The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on July 10, 1955 · Page 14
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 14

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 10, 1955
Page 14
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Radio Report : By ; Oscar Otalgla As easily the most significant diplomatic event of the past decade, the approaching "conference at. the summit" in Geneva will draw a larger-than-usual contin gept of radio reporters and analysts to Switzerland in its wake. Just for example, the Mutual Broadcasting System will be sending such headliners as Bob Consi- dirie, Fulton Lewis jr., sad Henry Gladstone to cover the sessions. The schedule for special broadcasts about the Big Four confer 1 ence hasn't yet been released, bul I'm sure Mutual and KSAL will give pretty complete coverage. CBS will send Edward R. Murrow, Eric Sevareid, Richard C. Holtelet, Alexander Kendrick, and Blair Clark to the scene. Their reports, of course, will be heard on all regular CBS news broadcasts. hi addition, a special series titled Parley at the Surmnit will be presented Monday through Friday frojn 1Q to 10:15 pm, Eastern Daylight Time. This would be 8 to 8:15 pm our time, but I don't know when CBS affiliates in this area (KFH and WIBW) will carry the programs. Listeners to those stations might well keep an ear cocked for broadcast limes -- with a group Of hend- liners like Murrow and Company the show should be worth sevon times its IS-minute duration. · A Sunday Parley at the Summit program also has been scheduled for 12:30 to 1 pm, EDT. ! * * * ' The Stratford Shakespearean Festival of Drama and Music at Stratford, Ontario Canada, will be the site of four special concerts to be aired by the Mutual Broadcasting System and KSAL on consecutive Sundays beginning July 17. Broadcast time will be from 9 to 10 pm. The festival will replace the vacationing C3C Symphony Orchestra, which ended its last series July 3. * * * · The 1955 All-Star baseball game, to be played Tuesday, will b e broadcast for the 12th straight year over the coast-to-coast Mutual network. KSAL will air the "Cavalcade of Sports" feature starling at 1:15 pm. A preview of Uie classic is scheduled at 9;30 pm Monday on KSAL, GOOD AT FIGURES--Mara Corday is one of shapliest additions to Hollywood jungle. Mara turned out to be as good at figures as she is of figure. She was called nation's most photographed photographer's model when she decided to become actress. She took cut in income to make switch. Now it's paying off. Movie Menu Attempts Escape From Barless Prison Vogue "Unchained". Elroy Hirsch, the former footballer, stars in t h i s story of a prison without bars or armed guards. In spite of the excellent treatment, Hirsch plans and attempts an escape. He is halted, not by a wall or by force, but by ,he influence of another prisoner. Barbara Hale, Chester Morris and Todd Duncan also star. Now showing through Tuesday. "Strange Lady in Town". Grcer G arson's first outdoor film is com- wilh MBS Sports Director P a u 11 plicated by a plot which requires Jonas doing the honors from Mil- her to love and dislike Dana Andrews. Miss Garson is adventurer Cameron Mitchell's sister in Santa Fe. Mitchell is killed after a bank hold-up when he attempts to surrender to the law. Miss Garson and Andrews eventually reconcile differences and join in matrimony. Starts Wednesday. Watson "Daddy Long Legs". F r e d Astaire is the secret benefactor of French orphan Leslie Caron, brings the girl to America for her education. Miss Caron writes appealing letters to her guardian known to her as Daddy Long Legs. The letters bring romance to Astaire and he is able to tell the girl his true identity. Now showing t h r o u g h Wednesday. "Hell's Island". John Payne goes to Puerto Rosario to seek a stolen mby for smuggler Francis L. Sul- waukee's Hotel Schroeder. * * * Here's one from the neurosis department: Gary Crosby said on his show the other night that he knows a man who's going to a psychiatrist because he's a Texan but isn't especially proud of it. * ·*· * This program ought to be required listening after the recent civil defense Operation Alert fiasco: "Where Do We Stand on Civil Defense" will be the subject discussed on America's Town Meeting of the Air Sunday night on ABC stations. KFBI, Wichita, will air the show from 7 to 8 pm. Civil Defense Administrator Val Peterson, Mayor August Walz, Wilmington, Delaware, and Congressman Daniel Flood (D-Pa.) will be the guests. * * * livan. He meets and woos an old flame, Mary Murphy, and is in- Here's a sentiment after m y ivolved in chase after chase as the own heart from the "Two for the rubv draws attention from, police and Ginger Rogers, and "T h e Saint's Girl Friday", with Louis Hayward. Wednesday and Thursday. "Suspicion", with Gary Grant and Joan Fontaine, and "Bullets for Rustlers", starring C h a r l e s Starrett. Friday and Saturday. Rocket Drive-In "Davy Crockett" and "Arizona Sheep Dog", with Stormy. Wednesday through Saturday. "Overland Pacific" and "The Rocket Man". Saturday only. Saturday midnight show is the Attic". "Man in 81 Drive-In "The Far Country", with Jame: Stewart, Ruth Roman, Corinne Calvet and Walter Brennan, and "The Petty Girl", with Joan Caulfield and Robert Cunnings. S u n d a y through Tuesday, "Tali Man Riding", starring Randolph Scott, and "Pushover", with Kim Novak, Fred MacMurray and Phil Carey. Starts Wednesday. Tee-Vee/ng By , Grtm. V. Octopod* CBS has ambitious plans for the coverage of the Big Four Confer cnce at Geneva opening Sunday. Highlight of the j a m-packed schedule will be two special, half- hour reports on successive Sundays at 5:30 pm. The first report is for July 17 and the second will follow a week later. CBS newsmen from, the US and Europe will be in Geneva to cover the biggest single diplomatic venture in the past 10 years. Ed Murrow, Eric Sevareid, Richard Hottelet and Alexander Kendrick are among TV reporters as signed to cover the momentous week. * * * Mother always told me Virtue was its own Best Reward. Now comes CBS's "The $64,000 Question" and makes Bible study -- certainly a virtue -- rewarding in a highly material way. At least it was rewarding for Mrs. Catherine E. Kreitzer, 54- year-old grandmother from Camp Hill, Pa. Mrs. Kreitzer tapped the show's bulging till for $32,000 and can try for $64,000 on Tuesd a y night's show. The show has excited considerable comment among viewers here. Most of the contestants are i n- formed in the categories of questions they choose, a rarity in quiz shows. The questions are lough ones, too. I haven't been able to answer correctly a single one. That's what I don't like about the show. Usually, you know, the viewer is able to answer most questions asked on quiz shows. You sit and wonder why the contestants are such dumb bunnies Gives one a nice feeling of superiority. That's quite a comfort. * * * I forgot to wish "Search for Tomorrow", CBS daytime t e a r jerker, a happy 1000th broadcast, a recent milestone. How thoughtless of me. It's television's oldest daytime serial. It looks it, too. * * * "Voice of Firestone", topnotch ABC musical program, will depart from tradition for its 6:30 pm Monday program. There'll be no guest artist, a format unique in the program's 27 years of broadcasting. Instead the eight members of the mixed chorus will sing solos and duets in an all-request program of numbers most frequently requested m letters from listeners. The program is a dandy, too, starting with "Pomp and Circumstance" and going through selections from the "Vagabond King", 'TannhauBcr", "Snow White", and "Maytime". Will 1 ever be nostalgic. Gary Admits Dad Helps By James Bacon HOLLYWOOD Of) -- It's refreshing, for a change, to hear one Hollywood son admit that it helps in show business to have a famous father. Gary Crosby, eldest of Sing's four boys, is in show business now for keeps. He's a regular performer on Tennessee Ernie's CBS radio show and will have hjs own show this summer. He did one TV spot with Jack Benny and has another one coming up with Ed Sullivan. On May 26, he and Louis Armstrong break in a theater act in South Bend, Ind., and then go into the Chicago Theater for a stand. Has it hurt or helped being Ding's boy? "It's helped plenty," the husky Gary answers with unusual frankness. "A lot of doors were opened that might otherwise have been slammed hi my face." His answer differs from the slock one given by most sons of famous Hollywood personalities who say :hat their fathers" prestige hurts ;hem. Since most of them start their careers as producers, this gets an "oh yeah" reaction from the public. But Bing's prestige is probably only partly responsible for Gary's send-off in the business. Most important is the sense of rhythm he inherited from both his father and late mother- He's also a young carbon copy of his dad in the casual wit department. The latter bequests are the ones that will enable him to keep working on his own. In this commercial town, Bing's name may open the door but it takes talent to stay inside. The kid's got it. Sunday, July 10, 1955 Cowboy In Demand FORT WORTH, Tex. tf) -- A group of visiting Italian Army Of-j ficers wanted to see a cowboy. No-j body knew where to locate one in a hurry. Deputy Sheriff R. N. Gilley scooted home, changed into his! fancy western clothes, and obliged. AUTOMOBILE FINANCING Money To Loan Finance Credit Co. 109 E. Iron Salina, Kans. Dial 633] Abstracts of Title · Title Insurance MID-KANSAS TITLE ABSTRACT CO. Inc. 120 No. Santa Fe Phone 3759 EVERY ABSTRACT IS INSURED NOW thru TUESDAY A M D - ALSO CARTOOX COMEDY Commercial Property Industrial Property Farms and Ranches Appraising 422 S. Santa Fe Salina Kansas 34 fears in Salina THE XORCWNGIY PERSOHAL BEST-SELLER i WARNERCOLOR CINEMASCOPE NOW thru Wed.! 1051 Hudson Hornet Radio, heater, overdrive. Black with, red leather upholstery. An outstanding car. ROY M. HEATH CO. "Since 1920" I 208 N. Santa Po Phone 374T Answered Ad, Had A Party Manev" show on CBS: and thieves alike. Miss Murphy Herb Shriner: "What do y o u j l c a v e s Puerto Rosario determined think of New York?" Contestant: "It ain't necessary." Teach Birth Control Saturday, July 9-TOKYO IW--Fewer babies, fewer dependent allowances, lower labor! costs. That's the theory behind a plan announced today by the Hitachi Shipbuilding Co. It's going to teach its 14,000 employes about birth control. Estimated a n n u a l savings: $27,000. to forget her. Starts Thursday. The Saturday midnight show is "Wichita". Strand "Batllc Cry", starring Van Heflin and Aldo Ray. Now showing through Wednesday. "Revenge of Creature" a n c "Cult of Cobra". Starts Thursday. Royal "A Bullet is Wailing", w i t h Stephen McNally and Jean Sim mons, and "The Band Wagon" Sunday through Tuesday. "Top Hat", starring Fred Astaire CHICAGO Ml--A recent Ml pagej ad in a suburban newspaper read: "Why not call? Orchard 3-1117." Fourteen persons, most of them women, telephoned. They were in-j vited to a cocktail and dinner par-; ty Friday night at the Gold Coast! j Hotel and told they might bring! la guest. i The ad was inserted by Richard; Fuhr, 26, president of a lumber) company, in suburban Morton Grove. Fuhr, a bachelor, said he did it as a "stunt" to see whoj would call. He picked up the size-i able check for the party of 22. ' By A. L. Keith BLUE RIBBON QUALITY . . . Because \ve both sell and service television sets throughout this area we can assure our customers that no set is any better than the service behind it. Our skilled service technicians are fully qualified toy ypflrs of training and experience to install and service your TV set as it should be. If you have any questions about the manufacturer's warranty on your set, call us -we'll be happy to explain it to you. Likewise -- for any service contract you might have bought when you got your set. If you're confused about it call us and we'll ex plain exactly what it covers in the way of service and repairs for you. KEITH'S TV RADIO SERVICE Philco -- Motorola 137 N. 7tt» rhone 7-3112 Rocket Drive-In Theatre with Salina's Largest Screen Sunday thru Tuesday! Two Top Attractions in CineinaScope at Regular Admission INVESTING FOR INCOME i MTEII n MI* me. United Income Fund Shares offer you an investment in more than 100 American Corporations through a diversified list of common stocks selected for their income possibilities. For Prospectus and descriptive literature, without obligation, fill in and RETURN THIS ADVERTISEMENT WADDELL REED, INC. Principal E. P. WENGER United Bldg., Salina, Kas. Phone 80f7 NAME...., ADDRESS. CITY. FOR YOUR SIDEWALLS INSTALLED ON YOUR TIRES! GET LOW COST by GOOD/YEAR · CkeoM from IhM, SNl, Pink, , Green, Yellow, M- Whit*. · · Qvlckhr WALL Here's fashion news for motorists! Now' you can match the modern colors of your car right down to the tires . . . and at far less than you would expect! FIESTA WALLS arc the answer. They're made of genuine rubber, fit so snugly that they look like a part of the tire. Come in -- see for yourself how FIESTA WALLS can add color-glamour to YOUR. CAR. and up SMovrcompfef* RIM «f GOODYEAR TIRES Shop in Air Conditioned Comfort STOREY-HARRIS TIRE CO. 81 By Pass W. Crawford Ph. 57861 GARY SUSAN RICHARD COOPER-HAYWARD-WIDMARK ALWAYS A COLOR CARXOOX IT'S THAT "SOMETHING GOTTA GIVE" MUSICAL! 20th Century-Fox prwtnti TERRY MOORE THELMA RIM ·Color by Of U)Xt CINEMASCOPE Jbeature Times . 1:50 - 4:16 6:49 - 9:22 NOW COOLED BY REFRIGERATION Now Showing AMAZING PRISON-W1THOUT-BARS! TOUT BUNS! WITHOUT WALLS! 2000 of the nation's toughest convicts! COOLED BY REFRIGERATION Starts WED.! iG ARSON AN DREWS ·CQ-STARRINO CAMERON MITCHELL mClNEMAScOPfl m root mm · mm mm *«, M s Music COMPOSED **a Ctwmoio rr Dwrnn Ti WARNERCOLOR Open 6:30 Start 8:15 Adults 65c Children Free TONITE THRU TUES.~ WHAT KEEPS 1 THEM FROM CRASHING OUT? i HOW DARE YOU UNCHAIN MEH LIKE THESE' lima ELROY ni-BARBARA HALE-CHESTER MORRIS-TODD DUNCAN iNm mm ATM CONSIOINE SRSTKfiUiwm · nmr iaasft. iiinti m mm nmilBMTlEIT ^--mm BROS. Plus Color Cartoon ON GIANT WIDE SCREEN 2 BIG PICTURES ^ At 8:30 12:00 "$l The story of THE STRANGER WITH A GUN! JAMES mm BUIROMM CORiKMET MfflBRilN For Good Things To Eat Drink Visit Our Snack

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