Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin on March 22, 2003 · 14
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Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin · 14

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 22, 2003
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B2 Saturday, March 22. 2003 LOCAL Wisconsin State Journal Former wrestler Thomas dies State Journal staff "Sailor" Art Thomas, one of the few African-American professional wrestling stars from the 1950s through the early 1970s, died Thursday of cancer. He was 79. Born in Arkansas in 1924, Thomas grew up in Madison. He served in the Navy, where he began Thomas wrestling, and also compered in amateur body building. Eventually he earned the moniker "the Sailor," and Forum Continued from Page B1 UW-Madison, asked what liberal and conservative labels mean and how the candidates describe themselves. "I am an independent judge. I don't take positions in advance," Roggensack said. She said she's been labeled a conservative because "I do not legislate from the bench." Brunner said he's the kind of judge who gets off the bench and encourages citizens to solve community problems. "Some people call that judicial Lists Continued from Page B1 campaign finance laws. As : such, the party did not have to report them to the state Elections Board, Hase said. Dunst agreed, noting legislators have collected names and addresses of constituents for more than 20 years. That the lists obtained by the Democratic Party also contained political information useful in recruiting supporters didn't make them any less a public record, Dunst said. "DPWCC were no more obligated to pay for that information than any other requester would have been obligated to pay for the same information," Dunst wrote in the opinion, written in advance of the board's Wednesday meeting when the Fish complaint is due to be taken up. Dunst noted the Legislature has since adopted new rules prohibiting staffers from working on databases intended for campaign purposes while on state time. But that rule, adopted Oct. 11, 2001, wasn't in effect at the time covered by the Fish complaint. Fish said Dunst "overlooked completely" the alleged conspiracy. Far from simply asking for existing records, Fish said, the Democratic Party was integrally involved in designing the database and coordinating the data entry with caucus employees. "I don't understand how something that would not exist Case Continued from Page B1 every noun and all punctuation pronounced, as is the practice in Miller's language. But having heard enough after more than a half-hour, Ebert cut her off. He sentenced her to prison, he said, because she had punished public officials simply for their use of the English language. "For a time, I'm going to put a stop to your linguistic bullying," Ebert said. Zellmer claimed that use of the mathematical version of English improves the world by eliminating shades of meaning, making language virtually impossible to misunderstand. But Ebert said nuance is what allows for the creation of philosophy, poetry, songs and independent thought. "I wonder if you're ever stumped to wonder why Mr. Miller's incomprehensible gibberish has never swept the world," Ebert said. Ebert said he was giving -Classifieds . fe7G27Fc!I7 AMERICAN FAMILY "' tun nam mmmssHuaH un Tuesday, b la, r Exhibition Hall at Alliant Energy Center 1 0 a.m. - 7 p.m. also wrestled under the name "Seaman" Art Thomas. He won several titles in 1 962 and 1963, and also took the World Wrestling Alliance tide from Baron Von Raschke in Indianapolis in 1972. Renowned for his "bear-hug," Thomas was often pitted as the good guy against bad guy "The Sheik," Ed Farhat Farhat died in January. He also appeared with Madison wrestling legend; the late Jimmy Demetral. Thomas was inducted into the Wrestler's Hall of Fame in 1973, and received the Madison Black History Distinguished Citizen Award in 1981. Former mayor Paul Soglin later proclaimed July 18, activism. It's judicial leadership, that's what it is," he said. When Brunner asked about the Republican Party e-mail, Roggensack called it unfortunate but said she wouldn't be surprised if the Democrats did me same thing for Brunner. He has drawn endorsements from some high-profile Democrats, like Sen. Russ Feingold, and organizations like the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state's largest teachers union. Roggensack has more Republican supporters, like former Gov. Scott McCallum. Roggensack asked Brunner why he thinks the Supreme were it not for this conspiracy . . . can be called public information," Fish said. "He's looking through a political prism, and when you look through a political prism you can see whatever you want to see." Dunst said Fish should have taken the conspiracy charges to the Legislature, the state Ethics Board or the district attorney. "Whatever the merit of those allegations, criminal conduct, especially criminal conduct involving the work or employment rules of the state Senate or state Assembly, is not prosecuted or investigated by the Elections Board," Dunst wrote. Fish said he assumed the Ethics Board would take up his complaint of its own accord, but it didn't. He said he also met with district attorneys from Dane and Milwaukee counties but "it went absolutely nowhere." Ethics Board attorney Jonathan Becker said Friday the board didn't pursue the issue because it was busy negotiating a plan with legislative leaders to abolish the caucus offices. Board members also initially viewed the complaint as relating to campaign finance law, not the ethics code. The board likely won't take it up now, he said, because the October 2001 agreement absolved legislators and staff of any liability for using state resources to run campaigns prior to July 2001. Dane County District Attorney Brian Blanchard declined to comment. Dunst's opinion will probably sink Fish's complaint: Most Zellmer probation because he believed Zellmer was a victim of his own youthful indiscretion and was a "toady," "pawn" and "lackey" for Logan and Miller, the self-described "third king of Hawaii." "You were all too willingly led down the road which is going to end here today," Ebert said. $9 QC per month with annual payment Local Call Madison Number 56 kbps, V.90 No busy signals 4 email addresses No activation fee Free web page No contracts Billing choice No gimmicks officemerr.com fax 608-493-9902 327 Palisade St Merrimac, Wl 53561 March 25 1989, "Seaman Art Thomas Day." He was also honored in 1995 at the 20th annual Madison NPC Body Building Championship at the Barrymore Theater. Thomas retired from wrestling in 1983 at age 59. " "I think he was glad to spend time at home," said his daughter Rita Adair, who lives in Dane County. "I think he was really content when he got older," she said. He is survived by his eight children and several grandchildren. . Services will be at 1 1 a.m. Tuesday at the Faith Community Christian Church. Court needs another trial judge, "The trial judge does the real work. We're out there. We see how the law affects people," Brunner responded. "We have the background that helps us make the tough decisions on ' the Supreme Court" Roggensack calls her experience as an appeals judge on-the-job training for the high court job. We the PeopleWisconsin is a media partnership that includes the Wisconsin State Journal, Wisconsin Public Television, Wisconsin Public Radio, WISC-TV (Ch. 3) and Wood Communication Group. of the Elections Board members are designees of the two major political parties and the legislative leadership, who are unlikely to push for a broader investigation. Two of those leaders face criminal charges relating to their work with the caucuses. Moreover, eight former staffers have indicated through their attorneys they would invoke their Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination if called to testify, Dunst said. Although the Legislature now bans the sort of conduct he highlighted, Fish, now a data management consultant in California, said he doesn't feel vindicated. "There certainly should be some accountability for what's gone on," Fish said. Trouble sitting still? Difficulty paying attention? Unable to concentrate or remember things? Does this describe your child while at school or at home? v ii Inland Press Association's News Media Job Fair Print and Online Co-sponsored by Illinois Press Association Saturday, March 29, 2003 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hotel 71 71 E. Wacker Drive Chicago V A Participants' resumes are included in a book distributed exclusively to recruiters. Even if you don't get a chance to talk with a certain recruiter, he or she will have your resume on hand. Call the Job Fair Coordinator (847) 795-0380 for details or to register. Or check out . www.lnlandpress.org T : " : : i BIRTHS Meriter Hospital March 20, 2003 HALVORSON, Bonnie & Jim, Columbus, daughter KAISER, Laura & HAMMERSLEY, Nathan, Fitchburg, son LAFFERTY. Melanie & Jeffery, Madison, son March 21, 2003 DEAN, Tiffany & James, Eagle, son SCHRAMM, Misty & Sean, Arena, son St. Mary's Hospital March 19, 2003 OSBORN, Karla & Kent Stough-ton, son March 20, 2003 BOYER, Karla & John, Madison, daughter GILMORE, Ruth & Joel, Madison, son RUSHING, Mary & HEIM, Robert II., Madison, son TKACIKOVA, Aurelia & ARCHER, Guillermo, Madison, daughter March 21, 2003 DELIRE, Christine & ALIBERT, Ay-meric, Madison, daughter MEADE, Dr. Shannon & Dr. James, Hartland, daughter NUNEZ-RIOS, Dana & Steve, Marshall, daughter TOEPFER, Jodi & Steve, Lake Mills, son WALDON, Ashley & PAX, Christopher, Madison, daughter DEATHS Madison KUNDERT, Harold E., 91, Thursday State of Wisconsin Legal Notices Reasonable accommodation, including the provision of Informational material In an alternative format, wW be provided for qualified Individuals with disabilities upon request. General Notices BOARD OF REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN SYSTEM Listening Sessions on the Future of the UW System Tuesday, March 25, 2003 4:00-6:00 p.m. University Center, Alumni Room UW-Stevens Point Stevens Point, Wisconsin . Wednesday, March 26, 2003 4:00-6:00 p.m. Commons Building Conference Room 101 UW-Waukesha Waukesha, Wisconsin (WSJ786963 Have you wondered whether your child may have ADD or ADHD . Attention uencn Hyperactivity r. Disorder)?, . Researchers at Dean Foundation are evaluating an investigational non-stimulant medication in Hie' - treatment of ADHD in children ages 6-17 years. Your child may be eligible for an evaluation by a psychiatrist and to participate in a clinical research study at no cost to you. FOR MORE INFORMATION please call Antonio Sella at 608827-2340 or email Antonio at Antonio.Selladeancare.com Dean FOU NDATiON Recruiters representing media companies across the country will be on hand to conduct interviews with students, recent graduates and other job seekers interested in working in the newspaper industry. Registration fee is $10. Advance registration is required. Don't miss this chance to meet with newspaper recruiters. DAILY RECORD SCHIEFELBEIN, Jane, 73, at home, Thursday THOMAS, Arthur "Sailor," 79, at Don and Marilyn Anderson Hospi-ceCare Center, Thursday Other Arena PEARCE, John J., 63, at St. Mary's Hospital, Monday Baraboo PETERSON, Gary "Herbie," D., 56, at home, Thursday Dane STEVENSON, Dorothy M 61, at home, Thursday DeForestLivingston SCHNEIDER, Grace E., 98, at Waunakee Manor Nursing Home, Monday Fitchburg WORDEN, Sylvia, 102, at Don and Marilyn Anderson HospiceCare Center, Thursday Honduras BONILLA, Goldeen, 35, Monday McFarland BRANDT, Genevieve I., 84, at Skaalen Home, Thursday Mount Horeb BACHMANN, Arnold C, 88, at Don and Marilyn Anderson HospiceCare Center, , State of Wisconsin Legal Notices Reasonable accomnnxJation, including the provision of informational materiel in an alternative format, will be provided for qualified individuals with disabilities upon request rtttp:www.madi8on.com DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE EMERGENCY RULE RELATING TO THE USE OF RAPID RESPONSE FUNDS IN ECONOMICALLY DEPRESSED AREAS OF WISCONSIN TO PRESERVE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Finding of Emergency and Rul Analysts The Department of Commerce finds that an emergency exists and that the adoption of the rule included in this order is necessary for the immediate preservation of public health, safety and welfare. Analysis of Rules Statutory Authority: s. 560. 02 (4) and 560.04, Stats. Statutes Interpreted: s. 560.04, Stats. Pursuant to s.560.04, Stats., the Department of Commerce (Commerce), as a part of its comprehensive duties involving community development and economic development, administers federal funds in the form or grants to eligible communities related to economic development Under current rules, the maximum amount of funds that may be awarded to a community is $1 million per calendar year and the maximum amount that a business may borrow from a local government under the economic development program is also $1 million during any 5-year period. The timing and dollar limitations specified in the rules are barriers to providing a comprehensive and rapid response to changing economic conditions in a community. Given the uncertainty inherent in today's marketplace. Commerce would like to maximize the use of federal community development block grant hinds to positively impact local economies. Under the rules, as currently structured. Commerce's ability to respond rapidly to actual or potential plant closings or relocations in a specific geographical region is limited. The following emergency rule will allow Commerce to respond more rapidly to changing economic conditions. This rule provides Commerce, working collaboratively with local communities, the ability to quickly respond to changing economic conditions due to potential plant closings, business relocations, layoffs, and other economic factors that could negatively affect the economic conditions in the community and state. Contact Person Todd Kearney, Acting Division Administrator 608-266-6675 ORDER Pursuant to Section 227.24, Stats., the Department of Commerce hereby adopts an emergency rule to renumber ss Comm 108.03 (23) to (25) to (24) to (26), 108.03 (26) to (27)to (26) to (29); to amend ss. Comm 108.06 TABLE 108.06-1, 108.07 (2), 108.07 (6), 108.14, 108,15, Subchapter VII Title, and 108.24; and to create ss. Comm 108.03(23), 108.03(27), relating to the deployment of rapid response funds to preserve economic development in Wisconsin. This emergency rule takes effect upon publication in the official state newspaper and filing with the Secretary of State. Secretary of State and Revisor qf Statutes. Dated at Madison, Wisconsin, this 18 th Day of March, 2003 -By the Department of Commerce s Cory L. Nettles Cory L. Nettles, Secretary SECTION 1. Comm 108.03 (23) through (25) are renumbered (24) through (26): , SECTION 2. Comm 108.03 (23) is created to read: . Comm 108.03 (23) Person" means an individual, partnership, corporation, nonprofit organization, city, village, town, county, or trustee, including a trustee in bankruptcy. SECTION 3. Comm 108.03 (26) through (27) are renumbered (28) through (29): SECTION 4. Comm 108.03.27 is created to read: Comm 108.03 (27) "Rapid response" means awards to preserve or enhance the economic conditions of an area and the well being of its citizens that would be negatively impacted by actual or potential plant closings, business relocation, layoffs, unemployment, and similar activities. SECTION 4. Comm 108.06 TABLE 108.06-1 is amended to read: Table 108.06-1 ANNUAL DISTRIBUTION OF CDBG FUNDS BY GRANT Grant Program Public facilities program (CDBG-PF) Pwblie fasiliiies planning yand Planning grant program (CDBG-PLNG) Economic development program (CDGB-ED) Public facilities economic development Up to 20 program (CDBG-PFED) - Blight elimination and brownfield , U,pto10 redevelopment program (8EBR) ' Emergency grant program (CDBG-EMER) Up to 5 , SECTION 5. Comm 108.07 (2) is amended to read: Comm 108.07 (2) ial The maximum amount of CDBG funds that may be awarded to any local government under the economic development program as specified under subch. Ill shall be $1 million per eeieneeyee ajinjiaileaMLfllio v fbl The maximum amount of CDBG funds that may be borrowed by a business from any one or more local governments under the economic development program shall be $1 million during any 5-year rolling period. Awards made that meat the department's raoid response criteria as defined in s. Comm 108 03 (27) do not count aoainst the maximum amounts specified in tal and ib). SECTION 6. Comm 108.07 (6) is amended to read: Comm 108.07 (6) (a) The maximum amount of CDBG funds that may be awarded to any local government for a auto I ib fsoilitioa planning grant as specified under subch. VI shall be SiajiOOewplew iw a 18 manth aspiss" S25.000 per annual federal allocation. fb) Awards made that meet the department's rapid response criteria as defined in a. Comm 108.03 127) do not count aoainst the maximum amounts specified in Ial. SECTION 7. Comm 108.14 is amended to read: Comm 108.14 Economic development program. (1) The department may award a grant to an eligible local government under the economic development program upon receipt and consideration of an application if the department determines all of the following: (a) The project serves a public purpose. ' (b) The local government has a citizen participation plan as required by 24 CFR 570.488 (a). (c) The project coBts are reasonable. (d) Ail sources of project financing will be committed prior to the disbursement of the grant . (e) The project is financially feasible. ' (f) The buoinsea pgrspn that will benefit from the economic development wM award, has the economic ability to repay any funds that are loaned to the awsinsss person. (g) The project wilt likely retain or create jobs in this state. (h) Funding for the project is unavailable from any other source on reasonably equivalent terms. (i) The tooej geveMwisM and the business Businesses that will benefit from the economic development mt award will contribute at least 50 of the total cost of the project from funding sources other than the federal ens) state goMwnmonfr gpyernment. (j) The focal government will use the CDBG funds for one of the following purposes: 1 For a grant Qr loan to a buoineee person that agrees to engage in job creation or retention activities under 24 CFR 570.483 lb) (4) designed to benefit low and moderate income persons. 2. For job training, job placement, child care, transportation or other similar services eligible under 24 CFR 570.483 (b) (2) (v) designed to benefit low and moderate income persons. 3. For other activities ejjgjbjfi under 24 CFR Part 570 that west ths natiansl sajasiiwis ef benefit ts tew end medawts ineoma pownos tlMowan job ewatien. (2) When making a determination under sub. (1) (a), the department shall consider ail of the fol-' lowing: (a) The extent of poverty and unemployment and other economic factors In the area of the project. (b) The prospects for new investment and economic development in the area. (c) The amount of investment that is likely to result from the project. (d) The number of full-time jobs that are likely to be created or retained. e) The total cost per full-time job created or retained. (f) The amount of wages and benefits to be provided by the business. (g) The willingness of the bysinass person to work cooperatively with the department of workforce development, local job service offices and private industry councils to identify and offer full-time job opportunities to low to moderate income persons. (h) The availability of satisfactory collateral and personal guarantees to assure repayment of the economic development loan. (i) Whether the award will provide the xsinses person with an unreasonable competitive advantage over other similar Wisconsin bwsinssoes persons in the vicinity of the project. (j) Whether the project will involve the relocation of a bwsinsss person and displacement of jobs from one local government in Wisconsin to another local government in Wisconsin, (k) Whether the project will involve redevelopment of a brownfield site. 44 0 Whether the project will result in the elimination of slum and blight. SECTION 8. Comm 106.15 is amended to read: Comm 108.16 Job creation and retention requirements. (1) If a local government loans awards the CDBG funds to a businosa Ofliaan under s. Comm 108.14 (1) (j) 1., the auiiwiii person shall execute a lean an agreement and other documents prescribed by the department, committing te Mpay the lean ens' to create full-time equivalent jobs n4 firretain full-time equivalent jobs, or (2) In accordance with 24 CFR Part 570.482 tfl m. 3 Ihfiamount of CDBG funds awarded by the department to a local government for an economic development project may not exceed $20,000 for each full-time equivalent job created and retained by e bwatweea. The amount awarded to spy person shall depend upon the department's consideration of the factors in s. Comm 108.14 (2) and in accordance with 24 CFR Part 570.482 ffl (4). (3) The department may require a business pexsoj that receives aeew an award under this sub- chapter to document full-time equivalent job creation and retention with a list of full-time jobs or positions created and retained, the job title for each full-time equivalent job created and retained, job skills, wages and benefits, and any other information the department considers relevant SECTION 9. Title Subchapter VII is amended to read: Subchapter VII Qyallt Pasllklaa Planning Grants. SECTION 10. Comm 108.24 is amended to read: Comm 108.24 Pwblla faslHsiea Planning grant program. (1) General, (a) The department may make a grant to an eligible local government for preparing a plan for a specific project (b) An eligible local government may submit an application for a public facilities planning grant to me aupanmeni ai any ume. ysnt in a 18 nwewth pepiad shell be W lei Grant award limits are as specified in s. Comm 108.07 (6). (2) Application. An application for a planning grant under this section shall contain sufficient Information to identify how ail of the following requirements are satisfied: (a) The local government has identified a specific project that needs further planning. (b) The specific project will serve a public purpose. (c) The specific project is an eligible CDBG activity. (d) The local government has a citizen participation plan as required under 24 CFR S07.19t 7L4S6 a. (e) The specific planning cost estimates are reasonable. ffl At least 25 of the total cost of the planning shall originate from local revenues other thag orants provided bv the federal or state government. Awards made that meat the department's raoid response criteria as defined in a. Comm 108.03 (271 do not count aoainst the maximum par- Eeniaye amount, 4 ftnewekal pentiaiptlen (g) The planning for the specific project has the support of local community and economic development organizations or business groups. h) The local government has the capacity and capability to conduct the planning or commits to the retention of professional planning services. (i) The planning will likely result in the implementation of the specific project being planned, (j) The local government certifies that the planning grant is not a commitment of CDBG funding at a later date for plan implementation. (k) The application shall include, where applicable, at least the following: 1. An analysis of the current status and any deficiencies in public facilities, services, buildings or a defined geographic area. 2. An analysis of alternative means of correcting such deficiencies described in subd. 1. 3. A written plan for the selection of a proposed course of action, a narrative description, cost estimates and map of the project location or defined geographic area. (3) Other considerations. When reviewing the applications received under sub. (2), the department shall consider all of the following: (a) Whether the specific project plan is intended to address one of the 3 national objectives as specified in s. Comm 108.04. (b) The extent of poverty, unemployment labor shortages or other economic factors in the specific project area. (c) The prospects for other new Investment and community and economic development in the specific project area. (d) The amount of additional investment and public health and safety that is likely to result from the plan implementation. (e) The likelihood mat the specific project will result in the preservation or expansion of the existing tax base. (f) The planning for the specific project is consistent with other planned or recently completed community or economic development projects such as, but not limited to, smart growth planning as specified in s. 16.965 (1) (b). Stats. (WSJ 786580) Friday Waterloo HEIMAN, Lyle R, 77, at Columbus Community Hospital, Friday Wisconsin Dells STOCKS, Lloyd, 94, at Wisconsin Dells Health and Rehabilitation Center, Tuesday 0bituariesB4 TODAY'S FUNERALS BONILLA, Goldeen, 1 p.m., Iglesia Dell Nazareno, 5011 Commercial Ave. HELLER, Mark, 2:30 p.m.. Cress Funeral Home, 3610 Speedway Road KIPPLEY, Roger, 11 a.m, St. Mary Of The Lake Catholic Church, Westport, Wis. KNIGHT, Doris, 10 a.m, Stoughton United Methodist Church, 525 N. Lincoln, Stoughton WHtTFORD, Esther, 11 a.m, St Bernard's Catholic Church, 2450 . AtwoodAve. PROGRAM Percent of CDBG Funds Set Aside Up to 75 Up to att. 10 Up to 75 wade shell i

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