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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Saturday, August 14, 1954
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POLITICAL CHAFF By ARNOLD DeMILLE 1 "Blessed is he who tooteth his own horn, 'less it not be tooted." i That is the philsophy and prac - Ice of most politicians as summed up by Assemblyman James C. Tomas who is running for re election in the 11th A. D. '. He was referring specifically, of course, to former district leader Joseph Pickney whom Lloyd Dickens routed last year and Percy Ellis Sutton, Pinckey's choice to build a fire around Thomas' Assembly seat. At times sile'nce speaks louder than words, Mr. Thomas added. He believes he can honestly ask the people to support him because he has tried to let the public know of him by his deeds and ACTIONS. That speaks louder than anything he can say, he said. CLEAN CAMPAIGN Assemblyman Thomas refuses to say anything uncomplimentary about Mr. Sutton or Atty. Pinck - hey. They both have a right to run for any office they wish, he explained, whether against hira or not. 1 Senator Julius Archibald's head - Quarters on Amsterdam ave. and 145th Street, just around the corner from Tony Rasmus' Truman Democratic club, will now swing into full gear. His petitions are all In and his workers believe he has better than a 50 - 50 chance to upset Atty. James L. "Skiz" Watson in the primaries for the Senatorial seat he is trying to hold. BROWN IS CO - CHAIRMAN Meanwhile, Watson has set up headquarters at the Theresa Hotel and his committee is being formed. Bill Brown, manager of the Theresa, and former state Senator Harold Panken, the man Archibald unseated two years ago, are the co - chairmen. Bob (Renais - lance) Douglas is treasurer and Carrie Thomas, co - leader of the 13 AD, is secretary. Henry A. Tor pins, Lester A. Walton, Atty. Lawrence Bailey and Rev. O'Clay Maxwell, sr., have joined his camp. i Assemblyman Leslie Turner doesn't seem to concerned over the entry of Mrs. Bessie Buchanan on Cecil Carter's slate to unseat him in the 12 AD. He has set up campaign headquarters on Broadway at 162nd St., with state com Friendly Letter To Dot Kilgallen j By. OLIVE A. ADAMS Open letter to Dorothy Kilgallen: Pear Miss Kilgallen: ) For years now, we've followed our daflv syndicated column and found it interesting and stimulat ing. When you took to radio and television we followed you there. We think you have a keen mind, a sense of humor and in most areas, you are well - informed. However, through the years, in your columns, you have often referred to Harlem and its people, and there has been a feeling in many quarters that, judging from your writings, you have not taken the time to be as well informed on Harlem as you should be. i Harlem, as you well know, is considered all over the world as the Negro capital of the United States. Therefore, references to it in widely syndicated columns such as yours are extremely important. So far. we have only found in your columns comments on Harlem that are reminiscent of an era when it was popular to refer to all Negroes as "carefree and happy" and all Negro neighborhoods as dens of vice. INFORMANTS POORLY INFORMED i Since you are so well informed on so many other subjects, it is just possible that you may n o t Quits Truman Club To Join Herb Bruce Camp Carl L. Anduze. a former fin - . ncial secretary of the Truman Democratic Club, 13th Assembly District, East, announced over the week - end the opening of headquarters at 501 W. 145th st., for the election of Herbert L. Bruce, the former headquarters of the Truman Democratic club. The membership of the 'Congressional Committee in the 13th Assembly District includes many captains and workers of the Truman club, in additional to other non - partisan political workers ol the District. BRUCE IS SPEAKER The headquarters of the group were officially opened last weok.l Willi UIC yiHH.pas "J" - - - evening, Herbert L. Bruce, Executive Member of the Crusaders Democratic Club, 12th A. D. welcoming the workers in the campaign. The newly formed group is an anti - Truman Club membership, and is expected to fight for the leadership of the 13th District at the polls, next year. During the present campaign fur the election, of Mr. Bruce, thei newly opened headquarters will devote its entire time ia the can - 1 J j mitteeman Clifford Cheltenham as campaign manager. Mrs. Buchanan, nn h tw r VSB i v vuivi hand, seems confident, too, that e going io relieve Mr. Turner of his post. She has set up headquarters at 2009 Amsterdam I ave. Among her strong supporters Is Mrs. Ruth Whitehead. Whaley j who was the first Negro woman cnosen oy uie Democrats to run for public office. She ran for the Assembly back in the days when Harlem still had a sizeable white population. WHAT ABOUT BRUCE? The big interest is still centered around Congressman Adam Clayton Powell and district leader Herbert Bruce. Powell is still in Europe. It was first reported that he would return last week. Now, according to someone who is close to him, he is due back the middle of the month, probably around the 16th. His chief aides, Acy Lennon and Bill Hampton, just "ain't a talk ing." They won't deny anything or confirm anything. But Bruce isn't being quiet. He says that "Adam Powell and his stooges might deny the things I have in my circular, but they can't come up with anything to disprove them." The public knows they are true, he says, and that's all that countr "Adam knows that he can fool some of the people some of the time," Bruce exclaimed. "But what Adam doesn't know is that he can't fool God none of the time, and he can't fool all the people all the time. He will find that out on September 14. REPUBLICANS ARE QUIET Over in Queens, Atty. Joscelyn E. Smith is dead serious in his campaign to become the Democratic candidate for the Assembly. He has filed petitions to run in the primaries against the white incumbent. He feels it's time for a Negro to get a political break there and his platform calls lor better schools, strong civil rights leeislation and investigations of the practice of Queens banking in - situtions regarding mortgages to Negroes. The Republicans don't have any primary entanglement, so they are sitting back and enjoying it all in the cool of the evening. have, had the opportun'ly toIn any knowledge of Harlem uurougn personal eonUct; and it is appar ent that your informants are sell ing the neighborhood short, SHOULD VISIT HARLEM ' There are many things going on up here that you obviously don't know about, and we suggest you pay us a visit and spend an en tire day, so that you can see Har lem for yourself by day and by night. We suggest that you visit some of Harlem's institutions and meet some of its people average I citizens as they go about the daily 1 business of making a living. I We suggest you see some of Har lem s day life as well as its night life. We don't want you to miss the slums, because they are a part of every large city. But we want you to see something besides the seamy sid. AREA MISREPRESENTED Harlem is like any other community in the United states. It has everything, and it makes its con tribution to the good life we all share. And, since this is true, we object and we think rightly as a neighborhood of superficial, pleasure seeking people who live with no thought for tomorrow. Your vast audiences should have an opportunity to come to know something of the truth of Negro life in this community. yassing of the 12 election districts in the 13th Assembly District of the 16th Congressional District. Name Park For Singer Marian Anderson PHILADELPHIA - (ANfc, - Philadclphia's City Recreihion Commission dedicated its newest center Triday night and named it arter Miss Manan Anderson. The noted singer who was pre sent as the Marian Andprsnn Re creation Center was opened, recalled that she was horn and spent her early childhood just two diocks away from the present site. ine new center which cost 1700, 000 consists of a large main build ing, an outdoor swimming pool and a three acre playground. The main building contains an auditorium, pvmnasium. eame rooms. exercise rooms, arts and crafts rooms. The District of Columbia has 34 miles of railway lines. (nine Um rgw$kd k Prison his k Morkm May T1 . SSrx: m . M - i iiBaaijj WORKING TOGETHER Mr. and Mrs. Josce - District candidate stated that it Is time for the lyn E. Smith were among those - present at a borough of Queens to elect a Negro public offl - politlcal press conference at the Hotel Astor. Mr. clal. His opponent is the present inenmbent Smith who is campaigning to win the Democratic Assemblyman Thomas Fitzpatrick. Party primary for the post of Eleventh Assembly - l "VS'': :i'f'ff iX I' I V i ' ' M I , ! ':X: .jS,:S - fife 'S ' f : - iii H - :. : siv'5 'rtiif v" 1 , f . . I HIGH FASHION At the age or 20, lovely Park View studios model, Dolores Grisby is headed for a brilliant career. In addition to appearing en radio, the movies and scores of fashion shows, the dim - tel is a proficient writer and a frequent contributor to leading newspapers and magazines. Her hobbles are dancing and acting, and her vital statistics are: size 10, five feet five inches tall, 120 pounds, 34 bnst, 23 waist and 34 hips. Address? Unknown (to wolves) Plans 'New Deal' For Models And Modeling By HAL DEWINDT 1 This article is, in fact, an open letter to three charmipg and distinguished women: Miss Barbara Watson, director, Barbara Watson agency; Miss Ophelia DeVore, director, Grace DelMarco agency, and Miss Ann Prince, director, Parkview Studios. These women are engaged in the business of developing charm in Negro women both for personal and business reasons. Some women seek to develop charm and poise merely to be more attractive and desirable to Heir husbands friends and acquaintances; others seek it to sell as models for photographers and designers. The New York Age Defender, aware of the importance of making women more charming and attractive for either or both reasons given above, has initi.ted a department in this newspaper devoted exclusively to this effort NEW AGE DEPARTMENT The reason for this letter to these women is to introduce them to the new department in the Age Defender and a the same time to introduce myself. Having been fortunate enoueh to have been chosen to conduct the department. I readily realize the necessity of getting help from those persons most closely associated with the modeling field. It will be the aim of the department not onlv to help promote the models as lovely mannikins, but to work toward the creation of a new atmosphere around the field itself. We at the Age De fender feel that modeling is a fine profession, and that in the main the girls and boys who have chosen modeling as a career are clean, un - standine and respectable peo ple. We would like to help them. We, therefore, invite the heads of the three principal studios to work with us as a sort of team. In this way it will be possible not only to. make modeling a cherished and lucrative profession, but by improving our women, we will, meanwhile, be making a substantial contribution toward the improvement of the rac. While we invited co - operation of the directors of these agencies, we also would appreciate personal I i ' xxx letters, comments and co - operation from the individual model. Free Book Tells How To Look Better Feel Better, Live Better with , NIAGARA "CUSHION" New Body Conditioner Increases Blood Circulation Eases Nervous Tension, Soothes Aches & Pains or Normal Overwork Yes, FREE, a wonderful book - let on the unusual home unit to help you look and feel better that has been developed by Niagara of Adamsville, Pa. - 1 FREE ILLUSTRATED BOOK - manufacturers of masso - thera - 'LET IS YOURS - ACT NOW py equipment. It's a portable home unit that will help keep you in a better condition without active exercise! The unit can be used wnue you read, Please rush me - ABSOLUTELY FREE My booklet descno - ing how I can look feel, live NAME ;.. ADDRESS Clil ZONE STATE OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY TILL 7 P. H. HTTirrrrTT?Trn JLi "if - Knifed His Lover Man With Dagger A two year romantic love affair between two men ended Monday night when Richard Walker, 25 of 47 W. 126th st., died from a dagger wound in his heart at 2137 Seventh ave.. the home of bis 'love.' 'Arrested by Detective Charles Groneveldt of the 28th squad and charged with homicide, Nathaniel Johnson, 20, of 2137 Seventh ave., was arraigned before Magistrate Nicholas Delagi in the Manhattan Felony court Tuesday morning an held without bail. The case was continued until next Tuesday. LIVED TOGETHER Richard who was employed as a cook and Nathaniel, lived together as 'man and wife for two years. Three months ago the couple broke up when Walker got tired of cooking and cleaning up the house for Nathaniel who remained out until the wee hours Of the mornings. They gave up the apartment and Moved to Harlem with each taking seperate rooms. Nathaniel kept a few of Walker's suits. Early Monday evening the two met at a tavern at 126th st, and Seventh ave., and Walker followed his 'old love home. When they arrived at Nathaniel's room on Seventh ave. Walker who spoke with a shrill voice, asked Nathaniel for his clothing. Nat gave him several pawn tickets and informed Walker that he would give the rest of the clothing to Walker's cousin to give to him. Walker's shrill voice kept pleading with Nathaniel to return the clothes. Nat refused and told Walker to shut up. Walker kept on asking and Nathaniel took out his fancy pearl handled dagger and plunged it into Walker's chest. ' rest or work it'll stimulate cir - culation, ease nervous tension and smoothe aching mucsies of normal overwork. SUPPLY LIMITED Mail coupon to Dept. AG 18 (Niagara) Blumstein's Department Store, 230 West 123th St., New York 27, N. Y. better with Niagara action. ViLaiiriPXl! Face Judge Alone, Cop Shoots Pal Death broke up the crime team of Willie Richardson, 19, of 68 - 70 E. 118th st., and John McClenna - ban, 23, of 63 E. 115th st Thursday evening when the eldest of the team plunged to his death while leaping from roof to roof trying to elude patrolman Dominic P. Coyne. 1 Arraigned before magistrate Louis I. Kaplan in the Youth court Friday morning, Richardson, charged with robbery, waived a hearing and was held without bail for the Court of Special Sessions. Richardson and his late pal, Mc - Gennahan formed their crime team while both were serving prison terms for robbery in the Wood - burn prison. Both were recently released. KNIFE AT NECK Thursday afternoon they held up cab driver, Arthur Wright of 457 W. 166th st, at the corner of 116th st, and Eighth ave. They BRAND NEW CYCLA - MATIC DELUXE 10.8 CU. FT. PORCELAIN Hugo Separate Freezer Roll'toYou Shelves Huge Twin Hydrators Handy Utility Tray Extra Door Storage Unique Butter Preserver Many Quictube Ice Trays 5 YEAR WARRANTY on stfllteit "MtttfMistr" Mechanism DAVEGA'S EASY TERMS BIG 7.7 CU. FT: C FAMILY SIZE FRIGIDAIRE AT A TERRIFIC 3 YEARS TO PAY BIG TRADE - IN ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR HUGE DAVEGA DISCOUNT ON 2 BRAND NEW 1954 FRIGIDAIRE Frigldaire New 1953 Air Conditioners All Porcelain Fully Automatic Washer r s LOW PRICE U Itv., SUp, Work BETTER, in truly qg'.t comfort, Davtg tUshM prlcl e ALL 195) Frlqidttr. Aif Condition , , . $ Wrrnty OH Mllld - i. V, H.P. WELBILT AIR CONDITIONER FREE TRADE - 125 dirtfeted Wright to drive to 142nd st and Lenox ave., while holding a knife in the back of his neck. Ordering the driver to get out and sit in the back, Richardson drove the cab while McClennahan relieved the driver of his wrist watch and $20. Richardson drove the cab to 122nd and Seventh ave. where they deserted the cab warning the driver not to cry out. When they made their exit the driver hailed patrolmen Dominic P. Coyn and William E. Demp - sey of the 28th precinct and informed them of the robbery. DEATH LEAP Both youths ran when they saw the police but Richardson was cornered and taken into custody, McClennahan got away. The patrolmen enlisted the aid of detectives James Pollard and John Rie - warts of the 28th squad and pursued McClennahan. The police cornered the slip, pery ex - con at 62 E. 115th st. He raced up the stairs with patrolman Coyne close at his heels. Ordered in clnn trnr, - U ! - - - ' f ... viiimaijau vuil tinued in his flight but he was slowed down by a bullet in his buttocks. Attempting to leap from one roof to the other he missed his' fooling and plunged six stories to his death. SELF - DEFROSTING Orig. List 229.95 IN ESTIMATE - CALL W. 125th ST., N, Y. AGE DEFENDER Sat.. August 14, 1954 NMAConfab Opens In D.C Aug. 9 WASHINGTON (ANP) - Approximately 1,000 physicians from the 48 states are expected in Washington from. Aug. 9 - 13 to attend the 59th annual convention of the National Medical Association. Howard university will serve as the headquarters for the scientific and professional meetings of the organization. The public meeting will be held on Thursday in the auditorium of the Health, Education and Welfare department. Among prominent speakers at this meeting will be Dr. Leonard Scheele, of the U. S. Public Health Service; Dr. Mordecai W. Johnson, president of Howard university, and Commissioner Samuel Spencer. Exhibits of physicians' hobbies will be on display in the art room of the Howard university library throughout the week. Booths of scientific equipment will be exhibited at the h ea d qu ar ter I throughout the convention. FRIGIDAIRE OLD ONE Lifetime PORCELAIN inildi IN lit FULLY AUTOMATIC Vlllllg rlitlif ryl! VHRATIOR FREE M llltlll 101 lie A OAT FAYS FOR IT H 99" WA 4 - 4848 OR WRIT! DAVEGA, 76 Hi Av... N.Y.ll.N Y. HARLEM BRONX BROOKLYN JAMAICA for other stores 2929 3rd AVE. - 360 FULTON ST. 163 - 24 lamaici Ave. SEE PHONE BOOK

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