Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1957 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 6, 1957
Page 20
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PAGE TWENTY THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, OCTOBER *, M37. SOCIAL NEWS + = PERSONALS'. + PRESS SOCETY • PAGE -. + PATTERNS + CLUB NOTES Josephine lowmon Any Determined Woman Can Find Time for Exercises •^^v^v^vfoj^yvy^^^ _ Miss Universe of 1957, Carol Morris, finds time in her daily sched- •le'for exercises. ' • . ;__ We so often hear women say, "I] : ~ " just do not have time .for exer- ing the loss in certain spots and tise. H This is ,a question of atti- building up in others. tude rather than time. It Is an vuuc i«i'u«« wau I»A«».^ -.- ~ -— i'eraaps you womu UMS a j.cw admission of lack of vision, lack SU gg es tj ons a fo 0 ut what kind of ex- _ • ?_. t .u n l4 AM T\fWVT» rtT^rflfl.Tl'l^QTiATl » i i * t . ._-1_ *J_*_'L. L of information, poor organization or a "give up" outlook. Any woman who knows about the value of exercise and is determined to take care of her health and figure will arrange time for it somehow. We are hearing more and more about the importance of exercise to health. We have known for a long time, or many of us have, about its effect on figure. In case you' do not know about the latter I can promise you, from long experience, that exercise can redistribute "your poundage. Many women who are the correct weight are out of proportion. Exercise is the magic-answer to this problem. Even when you are overweight, and must'diet, exercise YY Vlguii) fcm-fc* -.-..»«•*- , , plays an important part in speed- Seek To Block Miami County Consolidation PERU — The "Mexico Busines; Men's Association sent a fac'tua report on Jefferson Township 'and its Healthy "Growing Pains" to every voter in Jefferson Township Saturday in an effort to block the movement of consolidating the Jefferson Township school with those from Allen, Union, Richland and Perry Townships. .Voters in Perry and Jefferson Townships go to the polls Tuesday to vote on the issue. The report states that after i thorough study of existing condi tions, the committee started an in tensive investigation to discover' £ plan that would accomplish th very best- educational opportunities possible for the students of/Jefferson Township. The plan outlined by the Business Men of Mexico is to consolidate with the Peru City School System. The first procedure to gain this action, according to the report, is to vote "No" on the proposed- Northern Consolidation Tuesday. Next, legal petitions must be circulated to obtain signatures. The Business men said that Fred Fechtman, superintendent of the Peru schools and the attorney, in Peru Township have' stated that if Jefferson Township will " obtain 500 signatures as proof of their sincerity, they will immediately go into action to bring about. a successful conclusion to their efforts. The report stated that the resolution and the petitions for the Peru consolidation have already been prepared by an attorney Pattern Mrs. Mce Aley Sloppy celebrated her. 92nd birthday Sunday at the Restwell Nursing Home on West Tenth street in Peru; - ; '--.•She said she never expected to live to such a ripe old age and that experience was the best teacher. She did'not have-any advice to offer the young but said that in her observations she did not think that the parents of today paid enough attention to their, children. Mrs. Sloppy "was born Sept. 29,1965, oh. a"farm between Perrysburg and Denver; Her•husbarid,'Madison E. Sloppy, died in 1950. They were married in 1895 in Rochester and lived, northwest of Denver. . She has one daughter, Mrs. William Padgett;-'of 180 East Sixth street: She also has several cousins living id' Cas's county. (Mrs. Sloppy said thai;'when you live as long as she has, you miss all of .your old associates. (Press Photo-Engraving/ Perhaps you would like a few erases to .-take and when it is best to.do them. What'kind you take depends on your physical condition and in what way you wish to change your figure. If you are new to- exercise, you should, try easy ones at first and gradually work up to more difficult ones. You should also gradually increase the length of your exercise period. Be sure to have your heart and blood pressure checked before beginning When you exercise depends on your individual situation. If you have very young children, the best time is'probably before your lunch but after they are in bed for their afternoon nap. Whether or not they are' old enough to enjoy them with you or to enjoy watching you, is for you to decide. If they are old enough to play volley ball or bad minton with you, those games would be splendid for you and the children. If your children are' school age of course, there is no problem'as to opportunity for your daily dozen. Some wives and mothers like to take mat exercises just before going to sleep at night. The career woman. can benefit health and figure.by walking part of the way to and from work and by taking a few exercises in the early morning or before going to bed at night. These should be selected carefully in order to be of greatest benefit. The woman who works in an office needs ever- cise even more than, her sister who works in the home. . you would like to have my easy, beginning exercises "Essential Daily Routine for Beauty and Health" I have designed especially for women, send a-stamped, self- addressed envelope with your' request for leaflet No. 19. Address Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. TXnorrow: "iLady, You Must Exercise Mind as Well,as Muscle." 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The report 'states that for nine ents more tax. rate than the -estimate on' the " Northern Consolidation, the school problem would be solved and -the children of the Mexico community- would have advantages that- could probably never be acquired otherwise, re- jardless of cost:-: • The letter was 'signed by Burl Sherrill, chairman of the committee. .:• > The Citizens Advisory, Committee for Better Schools, the faction seeking consolidation of schools of the five townships is calling a special meeting at the Gilea'd school or 7:30 p.m. Monday. The meet-, ng will be an open forum. Fifty-Year Pins Given Fifty-year awards : were •; present- to three" members' of -.T4pton lodge No. 33, F. and A. My at a dinner Saturday -evening; an the Masonic Temple in observance -of 'ast Master^ night. Kirk Wells, Walter Fosk'ett and Robert Logan received the awards from Dr. Owen Shanteau,/ master of the lodge. ,r :: :,; Approximately..200, Master Mas pns, including, 39 ,who 'came here from West; Englewood Iqdge No 1074, Chicago, Illy- by chartered bus, attended the" dinner and the conferring of the- Master Mason degree on four candidates. . .The thirteen, past masters ol Tipton lodge who were present for the observance in their honor we're Walter Foskett, the;.oldest living past. master; Gerald Lindley, George Byers, Ira Cree, Elmer Hill, Walter Berkshire; Harold Cook, Morton Ellis^ Thad Arm strong, Don •Beougher, Roy Mendenhall, : Joe LaTourette, -and Arch Campbell, affiliated past master. The officers of Tipton lodge conferred the Master • Mason degree on two candidates and railroad members of the lodge, headed by Past Master Berkshire, conferred the degree on one' candidate before the dinner. Following the dinner- the officers of West Englewood lodge conferred the degree on a candidate from Chicago in Illinois form. George Schweinfurth,' master ol West Englewood lodge, introducec the other officers of the lodge at the dinner. Visitors were present from three states in addition to Indiana and Illinois. They were from -Baltimore, Md., Altoona, Pa., and Waretiam,' • Mass, Indiana lodges represented: included New Albany, Columbia City, Young Anerica, Reese-Mills, Walton, Fulton, Dunkirk, Twelve Mle, and Deer Creek. •Illinois lodges represented in addition to" West Englewood included Blue'Island and-Marengo, 111. POPULAR 'ADD YEAR 'ROUND BEAUTY TO EVERY ROOM DECOR - _ , .. . . •'..;•' .- ^ . For use in room dividers, planter boxes,'etc. Fo* home arid business.. .'free installatidnV service by our experts; Bring ; in ; iypur-own containers or • Plants 50$ up. Dozens of measurements .'. .or choose sizes and varieties. from'bur fine collection. ' Kendra Foliage may '.-. 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When,:they arrived at the scene they found .Dawalt with four' boys ranging from. 14 to 16 years old drinking .beer and wine. Dawalt told police someone bought the .beer and wine for him, but he did not identify the purchaser. . 'Neediecraff A! ways We I come What woman can have too many aprons? Each • of these three—so pretty and practical—can be made of small remnants. Pattern 758: 'directions and pattern pieces for three aprons, trans,- fer of embroidery motifs, Each takes less than one. yard. /Send Tfairty r five cents (coins) for this pattern—add 5 cents for each pattern for ist-class mailing. Send to. Logansport Press 333, Needlecraft Dept., P.O. Box 169, Old .Chelsea Station, New. York 11, N.. Y. Print plainly. PATTERN NUMBER, NAME, ADDRESS and ZONE. Two; FREE- Patterns as a gift to our' readers—printed right in our 1957 Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Book. Dozens of other designs you'll want to order—easy fascinating handwork for yourself, your home, gifts, bazaar items. Send 25 cents for your copy of this book today! Ann Landers Man Who Strikes Wife Is "Boss" But She's Martyr Dear Ann: I must say a. word to "In Command" and all-the other bull-headed' cranks who think it's perfectly all right to strike a woman. The man who beats his wife believes he alone has rights. The woman who, tolerates a beating believes that everyone has rights except her. He tries • constantly to prove that he's the .boss. She tries to prove that she's a martyr. All things being equal, the bully and the martyr deserve each other. This is not a ,marriage, but a pair of matched, mules.' It takes intestinal fortitude to be a decent human being. A' man who must' resort to hitting, his wife in order, to "control" her, demonstrates that he's riot the master of himself nor is he a judge of other people. His first 'mistake was getting married before he grew up. -His second mistake was not growing up at all.—V.H. Dear Ann: I have been employed in this office.only three weeks. One of the most attractive aspects of my job' is. the young unmarried fellows around. I was hoping Joe (not his real name) would notice me, and last week he did. He invited me out to''lunch. We got into his car and headed for a '"'divine patio' cafe" on the other 'side of town. After ten minutes of riding he decided it was too long a drive and suggested we do something unique". Honestly, if this hadn't happened to me I wouldn't believe it. He stopped .at a small grocery store, bought a loaf of bread, 25c worth of cold-cuts and a jar of mustard. We had lunch in the car and he bought me an ice-cream bar for dessert. When we returned to the office, the girls asked where we went. When I told them, they died laughing. Did this guy make a fool out, of me? What shall I do if he.asks me out again? How do-you figure this episode?—P.G.T. I can't see that you've been made a fool of. The -fellow is either short on loot, long on unique ideas or just plain cheap. The only way you'll find out for-sure is by going with nim'.a few more times'. Ke- serve judgment, until you've given him a chance. And P. S. don't post every move on the office bulletin board. * * * Dear Ann: I've been, married 17 years and most of .it. has been spent looking at my mother-in-law. Although, she has five other children she lives/with US because we are her favorites. .Why we are.s« "lucky" is beyond me. She draws a pension but has never been .know to spend a nickel. Her other children own their own homes, while .we rent. ;Tney have money .for trips and extras, and w« just make .it,. by borrow.ing. from DR. 0.1. BRAUN Rtg. Podiatrist . -. ' Foot SpscialUt " FOOTAfLMCNTS Office: 314 North St. tOGA-NSPORT, PHONE 3330 -Wednesday & Fridays,? to • 4 PERU OFFICE: 115 W«t Sift St Man., Tui»., Thur., Sot. 9 to S Peru Phone: GRIDLEY 33674 • .When I have breakfast my mother-in-law .is at 'the tab'ie. When'I.'come home from work, my motheWn-law; is on the porch. When I sit down to enjoy the newspaper, who .has Ann Landers' column? My mother-in-law, naturally.. If you think ; all this is funny, let. me assure you it's not. What can we do without hurting her feelings?. ' I'm not signing my name bt- cause.I want to stay alive. Pleast help me. • This is real 'trouble.— TIGHT-SPOT You and your wife are probably the "favorites"- because you're such good natured shnooks. H you want this situation. changed you'll have to do something to change it. Have a meeting with the other live. -Tell them that they should decide among themselves who is to invite mother to come live with, them. It should be put on the basis of WANTING HER. .If none of the five will crash through an invitation then you- must all split the cost of an apartment or room for her. When you make it plain to the family that you've had it, they'll settle on something. * * * Dear Ann: My mother remar- ried'when I was small. She pinned my step-father's lafct name on me which I used all through school. My step-father never legally adopted me. My own dad is still living, has always paid for my support and still does. He is real hurt I know and I .see him often. What is the right thing to do?—MINNEAPOLIS MIN See a lawyer. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to .her in care of this newa-' paper and enclose a stamped envelope to this newspaper.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. . A black fox collar is a handy, thing to own this fall. Can be added to coats, suits and dresses for a luxurious .'touch. Inexpensive, too. DIAL 5144 Pleasant Hill Greenhoiitt mLee presents the full fashioned skirt 80% Wool .. 20% Orion "Enjoy ail •>the: comfort and .fabulous flattery of the: full fashioned ;fcnitted skirt." 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