Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 6, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1895
Page 3
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GREAT GUNS! Who would have thought that our Grand Opening last Saturday would attract such crowds? Hundreds who came to look bought Shoes and Slippers before they left. WHY WHY! Because they are Cheap! Because they are Good! Because they are New and Stylish! • Because we don't Misrepresent! Because this is no Fake! Because we've got what they Want! Because we'll refund their monT-y if they want it! Because we have no Shoddy Goods! Buying Cheap Shoes and Buying Shoes Cheap are two different things. We sell nothing but good Sample Shoes and Slippers! At less than manufactures cost and we are positively hsre to stay. You can buy shoes and slippers at the present price any time you want them. S-se? EiST BOUXD SHIPMENTS. Although east bound shipments out of Chicago were a trifle heavier last j week than the previous wees, '.he Paa I H-mdlo did not get her share of it. ' T-TO-thirds of the Pennsylvania companies freight was sent overths P. F. W. & C. road probably to even up matt?: s. -The entire shipments •njouoied to5S.7SS toes, against 58, • 316 tons for the preceding ff^ek. Tne roads carried tonnage as follows: Michigan Central, C.099; Wabash, .'> 2U; Lake shore, 1 .21 7; Fort Wayne, 8 1SG; Pan Hiodla, 10,000; Biliimore & Ohio, 3 90!; Grand- Trunk, 5.231; Nickel Plate, 4 310; Erie, 4,698; Big Four. 1.087. Shipments were made of the following articles in tone: Flour 7.104; grain and' mill stuffs, 18,005; provisions lard, eic., 10 367; dressed beef. 8,110; butter, 1,345; hides, 1.200; lumber, S.-106; miscellaneous, 1,394. A li. U J50VCOTT TO BE LIFTED. A press dUpatcb frum Caicago states '.bat the boycott of Aa.eriean Kiilwiiy union men is to be lifted by the General Managers' »s-oeia:ion on April 1. Tbi8 is tho jojful naws ta,u id being- passed along among- the old union railway employes oi this city. It i= p'.wiiively asserted b;- t e mon ibs.t ex-members o! the union will be employed after April 1. Toey claim to h.tvfl reliable authority for the declaration, and amcntf others cite, in secrecy, a prominent official of the Big- Four. Ladies' Patent Leather Oxford. Slipper*, ulwtiys st-ll $2.5u, -Our price oru $1.23 Men's Congress, or bail Viiuip i-hoes, warranff-d solid throughout, worth §3. Our Boy's solid calf lace shoes. Sell everywhere ut *1.50. Our price WHEN YOU CALL - - - For these /roods we don't tell you''we're just out," we've got 'era, and lota more too, every time. Infants' Patent L-af.liHr or jla kid button shoes... A An Misses' fine kid, lu-el or spring heel dress shows, tine and dressy. Made to dell at $2. Our price '. •••• Ladies' fine Dongolakid shoes soft aud fl-xihltf and war AOn ranted. Hard to gee "em at \JQ\j $2. Our price If you naven't been here yet, it will pay you] to come. Everything warranted as represented, or money refunded. Ike Oppenheimer, 'Manager. 322 Fourth St., East Side, Is a C'>rnhi i,'>t!-n ; f ^7 lii r- o f 01-1 rl V s 1 r' .HM r? M U V lit Lit- Ubilti 1 • i' i *. ;,- ,-,,,-> '*.) 'i ,;• t 1;f p-i 'r^oru.r brand. aru i-' ab-o.!ut/.!'Y J."MO .'•-.» -•.'» i^t, c-..i i. .^.' nsi?£ on Im-ii'S CRYSTAL, A.l^a; s ready. CRYSTAL WIU5AT I-M A K KS ARK TIIH I5B3T A,->k yOl'glMCCOl'! I \L-3Of 'I i • U you \vauui line frfsh FISH leave yonr order with — TELEPHONE, 172. A tine variety of fresh hike fish received daily. No cold storage goods. VT e dress and deliver without extra charge. H. E. TKUAX, M. D. 8p«cln.l nttenllon given to Nose, Lung, Llvet »n(l Chronic Dlsi»uies. Office and Residence over Suite Natloiml Bank. Hours 10 to 12 n in., -' to -I p. m., and T to S p. m. HI tails promptly attended. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! REAl ESTATE. WnntwJ, Cheap Cotbigcs For 3»1*. ' Lots un 1 Acres Waatoil Sniivll Farms for -iale. WnnvJ BuslnM* BlooKs For Sale. Wanted w Exchange ciirius tor City Property. Wanted Moreliiitullso '0 Tr ,de. for Farms. . M.«OKl»OV.3i>ry Block Losa:isport,'.lDdiana. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS THE HOST PEEFECT OF FUNS. & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, O13 Broadway. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 6 Z^atural gas bills for March DOW due and payable. Lovely checked taETstas for waists, 65 cents, at the Bee Hive. See the new silks'and dress goods at out prices at the Trade F:ilace. The Cass County Building-and Loan As-ootatiou has leady money on hanc for borrowers. The pupils of Mme. Watson's cut- tinp school number S3, and new applicants are being- received daily. Insurance and Loans—A few bun- dred dollars of local funds; also Eastern money la any amount, to loan on mortgage security—S. M. Closson, No. 319 Pearl street. A Crimnlng Success. C. E D=V,iS. eUUor of the Cooper- vil;t (Vach.) Obsurver, is a worthy exn-mple o! what' puch and energy, «vith kfipn business propt'.nsitlcs, will acoomplifh. To a cnnvorsatinn with your oorrecpondont, Mr. DeVos said: "I was norn in Keenir, Cannda, in ISoo. If 18a7, I ral£rrfltea with ay parents to Pello, Iowa, received a com mnn euhool c.'tlncatlcin, Drifted into Tho ;)rintln<r busine.-s, and removed 10 Huttle Creeir, Mich., where I beaaciu I o reman in the hir^n prujtit^ house Of GMS-H & Son, 1' rocon'ly put-chasv-d i,ii j p >|!.ir of wiiiuh [ atn ru-v cilitu: 1 . My life work b",s boon very cor.tinii:^' •inci ex-t-itinf; i^nJ. ;is .-t ros-ilt, tuj nealih tj -.ve ouinna I broki, 1 down with nervous exhaustion >:'•.<!• D'ceple.^soof-?. i ,v;i.s in H..ch 11 cor.dilio:) '.: »-'•• I cuu c not sleop uni.ii ciin-;)'etoiy worn cut. mv iipjji'.tlio fallml ai« iuid t hiul to ctioko down \"hn.; H:HH I illd cn.*- Abcu tvvo mouths a-sio my atten'.ion was directed to Dr. Whec-ier's Nt-rvi- Vua'lizsr and I coocludeil to try it. Ii bMd a wonderful effect on me; in a few nich's I wi= able 10 get all the sleep peed^rf, my appetite returned aud be~ came us ravenous as a wolf's, my weigh; increased twelve pounds, ray mind became clear ana active, in fact. I was restored to health and I look and feel an entirely different man " Inquiry and observation has proved Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Titalizer to be a truly wonderful cure for all nerve troubles, such as nervous prostration, spa=mr. fl s, mental depression, ex. nausted vitality,Despondency and general debility. For sale by Ben FUher, Drugffist. Her Arm Kebroken, Mrs. Mary G-irrity, wbo recently had an arm broken in a fall, had the member rebroten and again set recently, the break having failed to properly connect. Beware ofOintmenrs fur Catarrii Thai C>mai/i M.-rcnry. As mercury will surely .ipstroj ibe sense ot smell andcn:uplot"ly derange the whole syswm when enieriai 1; tbrougli the mucius suffnccs. :a«h anlrlessh:juiiln-v-r.beus d except un prescriptions roin repuwb:^ pavslc-ns us the darn«se ihry will d ' is ten told to ttn> good sou can pos.-l- blyfierlT--fro,nThHin. Hall s i>tarrb t^irc m^-n- olicturei by h' J. Chenev * Co.- Tol do, 0 . con._ tains tio mercnry, aad L< tafc^n internally, acting directly upoa ttH Dli'-d ;uid mu -ous surfaces or :be system. In buying Bali's Caiarrh Cure be sure joag« the saauloe. it Is taken Internal!/ and made In Toledo, Ohio, by jf. J. Che»ej * Co Te»tlmon-a'» free, Bf-Sold bj *n«it»ta, prloe 75c. per bottle FIREMAN'S ONION* MEETING. The local lodges B. of L. F. Nos. 52 and 53 will have a uaioo meeting- a.t tboir hall tomorrow ovenli)f?commeoc- inff at 7 o'cloot. Vice grand master J. ,}, Hiunabaa will addre.-s the rneet- injr on Important 'opics. The officers wish &i many members as possible to attend. Pan Handle engineer Frank Richa- aon is off duty with a sore hand. Supt. E. A Gould of the Wabish Is In Cuba endeavoring to regain hit- health. Tae operating expenses of the Wabash were last year four and three- eighth per cent Jess than in 1393. Thou Goss a machinist employed la the Pan Handle round house injured bia back Monday and is unable to work. Wabash passenger tra'.n No. 44 was r.wn hours late Monday evening on account of a wreck on the middle division. Pan Handle engine 350 is row bolne prepared to be sent to the LittU Miami division. Over thore her number will be 726. Waba'h conductors and brakem n havo IIH i j, -e pbDioj-raphs of Tra, n- muster Wells and his three imm.dini. orvrtece.-snrs enlarge and bunjr up in thfl traii-iciHStcr's office ;it Andrews E-i-riii^ 101 has jurit been completed nt i.bo Viud.-Uin. chops at Torre Hauu '..nvi b^H hftea ?^ni. to Sc J f| u. l " do yard work. Shu will be in charge of E?ff:neor VieqMCsnsy aad firemar; M' Kee. Tho summer L'i Tourains on which Misior Moch-inio Poiirnn-k io a pas- si-n»»r, nrriv?d at A h-'ns, Gri.'?ce, M .oiiay. All passen^-s nre reported well und ia ihw best of spirits. Tho ChicMffo division hss bicn alonei] four ''IftsB U ORsiac=. or.o of which No. 832 is a!rer.dy here. The rpm : i.iorter wi'.l ftr.-ivo in a fow wctkn. T.TKV have b^en made in tho company's shofs at Altoona. The net earnings of ihs Wabash lines for 'Jiinur.ry were §190,498. an Increase ovor January, 189-i, of §41,025. The net earnlnfi-s for tho first »evpn months of the fisc-il year were $1 873 951, an Increase this year of $53 567. The first new chime whistle to be used on passenger engines of the Chi cago division is now being turned out at the Pan Handle shops. Engine 516 will be the Erst locomotive to be equipped with this sort of a whistle which is said to emit a low and musical sound. The official" statement shows that thenet earnings of the Pennsylvania lines-west of Pittsburg during the month of ,)anuiry exceeded thode of a year ago $250 277.48. This increase was a Very a^resuble surprise to the officials, and no doubt will result in more liberal allowances for shop e::. penses and improvements. On the lines of the Pennsylvania rO*d taera were employed last year 100.405 men, against 133 196 in the previous ve&r, a decrease of nearly 25000 in ihe working force. The wages of thftsemen amounted in ISS-i ro ;?6l 801 359, while In the previous year they reached $79 73fi 931, show- Ing that li 1894 there were paid to its employes $18.437,572 leea money than la 1893. The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers of toe Canadian Pacific have an article of agreement in their schedule which requires the coraphny to seleat all men for the position cl master mechanic from locomotive en -\neers employed upon the road. Mr T. G. Shaugbnessy, vice president of the company, is said to have expressed himself very favorable to ibis part of the agreement. At i lie Opera ]loii» Thursday. Tim Murphy and Eugene Canfield Trbo ma-, rightly be esteemed Logansport favorites i' imo.-e.-sUm ffoes for anything, a? tboy left a fiae ose behind thsrn when last soon hero at the opera bouse, have been persuaded by Manager Patterson to return a?ain They will appear at tbe opera house on Thursday night next and give another performance, appearing once again in 'Alimony" which proved to be a refreshing nov^ elty in He line. The play satirize* tbe ^ubj-^ctof divorce. Too company is composed of some excelloLt material including MlssoDorotby Shenod, Miss Sir a Von Stecnbler, Miss Harriett Wil liame, Jeness Manly, J.'imea H. EJen, J. G. Willett, Frank Coltman. Tlic nii-cjverj Suvi-il IU-rLil'e: Mr. G. Callloutte, Druggist Beav. I'rsvill.j, II., eitjc: 'To Dr. Kina'i w D.sc:overy 1 owe my life. Was *Hh la grippe and fied all tbe physicians for tullea about, but of no and WHS given up and told I could not live. Having D.-. Kms'° nu*'Die- in my .-tore I c-eut for a bottle ana betraa its u^a ("id froif the lir<ji o?e bfjrar, 10 ptt better, and af-cr ua ; r.g three ho;tlos win" up and i:bout gain. It if w:.-rih its weight in gold. We won't kei5:i ~ l "'° ' ir biiuso withom it. G--t a t'-i::l bottle ;it 15. F. Ke.es- ling'.-i drug *-.orf. Tho darassce dult of ;>-ciu-Heinrich vs. Edmuad Uu'K'LVui on accouat of alleged pet-manent injuries sustained nytbe p : hintiff in a' fight with tbe defendant, will be again opened. George Walters, attorney for the plain. tiff, yetierday tiled another complaint, V iixlaiiii Hii* KxcurwIOD*. Oa Kefiruary 12, March 6, April 2 and 30, 1S95. home eeekere excursion tickets will be on sale at very cheap rates to virious points in the South and Southwest For rates, limit stopover prlvilges, etc., apply to J. C. EDGEWOKTTT, Agt., Lngansport, lod. It Is a fact that nearly all reliable proprietary medicines were first used and thoroughly tested In practice by physicians of more than usual ability, and yet eome physicians eni=er at such medicines. Tbe reason is plainly seen by taking- Brant's Balsam (or illustration, known everywhere as reliable und sure to cure every sort of lung tind throat trouble, except last stages of consumption. Why is it not just us good for jour case as a physician's prescription, which might cost \hree or four limes us much, though no surer to cure. Large 25 and 50 cent bolt.es at Ben Fishc-.r'c drug- store. W!n>!cMul» SSfrutii.S JKi'OEl Farmer* The fi>rm. ; r8 near Flura, Carroll county, were Sunday relieved of seventeen setd Of harness, a lot of l«p rubes whips iind other articles. L. Eckerlo was here yestcrclfty in coneuliation with Detective. S'.lns Morgue. An [illt-ged peddier is suspected. Do cot fail to ;it und t'.ui r ; n!cr!ain- menl, at the Flc-si, pre>-h.,-!<.-riaD churoh, ip (\Vednest!ii>) ovouing. Have Too KiJoey Trouble? Have You Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? •Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK." Soldby BEX FIWHER, Drueglst. CHICAGO, llatcli ~, 1S9J. riAVIA^Kliiaiyearln the case of Captain J. M. Broslns «i Tern Haute, rnd.. wh-i was attdckea in ill s City *>th neat* neplirltUi anrt crstltli, (In lonottae bindtier and kldnejs) ATier cnuiiiK i lie U»UA! reraedl«s without avail b»n- was sac'-sted. ;inU 'li» Improvr rafni was so iinrke.1 -uwrttPlirs 1 , dose.and a c,>mpl«t- c-ire followed so spewJlly. th:it 1 at once romm»nced an investi iitlo o! its mwrlts an-1 hxvs since pre- •scribeo it'ln almost i>veir Known form "' kidney biaiidPr. uMbr-1. vatfnal anJ cmitnrhal troubles, follow*! ia e cli insta- c. by th« hapun-st. moults. \ cas? or ^nureslr(lnvolnntar) How ot urino) In mvojrn faml y wa-> wry ranch Improved by a few ilo^s. and radlCKlly cured in less mat a. vre-K From pnictlKU experli-nc" !n a ntiiiiher of bad ci>cs ot N-iicorrt'oua i am fiee tosiy that _l have found no remedy toatl.s«)u.l toSAX-JAJ». • And while i Have never before Divert a professional iiirt"rj><me<i5 to -i proprlelary remedy, I say imbi'SlutlnKli and 'itbon: rejhrve i*iat i con sl'ier 5AN-IAK a veritdble boon to numaaUy mid afierapi-Irl -e U to th«surr.-t pro-«s!o-ial tests, can sa? «i h riiiiiidence.lt Is brttsrtlian it 13 re- su. In all C3ses of (•enlto-urlnary o f caiarrhai troubles, In preference to al : "tlierhn-iwn reoiwlles. / s a XKHVK TOSJC. S A N JAK fin be relied upnn fully and ^ntlr-ily- Tbe d>-lic!oiu c<si* oi cb« m«il.-lnels -iso In .It* favor, in nrescrtblne it £'* children. 1 am at i-resf ru usi--K SAN-J >K ;LS an alwnitiTe in skin dls^a-^s. and In sever , 1 ws«s of cor nlc eczema have yeldcd so reidJlT to lt< in- IiKvnotliat isSall cuntrauf to«se It ID similar casw, fwllnaconftiii-nttaatlt wUmaK all tne Indl'ca .loo* In each cv- » Tours sincerely. fSizned) t*K> W, SXTDIR, M. D. l ^ ' Sirs. J. P. Hell, Oss(ncntonlic,KaHr wife of tho editor of Tho Graphic, tho leading local paper o£ Jliuni county, vrlto» "I teem troubled tcif h Iicart disease lor six years, severe palplunions, shortness o* breath, together with such ex- trcaso nervousness, that, at times I would walk tho floor nearly all nh-ht. Wo consulted tho best medical taV— • Tttea nai<l tliercieaitnoi.^lyfoi'met that I b.id organic disease of tho heart for which tbero v,-:is no roraeay. I had read your advertisement in Tho Graphic and a year ago, :LS a last resort, tried one Dottle of Dr. Sines' Xetc Cure for the. Kctirt, which convinced rne that there w;is true merit in it. 1 took three bottles each of the Heart Curo and licsiorativo Xorvino and It cotxpTcfclii curcsl me. JT sleep well at night, my heart beats regularly and I have no more smothering spells. I wish to say to all who ure s-ufTering as I did; there's relief untold for them if they will only pivo your remedies just one trial." 3">T, ?.!ilo.-nra.rte-nrci<:OTM on :•, positive cr: .nn!.?i>tIi;i!,iijeL."slboi.:Io will Tjuiiolit. All'«r!i^;sissoll!t:ittl, C hottU'S for£3,or it will bo'senr.. prepaid, on roo-iur. of price by tho Dr. Miles Jluuicil Co., JLliharl, Ind. Or, Miles'Heart Cure Restores Health S : BEN FISHER DRUGGIST BE.iTTY ALLOWED ONE THOUSAND tteim x<-n are l>no J. C. Iteatty. S»"T» the Jury, fur InjurU'm 10 His Wife. A sealed verdict was read in the circuit court yesterday morning by 'which John C. Beatty was awarded $1,000 damages ia his *ult against Charles Maurice and William Ward, as a reimbursement (or expenses incurred by him in coring for his wife, wno was run down by a horse driven by the defendants July 5th, 1891, and who sustained aliened, permanent hurts The suit GfMre.Biifttty against the ( two defendants for $10,000 is pending. A Strunso Character In JalL "Black BUI" a strange character, claiming to be a native of Jamaica; and to have been abducted from that country when a child, was taken iu at the county jail early yesterday morn- iog, "Bill" traveled last season with Wallace's circus. Xotico ofTrmitce'H Mooiiiifr. There will be a meeting held at the Logansporl Christian Church Monday evenine,- March 11. 1895, for the purpose of electing- three trustees of said church. All members of the church are invited to attend tho meetii-g 1 G. N T BEKIIV, Clerk. SSiK-lileu'N Arnica Miklve. The debt salvo i.n the world for cuts, bruises eoreb, uker*, ?a!t rheum sever f-orcs, tetter, chopped hdnds,- cbilblalns, euros, r.nd al! i-kia crup<_ tioue, n.n:i pOM lively cures pile*, or DO pny ~Gquin-c!. It is tfiiur.vai.ired to give perfoe;, -;aiihfiieticin_<>r musty re- i funded. I'rico In c<.-ot= per bo/- For siilo by B. F. lieer-iinj*. EIo:uc-Sc!-i:<TK- Excursions Son Hi nn* s .lUiieu-i. vi.i *»cmt*.vlva >ui :>'» »• S,;ei;ial lu*' rutu uxcuraioo tickets with twenty day limit will ba told. March Oth, April '-'J und 30 .h, from ticket stations on tha L'cr.nrylv.vnia- Lioee lo joiu'-s in A-lahamU, Florida, Georgia, Ki.-o:ucty. Lou',:•).--nit, Jiitsis-' s-ppi Sorth Ca-olina. Sjuth Oro;ica, TcDoessenaod Virginia. For details, apply to nearer Pennsylvania UnO Ticket Aseat. or add-ess F. V»n Dusen, Chief Assistant General Pa>sen- Cer Afflict, JPittibuag. Fa As«aulcod lltn Hrothcr-ln-lRW. A tine of one cent aod costs was imposed by 'Squire Bight on Milo Saxon, who plead guilty yesterday to an M- sault and battery oo his brqtber.in. law, Wlllard Brown. Cure fur As a remedy for all forme of headache Electric Bitters has proved to be the very beet. It ttTects a permanent cure aod the most dreaded habitual sick headaches yield to its influence. We urge all who are afflicted to procure a bottle, and give vhis remedy * fair trial. In cases of habitual con. stipation Electric Bitters cures by giving the needed tone to the bowels, and few cases long resist the use of tbis medicine. Try it once. Large bottles only fifty cents a'. B. F. Keesling's drug store. At a Itlpe Old *1£f. Mrs. Amos C. tiall formerly o/ tbis city and well known here, died a.t the aee of 74 at her home in Laporte, Ind., last Friday. Jlrs. M. F. Arnold, of Indianapolis, took five bottles of Lemon Laxative and is permanently cured of Headache^ Backache and Constipation. She vises ladies to try a fifty cent bottle..

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