Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 12, 1957 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1957
Page 17
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Wednesday Evening, June 12, 1957. RIP KIRBY UNTIL I PALM OFF THIS HUNK OF NO-GOOC* EARTH ON SOME URANIUM NUT, BELLE. NOW LET'S BAIT THE TRAP... l'Al IN A THIRP-ffATE COMPANY OF 'TOSACCO ROAP." HOW LONG WILL I HAVE TO WEAR THIS SETUP f ANP -lOU REALLY THINK THOSE ROCKS WILL MAKE SOME PROSPECTOR WANT TO BUY OUR LANP? CERTAINLY. THEY USEP TO SALT SOLO MINES BY HI PINS REAL SOLP FOR A SUCKER TOFINP. WELL, I'M SALTINS A URANIUM MINE... ANP A FEW MILES AWAY... THANK YOU, NO, SIR. I'P MUCH RATHER 60 FOR A WALK WE'RE SOINS TO LOOK OVER THE RANCH, PESMONP. WOULPN'T. YOU LIKE TO COME WITH MICKEY FINN I'LL JUST STAV WITH SAM LONG f HOUGH TO FINPOUT HOW "HPADACHE"lS, ANP THEN STOP TO SEE MOONEY ON THE WAY BACK! sAYfeyooiwr/ur's I'LL GO OVER ANP SEE AIOONEV BRST -ANP IF WRS.STLIFFINGTON ISN'T USING TftE CAR THIS MORNING, HE COOLP DRIVE ME OUT TO SAW'S AND I'P SAVE ALL THAT CAB FARE. 1 Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Seventee* KERRY DRAKE ,FRANK.. BUT YOU WERE ' DEVILISHLY HANDSOME IN THAT BLUE UNIFORM / WELL, MINDY- HOW DO •>OU LIKE IT, SEEING ME OFF TO WORK IN 'I DON'T KNOW, % SERGEANT.'.. SOME TIMES IT'S BETTER IF PARTNERS AREN'T SUCH CLOSE . . FRIENDS/ AT POLICE HEAP- QUARTERS KERRY WILL GIVE YOU THE ANSWER, PARLINS / LOOK, HONEY.. IW NOT PRYINS. . BUT WHAT WAS THAT SECRET BETWEEN, AND YOU.' REX MORGAN, M. D. EMMY LOU "Strange, they should always decide they can't be parted even for a second, right at dinner time!" GRIN AND BEAR IT "... And if we succeed in slashing the budget, it would be a fitting gpjtura «* we voted ourselves a pay raise in appreciation of such a splendid aJ-. aentbmcn!..." Thruway Collects From the Law CANANDAIGUA, N. Y. — The Ontario County sheriff's office would just as soon steer clear of the New York Thruway. Sheriff's men have had (o pay tolls twice — adding up to 25 cents they didn't believe they should CoolsTfour Mouth FreshensTifcur Taste Enjoy chewing delicious W.rigley's Spearmint Gum every day. Millions do. Buy some have been required to fork over. The first lime, a deputy was forced to pay a 10-cent loll to ge on the super-highway to pick up a stray dog. Sheriff F. Ear Thompson battled with Ihe Thru way Authority to get the dime back. But no luck. Thompson's office got nicked again for 15 cents when Deputy Arthur F. Scammcll took five gal Ions of gas to Fulton County Sher iff J. Joseph Dowden, who had run out of fuel while taking two teen-agers to a state institution ScammeH's arguments with th' attendant at the Manchester inter change was fruitless. . "We don't seem to get anywhere with those fellows," Sherlf Thompson remarked. "They havi more rules than any organization I have ever seen." Harold Carter, heavyweigh boxer, is in the Army but stil boxes when he gets the chance. BUZ SAWYER IU. GST US A CUP Of TEA AMP WE'LL SIT DOWN AWP T»LK ASOUT IT .' SESIPeS, TOERf ARE SOME tHIN&S I WANT 10U TO TELL ME ASOUT YOURSELF/ I DONT LIKE TO TAKE MEKONG/ WHETHER YOU V P°NT YOU TRY LIKE IT OR WOT [ RILLYIN& ME LIKE - YOU'RE V REX •WKINS THESE/ > , POC5/ I WAWT YOU TO TAKE ft EASY FOR, A FEW PAYS/ MELISSA .' I'M GOIN6 TO LEAVE SOME TABLETS.' YOU'RE TO TAKE ONE BEFORE EACH MEAL.' WHV SO CONCERNED SENOR? YOUR FKlEND,ZORKA,LEFT THIS NOTE EXPLfllNIHS HIS DEPARTURE. I CWT BELIEVE ITS ZORKffiS Hf\ND- WKtTING. COULP BE A WORE NATURM. MISTAKE? AND WHY PIP HE CARRY THE BAGS ALL A BIT INSTEAD OF CALLING A BEllBOYf / IRREGULAR WHY DIDN'T HE GO DOWN __XsEflOR, BUT THE ELEVATOR? WHV DIDHT /I FEAR YOU'RE THE DOORWAH SEE HIM /WAKING A MOUNTAIN LEAVE THE HOTEL? ^ OF ft MOLEHILL. Remcmber..SHOP FOR POP at Bailey's. Free Gift Wrapping. Next Sunday Dad's Day MARY WORTH fM SORRY I DIDN'T /"W YOU'LL BE AN HONOR GETTOTELLGODOE55 I 6UE5T AT THE WEDDING, i 600DBYE,MR.MEDILL!y «R5.WORTH!•••THOUGH L STAN 5AY6 FT'LL NOT BE ^ HaD UNTILHE-UH-CAN SUPPORT MY DAUGHTER, WITHOUT HELP FROM ME.! I'M DEEPLY GRATEFUL TO I^ t WD FOR y OU R YOU-ANDI WISH YOU'D/ CHILD,YOU DID— LITTLE ABNER NO TWO WAYS 'BOUT IT.V-TH" LIZARD OF OOZE. DONE, ETTINV/:'' ( HE'S TH'FIRST •A YOKUM EVER TO AH'M GOIM'TO NOO ) YAWK, AM' KILL TH' *\ . LIZARD, FD' WHUT'HE ) DOME TO TINY. r . r - &VT-7HE t-/ZARC>/S 77/VW?'"— NANCY OH,DEAR— LAST WEEK I DROPPED A BIG- BOTTLE — --OF .VITAMIN SYRUP ON THE FRONT STEPS — (. —- AND THAT MOSQUITO I MUST HAVE I LAPPED IT UP STRICTLY BUSINESS 6-' ss.js.wtaa: "No/ sir, Mr. Pottlebyte wife isn't a club woman- she's a dish-thrower!" STRICTLY R1CHTER ; " 'I want some girls just like the girls who married dear old Dad ...'" CUTIES ATt, Inc, KOHUJ UltJHll HtX "The defense not only rests — I see the defendant bat gone to sleep!" DOTTY DRIPPLE HORACE, DO VOU HAVE \ FOR THE BAKER? J SOME DAY/ SPENT MY DAYS WAGES BEFORE BREAKFAST/ C.O.D 1 . PACKAGE, PADP^THE MILK MAN IS HERE—HE WANTS GRANDMA HURRV, GETOVEJ3 YONDER WHERE THEY'RE SCREECHING/ THERE'S WHERE YOU'L-L FIND YOUR PET TOAD THAT GOT ASA/AY //

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