The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 26, 1967 · Page 20
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 20

Salina, Kansas
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Wednesday, April 26, 1967
Page 20
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Jean Simmons 1 Age Is Exposed It is difficult to believe that who at 18 played Ophelia oppo- Jeao Simmons has been an actress for nearly a quarter of a eentury. It may also be hazardous to reveal this. Bui anyone who looks and can »ct like the beautiful Cockney- born thespian need not flinch at the exposure of such a vital statistic. Lest Miss Simmons' longevity be miscalculated, however, it should be remembered that she began her career in England at 14. The only reason (he subject of age was brought up lit (he first place was because Miss Simmons will KXm be see* in (he Hallmark Hall of Fame production of "Soldier In Love" wherein she gracefully passes from 20 to 84 as Sarah, *he trusted friend of Queen Anne of England in the 17(h and 18th centuries. The historical drama by Jerome Ross will be presented al 6:30 Wednesday on Channels 2. * and 74. Is Miss Simmons pleased with her many television appear ·nces? "I think TV is cne of the mosl Important forces. Of course, I'd love to have another crack at the theatre, I'd love to do a musi cal. I've been through all the Wood, sweat and tears in trying to male* it. Now I can knuckle down to learning my trade." Learning? It s e e m e d like ·trange talk from the woman site Laurence Olivier's Hamlet and who subsequently has ;tarred in over 30 motion pic- ures. "Oh, yes, I'm still learning," she said. "You never step learn- ng. I've also learned from my husband (producer - director- vriler Richard Brooks) not to be Tightened of failing. I can make a mistake now and it doesn't matter." Although Miss Simmons h a · been fortunate in playing a number of prominent roles, she claims good parts (or women are more difficult to find than .hey are fcr men. 'It's a man's world," says the pert-nosed actress. "Women's roles should be supporting, anyway -- at least that's the way I feel." Speaking about the man's world in acting, Miss Simmons says that three of her favorites are Laurence Olivier, Marlon Brando and Spencer Tracy, the latter being such a favorite that she named one of two daughters, I OUHQ LOVGTS ·Tracy, after the aclor. Her other daughter, Kate, was named after Kalherine Hepburn. The conversation got around to living in New York City. "Pecple recognize me more in New York than they do anywhere else, even in London," she said. "When I get into a taxi, the cab driver nearly always turns around and says, 'Aren't you Jean Simmons? 1 I'm tickled pink," For Your Entertainment Salina Movies Jean Simmons and Keith. Michell in "Soldier in Love", an original historical "Hallmark Hall of Fame" drama. HELD OVER! .A CarlcTPonti Production 3RD FINAL WEEK! P/i/'/osopfier Comments On Educational TV Michelangelo .Antonioni's first v Erfg!ishT long uagelf i! m stetnng Vanessa Redgrave BLOW-UP co-tarring Attraction · All Seats $1.50 ·To* Mega z"m«. r4ftwy*e«k. Savrd 3 y tevitw. lif Magazine, E.IV, Th« N*w YorV»f, Comnofliweat, Th« N.w lepublic. Tt»« Yiltogt Vale.. Tx N«w Ivcdec. Continuous "Week Nites From 6:00 COLOR A Fr«B»r rrodvcttOM Co, IK. ) K.cttnm.od.d for moton o. JIKC.I | VOGU ! 222 S. SANTA FE-TA 7-2*11 Featur* At: 6:00-8:00 10:00 NATIONAL GENERAL CORPORATION FOX M1DWESTTHEATRES By Jack Gould (C) N.Y. Times News SV. NEW YORK -- In the deluge oi legalistic and intricate papers on the future of communications, there occasionally emerge a few words of almost poetic simplicity that, in their lean imagery, touch both the mind and heart. Such an experience occurred 10 days ago in Washington when Edwin H. Land, chairman of the Polaroid corporation, inventor and practicing philosopher, was called upon for a few remarks in connection with the hearings of the Senate Commerce committee on the future of educational television. Land was a member of the Carnegie commission on educational television and it was in that capacity that he appeared as a witness. In a voice of quiet resolve, he spoke extemporaneously of what he thought was meant by the "potential of communications". In the prccess, he advanced his own concept of the goal of education and the joy of learning. Resisted Temptation Excerpts from his remarks follow: "At the beginning of our study (by the Carnegie commission), there was a good deal of temptation to approach public television in terms of criticism of the existing system. We resisted that temptation. We took the view that the present system has made great contributions anc will continue to make them. But those contributions will have to be within the framework of whal is permitted in a system thai has to appeal to 20-million view ers at the same time. "We do not feel that we ar making a system for education ·e do not feel that we are mak-. ng a dual system. Rather, we re exploring ways of bringing nterest to all aspects cf thought, the ways that children think. "The trouble with the commercial stations now is that they cannot experiment even when they want to. Not experiment in the avant-garde sense of discovering newer and far-out arts, but just plain experiment to find out what would be better than what they offer. "They don't have that freedom. By having programs that are designed for 100,000 to 500,000 people, we feel that we will earn ways to make extremely interesting many things in what WB call 'the intellectual domain.' But we need more than that, things in which the healthy child is interested. "We use the word 'diversity.' We think that the country desperately needs a new medium to bring itself together and to explore itself. The fact that television is taking as much time as t does means that it Is taking hat time away from, opportunities whereby people can learn ife -- will be one of the great unctions of this noncommercial ystem. We.are losing this generation. We all know that. We need a way to get them back. "We have talked around. I ;ot my barber to make a list of vhat he wanted to see. I got my taxidriver to make a list of vhat he wanted to see. You vould just be amazed. They said, Ve go home and we are vhat our changing about. culture is "All of as who arw mature foel that the historic principles of behavior and morality -- of things that we believe in -- are being lost, not because young people can't believe In them, but because there is no language for translating them into contemporary terms. "The search for the ways to tell young people what we know as we grow older -- the permanent, wonderful things about Fox -"The Umbrellas or Cherbourg" with Catharine Deneuve and Nino Castlenuovo. Vogu« -"Blow-up" with Vanesse Redgrave and David Hemmings. 81 Drive-In -"First t» Fight" starring Chad Everett, plus "The Battle of the Bulge" with Henry Fonda, Robert Ryan and Dana Andrews. Rocket Drive-in -- "Tobruk with Rock Hudson and George Peppard, plus "The Ghost .au Mr. Chicken" with Don Knotts and Joan Staley.: TV Tonight Hall of Fame, 6:30 pm, Channels 2, S and 74 -- "Soldier in Love". Jean Simmons, Keith Mitchell and Claire Bloom star in this drama about a roya friendship. Lost in Space, 6:30 pm, Chan nels 7 and 12 -- Three aliens get Dr. Smith to help them obtain a valuable amulet which coulc destroy the galaxy. Batman, 6:30 pm, Channel 10 -- The Mad Hatter swears revenge against the 12 jurors who sent him to prison. Beverly Hillbillies, 7:30 pm Channels 7 and. 12 -- Elly Mai cooks up culinary catastrophies that Granny wants a party-lim telephone. Comer Pyle, USMC, 8:30 pm 'feet or is planning a double, ross. TV Movies The Comanchejroa", 3 pm hannel 10 -- A Texas Ranger's earch for a murderous gambler ends both men into the camp renegades who are sellin; guns to the Comanches. John Vayne and Lee Marvin star. 'Sweet Smell of Success 0:30 pm, Channels 7 and 12 -Broadway columnist decides o use his. influence to stop his ister's romance with a 4nusi ian. Burt Lancaster, Tony Curt and Susan Harrison star. tired, and we look on television.' at what is "You would be thrilled to see he appetite in everyday, and 12 -- Gomel afternoon with non - academic, nomnduslrial eader -- just the man driving the taxi. "We're fortunle in the Boston area to have one of the better educational stations. You would be astonished at the number of waiters, waitresses, taxi drivers. See A Need "Many of us have dedicated our lives, not to making an academic world thai fe far-out and remote, but to the conviction we have in the emerging American culture and our need for inner discovery. We are right at the apex now cf something t h a t might be what we feel could put us over the line, "A new communication medium? How do you shape it up? That is something we all have to do together. We come to you in all sincerity, having spent a year at this, saying that the country needs this new medium. Don't think of it as a dry and dead thing, but the very source of making the country what each of you would most like to have." Channels 7 spends an glamorous movie star but can convince his buddies that he did I Spy, 9 pm. Channels 2, and 74 -- The agents must de termine whether a Russian agent is sincere in her desire t How Women Can Prevent 2 to of Bloating 'Wafer-Weight' That Causes Pre-Menstrual Miseries New Discovery Tested By Nine* ea Themielre* Alt* Relirre* Swelling, Pelvic Pre»sure, Dizzy Speili, Palm and It* MoodiawM, Nervous Tensiom. Am Entirely New and Medically Prorea Formula. N*w Y«rk, K. Y. (S^»ctal)-Doctor* who are gpecialisU in women'* ailments have now discovered that several days leforta woman's period. her nytlem often store* up an abnormal accumulation of water-from 2 to 7 lb«. This causes body tissues to swell and results in a sudden gain of weight aud abdominal puffinesa. It also causes breast soreness, headache, depression, nervous tension and dizzy spells. But now science has developed astonishing medical help--a new tablet called Trendar®. Trendar 'helps prevent the build-up of harmful excess water nod to promptly eliminates the bloating weight. It relieve* headache, cramps and accompanying nervous tension, irritability, depression, and dixzjr ap«Us1 both before and during periods-in a way no pain reliever alone possibly can. Trendar Tablets haT» been thoroughly tested by hundreds of Registered Nurse* on tfiemteloefi Proven safe and effective whe» taken as directed. Now obtainable without prescription at any drug counter. Buy Trendar at once! CLASSIFIED ADS GET RESULTS -- TRY THEM 3 Days of Bliss can Banish Bulge "Our new diet is blissful compared to most crash diets," commented Mary Manning, Chief Dietitian for Fairmont Poods Co., as she described the new Fairmont Cottage Cheese Diet that helps people lose ·up to 5 Ibs. in just 3 days. "IVs very nearly a perfect diet mainstay," said Miss Manning:, referring to the role Fairmont Cottage Cheese plays in the new diet. "It provides all of the good nutrients of milk, including the superior milk protein. Yet it's 96% fat-free. And that means you can eat enough to satisfy yotir appetite -while you're melting- away up to 5 pounds in oust 3 days." DIET IS FREE The diet is free and conies on the tops of Fairmont Cottage Cheese cartons. Remember, once you've lost 'weight, continuing weight reduction and control depend on sound nutritional dietary habits. Look for the amazing Fairmont Cottage Cheese Diet in the dairy department. If you. don't see it, ask for it. It's free with every carton. Today is Wednesday By Saturday you can lose up to 5 Ibs. with the amazing Fairmont Cottage Cheese diet FAIRMONT FREE DIET WITH CARTON With these it's a great time to buy fresh new ffi I HOUSE OF I FABRICS Come on over for these special sale prices Good Thursday, Friday Saturday CHECKED GINGHAM Send your news tip to the Salina Journal. ?10 in prizes every \veeic. TA 5-5925 ROCKET DRIVE-IN I 1630 WEST NAT.ONAU 5 PAYS . . . STARTING TONIGHT Opens 7 p.m. Starts 7:HO CHILDREN FKEK p.m. * FIRST-RUN SHOWING IN SALINA * (Shown 9:20 p.m.) THE STRANGE ADVENTURE OF SHANGHAI JACK CONNELL, WHOSE GREATEST TEST OF HEROISM CAME AFTER HE WON THE MEDAL OF HONOR . . . GUYSIOCKMa-NIGQGREEN TOBRUK TECHNICOLOR. WORLD'S BRAVEST COWARD! Even The Fun Is Frightening I TECHNICOLOR __ TONIGHT FQXTHEATRl «d THURSDAY I155S.SAKTA FE "*T,ONAI. GENERAL. CORPO RATIO A.A.T.WT. SELECT FII,MS SKKIES BUM sizes and colors, 45" w i d e and 1 0 0 % Combed Cotton! 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