The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 28, 1954 · Page 11
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 11

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1954
Page 11
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Central And Northwest News T A , k The Saliu Journal Wednesday April 28, 1954 Beverly Bauiuer, District £dltor 10 Af63 jCOUTS Award Ribbons District Deaths ALMENA-The funeral for Mr*. ers and three sisters, Including iters, Mrs. Eninu Taff, Concordia, Francis Ostrum, Hays, and Oscar {and Mrs. H. Ostruin, Russell. JPa. TALMAGE-lhe f u n e r a 1 for i Durant, Ardmore, BEL01T -- Concordia S c o u t s C«r4eii« Gow«y, n. was to beJFuBk J. High, «!, was to be held held Wednesday at 2 pm in thej Wednesday at 2:30 pm in the Tal- Congregalional Church here with were credited with the largest j the Re v. Tracy Archer officiating jn A(mcna number of boolli showings in am j5 Ur j a j was (0 exposition staged here by tlie Pi-|icry. condo district of Boy Scouts. Thej y rs _ ( Concordia youths set up H booths! ,, hcart atta( , k ghe had for the show. Beloit Scouts exhib-! cmploye al thg ited ten. . |u y cars Scouts from Belleville, Glasco, SUffering mage Church with ttw Rev. Earlc A. Nossaman nfficiating. Burial! was to be in Prairie Mound Cera-' ctery at Solomon. Mr. High, farmer in the Willow- a « ^ and a manager of Area Legion Heads Picked NORTON - Keith G. Sebelius, Xorton, member of the Almena Le-j gion Post, was named senior New Principal For Nitoma LUCAS - Dennis W. Cow^n, superintendent of schools here Uw pott si* years, has resigned to become principal at N»tom« High School. State Farm Insurance Com-Urict commander of the AmcricaniUAHAB DA|| jpany, died at Dickinson County i Legion at Ihe final meeting of the i W Jowdy was boru at Clyde'Memorial Hospital, Abilene, after! Sixth District convention here, j COURTLAND -- The following married Wil-j suffering a heart attack. j Scbelius succeeds Russell Miller, 'Courtland High School students · . - .. . , as |qualified for the Republic County as !scholastic honor lull for the fifth jsix weeks period, school official* Glen Elder, Mankato, and Clifton j une also set up booths, including dis-||j am plays on communications, electric-j^ iK Hy, marksmanship, cooking, first! 'g u] aid, canoe trips, neckerchief slides: j.,.... . , . , . . - - . _ and collections of Indian I o r e b tm ' Leah Kun van ' Almena:!a trustee of Dickinson C o u n t y ! ' A Lincoln, Kas., resident, Mrs.l r «Pf rt cf: stamps, rocks'and other hobbies!!?!"' Laura Easton - W a d c n a,: Community High School, C h a p-i Marcye Ilollingsworth. was Karl Goivdy at Norton Aug.i He was born at Biuffton, ind.,j Russell. Karl Nelson, Tcscott, 'and came to Abilene in 1923. ;elected to succeed Scbelius The Scouls Survivors include four sons and! For several years he served as;J um or commander. l.ore,r' 5 " ghte ' s ' Leail Runvan ' Almena:|a trustee of Dickinson C o u n t y ! ' 'I Mrs. Laura Easton, W a d c n a,: Community High School, C h a p - j ' 1 ratings'i M .' ni1 '' Mrs ' Nad '" e Bculley, Mill:man. Survivors include the widow;! e£l district president of the Auxili-|^« ^Jj* "TM A TM Emlth : J"nioV»: conco'dii-Troop 31 i NUB ribbon! 1°'^' and Guy, Burbank. Calif.:|one son, Thaine, Topeka; one! ar '- sllc succeeds Mrs. Zella Hold-\omiai *TM*a Did!«. r v«*«*' sm.m' l*K rlbS; 2p*4t- UV^I^^"' , Mrs ' EUa Davis. Al-jdaughter. Mrs. Mildred S y b e r t . j « W . Concordia. Rozella Fox. Rus-j'7;TM^ ,,,., JohB A ^ ribbon, 1 red ribbon; pack. 39, " " " " " M "" *"" *^ ** "' ' * " " " " " " " " ribbon, 1 red rtbhtm; troop 33 ribbon, 1 red ribbon, l while ·rroop M. 2 blue ribbons an_d mena. j Day I on, and one brother, J o h n,'P resident - ,. ,HAYS-Mrs. Anna Hokc, native' 1 Wmston-SaJem. JVC .' othcr Legion officers elected; 1 ! _ . _ ;... AM . la 1 "*. JrwUHiem won these p 31. I Wuo , _ o 9. i wue mcna: Mrs. Lucy Baker, Nurton.'Elmo; two sisters Mrs Earl Mar- i se "' was named to succeed Mrs.!"" 1 '": Ji n« EBISW.II. B.ih 3 ri ! U'. l ' e ! an(i «ne brother, John Grose, A1-! shall and Mrs. Susie Brlnneman.l"^"^*^ «» district vix-}X:,£ m ^? a ^ !yR ^,. T. white ribbon; Glen Elder. Troop 235, J wiillfl; ^lankato, Troop 38, 1 bJut ribbon; Beloit, Pat'K %, 2 blue ribbons and 1 red ribbon; Beloit, Pack 5t». l red: Beloit, Troop 99, 3 white ribbons: of Sweden and former reident of! CONCORDIA- Russell County, died in St. Antlvjfor Mrs. Artie -Funeral services j v;ere: Hill Brandt were! Everett C.ion Elder. Pack 257. 1 white ribbon; , BcMfivtlle. Explorer Post 5«. 1 red rlhbon: OK}'S Hospital at HayS. She fiasco. Troop 3(1, I white ribbon; Olaaco,-7^ . pacic so, i white ribbon. |' 3 * j from Chaput Funeral Home here.! s c r **nm-at.aHns; Mrs. Hoke came to America as!Burial was to be held in Garrison. Osbornc, was;to be held Wednesday at 3 pmi'^f"^;. K x* ln "* m ° a ' - Vorlm . finance crmn- Grove, Johnson. Norton, .y, Nor- LONG ISLAND-A $58,000 bond . . . . . . . issu e f or erection of a new addition BOV Burned If' n r ' hc , famil ' setlled in ; iliu Cemetery. Mrs. Brandt died ^ a £ H $$££ a TM u ^*^ u lo Long Island school was ap- / iriUhbLii Lounty. In 1917 Mrs. Hoke-in Caiifonria. 1^0 national convention: x M. Lapp'.n, proved by voters. The issue passed CONCORDIA - Severe burns onj and her husband moved to Hays.) CONCORDIA-Mrs. Maria Hart-iV'I' Aw^i.^ro^ct"^. ^ "1 to 111. the left side of his body, arm, leg,i Latc i" '-hey returned to Gorham|nian, resident here two years,j"TM;, ^^.t,"","' ^ v TM ty ' B«*i t ' Z snl! Superintendent Bernard R. Allen and face were suffered by 10-year-j wllcre 'hey remained until approx-jdied at Crestview Home after aniKeitti s'ciieiiuj of Norton as deiegarcstjsaid the new building would bg old Douglas G. Simms. The boy,;'match- seven years ago. !illness of several weeks. JHa?,.1;!irv«. Kr"'«. R£- SC! . K L'iloMcn;j«ed chiefly tor a vocational ag son of Concordians Mr. and Mrs.! Survivors include the widower,! Mrs. Hartmannvas born in N"eu-!^TMTM rdl ^: il ,^ a 5^ lmL '^ c ^ ly ^; (1 *- ii ^ ;iprograni. It will house the shop Kenneth Simms, was helping at a:Charles; t h r e e daughters. Mrs.lonhaus, Germany Oct. 25, 1874. She'Harf'ciaviW. Norton. ' " land classroom and will also have a bonfire when his clothing caught; Lucy Tracy, Hays; Mrs. Edith ! was a resident "of New York Citvivr 0 ,*'^^'^'''^^'^TM^^ kitchen and cafeteria. .BeVmia suirord. Approve Bonds LOVE IS RI.OOM. -- Jackie K.-ilcer, B, Jlin neapolis, sfw .surrouiidril by (ulips while l».v friend Gary Hogff pinks one. .lackin's the ilaujfliter of. Jlr. and Mrs. CUrn Baker, and Gary's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hogg, all o£ Minneapolis. (JOL'RXAL PHOTO) Hays; Mrs. Edith 'was a resident^ New York CKy! s ,S"% fl *r i F? w ,?"SS. B r ,, fire". [McGralh, Elmhurst, 111., and Mrs. I more than 45 years and came loi Mre - Marllia ctiance. (roiby. irpamrer. _, . , ~. T . . 11711, i T, , . Auxtlinry dpieK^ti's to lh« n*tion:il cor* He is a patient at St. Josephs-Ethel Jlurphy, New Haven, Mo., i Concordia in 1952. Hospital here. [one son, Ernest, Hays, four broth-i Survivors include two d a u g h - Present plans are to reconstruct vention a.-c Mrs. HoiiinRtwortii antt M n . j t h e present shop room into a first Koldmc- .Miss fox ·jgrade classroom. It unlocks the unused power in your engine! New Conoco Super Gasoline with ·····gMBH* KAX8AS Ft'TURJB I-'AKMBRS OF ,-\M£RIC.4 rrowd into fann mechanics building on Kansas State College campus for opcninff or the 31st annual state vncational a*ric«)t«rn contests In farm mechanics. Some 14IN1 T-'F.\ youths from Kansas participated in -tiih annual prop'am of the Kansas .Association of FFA. Head Of The Class TIIKsK KOl'lv area high school scnffii-? have hecn nnnictl r,ilrliciori.i»,s of Ilicir ffradn.-ilin^ rlasscs. Ki-oin Icfl, (op rnw. William Mai, Wallace Cniinly rotiinuinil.r Hlpli Srhnol. Sliarnn Sin-in.cs. SIIH if Mr. flml Mrs. William Mai; R u t h Rramla, l/tn-;i.« I l i z h Sclinnl, ilaii'hiPr n f .Mr. anil .Mrs. John Brand,!, rural 1,af»f ri-sidcntv. B n l t n m rnw. ·~;i»\p onlcr: M n r i l y n Rch. Marion nich Schnnl, ilimchlor of Mr. am! Mrs. .Alie' Ken, Marion: Shanm Rndrln. Solomon Rural !llj:h School, (laughter of .Mr. -inrl Mrs. J,or:iinc Rodda, Solomon. Sheep Show Winners At Abilene ABILENE--LcRoy Hoffman and his son. Gene, Abilene, took top honors in the heavy and light fat Iamb classes in competition at the annual Dickinson County R a m , Lamb and Wool Show here. Other placings were: Heavy j ·lamhs, second and third, Dole! Sterner, Enterprise; fourth, K. C.\ Hassler, Abilene; fifth, Stewart; Lay, Abilene: sixth, Howard j jlfaney, Carlton; seventh. Car! Woods, Elmo; eighth, Verland Hoffman, Abilene: ninth, Elmer Taylor, Solomon; 10th, Lyle Snider,) Talmase; eleventh, Dean Hoffman. 1 (.Manchester; twelfth, H. C. Bollig-j j or, Abilene. I Hop"*, second; HH-A n rr) H.'inoy. i Ca .-lion. : tnr/J; Gewrfft ilotfma n. A »i!-1 cne. fourth; Dale Phillips. Klmo, f i f t l i - . I H. C. BoMiCflr. Ahiircp. s i r . t t i ; "Elmer T.iyJor. Solomon, pevpnth; K. n. Hauler. \bilenp. iMchth; Melvin Lcokron. AW- **np. n l n t t i ; VerJanrt Hoffman, Abilenfi t o n t h ; Schwarz. Carltnn. rjieventn: E. V. Lcckron. Abllcno. twelfth; Kmil Schwa rz. Carllfin. thirteenth; Lyle Snider, Talmare, /ourteenth. Wool siiow^-pale Sterner, Knterr»ri?e. first and third; K. A. Ojali, Junction City, second and fourth; K. C. Hassicr. Abilene, fifth. Fine wool clssf--("lar! IVoods. Elmo, first anrt (onrtri; H. C. BoUi^Rr, Abilene, scconrt and third, anrt 1C. c. Hiissler. fifth. Other vajn] exhibitors wern Howard Hancy, "r«ntc \V. Johnson, Jftiley; and LeRoy McCosh, Abilene. Hampshire ram class ·-- LcRoy Me- Coxh, Abilene, first. s«conr], rmirih. f i f t h and sixth; Roy Allen, Detroit, third. «w*nth nnd cfKhth. Shropshires--f.'iul Taylor. Chapman, first and Teo L c f f r t , Waked eld. second. Southdown -- Pats! Taylor, first and second. Foiir-H f'tt lamb rln.ifl-- -Tommy T,ny. Klmo. first: 1sr Lefert, (tecond; and P.itsy \Vhitley. thlrd- l-imb priidinc content. Adult Divi^'nn ! · first Rfiva Hnffmnn, Manchester; src- 1 nnd, Ijijjjsn Hoffman. Hope; (hlrrf, Rnb- :frt Hoffm.'in, Hope; fourth, I»yU? S n t d c r ; ) i f i f t h . Fllrnpr Taylor: «lxlh. Paul Tnylor. I ! .Junior riivistnn--first, M a r v i n H o f f m a n ; j i«rcond, Oen« H o f f m a n : third. K o r m u j Kirs:, Ani'Jfri?.; fourth, Jihnny Ho.'fman. | Abi'm*: f if tli, Knn.-tld Shftttn. N n v a r r " ; I s i x i h . Ojf;ar Albrecht. Hprinp'on. j T^Jim* in the 1-H division j'idRJns i«rhnn! and their plnctnes ivpre; N.ivarfe i Bnostsrs, first with MS polni? ntu nf a Greatest Gasoline Development in 31 Years Today, most cars are being robbed of their full power by lead deposits on spark plugs and in combustion chambers. These deposits cause spark plugs to mis-fire and cause pre-ignition or "wi!d ping." But now, Conoco Sup_er Gasoline with TCP stops mis-firing and pre-ignition because it neutralizes these deposits. As a result, it boosts power as much as spark plugs up to 150% longer life...and increases gasoline mileage, too. In short, TCP unlocks all the unused power in your engine! 29 Receive Diplomas j p n n n h v . sn : Kker-r. -T. Pc!!=int, s^; ;Oirrryn K a y e Kohertflnn. ^i; DavuJ i^'mrcr?. s ^ . Orlar.d Thorn an, ?3; Vir;Km!^ Su* Morean, W. l/- i " »G "· CONCORDIA - Twenty-nine si eighth grade graduates received; diplomas in the fifth annual com' mencement exercises held here. The commencement address was delivered by the Rev. W. Ross! Downs. Phillipsburg. Mankato, Thornton. Presentation of diplo- and Smith Center, high schools ^ w a k r r . bCl'. third, Harmony Hustlers.' 1FO; and fourth. Holland Funttowftr* 463 Top inttfvjriiMFs--Lon Lcffri.. Krasrant Hilltoppcrs with 191 nut of a po?sihl^} "Oo. p o i n t s : prrorM, Rort".ld F h f f f t J , J N a v a r r « Boost fra. tSS: t h i r d , Dennis | Johnson. »\vbern WtrteawakM, 1S2. | Toppinp the F.F.A. division was tht I Hcrinctnn team with MS pom's: second.! was Chapman w i t h -1P3; third, Abilene Your Guarantee- Tfa« trademark, TCP. is your ri!.wj?.Nw that you are getting th« Ml benefits of "The Greatest Gasoline Dev?lop- snent in 31 ^ean." Only Shell Oil Company and it? authorized license*. Continental Oil CompaJiy, have the full knowledge of the. proper use of TCP. Only Conoco Sllpsr Gasoline and Shell Premium hsve TCP. w i t h 472. HtRh indlvtdunls Dujn*? Bfom(»nkernn, 1^; flcconcJ. ir.m Mnxvr. Ifi.l. both on the Hpr first, SMITH CENTER-More than JTOj'"";,TMTM' o-mS from Osborne, Lebanon.! Hoover, cnnjman. mas was made by County Superb tcndcnl G. B. Kapnelman. Graduates and their districts: tflntn* Hi'Priorfion. R.-3: Robdrt C^mp- hcll, *; K i i f i r n e Chrlntfnj«on, 1 1 : Dorothy Ann Swi-nson. I S ; OporRo M c a r l Stolrf-n- Pure. 11-CP,; Gary DOPII ApplPby, IS; j .rc4nn^ Pinlitifl Applfthy. IS; fltith Ann n/ilrisl). Jo: J-i;n^ Rn^nrt. JfT-fTR: M s n t y n '.\ywnrn\. Ifi-CR: Judy Lc- Rlflfii-. i t : ;i,ir^(hy \V,-iik.'r. Vrrlf W. ' State Historical Group To Meet LAWRENCE--The Kansas Centennial History Conference is scheduled at Kansas University, here Friday and Saturday. Th« an invited school, took part in the; conference is sponsored by the Uni-; J\, x f." cr :l scholarship event here. jvcrsity, the Stale Historical Socie- 1 ·.' ' " " * · · " · - " I The contest was managed by i ty, the Stale Library Association.! '\^.'.'-h'i.nR-'r.''"v.''i Vau K |in K- McColey, supcrintcn-j and the Kansas Association n f j M. ricmi' RAV!; dent of schools at Smith Center.i Teachers of History and Related! Marlonna M i r l f j n t, ^t t. i * 1 ... f miiD. -%, Dtioru 1 Results-will he announced later, j fields. participated in scholarship testings here. The schools, members of the Sunflower Central League, also compete in athletic.;, debate, plays, and music. Students from Allon. ith ITS points. CONOCO O 1954. Y NewComeoSuperGanlinewilliIff Conb"n«nt»l Oil Company ^^^TM|^^^^ Ti»(«a»rk mani mi ptl»ot ipplM for by Shell Oil Comp«iy. MARING'S CONOCO SERVICE Lubrication. Washing, Polishing, Goodrich Tires . . . Go**1Hr.h 9th Ath Phont 961 J JAY'S CONOCO SERVICE Wash, Lnbricattoit. FolishlnR By Appointment--Goodrkh Ttr«« 9th Broadway \ -··8

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