Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 13, 1957 · Page 26
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 26

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1957
Page 26
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Ten Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Trtbuns Josephine Lowmon Place and Parents' Opinion Rule Baby-Sitting Clothes The types of clothes you wear while baby-sitting depends on the borne and opinion of the parents. (The Friday Question Box) Q, "When baby sitting, is it correct to wear shorts, slacks or ber- mudas, or should I wear a dress or skirt all the time?" A. I think this should depent on how the parents feel about it and on where they live. If you are going to take the baby out in its bug- by on the streets, or the little children to a park, I myself would prefer that you wear a skirt. On the other hand, if you are going to your family and friends to remind you. * * * Tomorrow: "She's a 'Facial Gymnast' — Has Deep Lines to Prove It." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) To Dedicate New Peru Church Addition Sunday PERU — The new education Ann Landers Year-Old Landers' Letter Re-Read and Proves Point Crop School Set at Delphi On Dec. 20 DELPHI—The Carrol County Crops School will be held here at the REMC auditorium on Friday, Dec. 20 from 10 a. m. to 3 P. m. Featured speakers will be John Dunbar, ag economist at Purdue University, who will discuss grain handling. Keller Bceson, agronomist at Purdue, will talk about grain varieties and crop rotations. Bffi SnJSr w^ $ ho b w e ^f^™^*—-.- Dear Mrs. Landers: I wrote to you a year ago and asked for advice. You gave it to me but I was a little mad at you at the time. I was in love (I THOUGHT) with a boy who wanted me to go with him exclusively. You said 14 was too young to be in love and suggested I put your letter away for a year then read it again. Well, the year was up yesterday, and were you so right! After going ! with this for four montlls he ents are making a big case out of it. Thursday Evening, December 12, 1957. he is handling high shelled corn in a silo. moisture- John McCormick will discuss his drying ear corn in a 14,000 bushel crib with unheated air. Lloyd Mikesell, County ASC chairman, will point out conservation practices where ASC can give aid. The 4-H and FFA Crops show will also be on exhibit at the HEMC building that week Wed- siesday through Friday. The show is sponsored by the Delphi Chamber of Commerce. 2 Appointed To UF Board Two township representatives for the Cass county United Fund were appointed at a meeting of the UF board of directors Thursday. Mrs. Lawrence Doyle, route 1, .Royal Center, will represent Boone township and John Sanders, route 1, city, will represent Noble township. They succeed Paul Harrison stay right at home, it does save building and newly decorated sane-'and Don Heckard, who have re- your better clothes to wear play things. Ask the parents of the children what they think is best. Skin Dry Q. "My problem is that my skin luary of the First Methodist i signed. Church will be formally opened! The board plans to accept no- here Sunday. The 5200,000 building and improvement program was started tends in the morning to be vary two years ago and recen .t] y (: o m . dry but by midday it is very oily.; My skin has a nice color when Ij get up in the morning but by three o'clock it is a greasy, dark color." A. I suggest that you take a little kit with you to work and wash your face with soap and water at your lunch hour. Also, wash your face and neck just before leaving in the morning, when you first get home in the afternoon and before going to sleep at night. Also apply an astringent twice daily, after washing your face. Q. "I am 19 year old, 5 feet 8 Inches tall and weigh 165 pounds. I have a fairly large frame. What should I weigh? I know I am lots Open house will be held from 2:15 to 3:30. Dr. Newman S. Jefrey, superintendent of the Kokomo District, will be guest speaker at a Thanksgiving Service at 1:30 p.m. STUDENTS POISONED SNEE.DV1LLE, Tenn., (UP) — The carbon monoxide poisoning of 13 high school students during a bus trip was under investigation today. School authorities said the minations for 11 new directors at their next meeting on Jan. 9. Board members asked that persons who have not yet donated to the fund do so during the radio auction scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings. In your letter you said this would happen if I stuck to just one boy and saw him every night. You also warned me to keep my standards high and my "head on straight" or I would regret it for the rest of my days. I think this is what kept me from making a terrible mistake, if you get what I mean. Well, to get to the point, I gave the boy the air two months ago and now I'm dating three others. Every word in your letter came true. Maybe YOU don't believe in fortune-tellers, Ann, but I believe in you.—Love—MARY Dear Mary: Hang on to the letter—and if it gets too tattered to read, send it back and I'll re-type it. And my love to YOU-ANN LANDERS * * * Dear Ann: I'm a young widow with a big problem. At 17 I married and my husband was killed on a motorcycle. He left me with a baby boy I named after him, I am now 19 years of age and planning to marry a young fellow who will be a fine daddy to my little boy. The problem is this, Ann: my future husband wants to change the boy's last name so it will be the same as ours. I'm willing to do this, but the baby's grandpar- 11 Die as Sicily School Crumbles PALERMO, Sicily (UP) — A sharp gust of wind crumbled a mountain kindergarten school in the nearby Altofonte today, burying 40 children and their nun- teachers in the debris. Italian artillerymen on maneuvers nearby dug frantically youths were overcome Wednesday • through the wreckage and found overweight." A. If you have a very large frame, you really are not much overweight. However, I suspect that you shduld lose 10 to 15 pounds. Q. "I am 5 feet tall and weigh 115 pounds. My bust measures 34, waist 28 and hips 37 inches. I am 29 years old and medium build. What I want to know is how much off am I? It means a lot to me." A. Your weight Is just about right. You might be five pounds overweight, depending on your frame. Take bust developing exercises to add an inch to your bust measurement and waist-slimming exercises to lose an inch there. Should Gain • Q. "I am 14 years old, 5 feet 1 Inch tall and weigh 98 pounds. My bust is 33 inches, waist 23 inches and hips 30 inches. I would like to get about five inches more on my hips. I bite my nails. How can I stop that? My arms are very hairy — awful. What can I do to get rid of this unpleasant hair?" • A. You are not overweight. In fact you should gain about five pounds. If your hips were five Inches larger, they would be out of proportion. You might add two or three inches with exercise. Remove the hair on your arms with a depilatory and repeat the treatment whenever necessary. Have a good manicure at a beauty Ion. Maybe then you can remember not to bite your, nails. Also ask as they traveled to a basketball game. Some were semi-conscious when the vehicle arrived at its destination. All were reported recovering today. nine children, the mother superior and another woman dead. They brought out the other children alive, jured. although some were A Gift the whole family will enjoy They sE.y the boy is the only one in the family to carry on the name as they have no other sons. They argue that I owe it to my husband's memory to perpetuate his name through his son. They tell me I will probably have OTHER sons and my present husband will have his name carried on through them. Please, Ann, help me.—CAN'T DECIDE Dear Can't Decide: Tin's one would be easier to duck that swer, but here's the advice: Your future husband's wishes should take precedence over your son's paternal grandparents. If he wants to change the boy's name to his, then by all means do so. After all HE will be the only dad the child will know. If the boy's name is Howard Jones, why not add the new name (Howard Jones Brown) and perpetuate your deceased husband's name in 1 this way. I can certainly understand the grandparents' feeling but your life is ahead of you, not behind, and you shou'd be thinking in terms of the future, not the past. * + * Dear Ann: I am a girl almost 17 and I have always had trouble making friends. I'm the quiet type and can never seem to think of anything witty to say, like other girls. Most of the popular girls at school smoke. I do not. I sometimes think that they look down on me bocause of this. I have a feeling that if I smoked, too, they would think of me as being more like them., and maybe they'd accept me, I've tried a few cigarettes and frankly. I don!t like the taste or smell of tobacco, but I COULD learn to stand it if it would im- prove my popularity. Please give me your opinion.—LENA You've never seen a cigarette ad which read "Smoke!—Be one of the crowd! have you? If cigarettes could do this, they'd advertise it. Turning to the weed isn't going to help you win friends and influence people. If you are on the outside looking in, there are reasons which go much deeper. Get to work and develop the kind of personality that will create a warm response in others. Did you know that people like to be around someone who likes them? It's almost as simple as that. Good luck. (Ann Landers will be glad io help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Cleveland Elected New Lodge Master PERU — Marion Cleveland is new worshipful master of Peru- Miami Lodge No. 67 F and AM. He succeeds Gilbert W. Messersmith. Other officers, are Neal Jackson, senior; J. Kenneth Rhodes, junior warden; Lyrnan Slantion, treasurer; and Clarence J. Yager, secretary; Harold Miller was elected trustee for Ihree years. Officers will be installed at the Masonic Temple on Friday, Dec. 27. Monticelfo Home's Open House Sunday MOOTICELLO. — Open house will be held Sunday at the Monticello Nursing Home, 226 N. Illinois street from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The home is licensed and has facilities for 27 patients. It is operated by Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Eastburg. Read the Classified Ads SEIZE WELFARE FUNDS KNOX Ind. (UP)—Starke Circuit Judge Jack Murray forcibly seized the county welfare department's records Thursday in an effort to determine if some welfare aid is being distributed to persons who don't need it. Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. CLEARED OF EMBEZZLING LAFAYETTE (UP) — Kenneth Saeger, former manage;, of. the Montgomery Ward and Co. store here, Wednesday was cleared of charges that he embezzled about $740 from the mail order firm. FINEST IN H • W> I m t. INSULATED BOOTS >.95 • For Ice Fishermen, Deer Hunters, Goose Hunters, Ice Boaters. SPORTLAND 515 Broadway Ph. 7310 RO X Y An ALLIANCE TODAY & SAT. 2 Fee lures Comedy Opun 1 p.m.—35c 'til 6 BIG WESTERN! OHN DEREK COLOR ADVENTUREI TONY DEXTER the RADIANT CONTROL AUTOMATIC TOASTER The only completely automatic TOASTER! Gives you perfect toast every time because it adjusts itself automatically to every kind of bread— thick, thin, frozen, fresh, rye, or white. Bread lowers and rises automatically! $28.50 * sut<BE * H Your CREDIT Is GOOD at FERNBAUGH'S JEWELRY STORE 416 E. Broadway SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SIJN.-MON.-TUES. 2 GIANT Bombshells Blast the Screen! 1 LOGAN NOW THRU SATURDAY 'THE HIRED GUN ftND THE GIRL! ROSY WINE CALHOUN FRANCIS THE H/R£& GtsA/ FROM M-G M IN ClNfHUtCDPE BOX OFFKE OPENS AT 5:30 AUSQlUSfa I HMRr'VwG C)NMHASCOP£ STARTING SUNDAY SO IT'S ACTION YOU WANT I VAN JOHNSON ' MARTINE CARQLj HERBERT LOM action Of the Cmnmltoil AM Coin PLUS THIS BIG KIT That "Guys And Dolls" doll • wothtr racy musical-romance! JEAN SIMMONS PAUL DOUGLAS ANTHONY FRANCIOSA in M-G-M'i "THIS COUL0 BE THE NIGHT" in CINEMASCOPE I JULIE WILSON • HE1LE ADAMS • JOAN BLONDELl J.CAHROL NAISH-RAFAEI. CAMPOS.ZASU PITTS •ri RAY ANTHONY wo m oncmstw r"l 1 J . ^ J j Today & Sat W—»^H V ^B • ^" j Op.» I p.m. 50c Til ( in. 50c Til * 2 Features TRUE NEW YORK RACKET STORY- RICHARD EGAN -JAN STERLING • DAN DURYEA • JULIE ADAMS) ON lOth AVE. PIUS-DIANA DORS IN "UNHOLY WWE" In Technicolor SATURDAY MIDNIGHT-SUNDAY "Armour.d Attack" * "i««!n Strip." ^ Samsonite Ultmlite Luggage Wen's Jourwsyef $39.5* 1*0*** $37 J* Here's the luggage so fight yow cam take more clothe* and stift meet weight limits... so strong it carries e^en breofcabtot Mta^ Trim and tapered, Samsonite Ult-ralite's exclusive Tra¥ot Tested" finish scoffs at sculfe, eteans easily with a damp dottt Give SaiMsonite IWtralite... the perfect traveling i Gookee in a wide selection of sty4e« and ftnishe*. kMfos'Wordrobe $37.M »M»lfcM • Help Fiijht TB J*Me Cose $au* Buy Christinas Seals S

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