Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1957 · Page 22
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 22

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 6, 1957
Page 22
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PAGE TWENTY-TWO THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, OCTOBER «, US?. Irene Dunne Takes New Role Of UN Delegate "Seriously" UNITED NATIONS N.Y.'(UP)—jon the ground," meeting dele- Irene Dunne, whxre talent as a comedienne won" her movie fame, is "dead serious" about her new actress has turned diplo- rcle. - -' The mat, serving as the U.S. alternate representative to the _ 12th General Assembly of the United Nations. .-—. It is her first public office, although she long has been active in civic, charity and religious work. "It has been a most enlighten. ing week,", said Miss Dunne in her first interview since her ap- • pointment by President Eisennow-- er. She reported for duty last .•••-• Tuesday, when the general Assembly convened, and hati to show credentials to get in. Guards did , not recognize the woman who.has been making movies .since 1930. Miss Dunne recalled that some of her best acting roles were on the frothy side. Diplomacy is a ' little different, "she , said ruefully. Brief Stage Fright "The thing that impresses me most is how deac" serious every: body is," she said. "Me included. There is no time for comedy at tfce UN." Miss Dunne said she has been working "almost 'around the dock," attending- meetings of the trusteeship., committee to which she is assigned, "getting my feet 1 gates.. "You can sat in a chair- here and the. whole world comes to you," she said. stage fright in her new role,--but only briefly. . . p resident - Eisenhower- in you've :ever worked rfi , n * • teer groups, you get a _ ground- for this sort of thing," she ' said'and smiled. d -j, -,, -^ _;j Miss Dunne, the wife of Dr. *£>• she «d is: T>. Griffin, is one of two women representing this nation a1 the current assembly • Thejther ^ ^ -^ r , m done is Mrs. fem&l P. .Lord who has boy _ me ^M stuff." . been with the U.S. delegation since 1853., In ail, there are 3< women representatives— a record —from. 27 nations, "I think a world forum is more •efficient when women are. represented," she said. "Women don't mean to usurp a man's place Women are .the oooperators. Top Tourist Attraction "But certainly we are as desirous of peace as the men . . .more so perhaps because we have more ' " ------------ _. ,_.„.„,...„__ emotion, more heart'. We "are the ers who want to sell mik on the wives and mothers who do not Indianapolis Market are prom' ' " " want 'to. see' our men swallowed 1 ised "W protection of the law up in another war." "And I've noticed,"--she-added, "that the. men seem pleased to have % women, on hand." No doubt about it, Miss Dunne ly," Mayor' Philip L. 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Bottema of Bridgepont,. a leader of the group, said any. attempts to break - through" picket lines "imigiht result in some bad teoiuible." Geonge Sandefur of Danville, Preadent of -the group, said-pickets wil try to keep amy milk from r e a c h i n g the dairies "whetiher it is 'produced within the imilcshead or outside." Dairy Prodocers was- set up last year, opposing both the dairies and the, three co-op er a ti-ves through which' 2,900 central Indiana fainmers sel th'eir mik ont he Tradiianapoilis miairfcet. > Two off the co^ps are on record against a strike, and 1 the third las taken a neutral stand, leaving the strike question up to individual farmers. Sandefiur claims a memtiership of 1,300 in Dairy Producers, which does not market' milk. About 450 persons attended a strike strategy (meeting last Tuesday night. A spokesman for 10 Indianapolis dairies c Billed the threatened ft picketing a wdxkat strike and ad- rt^A. ." dairies will be open ded: Monday— and every day, as usual —to receive your (farmers') adds' plenty .of glamor to UK diplomacy. She has red hair, bl<ue- green eyes, and ait 52 is exceedingly trim and young. - looking. She's also a top tourist attraction she Miss who worked, for both 'diplooiiafi j do think &ur womfin bave done sp!en This new phase of' her career is through "Although," she boy-meefe^girl stuff.' Protection Assured To Dairymen INiDMINlAiPOLIS if farm pickets appear at Indianapolis dairies Monday. "The police departimsnt is in- simulated to .enforce the law strict- . . Sam Badlo, a Michigan dairy farmer who led a recent mik strike in Detroit, is here to help with strike plans. Rachel Hobards Jackson lived ,o see her husband elected president, but died before he moved into the White -House. . Carefully Planted Bulbs Mean fine Blooming Garden In Spring BY HENRY FREE. them to adjust themselves gradu- Autumn, of course, is Hly plant- ally to conditions in the home 'being time and the earlier you get the, fore continued, cold weather makes bulbs in the ground, the better for constant artificial heating neces- next year's bloom. • . sary.. It is well to make a distinction BEFORE BRINGING the plants between the stem rooting lilies and indoors, examine them closely and those which root only from the base remove all dead and disfigured of the bulb. Regel and Auratum are examples 'of' the former and during the summer the pots have should be planted seven "to nine • -,„-.,-- ..,„_„. ...... WORK STARTS ON NEW PULASKI COUNTY JAIL Construction on the new Pulaski county jail costing $85,000 appears to be progressing. Work on the building, which will house the office, jail, and living quarters of Sheriff Kalph Galbreath, was started August 19. It is scheduled for completion within 180 days. (Staff. Photo)^ 2 Dead In Accidents In Indiana By THE ASSOCIATfiD PRESS Two persons have ;beeri killed in . weekend • traffic'- accidents in In- , men [ city 'High School and Hiint- " - diana, and .a", small boy was. in- Uiana, aim ,a. ojaiaii uvj .ic.j. .^ lljgton \jQUBg,S DeiOrc eiHtJiiUg 1I11S- jured fatally shortly- before the s } 0 nary service: Her first term of A oar struck, Steve Kozak, 4- m i ss i on service was spent as in- year-od son of. Mr., and Mrs Jt , iu ^ ui Casimar'Kozak, ag he dasihied into ~"^ the street in-front of his Efehart *'-'•'"' home. He died a short time'later. . Ridbard R.'.Brookshier, UT, West Lafayette; was'.killed early Saturday v/hea his 'speediing car went out of control'a'half mile west of the Purdiue .'University campus and struck a tiree. Trooper ' Gordon Emmemt said witnesses'" "related, the Brookshier oar was racing another auto. Injured were .Phillip Katter, 15 son of West Lafayette city council- Philippines as an instructor, in Uni- man--Raymond.Katter; Joe Willi- on Theological Seminary and Haram Woods, • IB, and J. Ediwm r j s Memorial School. During. the Losey Jr., 17, all of West Lafay- p ac ifj c -War, she was interned as ette. Katter' and Losey were- injured critically. Mrs. "Andrew Heston, 66, Rt.- 4, 3 coisioraf a 'car and! a mik Slwood, was killed Saturday in _ collision of a car and a rank took at .an obstrpoted coiumty •oad crossing 12 miles northeast of Tiptan. Her 70-year-«d nusiband was reported in critical condition in Vlercy Hospital at Elwood. . Donald C. Dillon, Rt. 1, La- suffered; from, sihocik and , also was taken to the hospital. Deputo r Sheriff Ver Grimme said the vision of boilh driivere was obsoured by trees. ' Read the Classified Ads ti mil ».._. or«i yours even If you have VARICOSE VEINS ... when you wear BAUER & BLACK IF-year doctor has prescribed elastic stockings for any leg ailment you will enjoy wearing BAUER & BLACK Elastic Stockings... .You get two-way stretch elastic in a fashioned stocking^ that does not wrinkle and is not conspicuous under sheer hosiery. ffv* mod*/* to cfcoot* from'sfarffog at $10,00 per pofr* Bus John's Drug Store 308 Fourth Street Phone 3774 Phone 4862 in advance and your order will be ready. BOLINS DONUTS Dr. Roxy Lefforge To Address Church Ladies Next Sunday . Dr Roxy Lefforge,..retired missionary and native of Indiana, will be the featured speaker at ihe Woman's Society meeting at Market Street Methodist Church Wednesday, October 9, at 7:30 p.m. Originally from North Manchest- Dr." Lefforge taught at Monu- College before entering mis- sfcruetor atJHwanan College, Foo- 'chow, China. In 'l923 she 'returned Jto the United (States for four- years of study, re- Burning to China iin 1927. After a ifurlough several years later, .she jwas not allowed to return to China jbecause of Japa- fU Extension Center At South Bend To Be Expanded Greatly SOUTH BEND, Ind. (0 — Vice pnesident J. A. Fradklin of In- ddana University Friday night announced plains for a' oew-1%". million doi'ar I. U. extension center here. FranMin, who is also I. U. treas- -urer, said . the new center., will mean that "95 per cent of high sdiool graduates in the state live within'25 mifes of a university extension or four-year coltege, He addressed the St. "Joseph County I. U. Atamni dub. nese occupation. She went to the a captive of the Japanese. Following the war, Dr. Lefforge was instrumental in restoring education in Manila. . ' Now on retirement furlough, Dr. Lefforge is again teaching at Huntington College. Members and friends -are invited to be present to hear the account of her work in the Orient. .. 1 Forty persons" can stand in the head of the Statue of Liberty. FAIR SERIES WEATHER MILWAUKEE iffl-The weather- YOUR GARDEN— [eaves. It sometimes happens, that inches deep. Base rooters, such as MWV/eatter'Io Stay Over Monday By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Mild, sunny weather is due to stay in Indiana- at"- east through Monday, but the Weather Bureau said chainces of rain have, vaoiisihed from the weekend outlook. A slight'warmup into the 70s was forecast for the whole state to moderate into the 40s and ^ , tiennKnB - BJ ^ inI ' rn -^ nHpHflftn itl _ lower 50s. HOUSE PLANTS which have summered outdoors are brought in the house and treated for indoor life. Scrape away excess soil and loosen the dirt with a fork to facilitate fertilizing. Candidum and Superbum are planted with only about four inches of soH over them/ If the bulbs are apt to arrive 'late, prepare their beds and cover with leaves to prevent freezing. As soon as frost has blackened the dahlais 'their tubers should be carefully dug, cured and stored until next May. Gladioli, too, will soon be ready for digging and treating. Their leaves had better be left on until the conns have been sun- dried for a week. Cover them on frosty nights. OF THE -SPRING-blooming bulbs which are autumn-planted, tulips can be' safely left until last. As long as they get in ^fche ground a couple of weeks before it freezes, you have rfothing to worry about. However, do get your crocus, hyacinth, narcissus and other bulbs planted at once to insure a good growth of roots before cold weather comes. . - • . ^ • Root prune lilacs and wisteria to soil, in a circle about the plants 18 inches out from the crown. Wisteria sometimes, have. fixed habits J.Vl.LL»WAU.IVIMli Mil —iiitt wcauit.1- , „, -1.1 maa gladdened the h e a rt s -0J. fii ft bloonwg. Root Pruning hdp?, --• - - ' • r - - - •• out. the answer is to buy a grafted plant which is guaranteed to have bloomed -in' the nursery. World .Series baseball fans. Friday with a forecast to delight anyone with "tickets for Saturday's contest. Predictions call' for sunny and pleasant weather with cloudless skies and temperatures in the middle 60s. become filled with soil to the rim. to facilitate watering indoors this excess soil should 'be, scraped away to one-half inch or more be-low -the rim of the pot. Loosen soil with a fork, work in a teaspoon of a 4-18-4 fertilizer and water. In the control of garden insects and allied pests, autumn clean-up is highly beneficial because . it eliminates their winter quarters. Such measures will kill many insects which normally- pass the winter hidden in the stems, in the seed capsules, or in the leaves - and stems of some of the flowering plants. • • AMONG THE OPERATIONS that may still be done-until the ground freezes is the grubproofing of lawns for Japanese beetle and white grub control, use chlordane, aldrin or dieldrin. Such application may be made by thoroughly mixing the poison with fertilizer or s'and, or by distributing it in a liquid suspension. H you wish to welcome the birds to the garden, provide a bird feeder or two, and plant the varieties of fruiting shrubs which the birds like. Different birds like different berries. The fruiting shrubs which attract the greatest number of birds are the barberries, viburnums, 1 sumacs, elderberries, honeysuckles and'hawthorns. Historical Society Has Old Pictures For its thirty-fourth Open House since moving into its present home, the Cass County Historical Society is showing a collection of school pictures of earlier .days. Some of these date back seventy years. There are several dozen groups, all of- them of Logansport or Cass county rural, schools. They can be seen this afternoon at the Museum, between the hours of Land 5, or any afternoon, Tuesday through Saturday, throughout October. . M-any of the pictures lave been identified, and will have the names displayed. It has not been 'possible to identify some. .. Come and look them over. Perhaps you can. name some of the kids. EXPECTANT BIRD DOWAGIAC, Mich.—A nighthawk .House plants which have sum- picked the Tight spot to start her mered in the'garden must be family.. She built her:nest on the brought indors long before danger roof of the Lee Memorial hospital'* of an early frost. This will allow maternity ward. -. .' WARDS' MONTOOMKRV WARD October 6, 1957 Logansport, Indiana Dear Customer: . You are cordially invited to attend "Courtesy Nite"—an exciting evening pre-vue of Ward Week—our greatest sale of the Fall Season. There will b« fun and excitement for all the family, plus an opportunity to be: FIRST to shop hundreds of Ward Week Super Values! FIRST to enjoy the wide selections in every department! ELIGIBLE to win one of the valuable Door Prizes! The date is Tuesday, October 8—the time 6:30 to 9 P.M. You'll'find that Ward Week is an exceptional sale. Quality is extra high, prices are extra low. It's all possible because of Montgomery Ward's 565- store buying power—backed by months of planning and preparation. In addition to this nation-wide effort, your Ward Store in Logansport has made every effort to make "Courtesy Mite" a personal,.get-acquainted, event for all our many friencls in this area. We look forward to showing you, in an "open-house" atmosphere, the many outstanding values and services offered by Montgomery Ward. > Plan to be here early. Free /parking! F»ll out the attached coupon and bring it to your store—you may win-a valuable^ door prize! C. D. BAUB1IT, STORE MANAGER CLIP THIS VALUABLE COUPON OUT NOW Please Present This Card at Door ^ "COURTESY-NIGHT" at Montgomery Ward ' ' : ' : , 412 E. Brdoaway Logansport, Indiana • ... Tuesday Evening : October 8,1957-«:30 to 9:00 P.M. WIN A PRIZE ONE EVERY 15 MINUTES Fill out this coupon, and deposit it in prize boot located on the .mezzinine. You do not have to ..be present to win. NAME ADDRESS TOWN .... PHONE '"..

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