The New York Age from New York, New York on October 9, 1954 · Page 15
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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 15

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1954
Page 15
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Glamour Ethos By HAL DeWINDT Bum 4 . . De . . . Dura . , Dum - . i The story you are about to read Is true. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. It was Monday, Sept. 27. It was cloudy in this section of the city. I was working the day watch out of the New York Age - Defender. My partner, Frank's typewriter. The boss is captain Adams. My name's Hal Friday. A plan to demolish the fashion shows in the metropolitan area has started as of two weeks ago. In spite of what I'd been able to do, they continued their operations. We HAD to stop them. Suddenly the phone rang. Think - ing fast I lifted the receiver; using all the wit and imagination . . .1 said "Hello." The . voice on the other end, (since it belonged to a person not possessing my quick, rapid fire talent) said, "Hi!" (some people have it, some do not). To continue my tale, calculated to keep you in suspense (OOPS, wrong channel): Using my super - keen sense of placement and familiarity with the human voice, I suddenly discovered that it was Skotye, the fashion detective who was speaking to me. "I have it!" he exclaimed. "Yoa have what, pray tell?", I shrewdly asked - "Tbe remedy for the disastrous plan to demolish the fashion shows in New York." Preparing for any immediate emergency, I quickly summoned patrolmen 'pencil' and 'paper. "The remedy will be . . . FASHION SHOW SERVICE!", said de - tective Skotye. "that's it", I said . , (not having the slightest idea of what fashion show service was, I quickly added) ... "or U it?" "The fashion show service will be a service (brilliant so far, I thought) that will stoo the many who are wrecking the art of fashion presentations. This organized body will supply models, props. lights, milliners, designers, entertainment and the experience that will guarantee success." The plan is now in operation Citizens of New York, you will be saved. Detective Skotye, who had been demoted because he held an umbrella over the head of Lucille Cromer Rolle, our undercov er society sleuth, has now been awarded a promotion. This case was taken from the files of the New York Age.. For further developments, keep reading Glamour Echoes . . . Clos lng tlu book on operation No. 160 - 213 - 895 or how FASHION SHOW from complete and utter destruct 'tiet - ' These hare been the cool facts, mam! THE ECHO CHAMBER: Fashion Show revue: The Church of the Masters' show at Manhattan center. A very well planned and executed show. The featured mo dels were Sara Lou Harris, Kan dee Klarke, Sarah Turner, Muriel French, Vi Hampton and Elaine Brooks. Keep the date, NOV. 14, In mind. Lois Bell planning out of town fashion showings. Flo Wallace and Audrey Smaltz here town. SIGHT OF THE WEEK; Lovely, Yvonne Williams, waiting patiently for her boy friend after the NYC Photo Service show rehears al. MM Muriel French, who was the starring attraction at the fash ion extravaganza in Norwalk. Conn., has been named the model to wear the $1,500 gown designed by Janet Beadel in a New Jersey fashion revue Oct. 24. Muriel and Sarah Turner have been asked to appear on the Jinx Falkenburg show Oct. 14. POST SCRIPT: The initials on M. J. F. the J. stands for Jean (that's reporting for you, isn't it?) Gloria Blondell's pigtail reminds this writer of the 'evil acts that he did during his grammar school days. Yvonne Jones the Barbara Watson model, is the latest lovely to advertisement. Bernita Cox, the Parkview pret ty and "Miss Transit" contestant repeatedly states that the only dreams she has are those of her becoming a top model RECORD OF THE WEEK, "Try Again", the latest Dino Martin re' cording (that'sa my boy). Sarah Turner is included in the 'The Glamazon' story in the November issue of a national magazine. It is the story of the interracial tall girl agency. NOV. 14 will be a big day in Harlem. Keep sending those letters. You'll appear in 'Glamour Echoes' next week. Your pal . , . Hal. Water, Astringent Help Gaping Pores By LOU LUTOUR NEW YORK - (GLOBAL") - What about your pores? Are they Well, instead of that heavy makeup you have been using, try this: Lather the face once or twice a day, and afterwards, dash on cold water first, then an astringent to taut it It works! Cleric Visits DAYTON, Ohio Mr. and Mrs Charles J. Francis, sr., of 507 S Summit st., Dayton, Ohio, had as their houseguest last week the Rev. George Lawrence of Chicago Pena (right) models who , t - - r k, V MOHADIS Pretty - as - a - plctnre Aon Porter (center) enframed in this attractive pose appears here as yoa will see her in thousands of beaaty shops tfting the facilities of Mohadis (Monthly Hair Display), the newest decorating scheme designed to make shop windows more attractive. Barbara Yelvertoa (left) and Clarlse 648 DON'T MISS IT! MISS will be two of the top models of 1955. ' Audrey Johnson, he cute independent model, reports that she is auditioning with the Count Ba - sie aggregation as the featured female vocalist. The "Miss Transit" talent show featuring the contestants vieing for the crown, will take place at Smalls', Monday, Oct. 11. Rehearsals for the show brought out over 200 lovely young ladies (drool drool). Aso seen at the rehearsal was Elaine MacNeal, the beautiful one. Pat Lucky, Delores Queen and Barbara Kennedy are three of the better mambo dancers in this siastic approval of the project. VETERANS ASSOC. presents CORONATION BALL FASHION EXTRAVAGANZA : & PAGEANT BENEFIT COMMUNITY CHURCH AID CALLING ALL CIRLS THt HMLIM GtNTS tNTlMIStS ANNOUNCI 'The CORONATION For "MISS METROPOLITAN" AT the ROCKLAND PALACE NOVEMBER 21 ANY GIRL INTERESTED IN HAVING A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME: PLEASE CALL AUdobon 3 - 8462 . ABrt Rmvm Richard Firm GtMra' Scy. PrM. WE THREE; TASHION SHOW SERVICE' (left to right) Skotye, the fashion and dance director; .Karen Karol, the designer . and charm school instructor and Hal DeWindt. The sneak preview of the newly - formed organization's Television's 'Spotlight On Harlem' Features Grace Del Marco Dolls On Saturday Sept. 18, the Grace Del Marco models participated in a fashion extravaganza that resulted in many approving sighs from the viewers. The models Who Will Triumph In 'Miss Charm' Contest? f - ; . - .. M . . '..V r - '.r - - A wave of anticipation and speculation is sweeping over the states of New Jersey and Connecticut, this week as thousands are awaiting the coronation of "Miss Charm" 1951 The gala Coronation ball which will climax JANICE PRICE " the contest will ba held on Sunday, October 10th at Rockland palace at 4 p.m. Miss Dolly Stevens of Mount Vernon who is a popular vocalist and Janice Price of New Haven, a saleslady, are typical of the 40 girls who have reached the finals in the contest which has been in progress for nine weeks. What has been called the most spectacular indoor pageant in Har lem history will be staged that evening. This picturesque "Page - are two mere of the glamorous will be vsed by the Mohadis com V ' t a) . k V pany beaded by Arnold Johnson, with head quarters at Hotel Theresa. Local, state and na tional beauticians have expressed their enthu ROCKLAND PALACE . 1 55th St. & 8th Ave. 4 P.M. To 9:30 P.M. Sunday, Oct. 10th NIPSEY RUSSELL M.C. Musk by ANDY KIRK & J wore vening gowns, styled by Eleanor Jones, Rita Reed and many other leading designers. They dripped of expensive furs from the Settle furriers and their hair - ant of Charm" will star the outstanding contest winners of the past year. Mr. Rueben Patton oi Falcon Buick co., will provide the pastel - shaded convertibles for the, pageant. A bevy of lovely models held DOLLY STEVENS final rehearsals this week for the fashion extravaganza which will be directed by Miss Karen Karol. Rounding out the evenings enter' tainment will be the tar - studded stage show starring versatile 'Nipsey" RuseU. Dance music will be supplied by Andy Kirk and his Gouds of Joy. The affair is being staged by the 648 Veterans Association of Great er New York for its community Church Program. GOP Women To Honor Ike's Appointees WASHINGTON National and local Republican leaders and guest from many points will be present at the National Airport Terrace Dining Room, on Saturday, Oct 9, to hear Archibald J. Carey, jr., Maxwell M. Rabb, Carmel Car - rington Marr, Bertha S. Adkins, and other Republican notables, at Virginia White Speel Club's lunch eon honoring appointees of the Eisenhower Administration. Officially named the Virginia White Speel Republican Women's Club of the District of Columbia, the club open to all GOP sup porters is directing special ef fort to the advancement of Eisen hower policies in the Nation's Ca pital, and to applying its action and influence to general and mi nority problems. The fifty honorees nine of them on foreign assignments are from 21 states and the District of Columbia, and represent the South, Southwest, Pacific Coast, Midwest, West, East and Border states. A,v - Tlket l - 50 " ,Be) Tablet $3.50 - $4.50 Boxes $6.50 . $7.50 For Ticket Information - & Reservations call MOnument 3 - 6914 His Clouds of Joy frwik Cnti, ttop. WW K FLAMINGO LOUNGE 2Stf Kiaesto Art liMklya, N. Y. CHOICE WINES end LIQUORS Souther food PrtpmnJ if EGGBERTH HALFORD, CHEF , BTfMOfM SHIIK ANB IDOII WMITI BAMAID flANZIPTH CARIW rmique fashlca thows was witnessed ty ban dreds of happy folk at Manhattan Center. The initial 'big' Fashion revne will be teen Nov. 14 at the Rennalsance under the title, "ARTISTRY IN FASHION." styles that made the audience green with envy were creations by Frencbie. Elaina Brooks, Vivian Brown, Lorraine Brown, Lucille Rich, Trade Daniels, Barbara January, Flo Wallace, Jackie Wellington and Shirley Johnson were the lovelies who left the audiences gasping for breath. Ophelia DeVore, the lovely and hard - working director of, t b Grace Del Marco agency was pre sented to the audience by Ralph Cooper. Mr. Cooper's program has been the only outlet television - wise for the Negro model. Ralph should be commended on his fine work in helping the models gain significance. The frequent visits by the models on the program have given them incentive to further their ca reers. Drama Grads. Get Jobs DURHAM, N. C. - Jobs in the theatre and fellowships for advanc ed study have come to four re cent drama majors of the North Carolina College at Durham. According to Miss Mary L. Bo - hanon, who is charge of drama at N. C. C, Ivan Dixon, II, of New York City, has been granted $1,500 for a one year scholarship at Ka - ramu House of . Western Re serve University, Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Bixon, the former Berlee Ray of New Bern, N. C, received the master of fine arts degree at Western' Reserve last July. She had been recipient of a scholar ship for outstanding work in the drama at N. C. C. Mrs. Dixon is now a staff member of Karamu House. M .. TWENTY TWO SKID OO: Believe it or not,here are twenty two charming young ladles with one thought in mind, that of gaining the title, 'Miss Transit of 1954.' The competition is ragged, U 1 SAYS . The Format To Success For Negro Models TO ALL MODELS: Your future In modeling is hanging on a very thin thread. Being a Negro model the thread in question has been severed, retied, severed and retied again. It is up to you as a pro - lessional model and a intelligent individual to make this imagin ary thread a secure and profitable one. xou cannot rely on your agency to make you a full fledged model. You must not fool yourself Into believing that the popularity you have mustered will assist you in your dream of becoming a professional. The pictures that appear in magazines and newspapers will not create enough of a platform for you to hold the interest of the important (money or contact wise) person. The Negro model cannot disguise he professional talent that is re quired with a mask of beauty and nothing else. She has got to ac quire many talents to over - ride the Insurmountable pressure thai is and will be placed on her. Modelling is a profession business and should be regarded as such. As in any other busi ness you'll have to study hard and diligently to become a professional. Here is your format to success: ness you'll have to study hard and 1. Belief in yourself. 2. Mental at well as physical fitness. 3. Preparing yourself Educa tionally, by knowing the fundamentals of modeling. Mechanically, by having in your possession or having access to the tools of the trade. Garb - wise having in your wardrobe clothing to fit all occa sions, knowing now ana wnen w wear them. 4. Continually practicing what you have learned in the charm school. These four simple rules will bring you the success that you dream of acquiring. HUH? IS THAT SO? The only difference between green and black tea is in the treat ment of the picked leaves. By heating, the flavor of green tea is at once sealed in the leaf, while a process of fermentation affects the flavor of black tea, The George Fete Island Mr. and Mrs. George Clarke who entertained recently at their home, 145 - 147 Edgecombe ave., were hosts to Brenton Clarke, and Per - civatiJackson, both of Jamaica, BWI, and to other visitors from the West Indies. The occasion also served s bon voyage for Arthur' Sealey, assistant master, Combermere, Barbadoes, and for William Herbert, Labor relations officer, St. Kitts. Mr. Clarke, brother of the host, there are 500 vue at Smalls, - - ' - f dates to remember Yorkville caskio. J OWE MY! SUCCESS ,TO LORADELL", . ELAINA BROOKS "I am a successful model ... I earn $25 per hr. as a Cover Cirl and T.V. Model" COURSES FOR ALL AGES OAT, EVENINGS AND SATURDAYS PREPARE NOW FOR YOUR FUTURE . . , COURSES Include: poise, charm, wardrobe, walking, makeup, speech, color, hairstyling and a special dramatic class. Personalized training by experts in Charm, Fashion, Modeling, Cosmetic, Dramatic and Dance Fields. Trudy Deoitlt, diracrw . . . REGISTER NOW! ! LORADELL SCHOOL 271 Wttt USHi Stmt, Ntw Y.rk, N. Y. Rmm 20. TtUphwie MO. 4 - 745 !;'.:,. ....... .J,.. - - !:.' - - , .. ,"., tJ 1 h ' Ml i T - '.'' . . - "' , - t . I ? ' ' - i - ; - ,.' t V': - ' .,mMSS :'fnif - r :. ' , ' ' ' y i ;: ; ' . i - : - v.: ! s v: - ' . if ' m K' - l - v - i :Vv!V..:ft: - ::v?: - y - - ' - s" ;v - i , - , . ' i - iq i . ' i ".". :T; ; , , ' ' ' .' t i " i - t - ' , i s , - V r :A:Wks7fr?r - l:f 4 '' rv'K, - j ' A. ' ' ' " w , , . t - e ?. . - , .'. . ' :. i . - f" .f. I fe. . v iv,,m,u.0 'Si?" - w jummx, 34 MODEL OF THE WEEK: Voloptous, ConsweDa Outlaw, a ew comer to the profession has finished her charm coarse with the Barbara Watson school ConsweDa will be seen in many of the major fashion shows this season. The vital measurements are 342437 (Shall we dance?) " - Clarkes Visitors will study agriculture at the Unl versity of Pennsylvania. Mr. Seal - ev is enroute to England where he will pursue further study while Mr. Herbert, has completed a per tod of study and observation in Great Britain. x The warmth nd gaiety which pervaded the evening's festivities were highlighted by the rendition of solos by the hostess wbo naa as her accompanist, Peggy Here - kiah. She sang 'Through t n other dolls in the contest. The are: Oct. 1L the talent re and Oct. 29, the contest final at THIRD AtlllUAL CR0Vl!gg "Miss mwsift PRESENTED IT HARLEM TRANSIT COMMITTEE (NYC Trait Employ) AT THl YORKVILLE CASINO BALLROOM 210 EAST 86th STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. - Friday Evening, October 29, 1954!: FROM 10:00 P.M. UNTIL? ' : - DANCINC AND ALVIN XhicV WEBB, Admissfon $1.50 in MSHVATIONS H. JONES, CY 3 - 1144 J. H. HARPER, MO 4 - 903S POST OFFICE IOX 13l. N, Y, AGE DEFENDER Sat, Oct. 9, 1954 Sal., Ocl. 9, 1954 XO f : . " J Years" and "Visi D'ArU, Vissi D'Amore" from Tosca. following these songs, the guests were fur ther treated to a brilliant perfor mance by the well known soloist, Embry Bonner. . Among those present wera Sr. Priest, curator of Chinese art al the Metropolitan Museum, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Nesbitt,' Edgar Huggins, Samuel Powell, William Hodge, Vincent Sinclair; Also, Mesdames Eunice Dora, Caroline Wilkins, Beryl Potter, Lynnette McFarland, Winifred Sprauve, Ada Thompson, Susan Edmead, ErceDe Jackson, Mark , Thomas, Regina Atkinson; j Also, Misses Bernadette Herekf j ah, Shirley Teadley, Dorothy Russell, Robertha Trouth,' Matde ' White, Rosalind Allen, Lena Stew art, Mildred Jones; Messrs. P. W, Christopher, Alfred Heteklah, Oli vcr Hezekiah, Anderson Dore, WU Errol Francis, Charles Winter, Deighton Edwards, Eri Young, Blanchette. SUNDAY. OCT. H Dorothy Dantzler PonfieS, tab lean of fashions, Park palace, T p.m. - THURSDAY, OCT. II T. VL F. P. Volunteer dapr senting Sadie Kdght; ia tedLal, Abyssinian Baptist - cbweh, - 1:41 p.m. ,... m FRIDAY, OCT. U ' Patterson Young MC0Xliacia tlon, community . ;iJ&yent award to AssemblymeaWKcf B. Gladwin and Felipe N. - Terre$ and dance, Bronx WintcrgawTttV, SUNDAY, OCT. Cover Girl models, UttiZmhaw, SmaU Paradise, 1:30. pJ31 ENTERTAINMENT ? - V a Master of Ceremonies Z advance, $1.75 afVJcr AND TICKtTS C. WINGATE, DE S - 2479 t. IELLAMY, TR 5 - vOSI NEW YORK 27, NEW YORK -

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