," he said, "is .76. Enterprise Smith Center Mankato that the buildings were built in! Chord and his family crawled under a bed during the storm. An attached garage on the house was ripped off, he said. He said the twister also causec considerable damage al the near- Brookville Elmo Wilson 1.08; Covert Beloit Osborne son Abilene .76. 1951, after the old ones were destroyed by another twister. built the new ones, I thought, to stand up under at his request for an "on-the-spot check of soil requirements as the result of the drought." Shaw said he has been advised that Kenneth Scott, director of agriculture service, will fly to Kansas Nov. 1, Shaw said he will take Scott on a flying tour of the slate 10 with slops at Hill City, Salina, 9 Hulchinson, Liberal, Dodge City land Great Bend. A freak wind or small tornado had destroyed buildings on at least four farms in the area including Mahoney's. Others hit are owned by Delmar Gier, 7 miles northeast of Lucas, and the Harry Chord and Frank Kwasniska farms, four miles south of Lucas, i'hc storm struck at about 9 am. Mahoney estimated damage at his farm at between $15,000 and $20,000. Only part of the property destroyed was insured, he said. He said his Cessna 140 all-- weather conditions." He said the roof of the we any dairy barn was ripped in half. It can be repaired, he said. "The plane, hanger and storage shed arc a complete loss," he added. He said a truck parked in the center of the big shed was not damaged, but is surrounded by, debris, and can not be moved. "We didn't have a truck to feed our cattle Tuesday morning," said. "Luckily, most of our farm jby home of Mrs. Chard's brother Frank Kwasniska. The two homes are about eighl miles from the Mahoney farm. Blown Out Of Homes A Lucas farm woman and her 4-weeks old baby miraculously ex- capcd death when they were blown out of their home after a tornado struck. Mrs. Delmar Gier was feeding he, baby when the tornado hit the two story frame house, demolishing it. She wits thrown out of the house into a field about 50 to 60 fort away. A physician who treated the (Continued to Page 11.) iair was pushed up by the windows in the college's near- front Youn said completed fine arts building. The blast also smashed a contractor's shack near the building. The shack was owned by the General Air Conditioning and Electric one of the contractors on the job. Mother Mary Chrysostom Wynn, vice-president of the school, said the metal flashing around the roof of the auditorium was disturbed by the wind. The windows were smashed in the art department and' in the music library, one in the southeast wing and the other in the extreme north wing of the building. The accompanying rain, however, did no damage to the building interior, Mother Chrysostom said. Mother Chrysostom couldn't estimate the damage, but said it was covered by insurance. The plane crash scare came about 10:30 pm when a CAL plane was delayed. A sudden flash from a burned- out transformer on East North Street Road north of the Marymount Road Lroughl the possible plane crash report from observers who thought the flash was an exploding plane. Salina police checked the area. The plane landed safely a few minutes later. Most Salina damage was confined to vulnerable television antennae. In the Kraft Manor addition, one row of houses displayed damaged antennae. Antennae damage was particularly heavy in southeast Salina Brewing Several What caused the storm? Well, according to Wayne N. Young, a CAA weather observer, had been brewing for several days. 'We've had a Mvere low prei- FALLEN TV TOWER lies in a twisted heap at the home of Mr. and Emyce Dyck, 149 Mt. Barbara. About 100 towers were damaged or in Salina during storm. (JOURNAL PHOTO)

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