Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 13, 1957 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1957
Page 17
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Logansport—Fair tonight and Saturday, Warmer tonight. Moder a t e tempera, lures Saturday. Low tonight 22 to 30. High Saturday 38 to 45 north, 45 to 52 south. Sunset today 4:21 p.m. Sunrise Saturday 6:58 a.m. Outlook: for Sunday: Partly cloudy and mild. "YOUR HOME TOWN KEWBBAPER ) NOW IN OUR .114th YEAR HOME EDITION Founded 1844— For All LOGANSPORT. INDIANA, FBIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 13,1957. United Prcu Wire* 7 nnd Nlurht Price Per Copy, Seven Cents Mail $1 Million In Tax Checks Pay Day for Cass County Governmental Agencies From Auditor's Office Checks totaling more than a million dollars were mail•ed out Friday by the Cass county auditor's office to the heads of various local governmental units, representing the distribution of the fall installment of property tax. The total amount being distributed is $1,404,185.73, but the checks mailed out Friday totaled slightly more than $1,062,000. The balance goes to various county funds. The state received $54,954.89 from the settlement. The amount received by the state included $2,481.24 in state lax, $23,1)16.55 in state school tuition fund, $21,755.94 in teachers retirement fund, $1.088.80 for the Indiana State Fair board, and $2,022.06 in the state forestry fund. The county general fund received $126.915.16, the county welfare de- Logansport and Cass cotmly autoipartment S24,88fi.82, the- election owners will he able to get their fund $6,221.70, Memorial hospi'al license plates for 1958 by mail, maintenance $18.665.07 hospital. Auto Plates Available Through Mail GIFTS CHEER FAMILY QUICK RESPONSE TO FAMILY IN NEED according to Mrs. Ada Arnold, local auto license branch manager. bonds $34,219.34, and fire protec- lion $3,028.93. The township tax distributed to _-,Jie various townships totaled $32,der plan'944.12, but as usual the two major! "istrationl items were S373.372.53 in tuition 1 Conditions under which drivers may obtain next year's licensejthe various townships totaled $32,plates under the mail-ordei are outlined on the re" forms now being, received by car! tax and $215,660.12 in special! owners, and were further explain-! school funds. Other school items ed today by Mrs. Arnold. j were $8.248.58 in school building The car owner must sign the- bonds and $78,608.80 in cumulative form where indicated, as well as • building funds. j filling in the county and township! The townships received $14,314.841 of residence and the date the ve-ifor poor relief, while the county hide was purchased. The question I library received $34,153.26. on license plate suspension or re-| The general corporation tax to- Fire Victims Get Clothing, Shelter, Funds Mrs. Craw Near Tears As She Accepts Donations Cass county resident have proved that they have big hearts at Christmas time. Clothing, money and offers of help for the Max Craw family, burned out of their home at Pipe Creek Falls Thursday, have been pouring in since the disaster struck. At noon Friday the family was already well supplied with clothing. Bundles of clothes were brought to the Red Cross office, the Police station and the Pharo.st-Tribu.ne. FLYING TODAY Ike Faces Big Job At NATO Meeting WASHINGTON (UP)—President'force and unity into the Xorlh At- Eisenhower flies the Atlantic un- lantic Treaty Organization der a doctor's care today on a (.YATO) allies promised to be ex- momentous mission to revamp the tremcly difficult. Free World's defenses against The IVcsidsrl was expected to Russia's space-age missile threat, prepare an "affirmative as possi- But his mission to install new ble" answer to the Soviet proposal " ' for high level East-West talks U C LJni.1*. which is spearheading their cam. J. nUllS paign Challenge To Russia lo upset Ihe vital N'ATO "summit" conference starting Monday in Paris. Such a reply was urged by Ad- ;lai E. Stevenson, two-time Demo- I cratic presidential opponent, who | said the Allies must continue to UNITED NATIONS (UP)—The trv and negotiate a settlement United Stales today welcomed ™lh the East "not by capitula- They were delivered to the fam- Rjssia ' s ' atesl appeal for "peace- tion ' but ^ agreement." ily Friday morning. | ful coexistence," but told the- Ihe Leaves Today Mrs. Craw was near tears as the I United , Natk)ns that Americans' Eisenhower was scheduled to County residents were quick to respond to the need of the Max Craw's family after their home and vocation must also be answered. taled $269,089.92. the street tax was all belongings were destroyed by fire Thursday. Above, in the background, is some of the clothing The application need not be no- 52,402.13, the library corporation • donated to the Craws in the last 24 hours. Monnie Kay, 8 years old, is trying a jacket for size while tarized when sent by mail but thej tax was S3,'27.74, while police pen- Ji cr parents assist the three-year-old twins, Lonnie, front, and Johnnie, into a sweater ana a jacket. personal property and poll tax re-pion fund received $10,860.01 and the firemen's pension fund $14,481.22. Thomas J. Liebrich, state set lie-; mer.t clerk,, in a letter giving his approval of the Cass county settlement, stated that the Cass report was "one of the neatest and easiest that I have checked." cipt, bearing the cour.ty treasurer's stamp certifying that no other taxes are due, must accompany the form. The receipt will be returned with the new license plales. Owners must "send a certified check or money order to include the license fee, shown on the application form; the branch service charge of 50 cents; and an additional 50 cents to cover mailing charges. Mail applications must be mailed within the resident coun. ty by Feb. 15. , . , ,, , Mrs. Arnold also pointed out that! Parcel P° st wlndow a'" 16 P OE owners should be sure to check' office wl " be °P en Fr ' day and the registration form to make surei Saturda y untl1 8 P' m - and (Sun !? ay it is for the vehicle for which they! from J to 5 P- m - Postmaster i,yl- are getting the license plate. ! vester K . e "y f ld If the owner has changed cars, I Tentative hours Post Office Hours Set Radio Auction To Aid United Fund set for next the correct registration papers must be taken to the license bureau to have a correct form prepared. No special number plates may be reserved by mail, Mrs. Arnold said. This weekend is the deadline for any such reservations. jweek will be until 6 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and Merchandise donated by local businessmen will be sold at a Radio auction Friday and Saturday evenings, with the proceeds going to the Cass county United Fund. Sponsored by the Junior Cham- StoresOpen Until 9 Tonight, Saturday Logansport stores will remain and Saturday. Kelly again urged mailing of packages as quickly as possible j and emphasized that parcels be double-checked to be sure they were labeled correctly. He said Ihe volume of Christmas mail at this time was running just about average. Saturday night under the Christmas shopping hours schedule set Carson and Deputies To Hear Talks by Top Criminologists Cass counly Sheriff 0. R. Carson, his deputies and several of his __^ special deputies_ will attend the! cu - t "j^ e 'j^ck "Murrayha'd His criminology session of the annual | couMy . s welfare department rec- meeting of the American Associa-1 ords under , ock and key loday lion for the Advancement of ScH and pre p ared to stu dy a list of public aid recipients to see v/hy the department's 1958 budget was so high. Starke County Welfare Records Impounded ' Cir- ence to be held December 27 and 28 in the Hotel Sheraton-Lincoln in Indianapolis. Subjects to be discussed by leaders in the field of criminology will include: Criminology, Penology, Narcotic Addiction, Wire Tapping, Prostitution and Homosexuality, Alcoholics, Police .Administration, Police Training, Police Personnel Selection, Scientific Crime Detection, Juvenile Delinquency, Arson, Policewomen, Drunken Driving, and Field Laboratory Relations. SOMEBODY'S LUCKY DAY LOS ANGELES (UP)- The Friday The 13th Club announced today the first baby girl reported born in the United States at 1313, or 1:13 p.m. in any time zone, will be named the club's "Lucky Queen" and receive a special Christmas gift mailed from Christmas Island. The club meets here only on Friday's falling on the 13th because members feel it's their lucky day. ber of Commerce, the Radio auc- Set Attack On Russ Threats Soviet Trying to Snarl NATO Session PARIS (UP)—The United States lion is being held'to help make upi and Britain organized a counter- the deficit in the 1957 campaign, attack today to smash the Soviet which is about $15,000 short of the goal of $107,350. Items to be auctioned were listed in Thursday's Pharos-Tribune with their retail value. The local radio station will receive bids Friday night after the basketball game and Saturday beginning at 8:30 p.m. Th"e bids will be announced as they are received and each item will go to the highest bidder. Bids can be made by phoning 3111, 4186 or 5159. Successful bidders will pick up The downtown stores will keep their doors open next Wednesday! t ne merchandise next week at the afternoon and until 9 p.m. next. N a ti or ,al Bank and pay for it at Friday and Saturday also to ac-' commodate late shoppers. Advisor Group Favors New High School Members of a sub-committee of the Citizens Advisory Committee said at a meeting Thursday night Murray said Sheriff Harold Wy- that they favored the construction land impound the names an( ] | of a new high school instead of amounts of monthly payments of,Junior high schools, several hundred welfare recipients; A report on the evaluation of in a controversy over whether the department was lax in permitting a f.240,000 budget for next year, which Murray said vvac considerably higher than that of neighboring counties. 3 Atlas Missiles Ready for Firing CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (UP- Three big intercontinental Atlas missiles stood waiting for test firing at the Air Force test center today, but there was no indication when the first will be triggered. Two Atlases were ground tested —"static fireri"—earlier . in the week and Thursday workers rolled back a red and white gantry crane to disclose to observers on nearby beaches a third 90-foot missile standing on its launching pad. HIGHWAY HAZARDS Cass Traffic Toll: 8 In Nine Months Traffic pileups claimed eight live* and injured 175 in Cass county during the first nine month:; of thfs year, Sheriff 0. R. Carson and the Indiana State Police department announced Friday. The report did not include Logansport and incorporated towns. Rural accidents in the county totaled 282, of which s«ven involved one or more dea':hs; 105 personal injury; and 170 property damage. County road smashups accounted for 130 of all accidents, while the remainder occurred on state and federal highways. The •summary indicated that Sunday was the most dangerous day of the week for driving in Cass county. Peak accident hours were 1 a.m., 10 to 11:59 a.m., and 4 to 7:59 p.m. The leading violations whicli resulted in crashes, according to investigators, were motorists driving on wrong side of the road, speeding, failing to yield right-of- way, and following too closely. Indiana's economic loss, attributable to traffic accidents in rural areas, during these first nine months, was over 81 million dollars. The loss was based on medical expenses, wage and time loss, overhead costs of insurance, perty damage and claim payments, stale police indicated. "We mast stop this terrible drain on our human and economic re- sisting junior high and senior ligh plant facilities was read to the committee as a whole. The recommendation was made at the end of the report. However, before a recommendation is made to the school board, the entire committee must vote on the question. The sub-committee said in its report that the following major faults were found at the present high school building: The cafeteria is too small to serve both junior high and high school studenls; Ihere is inadequate storage space for classroom materials; unconcealed electrical wiring; no noise control; and light and ventilation problems. The report estimated the cost of repairs to the building at $250,000. Architects have estimated that $70,000 should be spent for ventilation, radiation and covering expos ed pipes, the report said. The report concluded that the building is basically sound, and could be used as either a junior or senior high school. that time Ready to Launch Satellites, Says Missile Director WASHINGTON (UP) — Missile Director William M. Holaday insisted today that the United States can launch large satellites "when- propaganda onslaught aimed at wrecking the NATO alliance and frightening Europe out. of setting up U.S. missile bases. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles flew in from Washington to join British Foreign Secretary Selwyn Lloyd who arrived Thursday night. They were expected to throw their full weight behind the Anglo-American counterattack. With statemcn of the 15 NATO countries streaming in by plane and train for the greatest international gathering here since the 1919 Versailles Conference, Mos> cow laid down a massive, drum fire barrage of pleas and threats to the West. The summit meeting starts Monday with Ihe heads ol state of all NATO members present. Diplomatic sources said the Moscow statements were carefully worded to take advantage of individual fears and distrusts in a major effort to split the North Atlantic alliance wide open. Moscow took advantage of the ever we want them," despite last' split over Suez, French anger at clothing was taken into the home of their neighobrs, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Knight. Along with the clothing, contributions totaling $80 were delivered to the family. The Cass county Coon Hunlers Association gave a check for $59. Karl Dresler, Lngansport, sent a check for $10. Eleven -dollars in cash \vas delivered through the Red Cross. J. W. Pownell, of 1709 Woodlawn avenue, stopped at the ruins Friday morning and offered the family a rug. Other persons came to tho Knight home with bundles of clothing and a basket of food. Mrs. Craw said in a voice, "I've met more people lo- day than in the five years we've lived around here." Attorney Leland L. Smi-ih, trustee of a trust fund set up under the will of the late Willard Brown, received approval from Judge Clifford 0. Wild to .spend $200 to "assist in relieving the distress of the Craw family." Under the terms of the Brown will, the residence of his-estate was placed in trust lo be used "in providing for the needy citizens-of the Stale of Indiana, particularly the city of Logansport, and for relieving any suffering in the city or stale, and especially at times of great distress," A game of "Cootie 1 ! was among the many items that delighted the 3-year-old twins, Lonnie and Johnnie, and their 8-year-old sister, Monnie Kay. It was the only toy Hie children have now. All the rest were lost in the fire. are from Missouri—we want to leave for Paris aboard the Colum- ue shown." . i,j ne m j ale t oda y. He is expected Soviet Deputy Foreign -Minister to land in Paris Saturday morn- Vasily V. Kuznetsov Thursday, in night asked the General Assem-' Russia threw a warning at Bril- bly s Mam Political Committee to ain against being a base for NATO approve a declaration for peace-; missiles on the eve of the attempt ful coexistence. In an unusual mild;to reweld the West into a stronger and conciliatory speech he called scientific and mili'.ary unit. The for a treaty between the United! warning was contained in a 3,000 States and Russia and for ex-pan-.word letter from Soviet Premier sion "in an all-around way" of j Nikolai A. Bulganin to British "scientific, cultural and olher: Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. lies -" | There was no indication whether U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabol: Eisenhower would reply lo Bui- Lodge, replying today, told thel.tanln before or after the Pavis committee: -meeting. But a Slate Department ( "We would be delighted to be'official said Ihe reply would "try broken !able to believe lhal onc ' speech !t 0 be as affirmative as possible" here at the U.N.—delivered, by co-; when it comes. incidence, on the eve of the NATO meetings—means that the trend that has been building up in the Soviet Union for 40 years has beenj reversed. "Want (o he Shown "None would be happier than the! Precaution Taken Every precaution was being taken (o insure the Presidenl's safe flight across the ocean. British and American warships have been a'ong the rou e in the . people and government of the, 0 ™" 1 tlle P lan Is r ? rced down United Stales to see this Soviet misslon P°™ sdto he one , , speech followed by a real change !<* . th . e most cntlcal of lll « Dormer . „ ..... __ . .. fl'llPn ^linrpmo nr\mm-an/-lni-'<7 /*n_ in Soviet behavior. That would suit us right down to the ground. "But we want to be shown. When it comes to such a sudden change as this we, in American slang, are from Missouri... "Mr. Kuznetsov's speech was milder lhan the very ro'Jgh speeches which Mr. 'Andrei A.) Gromyko (Swiet foreign minister) made here a few weeks ago on the Syrian item and on disarmament. Bu';, Mr. Chairman, peace in the world cannot be built simply and solely on mildness of speeches. It must also be built on actions. "There is really quite a gap be- r* 11 J f (U J licit JS lUdllV UUHU ti }•>'*]> 1JC " Mr. Craw, who learned of the Mr. Kuznetsov says fire when he called his headquart- and what U)e ^^ does ers late Thursday morning, wants; W( , canno( . conlribule ,„ ce by to rebuild the house as soon as. he|, ; Ulat „ can raise the money for materials.; ° _ Disaster is not new to the Craw allied supreme commander's career. The President will seek to create new missile bases or. !he European continent and establish nuclear weapons stockpiles as two major deterrents to Russia touching, off an atomic World War III. Eisenhower also will seek formulation of a weapons agreement and an arrangement to ponl scientific information among the allies. All these objectives involve complex problems which must be solved before they become a reality. week's Vanguard failure.. Holaday, testifying at the Senate Preparedness subcommittee's investigation of the missile and satellite programs, refused to retract a similar claim he made last Thursday, the day before the Vanguard rocket blew up. But he refused at an open hearing to back up the claim with any details lest they be "helpful to the Russians." Cold Weather Hits Southern States A sub-freezing cold wave, the worst in more than two decades, gripped the South'ind (or the second straight night, claiming a heavy toll in lives and damage to crops. Dixie residents shivered in temperatures in the teens as far south as eastern Georgia esrlv todav. Temperatures plunged into the 20s in upper Florida where crop dam age was estimated in the millions of dollars. ; Anglo-American arms shipments '/> Tunisia and a host of minor grievances of NATO members against the United States. U.S. and British diplomats already here moved swiftly lo counteract the Soviet, moves in behind the scenes talks with othe delegates. ' It will be strengthened even more Saturday when President Eisenhower flies in from Washington and joins British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, French Premier Felix Gaillard and West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in major "little summit" talks. The Moscow drive began Wednesday with "peace" notes to the Western "Big Three" and Germany. In a second round Thursday night Moscow proposed a Cass Treasurer Elected to Office At State Meeting Clarence Settlemyre, Cass county treasurer, was elected vice- president of the Indiana County Treasurers Association at the state convention Thursday at Indiariapo- lis. Settlemyre was treasurer of the organization during the past year. Arthur Gathard, Peru, was elected first vice-president of the Indiana Township. Trustees Association. •Most of the elected county and township officials of Cass county GSOCER ACTIVE AT 98 OSCEOLA (UP)—Reuben Boyer celebrated his 98th birthday anniversary Thursday by waiting on customers in his grocery, here. Boyer has a rocking chair in the store but seldom uses it. He operates the store alone, except for occasional help from a Iriend. sources," asserted Sheriff Car- attended the -state convention son in a direct appeal for renewed accident prevention efforts. whicjp opened Wednesday and ended Friday morning. CLASSIFIED ADS for the Sunday Pharos-Tribune and Logansport Presii may be placed Up to 5 p.m. Saturday PHONE 4141 •>k for an adtalner family. They were flooded out of their last home a mile east of the fire-ruined house last spring, when the creek waters were swollen by rain. They moved to Cass county five years ago from. Muncie. Craw bought the second house last February for $1,500 and borrowed anolher $1,500 to repair it. His family moved there in June. Craw had finished remodeling the six-room dwelling and was thinking about building' a garage. What the family needs most now is household items—cooking utensils, towels, blankets, and, after they get Iheir house rebuilt, furniture. Jim Dunkel, a Walton carpenter, offered to help Craw rebuild the house. He said he is imre he can get other volunteers to help, once the materials are available. Dunkel checked Lions Will Sponsor Hospital Ward Party Logansport Lions outlined plans lo sponsor a ward Christmas party at the Stale hospital Sunday, Dec. 22, during its Thursday evening dinner meeling in Ihe Shrine dining hall. Paul Brill, assistant public relations director for 'he General Telephone company of Indiana, traced the history of the telephone, spoke briefly on mechanical operation and described future conveniences the customer may expect. The speaker said the first system in which you dial your own long distance number will be installed at Greencaslle. U. S. Interference Pay $1,522 For Parking Receipts from parking mcteri hit a new high for the jear during the week ended Friday, reaching $1,522.25. according to the report of Ralph Smith, city elerk- trcasurer. SmiUi said the week's receipts were slightly higher than those for the same period last year, and wai one of the highest one-week totals since parking meters were installed here. The receipts included $1,155.50 from street meters and $366.75 from the melerd lots. Lot No. 3, on East Melboure avenue between Fourth and Fifth streets, had the top total among* the lots with $83.25. Lot No. 2 meters collected $60.50. while 1 numbers 1 and 4 collected S61.75 Others were lot 5, $46.75, and lot (i, $41.75. peace treaty between the Soviet 1 foundation and Union' and the United States and used if it is reinforced. If enough ' the concrete] Hit by AFL- it can be in 'notes to all United Nations members called for a non-aggression treaty between NATO and the Communist Warsaw Pact. i en d a hand, they ATLANTIC CITY, K.J, (UP)— The AFL-CIO, purged of three Speeder Escapes In Road 35 Chase A speeder who outdistanced a Fear 300 Dead In Iran Quakes TEHRAN, Iran (UPV— A series of earthquakes thundered across northwestern Iran today in a wintry disaster that killed scores and left thousands homeless in sub- zf.ro weather. One unofficial eslimate listed 300 dead and 500 injured. couldnut could put framp nr the scandal-stained unions, pursued a! Kokomo police car traveling 110 a new irame on ! gcL . tougn polic y today toward miles per hour apparently made foundation in just a few days. what it considers government in_. ,. .; c ., ,.,.„,;„,* wnai IL uuubiuers uovernme Right now the family is staying f „,. in , abor £ affai in two house trailers on the lot.. One belongs to Craw's father, and the other belongs lo |he Knights. Mr. Knight moved the trailer to the Craw lot last evening. Four of the children slept .in one trailer last night, while Craw, his wife, and the youngest child, IB-month-old Tonnie Fay,, stayed in the other. Two children stayed with a neighbor, and the oldest boy, Ronnie, went to his grandfather's home in Eaton. The federation regained the offensive at a convection where iis ranks were li'iinned by ouster of the giant Teamsters Union, the Bakery Workers and Laundry Workers. 8 In Bomber Killed SPOKANE (UP) — An abnormal takeoff apparently caused by a power failure was blamed loday for the crash of a B52 jet bomber in which eight of the nine men aboard were killed.' Shopping Tour For Needy A Christmas shopping tour for children four to 10 years old from needy families, and a party for. the. children will be held here on Saturday, Dec, 21, sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, it was announced Friday. Paul 'Cooke, chairman of the Jaycee shopping tour committee, said between 15 and 20 children will be taken to a local store, where they will select presents for their brothers and sisters, and parents. Each child will have an allowance to draw on in making the purchases, Cooke said:. The shopping tour, at 9 a.m., will be followed by a Christmas party for Ihe children buying for their families. Santa Claus will be on hand "with presents for these children Cook* rtwjiked, and r«- his escape by turning off U. S. highway 5 in Walton Thursday night. The speed was in a black car. Two Logansport police squad cars and a depuly sheriff's car were watching for it here at tnc request of the Kokomo police but it never arrived in Ulis city. The Kokomo squad car came all thf; way to Logansport in the attempt to find it. The Kokomo officers said they were traveling through Lincoln at the 10 mile per hour speed when the car they were pursuing pulled away from them. freshments will be served. The Jayettes, members of the Jaycee auxiliary, will wrap the presents purchased on the tour and will serve the refreshments. Cooke said families have been contacted by mail for permission for the children to make the tour, and he asked, that the cards giving approval or disapproval be signed and returned to him immediately. YOUTH TO THE RESCUE SWEETWATER, Tenn. (UP)— A busload of school children got a chance to play firemen Thursday. Bus driver Boney Lilc organized the 23 studenls into a bucket brigade when he spotted a farmhouse on fire. The blaze had been put out by the studenls by the time firemen arrived.

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