Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 13, 1957 · Page 22
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 22

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1957
Page 22
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Sb: Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune THREE HOME, SCHOOL GROUPS HOLD CHRISTMAS MEETINGS AND DINNERS Seventy-five persons attended Christmas dinner staged by the St. Joseph Home and School Association Wednesday evening at the school hall. Tables were covered in white with red streamers placed diagonally across the tables, and centerpieces were greenery, Christmas balls, ribbons, golden musical instruments, snowmen and carollers. A 15-foot Christmas tree, decorated and colorfully lighted, was the . center of attraction under •which was placed gifts for State hospital patients brought by members. Donald Brown, in charge of entertainment, introduced the choir. from the State hospital, which 1 church, entertained with Christ- sang several Christmas carols, j mas carols. They are James Carl Luebbert, recreation therapyJFlickner, Jack Luck, .Marvin director at the hospital, led the Lambirt and La Verna Goad, and choir, accompanied at the piano by Miss Helen Dodge. Mrs. Jo-seph Alberts, president, Introduced Hollis Johnslon of the Farmers and Merchants bank who related details of the children's saving program operated by the bank. Sister Mary Anastasia, superior, announced that the Christmas party for children will be held Friday afternoon, December 20. at 1:30 o^clock. Parents are welcome as children will provide the program. Legion Auxiliary Collects Gifts For Veterans' Party Gifts were collected by Santa Claus for the State hospital veterans party today at Memorial home when American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 60, convened Thursday evening. Dessert was served from linen covered tables, centered with pine trees, holly and star candles. Each place was marked with a Santa. The "Four Sharps," all members of the Remington Christian Market Street WSCS Friday Evening, December 33, 193T. FULTON 3C's MEET The 3C's club met wilh Mrs. | Women's Bridge Club Holds Dinner, Names . „ , , ... /.,. Ons Bsker for their annual Tournament Winners chris tmas dinner with Mrs. BS:I The Women's Duplicate Bridge j Haruler O rr er ing prayer prior to club tournament dinner was served the mca] at the Ben Hur Thursday evening ^Mrs. Alberts thanked Mr. Mrs. Donald Brown and Mr. and and Mrs. James Frushour for their work in obtaining a Christmas tree and decorations. Msgr. M. J. Foley gave a short . talk. Mrs. Herman Loner was in charge o:f the supper arrangements, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Kroeger, Mrs. Robert Grusen- mayer, Mrs. Otto Hilbert, Mrs. C. R. Ervin, Mrs. Sam Piercy, the quartet won the State contest for Rural Youth at the State Fair for the past three years. Miss Dorothy Wilson, Unit 60's t ^fj> first president, introduced two of, i, *£ her students, Miss Lynn Denham and Miss Cindy Hall who present-: ed readings, "Christmas for a Lady" and "A Candle in Forest." Miss Ethel Nice Elected Head Of State HD Agents Miss Ethel Nice, Cass county Home Demonstration agent, was named president of the Indiana Home Demonstra- Asat 45th annual being th is week at Purdue University. The election was conducted at Tuesday evening's meeting. The session is sched- tion Agent's socia t i o n, conference conducted I • •^j.'SJ !'•-•>,:•••'••? .'. •- >i;:?* Honor Steven Tow Twice On Birthday Steven Edward Tow was honored at two events on his third birthday recently at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles lies, Jr., 2226 East Broadway. Attending a dinner were his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tow and son, John Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles lies, Jr., and great- gran-iiarents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles lies, Sr., of LogansDort. and Charles E. lies III, of Bloomington. Guests for a birthday party were ,T. C. LaTourrette, Jimmy and Davey lies, Steven Gordon, Paul Whitehead, Logansport, and Her- Miss Nice Kielter county, was elected president I of the Indiana County Extension uled to close Fn-| bie _ Bobby and Dornie Campbe H, L TI'T D ot Flora. Unable to attend were M. A. rvye, I or- Rae and Jae Ervjn and Kevjn Hat . ten. Contests were en.ioyed with priz- going lo Jimmy lies, Steven at tablees decorated in a Christmas motif. At Bethlehem Meet I Mrs. Jack Saadi. Mrs. B. J". Combs The president. Mrs. Nornclia Rouch. called the mooting to order. Members attempted to guess The dinner committee included (j le j r . sec ret pal in answer to roll Opens With Reading, "Keeping Christmas" , , ^ met Wednesday ..„„..-„ — --. ,— "•Keeping Christmas, a readingi Mile community building for a Boyer, Mrs. A. T. Lybrook and i schler. by Peter Marshall opened the, ere(J dish dinner wilh Mrs Lil . Mrs . Me l Trutt. cali. Mystery packages were won Bethlehem township HD clubland Mrs. Don Hockman; tourr.a- by Mrs. Ellen Walsh, Mrs. Norn- let Wednesday noon at the Twelve ment committee, Mrs. Russell e tta Rouch and Mrs. Jane Rent- Han Crist, president, opening the. Tournament awards went meeting. The January meeting was A\f- to : cussed and each member \s to Mrs. Lybrook, first; Mrs. Stewart'bring a gift for the fish pond. The Mrs. Edna Williamson led the Buchanan and Miss Janice Macy,' mcd-ing will be held at the home meeting of the WSCS of. the Market street Methodist church Wednesday afternoon with the president Mrs. Carl Hendryx, in charge. u ^r ring r^tir^av e r S pr,nrfpri 01 on M th S e lan " P"*ens *e devotions. Mrs. I Mrs. Robert David, fourth; Mrs.. Contests were conducted by the William Galloway reported onjhe wimamson gave the history of ^ Don 0 , NeiU an(] Mrs _ C(jmbSi fjflh _ ^^ ^ Ru . h Ro n! S chlor. ' ' " Nine tables were in- play during ! wil ' n P"*" * oin S to Mr? ' Pat £u ™ss™ s ««*"* ° [ car ° ls . a " d M »- G-'g- second; Mrs. Gene Strange, third; of Mrs. A. Showlcy. * sale of completed payment for an electric | so £8 roaster, mixer, and steam table 1 to be used in the church kitchen. A crown was placed on Mrs. Galloway's head in recognition of her excellent work as chairman of this committee. Mrs. Gerald Raver made a report of the sales of 'the church membership directory and announced tliat the few remaining ones would be available in the church office. Mrs. John .Williams, treasurer, Mrs. Robert Mast collected, Agents' Association, succeeding! • | n& steven Tow The guest gifts for veterans which members Roscoe Stangland, Elkhart coun- rec eived many gifts had brought. The gifts were dis-ity agent. The new vice-president ot llonor reccivea man * S" L> - tributed at the Christmas party:is S. B. Scott, Johnson county. today for veterans. ; Other new officers are 0. H. Me- Mrs. Andrew Michael, president, j Nary, Switzerland county, secre- introduced special guests. Mrs. : tary, and Art Howard, Elkhart Porter Coultas, state president/, county assistant agent, vice-pres- was unable to attend because of ident. Howard is also president illness. • Out-of-town officers present were Mrs. Robert Davidson, department rehabilitation chairman of Lafayette; Mrs. Harold Baker, Leesburg, and Mrs. Carl Gates, Indianapolis, both on the rehabilitation committee, Mrs. John Kirkpatrick, second district Mrs. Thomas Rominger, Mrs. Wil-jpresident, Delphi, and Mrs. Lynn .ill 1 3. •* iii/i»iao J.vunjiii£,^i > JiAi j. 1111 i liam Vitello, Mrs. Thomas Smith, Mrs. A. W. Rower, Mrs. Stan Antonelli and Mrs. Wallace Fretting- «r. The next meeting will be January 15. St. Vincent St. Vincent Home and School Association met Wednesday evening at the school hall with Msgr. John P. Schall leading the opening prayer. .He also spoke on the importance of parents telling their children the true Christian concept of Christinas. '.The seventh and eighth grade . pupils presented a Christmas play, "Why the Chimes Rang." Serving on the committee were Mrs. Elmer Allen, chairman, Mrs. Anthony Madonna, Mrs. Joseph Mast, Mrs. Edward Mee, Mrs. John Murphy, Mrs. John Wheatley. Mrs. Harold Tuberty, Mrs. Harold Fellers, Mrs. Thomas Finnell, Mrs. Eugene Hille, Mrs. Raymond Jones, Mrs. Joseph Kierans, Mrs. William Reutebuch, Mrs. William Ilozzi, Mrs. Nicholas Rozzi and Mrs. Robert Shannon. St. Bridget Father's Night was observed at « covered dish dinner Wednesday evening by the St. Bridget Home and School Association at the school with Mrs. Lewis Martin, president, in charge. Mrs. William Smith read secretary-treasurer's report of the Assistant Agents' Association and represents feat group. Miss Nice succeeds Miss Grace Kelley. Grant county. ley Chapman, Perry the- new vice-president and Miss Mildred Campbell, Hancock county is the new secretary. Miss Mil county, , is Roll call revealed the identity of secret pals after which officers were installed as follows: President, Mrs. Evelyn Strong; vice-president, Mrs. Pickens; secretary, Mrs. Eleanor Mitchell; treasurer, Mrs. Helen Grable; reporter, Mrs. Eva Grauel. Lucille Coffing and Virginia Crane reported on the ward party at the State hospital to be held December 22. Those who are help- e - , the regular game last n i6 ht _withiEy.ch«on .Mrs Mark Baker and Mrs. norlh-south winners being Mrs. i-^ Bonn * Z>W> e ™«: Door George Raub and Mrs. Jack Saadi,! P"«* ™ nt . £«'Fiu n T!,uh first; Mrs. Blanch DeYoe and Mrs. |P lcman and Mrs ' hllen Walsh ' Paul Longneckor. second; Mrs. Sam Helvie and Mrs. Chester Lesh, presented an honorary Junior j ing or; the ward are asked lo meet Membership .for Robert R. Clay _ r i i, ii i of 'California, which was given by Favors of suckers, balloons and gral , d p arenls , Mr. and Mrs. ,«~: n Knnlrc. iiiat-n of »af>i nlarp f s feiw«i > George Clay. Money from honorary memberships are used by the Women's Division for their mis- comic books were at each place, and individual cakes and ice cream were served. were Mr. and Mrs. Joe LaTourette, Mr.. and Mrs. Tom Porter, Mrs. Josephine Hes and Mrs. Delores lies. Local Country Club Plans For Several • is me new secretary. LJ I • _I A t.' '4.' New officers of the Extension ! rlOl iday Activities Specialist Association are Lester', Holiday activities for Logansport Smith, Purdue agronomist, presi- Country club members wer.» plan- Ransdell, first vice-president, Lafayette. . _ . Mrs. Omer Collins, introduced' dent, and Ed A. Gannon, Purdue ned at a meeting of the committees Others present ,.*..., ..... — sionary Mrs. Kenneth Whitehead, Mr. and Mrj / y allry Hashberger gave a report of the illneis within the church membershipi A skit illustrating the Conference Promotional Membership Plan'was presented by Mrs. Frank Buck, Mrs. Gerald Raver, and Mrs. William Galloway. The program wasi in charge of Mrs. Donald Schmidt. Carols were sung by tlje group with Mrs. Cecil Logan at the piano. The supply work was presented as "Love's Second Mile" at Bennett's store in Metea at 1:30 p.m. Members are asked to bake cookies for the event. Hostesses for the day were Mrs. Hinkle and Mrs. Richie. EX-LEGISLATOR DIES SOUTH BEND (UP)—Thad M. Refreshments were served. East-west. Mrs.' David and Mrs. Lybrook. first; Mrs. Peterson andi Mrs. Sims, Galveston, second;! Mrs. Buchanan and Miss Macy,! third. Read the Classified Ads CHARITY DIVISION 4 Charity Division 4, G1A Ladies, held a covered dish dinner Thursday at the AFL hall after which officers were elected and dues paid. Prizes went to Letha Sullivan, Recommended for Talcott Jr., 82, who served terms | in both the Senate and House of Nettie Boatman, Madeline Gallo- the Indiana Legislature and was way, Margaret Stewart, and June a U.S. commissioner here for 37|Borden. Gifts were exchanged. years, died Thursday of a heart i There ailment. December 26. be no lodge meeting her guests from Remington unit 280, Mrs. Eugene Lewis, president; Mrs. Victor Michael, formerly of Unit 60. and the wives of the Four Sharps,- and Mrs. L. Browning, Mrs. L. Gleason, Mary Lambirt and B. Lucas. Assisting Mrs. Peg Asiiby in arrangements were Mrs. Owen Shanteau, Mrs. Joseph Gill, Mrs. Arthur Best, Miss Alice Snyder, Mrs. Louis Schmidt, and the unit activities committee, Mrs. Mast, Mrs. Eugene Breedlove, Mrs. Louis Kasch, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Grover, Mrs. Nickel and Mrs. I. Ramrael. Mrs. Bernard Rozzi, chaplain, closed with a Christmas prayer. dairyman, vice-president. Luncheon Served To Brethren Ladies Aid A Christmas party was staged at the home of Mrs. Merle Crowe Thursday noon by the Ladies aid of the Church of the Brethren with a luncheon served at individual decorated tables. Devotions on "God's Gift of Love," were given by Miss Laurel Wells. Carols were sung and prayer offered after which Mrs. Tressie Hoffman- read the Scripture. land Board of Directors Thursday.in a playlet given by Mrs. Frank 'evening , Lufcy, Mrs. John Leirer, Mrs Activities will begin with a chfl,!-""* *™ k *. Mrs - , C * e ?** *°£ dren's party Sunday afternoon ; man, Mrs. Raymond Kitchens and from 3:30 to 5 o'clock at whichi Mrs ' Robe: ' t "omcK. ^ time Santa Claus will distribute A Christmas tree was aeco.ai.eo. favors and refreshments. Planning the children's party are Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tolbert, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Druck, and Mr. and Mrs. George Babcock. An adults Christmas party will be held or; Saturday, December 21. An informal hour will be enjoyed from 5-7 p.m. with a Smorgasbord Evelyn Neher presented the pro-' !( jj nner served from 7-9 p.m. Music ._ i i _ .. _c»__i dancing will be featured dur- Society Lincoln circle No. 1 Ladies o!' , , ,. the GAR will meet Tuesday after-: bro «S h S'. ts £or a basket for a noon- at 12:30 o'clock at Memorial ne ? Td y, gram on living and giving after which Mrs. Florence Arnold and Mrs. Zelma Bish sang a xiuet. Mrs. Ross conducted the business meeting, and cards were sent to aged church members. Instead of a gift exchange, - members the and Mrs. Raymond Gill reported on (he candy sale. The sisters were presented with shower gifts, and Rev. Father F. J. Meehan was also presented a gift. •Leo Bauman outlined the school banking program after which Fa- dier Meehan gave a talk. 'The seventh and eighth grade mothers will be in charge of the hot lunch in January with Mrs. George Riesling and Mrs. Gilbert Coleman as chairmen. 'Pat Rose won the door prize, and Sister Georgine's room won the attendance prize. home for a covered dish luncheon and 50-cent gift exchange. There will be a short business meeting, election of officers and memorial The Woman's Progressive club will meet Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Mable Timmons, 423 Grove street. Hostesses were Mrs. Crowe, Mrs. Jeanetta Weigart and Mrs. Francis Ridenour. Games were enjoyed and conducted by the program committee, Florence Stineman and Miss Wells. BAPTIST TEMPLE SOCIETY The Missionary Society of the Baptist Temple met at the church Wednesday evening with Mrs. , , T, , j Mary Combs, president, in charge Infant Jesus of Prague study nf tha meat -, n ; club of St. Joseph church will hold a Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Rosella Nowviskie Monday evening at 8 o'clock with Mrs. Vera Grusenmeyer assisting. ' JANE TROY IN CONCERT •Miss Gladys Jane Troy, 1927 Sigh street, Logansport, participated in the first major concert of the 1957-58 season by the Welles, ley College Orchestra. -Miss Trqv, whose instrument is the violin, is a member of the 45- piece orchestra which is under the direction of Mrs. James S. Duesenberry, instructor in violin. The ensemble gave its opening concert of the academic year Sunday evening, Dec. 8, on the campus in Wellesley, Mass. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs.' Edward A. Troy, Miss Troy is a graduate of Logansport High School and now is a junior at Wellesley, where j she is majoring in music. She is^ secretary of the> Orchestra this year. STRICTLY INCIDENTAL HOLLYWOOD (UP) — Actress Dorothy Malone suffered a deep arm cut when she was hit by a swinging door on the set of "Too Much, Too Soon." "It didn't interfere with the scene," she said with some feeling. "That's because I get hit in the face with a tennis ball in the scene." CIRCLE 3 DINNER Sixteen members of the Washington township Circle Three Home Demonstration club convened at the Country club Wednesday oven- ing for dinner. Following tne meal ,the. group adjourned to the home of Mrs. Robert Gifford where the president, Mrs. Ray Robertson, was in charge of the brief business meeting. "Dirty bingo 1 ' was played with prizes going to Mesdames Steve Hamilton, George Muehlhausen, Gerald Cosgray, James Osborn, George Marcellino and Miss Eleanor Spitznogle. Christmas wants were told, in reply to roll call preceding a gut exchange. ing the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pohlman and Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Porter are in charge of arrangements. The Sub-teen age group, 7th and 8th grade, will have a Christmas dance on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 29, .from 3-5 o'clock. Members may bring guests. Mr. and Mrs. Joe McClain and Mr. and Mrs. Robert George are planning the junior high school age dance. by the group with small white envelopes tied with red ribbon containing their love gifts to be used for the work at the Jesse Lee Children's Home and the Seward Sanitarium at Seward, Alaska, and the Fort Wayne, Indiana Community Center. Dismissal prayer was offered by Mrs. Hashberger and refreshm-ents were served by the Faith Circle. Tables seating four and decorated in the Christmas motif surrounded a large decorated Christmas tree. 20TH CENTURY CLASS The 20th Century class of the Broadway Methodist church staged its annual Christmas party Wednesday at the church dining room where a luncheon was served and gifts exchanged. Cards were sent to shut-ins. Mrs. Leona Parker and Mrs. Eva Sey- of the meeting. The secretary's report was read by Helen Beatty and the treasurer's report given by Rebecca Shideler. Betty Wickersham, program chairman was in charge of the program. Cinday Hall and Lynn Denham presented Christmas readings and Karen Jones sang a solo. A Christmas playlet, "The Christmas Spirity—Lost and Found" was in charge of Dorothy Dial. The cast included Mary Loser, Barbara Hooten, Martha Baker, Wilma Fiedler, Lela Lutes, Florence Chapman, Irene Young, Helen Pipinger, Olive Harney, Mary Delia, Maude Durbin, Mildred Hargrove, Elsie Burroughs, Marie Norton and Florence Freehafer. Devotions ware given by Mrs. Florence Coons and line Love Gift •program was in charge of Gail Martin. The tea table was centered v/ith a pink and white flocked centerpiece and lighted tapers. Mrs. Brewster County, largest county] Combs and Mr--. Robinson presided in Texas, in the remote rugged Big at the silver services. Bend of the Rio Grande, is often I Refreshments were in charge ot termed the "last frontier of the Mary Mills and Edna Martin (Circles. New Year's 1 Eve, Jan. 31, willi bold were presented special gifts, be celebrated at the Country Club (Mrs c]a ,. a Kirkpatrick presented; featuring a buffet supper served the Christmas story and a poem. ' from 7-10 o'clock; Darning to an. -r^g mee ting closed with the Miz- orchestra will be from 10-1 o'clock. pah _ The next mee ting is March There will be favors, horns, hats, jj and serpentine decorations. The' board of directors will serve as the committee and includes Dick j K Hi]kert M ' t a Hiatt, Carl Kragh, and Joe McClain. The college students and senior high school age group will hold a dance Jan. 2, Thursday from 9-12. Music will be provided by the high school swing band. Refreshments will be served and members may invite guests. ST. VERONICA CLUB St. Veronica study club of St. Joseph church met with Mrs. Anna 'jrusenmeyer Wednesday noon, for the annual Christmas party ar.d gift exchange for nine members. Games were enjoyed following '.he meal with prizes going to Ada Heflin, Mrs. Grusenmeyer and Ursula Wagner. The next meeting is with Mrs. Louise Long. Window Shades Draperies-Slipcovers 214 E. Mark.) Slrill Phon. 3&09 ' Rugs-Carpets Upholstery Venetian Blinds Holiday Hair Styling PERSONALIZED FOR .YOU! A CROWNING TOUCH FOR THE GAY HOLIDAYS Jeanne's Beauty Shop 104 So. 3rd Phone 2957 OPEN SUNDAYS 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. SERVfNG COMPLETE DINNERS AND SHORT ORDERS HART'S CAFE JACK AND ANN OWEN, Your Hosts 221 Fourth St. Open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Daily JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS thefabuloy* new UNIVERSAL automatic K \ " Embroidery, Applique, Monogram,' Button Hole, Sew on Button, Overcast, Blind Stitch. flelieve it or not Prices Start At $139.50 Seal* At BARBER SEWING SUPPLIES 318 E. Browchvay Phon. 4454 S H CANDY THE PERFECT GfFT FOR CHRISTMAS Special attention to gift order placed in advance. YEAZEI/S 513 E. Broadway Phone 2462 Compliment her good taste nmd beauty with a gift •( nylons A gift that's most fitting for the youngest debutante or the grandest grandmother on your list . . . exquisite Mary Grey nylons in becoming shades and sheers for all occasions. So easy to select, too! Especially Mary Grey stretch nylons since they are sized A B C D. With seiwns or seamless: Stretch sheers, 1.6S Diytime sheers,. 1.35 to 1.50 Evening sheen, l.«5 Mk for t fnt Mtry Crty t )ft writ »'** 3 Portrait Gift Certificates If Husband juit never "flmh Km*" to hove his portrait made . . . "rf Mothir it reluctant, too ... if that grandchild's parents teem to be short of cash ... you can solve the whole problem by presenting them with one of ovr Portrait Gift Certificates. With each Certificate you QH a fine Pocket Portrait Wallet, free of extra charge. Come in and tee them today. Rafoess * Studio On Broadway In Logansport ,509 Broadway Phone 4678 ^ / SPECIAL HOLIDJff TRADE-IN iLLOlANCEf ELECTRIC RAZOR ...inly razor mide with Hit /• precisian of i 23-jt»«l . ; HI (ultra witchf ffl vjjji ' Buy now ind trade littr if you fu m like! Bring in his old electric W •2 shaver ifttr Christmas day Jj& and get i big $10 allowance + jjj —'an unprecedented saving! Jj| 3V • Exclusive 6-blade cutting ac- if f tion. Surgical-steel blades are * hollow-ground, self-sharpening. • Irritation-free shaving with • >r precision-fitted shaving head. •\Sf • Built-in trimming clipper for • •t' sideburns, mustache, stray' hairs. * Ivory or Charcoal Grey. L«- ury satin-lined presentation "Hi travel case, Reg. $M.7S 310-Sth St. Phon* 2537

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