The New York Age from New York, New York on December 4, 1954 · Page 15
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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 15

New York, New York
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Saturday, December 4, 1954
Page 15
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ECHOES MY DEFINITION OF A "TRUE" MODEL. In evaluating a model nowadays, 'heri are many different views aken) by each person either interested in or conneced with the nodelling profession. In the course if my business duties I have been issociated with many a lovely nodel, durirfg which time I have et a definite pattern or formula 'or the girl I think 'most likely o succeed'. The girls does not have to look like Dorothy Dandridge nor must une have the financial backing of Barbara Hutton. The young lady most likely to make a success of her modelling career is the composite girl. The little lady who combines glamour,' intelligence, preparedness, sincerity and cleanliness. Let's Cake each of Ihese categories one by one. GLAMOUR, as we all concede, is one item that a model cannot do without. The definition of glamour, by a pal of mine, Mr. Webster is a charm on the eyes, causing them to sec things differently from what (hey are in reality; fascination; witch - pry." Second cateogory INTELLIGENCE, ever model needs npt only the physical attributes but also, she cannot do with out a certain intellectual capacity; the power to comprehend. Without this power, the individual is lost from the begnrjing and has little hope of succeding in the modelling pro - fesson of any other profession. PREPAREDNESS, state of being ready for all occasions. The model should have all the implements m - eded in the trade if she expects to be Hi led a professional. SINCERITY; a person' in the field of glamour should be honest, upright and not falsely assumed. If the model is dishonest to others she tends to be untrue to herself about the state of her career and the heights she has reached. (OH, BROTHER 1). CLEANLINESS; a moral and physical purity and neatness that makes the most ordinary girl look beautiful. If these five objectives are attained by a young lady, she will tot become a true model but a very clean, upstanding, self respecting and appealing person. The purpose of this column is to remind the girls who might have forgotten one or two of these objectives. There is never a "poinjt of so return" in anyone's life. My advice to those who have not attained the five objectives mentioned, ii to GET WISE and WAKE UPI ECHO CHAMBER. Gub Adapha planning a fashion show and dance to be given in January. Five of the dolls of the popular club were seen,' in the 'Folies Bergere' at Smalls last week. Carrole Preston, a member of th club, the winner of third place in the 'Miss Press Photo grapher contest, and a Fashion Show Service model was busily taking glamour pictures for a weekly magazine last week. The warmest duo in) this here town is a gal with the initials J T. and a very handsome young pianist with the intals F. 0. (Ah there will be good music these days) Kathryn Bell, second place winner of the 'Photo contest; was t ' ''. v' V - ILL SMILING NEWLYWEDS Mr. and Mrs. Hezekiah Hprron of Edgewood, L. I., le&ve Victory Baptist church, 999 Union ave., Bronx, following their marriage Sunday in an impressive ceremony performed by the Rev. George L. Payne, ' ' WT f HAL DcWIHDT given a party by the Sportsman's lounge owners in Yonkers N. Y. (Gosh that girl is pretty) The Lou Weltman furs which were featured in the Artistry in Fashion, show. Sunday, are the most inexpensive furs in New York. If you haven't decided on your Christmas Rifts already, I suggest your taking a trip to 231 West 29th Street to see for yourselves. , A SA.ITE TO AN ARTIST Not only because he is my business associate and very best friend but because of his magnificent talent that has gone unsung for years, the fashion, and entertainment world should doff their respective hats to Roderick Scott (better known to everyone as Skotye). The gentleman in question but only directed the 'Folies Bergere" ami the Artistry in Fashion shows but is the brains and art behind the newly organized F. S. S. Master Skotye is known also as the 'Sepia Jeff Chandler'. WASHINGTON BOUND Three 'glamour gals' accompanied Ophelia DeVore to Washington D. C. for the opening ceremonies of Priscilla Parks Charm school, Trudy Daniels, Connie Dur - ant arJ Lucille Rich. The 'Artistry in Fashion' show will be transported to the nation's capital, shortly. Newest designers in the fashion field are Vivia aGoosby and Dorothy Carr. THANK YOU FOR THE HELP: Hal Jackson, Sara Lou Harris, Jack Walker, Joel Turnero, Lu cille Cromer Rolle, Lou Weltman, Rose Morgan, Robert Thomas, Juluis Adams and many others for your aid in the romotion of 'Artistry in Fashion! That's it for this week. . .thanks for reading 'Glamour Echoes'. . . please write and tell me of my mistakes and possibly what you like about the report on the 'glamour world'. . .Your Pai .Hal. Beauticians Announce 55 Conventon Alpha Chi Pi Omega sorority, the Greek letter organization of beaulcians, will convene in San Antonio and Mexico City, April 17, through April 20, 1955, it was announced by Mrs. Marjorie Stewart Joyner, national supervisor. More than 200 delegates have registered for the trip. This organization along with School Owners and Teachers association, held the 1954 convention in New York City, Paris, France and London. One hundred and ninety - five delegates made the trip aborad. These Greek letter beauticians travel and study the latest in the profession in order to raise their their national project. Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune will be the honored guest at the 19S5 convention. Sale of cotton goods was forbidden in England in 1700 because it competed in the market with native wool. pastor. Bride is the former Mrs. Hattie Brown of Manhattan. The bridegroom is a top salesman for the Fuller company. A reception was held immediateIy after the cere mony at the bridegroom's home. More than 250 guests attended the reception. iillKilllpliiS'' f h i il.siiiipi!iis I iw .innnirir ir mnmi - i mi I Friday, December 3, 10 P.M. TEEN TOWN U.S.A. Rockland Palace, 155th street & Eighth Ave. r ... . I ' ' L - A ,v I J fe ! 4:1 t" Vll - v V ' l:M" f A . - I V 'ih - ' Y v; k: - L im.h , uJ& 1 , - 1 ,1 ,v Vk i L i ,iLm&., , n - Kt . w: WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Members of the New York chapter of the National junior league, a volunteer group of women who put in 15 hours of volunteer services in their Ical. community. hospitals, H AITIAN LEADERS AT LL Four Haitian trade union leaders visited the national headquarters of the National Urban league, 1133 Broadway recently to discuss employment opportunities for Negroes in " Beaux Arts To Feature International Carnival The 15th Annual Beaux Arts ball, sponsored by the National Urban League guild, will feature an ex travaganza of color, brilliance and excitement. The "International Carnival" theme for the Ball to be held on Feb. 4, 1955 at the Savoy ballroom in New York City, was selected by the Guild at its Nov. 19 meeting. ' Capturing the pageantry of the Latin American, Italian, French and Spanish pre - lenten carnivals the contestants will emenate all the splendor, gaiety and excite - m e n t of these traditional celebrations. Prizes are to be awarded by the F. and M. Scheefer Brewing company, for the most beautiful, the most authentic and the most mysterious costumes. . As an added feature again this year, Miss Beaux Arts will be chosen for the Year 1955. Beautiful and talented young ladies between the ages of 18 and 25, are invited to enter the competition. Entrants must send a glossy photograph, along with a short biographical sketch including education, and any special talents, di rect to the National Urban League guild, 1133 Broadway, New York 10, N. Y. The deadline for enter ing is Jan. 1. All photographs will "HELP WEEK" "Hell Week" becomes "Help Week" as Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority Ms new standards in Greekdom at Tennessee State university. The former probation "Hell Week" has been over a two - year period evolv in, u..,,,,, ' ...,..u if welcomed several new members into the group at a tea given at the home of Mrs. Barbara Toppin, 461 W. 140th St., on Sunday. Among local hospitals where these volunteers are serving are Bronx hospital, Sydenham hospital. the United States. Julius A. Thomas, the league's director of industrial relations, served as official host. In the front (seated) are UL officials, Miss Ann Tanneyhill, Mr. Thomas, and Mrs. Connie Giles. Stand become the property of the Guild. The National Urban League guild is an organization formed to support the program of the Na tional Urban League. The NUL is a 44 - year old interracial agency , designed to promote equal oppor - tunity in employment, housing and health and welfare services. Members of the National Urban League Guild are: Mollle Moon, chairman; Helen E. Harden, vice chairman and chairman, Pageant committee; Florence Cook Dixon, recording secretary; Beryl Ede - lyn, corresponding secretary, Gar - nett A. Ingram, financial secretary; Hilda Proctor, treasurer; Miriam Allen, Josephine Bolden, Vicki Bourne - Vanneck, Helen Butler, Laura Brlley Copeland, Blanche Cummings, Edward Dal - ton, Alta Douglas, Rae Olley Dudley, Bettie Jayne Everett, 0. Hodge Fisher, Herbert S. Harris, jr., Jean Hutson, Cora Lee II - ledge, Harold Jackman, Ivie Jack - man, Daniel James, Bernice E. Johnson, Othella Johnson, Polly Johnson, Thelma Johnson, Thurston Lewis, Juanita Lockhart, Valerie Maize, Altonell Matthews, Manson Melton, Frank Curie Mon - tero, Mae Neely, Sally Parks, Gui - chard Parris, Willie Parris, Ed - ing Into the present "Help Week" program when groups of "worms" like these use their vacant periods doing odd jobs bard hospital at Meharry Medical coll'ge. These winsome lassies even sing sometimes t bring chter to convtlescing pa y 1 and Mt. Mrrls Park hospital. Included in those attending the reception were Alice Brown, Beatrice Chaderton, Julia Baxter, Helen Meade, Marion Butler and Carrie Thomas, the later three sponsors of the league. (Layne photo) ing: Dr. Warren M. Banner (UL);. Jacques. Marguerite Jeanguies, Jacques C. An tine, Antoine Mauger, Joseph Francois Douge (all of Haiti,) and Nelson C. Jackson of the UL. (Layne Photo.) YFofocraffClub Offers Lectures The Fotocraft club, of Carlton YMCA is offering a series of lec tures and demonstrations in pic ture taking and picture making techniques at its regular mmetings on Monday of each week. Contrary to popular beliet photography does not have to be an expensive hobby stated John Enoch, Jr., club advisor. Camera clubs offer an excellent medium for social fellowship and for develop ing one's ability in photography, one of the most important educat ional devices in the modern world. Membership in the Fotocraft club is open to men and women. One needs only a camera and the ability to buy supplies. All other equipment is available in the d t room at Carlton branch. Missouri cottontail rabbits rear 3.8 litters annually with an aver age of 4.4 animals in each litter. ward G. Perry, Ollie M. Porter, Norman Ratne, Eva Sawyer, Eva Sharpe, Marian Taylor, Hazel Thomas, Barbara Watson, Beatrice Wells, Ellis Williams and Ru by Yearwood. tients. They are standing (left to right) Miss Lucille Watson, Halls, Tenn.; Jenore Walker, N'shville; Catherine Johnston Stanton Vs.; Juanita Miller,. Nashville. In the foreground below is Miss Cortes Heiekiah f Jacksonville. I... .... ..j ..mi i. :'f" " 1 'yi.."y...M,.w...ii4wm..i will "W m t'W . i, F. '" , ,s"j m ITIWWItl ';, f.y, ' - - 1 ' Iff ' : .': V; - - te u 't t - & f - r Set For Chopin Music Award The sixth annual competitions for the Kosciuszko foundations two Chopin scholarship awards of $1,000, one for a composer and one for a pianist, have been announced by. Dr. Stephen P. Miz - ,wa, president. Formal applications, together with each contestant's plan for study, must be filed with the foundation, 15 E. 65th St., New York City, not later than March 1. The contests are open to highly talented young artists, irrespective of nationality, race or creed, who are citizens or legal residents of the United States. Pianists, must be between the ages of 15 artd 21 and composers between 17 and 30 years of age, as of March 1, 1955. The scholar ships may be used in a conservatory, school of music, or under a competent private teacher, sub ject to approval of the jury of emi nent judges who will officiate in each category. '. Tubman To Give Haiti Gale Aid PORT AU PRINCE Haiti, - President William V. S. Tubman of Liberia, here on his way home from a visit to the United States, announced last week that he is giving $10,000 to Haiti for hurricane relief. ACHIEVEMENT AWARD COMMITTEE Shown formn lating plans for the second an - nual achievement award spon - ored by the NAACP New York branch to be held on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 12, at . the Savoy ballroom, are FIGHT - MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY VicUms Randy Tranberg, 12 (right) and his sister, 01g, 13 (left), of 2101 Madison ave., present badge to screen and TV star Janet Blair making her an "honorary collector" in the Fire 7 0 AWARDS TO THE LADIES Ralph W. Par'om, vice president and agency director of the United Mutual Life Insurance company, at region! con I l s'f - ,v ..v:'V,: - ' :::::;,': fe' - 'v' - .v..:' .Z. ! - . . ... - MODEL OF THE WEEK - Betty Bigby, Fashion Show Service model and instructor, is a senior stenographer for the New York State Depart - ment of Social Welfare and a contributing editor for a week members of the entertainment committee (seated left to right) Helen Jeffers. Charles Gravesande, Emily Ricks, Winifred Norman Juanita Oppenheim, James E. AUen editor of the forthcoming history of the branch; Fighters March for Muscular Dystrophy scheduled throughout the country during Thanksgiving holidays. Both children were stricken when infants with the mysterious malady which cripples its victims and invariably results in early ference, pins a gold service medal and presents a citation award to Mrs. Annie B. Jones for her 20 years tenure as an agent. Others receiving awards for outstanding service are, , ,,v , i i - - - - - - f it, T. ACE DEFENDER 1 C Sat., Dec. 4, 19S4 LD ly, local magazine. The schools that have been enhanced by Miss B's presence have been Abraham Lincoln II. S., B'klyn college and Pratt Institute. Her vital measttrements are 34B 25 35, her age "21 plus" (quote - unquote Betty Bigby). Aoncita J. Flood, toehair - I man; William Marshall, hoa t orary chairman, Alma Bail ey Martha McPherson and Ar - ; lyne Teagne. Standing (left to right) Victoria Ford, Lynn Byrd, Cornelia Register and ; Annie Little. (Layne Photo) ' death. Many Negro youngsters - are among more than 200,008' U. S. victims, mostly chilr dren. Funds cotleted by the nation's firemen will be nsed" for research to seek the cause ' the cure for muscular dystro - " " Phy. ( front left ), Mrs. Lorraine Klugh; back row (left to right) Mesdames Queenie Henderson Hilda Holder - Bey, Stella L. . Theobald, Theresa E. Lockv, ett. ' ', . v A

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