The New York Age from New York, New York on November 20, 1954 · Page 15
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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 15

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 20, 1954
Page 15
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,4. k Ul II mm mow. OPEN LETTER TO AGENCY DIRECTORS AND MODELS: Dear Friends: 1 For the past two months you probably have been hearing or reading about the newly formed Fashion Show Service'. This letter will explain the true aims of the organization. The service is an organization dedicated to and catering to the tradesmen and people of our city, lmost exclusively. The main function of the service is to stage and direct fashion shows, which are the mainstay of many social affairs in the uptown area and which create an ever increasing demand for garments that are both new and stylish, i Our people are becoming more and more style - conscious due, in part, to the fact that our buying power now exceeds three million dollars annually. The promoters, designers, clubs and organizations have foreseen th,e potentialities of this new market, thus creating a need for a service such as 'Fashion Show Service'. The service will choose models from the ranks of the professionals from the various agencies or obtain the services of the mod els who have become a part of F. S. S., depending on the performance need. i If, by any chance, I have for - gotten to include any information of which you are in doubt concerning the activities and aims of 'Fashion Show Service', please do sot hesitate to contact me. I Yours respectfully, i Hal DeWndt, )Fashion Editor New York Age) ECHO CHAMBER Rosella Lawrence (Watkins). the lovely Grace Del Marco manni - kin, who was honored as 'Model of the Week' at the 125 club, (Sunday, Nov. 7) is also enhanc ing the cover of a monthly maga zine. (Lucky man, that Barry Wat kins). I The talk of the town is directed toward lovely Eileen Mills, one of Barbara Watson's top models. Eileen is seen in fine advertisements In the recent issue of a magazine. To answer the ques tion: "Why is she used so many times?", I might say that if all the models worked at the profession as religiously as Miss Mills, there would not be a monopolization of the ads by one model NEW DIRECTOR i Betty Bigby, the Parkview pretty, has been named to instruct the 'junior' models of 'Fashion Show Service.' Miss Bigby has had pecial tutelage in the art of fash - Ion presentation by John Robert , Powers model, Roxanne Menedes. i Milo's fashion revue at the Skyline ballroom of tM Hotel There - la, (Nov. 7) featured female models Ruth King, Beatrice Moore, Dolores Dent, Yvonne Williams, Elsie Mallory, Ida Tillman, Aice Lamar, Lili Sisco, Dorothy Tur - pin and Dorothea Ames and male models Frank Tnomas and Ivan Mills. The D'or Girls Introductory party at the Shalimar (Sunday - Nov. 7) was made a complete success by entertainers Johnny Bracuda and Skotye's 'Calypso Dolls'. Real Doll Dept.: Yonkers beauty Kathryn Bell, Bobby Livingston, the co - star of the Tom White show, and Peggy Grant, a member of Club Adapha (WOW!) Speaking of Club Adapha, the entire club has joined the modelling and dancing ranks of 'Fash - Ion Show Service'. Howard Clark and Dorothy Taylor were the grand prize winners of the Jimmy Edwards' talet tight at Smalls' Paradise. (Congrats) P. S. Thanks for the kind Words, Mr. Edwards. ' Chick Solomon, the well known nd liked power behind the annual "Press Photographer Contest," has found the formula to success, the crux of which is not to lose sight of the ordinary folk, i To Tom White: Thanks for the wonderful letter; hope to repeat on the program as soon as possible. QUESTION OF TOE WEEK ' "How can a 'model' hope to CITIZENS CHRISTMAS Cheer Junior Committee presented a check for S500 for the purchase of an Electro Surgical Machine for the Mount Morris Park hospital. Pictured (left to right) are Dr. Er - stay as beautiful as she is if she works during the day and parties until 4 o'clock each and every morning?" The question was asked by several observers who had seen the local lovelies at play. Skotye's 'Folies Bergere,' with a Cast of 30, featuring 20 beautiful gals will inhabit the cozy confines of the Orchid room of Smalls Paradise on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Nov. 24 - Nov. 28. The cast includes exotic dancers Raymond and Yvonne, the Fashionettes, Skotye's Calyp so Dolls, Audrey Smaltz, Miss Transit of 1955, Delores Boyd (the newest dance find), the velvet tones of Norman Mapp, George and Oscar and many others. Don't miss it! Cly - Vee Fashions will present "Fashions With a Flare," Sunday, Nov. 28, at Linden Manor ball room, featuring models Elaina Brooks, Kandee Klarke and Trudy Wideman (all of whom have been named 'Model of the Week' by the New York Age Defender), REMEMBER "Artistry in Fashions," the most unique show ever presented in the metropolitan area will be seen at the Renaissance Casino, Nov. 28. Best of luck to the new charm school which will open Nov. 20 in Washington, D. C. (The director is Ophelia DeVore's sister). TO THE PARENTS Thanks so much for the response to my plea, inviting you to be present at the rehearsals of 'Fash ion Showw Service'. Ray Johnson, the independent model, is the hottest male modal in tho profession landing five consecutive jobs in one month. (Nice going, boy!) That's it for thees week; hope to hear from you. . .and thanks for reading 'Glamour Echoes'. . . Your Pal. . .Hal. t ATTRACTIVE Adrienne Arnold, product of Atlantic City, N. J is a sophomore at Wilberforce uni versity. A major in element'ry education. She is a student as sistant in the office of the college dean, secretary of the F. ,T. A., and th Pyramid club of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. Men Cooks May Discover Many Things When a man starts cooking, no telling what the result will be. For instance, a hungry workman in a Brazilian quartz mine piled up some rocks to heat soup and a new color in amerhysts was born. The rocks turned green from the heat of the fire. That's how a spokesman for the National Jewelers Association explained the greened amethyst jewelry displayed at the group's 1954 convention in Chicago and introduced in stores throughout the country this fall. , Natural gas in reality is not one gas but four, which are known as ethane, methane, propane and butane. rol Thompson, Priscilla Wal Uston, Marie Brown, superintendent of nurses, Mt. Morris Park hospital; Elga Williams, Bunny Jenkins, Elizabeth Gil - lead, Overa Winton, president of Junior Christmas cheer yM - Mi' f - f f f v r if' t M A ; U i - i - )' POSE 12 3, 2 - 2 - 3 Models (left to right) RoseMarie Arm strong, Vi Hampton, Lucille Rich, Shirley Napper and Ma., bel Taylor rehearse a time - step. The intricately timed MISS TRANSIT (ALMOST); Cute Gail Fisher poses pret - tily for the New York Age 1 cameraman, proving the rea 1 son for the choice of sec US Still Is : i?'if Despite Recent Elections m By VINCENT TS. BAKER The nation remains one and Indivisible despite the electerate hurricanes that enevlope it every two years. During presidential and mid - term election campaigns spokesmen for each of the great narties paint a picture oi a re nublic in mortal danger which will not survive if the other par ty wins. 1 It was probable before Nov, 2, that the contest for control of Congress would be close, and this fact cave to orators an eloquence that none of the preceding 83 such experiences had proven fatal. leading Republican warned that a victorious Democrat party wnnld rehire all of the ousted "security risks." A leading Democrat spokesman warned that a Republican victory would cause a "fur ther decline" in our prestige abroad, which he saw at an all - time low. Both statements were absurd. NO EFFECT ON FOREIGN RELATIONS What effect will the recent elec tion. have on our foreign rela tions. The answer is fairly ob vious almost none. Both his torical and current evidence would seem to bear this out. After his defeat in 1860, Stephen A. Doug las gave to Abraham Lincoln his fullest support in preserving the Union. The example set by the late Wendell Willkie remains fresh inspiration to millions. The Republican - controlled 80th Con gress supported the Truman doc committee; Miss Rebecca C. Hennie, director of hospital, Pearl W'iliams, treasurer, Pauline Gallimore, . Satarus Hammond, Dr. Normaa H. Pritchard, chief of surgery. steps used by models who appear in 'Fashion Show Service' presentations have been the talk of the modeffint; pro feshion since its Initial view ing. The "Artistry in Fash ond prize awarded her in the "Miss Transit" contest. The lovely Miss Fisher is em - ployed in a local beauiy shop. Indivisible trine, the Marshall Plan, a new draft law, and othe" such mea sures in the early post - war years, Gov. Dewey came at ouce to for mer President Truman s support on the intervention in Korea. DEMS SUPPORT IKE The Democratic Party Is Interna tional minded. In the recent Con gress, it supported the President again and again in foreign policy matters. The Bohlen confirmation and the defeat of the Bricker amendment are American victories in which they played their full part. They will play it now. Yes, this nation is still united. We have our violent family quarrels, but an enemy will find that we don't really forget that we're a family. Rice Diet Is Aid To Health By now, nearly everyone knows of the remarkable success of many physicians in supplementing their medical prescriptions by a special rice diet in the treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension). Doctors and their high blood pressure patients attest to the excellent and sometimes almost miraculous results obtained by combining proper medical treatment with the famed rice diet for high blood presure. However, the patients complained that the rice diet was too monotonous, offering too little variety of other foods to go with the necessary rice. Now, a rice diet for high blood pressure has been developed which includes a much wider variety of other foods. N Of course, all treatments for high blood pressure should be taken only under the direct care and supervision of a physician. 'Cooking Proves A Popular Chore The most popular household job, with both city and suburban house wives, is cooking. This was shown in a survey made by the Michi gan Experiment Station of the U. S. Department of Aericulture. The most disliked job was clean ing of the house, and mending and making over clothes was secend on the unpopularity list. But care of children followed cooking as the second most popu lar home job. A lot of men also expressed a liking for washing clothes, especially if they had washing machines. One pound of honey is the life work of about 1,000 individual bees. I ion" show will be the bit" chance for everyone to see the uniquely styled F. S. S. Show The date Is Nov. 28, the place is the Rennalssance Casino, . Fanfare By HUEY LONG The 20 - year deadlock between the British and American musicians unions might come to an end soon. AFM president James C. Petrillo is now reviewing British bandleader Ted Heath's re quest to bring his band to the U S. for a trial period of four weeks, in exchange for an American band for the same period. Rumors are heavy , that Lionel Hampton will operate TV station in Harlem with North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company backing it. Bassist Israel Crosby of Chica go is back with the Benny Good man Sextet, now appearing at Hotel Frontier in Las Vegas. . . Dizzy Gillespie and his swinging five - piece combo off to Chicago where they will begin a six - week tour of cities in the Mi3 - west. . . Watch for drummer Cozy Cole's new MGM recording of 'Drum Fantasy. . .Marie Ellington (Mrs. Nat Cole) has recorded an album on Kapp label titled "A Girl They Call Maria." Louis Armstrong playing his first two concerts in Australia drew 44,000 people, standing room I Professor Completes Doctorate Requirements MONTGOMERY. Ala. Rela fives, friends and co - workers of Mrs, zeua biepnens r.vans arc congratulating her upon the completion" of all requirements for a doctoral degree at the University of Michigan. Mrs. Evans is a member of the faculty of Ala bama State College and is identi fied with its Education Department. j! Formal educational training for this educator began in a public school of Elmore County, Ala. It was continued at Georgia Wash - MRS. ZELIA EVANS ington High school (then People's Village) at Mt. Meigs, Ala., and Alabama State college. The high school diploma and B. HERE IT IS, AT LAST! THI HAULtM GtHTS tHURPUSlS ANNOUNCl The CORONATION For "MISS METROPOLITAN" AT the ROCKLAND PALACE NOVEMBER 21 ANY GiRL INTERESTED IN HAVING A CHANCI OF A LIFETIME: PLEASE CALL AUdobon 3 - 8462 Albert Reeves Richer Fartee Central Secy. Prt. Slenderize Your MODERN, REDUCING METHOD "WILL KEEP YOU FIT" . KEEP A TRIM BODY o o o o Try eur steam bathe, Swedish manage. O O 0 o Steam heat fcr that Arthritis paint. O O 0 o Our treatments ere restful and relaiinf MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW! SPECIAL RATES FOR A SERIES OF TREATMENTS 2348 SEVENTH Ave. - Phone TO. 2 - 0136 Florence Mills, nduein t Charles, Steamaathf (between 137th end 131th streets) 'Metropolitan Miss Contest Changes Date The newest of the "Miss" contests, the "Miss Metropolitan" contest has been postponed. The Harlem Gents, sponsors of the contest, announced that the new est date for the gala affair will be a Jan. 14, 1955. It was also announced that the new directors of the contest will be Dorothy Chappelle and Bill Keno, directors of the Ken - Chap associates who handle the Cover Girl Models. i The directors already have accepted 44 girls In the contest, which has as its grand prize a trip to Bermuda, White summer shoes and pearls on purses, clothes, scarves and gloves won't turn yellow if wrapped in black tissue paper when not in use. only crowds . . .The film Carmen Jones during its first week at the Rivoli Theater on Broadway grossed an estimated $50,000. . .Nat Cole, who recently celebrated his 10th year with Capitol Records, has signed a new contract for seven more years, with a substantial increase in royalties. . . The Crew Cuts (vocal quartet), early this year played the Casino Theater in Toronto, Canada for $350. They will return late this year for a guarantee of $6,000; the recording of Sh - Boom did it . .Sammy Davis, jr., is expected to sign an NBC TV contract. Noble Sissle, former, bandleader and now president of Negro Actors Guild, has entered the contest for vice president of Local 802 of the American Federation of Mu - siciansSissle's nomination marked the first time a Negro has been named for a top position in this local. The election takes place on Dec. 2. . .Grown - ups and teenagers: There is now an acetate 78 rpm, 5 1 - 4 - inch record glued to the carton of Wheaties cereal, which can be clipped out a n d played. S. degree were awarded by the latter institution. Special study was done at Hampton Institute be fore higher education leading to the Master of Arts and Doctor of Education degrees was pursued at the University of Michigan. Prior to her present position, Mrs. Evans' professional experi ence includes employment as teacher in the Marengo County Training School, Jeannes Teacher of Shelby County and teacher in the Waynesboro, Virginia city school. Her professional experi ence also includes research assign ments as Negro Field Investigat or. A survey of family conditions In Shelby County conducted by Ala bama College and the Tennessee community life in Chilton County sponsored by Alabama College and the Bureau of Agricultural Eco nomics of the United States. : Publications credited to the educator are contribution to Ala bama Rural Communities, publish ed by Alabama College and Parent Education at the Universi ty of Michigan, which is recorded in Studies in the History of Higher Education in Michigan, published by the School of Education oi the University of Michigan. Her dissertation is entitled "A Study of Difficulties Encountered By Selected Student Teachers and Beginning Teachers of the Elementary Division of Alabama Figure f - V - ... - x ' , & I I MODEL OF THE WEEK. Lovely, 19yearold Shirley Napper who Is the newest find in the modelling profession has already landed top magaine ' jobs. Miss . Napper was born in Washington, D. C, the daughter of Jane and Jack Napper. The neighborhood Notes On The. United By James TOP EYPTIAN ENVOY DIES DURING BITTER UN DEBATE Dr. Mahmand Ami, Egypt's chief ablegate to the United Nations, died last week of a heart attack in the Security Council chamber during a bitter debate with Israeli Ambassador Abba Eban. Ami, 65, and a diabetic, was given artificial respiration for more than two hours in the UN infirmary. His death was the first to occur in UN headquarters. The chief of the Egyptian dele gation was a widower, a journa list and a lawyer, and was one of the leaders of the Asin - Arab - African bloc, ORCHESTRA Plans for a UN, International State College with Application for t h e Teacher - Education Program." ' Mrs. Evans Is one of the two women who his been elected to the presidency of the Alabama State Association. She is a mem Permanent Pleats Take Extra Care Wondering if the pleats in your "permanently pleated" skirt will hold if washed? Iowa clothing specialists of the Department of Agriculture report good results in laundering pleated fabrics with about 50 percent - man - made fibers. Hot water, mild soap or detergent will not harm the pleats or the fabric. If an automatic washer is used, remove the skirt before the spin dry cycle and simply press the pleats into place with the fingers before hanging the skirt straight to dry. If the skirt is washed by hand FASHION SHOW SERVICE o takes great pride in presenting "ARTISTRY IN FASHION" Sun. ' Nov. 15 schools that have beei honor ed with Shlrley'h presence are OUinvUIe and Evander Childs High schools. Dancing, model ling and traveling compromise the hobbies of the lovely lass. P. S. A very happy birthday to a very beautiful gal. (Nov. 22). Nations H Lawson Symphony Orchestra and Music Institute, to be composed of at least one or two musicians from each nation, were announced at a Human Rights Day luncheon in the H o t e I Plaza Dee. 10. Mrs. Sterling Boos heads a committee which has been working on the project. UN JURISDICTION DENIED Francois Mitterand, Minister of the Interior, said in a 'broadcast that Algerian rebels were mis taken if they planned to b r i n their case before the. United Nations. The minister, whose department superintends Algerian affairs, declared, "Algeria is France. And France will recognize no authority in Algeria other than her own." I ber of the Dexter Avenue Baptist church, Alabama State Teachers Association, American Teaehert Association, National Education Association, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Association for Higher Education, Ten Times One Is Ten Federated Club, Montgomery Chapter of the Business and Professional Women's club and ZeU Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Mrs. Evans is the wife of Edgar E. Evans, who is also a member of the faculty of Alabama Stat College. hang it up to drip - dry and finger press the pleats after some of the moisture has dripped out. The clothing specialists suggest towel and patting out excess water, then hanging it straight to dry. This speeds drying and also prevents the weight of the water from stretching or pulling the skirt out of shape. Keehe, Texas, a town founded by Seventh Day Adventists in 1890, is said to be the only community in the United States where the post office is open on Sunday. 28th 1954 N, Y, AGE DEFENDER Sat, Nov. 20, 1954 AT THE RENAISSANCE CASINO (138th Street & 7th Avenue) FEATURING ' 10 of New York's Top Models 10 Professional Dancers Paul West's Combo with Strings PLUS The presentation of the 'Model of The Yea award to ' SARA LOU HARRIS TICKETS $1.50 Adv. For Reservations Call Hal DeWindt EN. 9 - 41 00 - After 6 o'clock TU. 2 - 7574

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